Hey Everyone it's been a minute but I decided to rewrite this story because when I originally began to write this it wasn't supposed to be a Naruto Fic, rather a Original story I was interested in and after reading and being influenced by all the wonderful Itachi/Sakura and Sasuke/Sakura fics out there I decided that I wanted to write my own. Though I didn't really know where I was going with this then so I stopped writing it. Recently I've gotten more time and I actually did it, I made an outline, a complete outline about what this story is going to be about so I don't lose my way while I write it! Hopefully this rewrite will be a fresh take on my original idea.

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A throbbing leg greeted Sakura as she came to. Her short pink hair shrouded her view of her surroundings, but the feeling of the hard plastic and metal of her car pressing against her body told her that wherever she was, at least she was in her car.

Memory of the storm and the object in the road came flashing back to her. She had seen something white on the road and had swerved to avoid it. It was then she felt herself loose control of the car and there was a lot of turbulence before the impact that knocked her out.

Green eyes fluttered open as they adjusted to the brightness streaming in through the shattered windows. Though once she could see again, she saw her car wrapped around a thick tree.

She carefully raised her head, making sure her neck had not suffered an injury, and luckily other than a bit of soreness there was nothing serious. She was apparently in a glade of trees, no road in sight. That could explain why she woke up alone and not surrounded by the paramedics or or police.

She leaned back, or at least tried, but she was pinned where she was that was terrifying. Looking over at her cup holders she saw no sign of her phone.

"Fuck." She cursed, frustration and fear rising up into her tried to move her arms to try and get her door open but her left arm didn't want to move and her right was painfully sore. Reaching over herself to the door handle made her groan in pain but her fingers were able to wrap around the handle. When she pulled at it though, it didn't open more than six inches.

She stopped trying to push it open after a while to both relax her arm and gather her thoughts. If she couldn't get the door open she'd have to get through her broken was some wiggle room between her legs and the steering wheel that had gotten closer due to the crash. Though before she could get anywhere she had to get her seatbelt off.

Using her good hand, that luckily was the right, she pressed down on the release and found that it didn't work. She tried pulling and clicking but still nothing. Looking around she saw her purse and she reached for it. Her ex-fiance had given her a keychain type utility tool and she remembered that it had a small blade at the end of one of the collapsible arms. It was no bigger than a lipstick tube so she didn't mind carrying it around and it was good that she did.

While the blade was small, it was sharp enough to cut through the belt, much to her relief. It took her what felt like forever to her, but was probably only a couple of minutes. When it fell away from her waist she felt much better, even though she was still in the car. The windshield was already broken and her best chance to get out of the car but now she had to focus on getting her legs free.

She could feel both her toes, which was a good sign, and after a quick assessment of her surroundings, she decided that pulling would be hard so if she used the opening the door gave her she could slide them over and pull them up.

Her plan worked with the first leg but the other was painful to move. She had tears streaming down her cheeks when she had both legs pressed against her chest. Her right thigh had dark bruising across it and after prodding it for a bit she was sure that nothing was broken.

Pulling herself, so she was half on the passenger's side and half on the drivers, Sakura grabbed one of the lighter boxes from the middle arm rest and pushed at the jagged edges of the remaining glass. She did not want to cut herself on top of whatever else she was suffering from so she was being careful. Once she was sure it was cleared of bigger shards she pulled herself up, gritting her teeth at the pain, but she kept moving knowing she would have time to contemplate her injuries later.

She got outside eventually and ungracefully slid down the bumper to the floor. Her body protested the movement, but she didn't care at this point. She was out of that metal death trap and that's all that mattered. Stretching her legs out before her, Sakura examined her leg in the better lighting, but was unable to find a cause for the bruising other than the impact. Rather than dwell on her leg, she moved to other parts of her body, like her left arm. She definitely broke her wrist, if the pain and numbness was any indication. Before she could do anything for her wrist she needed to find her phone and call for help.

Getting to her feet was harder than she thought, but it wasn't impossible. She walked around her car to the passenger's side and was able to push the door open quite a lot before it suck, but it was enough. Looking inside she immediately found her phone, but it wasn't good news. The screen was cracked and no matter how long she pressed down on the home or power button it refused to turn on.

"Just fucking great." She hissed, sending the phone flying through the air in a fit of anger. She swore when she got home she was going to invest in an indestructible phone because those fragile things people relied on for everything were not worth the price.

She knew she had to find the road, but before that she needed to set her wrist, at least temporarily until she could get to a hospital and have it correctly x-rayed. Grabbing some bandages from the boxes in her trunk she grabbed some medical tape and a few of the smaller, thicker branches that had fallen off of the trees around her. She very quickly, and silently wrapped her wrist with the sticks and tape, before rolling the bandages over it.

After setting her wrist in a makeshift cast, she cleaned and fixed up any large wounds the crash had created. It was only then that she began to look around her and what she saw shocked her. She was surrounded by trees, like so many that she couldn't believe that her car had made its way through them. The trees were thick and slightly spread apart from one another, not big enough for the length of her car.

Brows furrowing she began to walk in the direction her car could'v come from, given the angle, but it was hard to be sure since there were no tire tracks that led up to her car from any particular direction. There was no evidence that her car had driven across the unkempt grass on the floor.

She found nothing but more trees no matter what direction she went in and the space between them was just getting narrower and narrower. After a couple of minutes of bad news she made her way back to the car. She didn't know where she was and staying with her cr seemed like a smarter idea than getting lost.

She was able to get the trunk door open and pulled out a bottle of water from the case inside. As she satisfied her thirst she cursed her bad luck.

Someone at the clinic will notice I never showed up and call for help, she thought. She was due back from the medical conference last night, it shouldn't be long now…

It was with hope that Sakura sat down and allowed her tired, sore body to rest. She was unsure where to go, so she would remain where she was until she figured it out.


"You may have defeated me Itachi, but you do not know what pain awaits you now as the last of the Uchiha. You future is nothing." Madara grunted, his hands gripping the arm that was plunged into his chest. "With me gone and my dear brothers asleep the curse shall pass onto you and those that you call god's will forsake you."

"I am not as foolish as you first born." Itachi spat out, tightening his grip around the elders beating heart. "There will be no chance for your madness to affect me. There will be no more Uchiha in this world after you."

A dark, broken maniac laugh escaped the dying man, "How naive of you to believe the fates would be so kind." The cursed red eyes of the Uchiha flashed with a fire unlike any Itachi had ever seen. "Beware the second son you bothersome fool."

Itachi had enough and in a second he ripped the other man's heart out of his chest. Madara's body collapsed and Itachi crushed the heart in his hands before letting it fall to the floor.

He did it...Madara as dead…

The emptiness he felt in his chest for the last thousand years didn't fill...he didn't feel like he accomplished anything and it didn't surprise him. His time in this world was done.

Using the last of his strength he teleported himself to someplace far away, somewhere peaceful where he could join the rest of his clan in peace.


A loud noise jolted Sakura from the nap she was taking and she panicked when she felt the ground shake a little. Was that an earthquake she asked herself, as she pulled herself to her feet. But that didn't really feel like an earthquake, she lived in earthquake country so she was accustomed to the phenomenon and this was nothing like that. It felt more like vibrations of something hitting the ground, not that she knew for certain.

Making her way towards where the noise had come from, Sakura came upon the most unusual of sights. Looking as if they were just taking a peaceful nap was a man, surrounded by tall grass and wild flowers. It would've been a picturistic sight if not for the man to be covered in blood.

Green eyes widened in alarm at the amount of wounds she could see with the amount of distance between them. Limping closer to the man, she was able to see that he looked far worse than she had originally thought. Her mind didn't hesitate as she turned around and made her way towards her car, already calculating what she needed to help this man versus what she had in her car. There were a few boxes and bags of samples the medical convention had given to her, and there was her own med bag. Hopefully she had enough of everything.

Within minutes she grabbed all she could and made her way back to the man. Kneeling down at his side she pressed her fingers against his neck and felt a weak pulse, but that was all she needed to give her hope.

Using the utility tool she had used to cut her seatbelt she began to cut off his clothes so she could have access to his skin. She left his pants in tact, because it was easy to just slip them right off. The shirt was not salvageable but that wasn't her type priority right now.

"Can you hear me?" She asked as she grabbed the towel she had pulled out of her bag and cut into smaller pieces. There was response, but she didn't exactly expect one. She had no gloves and the towel she had was the one she had brought from home to use at the hotel. This was not sanitary in the least but this situation called for some unconventional methods.

Using a piece of the towel, which she wet with water from the bottle of water, she gently but firmly began to wipe away blood from his skin, particularly near the wounds he had that were bleeding.

"My name is Sakura Haruno and I'm a doctor." She continued, "I'll try my best to save you okay."

"Sakura…" She froze at the sound of his voice, a dark velvety noise that demanded her attention. Dark black eyes peered up at her, but Sakura had a feeling that she wasn't actually seeing her, they were glazed over in a fevered look.

"Yes, that's my name." She was encouraged by his ability to speak, it meant he still had a chance, he was strong. "What's your name?"


"Don't worry Itachi, I'll have you patched up in no…" His eyes closed and he was out cold once again. Sakura frowned but at least she knew he was still alive.

She focused back on her work and after cleaning the wounds, she sanitized them with what little rubbing alcohol she had left from her first aid kit. Some of the wounds he had were easily taped and bandaged but some were too big and she had to give him stitches though as she treated him she couldn't help but notice that he had old scars scattered across his body. He had to have been in the army or special forces if that was the case. She thought, or at least was involved in some illegal gang activity. A normal person didn't have that amount of scars and she had treated people from all walks of life.

She had stopped all the bleeding and all that was left was the smaller injuries but it was at this point that Sakura allowed herself to relax. She had done all she could and managed to feed him some pills to combat any infection, but unless his body could fight off infection on its own she didn't think he would survive the night.

After getting him taken care of, she gathered her supplies and put them in one neat pile in case she needed them later and made her way back to her car. She had two blankets in the back and her suitcase, which she filled with more water bottles and the granola that she had brought with her for the trip, she made her way back to the small clearing her patient was in.

It wasn't particularly cold out, but she covered him up with one of the blankets and set the other to the side. If someone was going to come looking for them then she had to stay still, especially since she didn't even know where they were.

As the sun started to set the temperature began to drop and she knew that two blankets wouldn't do much for both of them. She had a thick sweater in her trunk, but she needed something else. A fire.

They looked to be in a middle of a forest, and who knew what animals were out there, a fire would not only provide warmth and light, but also protection. Luckily for her, her father smoked and had a few lighters in her car. A quick trip back to her car and she picked up two of the four and made her way back to their camp. Along the way she picked up some kindle and nice size logs as she went along.

Her ex really liked camping and had taken her along a few times. He taught her how to make a safe fire and how to find food and how to grill animals over a fire, how to identify plants that had antibacterial properties how to make love in a ten-

Now was not the time to think about that jerk, she frowned. Shaking the thoughts from her head she began to look for rocks to use as a barrier. During her travels for rocks she found a small stream and almost cried at the relief she felt at the sight of it. Clean water...what more could she want.

Once she had all she needed to make a fire and to keep it going for at least the night, Sakura began to set up the campfire. Clearing the ground around it of anything that could potentially catch on fire she quickly had the fire going at a healthy level. She knew that you weren't suppose to start a fire with wood from where you were, but she wouldn't care if a park ranger showed up and gave her a citation. It just meant that they had been found.

At this point it had darkened a lot and Sakura felt the effects of the day catch up to her. The warm lull of the fire made her drowsy and after a quick look over of Itachi she allowed herself to close her eyes, staying close by his side because while it wasn't outwardly showing, she was terrified.

Another day passed and Itachi had yet to stir, when she fed his some water or tried to make him take a pill he would do it, but he never opened his eyes and said anything. She changed his bandages and the wounds looked clean. There was no infection and she could only guess that he was making a good recovery...but he wasn't waking up and that was what worried her. Maybe it was the blood loss and his body was in a comatose state until it recovered.

Her mind was racing with possibilities and she was glad for it, it kept her sane because it was day two and still no one had found her. She cried around midday, feeling as if all hope was lost but she managed to get it together.

It wasn't until day three that she was bored enough to look at the things Itachi had. She had originally pushed all his belongings to the side but the man had a sword and it didn't stop there, he had what she assumed to be throwing knives, six arrows, and a bow. Was he a renaissance actor she had wondered but the actual wounds on his body corresponded with blades and puncture wounds so he wasn't an actor. He also had beautiful muscle definition that she began to notice that morning when she was cleaning his wounds before bandaging them again.

Day four she had lost some hope that someone would come for her. She began to explore the area around them, taking the sword and knives Itachi had with her. She was looking for whatever she could find. Plants that could provide either food or medicine, water, food, a better shelter. They had been lucky enough to not have any nightly visitors to their camp, but she didn't like how exposed they were and wanted to find a more sheltered spot. One where the cold winds of the night wouldn't bother them. She had no success with shelter, but she had found some berries that didn't seem poisonous, some nuts and she had found a fat bunny slowly hopping away from her but she found herself unable to kill it. Normally her ex, if they were camping, would hunt down the animals and bring them skinned and ready to be cooked to her. Though she knew she had to get over this if she hoped to survive out here...she was running out of trail mix.

The night of day five was the coldest one yet and Sakura woke up to Itachi shivering and she draped the second blanket over him and when that didn't do much, she got under the blankets to provide him with her body heat and within minutes his shaking had stopped and she had drifted off to sleep.

Day six she still no better shelter and as she was making her way back to camp that day she realized that even if she found shelter, how was she going to move Itachi there? He wasn't even conscious enough to move himself. He was healing fine but still no opening of the eyes, and it was frustrating Sakura. But most things were frustrating Sakura these days, she was hungry and cold and all she wanted was something good to happen.

Day seven it began to rain, hard. Even the thick branches of the trees they were under couldn't stop all of it and Sakura had to make a quick decision to move Itachi. Her car, with the exception of the windshield was busted. The past few days she had managed to organize the things in her car into the plastic bins she had taken to the convention so they were safe from all kinds of forces of nature. The backseat was too narrow and high off the ground to lay Itachi on. So she had pushed the back seats down so the back was completely flat and long enough to lay Itach in.

Her leg had healed nicely, and while still a little sore she was able to walk on it with minimal discomfort. Her wrist was still in the process of healing, but she'd been careful to not stress it out too much. Itachi was heavy, but she had managed to drape him across her back, his arms around her neck, his face pressed against the side of her face and his feet dragging behind her. She was shorter than him so this was how she had to do it. She just hoped that she wouldn't tear any of his stitches.

It took her about ten minutes to carefully drag him to her car and then another ten to gently lay him down in her car and arrange him so he was comfortable, or at least she hoped. She then ran back out and gathered their stuff at their camp and made her way back to the car.

This morning when the clouds were beginning to gather Sakura used the plastic mat that laid on the floor of the trunk and used it to cover the broken windshield so water wouldn't come in and so far it was working really well. She had made sure that cloth part was facing towards them so the plastic, water proof side was outside

They were dry and the car provided them with shelter and the warmth they emitted was trapped and to Sakura this was the best nights sleep she's had since she landed in this place. She felt safe because she was in an inclosed space, she was warm and dry. She cursed herself for not having thought of this before, but she also realized that it would've been impossible to move Itachi that early without opening his wounds up again. Either way, she was glad she had to move here.

Day eight, the ground was wet and Sakura didn't have proper shoes for this. She was officially out of trail mix and whatever food she had. She was hungry and she had to find something other than the berries and nuts she had been gathering. During one of her explorations she had found a lake and had seen some fish in it. She could go catch some and grill them, she had done that with her ex so it shouldn't be too hard. Aside from the fact that she didn't have a fishing rod, she would have to improvise.

She stripped and got into the water, one of Itachi's daggers in her hands, it was clear enough that she could see the fish. She had scouted around the lake and hadn't encountered anything dangerous that lived in or around the water so she wasn't too worried about that. After washing off a little and cleaning her hair, Sakura managed to grab a fish. She could feel it moving under her hand wriggling around and the sensation freaked her out and she let go of the animal. Realizing what she had done she curse and started again. This time when she grabbed a hold of one, she threw it onto the shore and quickly looked away as it splashed around on the dirt. She didn't want to see it die.

She caught three more and let them die slowly on the surface before she got out of the water and dressed. Knowing that she should gut the fish away from her camp so not to attract scavengers. It was gross but not as bad as she thought, she just imagined she was cutting meat she had bought from the store in her kitchen. It was a long shot but it got her through it.

She quickly set up a fire and set up the fish to roast, after making sure everything was cooked she cleaned up her two fish quickly, feeling full for the first time in a week before grabbing the remaining two cooked fish and making her way towards the car.

Once she entered she shook Itachi gently, hoping he would awaken.

"At least wake up for lunch." Sakura sighed, "You need to have some food for your body to recover." To her surprise his eyes did blink open, but she knew it wasn't complete wakefulness.

"Sakura…" He whispered, his voice dry and painful to hear, nothing like the first time she had heard him speak.

"Itachi!" She smiled at the man, he remembered her name. She quickly grabbed one of her water bottles and supported him as he finished off the medium sized bottle. "Here have some fish before you pass out again."

"Foolish…" she heard him say as she turned to get the fish but didn't question him on it. She needed him to eat before he passed out again.

She managed to feed him both the fishes and ask him if he was feeling okay, before he passed out again.

Day nine, Itachi would wake up up from time to time and Sakura took those moments to feed him whatever food she had managed to gather for that day. It was also by her fish lake that she found a cave. It was empty but it looked like it was a campsite once. There were fire pits at both the entrance and close to the back of the cave. It was naturally hidden from view behind a tree's roots and just a rock that made it seem as if there was nothing there. It was a good place for a shelter but her car was such a great place too and she wasn't sure if she wanted to move them there. Though she had to admit that since it was closer to their food source and had a more stable roof over their head it was a better option.

It was the very next day that Sakura lost all hope in being found by her family and friends.