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"Wow." Sakura stared up at the large walls that surrounded Konoha, this was unlike anything she had ever seen. For a world without electricity they had built some amazing structures. The difference in craftsmanship between Konoha, and Mutag was so different. She found herself actually wanting to read up on the architecture of this world.

"The first of the Senju clan build these walls." Shisui explained, "They infused with his chakra and reinforced with the remains of his body."

It took a second for that bit of information to sink in. "Wait what?"

"The body of the First, Hashirama is within these walls. Roots emerge from his body when he is in his sleep and the line the inside of the stone." Itachi answered, "The stone walls were built over the wooden roots to protect them."


"Well we best hurry, Lady Tsunade will be expecting us." Shisui said, ushering them along the road into the village.

"I bet you're just in a hurry to get back to the missus." Sakura teased, her eyes lighting up at the boyish grin on his face.

"Well she's probably worried sick about me." He grinned, "She can be a bit shy at times revealing her true feelings to me but I can read between the lines."

Sakura really wanted to meet Shisui's wife, if she was anything like Shisui was describing she wanted to see what kind of woman got so much love from him. She had to be something special if she got so much devotion from Shisui.

The village was much larger and cleaner than any of the towns Sakura had been in. The people looked generally happier than those she had met, healthier as well. There was more than just a structural difference between these places. The way normal citizens lived showed the way the upper class ruled. Whoever was in charge here was aware of all their charges and made life easier for them.

Her thoughts turned back to Sasuke, he was here and as much as she wanted to use her new punching skills, she knew she wouldn't be able to hurt him. While he may have been thrown into her world, he was still her friend. He was still familiar and she so desperately wanted to see him, to feel some connection to her old life.

Itachi could sense Sasuke's weak presence as they made their way through the village and he ached to see his younger brother. It had been so long and he wished to see his brother healthy and alive, not the broken and bloodied image he had seen of his final moments with him. He would wait until after he spoke to Tsunade, to decide if seeing Sasuke was the right course of action.

"It feels weird actually walking through the door." Shisui grinned as they entered the central administrative building, which also housed the Hokage's office. "I normally take the most direct path, through the window."

"It's a wonder you're still in one piece." Itachi said.

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"The Lady Hokage is known to have a temper." Sai replied.


They reached the top floor and Shisui knocked on the only door there.


Everyone filed into the room and Sakura caught her first glimpse of the Lady Hokage. Shisui and Itachi had called her Tsunade, the slug princess and when she had heard that name she had imagined someone more...slug like. The woman before them was not what she had expected. Pale blonde hair split into two ponytails, intelligent brown eyes, a wrinkle free face and the largest breasts she had ever seen. Though that wasn't the thing that stood out to Sakura, it was the overwhelming aura of, "I'm the boss," that surrounded her. This woman meant business and would take no shit from anyone and she liked her already.

"Lady Tsunade." Itachi bowed to her.

"Uchiha Itachi." Tsunade nodded at him, her eyes taking in Sakura and Sai before turning back to Itachi. "I see you have returned alive."

"With help." Itachi glanced at Sakura before fixing his gaze back on the Hokage. "Though I can describe those events later if you wish. I believe we have a more pressing matter."

"Who are your guests?" She nodded at Sakura and Sai.

"Sakura healed me after my battle with Madara." Itachi explained, "I may not be alive if not for her."

Shocked brown eyes looked Sakura over, "Are you a healer?"

"Well in my world." Sakura smiled.

"Your worl-" Tsunade seemed to come to a realization. "You are the woman Sasuke was looking for, his wife."

Sakura blushed, "We never got married!" She snapped.

Tsunade raised a brow, a smirk on her face, "Trouble in paradise?"

"My dear cousin couldn't keep it in his pants for another woman." Shisui laughed.

"Bah, men are all the same." Tsunade gave Sakura a sympathetic smile before turning her eyes on Sai. "Do you have word from your leader Root Elf?"

"Danzo abandoned Sai after he was captured and imprisoned by humans." Itachi answered, "There was a moment Sakura and I were separated. Sai protected her and decided to aide her in her journey here."

Tsunade sighed, "When did Konoha become a home for every ex-Root elf."

"Are there more of my people here?" Sai asked, taking a step forward.

Tsunade nodded, "Though you'll have to speak with Kakashi about that, he is in charge of that unit." Sai nodded before returning to Sakura's side.

"I assume you met Sasuke if you know of Sakura." Itachi began.

She nodded, "You wish to discuss the matter of your brother's seal."

"Did you find out anything?" Shisui asked.

"It is weakening." She leaned back in her hair and crossed her arms over her chest, "But I had Kakashi and the sealing team place additional seals to reinforce the main one. I bought us some more time Itachi but that seal will not last more than a year."

"Then there is time to figure out a solution then." Shisui smiled, but at the frowning expression on Itachi and Tsunade's face the smile faded. "What wrong?"

"While the seal will not break for at least a year, his chakra will leak from the broken edges and without a working chakra paths his body will deteriorate. That will kill him faster than the seal."

"But I've seen you fix chakra paths before." Shisui asked, confusion clear on his face.

"Of course I can, who do you think I am?" Tsunade snapped at him, "But you damn Uchiha have a natural defense against invading foreign chakra that I cannot do anything about."

"I'm sure Sasuke would let you do the procedure." Shisui said, "He would know it's you."

"Not necessarily." Itachi began, "To begin healing Sasuke's pathways Lady Tsunade will have to start at the base. The seal is blocking off all that makes Sasuke an Uchiha. That part of him is dormant. When the seal is lifted, Lady Tsunade will have a short amount of time to begin healing his pathways."

"Multiple things will begin to happen at once at that point." Tsunade continued. "My chakra will be pushed out of his body and the chakra that is now released will try to find a place to go that doesn't exist. It will enter his body raw and uncontrolled destroying everything it touches. He will be dead within minute."

Silence filled the room and the prospect of Sasuke dying was doing strange things to Sakura's chest. "C-Can't Itachi or Shisui heal him instead. If they're Uchiha then his body wouldn't reject them." She knew her voice was shaking but there was nothing she could do about that.

"They do not have the necessary knowledge, skills, or the chakra control that is required for this technique."

"Then what can we do?" Shisui hated the feeling of helplessness that was settling into his chest.

"There is still time." Her voice became gentler, as if she was breaking sad news to young children, "Since you have just returned I will let you rest for a few days before we begin to discuss future steps."

"Thank you lady Hokage."

Tsunade waved them away, and they exited her office. Sakura looked over at Itachi to gauge his reaction but his face was blank, though she had a feeling he didn't like the news they heard. Some of the things they were talking about made sense to her, especially after she had Itachi explain to her how chakra worked and flowed through the body when she first began training, but some things just flew over her head.


Green eyes turned their attention to Itachi as they left the Hokage's building. "Yes?"

"I have a favor to ask."

Sakura was interested, what could Itachi want that she could do. "Are you hurt?" Healing was the only thing she could think of, since it was one of the things she could do well.

He offered her a small smile, "No, I must ask you to refrain from letting Sasuke know that I am his brother."

Pink brows furrowed, "But I thought you want to see your brother again?"

"I do." The smile became sad, "But I cannot risk the seal breaking so I will not be interacting with him until we remove it or stabilize it."

Sakura knew how badly Itachi wanted to see Sasuke and knew how much it hurt him to not immediately go up to him and the thought brought tears to her eyes.

Black eyes widened at the tears, "I did not intend to make you-"

She waved him off, "I'll ask him how he's doing and when it's time for bed I'll tell you everything he told me okay." She wiped at her face.

Too busy clearing her tears, Sakura didn't notice the shocked look on Itachi's face, but Sai did. The elf also felt a bit like he was interrupting a private moment when the Uchiha gazed at Sakura with the warmest expression Sai had ever seen. It only lasted for a moment before Itachi poked Sakura in the center of her forehead.

"Thank you Sakura."

"If you two are done flirting, I would like to get home. I can only imagine my dear Satsuki waiting with baited breath for my return." Shisui called over his shoulder.

"We weren't flirting." Sakura snapped at him, her face strangely hot as she followed after Shisui.


"We were-"

"You need to…" Sakura froze when a familiar voice reached her ears and without hesitation she stopped following Shisui and made a beeline in the direction the voice had come from.

That was Sasuke…

"Follow her Sai." Itachi said as he watched Sakura disappear around the corner, "She is going to Sasuke."

"Kakashi is also with him." Shisui said, "You can ask him about your people."

Sai nodded and ran after Sakura.

"Pouting doesn't do anything for your face." Shisui teased.

"I'm not pouting."

"Are you jealous that Sakura left you for Sasuke."

Itachi didn't bother dignifying his cousins taunts with a reply. Instead he continued walking towards Shisui's home, he wanted to say his hellos to his sister-in-law and great niece and nephew before he needed to disappear for Sasuke.

After making her way through some trees Sakura came across a clearing, there were three people there. A man with grey hair and a mask covering most of his face, a blond and...and...

"Sasuke!" She yelled before running towards him.

At the sound of his name, Sasuke turned away from Naruto and Kakashi to see a familiar pink haired woman running towards him. He barely had time to get a word out before she had tackled him in a hug.

Instinct alone kept him from falling over. "S-Sakura."

"Oh thank god you're okay." She breathed out against his chest, "I'm so glad you're here."

Swallowing at the guilty feeling in his chest, Sasuke wrapped his arms around her smaller frame. He could feel her shaking in his hold and knew she was crying.

"It's okay now." He whispered to her, stroking her head to calm her down. They stood like that for a few minutes and Sasuke noticed a thin man with dark grey skin black hair standing a few feet away from them. His impossibly dark eyes were focused on him but his face revealed no emotion.

"Is this your unfaithful intended Sakura?" Sasuke resisted the urge to shiver at the man's emotionless tone. He was officially creeped out by this...thing.

Sakura pulled away from Sasuke and looked over her shoulder at Sai, her face red. Sasuke wondered if it was from her crying or what the thing had said.

"Uh, yeah, Sai this is Sasuke." She turned her green eyes back to him, "Sasuke that's Sai, he's a friend."


"So this is your wife?" Naruto asked, walking closer to the embracing pair. "Wow, you must be an idiot to cheat on her Sasuke."

Sakura laughed at the annoyed expression on Sasuke's face but she let go of him and turned to the friendly looking blond. "We were never married." She said to him, "I'm Sakura."

"Naruto!" The blond exclaimed, "You know Sakura if you're ever looking for someone to date I'll have you know I'm single."

"As if any girl would want you." Sasuke scoffed, "Have you eaten yet?" Sakura shook her head, "Let's catch up over some dinner."

"HEY! I could have any girl I wanted if I tried!" Naruto yelled as he followed after the couple.

Sai watched them go before turning his gaze to the remaining human. Though human wouldn't be the right word in this case.


"You know my name?" The silver haired man said lightly, "How strange, I don't seem to recall ever meeting you."

"Lady Tsunade said you would know the locations of ex-root elves that had joined Konoha." He began, "I would like their names."

Kakashi let out a sigh, "At least buy me dinner first."

"I do not have Konoha currency." Sai replied.

"I was being sarcastic." Kakashi grumbled, "You elves never have a sense of humor."

"It is not necessary to complete the mission."

Kakashi rolled his visible eye, "Yet you can be sassy all you want. Come along."

"You must be Sakura!" Satsuki grinned down at the pink haired girl who was standing next to Sasuke. Satsuki was everything Sakura had expected, the woman was the embodiment of elegance, unmarred pale skin, warm brown eyes and the prettiest blonde hair she had ever seen. It was gathered on top of her head in a messy bun that made her look almost angelic. She cupped Sakura's face with her long, slender fingers, "You're so cute, Sasuke's a lucky man to have married you!"

Sakura blushed, "We never got married."

"Well his loss then." Satsuki scoffed, sending Sasuke a disapproving look. "My foolish husband has told me all about you, to be honest he wouldn't shut up about you." The gentle way she was cupping Sakura's face suddenly tightened. "I started to feel a bit jealous to be honest." She pouted.

"I-I promise you that Shisui did nothing but talk about you the entire way here." Sakura quickly said, not wanting such a beautiful, scary woman to be mad at her.

The hands retreated and Satsuki let out a girlish giggle, her expression saying she was pleased. "I hope my foolish husband didn't bore you with that talk."

Sakura gulped, she knew this woman wanted compliments maybe that was why Shisui and her worked. He seemed to gush about his wife so much that it made sense that Satsuki loved him so much.

"To be honest the way he kept talking about you just made me want to meet you so much more." She replied honestly, "I was really curious about what kind of person could be loved so much."

Satsuki froze before offering Sakura a gentle smile, "You truly know how to make a woman happy Sakura." The blonde woman then moved forward and pulled Sakura into a hug. Sakura returned it, and she saw Shisui stick his head around the corner, offering her a big smile and thumbs up. It seems she made two people happy today. Satsuki pulled away and grabbed Sakura's hand, ignoring Sasuke, "Come, I'll show you to your room!"

Sasuke glared at Satsuki's retreating back, he wanted to spend a bit more time with Sakura but he doubted he would be able to tonight. He found Shisui with a sickeningly happy smile on his face.

"Why are you so happy?" Sasuke asked.

"Did you see Satsuki's face when Sakura told her what I said. My heart will be so pleased with me tonight." Shisui gave Sasuke a wink and immediately Sasuke wanted to throw up.

"Don't tell me that!" Sasuke snapped before retreating to his own room.

Shisui sighed, "Will no one be happy for me?"

"No one wants to know you're going to bed mother, father." Megumi said as she walked past him.

"Kids these days." Shisui grumbled as he headed to his room, "No respect."

The next day Itachi, Shisui, Jiraiya and Tsunade were back in the Hokage's office having a meeting.

"...When I awoke Sakura had healed up my wounds. Since she did not use any chakra it took me a few weeks to heal enough to begin traveling." Itachi was explaining to them the aftermath of his battle with Madara. "...Kabuto had attacked us but with aid from my old mercenary allies and Shisui we were able to get to the pier and make it here."

Jiraiya put down the cup of tea he was drinking from, "It makes sense why Orochimaru wants with Sasuke, though I cannot see the benefit of wanting Sakura as well. If what you say is true she doesn't possess any remarkable abilities that Orochimaru doesn't already have access too."

"Her bond with Sasuke." Shisui shrugged his shoulders, "Even though Sasuke doesn't feel it's pull anymore he still cares for Sakura. If Orochimaru threatens to hurt Sakura who knows what he could get Sasuke to do."

"That is probably the most plausible theory." Tsunade nodded.

"Now onto the case of Sasuke." Jiraiya said, "Do we have anything?"

Tsunade shook her head. "Unless we find someone Sasuke's chakra will not reject we cannot proceed further."

"I may have a solution." Itachi began, placing his cup onto the table. "Sakura."

The silence that followed was calculative.

"That-" Shisui began.

"Impossible." Tsunade snapped.

"Sounds good." Jiraiya smiled.

"Needs elaboration." Shisui finished dryly.

"Sakura and I have been traveling for over three months." Itachi began, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. "I was able to show her the basics of chakra control and she picked that up within a few weeks."

"That is not enough to master a technique such as repairing chakra pathways." Tsunade pointed out.

"With my informal training on healing techniques and things she managed to just pick up from any available source she was mending bones by the end of the third month."

"Hm." Jiraiya rubbed at his jaw, "That is remarkably fast for someone who only just found out about chakra."

"It would take a remarkable amount of chakra control to be able to pick up healing techniques that fast." Tsunade mumbled, mostly to herself.

"She also shared a bond with Sasuke, the Uchiha side of him will recognize her and allow her chakra into his system." Shisui's eyes shined with excitement. "You can teach her what to do and Sakura could perform the healing while you supervise."

"She was a doctor in her world." Itachi added, "She knows the human body, you will not have to teach her from scratch."

"It will take time." The two Uchiha seemed to relax at her words.

"The seals will hold." Jiraiya grinned.

"She needs to agree first." Tsunade grunted, "It will not be an easy process. We need to build up her chakra reserves and teach her how to heal chakra pathways without disrupting the flow of chakra."

Itachi nodded, "She will be eager to learn."

"Fine, bring her to me." Itachi and Shisui got to their feet. "Not you Shisui, I need to speak with you regarding your son."

Shisui winced, what had Kagami done this time. "N-Now Lady Hokage w-what could my precious son have done this time."

The last thing Itachi saw before leaving the room was the smirk on the Hokage's face.

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