Severus watched from his window as the Hogwarts express pulled away from Hogsmeade station and felt relief pour into his belly. Finally, the Potter brat was gone and Severus was student free. No more classes for two months; Severus was going to brew potions for next year and not worry about which students were going to blow up the classroom.

Severus was in his quarters, fuming about how behind in packing he was because he had just spent the past ten minutes in Dumbledore's office with the Potter brat! All he had done was promise the brat detention starting once summer was over. The spoiled brat was simply going to go home, be waited on hand and foot; the detention if anything would be a reminder that Severus was not going to bend over backwards to pamper the boy.

Severus had shown up to the headmaster's office, sipped tea while Dumbledore lectured them about attempting to understand each other. There was no way Severus was ever going to be able to understand that spoiled brat. It's not like they had anything in common.

Severus decided the stop thinking about the Boy Who Lived to Irritate and focus on everything he had to do this summer. He had to brew several potions for next year, prepare the curriculum for the next term and work on his renovations.

Severus only had one bag left to pack before he could go home. As Severus began to fold his robes, he noticed his head was spinning a little bit and a tangy taste was filling his throat. His body got heavy and he found himself struggling to stay awake. Black spots began to flood Severus' vision

But Severus didn't have the chance to fume about it for long because he was losing consciousness too quickly. The most he could do was drag his heavy body towards his bed and hope for the best.

"Harry? Harry, wake up! We've arrived!"

Severus couldn't understand why Miss Granger was in his room... And why was Potter sleeping in his room?

Severus' sat up to find himself looking at Hermione Granger's concerned, blurry face. Severus reached up to rub his eyes but found a pair of glasses stopping him from rubbing his eyes. After blinking a few times, his vision cleared a bit but not much.

Severus glanced around and found that he wasn't in his room; he was on the Hogwart's Express!

"Harry, come on! Your relatives are probably waiting," Hermione said pulling Severus up by his arm. When he glanced down at himself, he found himself looking at the body of an eleven-year-old boy? What the heck was happening?

Severus decided not to react right now, the last thing he wanted to do was make a scene. When he arrived to the Potter brat's house, he'd send a letter to Dumbledore and they'd have this figured out before the week was through. Maybe he'd get lucky and wake up from this nightmare before he even arrived to the brat's house but maybe a little pampering wasn't a bad thing.

Severus followed Hermione and Ronald Weasley off of the train. Ronald and Hermione looked excited about the summer. As soon as Severus got back to his own body, he would be excited to start his summer. After this experience, he was going to start the summer with a bottle of Fireball Whisky!

As Severus made his way off the platform, students waved and wished him a good summer. It was strange having the students smile and wave at him instead of avoiding eye contact and attempting to run away. The Weasley twins even gave him a high five. Severus had to remind himself that they thought he was Potter and that he should play along.

Severus grabbed Harry's trunk and began wheeling it towards the cars. There were parents hugging their children, children looking for their parents and pets running around, recieving strange glances from the muggles who weren't used to seeing caged or loose owls, rats and toads.

"What took you so long, boy?"

Severus turned around to face a fat man with a purple face and an angry expression; he must be Vernon Dursley.

"Sorry, I fell asleep," Severus said, in his best innocent tone. To his surprise, the man grumbled angrily and popped the trunk open. Once the trunk was open, the man went to the front seat of the car and climbed in. Severus stared at the trunk, unsure if a boy Harry's size would be able to lift such a large trunk into the car by himself.

"Hurry up and get that rubbish into the car so we can leave!" Vernon called, still muttering under his breath.

Severus struggled to get the trunk into the car and after several minutes, he finally managed to get the trunk in but his muscles were sore from the effort. He found himself confused; why didn't Harry's uncle put the trunk in the car for Harry or at the very least help him? This couldn't be normal.

Severus climbed into the car and realised that he didn't know what to say to the man. The only thing Severus knew about the man was his name was Vernon and he was allergic to shellfish; neither fact would give Severus something to say to the man without raising too much suspicion.

The drive the brat's house was short and quiet and that gave Severus time to figure out what to write in his letter to Dumbledore. By the time they arrived to the house, Severus had the letter planned and as soon as he got the trunk to Potter's room, he was going to write it and he'd have it sent before dinner. Once again, Vernon didn't help his nephew with his trunk. As Severus pulled the trunk into the house, he couldn't help but wonder what this man's problem was.

Vernon made his way to a cupboard under the stairs and Severus steered Potter's trunk towards the stairs.

"Just where do you think you're taking tat trunk, boy?" Vernon asked in a gruff, crude tone.

"To my room, Uncle Vernon," Severus replied.

"Did you honestly think we were going to let you use that mumbo jumbo over the summer?" Vernon asked, as though the answer should be obvious.

"I'll just get my books and parchment and..."

"You're not taking anything out of that trunk, you idiot boy! Put it in that cupboard, now!" Vernon cried.

Severus put the trunk in the cupboard as instructed and watched as the fat man put a lock on the cupboard and sneered at him.

"What about my homework?" Severus asked.

"Not under our roof, you ungrateful whelp! While we're locking things, don't forget to lock up your ruddy bird; we wouldn't want to contact any of your freaky friends!" Vernon said, throwing an open lock towards Severus. Severus stared at the fat man for a second, causing Vernon to smack his head hard.

"Do it now, or I'll snap her neck!"

Severus felt dread sinking into his belly as he put the lock on the cage. As much as he wanted to call the man's bluff, he knew there was always a chance it wasn't a bluff and he'd need Hedwig alive if he ever wanted to let Dumbledore know what was happening.

"Now, put that bird in your room and I'll give you your chore list for today," Vernon said. As Severus made his way to Potter's room, he realised that he was going to be stuck here longer than he'd expected.

When Severus found Potter's room, he was surprised by how... bare it was. There was only a single bed, an empty wardrobe and a garbage bucket. Hidden under the bed were a couple books and a muggle Rubix cube.

When Severus made his way downstairs, he found Vernon and Petunia Evens, Dursley now, sitting at the dining room table.

"You will make our supper and while we eat, you will do the chores listed on the fridge," Petunia said in a cold tone that sent chills down Severus' spine. It didn't unnerve him that she was speaking in such a manner, it was the fact that she was speaking like this to her nephew. "And don't you dare burn it! Dudley will be home today and his supper has to be perfect!"

Severus made his way to the fridge and glanced at the list. Vacuum the living room and bedrooms, mop the kitchen, clean out the fridge, mow the lawn, weed the garden and wash the dishes... They couldn't seriously expect Potter to be able to do this in one evening, could they?

"And you will have this all done before you go to bed!" Petunia screamed, causing Severus to realise just how long his summer was going to be.