The pain was the first thing that registered in Harry's mind! Everything seemed to hurt. Harry knew he was back in his own body and he was sure the pain was courtesy of his relatives loving care.

Harry wondered exactly what Professor Snape had done to provoke them but then he remembered that the Dursleys rarely needed a reason to pound on him and he was sure now would have been no exception.

For a few seconds, Harry tried to take his mind off the pain by thinking about how Professor Snape had reacted to waking up in the Gryffindor common room. But Harry didn't have it in him to find anything funny; not even the sight of Professor Snape scowling in the middle of the Gryffindor common room, wearing the pyjamas Harry had put on the night before.

Harry rolled over in his 'bed' wincing at the amount of pain he was in. Harry hadn't been in this much pain since before he went to Hogwarts and for the first few minutes of being awake, he was unsure how to react to it.

Glancing over at the clock, Harry found it was almost ten o'clock and decided he should get up and cook something before his relatives got mad and beat him more than they already did.

Downstairs, the kitchen looked clean like it did whenever Harry did chores. Harry couldn't believe they had actually managed to get Severus to do the chores. Harry wondered just how angered the potions master would be at having been treated in such a manner. He was undoubtedly going to think this was a cruel joke on Harry's behalf. Just when Harry wanted to prove himself to the potion's master, this had to happen and ruin everything.

Harry had spent a lot of time thinking over his past couple days and he realised that he didn't give Slytherin the chance it deserved. He let a couple bad seeds and negative opinions push him away from a house that probably could have been really good for him; even the sorting hat thought so. Harry found himself wondering why he had let himself listen to such biased opinions. He should have let the hat decide and gone along with it.

Harry found himself wondering why he had let himself listen to such biased opinions. He should have let the hat decide and gone along with it. Harry realised it had been because he was so new to the magical community that he believed the first thing that was said to him and didn't question it because he didn't know any better. He hated that he'd allowed himself to be so naive and that he hadn't gone for a second opinion.

Harry liked his friends in Gryffindor but he found himself wondering more and more just what would have happened if he had been sorted into Slytherin like the hat had originally wanted. Would he be friends with Malfoy? Would Professor Snape not hate him? Would he still be friends with Ron and Hermione? Hermione probably wouldn't have cared but Ron... He couldn't speak to him about this, Ron wouldn't understand.

"BOY! Make our lunch! We had breakfast out this morning," Uncle Vernon called as his relatives burst through the front door looking as fat and lazy as ever. Aunt Petunia's face looked horse-like as ever; Harry wondered how she'd react if he suddenly held a carrot in front of her. She'd probably backhand him into the next century. It took everything Harry had not to laugh as she pulled some carrot sticks out she the fridge and began nibbling at them.

Harry was halfway through cooking supper when a loud banging at the door startled not just him but his relatives. Harry couldn't help but think of the last time someone banged on their door that loud. It was when Hagrid had come to take Harry to get his supplies. Harry dismissed the thought and limped over to the stove to check on the food when the person bangs on the door again.

"Hold your bloody horses!" Harry heard Uncle Vernon shouting as he thumped towards the door. Harry could already picture the cross look on his uncle's face for being interrupted so close to supper time. Whoever was at the door was not about to be greeted positively.

Standing outside 4 Privet Drive, Severus decided he'd give them a few more minutes to answer the door before he broke the door down. He could tell they were home because their car was sitting in the drive and Severus learned quickly that Vernon didn't walk anywhere and his car was never left behind... That was part of the reason the man was so fat. The other reason, Severus presumed, was because he was the laziest creature in existence.

"Hold your bloody horses!" Vernon had no idea how much Severus hated that muggle expression and was only making it worse on himself.

When the door opened, Vernon glared at Severus with his beady eyes.

"What do you want?" Vernon shouted, glaring harder at Severus as though he was angry that he had the audacity to knock on his door.

"Where is Harry Potter?" Severus said through his gritted teeth. It took all of Severus' restraint to not start calling the fat cow all of the names he wanted to.

Vernon turned several shades redder before slamming the door in Severus' face. Severus stood there, unable to believe the nerve of Vernon Dursley before pulling out his wand and spelling the door unlocked. He was going to regret doing that.

Harry heard the door slam after a few seconds and ignored the urge to find out what had happened. It was probably someone knocking on the wrong door.

Uncle Vernon made his way into the dining room, his face red with rage. Harry felt the blood drain from his face as his uncle stomped closer and closer to him. Harry wondered exactly who had been at the door that pissed his uncle off this much. Aunt Petunia stood up nervously, she looked like she was debating whether or not to calm her husband down.

Uncle Vernon had just extended his beefy hand towards Harry went the kitchen door burst off of its hinges. Aunt Petunia screeched and fell backwards into the chair and Uncle Vernon's face paled as he turned to face the source of the noise.

Standing in the kitchen doorway was Professor Snape and he looked angrier than Harry had ever seen him.

"Are you aware how rude it is to slam a door in someone's face?" Professor Snape sneered to Uncle Vernon who was now cowering behind Aunt Petunia. "Or is that too complicated for you pea-sized brain to comprehend."

"What are you doing here? You foul creature! Get out of my house!" Petunia cried as she glared at her husband. Harry thought for a second she was going to hit him.

"I've come for Harry Potter. Harry, get your things, everything. You will not be coming back," Severus said, guiding Harry towards the cupboard where he knew the trunk was locked and cast the spell to unlock the door.

While Harry was retrieving his things, he heard Severus step towards the kitchen where his relatives were cowering.

Severus entered the kitchen and glared at the two adults; the adults who had unknowingly spent two days torturing him in place of their nephew. Vernon stood up and glared at Severus.

"Listen here, sir..."

"No Dursley! You listen here! I will be taking your nephew and you will not see him again. I've spoken to Dumbledore and you can rest assured that you will not be receiving any more money for his care. In fact, we will be coming to get back all of the money that you were provided with to care for Harry," Severus told the Dursleys.

Severus turned to the Dursleys with a look of pure spite and anger. He took his wand out and waved it at the Dursleys who looked at him with terror in their eyes but experienced now pain as they were hit with grey and yellow sparks. They froze in place, clearly waiting for something to happen.

"Since we can't punish you in the muggle community, we wanted to make sure you get what's coming to you. Whenever you speak with someone, anyone, you will feel compelled to reveal your loving treatment of your nephew. Within due time, the authorities will take care of you. And the best part is, this spell will never end!" Severus said, sneering at the Dursleys. "And that is far better than any torture I can inflict on you because you aren't worth going to Azkaban over."

Vernon stood up to speak but Severus shot him a look that caused the man to squeak and hide behind his wife once again.

"You will stay in here until we leave. You will not move and you will not speak. If I hear as much as a peep from you, I will give you several reasons to fear magic," Severus said as he made his way upstairs to where Harry was packing up the things in his room.

As Harry packed up his room, he wondered what was going to happen. He was thankful Professor Snape didn't look angry with him but perhaps that would come later.

"Are you packed, Harry?"

Hearing Professor Snape refer to him by his first name caused Harry to glance curiously as him.

"Yes, sir," Harry said.

"Good, sit down," Professor Snape said, pointing to the bed. Harry limped towards the bed and sat down, giving his professor a curious glance. Once Harry was seated, the older wizard pulled a few phials out of his pocket and handed them to Harry.

"Drink those. One is a pain reliever, one is to heal your ankle and the other one is to help ward off infections from any open wounds you may have," Professor Snape explained as he took out his wand and waved it in Harry direction. Within a few seconds, his ankle started to glow bright blue and then the pain from his ankle seemed to go down drastically but it still ached.

"Professor, about... what happened... I..."

"I know! Dumbledore told me what he did. But I need to know if this is how they've always treated you," Professor Snape asked, making it clear he already knew the answer but was simply seeking verification.

"Yes, sir! But I deserve i..."

"NO! This is abuse and they have no right to treat you in such a way! But I have arranged for justice to come their way. For now, we are going to Hogwarts and I'll tend to your wounds properly," Professor Snape said.

"Yes, Professor," Harry started but once again Professor Snape cut him off.

"Call me Severus," he told Harry with a small smile. Harry found the look to be out of character but decided not to say anything.

Severus walked over to Hedwig's cage, unlocked the cage and threw open the window. Hedwig nipped at his fingers playfully before shooting into the night sky. Severus and Harry made their way downstairs to where Harry's trunk was and Severus quickly shrunk the trunk down to a few inches. Once the trunk was securely in his pocket, he turned to face Harry.

"Are you sure you have everything?"

Harry nodded and gave Severus a wide smile.

"Good, take my arm," Severus told Harry, as he extended his arm for Harry to grab. "We will be apparating to Hogsmeade."

Harry grabbed the potion master's arm and with a single crack, they disappeared from 4 Privet Drive, leaving the Dursleys cowering in the kitchen.

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