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Chapter 1


Hermione shrugged her shoulder, stopping her purse from sliding down her arm. She looked up and smiled. When Hermione left Hogwarts, she became a doctor at one of the best hospitals in the wizarding world. She worked in the children's ward, and a patient who had once been thought of as untreatable had been released that day.

She looked out the window, and since it was such a nice day out she decided to walk home. As she exited the doors she heard a voice call her name.

"Miss Hermione, Miss Hermione!" She turned.

"Yes, Eric?"

"Thank you for helping me get better- I brought you this." The boy handed her a rose.

"Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you're better Eric- maybe you can start playing quidditch again now."

The little boy hugged her, and ran inside the building, leaving his favorite doctor standing in the middle of the street, absentmindedly smelling her rose.

As Hermione started to walk, the rose reminded her of a different boy. "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thur. Oh my God! It's Thursday!" She had been counting down the days until Ron would come home, and she was supposed to have dinner with him when he got back, tonight!

Walking a little faster, she continued to think about Ron. Nearly two weeks. That's how long it had been since she and Harry had gone to see him off at Kings Cross station.

She sighed, thinking about the business trip he had been on. 'Oh well,' she thought. 'At least he's not an Auror anymore. I never saw him then.' Still, he occasionally had to go on trips for the ministry. Like this one, which had sent him to Paris. She frowned, thinking about their last conversation.


"Don't be silly, 'Mione, I'll be back in two weeks."

"I know, but it seems so far away." She exaggerated that last word, playfully, as she broke into a run.

Chasing after her, Ron shouted. "You'll still have Harry to keep you company- the two of you will probably forget about me, you'll have so much fun."

Hermione slowed to a walk. "Oh, Ron- you know that Harry's going to be out of town for most of the week too, he has 3 games for the Cannons coming up. But it's ok, work keeps me busy." She paused, and then smiled, coyly. "Besides, you'll probably forgot all about Harry and I in Paris. After all, that's where Fleur lives. One look at her and we'll be out of your lives forever."

She started to run again, leaving him standing in the dust, with a surprised look on his face.

~~~end flashback~~~

Hermione smiled at the memory. That walk had been one of many she and Ron had been on in the last few months. Harry was constantly practicing for quidditch, or playing quidditch, or thinking about quidditch.

She laughed. It was better this way though. No one would ever know how much she had missed her two friends when they were Aurors. Two years away from Ron and Harry was almost more than she could handle, but it was finally over.

She looked down at her hand, which was playing with the petals on the rose. 'I wonder what he's doing now.' she mused. 'Maybe he- Stop it!' She chided herself. For years she had been trying to convince herself that she didn't like Ron Weasley. She'd had a crush on him at school, but it had never amounted to anything, and when he left for two years, she'd figured those feelings would go away. Unfortunately, they only grew stronger (damn feelings!). She often tried to tell herself she didn't like him.

Eventually, it would work. It had to, if she didn't want to ruin their friendship.

She jolted out of her thoughts (her very complex thoughts) when an owl landed on the rose in her hand. She took the note it was carrying, and it disappeared. 'Hmmm. What could this be?" She opened the note, and let out a cry.

"No, no, it can't be! Oh my God, Ron." Her voice faded as she collapsed onto the nearest bench. "I've got to get help- I have to go get Harry." And with that, she began to run to Harry's flat.



Ron sighed, as he leaned over and placed his head against the window. Finally, he way on his way home, and he was traveling the best way possible. By train. Traveling like this reminded him of earlier years, when he was just Ron, the goofy kid with the funny smile who had a crush on Hermione Granger. Not that that was too different from him now.

His trip had been peaceful. Which was unusual for him. Well, unusual for the old him. He gave the briefcase sitting next to him a very odd look. He wasn't quite sure whether he liked it or not.

Oh, sure- he loved his new job. He worked with his dad at the Ministry, and it actually wasn't anywhere near as bad as he'd thought it would be. He enjoyed his work. He just wasn't sure if he liked having a desk job more than his previous career.

Ron had gone into Auror training right out of Hogwarts. That took an entire year, and when he finished, he became an actual Auror. With Harry by his side, he defeated countless evils in the magical world. From death eater to death eater.

After a year, Ron quit. But not until after he defeated the one person who made him want to be an Auror. Draco Malfoy. Harry, Seamus, Dean, and Ron eventually caught him, after months of tracking him down. Dean was killed in the battle against him, and Ron was severely wounded. That was his last day on the job. But Draco was now in Azkaban, where he couldn't cause any more harm.

Ron smiled at the thought. That evil little prat, Malfoy. Who threw his money into people's faces, just to make them feel like dirt. Who called Hermione a mudblood.. Ron tried to calm himself down, knowing that if he began to think about Hermione he'd get too excited.

He began to think about what she'd said the last time he saw her. They were walking in the park, by her flat. First she told him that she'd miss him- his heart had leapt at that moment, but she'd continued, and made a comment about Fleur.

It was funny; he'd seen Fleur in Paris. They actually had a decent conversation. And trust me, the one thing Ron never thought he'd be able to do was calmly sit and have coffee with Fleur Delacour. Not only had he been calm, he hadn't really noticed her- at least her looks, anyway. The entire time he was with her he'd been thinking about Hermione.

He laughed at himself. It was ironic, really. The annoying, bushy- haired girl he'd met on the Hogwarts Express 10 years ago was the last person he ever expected to fall for. But he had. Not that he could ever tell her- it would screw up their friendship too badly.

Ron absentmindedly walked off the train towards his luggage. As he stood there an owl flew over and landed on his trunk. Ron took the note it carried, and the bird flew away. Unknown to him, it was the same note Hermione had received.

Follow the clues and solve my riddles to save someone you love, or they shall be mine.


As he read it he sunk to the floor. 'Bloody Hell- they've got 'Mione.' He had to find her- there was no option. He tried to pull himself together, knowing that he had to get help. 'Harry!' Harry knew all the answers, right? He was the boy who lived.

Knowing that he was in no state to apparate, Ron began to run to Harry's flat.


Hermione and Ron reached the flat at the same time. In fact, they were both so completely out of it that they ran into each other. They screamed, at the same time:

"Harry- quick, come on! Someone's got 'Mione!"

"Harry- quick, come on! Someone's got Ron!"

Suddenly they both stopped. Ron let go of Hermione's arms, which he'd been gripping desperately, and Hermione stopped pounding on Ron's chest.

"'Mione?" Ron peered into Hermione's eyes suspiciously.

"Is it. you?" Hermione looked uncertainly at Ron.

"You're ok!" They both exclaimed. Hermione threw her arms around Ron.

"I thought you were. but- "

Ron interrupted her- "I'm here, but I thought you were-"

They pulled away at the same time. "But the note, it said." Hermione's eyes opened wide.

"Then what's going on?" Ron looked at Hermione. Suddenly, the truth dawned on him. "Oh my God, they've got Harry."

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