Because you aren't mine.

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Notes: This takes place after the 4th book, but doesn't have any spoilers since I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. No this is NOT slash.

By: Angela M (

It was an early potions class, and when the students wondered into the dungeon they looked more asleep then awake. Professor Snape had a thing for morning classes claiming it was because the mind was more alert and fresh, the students however though it was just another way that Snape could make their lives miserable. They were both right.

After a half hour lecture on the proper preparation of freshen alito, a breath freshening potion, the students divided into their groups to re- enact the lesson.

Snape looked around the room making sure that everyone was on task. His eyes fell on to young Mr. Potter, and they narrowed with a slight sneer.

Ron Weasley nudged Harry.

"Harry, Snape's glaring at you again."

"What's new?"

"Ever wonder what he's thinking when he looks at you like that?"

"He's probably plotting my untimely death."

Ron took another look at Snape, who glowered (if you can believe it) even more.

"You know Harry, I think you could be right. That man hates you."

Snape looked over Harry, with his unrulely black hair and round glasses, so much like his father. There were few people that Snape hated and right up at the top of his list was James Potter. Lucky James who always had the friends and girls. He could have had any girl in the school, but no he had to have Lily.

Lily, who was kind and gentle with everyone, even awkward Severus Snape. Beautiful, fair sweet Lily.

Harry turned to look over Snape's way, he was laughing at something Ron had said. His brilliant green eyes filled with laughter.

Lily's eyes.

Ron was correct Snape did hate Harry, but he didn't hate him because he was James' son.

"I hate you, because you aren't mine." Severus thought to himself.