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A dark and barren those were what could be describe at first glance of the Realm of Malebolgia, but for those that have venture into the realm or call this realm home knows that the land is not truly as barren that one think.

Necropollins, a rare, deadly yet beautiful type of flower that only grows in Malebolgia, they were the main reason why someone would ever go near such a dangures realm to get that flower one can make medicine, others can sell it and make shit ton of money, or if you're going to be spending quality time with your sister.

Out of nowhere two kids appeared, the first child was a smiling skeleton that had a hand on his female companion shoulder had a single bang off brown hair on the left side of his skull. He had two white dot that acted like pupils to occupie the empty eye sockets, he wore a red scarf, a blue hoodie with white fur around the rim of the hood, a white t-shirt, black fingerless gloves, jeans, and shoe's.

The girl had blonde hair fashion as horns, that was held down with a black headband. She had grey eyes and had pale skin with stitches all around. She was wearing a ragged and flowing purple robe that flowed down past her hands in the arms and reached just below her knees at the bottom like a dress. On her feet where black flat ballet shoes. She also had a black cape with a golden button pin. And finally, she had a small pink ribbon tied around a single bang on her forehead.

"Whelp, this should be the spot wer-Ah!, there they are. Heh, would have thought we would have had to take at least one or two more "shortcuts", but look like we only need the one." The skeleton boy simply shrugged his shoulder, be bad if their parents caught wind of them randomly popping in and out of places in this realm all just for looking for flowers. Though truthfully he been in the realm a few times and had came across the flower patch once, but his sister didn't need to know that.

"So what do sis, are they as pretty as you expected they be?" The smiling skeleton said though from the look of amazement he say they were. "These blooms are the very pictures of an oasis in barren desert sands. Such exquisiteness! Words cannot express my gratitude to thee my brother. Just the sight of these beautiful blossoms will sooth my soul for years to come." The girl gushed as she spoke in a poetic manner, but the held great joy in it.

"That's nice, you did say you've been longing to check out these beauty for quite awhile. That and I was planning on coming here in a another couple days, but (eh) why not kill to bird with one stone." He said with a shrug, placing his hand's into the pocket of the hoodie before closing his eye's as his sister gather some of the flowers.

"Brother dearest, pray tell for what business would warrant thee to travel far off into land most perilous and strange. Where we nor thee alone belong, where even the sun is a stranger and danger lurk beyond the shadow's of this forbidden realm?" The girl said as she turned to her brother to understand why he had originally planned to come this far out and away from their father kingdom.

"Just to ask a question I already know the answer, but still willing to ask for the hell of it." The skeleton boy cracked open his left eye when she turned back picking some flowers. "(Sigh) You know, I really wanted to spend some quality with my little sister. So I'll show some mercy just walk away, or your gonna have a bad time." He said turning around catching his sister attention to him…and the demon.

"My! My! My! What do we have here?" The demon said its skin was a light grey its body was thin, it had dark claws and horns, red eye's and "Damn, you ugly." The boy said with a grinning as he got a growl as a response. "I had planned to have fun "playing" with some new toys, but I don't mind BREAKING ONE SOONER THEN EXSPECTED!" The demon shouted as it swung his arm at the damn smiling skeleton boy, only for said hand to be severed and sent flying the demon roared as it clenched it now severed stump as green blood spilled out of it.

"Aaaaaaahh! YOU SON OF A BITCH! HOW DARE YOU CUT MY HAND OFF!" The demon roared with anger burning into its red eyes for the little skeleton. The skeleton boy smile widen a bit as his right arm was out stretch in his hand was a scythe, it rod was a 5 foot long bone with what appeared to be a the top half of a dragon skull with bright blue eyes, the blade was made of blue energy.

But the thing that put the demon on edge was the fact the boy right eye socket was empty, but the left now had a bright blue eye. The demon unconsciously took a step back, this little bo-Monster that what he was a Monster that eye and…that smile sent chills up his spin just looking at it.

"That not to far from the truth, but the correct way to say it is…" (snap) with a snap of his fingers a dozen dragon skulls surrounded the shocked demon from a direction. The skeleton boy smile grew when he saw the face of the demon when the skulls opened their mouth's releasing a buzzing noise as a ball of blue energy from. "Son of THE bitch QUEEN! Now, GASTER BLASTER!" He shouted and the gaster blasters fired off blasts of blue beam's at the demon creating a explosion.

Removing his left hand light it in blue flame like energy and with a wave of his hand the dust was blown away. Once the dust was gone they saw the remnants of the demon which was bloody chunks and guts of it, before they flashed blue for only a second and gathering into a bloody meat ball.

"Hmm, better to be safe then sorry, never know it he's one of those types that can regenerate from just the smallest amount left remaining be they small or not." He said shouldering his gaster scythe before summoning another gaster blaster and getting rid of the remain even the blood on the ground.

"Thanks for hang back to watch over Minnie while I dealt with that demon, Spawn." The skeleton boy said turning to see the confusion on his sister face before realization appeared as she discovered that they were not alone.

The skeleton who white pupil's appeared after destroying the remain of the demon eye's were locked on the tall figure clad in a black outfit with white on his chest and head, a long red cape with a tall collar around his head, and had glowing green eyes with no pupils. He also had black sharp claws and what appeared to be chains wrapped around his torso.

"Grim Jr. I honestly was not expecting to visit me for another few days, to what do I owe this unexpected visit? " The Hellspawn said, he why Junior would come visit him the boy had done so for the pass couple year's since they first met. He would come once a month on the seventh day of the mouth, he would leave and return again to ask the same question so him coming early means he was here for another reason.

Spawn's gaze went to the girl and notice what she had in her arm. "So this is the Minnie you spoken to about from time to time. Am I to assume her desire to acquire Necropollins brought you here?" Spawn said get a chuckle from boy and an embarrassed look from the girl. " Now, now how many time must I remind you Spawn you ar my friend so just call me Junior. Now I'd ask if you reframe from embarrassing Minnie to much, that more my job thank you very much. And Minnie I didn't mind taking you along with on this little business trip coming here, so don't sweat it."

Minnie eye's widen as she remembered Junior mentioning him having wanted to ask a question that he had already know the answer to, but for it to be with Malebolgia rogued Hellspawn himself! The Hellspawn that single handedly destroy Malebolgia entire army of Hellspawns that were centuries in the making, destroyed gone in an instance.

Minnie watch as her brother and Spawn stood facing one another Junior's eyes sockets empty narrowed vioded of anything but darkness regardless of the smile on his face, his hand gripped the bone pole of his scythe. Spawn's glowing green eyes narrow as he looked Junior in his empty eyes pockets, when he spoked "So Spawn what do say, will be you be my fifth knight?"" No." with Junior's white pupils returned as he release a small disappointed sighat that answer.

Though he had expected it already, it still sucked. "I see whelp, I'll see ya next month then. Until then don't go dieing on me." He said making his way to the shocked Minnie, just as he was about to place a hand on her and take a "shortcut " home he was stopped when someone shouted at him.

"YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE, YOU LITTLE PUNK!" The shouting caused Junior and Spawn turn, and snapped Minnie back to reality. The saw a group of four demon larger then the perverse one staring at the, more accurately at Junior. " It would appear we have company." Spawn said as he stood in front of the kids.

"Spawn you don't have to try and protect us, we can take care of ourselves. But if it makes you feel better you the two stupid one's and we'll take the two ugly one's." Junior said getting growls from the demons.

"YOU LITTLE PUNK, HOW DARE YOU KILL OUR DEAR BROTHER! ONLY I CAN KILL HIM!" One demon shouted. "Heh, you can really feel the love can't ya. Oh, forgot to ask if you wanted in Minnie." Junior turned to his sister only to see that her outfit had change to a more provocative one with metallic organic wings with glowing green blade's and rapier in hand.(Afterbirth outfit but with her horn hair style and stitches.)

"Well someone seem eager to slay some demons, don't they. Though I'd be lying, (snap) if I said I wasn't either." He said snapping the bone pole of his gaster scythe, summoning his left blue eye the broken piece of the scythe repaired itself as the other fromed the top half of a gaster blaster and blade of blue energy along with a chain connecting the two hand scythes.

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