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Or UnderTale

[October 31, 20XX]

[The Realm of Flesh and Blood]

Junior walked through the snow the wind blowing his scarf as cold air and some assaulted his face, even so the cold didn't even hinder him, 'Damn, I can be here for years and still wouldn't be capable of finding Minnie.' He thought.

He couldn't sense Minnie no doubt HIM is concealing her, but he at least knew she was still present somewhere in the Realm, with a click of his tongue he continue onward only to stop and turn as he saw a familiar figure coming towards him,"You know I'm a little surprised to see you here, your commitment to guiding the souls of the Innocents to Heaven truly is amazing. Most wouldn't have done what you did jumping into a Realm in the Underworld under the command of one of the UnderLord." Junior said as the Redeemer came into view though he looked a bit different as the gloved hand of his right hand was missing.

"You, little reaper? Why have you come to this forsaken realm." The Redeemer said curious as to why he would come." Really now, what kinda brother would sit ideally by when their little sister is angel-napped and is now in the hands of a big foul demon?" Junior said as if it was the most obvious.

"I see, my apologies. I should have never taken this task lightly. Rare is it that such a pure soul is collected in your realm." The Redeemer said with shame having allowed such of thing as letting an innocent soul to be taken by the likes of HIM under his watch.

"Yeah, heard what happened after arriving in Heaven. So Minnie now in the claw's of that red bastard." Junior said with a hint of venom in his voice, "Yes, it was that devil took her, but know that I swear by my soul I will not rest until I bring her back safely. And I will make HIM pay!" he said with conviction

"I'll hold you to your word. We best get a move on, beside Minnie isn't the only one we have to worry about." He said the last part to himself as he thought of his Nergal body infused Punpkinator. He hope for everyone safety and that his Knights will be able to handle it before his return.

[Halloween Town, Moment of Minnie Death]


"What the fook?!" The glass of punch that had been in the bony hands of Death, only to be dropped when Grim felt the life of his daughter come to an end and he could feel something else. His sudden outburst drew the attention of everyone at the party.

"Grim? What is it?" Mandy said curious as to what got Grim worried.

Grim turned to his wife in shock, "I can't explain it now, Mandy we have to go. Now! " He said grabbing her hand and rushing to the doors. Jack saw his brother and sister-in-law rushing tour's the door, "Grim, what's wrong? Where are you going?" He asked, but Grim didn't couldn't answer as he was racing against time.

Grim summoned a skeleton steed once outside and began to race to the place that his children were. As they rode he began to tell Mandy of Minnie life having been lost, and that her soul had been released from her body.

"Grim! Are you sure you know where they are?" Mandy asked as they raced tour their kids. "Trust me. I can sense where the arua is coming from." He told Mandy as he focus on trying getting to his kids. He could feel it this arua, "I've felt this before , this… feeling. I'm not sure what it is but I jus' know dat something bad about to happen. I can feel it in mah bone."

"I hate dat feeling so much… because… it's one of those things you know you can't do anytink about…" "GRIM! Wait up!" Grim and Mandy turned their attention to Jack and Sally as they rode on a skeleton steed.


"Grim! Mind telling us what going on?" Jack asked worried as to what had his brother on edge.

"We'll know when we get there. Oh, NO!" He shouted when they neared the club house before a beam of light shot down from the sky as two figures began to rise from within it.

"We're too late!" Grim yelled as they saw who the figures were. "That's Minnie! Grim, where Junior!" Jack ask worried for his niece and nephew, Grim watched as his daughter was lifted up to heaven by… a Redeemer!?

"Grim, what's wrong?" Mandy said as she felt Grim tense up and knew it wasn't just for their daughter death. But there was something else that put him on edge, she felt it too.

"Yah, something don't feel right. Why'd Heaven send someone like a Redeemer to deliver a soul?" Before they could think further on the matter the ground began shaking before it erupted and three children flow out of it.

"The Trick-or-Treaters!?" Jack shouted as he and Sally rush to catch the three trouble maker only to stop in their track when three bladed tentacles shot out of the large hole piecing them and pulling out their soul, their soul looked like ghostly version of themselves for only a second before turning into upside down red, purple, and light green hearts before.

Once the tentacles absorbed the soul's they whipped themselves out of the Trick-or-Treater's and flinging their soulless body's away, uncaring of Jack and Sally catching them, "What happen to them? I can't find any wounds on any of them?" Sally said as she tried to find their stab wound but found none.

"Dat because those things don't touch the physical body, them blades only touch and grab the spiritual body." Grim stated as he watched the tentacles recede back into the hole, they began to feel vibrations coming from the hole. Something was coming up… and whatever it was, it was BIG. Jack place the soulless bodies of Lock and Barrel on the skeleton steed before grabbing a surprised Sally, who had Shock body, and place her on the skeleton horse back.

"Sally! Go back to town get everyone evacuated. Grim, Mandy, and I will hold whatever this thing is off." Jack said as began to strap the kids safely to the steed ignoring the shocked look from his wife.

"But Jack! You can't…!" Sally was going to try to argue before large black arm emerge out of the hole with five bladed fingers and a dragon skull (top half of a Gaster Blaster) on its forearm. The skull eye sockets glowed bright green as it subizarre sunk its fingers into the ground as a large robotic arm with a jack o lantern emblem printed on the it backhand emerged and shoulder began to lift itself up.

"Don't argue with me! Just get everyone to safety now!" He said before turning to see black horns beginning to rise as he smacked the steed backside making it gallop away with Sally calling out for to him.

"Junior! He's inside that thing! I can sense him, but something ain't right?" Grim said with confusion he could feel his son was dead, not dead dead, but his soul it felt… incomplete.

"You don't say? What's going on, Grim? Is this the bad thing you were telling me about?" She said loading her gun as she watched as the creature rise. The possessed Nergal Punpkinator launch itself out of the hole and stood in full height to its three challenger's. It stood with four legs with green eyes at it joint's, a jack o lantern body with its mouth and eyes glowing bright green, its right side was cover in bone, it shoulder had a dragon skull much like the one on it arm but had green horns on it head and nose giving it a triceratops like appearance, it had grown a dragon head, its eyes and mouth glowed bright green, it still possessing its horn that had black vain connecting it to the sides of it head.

The Nergal-inator looked around its surrounding before focusing on Halloween Town, on all the souls that resides within. It began to make it way towards the town relseasing dozen of it soul ripping bladed tentacles in preparation of all the soul's it plans to devour, but was halted when a green spiked ball slammed into its face and force it to tour its attention from the town to the three individual that stood before it.

"Grim, call Pain and have him bring the army." Mandy said as Jack retracted the Soul Robber having gotten the Nerdal-inator attention. "So… any idea on how to handle this thing?" He said hopeful that his brother or sister-in-law had anyways of dealing with this situation.

"We hold it off until reinforcement arrive." Mandy said plainly while firing shots at the bladed tentacles as if it was the most obvious, "This thing is the creation of your daughter fusing her power's with your SON, you think we'll survive long enough?" He wasn't going to say it, but his nephew was kinda scary when he wanted to be, and this was coming from him!

Just as he said that the Nergal-inator lifted its robotic arm to block a green missile that was heading straight for its head, it manage to deflect it but the force of the crash pushed it back, nearly toppling over. Releasing tentacles with hooks to keep it from plummeting back into the hole it had come from, lifting its mechanical arm to see that the once sinister smiling jack o' lantern that was on its arm had turned into a goofy frownie face.

The "missile" was sent crashing into the ground not far from three occupant that watched as the dust cleared to reveal a vicious looking fish woman with a pair of sharp yellow protruding teeth, blue skin, and a long red ponytail that spiked at the end.

"Is that, Undyne!?" Jack unknowingly said what everyone was thinking, he had met the fish girl at least once or twice on occasionally whenever Junior would visit. He must say the girl was quite something, if there was anything to say it was she was quite loyal to Junior. Though her appearance had changed from last time they had visited.

The fins on the sides of her head were still red and blue, but had become more rigid and pointy. She had black sclera, a vertical white pupil in her right eye where as her left was glowing green. She also donned a black suit of armour with a green heart on her chestplate, and white gloves, accompanied by boots with pointed toes.

In her hand was a spear that looked like it was made out of green flames, on the center of her heart chestplate was a black emblem of one of the dragon (Gaster Blaster) skull that the Nergal-inator had on its right arm but below it was the Roman numeral II. (for better description see Undyne the Undying by unusualbox)

"So your the thing that taken Milord Grim (Jr.) body captive while his spirit is away. As the Second Knight of Grim (Jr.), I Undyne, WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN AND TEAR HIM OUT OF YOU!" Undyne roared as she charged at the beast that held her Lord. The Nergal-inator responded with its own roar as it channel the power of the young reaper as green blades erupted from the ground all in random areas, shape, and sizes and well as release dozen of it bladed tentacles intending to rip the fish knight soul and absorb and add her power to its own.

Undyne charged the beast as she ducked, twisted, rolled and smashed her way through the blades that stood in her way and would block or intersect the bladed tentacles with her spear or summon and launch more.

Four spear's manage to stab the Nergal-inator chest before exploding and tore the metal of its pumpkin body and made crack on the bone area, before it sealed the cracks back and replaced the missing metal with bone. Releasing an angry roar it smashed its right fist at the knight creating a large crater.

It was caught off guard when the sky began illuminate green, looking up it saw why. Over a hundred or so glowing green spears hovered over the Nergal-inator and in the center was Undyne who gripped the flaming spear she had since she had arrived as she smirked from the looked of the eyes of the Nergal-inator it know, it was fuck.

"Your going to have to try a little harder then that, if you want… to beat… ME!" [BOOOM] She roared as she launched her flaming spear, that signaled the other hundred to follow, with such force it created a sonic boom. The Nergal-inator crossed its arm as well summoned blades to rise as a shield.


Once the spears made contact with the make shift shield it shattered and erupted into a large pillar of green energy. The roar of pain from the Nergal-inator could be heard from within.

Undyne landed not far from the explosion and released a growl as the light die down and saw that the Nergal-inator had grown an extra set of arms/wings that had sprouted from its back and were wrap around itself to protected itself from most of the blast. The power from the blast had left them in tattered, it had lost its robotic left arm, while the Nergal right arm was holding on by stings and it was beginning to reconnect it back into place, it had loss a piece of the left side of its face leaving only a green dot in it broken eye socket.

Undyne quickly summoned another spear before raising it up causing green spots appearing beneath the Nergal-inator, before spears shot out of them. The Nergal-inator immediately tried to take to the sky but found it difficult as spears were piercing through it wing and managed severing its injured arm.

"Honestly Undyne, did you have just up go running off like that after receiving that massage from lord Junior like that? At the very least you could've done is taken me with you, instead of ditching me like that!" Undyne turn to see young girl with lavender skin, five eyes, six arms (four were set in a prayer like sign), and two legs. She had two red ribbons in her hair, wore a red ribbon across her chest, black long gloves, a red outfit with black pantaloons at the bottom, two gold buttons in the front at the center was a gold Gaster Blaster emblem with the Roman numeral of lll, and black thigh high combat boots.

"Muffet, where heck have you been!" Undyne shouted, this got a tick mark to the forehead on the spider girl in question, "I just told you, you muscle headed fish, you ditched me!" Muffet shouted back, but stopped when they felt the ground rumble from beneath them. They turned to see that the Nergal-inator crashed downed do to its wings being torn. The Nergal-inator used it extra arm to lift itself before releasing a loud roar of anger and released bladed tentacles at the two Knights who looked at it with announce, anger (Undyne), and disgust (Muffet).

"So you planning to sit back or are you going to use the power Lord Grim (Jr.) bestowed you?" Undyne said gripping her spear ready to get back into action, "I'll sit this one out, I can't use both it and maintain the barriers on Cupcake…." When she said that a large figure appeared in front of them glowing purple as the Nergal-inator tentacles bounced off it. The Nergal-inator looked with confusion at the creature that stood in front of it.

The creature was a 25 ft tall creature cross between a spider and a cupcake, its head was round and looked like it was coated with pink icing, its eyes and the inside of its mouth glowed purple, had a black muffin cup like body with six legs with the tips of them glowing purple.

"…and Muffin" the Nergal-inator moment of confusion cost it, as a second cupcake spider leaped on to its back this one having a light purple head. The cupcake spider stabbed its middle legs into the Nergal-inator side's for a better hold as it bit into its left arm/wing, the Nergal-inator began thrashing and try stabbing the cupcake spider with it bladed tentacles but just like the pink one it glowed purple making them bounce of it.

The Nergal-inator wasn't going to get a break as Undyne and Cupcake ram themselves back into battle. Muffet simply walked towards the three other occupance, seeing as she was pretty much useless as she had to maintain the barrier protecting Cupcake and Muffin from getting their soul ripped out.

Mandy watch as the creature that was made from her son inheriting his sister power's and it merging with his struggle battling against one of her son Knights and another one's pets cupcake spiders monster.

"Good evening, lady Mandy, sir Grim, and Mr. Skellington it been quite a while, how go this fine Halloween." Muffet said as she made her way towards the three giving a small bow to them, "Aah, Muffet it's good to see you well and good. I see your baking skills have… improved, since the last time I saw you." Jack chuckled as he watched as Nergal-inator wrestle with one of the cupcake spider, only for the other to come ramming into it and tip it over to its left before Undyne came up and deliver a right hook making it go to the right.

"…" Mandy gave a brief glance towards her son third Knight before grabbing a second gun, [from where, no one knows], before making her way to the battle.

"Mandy are you alright?" Grim said as he felt his wife had something on her mind, turning to her husband for a brief moment before turning back to the Nergal-inator, "Grim when this is over be sure to raise Junior's allowance." She said, " But, Mandy Junior doesn't have an allowance!?" Grim replied, "Then give him one!" She shouted back as she began firing shots at the Nergal-inator leaving the two bone heads and spider Knight behind.

[The Realm of Flesh and Blood]

Junior and the Redeemer traveled aimlessly through the icy realm for quite sometime, and had made no progress finding her, "Damn, still can't sense Minnie. How about you big guy, you got anything that can help?" Junior ask having not been able to sense his sister.

"Hmm, I fear not young reaper. The light of your sister soul is being masked by the evil of HIM presence in this realm." The Redeemer said, just like Junior he to had been trying to sense Minnie in the realm but found it difficult to do so, "Well damn, if we can't figure out away to located her then we'll be here for quite a long time walk aimlessly." He said before suddenly stopping when he felt something coming near.

Junior turn to see a figure coming near him, before it crashed into him. He looked down to see a girl about his age she had long straight pulled back black hair and red eyes, a gold colored circular "chakra gem" that looked to have been burned onto her head, she wore a white dress, she also had white bandages wrapped around her feet, though the thing that caught his eyes was the fact she had no hands as her forearms were covered up with bandages.

"Hey there kid, need a hand or two?" Junior said to the girl who only looked at Junior with fear, "Hey now, snow need to so cold now." He said as he helped her up, his eyes narrowed when the girl eyes widen and a large shadow appeared behind them, "Oh my! What have we here? You have a little " boy" friend?" A large fat man dress as a ICR cream man with glowing green eyes and large sinister smile said from behind Junior, "Oh goodie! Now we can-"


The fat smiling ice cream man suddenly froze as his eyes widen, "You know, the realm of flesh and blood also goes by the name the realm of trial and redemption, a realm that souls that had commit sin's can be tested and redeemed for the sin's they committed." Junior said as he looked over his left shoulder with his back still facing the fat ice cream man, his Gaster scythe resting on his right shoulder as his left eye glowed blue with wisp of flames leaking from it.

"But someone like you…" suddenly multiple blue slash marks appeared all over the frozen fat man body, "…for all the innocent lives you taken…" the blue slash marks began to ignite in blue flames as the fat man let out muffled scream of pain from the flames, "…deserve no redemption." With that the fat man body fell apart and was engulfed by the blue flames, though not many piece met the snowy ground as the blue flames incinerated them before they even had the chance.

As he turn his attention to the girl in white 'Well this is interesting' he thought when he got a real good look at her, "Human..." He smiled as he got her attention.

His smile grow as he closed his right eye and leaned towards her, "...Don't you know..." He held out his left hand and looked her in the eyes with his left eye glowing, "...How to greet a new pal?" the girl looked at Junior out stretched hand, then to her bandaged. He chuckled at the girl confusion as he leaned closer, "Come now kiddo, just because you don't have hands doesn't mean you can't shake my hand." The girl looked at him a bit frighten and a bit worried, seeing as the boy still had his scythe resting on his shoulder. The girl seemed to be weighing her option's before releasing a small sigh and raised her bandage forearm.

Junior took hold of her forearm and- FRRRRTT!




The girl looked at Junior in confusion before pulling away from him, "Hehehe, old woope cushions in the hand, gets them everytime." Junior chuckled at the look on the girl face as his eye stopped glowing and went back to white, "Hi there human, the name Grim, Grim Skellington Jr., though few people call me Junior." He said as he helped her up.

"So kiddo, from what I can tell you should be around my age and I got to say, whatever you did must have been pretty bad for someone your age? Considering you had to come to a place like this after all." Junior said as his scythe vanished and tucked his hands into the pocket's of his hoodie.

"Your not going to tell me that I shouldn't interfere with those that are at the "bridge between good and evil", are you?" Junior asked as he turned to the Redeemer who deactivated his sword of light, "I care little for those that prey on the innocent, and at the moment I cannot be distracted from my task. You may do as you please, I must fulfill my task and save your sister from HIM." The Redeemer said as he turned walked away from Junior and the girl in favor to search for Minnie.

Junior simply shrugged in acceptance, it just ment he wouldn't get into trouble for interfering with stuff here. "Well kiddo gotta go, I've got a sister to find so best be moving. You might want to do the same, a place like this ain't so, ice, for kid's." He chuckled softly as he was about to follow the Redeemer, when he heard a voice coming up from behind, "There you are! Gasp! Junior, is that… you?"

Turning around Junior was surprised to see a familiar abnormally huge black and purple spider. His head is purple and has black hair around his neck was a red scarf. He had four green eyes, many sharp teeth and two huge tusks. The other two parts of his body were black with two purple diamonds-shaped patern on it and eight purple legs. "Well I'll be, damned, Jeff aren't you just a sight for, four, eyes." Junior said before both he and the girl were grabbed and hugged by the large laughing arachnid.

"Junior! It's really is you! Its been so long how have you been. I hope you've been eating right, studying, excercising, oh what about that girl you liked did you ever manage to ask he-Mmmm!?" Jeff dotted over the young smiling reaper in blue before said reaper place his hand over his mouth.

"Yeah, really great to see you again Jeff." Junior said as he strained to fight the light blue blush from his face he let out couple cough as he calmed down before he removed his hand from the arachnid mouth. "Haha, it's really good to see you, you've grown taller and your right eye is great now." Jeff pointed out.

"Heh, yeah that's a thing, can't say the same for you. Though I, spider, that you're sporting a scarf of your own." Junior said pointing at his and Jeff red scarfs. Jeff let out a nervous chuckle as he gently brush his hand over the scarf "Y-yeah, its… a special scarf from a… friend." He said hesitantly.

"Yeah, same here." He said as he brush his hand over his scarf, "So Jeff, who's your friend?" Junior asked as got out of the spider hug. "Oh right, Junior allow me to introduce you to Mimi, she's Blossom and Dexter daughter." Jeff said as he placed the now named Mimi girl on his back. "So this is Blossom's girl. Funny, I always thought you'd be a red head considering both she and Dexter were." He said causing the girl to look away, unease by the commitment.

"Umm,… [cough]…M-mimi this is Grim Skellington Jr, his parents were friends of my dad. Junior also used to visit your mom and dad from time to time. Your mother would often try to introduce the two of you but, either you were occupied with the Nephilim, or he was to preoccupied working with your dad in the lab." Jeff said before tuning to introduce himself to the Redeemer.

"Anyway, thanks for finding Mimi,I've been looking everywhere for her. She like to wonder off…" Jeff said before the wind began to increase. "Ah, geez… it looks like a blizzard's coming in. We better get back to the shelter." Jeff began to lead them to a cave with a wooden door. "Here we are! Home sweet home!" Jeff said as he open the door to allow his guests in. "Nice place, must have took awhile. How long have you been here for Jeff?" Junior ask looking around the furnish cave.

"Whaddya say we talk about it over a nice hot cup of cocoa? I'm sure we have a lot to talk about." Jeff said as he held the door open for the Redeemer to enter, "Thank you, but I cannot stay, I have an urgent matters to attend to. I must depart at once." The Redeemer said just as he turned to leave, only for Jeff to grab his shoulder stopping him.

"Believe me, friend. You don't wanna stay out here in the open at the moment. Cuz when the blizzard hit it's going to freeze like hell." Jeff said as the Redeemer sigh and accepted the spider hospitality.

"This is really nice place you got here Jeff, really homey." Junior said as he looked at the at the varies items that were placed around the cave. "Thanks Junior, you and your make yourselves at home. We get visitors each day and usually they come and go. Cocoa?" Jeff said offering a cup to everyone.

"You don't say." Junior said as he took a cup. "So Jeff I have to ask, what are you of all people doing here. I would thought you'd be in heaven, right Big Blue?" Junior turned to the Redeemer for answers, "Indeed. Why, sir, are you still here? A place await you in the glorious kingdom of heaven. Such a noble soul as you deserves to sit next to God's throne." The Redeemer said in all honesty.

"Well… it's just when ever I see those people out here… I…I" Jeff trialed off.

"Hehe, you really haven't changed, since the last time I saw you Jeff. I'm really shouldn't be surprised when it comes to you, same old nice spider of a guy." Jeff chuckled at the compliment. "You wish to help them. You cannot. Only they can help themselves. Their sins is not for you to fixed." The Redeemer said.

"So, uhhh… what your story? Not that it isn't great to see an old friend, Junior. But why are you here?" Jeff asked.

"Oh you know, sister kidnapped, so me and Big Blue here are going to get her back. Maybe after that we'll go out for lunch I was thinking, lobster claws." Junior said as his left eye glowed for a second, "Oh, wait. I promised Minnie we go to Grillby. How bought it Big Blue, Grillby fries are the best there is." Junior said looking over the Redeemer. "Sister? Oh! You mean… Minnie, right? What happened to her?" Jeff remember Junior would often talk about his sister and some of her achievement.

[Minutes Later]

"Wow, Junior you've gotten a lot stronger and now you gain not only your sister's powers, but everything about her… including her feelings for you. How does that make you feel?" Jeff ask after Junior had told them what had happened prior to their arrival here.

Junior looked at Jeff before answering, "Well, I'm flattered and all, but its not like I hadn't expected it to happened. Considering Minnie is still a young girl and had only been home school, not only that but she hasn't had much interaction with the outside world, let alone any interact with kids her own age. That and isn't it common for kids her age to develop a crush for either their parents or sibling?" With a shrug he took a drink of cocoa.

"Junior, your sister loves you more then life itself, imagine that. Don't you feel anything at all about it?" Jeff said as they looked at him for his answer. Junior simply smiled softly as he let out a sigh, "I guess I feel… sympathy. Though like I said, Minnie needs to get out more and interact with kids her own age. I'm going to have to talk to mom and dad about letting her go to school." Junior said as he thought on what he said.

"Young reaper, you speak as if you'll be able to keep your sister's soul to remain by your side. But what should you do if you cannot, will you simply let her go?" The Redeemer said, once they got Minnie there was still the matter of whether or not she would ascend to heaven or remain with her family in the underworld.

Before he could respond he felt someone grab him from behind he quickly turned to see it was Minnie, though he could tell something was wrong as her eyes were red. Suddenly the once homey atmosphere that the cave held was replaced with one of danger.

"Yes boy! What will you do? Are you willing to risk your own soul to save her's and then let her go?" A high voice echoed from all around the cave.

" What trickery is this!" The Redeemer rose from his seat but before either he or Junior could do anything they were snared by web. "BETRAYER!" The Redeemer shouted.

"I'm sorry, I'm very very sorry!" Jeff apologize as he turned to face them. "There! I've done everything you asked." Jeff shouted.

"You've done well my eight-legged friend." The voice said.

"And now, Mimi. It's time we make…" As the voice spoke the "scarf" around Jeff began to move toward Mimi.

"Our grand entrance." The took on a low growl like tone tour the end as the "scarf" began to attach itself to her and meld into her skin. Mimi glowed red before being lifted into the air as more of the "scarf" melded with her. Some of "scarf" transformed into a set of lobster claws and clothing, all the while the cave began to break apart and the laughter of the ominous voice could be heard.

Mimi now stood skin turned red and was sporting small black horns on the sides of her head, just above her ears and dinosaur like tail with spikes. Her white dress was replaced with a short red dress with a furry white trim around her collar, cuffs, and bottom of the dress, and a black belt. Her feet and legs are covered by long, black, thigh-high go-go boots.

Junior blush having caught a glimpsed of a pink thong, 'Blossom, your little girl honors your memory by wear a pink thing. Truly a great way to remembered.' He silently chuckled before his eyes narrowed at the tall red figure, HIM, as he sat on a cushion chair with both Minnie and Mimi besides staring at the two blue captive with blank look and a remorseful looking Jeff.

"That girl… I was unable to sense her malicious energy as it was in the guise of a red scarf worn by our trusting friend. With out her powers she is merely an innocent child. But now she has become a creature stripped of all innocence and forged with the evil of the world. A Devil hid under friend's trust. Our friend had betrayed us." The Redeemer said, Jeff kind and trusting soul was capable of masking the evil power Mimi had.

"Junior, I'm sorry. He promised-" " it's ok Jeff, you don't have to explain. I forgive you." Junior said taking his eyes off the tall red male for a moment to look at Jeff. Turned his gaze back to HIM to see him rise from the chair as he and Minnie made their way towards him.

" I'm sorry, Junior." Jeff whispered one last time, before stepping back as HIM made his way towards them.

"Come now my dear Jeff, step aside if you will. I wish to indulge myself over with my new prize… you my little Blue Reaper." Him as he raised his claw under his chin as HIM lean down looking Junior in the eyes with a large smile on his face showing his pearly white. It grew larger as he tilted his head to the side when a blue blade shot out of the ground.

"Oh, Yeeeesssss. Truly remarkable! " HIM said as he tried to grab it only for his claw to phaze through it. He looked at it for a second before waving it through it a few times(5), shrugging, HIM turned back to look at Junior.

"I must say, Junior you are quite the fascinating one. I've been watching you since the day you were born. Sadly, the information is little to nothing." He said bring out a remote control before a large TV rose from the ground. Flipping it on it showed Junior walking through with Minnie on the day he took her to Grillby for the first time. It showed Junior raising his hand as he was speaking to Minnie, suddenly the screen turned blue and the last thing seen was Junior clenching his hand into a fist before static.

"That was just one of many that ended like that one!" HIM said as he flipped through the channel showing either Junior or one of his Knight's destroy what ever it was that was watching him, Junior honestly didn't know what was watching him but know, it was not good so destroy whatever they where.

"You know, I didn't know WHO kept on sending those annoying drones, until now obviously. Though I can say that whoever made them should know you should really take better, Kare, where you place your toy's. They really were easy to find and break." Junior grinned when HIM teeth turned to fangs and let out growl, ignoring the look of shock from the other occupants around.

"Never call me THAT!"HIM growled glaring at Junior behind his shades.

"Then, don't call me Junior. " Junior replied glare back with his left eye glowing, they held their glare for a minute before HIM crossing his arm and stroke his chin, before he grinned and turned back to the TV.

"You and your sister are truly quite the pair, did you know that little Reaper?" HIM said ignore the smug look from Junior obviously hearing the growl in his voice. HIM frowned before grinned as he flipped the channel to what had became of Junior Nergaling possessed body.

"Behold at what you both created. Truly Magnificent isn't it, it goes beyond anything I could have ever imagine!" HIM smiled widely at the power contained in the children of Death and the Bitch Queen.

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