Angel's Curse

Chapter4: The plot unfolds

In the Dinning Hall.

Everyone was gathered in the Hall for breakfast. Just as they were about to dig in the sky turned dark and everything turned cold. Yoko shuddered.

"Cold enough for you?" Everyone turned to see Kal Su standing by the door.

"Kal Su" Arshei and Gara got up and stood in front of him. Geo was behind them. The King and Sheila moved to the very back of the room. Lushei came over and tried to drag Yoko there too.

"Come on Yoko. Move!" But it was no use. She was stuck. Her legs wouldn't move!

"I-I can't" Yoko looked down. Her legs were frozen.

"Kal Su" Arshei glared at her former comrade. "What do you want now?"

"Oh that's easy...the girl of course."

"Girl?" Gara glanced behind him at Yoko. He turned back to Kal Su. "Like hell you'll get her." Geo stood and said in a calm voice,

"Yoko. Call Dark Schnider."

"What?" Yoko blinked. Did he just ask her to..."NO WAY! I'm still made at him."

"Yoko!" Geo ordered.

"Fine. Lushei come here."

"K." Gently Yoko reached down and kissed Lushei on the lips. A light engulfed the room. When it cleared there stood the bastard of the Universe, Dark Schnider.

"Kal Su." D.S. Smirked. "What a pleasant surprise." He glanced at Yoko for a second.

"D.S. I've come for that girl your so fond of."

"And why exactly do you want her?"

"Oh I think you know the answer to that already." Kal smirked. Everyone turned to D.S.

"Dash...what does he mean." Arshei asked. D.S. glared at Kal Su.

"He's trying to revive Trinity." Arshei and Gara stared.

"W-What?" Was all Arshei could manage.

"Trinity. She died over 15 years ago!" Gara yelled.

"She didn't die." They all turned back to Kal Su.

"What are you talking about? Whose Trinity?" Yoko was very confused.

"She's the presence that lives inside you. And she wants out." Yoko gasped. "Trinity was an orphan like Arshei and myself. And like us, she too was taken under the wing of D.S. Although unlike us she had a secret. She is what is called, a morbid angel."

"Morbid angel..." Yoko looked at D.S. He was staring at her. Their eyes met and stayed.

"As a morbid angel...she had extraordinary power. She wielded a powerful weapon, known as the Angel's Curse. It's a powerful sword that serves whoever masters it and protects them. It also gave Trinity a type of immortality. The sword is always constantly healing her so if she were to suffer a devastating blow she'd live. This made her nearly impossible to kill not only with physical attacks but magical as well. However there is a reason the sword is called Angel's Curse. Because she wields it Trinity's soul was doomed to live in an endless cycle of pain. She would always be reincarnated until her soul experienced all the pains of life or unless some one were to cast a special spell on her. The spell however is lost to legend and is so powerful just thinking it is dangerous. The spell would turn the victim into a statue of themselves." Yoko froze.

'Statue...of the...victim....Trinity?'

/ your beginning to understand./ Yoko gasped. Kal Su continued.

"However only Trinity knew the spell...supposedly. She made the mistake of writing down the spell in front of Abigail...who gave it to Geo. And thus sealing Trinity's fate. In aiming for D.S. Trinity would sacrifice herself to save him. The spell was supposed to destroy Trinity's soul and seal her body. She wouldn't even be able to be reincarnated. Her sword however had other plans. It sealed her soul within itself then hid in the body of an unborn Yoko." Yoko fell to her knees.

"This can not be true...Father?" Geo sighed.

"I'm sorry Yoko. I should have told you. Forgive me."

"Wait." Gara turned to Kal Su. "If what you say is true then there isn't any way to bring her back so why do you want Yoko."

"Ah but there is a way. You see the spell would have also made it that if she were to be revived...somehow...who ever revived her would gain complete control over her and her power. Because her sword and soul are sealed within Yoko's body all we need to do is extract it and place it in her body once again."

"We?" D.S raised an eyebrow.

"I've come here to ask for your support in this, the three of you. Help me bring Trinity back...before it is too late."

"Too late?"

"Abigail is also after Trinity. He wants to control her power where as I just wish for her to be back in among the living again."

"Abigail?" Yoko took a step back. Suddenly the castle began to shake. A familiar laugh ran out.

"Shit he's here." D.S. Cursed and turned to Yoko. The ceiling was beginning to fall. He pulled her into his arms. She held him tightly, afraid.

"Oh gods..." she whispered. A chunk of the ceiling broke and was plummeting towards them.