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Chapter 2:

When they arrived at the Higurashi shrine it was dark and they jumped into the trees to avoid getting seen by the old man that was passing through. Once the man was safely away they jumped down and Taiyo gestured for the other two to follow him; he led them to a corner filled with shadows, "I'm going to teleport us somewhere called Gringotts; it is run by goblins. Whatever you do, unless they attack you, don't attack them; they are a warrior race. I'm going there to see if a few suspicions of mine are true."

With this, he transported them via shadow travel and they were standing in Gringotts entry hall. A few goblins looked at the obvious non-human features but turned away shortly after; Taiyo was glad to see that there were no humans in the bank at the time. He walked to the desk at the front, "I wish to speak with the Potter Bank Account Manager"

The goblin looked at him appraisingly and he sighed, "I can give you blood if you want, but I got rid of the scar over the summer; however, I would not like any humans to see me or my friends so if we could go somewhere private, that would be great."

The goblin nodded and came down from his desk, "Follow me, Mr. Potter"

Taiyo sighed in relief and followed the goblin out of the eyesight of anyone that might walk into Gringotts; the goblin pulled a stone out of his vest, "Put a drop of your blood on this and it will tell me if you are who you say you are, Mr. Potter"

Taiyo nodded and put a claw to his wrist, before drawing blood and dripping it onto the stone; the goblin gasped and his eyes grew wide, "Come with me, Prince"

Taiyo nodded and gestured for the other two to follow him; they complied eagerly because they did not know this strange new world. The goblin led them through the bank until they arrived at a door that said 'Griphook, Bank Account Manager' where he knocked. "Come in" a voice said from inside; the goblin opened the doors and led the way inside. Griphook looked up at them in confusion and the goblin that led them there went up to him and whispered in his ear. The three yokai could hear what he said as he spoke, "It seems that Harry Potter is actually the prince of the white kitsune clan; he wishes to inquire to his account status."

Griphook looked at Taiyo in surprise but nodded at the other goblin, who left the room, "What do you wish to inquire about, Prince?"

"Please call me Taiyo, and I wish to know who besides me has been meddling in my money."

"Taiyo then; wait a second and I'll have your account information." Taiyo nodded and relaxed. A moment later, Griphook spoke, "It seems that Albus Dumbledore has made several withdrawals and money transfers since the day your parents died"

Taiyo's eyes blazed in anger and the room shook with the loose yoki swirling around him; Inuyasha and Kouga each put a hand on his shoulder and he calmed down enough to control his loose energy, "Please continue Griphook"

Griphook nodded and continued to read his parchment, "Every year, for the past fourteen years, 10,000 galleons are transferred to the accounts of Weasley, Dumbledore, and Dursley. For the past four years 10,000 has also been put in the Granger account yearly. It seems that you also have an illegal marriage contract to Ginerva Weasley, made when you were twelve by your magical guardian, Albus Dumbledore."

By now, Taiyo was seething and barely in control of his yoki as he spit out, "Can you get my money back and cancel that marriage contract? I have no intention of marrying a traitor!"

Griphook gave a toothy smile, "As you wish, Taiyo; this will be quite pleasurable; we've wanted to get Dumbledore for something for a long while."

"Good; onto other matters; we wish to get Hogwarts letters for Inuyasha and Kouga so that they can attend with me, is that possible?"

"Yes, quite so, anything else Prince Taiyo?"

"Do you have any ways to form long term glamours, so that we can hide our extra appendages without expending unnecessary energy?"

"Yes, we can get you some small pieces of jewelry that can hold complex glamour spells; is that all?"

"Yes, all I need now is money to go shopping."

Griphook pulled out three dragon skin bags, "These are automatically connected to your Gringotts vaults, use them well; I will have your Hogwarts letters shortly"

"Thanks Griphook."


"Do we have to get new clothes, Taiyo?" Inuyasha whined as he was measured

"Yes, because the ones we have now stick out too much in Britain."

"Hmmmf, will they at least help guard me like my fire rat ones?"

"Yes, we will also be getting combat boots, so you'll have to get used to shoes"

"Not shoes!"

"Yes, you'll have to wear shoes; they're not that bad Inuyasha"

Inuyasha sighed in defeat, but complied with the seamstress's request for him to be still. They were soon walking out with combat clothes made of dragon skin and new combat boots, as well as new robes. They went to the bookstore next and got the books that they would need for the upcoming school year as well as some extras on defense spells. They decided not to get animals because Taiyo already had Hedwig and they didn't need wands due to their demonic energy being controlled by their hands. Soon, they were done and Taiyo went to the Leaky Cauldron to get lunch.

Tom saw him and immediately went to the back, where Taiyo assumed he was talking to Dumbledore about his sudden reappearance; Taiyo sighed, well at least they would have somewhere to stay and he needed to confront Dumbledore anyway. Tom came out a moment later and took their orders; they ate with haste, not knowing when Dumbledore would show up. They were correct; within five minutes of their arrival Dumbledore showed up and came over to them. He looked at Taiyo and cast a privacy charm, "Where have you been my boy? We must get you to headquarters."

"I will not go with you without bringing Inuyasha and Kouga with me."

"You can't just bring people I don't know to the secret location of the order"

Taiyo stayed adamant, "I will not go without them; I trust them with my life"

Dumbledore sighed, "Alright, they can come with us, but we must leave this place before Voldemort finds out that you are here."

"Alright, let's go" he said standing, Inuyasha and Kouga following. They walked out into the alley and Dumbledore had them grab his arms before they disappeared with a 'pop'. There was a squeezing sensation and then they appeared on a dingy street. Dumbledore held out a piece of paper and they each read an address before a house appeared and they were led inside by Dumbledore. As they entered, there was a great shrieking that had the yokai covering their ears in pain; Taiyo turned to see a portrait on the wall screeching.

Sirius came rushing in and tried to shut the curtains but couldn't get it, Taiyo had had enough. He pushed his godfather to the side and slashed poison filled claws across the canvas that obliterated the portrait completely; he removed his other hand from his ears and saw the others do the same, "Thank God; I thought my head was going to explode" he grumbled. He turned to see that both Dumbledore and Sirius were staring at him, "What? She wouldn't shut up and I have sensitive ears."

Sirius spoke, "We've been trying to destroy that portrait since we first got here and no one has managed, not even Dumbledore"

"Oops, I hope you don't mind that I killed it"

"No, thank God that you did; it was getting annoying to hear her screeching." And then Sirius saw who he was talking to clearly, "OH MY GOD, HARRY! Where have you been? We were so worried about you."

"I'll explain once everyone is together." He had no intention of telling the truth to anyone but those he trusted, but they didn't know that and he planned to keep it that way. He silently used his kitsune powers to put small mufflers around his and his companion's ears and noses; Mrs. Weasley was going to be loud and the house they were in stunk of mold and mildew; it was a show of their trust in him that they didn't question why their senses were getting dulled. They followed the two wizards into what seemed to be the kitchen a meeting was being held; as soon as they entered, there was uproar and Molly Weasley rushed over to give him a hug. He gave a disgusted face and deftly avoided the woman, "Don't touch me, Thief!" he snarled.

She gave him a shocked face at the same time that Moody shot a spell at his back; he spun and a barrier made completely of shadows sprang up, absorbing the spells that were being fired his way; the three yokai waited until the sounds died down a small amount before Taiyo spoke, "Are you done trying to kill me yet, Moody, or should I leave this damn place and leave you all to Voldemort's clutches?"

They heard Moody scoff, "And where would you go, Potter?"

Taiyo smirked, "I'll go to where I've been for the past six weeks; I had to come to you for you to find me, that's pathetic."

There was an abrupt silence at his words and he moved the shadows enough to see his opponents; they seemed to be frozen in shock. He turned to his brothers (A/N: Inuyasha and Kouga will be called his brothers because of the pack bond they made) and whispered, "I will take down the barrier, be cautious of the surroundings; they might attack again" The two nodded and got into fighting stances before Taiyo lowered the barrier all the way to view the room. Moody went to fire another spell, but found himself and everyone else in the room frozen; Taiyo spoke, "Why did you attack me Moody?"

"I can see through the glamours and what I see is not human"

"Really, interesting; well then, I'll tell you that what you're seeing is an illusion"

"That's a load of bullcrap; take off the pendants that hide your looks if it's an illusion, demons!" he spat.

Taiyo looked at his brothers and nodded, but they saw the smirk he gave them. As they removed their pendants, he cast an illusion with his yoki; since he used demonic powers, Moody could not see through it or even tell that it was there. The pendants were removed and they appeared the same as before the pendants were taken off, "There, does that satisfy your curiosity Moody?"

"What were those forms that I saw before?"

"Did you ever think that these pendants were made to counteract any form of your magical eye?"

His eyes widened, "That's smart; they won't think that you're Potter because their magical device will tell them that you're something else."

Taiyo nodded, "Now, do you swear not to attack any of us if I let you all go?"

There was a collective 'yes!' and he unfroze everyone. Dumbledore was the first to speak, "What was that magic? I must make sure it's not dark."

Arthur Weasley jumped up, "Of course it's dark! Look at it; he's turning into a dark wizard!"

Taiyo looked at him coldly, "Do not speak to me, filthy thief; your whole family are thieves."

He looked at Dumbledore, "Keep your thieving hands off of the Potter vaults; I went to Gringotts and I know exactly what you and your damn order have been doing to my vaults since James and Lily Potter died and I'm disgusted by the way you disrespect their sacrifice by stealing all their money."

"Harry, what are you-?"

"No, not this time old man; since they died, you've been paying the Weasleys and yourself 10,000 galleons a year, not to mention the Dursleys. You literally payed them to beat me and make me work like a damn house-elf! If you don't clean up your act, you will never see me again; you and your corrupted wizarding world can go to Hell, maybe you'll learn something while you're there!"

Every person in the room was frozen in shock at his outburst, until Sirius stood up, "I, Sirius Orion Black, hereby evict every person on this property with the exception of my godson, his two friends, and Remus Lupin" he said in a cold tone. The house responded and everyone but those stated disappeared as the wards cast them out. Sirius turned to Taiyo, "I swear I did not know about this" he then turned to Lupin, who was in shock from the announcement, "And I think that you broke Moony"

Taiyo went over and gently nudged into Lupin's mind; normally the wolf would guard it but the wolf had felt the presence of a greater predator white and lay down in submission. He searched for a moment and then left, "He didn't know about it"

Lupin snapped to attention, "How could you tell that?"

"It was quite easy by the reaction you had to my words." He got serious, "Now that I've rooted out all the traitors, I will tell you where I was this summer and what that power from before was; sit down."

The two marauders looked at each other and sat down in their chairs waiting for Taiyo to speak. He looked at his brothers, who nodded in encouragement; he turned back to the marauders and spoke, "No interruptions?" They nodded, and he started his tale. By the time he was done, they were once again frozen in shock and Sirius spoke, "Can you…Can you show us this true form of yours and your friends…Taiyo?"

He turned to his brothers and nodded; they looked at him and then reached for the necklaces around their necks. As the three yokai took off their glamours, they heard a gasp and a thump and looked over to see a stunned Sirius and an unconscious Lupin; they couldn't help it, they laughed.

Sirius stared at them as Taiyo picked Lupin up with one of his tails and gently shook him, "Hey, wake up Moony." When he got no reaction, he smirked, "I'm going to give all of your chocolate to Sirius if you don't wake up!"

Lupin woke up immediately and tried to move, only to find himself being held by a furry appendage, "You better put me down, Mr., and don't you dare give Padfoot my chocolate!"

Taiyo chuckled and set Lupin down, "Now, do you believe what I said?"

"Holy Crap! You went to the past and you're some kind of cute fox-thingy; can I pet you tails?" Sirius said in one breath.

Taiyo extended a tail in his direction, "Yeah, go ahead Padfoot"

Sirius smiled like a two year old and grabbed the tail, before snuggling into it and petting it. Taiyo looked at him funny, but let him have his fun while he turned to see Inuyasha holding his fluff protectively from Lupin, who was trying to do the same thing Sirius was doing; he chuckled at his predicament and looked at Kouga, who was laughing his ass off on the floor, 'They took that rather well and I got rid of Dumbledore for the time being.'

He turned back to Sirius, "Can we stay with you until the school year starts, Sirius? We have nowhere to go at the moment, and I'm not comfortable staying in the open; me and my brothers prefer it when we can roam around in our true forms."

Sirius looked scandalized, "Of course Pup! What kind of godfather would I be if I didn't give you a place to stay?!"

Taiyo gave a relieved sigh, "Thanks Sirius"

"It's nothing…Taiyo; that's weird to say."

Taiyo chuckled and turned to Inuyasha, "Oh, will you just let him touch your fluff Inuyasha? He's not going to give up until you do." For Inuyasha was still dodging Remus. Inuyasha gave him a pout, "Do I have too?"

Taiyo gave him a stern look and he acquiesced, stopping for Remus to pet his fluff; Kouga fell to the ground laughing again while Taiyo just gave a small smile.


As soon as Taiyo saw the room he was to be staying in with his brothers he gave a disgusted face, "I see they didn't clean this place up any." he said.

Sirius frowned, "Molly was supposed to help, but as soon as she realized you weren't here, she quit like she was only doing it to impress you."

Taiyo's ears flattened on his head and he growled, "It seems their family is only in it for the money after all. I can't believe that they tried to make me a marriage contract with a human, and a slut as well; it disgusts me."

He looked around the room once more and it was instantly cleaned with a wave of his hand; he turned to Sirius, "I need something to keep my mind off of those traitorous leeches; do you mind if I clean up the house?"

Sirius looked around the room in shock and then snapped out of it, "Yeah sure, Pup; are you sure you want too?"

Taiyo gave a stiff nod and left the room; Sirius turned to the two yokai still in the room, "I can't go to Hogwarts with him, will you protect him?"

Inuyasha chuckled, "It's not him that needs protecting; I'm worried about the rest of the school."

Sirius looked at the door his godson had left through sadly.


"Do you have to go?" Sirius whined. It had been a week since the three yokai had arrived in modern time and Taiyo's brothers had quickly become friends with Sirius and Remus. Grimmauld Place had also become much brighter than before and Taiyo had cooled down in his anger against the wizarding world. Right now they were standing in Sirius's kitchen while he begged them to stay; he didn't want them to go anywhere near Dumbledore; he had not listened to their previous conversation, it seemed.


"I don't think that you should go near Dumbledore; who knows what that man could do to you?" Sirius said to Taiyo as he ate dinner; they had discussed this topic multiple times.

Kouga looked up, "Do you really think that a human could do us any harm? Prince Taiyo is literally the strongest yokai in existence right now. Anything that is in his range of vision is under his complete control."

"He could ruin his reputation and turn him into a Dark Wizard in the eyes of the public; everyone would be after him."

At this Inuyasha looked up, "Then we would go back to the past; we were already planning on it anyway. Taiyo plans to bring any who want to come back with him and putting them under his protection."

"What! You can't protect a bunch of people; that will put you in unnecessary danger!"

Kouga spoke, "In Feudal Japan, there is four yokai that are the most powerful of them all; they are called the Lords of the North, South, East, and West. They maintain balance between yokai and humans because no one dares to mess with them for fear of their power, which is said to be able to level entire mountains with one blow."

"Is Taiyo one of them?" Sirius asked, as if afraid of the answer.

"No" Inuyasha said smirking.

Sirius smiled widely, "See! You can't go if these yokai are that powerful and you're not one of them! They might attack you!"

At this, Taiyo looked up, "You're correct; I am not one of them, but you're incorrect in the other matter. They will not attack me…because they're afraid of me."

Sirius's eyes went wide, "How do you know that?!"

Inuyasha's smirk grew, "My brother, Sesshomaru, is the Lord of the West and the minute that he saw Taiyo, he froze and paled. Even given the chance to attack, he did not, for fear of what Taiyo could do to him."

Sirius looked at Taiyo in shock, "What are you capable of, really? If this is true, than you really downplayed your abilities when you explained to Remus and I."

Taiyo gave a dark smile, "I could destroy Hogwarts, wards and all, with a wave of my hand."

Sirius's face was as white as a sheet by now, "Holy crap! Are you really that powerful?"

"Yes, though it's not that big of a feat; Inuyasha could destroy it with a couple of swings in his true form."

The cup Sirius was holding dropped to the floor and shattered as he gaped in shock.

***Flashback Over***

"Yes, Padfoot, we have to go; I already told you that Dumbledore will be no problem. Besides, I've got Kouga and Inuyasha with me; we'll be fine."

Sirius huffed in annoyance, "Can I at least pet your tail one more time? Pleeeease?"

Taiyo sighed and reached a tail out to Sirius; they had decided that Inuyasha and Kouga would wear the glamour amulets while Taiyo would just keep up an illusion. They, of course, only hid the extra appendages, not changed them; this meant that if you got close enough, you could feel Inuyasha's fluff or pet Kouga's tail. All of them would have to keep people away from them, but that shouldn't be too hard, seeing as they didn't want to be around the stench of human anyway; Sirius and Remus had been tolerable because of their respective animagus and werewolf parts, but that was it. It helped that they could easily shadow-travel due to Taiyo; this meant they could be virtually anywhere, as long as there was shadows there. They had decided not to ride the train because of the human stench and it was only lunch time, so they had time before they had to head to the school.

Sirius let go of the tail and looked at him seriously, "When all of this is over, I want to come to the past with you; I have nothing here anyway and someone needs to be there to keep an eye on you."

Taiyo smiled at him and pulled back his tail, "Of course; I was hoping that you would say that so I have a proposal"

"What is it, Pup?"

"My brothers and I have talked and we've decided that I will turn you into a yokai if you so wish."

Sirius stumbled back in shock at his words, but regained some composure quickly, "Could you actually do that?"

Taiyo gave a short nod, "You would become a white kitsune, like me, except with less tails and you would become part of my clan. I would be able to teach you how to use your powers before we went back in time, of course. There is a warning with this; you will become more feminine looking like me and white kitsune nobles must learn how to wield one muggle weapon at least, if not more."

Sirius sat in the same position for about twenty minutes, thinking, before he finally spoke, ""I accept your proposal; when do we do it?"

Taiyo smiled, "Now, if you so wish."

"Of course, Pup"

Taiyo put a clawed hand on each side of Sirius's head and closed his eyes, concentrating on transforming his blood into that of a pure yokai. An hour and a half bore fruit and then a new Sirius sat in front of him. This Sirius had four silvery-white tails and silvery-white fox ears; his hair had grown to his mid-back and become finer and silver. The gauntness from Azkaban had gone and in its place were high aristocratic cheekbones and glowing amber eyes filled with life. He now had claws and lean, wiry muscles topped off with nicely tanned skin. He was wearing a feudal style yukata with flames running along the bottom of black fabric.

Sirius opened his eyes and blinked a few times, "I feel better than I have in years, Pup."

Taiyo smiled and summoned a mirror for Sirius to look into; Sirius looked in and gasped in surprise, because he no longer looked like Sirius Black, this was something new. He touched his new fox ears and grinned, "Lupin will be so jealous; wait, Lupin! You could fix his lycanthropy!"

Taiyo smiled and turned to Kouga, "Would you like a new member of your pack? I think Lupin would fit in best there with the yokai form he will take."

"Of course, little Prince, anything you wish." He said, smirking at the title.

Taiyo huffed and drew his finger inwards towards himself in the 'come get me' gesture; Lupin appeared in the shadows and stumbled out, beat up and close to death. Sirius gasped and grabbed his injured friend, "What happened?"

Taiyo gave a feral growl as he read Lupin's thoughts, "Dumbledore sent him to try and negotiate with Fenrir Greyback knowing he would get killed and I only saved him in the nick of time; bring him here."

Sirius did so and set Lupin down in front of Taiyo, who did a medical scan; as he did, yoki started lashing around the room in the form of fierce winds while his tails whipped in his anger, "SHIT! He won't survive if I don't turn him into a yokai."

Sirius gasped in shock and then his face grew cold, "Do it Taiyo"

"I want him to decide."

"He has never wanted the werewolf inside him and I know that he would agree if he could."

Taiyo was still doubtful, "Are you sure?"


"Alright, I'll do it."

He put his hands on Lupin's chest and pushed his yoki into him, reaching for the wolf inside. He found it and started merging it and Lupin, inserting yokai blood into it as he went. It took less time because of the wolf's cooperation and he was done within the hour. Soon, a new Remus Lupin lay before them; this one had an unmarred face, and claws. His hair had turned dark brown and grown to mid-back, while his ears had become pointed; his teeth were now fangs and he had a dark brown tail. He was also fully healed.

He woke up about ten minutes later and, upon seeing Sirius, yelped and startled backwards; luckily Kouga caught him, or he would have gone through the wall. "Pretty cool, isn't it Moony?"

"Wh…What happened to you Padfoot?"

"Me?! Look in the mirror" and he conjured a mirror just for that. Remus looked at the reflection in shock for a few minutes, before turning to Sirius, "What happened?"

Kouga spoke, "The only way to keep you from dying was for Taiyo to transform you into a yokai; as for Sirius, he chose to join Taiyo's white kitsune clan."

Lupin looked at himself again, "I look similar to you Kouga"

"That's because you are now my breed of yokai; I have agreed to let you join my pack if you choose to go to the past with us."

Lupin didn't even hesitate, "I had already planned on asking if I could go to the past with you, so that's fine with me."

"We were planning on leaving as soon as Voldemort was dead, so you have time to train with your new abilities; we will train you in their uses over the course of the next year, you will be masters by then."

"You said that you could help us train, but you'll be at school so how will that work?" Remus asked.

Taiyo smirked, "I can teleport through the shadows any time I want and I can bring people with me; it will be easy."

"Okay, if you say so."

"You're pretty cool about being turned into a demon, if I do say so myself." Taiyo said to Lupin.

"I heard the conversation like it was going through a filter when I was unconscious; I know that I would've died had you not done it; you saved my life."

Sirius smiled widely, "He didn't only do that Mooney; you are no longer a werewolf, you are a wolf demon."

"What happened to my wolf then?" Remus said confused and a tad bit hopeful.

Taiyo spoke, "I merged you and the wolf together and added a touch of yokai blood to transform you; the wolf and you are one person."

Lupin's face broke out in a grin and he laughed in pure relief; the pain of being a werewolf was gone and yet he still felt like a predator that was always on the hunt, powerful.


They arrived at the school just as the thestral-drawn carriages arrived; Taiyo walked up to the biggest thestral of the group and approached it slowly. The thestral watched him for a moment and then leaned forward so that Taiyo's hand was on its snout; Taiyo smiled and pet the magnificent creature. All of a sudden, there was a glow from his hand and he jerked back in surprise, 'What was that?'

'You made a bond with me Demon Prince' A voice said in his mind.

'Who are you?'

'My name is Oro and I am the thestral that you were just touching.'

'Really, what does the bond do?'

'Simple, we are connected to your soul and if you ever need our help, we will come to your aid'

'Thanks, Oro'

'It is nothing, little Prince.'

Neville and Luna climbed out of the carriage that Oro had been pulling and Neville gave a smile at seeing Taiyo, "Harry! You're alright, good."

Taiyo smiled and gave Neville a hug before going over to Luna and kissing the back of her hand, "My lady."

She giggled at his antics and pulled her hand away, "What a prince you'll be!"

Taiyo didn't question her correct guess; he had learned that she was an odd one but smart. "What kind of prince would I be if I couldn't treat a lady right?"

Neville looked very confused by now and Taiyo gave him a wink before stepping back and gesturing to his brothers, "These are my pack brothers Inuyasha and Kouga; I trust them with my life and they already know all of my secrets so don't worry about letting something slip."

Neville looked at them and held out a hand, "Hello, my name is Neville Longbottom and the lovely lady is Luna Lovegood, nice to meet you."

Inuyasha and Kouga shook his hand and kissed Luna's hand just as Taiyo had done. Neville looked over at Taiyo, "Hey mate, I almost didn't recognize you with your new looks; what happened to you?"

Taiyo pretended to be clueless as they walked towards the Great Hall, "What ever are you talking about Neville?"

Neville groaned in exasperation, "You know exactly what I'm talking about Harry; your hair is down to your knees and that's when it's braided! It's also silver; you've grown at least ten inches and you've become, and this is a weird word to use because I'm straight, beautiful. You don't even look quite human anymore!"

Taiyo chuckled, "You could say that I came into my inheritance over the summer; my real name is Taiyo."

Neville looked confused, "Are you alright Harry?"

Taiyo's grin turned to a smirk, "I'm fine Neville and please call me Taiyo; I'll explain why later, I promise"

Neville nodded, "Alright…Taiyo"

By now, they had arrived in the great hall and Luna separated to her own table; Taiyo looked over and saw that Ron and Hermione had saved him a seat. He gave them a disgusted look and sat down across from Neville with Inuyasha and Kouga on either side of him. Seamus Finnigan spoke up, "Hey, who are these guys? I haven't seen them here before?"

Taiyo smiled, "The one on my right is Kouga and the one on my left is Inuyasha; I met them over the summer. As for why they're here, they are foreign exchange students and therefore get to choose their house according to the Hogwarts charter."

Seamus grinned, "Alright, just wondering."

Just then, Ron chose that moment to come up to Taiyo, "What're you doing here, Mate? Mione and I saved you a seat."

Taiyo's lips pulled back in a snarl and his nose scrunched up; a feral growl ripped from his throat, "Get away from me, you filthy traitor; your smell disgusts me!"

Ron backed away, startled at the words and his face screwed up in anger, "How dare you speak to me that way?! I am a pure-blood while you're just a half-blood!"

Taiyo's eyes started glowing in anger and he glared at the now shuddering Weasley . He whispered, too low for anyone else to hear, "I am what you humans consider a pure-blood, however, I am not human; I'm something much worse." At this he bared his fangs and made his eyes glow red for a moment before backing away and giving a dark smile, "Run, little wizard, run"

Ron gave a fearful look and went back to Hermione quickly while Taiyo grinned in satisfaction, "I always knew he was a weasel, but now I have proof."

Seamus and Neville were giving him awed looks and his brothers were smothering their laughter in their hands at Ron's distress. Just then, Dumbledore stood, "Let the sorting begin!"

A line of first years came through the doors and the sorting began.


They arrived in their dormitories and noticed the two new beds immediately; they took their shrunken trunks out of their pockets and put them at the end of the beds. The trunks were designed specifically to only open if full-blooded yokai blood was offered, making it so that, while they could get into each other's trunks, no one else could. Before anyone else came in the room, Taiyo put wards around the beds of himself, Inuyasha, Kouga, and Neville so that only they could access their beds. He also made it so that if the curtains were closed on any of the yokai beds, then only other yokai would be able to open them, this way they could sleep in their true forms.

They pulled out their sleeping yukatas and put them on, before sitting on Taiyo's bed and talking. Inuyasha spoke first, "Is that prick, Ron, in the same dormitory as us?"

Taiyo sighed, "Sadly, yes, and Hermione can get in here as well."

"Damn" Kouga grumbled.

Taiyo nodded and smiled, "They cannot, however, get into our stuff or our beds; only full-blooded yokai can get through the wards I put up. We will be able to sleep without our glamours up, so we can be comfortable."

At this, both yokai smiled happily; wearing the glamours made you feel like there was a thick layer of fabric over you and they found this to be highly uncomfortable. The only one that felt slightly comfortable was Taiyo because he was using his own illusion to cover himself.

About two minutes later, people started coming into the room for bed; they looked over at the foreigners and 'Harry', who were whispering, as they got ready for bed. Ron came in last and stomped towards Taiyo and his brothers; seeing this Taiyo put silencing charms around the area they were in so that only he, his brothers, and Neville could hear their conversation.

Ron angrily stood in front of Taiyo and made to grab the front of his yukata; Taiyo slapped the hand away and stood up to his full height. He towered over Ron, "Don't touch me, you filthy human traitor; I heard that the only thing humans felt was greed, but I'm sincerely hoping that they feel pain too." He said with a dark grin on his face.

Ron stood defiantly, "What do you mean human?! You are a human too, you bloody wanker!"

Taiyo's smile widened, revealing his fangs, and his sclera turned red around the green irises of his eyes. Inuyasha and Kouga revealed their fangs as well and Inuyasha's eyes turned red before Taiyo spoke, "As I told you before, I am not a human because I am something much worse, Trash! I am your worst nightmare if you get on the wrong side of me and my brothers, so I would watch your back!"

With this, his eyes turned regular green once more as did Inuyasha's and the fangs were hidden from sight while the silencing charms were removed. He looked at Ron once more and put on the act of a hurt friend, "I can't believe that your family is stealing from me; I thought that we were friends but a true friend would never do this." His face looked like that of a heartbroken friend as he spoke and he could see everyone in the room shift to his side.

Neville spoke, "You stole from him?! How could you?! He's helped you all of these years and been a loyal friend and you betrayed him like that! I'm disgusted by that; how could you do that to a friend?!"

Ron's face grew red, "He's a filthy half-blood! I deserve his money! What did he ever do to earn it?! He steals the spotlight all the time and now he won't even talk to me!"

Taiyo made his face look angry even though inside he was laughing, "Do you think that I want the spotlight? I get it because my parents were murdered and my life was put in danger multiple times! I'd rather be a nobody than have fame for that!"

Everyone in the room was standing behind Taiyo, indignant and angry on his behalf, glaring at Ron who was cowering in fear. No one could see it except for him, but Taiyo's eyes were once again red. Ron spoke, trying to sound tough, but stuttering, "Th…This isn't o…over Potter!" With this, he got ready for bed glancing at them fearfully.

Seamus came up to Taiyo, "Sorry for you mate; Ron's a prat, that he is." Neville and Dean nodded their agreement and Taiyo's brothers grinned. The yokai nodded and went to bed; their plan was going perfectly; they would explain to Neville in the morning.