Chapter 3:

Taiyo woke up to sunlight peeking through his closed curtains and he rubbed his eyes stretching like a cat. He applied his illusion and opened his curtains slightly to see if anyone else was awake. He looked around, nope, everyone was still sleeping; he could even hear Ron snoring from across the room. He stood and went to get in the shower. He turned the water on and let it sit until it was hot enough before he climbed in. He started by washing his hair and then his tails which he had waving about behind him, then he washed the rest of himself. He climbed out and used a drying charm to dry his hair. He put back up his illusion and went back out into the dorm room. By now, the boys were starting to wake up; he went over to his trunk and pulled out a brush and a blood-red ribbon. He sat down on his bed and brushed his hair, mind you this took a good ten minutes since it was so long, and then braided it.

By the time he was done, everyone was up and he turned to his yokai companions, "Hey, you should hop in the showers real quick, it's almost time for breakfast. They yelped and hopped out of their covers before racing to the bathroom.

'Hmmm….wonder how long it is until they realize they forgot their clean clothes?'

A yell was heard from the bathroom.


"Here is your schedule Mr. Potter" McGonagall said, handing Taiyo a piece of paper. He looked at it and groaned; History of Magic, Double Potions, Divination, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Today was going to be boring. He looked over and saw that his brothers had the same classes and sighed in relief, at least he wouldn't be alone.

They finished breakfast quickly and Taiyo headed back to the common room; he wasn't going to go to Binn's class because you never learned anything new in it. His brothers followed and soon they were sitting in front of the fire talking.

Inuyasha was the one speaking at the moment, "How are you gonna handle the old man?"

Taiyo smirked, "He will most likely call me to his office later tonight to speak with me alone; you two won't be allowed to come. He will most likely try to stun me and take my memories from the past month and a half, however the whole school will hear our conversation with a complex illusion I will set. When he is unable to stun me, he will resort to blackmail, but as I said before everyone will hear it."

Kouga got a devilish smile, "I can't wait for the old man to get his due; it's about time he paid for his mistakes."

They all shared a smirk and gathered their stuff for potions.

They went down to the dungeons and found seats in the middle; when Neville arrived he sat next to Taiyo and got out his supplies. Taiyo smiled and helped the shy boy set up his potions cauldron. He secretly was very good at potions but had restricted himself so that he wouldn't lose Ron as a friend and because that was how the Dursleys had raised him. Snape came in a few minutes later with his cloak billowing behind him. Taiyo just chuckled quietly at his theatrics and sat back, Inuyasha and Kouga following his example. He saw Hermione look at him disapprovingly but just scoffed as Snape began his lecture. They were soon brewing a potion. He helped his yokai companions at first but they got it quickly and he only needed to help Neville make his not explode. Snape came over and glared at his perfect potion before leaving him. He saw him bend closer to Draco's ear and perked his ears, "Ruin his potion Draco."

He saw Draco smile and he smirked right back before he turned back to his potion. He discreetly put a barrier around his, Neville's, Inuyasha's, and Kouga's cauldrons so that only they could put ingredients in. A moment later, he saw an object flying his direction and grinned when it bounced off his barrier.

He made the object fly back to its owner and land in his cauldron; seconds later, there was an explosion and Malfoy turned into a big red welt as the messed up potion took effect. Snape growled in anger and dismissed the class before taking Draco to the hospital wing. Taiyo left triumphant with his brothers close behind. They went to lunch and ate their fill, before Taiyo went up to McGonagall's office to speak with her. He knocked and a voice said, "Come in"

He stepped inside and walked up to his transfigurations professor, "Hello, Professor McGonagall. I've come for a schedule change, I'm afraid."

She looked up questioningly and he set the schedule down, "I joined Divination because Ron wanted to join it. I kept at it because it was an easy class, a decision that I am now regretting. I've come to see if I can get rid of that class and put a free period instead, so I have more time for other work?"

McGonagall looked down at the schedule and waved her wand. It changed so that Divination was replaced and she handed it to him. Before he left, she asked, "Where were you this summer Mr. Potter?"

He smirked, "I'll tell you after that meeting with Dumbledore that you forgot to tell me about."

Her eyes widened and she chuckled, "As you wish Mr. Potter."

He left the office and went down to the common room, where his brothers were waiting, and they talked until they had to go to DADA.

They sat in the back, next to Neville and waited for the teacher to come in. After a big problem with the introduction, class started. The three yokai scoffed at the board and waited for the teacher to call on Hermione, who had raised her hand.

The teacher finally called on her, "Yes, Ms…?"

"Granger. Hermione Granger. I was wondering why the board says nothing about using defensive spells?"

"Do you expect to get attacked in my classroom, Ms. Granger?"

"No, but we still need to learn them for the practicals at the end of the year."

"If you practice the theory, then you shouldn't need to practice the spells."

Hermione huffed and lowered her hand, scowling at the smirking Taiyo. Taiyo raised his hand and Umbridge called on him, "Yes, Mr. Potter?"

"Excuse me miss, do you have a book mark for when we're done reading?" She looked at him suspiciously for a moment then conjured a pink bookmark and handed it to him, "Thank you, Professor."

He turned back to fake-reading and saw his brothers holding back laughter admirably well. On Professor Umbridge's back was a note that said:

Do not touch.
Property of Cornelius Fudge,
Reigning Minister of Retards

Ron wasn't so lucky and started laughing uproariously at the note. Umbridge turned to him, "Please be quiet, Mr. Weasley!"

He didn't stop and she stalked up to him, "Detention with me tomorrow and Wednesday for disobeying a teacher!"

This shut him up quick and he glared at her and started grumbling about unfair teachers. When class was over, a first year came up to Taiyo, "Harry Potter, sir?"

He nodded and she continued, "Headmaster Dumbledore wants to meet you in his office after dinner. He said that you can't bring the two foreign exchange students."

He put a hand on her head and ruffled her hair, much to her indignation and said, "Thank you, Young lady."

She scrambled away with a grin and he turned to his brothers, "Told you."

They just grinned and made their way to the Gryffindor table, where they sat down and ate. Once they were done, Inuyasha and Kouga went to the common room while Taiyo went to Dumbledore's office. When he got there, he realized that he didn't have the password and the gargoyle wouldn't open. He glared at the offending beast and slashed the wall, his poison melting it and making the mark bigger, "You're next, you stupid gargoyle."

The gargoyle's eyes went wide and it jumped aside, allowing Taiyo access. Taiyo went up the stairs and knocked as he put up the spell that would magnify everything that Dumbledore and he said.

"Come in"

He stepped inside and walked up to the chair in Dumbledore's office. He saw Snape in the corner and he rolled his eyes, "What do you want Dumbledore?"

Dumbledore's grin faded and he shot a red spell at Taiyo, that Taiyo easily dodged, "What the Hell Old man? Why are you trying to hit me?!"

"I need to know where you've been this summer, my boy."

"You're my Headmaster, sir; therefore I do not see how that matters to you." He said coldly.

Dumbledore's twinkle came back and he said, "Remember Harry, I can ruin you if I so wish. You would do best to do whatever I say."

"Are you blackmailing me sir?!"

Dumbledore nodded, "That is a vulgar word, but yes. Now where were you this summer?"

Taiyo grinned, flashing his fangs, "Did you hear that everybody?! Dumbledore, the greatest light lord ever, is blackmailing a fifteen-year-old boy!"

Dumbledore looked at him in confusion, "What are you talking about?"

Taiyo chuckled, "Oh, I didn't tell you Headmaster? Everyone in the castle can hear our conversation."

Dumbledore paled and Taiyo spoke, "Ow! Get out of my head, Professor Snape! I don't appreciate snooping!"

Snape paled as well and Taiyo smirked again, "I'm leaving! If this is how you treat students, then I'm transferring schools!"

He got up and left the two men there, pale and unresponsive as their world crashed around them. He walked down the halls towards his common room to look for his brothers, when he was attacked by Hermione. He spun just in time to see a purple spell hit him in the chest. He flew backwards and slammed into the wall. He let himself slide down and slump to the ground, holding his breath. He heard the girls' breathing pick up, "Oh my God, Oh my God, He's dead!"

She rushed over to try and bring him back to life before she was discovered. Just as she got in range, one of his tails whipped her wand out of her hand and another grabbed her up and held her in the air. Her eyes widened as his snapped open, glowing red. His canines elongated and fox ears appeared on his head. His tails turned visible, whipping in agitation, except for the one holding her in the air. He let a growl rip from his chest and he glared at her. She paled and fell limp, "What happened to you?!"

His glare deepened and he snarled at her, "That is no matter to you! I'll tell you this only once! Leave me alone or I'll get rid of the problem!"

He dropped her to the ground and raised his illusions once more, before he stalked off.


The next few weeks were spent peacefully. It appeared that after that reputation-crushing…talk, they had, Dumbledore was leaving him alone, wary of him. It wasn't until Halloween that life started going downwards once more.

Taiyo was sitting in the dorm room talking to his brothers when Neville busted into the room, "There's been an attack on Hogsmeade!"

The demons shared a look and Inuyasha stood, "You want me to transport us?"

Taiyo nodded and grabbed Inuyasha's arm, Kouga quickly following. They disappeared in a flash of energy and sped away. They landed on the ground in front of the Hogshead and lifted their glamours, showing their true faces. They all sped towards where they heard the sounds of fighting and soon arrived at a battle scene.

Taiyo immediately stopped and shot his hand out. Everyone in the area froze, their eyes darting back and forth as they tried to find out what had happened that caused their muscle control to go away. With a wave of his other hand, the Death Eaters were separated from the rest of the population. He looked over at his brothers, "No quarter."

They nodded and disappeared into two blurs. Blood sprayed everywhere as their claws cut through the Death Eaters like butter. Inuyasha slashed the last Death Eater across the chest with his blood-soaked claws and he fell to the ground in a heap. They walked back over to Taiyo, who banished the mess on the ground as well as the blood on his brother's clothes, before he let everyone else go. They staggered upright as they gained control of their bodies again and many of them ran away to puke at the absolute slaughter they'd just witnessed.

The rest just stared at the trio in horror and shock. Taiyo scoffed at their delicate stomachs and turned away, "Let's go."

Inuyasha grabbed his and Kouga's arms and they disappeared in a flash of speeding light. They were stared after for a good ten minutes before anyone could move from their paralyzing fear.


They arrived back at the common room and raised their glamours once more. Neville looked at them, "Are the Death Eaters gone?"

Taiyo gave a vicious smile, "Wiped from existence!"

Neville gulped in fear at the smile before he grinned, "Good, they deserved it."

Taiyo chuckled and Neville looked at him in curiosity, "Those forms you showed up in. What were they?"

Taiyo looked around to make sure no one else was there, before he lifted his glamours and smiled, "Our true humanoid forms. All of us of course have true forms, but these are the forms we take when we are masquerading as regular humans."

Neville smiled and reached a hand towards one of the lightly waving tails. Taiyo nodded and the boy grabbed the tail enthusiastically, rubbing his face in the silky fur. Taiyo gave a rumbling purr as he started running his fingers through the fur and Neville looked up at him and laughed, "You're purring!"

Taiyo opened his half-closed eyes and smiled, "And?"

Neville just shook his head and went back to his ministrations. Taiyo looked over to see his brothers smiling in amusement at the brown-haired boy. He grinned and turned back, "Can you let go now, Nev? I hear someone coming up the stairs."

Neville abruptly let go and blushed in embarrassment, pulling back his hands, "Sorry, Taiyo. I wasn't thinking straight."

Taiyo nodded, "Understandable. If you could tell no one of our true forms, I would be grateful. It's not time they found out yet."

Neville nodded, "Yeah sure. Taiyo, what are you?"

Taiyo raised his glamours before he replied, "I am a white kitsune, Inuyasha is a dog demon, and Kouga is a wolf demon."

"Thanks. I just wondered."


"There will be a Halloween Ball. I expect everyone to attend! This weekend is a Hogsmeade trip to get costumes if you so wish, or you can owl order, that is your choice. Thank you." Dumbledore said, before he sat back down in his chair and dinner appeared.

Taiyo turned to his brothers, "Wanna go as Japanese demons?"

They smirked at him and he saw Neville smile lightly from the side. He turned to the shy boy, "We could get you a costume as well, Nev. I don't mind. You can choose any kind of demon that you want."

Neville smiled, "Really?" Taiyo nodded and the boy's face lit up with joy before becoming thoughtful. "Hmm…I think I'll be a kitsune like you!"

Taiyo raised an eyebrow, "Oh, tell me Neville, do you want to be a white kitsune? I can transform your blood into that of a white kitsune. I have already done so for Sirius Black, who's my godfather. Remus Lupin got transformed as well, but into a wolf demon like Koga."

Neville bit his lip, "Are you sure? Do you think that my Gran will mind?"

Taiyo shrugged, "You can ask her if you want to. I ca do it whenever. It only weakens me a small amount and my brothers are here to protect me anyway."

"Alright, I'll ask, but I'd love if I could be like you."

"Alright, Nev. Just come to me on Halloween and I'll have your costume ready."

"Thanks, Taiyo!"

"No problem. Hey, if you want to ask Luna, I can do the same for her. I know that you like her and now would be the perfect opportunity to ask her out."

Neville blushed, "A…Are you sure? She might not like me though."

"Don't worry, Nev. I'm sure she'll love you. You're like a giant teddy bear."

Neville smiled, "Alright, I think that I will."

"Then go ahead. You know where to find us with her answer."

Neville's smile grew and he ran away. Taiyo looked up to see Inuyasha and Kouga watching the boy go and he raised an eyebrow, "Yes?"

Kouga smiled, "I'm glad that there's still some people here in Britain that you trust."

Taiyo smiled, "I know, it's nice to have someone besides you two."

They both smiled.


Harken sighed and looked out the window in sorrow. He had been looking for his missing son for years, but he hadn't managed to even come close to finding him. Ever since the red kitsune clan had decided to rebel and kidnap his kit, he'd been looking and he was starting to think that he was looking in vain. It had been sixteen years since they had stolen him away and no matter how hard the alpha of the white kitsune clan looked, he couldn't find hide or hair of his precious kit.

He heard running footsteps and he turned his head in the direction of the doors that led to his office, which was his current location. There was a knock and he responded, "Come in!"

Yevon stepped in and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "Yes, Yevon?"

"Lord Alpha! There's been word of Prince Taiyo!"

His head snapped up and he looked at her intently, "Explain."

"It's been said that he's near Inuyasha's forest and the Bone Eaters well. From what I've heard, he was sent to the future with a ritual cast by the red kitsunes right after he was kidnapped. He's been there since, but he fell through the well and through time and he was found by Hanto and Torakka."

Harken's eyes widened, "Those traitorous bastards?! My kit better be alright!"

She nodded, "According to our resources, he was trained a bit by them to gain his trust and then they were attacked by a Bird of Paradise yokai and killed. He survived and he went to help Torakka, who was still alive, but she turned her blade on him and dealt him a grievous wound. He was then found by the wolf clan, who helped him and adopted him as a pack member upon his request. He then came across Lord InuTaisho's youngest son and turned him into a full demon, before Inuyasha was also adopted as his pack member. From what I've heard, Prince Taiyo went back to the future to help in a war of some sort that he had previously been involved in before he regained his heritage. His demon blood was sealed away until he came to the past. He brought the Alpha of the wolf tribe, Kouga, and Lord InuTaisho's youngest son, Inuyasha, with him in his quest. That is where he is currently at right now."

"He's in the future?! Fighting in a war?! How did he get to the future?!"

"He fell into the Bone Eaters well which is a portal through time."

"I will have to find a way to contact him. I wish to see what kind of man my kit has become. Prepare me a messenger hawk, the best we have. He will be able to navigate the world of the future and carry a letter to my Taiyo."

Yevon bowed, "Immediately, Lord Alpha. I will be back with the best messenger hawk that we have."

Harken nodded, "Go. I will write a letter to my kit."


Taiyo was sitting on his bed when he heard tapping at the window and looked up to see a sleek looking hawk about the size of Hedwig sitting outside the window with a small tube tied to its leg. He got up curiously and opened the window and it flew inside, before it landed on his head and nipped at his hidden fox ears with a small screech.

"Ouch! Come on, get off." He held out his arm and the hawk flew down to perch there with another small screech. He reached towards the tube and opened it to pull a piece of paper out with elegant writing on it. The hawk scooted to his shoulder and perched there, getting comfortable while he read the letter through.

Dear Taiyo,

My precious kit. If you are reading this, then Damien has reached you successfully and his trip through the future was not a failure. This is your father writing. I have been searching for you for the past sixteen years and I received notification today that you had entered the past and that we had finally found you. I have also had people reporting to me about what has happened to you since you got here, so I've heard about what you did while you were here.

My sources told me that you had gone back to the future to help in some war and that you had brought the alpha of the wolf clan with you and the youngest son of my old friend InuTaisho with you as well. It's a relief to hear that you've got people there that you can trust with your life. I'm glad that we found you after so long and I wish to meet you and find out what kind of man my precious kit has become. So, keep Damien with you and the next chance you get, come to the Bone Eaters well and the past and he will lead you to us. He is your new companion. He is very loyal and he's a rare breed that is resistant to most missile like attacks. I cannot wait to meet you, my Taiyo.

Love, Harken, Alpha to the White Kitsune Clan and your father

Taiyo dropped the letter in shock and collapsed backwards onto his bed, his eyes wide. Damien pecked at his hair and groomed his beak through it to try and comfort him and he reached upwards to stroke the hawk's breast. His movement caused Inuyasha, who had been taking a nap, to wake up and the demon sat up and yawned. He looked over to Taiyo and his face grew concerned as he saw him frozen. He got up from the bed and came over, putting his hand on his brother's shoulder, the one without the giant beast of a bird.

"Hey, are you okay Taiyo?" He saw the letter lying on the floor and he picked it up, reading it through quickly. His eyes went wide and his head turned to Taiyo, "Your father! He's alive Taiyo! You're not alone!"

Taiyo shook the shock away and smiled up at him, "I was never alone. I had you guys."

"But, still! You're not the last White kitsune anymore! I'm glad! When will you go meet him?! He sounds eager to see you!"

"Well, it is a weekend now. We could go there for the rest of today and stay the night and come back tomorrow night."

"Alright! Let's wake Kouga up and tell him! I can't wait to meet your dad!"

Taiyo grinned, "Yeah, me neither."


They jumped up from the Bone Eaters well and landed in the forest. Taiyo raised his arm and Damien flapped off of it, "Lead the way boy."

Damien screeched and flew away, going slowly so that they could follow. They ran for about an hour at top speed before they arrived at a waterfall. Damien screeched and flew upwards, before he landed on an outcropping and there was the sound of grating rocks. A big door opened up, stopping an arc in the middle of the waterfall and allowing them to pass through dryly. They stepped through and reappeared in a large valley with a gleaming white castle in the middle of it and white foxes of varying sizes and varying number of tails on the lands around it.

The hawk led the way through the large lands and soon they were on the front steps of the large palace. The doors opened by themselves and they stepped inside, following Damien to a set of large doors. Taiyo hesitated a moment and then knocked. A deep baritone voice from inside spoke, "Come in. Have you come with news of my kit?"

Taiyo opened the doors and stepped inside. He heard a gasp and looked to see a man similar to himself looking at him in shock. He waved shyly, "Hello, Damien led me here."

The man stood quickly, "My Taiyo?! Is that really you?!"

Taiyo bit his lip, and then nodded, "Or so I've been told."

The man chuckled and came forwards, wrapping his arms around the kitsune prince and holding him tightly, "Kit! You're finally home!"

Taiyo hesitated a moment and looked at his brothers. They smiled and nodded and he wrapped his arms around the man embracing him, "Yeah, I'm finally home."