Notes: 1) This story is a spin-off to my earlier Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium series. Reading of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium is not necessary to enjoy the Chronicles of Yugoha, but it is suggested.

2) This story accepts the English anime as canon, and no other sources, including the Japanese anime and manga. Most dates and events presented in this story are my own interpretation of the anime.

3) For an enhanced reading experience, be sure to check out the once again active Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Official Website. Find a link on my profile page.

The Chronicles of Yugoha


They say that the end of one adventure is just the beginning of another. But if that is true, so must be the reverse. The beginning of one adventure is just the end of another. And that's all a beginning really is, an end of something old. But what is now old was once new, and it's beginning was also an end to something else. This goes on and on, creating a never-ending spectrum of beginnings and ends. This spectrum is the greatest story ever told. And that story is history.

History is what makes us what we are today. History is the very substance of our existence. It is history that teaches us who we are, and inspires us to become who we want to be. The future is untouchable, the present exists for but a moment, but history stretches back to the very beginning of time itself. History is not just a story, but a library full of stories.

One of those stories has had a greater impact on our world than any other. One story stands out from the rest. The story began over one million years ago, and yet has yet to conclude. This story is that of the Yugohan Empire.

The story of the Yugohan Empire belongs to three distinctly different civilizations. First came the Old Yugohan Empire, one of the greatest space-faring civilizations to ever exist in our galaxy. It was Old Yugoha that created the Monster Spirit Realm and the monsters that live in it, so, in a way, they are the true creators of Duel Monsters. It was with the aid of their creations that Yugoha came to dominate the galaxy. But it was also because of these monsters that they fell.

The fall of Yugoha came after years of civil war between the princes Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto. In its place rose the second society to bear the name Yugoha, the New Yugohan Empire. Originally known as the Tyrian Empire, this rival nation to Yugoha quickly came in and picked up the discarded pieces when Yugoha fell, declaring themselves to be the New Yugohan Empire. While they may have been Yugoha in name, little else about them were. Where Yugoha was a kind empire, New Yugoha was sinister and tyrannical. Where Yugoha survived over a million years, New Yugoha lasted only 20,000, what amounts to an insignificant few pages in the story of history.

The third and, so far, final civilization to be known as Yugoha is the Reborn Yugohan Empire, born again as a phoenix rising from its ashes when the Princes Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto returned after 20,000 years. While the ink used to write the first words of the story of the Reborn Yugohan Empire has yet to even dry, it has already made its impact. It is because of this great period of galactic renaissance that I write this story. Yugoha, no matter what form, has made its mark on history, and this is its story. These are the Chronicles of Yugoha.