Chapter 2: What's in a Name?

The Yugohan Homeworld, Era: 15,004 BYGO

The story of Old Yugoha may be one that ended 20,000 years ago, but its impacts can be seen all throughout history, once you know what to look for. There are many instances of Yugoha's influence appearing on Earth, but no one at the time knew what it meant. Only now, with a modern historical perspective, can we look back and piece the puzzle together properly.

The setting is some sort of alien courtroom, filled with Yugohan citizens. Sitting on a raised platform aside of what can be assumed to be the judge's podium, is teenage boy sporting crazily spiked hair, colored yellow, black, and purple. He wears golden Yugohan-styled clothing.

The entire room is facing a man bound by chains sitting on a chair. He has pale skin and unruly black hair. There is something sinister about the look on his face. He wears completely black Yugohan clothing with metal pieces dangling from it.

The judge stands up and turns to the teenager at his side. "And what say you, Prince Yu-Gi-Oh?"

Yu-Gi-Oh stands up and addresses the court room. "I was tasked by my father with the job of building a case against this man. In the process of gathering evidence and investigating his crimes, I have bared witness to the worst he is capable of. This man is of the lowest type. He had no boundaries. He would destroy all that he came across, harboring not even the slightest bit of remorse. This man is an example of the worse that Yugoha has to offer. As the expert witness, it is my suggestion that he be imprisoned under the strictest of charges."

The judge nods. "I concur." He looks to the man. "Teron Et, it is the decision of this court, that based on both testimony and evidence provided by Prince Yu-Gi-Oh, heir to the throne of Yugoha, that you are ruled as definitively guilty of all accused crime and are to receive a Level Seven sentence, banishment to the Shadow Realm."

The man leaps up and objects, "I request my right to trial by combat!"

The judge chuckles. "Apparently you know little of our legal system Mr. Et. Trial by combat is only applicable to Level Five or lower sentences, and only those in which the defendant is found ambiguously guilty." He makes a motion. "Get him out of my sight."

Several armed guards come in, grab Teron, and try to pull him out of the room. Teron struggles against them. He looks towards Yu-Gi-Oh with hatred and shouts, "This isn't the last you've seen of me Yu-Gi-Oh! I'll get back at you for this! Mark my words!"

Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't even spare Teron a glance in return. Teron continues to shout in a fit of rage as he is dragged out of the room.

Domino City, Era: 0.5 AYGO (Half a year after the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh)

Yugi Muto is sitting alone his room above his grandpa's game shop. He's holding the Millennium Puzzle in his hand. The voice of the Pharaoh says to him, Yugi, are you sure you want to go through with this? It's not too late to stop.

Yugi shakes his head. "No, this is something I need to do. You remember what happened when we dueled Pegasus. We had a winning strategy with our mind swapping, but it was me who failed you. I wasn't able to take the strain the Shadow Realm placed on my spirit. If you had lost that duel, it would have been my fault. If this sort of thing is going to keep on happening to us, then I need to know I can be there to help you when you need it, just like you're there to help me. And if this Marik person is anything like he seems to be, I need to be ready as soon as possible."

The Pharaoh relents, Okay, Yugi. Let's do it, then. I will transport you to the Shadow Realm, but you have to promise me that you will tell me the moment you feel unable to continue. I will pull you back out as soon as you do.

Yugi nods. "Got it."

Here we go.

The Millennium Puzzle begins to glow, and Yugi is encircled by a dark magic ring. There a flash, and suddenly Yugi is floating in a void of complete darkness and shadows. The strain the realm puts on Yugi is immediately apparent, but he puts on a forced grin and says through clenched teeth, "So this is the Shadow Realm, huh? Is that all it's got?"

This isn't a game, Yugi! Stay focused!

While Yugi works on building up his stamina, something a distance away from him takes note of his presence. That something stirs in the shadows. A disembodied voice murmurs weakly, Yu-Gi-Oh…he is here… The shadows in this spot continue to stir, becoming more and more active.

After few more moments, Yugi suddenly gasps in pain. "Argh!"

The Pharaoh says with worry, Yugi, I'm pulling you out!

Another flash of light, and Yugi is back on his bed, exactly where he was before. He asks with some annoyance, "What was that? I was fine in there, you didn't need to pull me out."

No Yugi, I'm taking any risks. If I sense danger, I'm pulling you out. If you insist on doing this, I'll help you, but we're doing this on my terms.

Yugi sighs. "You're right. Sorry, Pharaoh." He stands up and stretches. "I guess I should get going. Joey is anxious to find some people to duel for Battle City." He picks up his Duel Disk off a table and leaves the room.

Moments after he's gone, there's another flash of light, and a new body appears in the room. It's Teron. He stands completely still for moment, and then looks at his own hands with surprise. "I'm…free…? Am I really free…?" But after a moment of basking in this, he then remembers, "I'm free because Yu-Gi-Oh is here. I followed him out." He grins maliciously. "I don't know how you're still alive after all these thousands of years, but now the time for my revenge has finally come. I will destroy you, Yu-Gi-Oh, just like you destroyed me."

Yugi approaches Domino Square, where he spots Joey, Tristan, and Téa waiting for him. He calls to them, "Hey guys, how's it going?"

Joey declares, "Oh yeah, Yugi's here! It's time to duel!"

Tristan says snidely, "Or in your case, it's time to lose."

Joey turns around and angrily demands, "What did you say?"

Tristan waves his hands around, feigning innocence. "Nothing. I didn't say anything."

Joey nods. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

Téa asks, "So what's up, Yugi? You look pretty tired."

Yugi shrugs. "It's nothing, I was just working on something, it took a lot out of me, but I'm fine."

The voice of Teron declares, "You may be fine now, Yu-Gi-Oh, but you won't be when I get through with you."

Everyone turns to see Teron approaching them. Joey asks, "Who's the dude in the whacky space getup?"

Yugi responds, "I have no clue, but I don't have a good feeling about him either."

Teron continues, "15,000 years you've imprisoned me for, Yu-Gi-Oh, 15,000 years that I spent doing nothing but contemplating the ways I could destroy you, and now the time has finally come."

Yugi asks, "I'm sorry, but do I know you?"

In a fit of hysteric rage, Teron shouts, "Of course you know me, Yu-Gi-Oh! Your case against me is what put me in the Shadow Realm, a fate worse than death! You made me endure 15,000 years of pure, agonizing torture! How dare you pretend to not know me!?"

"No, I really don't know you. I think you have me mixed up with someone else, my name is Yugi, not Yu-Gi-Oh."

His rage rising, he now barks, "Don't you dare try to deceive me! Your spirit is the same as it was all those millennia ago! You are Yu-Gi-Oh, crown prince of Yugoha, and I am Teron Et, your worst nightmare! I challenge you to the trial by combat I was denied back on that faithful day!" He holds up an arm, and energy flies in from all directions to coalesce around it, taking a solid form. The energy takes on the shape of some sort of Duel Disk-like device. Teron then pulls a deck off of his belt and slips it into the Duel Disk.

Joey whispers to Yugi, "Hey Yug, I think that's supposed to be a Duel Disk. This guy is challenging you to a duel."

Yugi holds his Duel Disk forward. "I don't know who you are, but if dueling you will get you to leave my friends and me alone, then I'll do it!"

The Pharaoh warns, Be careful, Yug., I sense much darkness coming from this man.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.

Teron smiles with ill intent. "I knew you wouldn't refuse a challenge. That is your downfall. Now this Shadow Game will begin!" He holds up his arm with the Duel Disk, and shadows begin to spread outward from it.

Yugi gasps. "Did you say Shadow Game!?"

Téa cries out, "Yugi!" as the field of shadows separate her and the others from Yugi.

Teron declares, "Of course this is a Shadow Game, that is the way of Yugohan Trial by Combat. Winner goes free, while the loser is sentenced to the Shadow Realm. Once I defeat you, you will experience the same pain I have, and I will finally be free!"

Yugi declares, "You don't scare me one bit. I've dealt with psychopaths like you before!"

The Millennium Puzzle begins to glow, and the mark of the Millennium Eye appears on Yugi's forehead. There is a grand display of lights, and a voice shouts, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi.

Yugi then locks his Duel Disk into place and declares, "It's time to duel!"

Teron is intrigued by something. "You still have the spirit of Yu-Gi-Oh, but it is different in some way. Interesting. It does not matter though, I will still destroy you all the same."

Yugi retorts, "I don't take kindly to threats. Now, are we going to duel, or not?"

Teron grins. "Of course we are."

Both duelists draw their cards and declare at the same time, "Let's duel!"

Yami Yugi draws a card first. "I'll be making the first move, and with it, I summon the mighty Celtic Guardian (Earth/Level 4/Warrior/Normal/ATK 1400/DEF 1200)!" Yugi's elven swordsman appears on the field before him. "I'll also set two cards and end my turn (Yugi's hand: 3)."

Teron draws. "I see that you have changed your deck, Yu-Gi-Oh. It won't save you. I summon Nameless Fiend in Attack Mode (Dark/Level 1/Fiend/Effect/ATK 0/DEF 0)!" The monster that appears on Teron's side of the field is a diminutive and nearly featureless creature composed entirely of shadows.

Yugi decrees, "I activate a Trap Card! Chain Destruction! This trap will destroy every monster in your deck and hand with the same name as the monster you just summoned!"

Teron bursts out in laughter. "How foolish of you!"

Yugi scowls. "I fail to see what's so funny."

"You are Yu-Gi-Oh, because of the mistake you've already made! There's a reason that my monster is called the Nameless Fiend! It might have Nameless Fiend written on the card for the sake of simplicity, but it actually counts as having no name whatsoever! Therefore, your Chain Destruction has no effect on my Nameless Fiend!"

Yami Yugi gasps with disbelief. "A monster…with no name!? How is that possible?"

Yugi says mentally, I don't like the sound of that. Be careful, Pharaoh.

Yami Yugi responds with a small nod.

Teron continues his turn. "And now that I control a monster with no name, that means I can special summon from my hand Nil, the Nameless Entity (Dark/Level 5/Fiend/Effect/ATK 1900/DEF 0)!" This monster, much like the one before it, is comprised of shadows, at least partially. While some parts of it are indeterminate blobs of shadows, the rest of it is much more well-defined, taking the form of a sinister humanoid beast wearing pitch-black armor. "Nil, the Nameless Entity, attack Yu-Gi-Oh's Celtic Guardian!"

Yugi counters, "I activate the Spell Card; Celtic Arms! This Quick-Play card allows me to increase the attack of my Celtic Guardian by 1000 points! More than enough to destroy your beast!"

Teron laughs again. "Not if I activate a Spell Card of my own! Go, Name Snatch! This card allows a monster with no name, such as my Nameless Fiend, to steal the name of another monster on the field, leaving that monster with no name, and mine with one!" A stream of shadows is launched from the Nameless Fiend to the Celtic Guardian. Once the stream connects, energy is sapped from the Guardian, leaving it a pale gray color. Meanwhile, the Nameless Fiend takes on a shape extremely similar to the Celtic Guardian's, only still made out of shadows.

Yugi raises his brows in surprise as he realizes what this means. "Since my Celtic Arms has to target a Celtic Guardian monster, my Celtic Guardian is no longer applicable, but your Nameless Fiend is!"

"Yes! And now that you've already activated the card, you have to pick a Celtic Guardian monster on the field to target, and you only have one choice!" The Nameless Fiend is equipped with a silver blade depicted in the picture on Celtic Arms (ATK: 1000). "Now, finish your attack Nil!" Nil, the Nameless Entity attacks with a furious storm of shadows, which completely destroys the monster once named Celtic Guardian (Yugi's LP: 3500). "And then I'll have my Celtic Guardian attack your life points directly!" The monster leaps up and attacks Yugi in the exact same way that the Celtic Guardian might have (Yugi's LP: 2500).

Yugi grunts in pain from the real damage inflicted to him by the Shadow Game.

Teron taunts, "My nameless strategy has now successfully stopped two of your plays! There is nothing you can do to stop me now! I've done nothing but think about how I will enact my vengeance for the past 15,000 years! I know exactly how this Shadow Game is going to end! I've planned for everything (Teron's Hand: 3)!"

Yugi draws. "You may be an insane man, but if you know me the way you claim to, then you should know that I don't scare easily. If you're trying to intimidate me, you're wasting your time! I summon Dark Acolyte (Dark/Level 4/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 1500/DEF 1100)!" This monster seems to be a smaller, diminutive, and all-around younger version of the Dark Magician. "By removing the Dark Acolyte from play, I can summon a Dark Magician straight from my deck! Join me, my magician (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Normal/ATK 2500/DEF 2100)!" The young magician is replaced by his adult version in a burst of dark energy. "Dark Magician, attack that fake Celtic Guardian! Dark Magic Attack!" The Dark Magician attacks with an orb of shadow energy, which destroys the Nameless Fiend (Teron's LP: 2500). Yugi sets two cards face-down. "And just like that, you're no longer on top (Yugi's hand: 1)."

Looking extremely angry, Teron shouts with intense rage, "No! I refuse to lose to you! This is a temporary setback! I will have my vengeance!" He focuses his anger inwards and draws. "I summon Void, the Nameless Entity (Dark/Level 3/Fiend/Effect/ATK 1200/DEF 0)!" This monsters appears to be almost the exact same creature as Nil, the Nameless Entity, the only true difference being that it is in a lesser formed state, being even more composed of ill-defined shadows. "As long as Void, the Nameless Entity is on my field or in my graveyard, its name counts as Nil, the Nameless Entity! And now that I control two Nils, I can special summon a third monster, Nameless Vessel (Dark/Level 5/Fiend/Effect/ATK 0/DEF 0)!" The monster is another mass of formless shadows, extremely similar to Nameless Fiend. "Just like my Nameless Fiend, Nameless Vessel doesn't actually have a name of its own. That's fine though, because it instead grants names to others! Once per turn it can change the name of monster on the field to Nil, the Nameless Entity, such as your Dark Magician!" Shadows surround the Dark Magician, and then infect it, obscuring it in a veil of them.

"What have you done to the Dark Magician?"

"He's not the Dark Magician anymore, he's Nil, the Nameless Entity! Oh, and I forgot to mention the other effect of the Nameless Vessel. For every Nil, the Nameless Entity on the field, it gains 1000 Attack Points (ATK: 3000). Now, Nameless Vessel, destroy Yugi's Nil, the Nameless Entity!"

Yugi thinks, One of my face-down card is Magical Hats, which could have protected the Dark Magician, but that can only be used in combination with a Magician monster, which Dark Magician currently isn't. Hegrunts and watches helplessly as his not-Dark Magician is destroyed by a shadowy burst of energy (Yugi's LP: 2000). Now that there is one less "Nil" on the field, the attack of Nameless Vessel decreases (ATK: 2000).

After recovering from the attack, Yugi declares, "I activate Magician's Replacement! Since you just destroyed one of my Spellcaster-Type monsters, this card allows me to summon another one from my deck, so long as its attack value is less than the monster you destroyed! I summon the Dark Magician Girl (Dark/Level 6/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF 1700)!" Dark Magician Girl appears on the field with the determination to avenge her fallen master. "And since you destroyed her teacher, that only makes the Dark Magician Girl stronger, 300 points stronger to be exact (ATK: 2300). And now none of your monsters are strong enough to destroy her."

Teron nods. "So is the case. I set a card and end my turn (Teron's hand: 1)."

Yugi draws and immediately declares, "I activate the Pot of Greed! This card allows me to draw two cards!" He draws his additional cards. "And then I'll give my Magician Girl some company with Magician's Valkyria (Light/Level 4/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 1600/DEF 1800)! Now Dark Magician Girl, destroy his Nameless Vessel! Dark Burning Attack!" The Dark Magician Girl prepares to launch her magical attack.

Teron counters, "Not so fast, Yu-Gi-Oh! I activate my Trap Card! Go, Name Sealer! As long as this card is on the field, it makes it so that all monsters in your graveyard lose their names!"

Yugi's eye's go wide. "Oh no, if Dark Magician loses its name again, that means that Dark Magician Girl loses her 300 extra Attack Points (ATK: 2000)!"

"Exactly! Now watch as your monster destroys itself!" Dark Magician Girl launches her attack, which does destroy its target, but the resulting explosion also destroys her as well.

Yugi clenches a fist in anger. "I'm sorry, Dark Magician Girl, I failed you." He then looks back up at Teron. "I still have one more magician girl left! Magician's Valkyria, destroy his Void, the Nameless Entity!"

Teron waggles his finger. "Nah, ah, ah, Yu-Gi-Oh, that's Nil, the Nameless Entity to you." Yugi's monster casts its magical spell and destroys the weaker of the two Nils (Teron's LP: 2100). Teron then declares, "And when this version of Nil is destroyed, its special effect activates, allowing me to do two things. First, I may send one copy of Nil, the Nameless Entity from my deck to my grave, then I may add another monster from my deck to my hand, such as Null, the Nameless Entity."

Yami Yugi thinks with desperation, What am I supposed to do against a deck such as this one? He literally rips away the identity of my monsters, and then uses that against me. How can I possibly fight when my monsters' most fundamental attributes are missing?

Yugi asserts encouragingly, Every deck has its weak spot, you've just got to find this deck's, and turn it against this guy!

Yami nods. You're right Yugi. This deck may be unorthodox, but that doesn't mean it's without its weaknesses. He then sets a card and declares, "I end my turn (Yugi's hand: 1)."

Teron draws. "I see the fight in your eyes, Yu-Gi-Oh. You actually think you have a chance to defeat me. That won't happen, especially now that I have drawn the final card I need to defeat you. But before I activate it, I'll summon Null, the Nameless Entity (Dark/Level 1/Fiend/Effect/ATK 100/DEF 0)!" Yet again, this monster bares a strong resemblance to Nil, the Nameless Entity, except this one is even less formed than Void was. "Just like Void, Null, the Nameless Entity has its name count as Nil, the Nameless Entity while on the field or in the grave! It won't be sticking around for long though, as its other effect allows me to tribute it in order to erase the names of all monsters you control!" The monster explodes into a shockwave of shadows. These shadows drain Magician's Valkyria of all its color. "And now for the main event! I activate my Spell Card, Celestial Advancement: Name of Vengeance!"

Yugi gasps with shock. "What kind of card is that!?"

Teron laughs. "You know exactly what type of card this is, Yu-Gi-Oh! Go, Celestial Apex Evolution!" Nil, the Nameless Entity becomes cloaked in a cloud of light that resembles a nebula made of shadows. "I evolve my Nil, the Nameless Entity into Nihil, the Nameless King (Dark/Level 8/Fiend/Evolution/ATK 1900/DEF 0)!" From his Extra Deck, Teron pulls out a card with a silver border and circuit board patterns across it, and places the card on top of Nil, the Nameless Entity. On the field, the nebula dissipates, revealing that Nil has undergone massive changes. It is now much larger, and has completely taken on a defined form. Shadow spirits fly every which way around it.

(Author's Note: Evolution Summoning is a summoning mechanic introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. For a detailed description and list of rules, see the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Official Website.)

Yugi demands, "Evolution Monster!? What is this madness!?"

"That joke was hardly funny the first time, Yu-Gi-Oh! You know exactly what an Evolution Monster is! Evolution Summoning, especially a Celestial Apex Evolution, such as this one, is the main summoning of our people! Don't you dare mock me like that again!"

Yami thinks, This is insane. He just summoned some sort of all-new monster type. How could this be possible?

Yugi suggests, Maybe there is some truth to his mad ramblings, about holding a 15,000 year old grudge. If he's using a card like that, there's obviously a lot more going on here than we could ever comprehend. It's like we're only looking through a pinhole at a much larger story.

Yami responds with determination, Pinhole or not, this monster needs to be stopped.

Teron then proclaims, "Nihil is my ultimate monster, for it gains 500 Attack Points for every monster named Nil, the Nameless Entity in my graveyard! With one of each Nil, Void, and Null, that's a total of 1500 additional attack (ATK: 3400)! That's not all though, as I still have yet to mention the additional effect of Name of Vengeance! When I summon a monster with it, it then decreases the stats of nameless monsters you control to zero!" A pulse of darkness emanates from Nihil and saps Magician's Valkyria of the last of her energy (ATK and DEF: 0). Teron looks to Yugi with extreme hatred. He then beckons to their surroundings. "Take a good look around you, Yu-Gi-Oh. This realm will be your eternal prison, just as it was mine. The Shadow Realm strips away one's identity! Souls lost to its void wander in an eternity of pain and suffering, losing all aspects of themselves in the process."

Yugi points out, "You seem to have kept yours."

"Indeed, and I suppose I have you to thank for that. It was my singular and undying hatred for you, and my need for revenge that kept me sane."

"You're hardly sane, you're obsessed."

"Fair enough, maybe I did lose my sanity. But I didn't lose my sense of self, just as your monster has, and how you soon will as well, once my monster ends this duel. Now Nihil, the time for my vengeance is here at last! Destroy the last of Yu-Gi-Oh's life points with Nameless Soul Burst!" The shadow phantoms in orbit around the monster become much more active as it prepares to attack. It then points a bony finger forward, and all of the spirits launch themselves at the nameless Valkyria at once. "Goodbye, Yu-Gi-Oh! I told you I would get you for imprisoning me!"

A small but confident grin appears on Yugi's face. "Not yet, you don't. I activate Duplication Spell! At the cost of 1000 life points, this card allows me to summon one monster from my deck with the same Level, Type, Attribute, original attack, and original defense as a monster I control (Yugi's LP: 1000). You may have sapped Magician's Valkyria of her name and stats, but that doesn't mean there's not an underlying identity hiding there! I summon another Magician's Valkyria!" The first Magician's Valkyria, seeing the second, is given a new burst of energy. She stands up, and together the two of them generate a barrier of energy around Yugi and themselves, which blocks the attack of Nihil.

Teron demands, "What is this!? What happened!? Why weren't you destroyed!?"

"All good questions. The answer to all three is that the effects of my two Valkyrias kicked in. Each one prevents you from attacking any Spellcaster besides itself. When I control two of them, you are unable to attack any Spellcaster at all."

Teron clenches his fists in anger and shouts into the sky, "No! How dare you!? I will not stand for this!"

"You have no other choice. Now end your turn."

"Not yet! First I activate the Spell Card, Nameless Power! Now at the end of your next turn, if I control a Nil, the Nameless Entity, you'll take 1000 points of damage, enough to finish you once and for all! But that's not all, as, until the end of your next turn, if you attack a Nil, the Nameless Entity, I can banish another one from my graveyard in order to negate your attack!"

Yugi demands, "But why would you play such a card when you control no Nil, and have no means of getting one back?"

Teron shouts with rage, "I told you to stop mocking me like that! You know as well as I do that at the end of this turn Nihil, like any other Evolution Monster, will devolve, returning the Nil I used as an Evolution Base to the field!" As he says this, exactly that happens (Teron's hand: 0).

Yami thinks, I may be safe from any attacks with my Valkyrias, but if I can't find a way to get rid of his Nil by the end of this turn, we're finished.

Yugi reminds him, Remember, this deck still must have a weakness. Believe in the Heart of the Cards, and you'll find it.

Yami Yugi grins. He holds a hand over his deck and takes a moment to gather his focus and take a deep breath. Slowly and dramatically he draws his last card. He opens his eyes and looks to it. He is surprised. Yugi, this is it! This is his deck's weakness.

I knew you could do it, Pharaoh! Now show this guy what we're really made of!

"I activate a Spell Card, Magician Convocation! To activate this card, I must first tribute two Spellcaster-Type monsters I control." The two Valkyries disappear. "But in their place, I am allowed to summon another one from my graveyard. Return to the field, Dark Magician! Magician Convocation then equips onto my Dark Magician, granting it 500 additional points of attack for every Spellcaster monster in my graveyard, which is a total of 1500 extra points (ATK: 4000)!"

Teron is unsettled by this. "That's just enough to defeat me if you attack Nil!" He quickly regains composure and adds, "That is, if you could attack Nil, but you can't, as I still have the effect of Nameless Power active! That will be the last mistake you ever make, Yu-Gi-Oh! You've lost this duel!"

"No, I've made no mistake. I still have one more card left, and it's sure to put a wrinkle in your plan. Remember how I failed at using Chain Destruction before? It's time to make up for that. I activate Chain Removal! This card removes all monsters in your graveyard from play that share a name with a monster you control!"

Teron's eyes go wide as he realizes what this means. "No!"

"Yes. Your deck may be a potent one, but it's biggest flaw is that it relies on having many monsters with the same name. My Chain Destruction from before actually could have been quite helpful, if only I had used it on a different monster. This is my second chance!" Chains shoot from the card and pass right through Nil, the Nameless Entity, and embed themselves in Teron's graveyard, banishing all three of his monsters named Nil. "And now, with no monsters left to remove from play for the effect of Nameless Power, my Dark Magician is free to attack. Finish this with Dark Magic Attack!" The Dark Magician raises his scepter, and is joined by phantasmal apparitions of the Dark Magician Girl and the two Magician's Valkyria. Together the four magicians launch a powerful magical attack at Teron's monster, destroying it entirely (Teron's LP: 0).

Teron falls to his knees. He murmurs something under his breath. He then repeats it a little louder, and then again louder, and then again. We can now hear that he is continuously shouting, "No! No! No! No! No! No!" getting louder every time, until he's screaming at the top of his lungs. He then suddenly springs up and runs right at Yugi with a violent look on his face. "I won't let it end this way!"

Yugi steps back in shock, but is unsure of how to respond.

Just before Teron can attack Yugi, a giant hand reaches out of the shadows and grabs him by the head. A booming voice declares, "Teron Et, you have lost your Yugohan trial by combat! Your sentence is an eternity in the Shadow Realm!"

Teron screams in absolute horror, "No! Not again!" He's dragged down into the shadows, disappearing entirely.

Yugi breathes a sigh of relief. The next moment he is standing back in Domino Square. He transforms back to normal.

Téa runs up to him and hugs him. "Yugi, I'm so glad you're okay! You had us worried!"

Tristan adds, "Yeah, Joey here nearly had a panic attack without you."

Yugi laughs. "Oh, did he really?"

Joey shouts angrily, "I did not!"

Tristan shrugs. "Say what you want, I know what I saw."

Trying to change the subject, Joey asks, "So what happened, Yugi? Who was that guy?"

Yugi shakes his head. "I wish knew, but that duel only left me with more questions than answers. Something was going on there, but somehow I doubt I'll ever truly know what. At least, not in this life time." He then says with a smile, "But that's behind us now. Come on, let's go and get in on Duelist City."

Joey cheers, "Oh yeah! I thought you'd never say that! Let's see if we can find any Rare Hunters to defeat!"