Episode 3: God Killers

Yugohan Homeworld, 5,003 AYGO (A Year After Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium)

Some chose to look at history as a collection of random stories. While history is certainly composed of countless stories, this description doesn't do enough justice to describe what history truly is. A collection of random stories would simply infer that once one story ends, it's over for good. This is not the case, however. What may be defined as two separate stories in history can almost always be linked together into one larger story. A story may end, but its effects continue on and spark new stories. Or, rather, they extend the original.

The scene is a bright and beautiful spectacle of a wide-open park. The park is filled with various memorials, both statues and holographic displays. It is packed with visitors and tourists. Everything is peaceful and serene.

A holographic information booth explains, "Welcome to Firebird Park. Just as the Yugohan Firebird will burn up upon its demise, but then have an offspring born from its ashes, Old Yugoha crumbled, but was reborn from the ruins it left behind. This park was constructed as a celebration of that rebirth. Throughout the park you will find memorials dedicated to those brave souls who fell in both the Yugohan Civil War and the Tyrian Insurrection. Here we remember those who have sacrificed themselves for this renaissance we live in now, as we look forward to a bright and prosperous-"

The peace and serenity is suddenly shattered when a massive explosion detonates in the center of the park. The explosion is of some sort of futuristic caliber, as it completely vaporizes anything it touches as a bubble of destruction expands outwards. It leaves behind nothing but a perfectly semispherical crater.

What was once harmony is now panic and terror. People scream and run in all directions, terrified for their lives.

All of the in-tact hologram projectors in the park now light up with a new image. Some sort of emblem is displayed with an ominous red color. The emblem is composed of three horizontal wavy lines within a square that is inscribed within a circle. A fierce voice announces through the projectors, "People of Yugoha, you have been lied to! This park is nothing but a piece of propaganda meant to placate the people! Our so-called emperors claim to be the rightful rulers of Yugoha, but they lie to us! Those who rightfully rule Yugoha do so by the divine choice of our gods! But that is not Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto, for they are god killers! Ask yourself, citizens of Yugoha! How could those who killed our gods, those who we worship above all else, be chosen by them to rule!? Isn't it convenient that that they claim the divine right to rule, and yet they murdered the gods who grant that right, leaving them unable to say any differently!? We are the Soldiers of Versal, and we will not stop fighting until the god killers have relinquished their false claims of power over us!" The projectors all deactivate at once.

Emperor Yu-Gi-Oh demands, "How many people died!?" He is seated at the head of a rectangular table. Opposite of him is his co-emperor, Seto. Several others fill the rest of the table. One is Seto's bride and high advisor to the emperors, Celestia. Another is Matt, formerly known as Ma'at, the Lord of Order-turned-Lord of Chaos. He wears clothes very similar to his old white jumpsuit, only they are now colored with a balance of black and white. His belt buckle has a yin-yang emblem on it.

A man sitting at the table answers, "Fortunately, there were no casualties. These Soldiers of Versal, at least for now, only wish to make some noise."

Yu-Gi-Oh breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank Versal for that."

Seto asks, "And what does the Imperial Intelligence Agency know of these terrorists?"

A woman wearing a clean white uniform answers, "The IIA does have a file on them, but it is small. As their proclamation made clear, they believe that Yugoha is being led by god killers." She notices Yu-Gi-Oh cringe at the words and adds, "Their words, not mine."

Yu-Gi-Oh shakes his head. "No, their description is true. Harsh, but true. It was a unilateral decision made by me to sacrifice the Yugohan Trinity in order to defeat Ottiuk the Dark One. I am a slayer of gods." He says this with deep remorse in his voice.

Celestia stands up and asserts, "No my emperor, you must not speak that way! The gods willingly sacrificed themselves so that you could save the galaxy from Ottiuk's darkness! There is nothing wrong with that!"

Seto mentions, "While we may all know that, the problem comes when we have citizens who do not want to believe our story. They see that story as a cover up, and that is why we face the problems we do now."

With remorse still weighing in his voice, Yu-Gi-Oh adds, "And who can blame them? I may not agree with their methods, but no one can blame them for being skeptical. A populous that blindly follows its leaders follows them down a dark path. That is why Tyria managed to assert dominance over our people."

Seto counters, "But as rulers, we must demand the respect of our people, for without their respect, we are nothing."

Yu-Gi-Oh argues back, "We must earn their respect, we cannot expect it."

Things start getting heated. Seto contends, "As their rulers, we dedicate our lives to these people! We do everything in our power to protect them, even if that means sacrificing the gods themselves! Who are they question that, so long as it is done for them!?"

Yu-Gi-Oh retorts, "If we demand such blind loyalty from our people, what makes us better than the likes of Tyria!?"

Realizing that things are quickly spiraling out of control, Celestia stands back up and asserts, "My lords! You must cease this at once!"

Both emperors realize their mistakes and instantly stand down.

Seeing that things have gone back to normal, the representative of the Imperial Intelligence Agency continues with her report. "As I was saying, the group is not pleased with the current leadership in place of the empire. The reports we had of them originated only days after your official announcement of the sacrifice of the Yugohan Trinity last year. We knew they were ones to keep eyes on, but none of our intelligence ever suggested that they would become militant."

Seto points out, "It would seem you were wrong."

The woman nods. "Unfortunately so."

Yu-Gi-Oh ascertains regretfully, "So not only do we have to be cautious of the Tyrian Remnants outside of our boarders, but even our own citizens."

A strict looking man wearing a military uniform answers, "We may be looking at a war on two fronts."

Yu-Gi-Oh asserts, "We cannot allow it come to that."

Seto nods. "I agree, brother. We must stamp out this movement before it gains too much momentum."

Yu-Gi-Oh shakes his head. "No, that is not what I meant. We must come to a peaceful understanding with these Soldiers of Versal."

Seto does not seem to agree at all. "No, these people are dangerous." He points to a holographic image of the park after the explosion. "We have a duty to our people; we must protect them. We can take no risks."

Yu-Gi-Oh counters, "But the Soldiers of Versal are our people too. Just because they don't like us, doesn't mean we can ignore our duty to protect them."

Seto counters back, "They relinquished their right to protection when they became a danger to others!"

Speaking for the first time to stop any further escalation, Matt stands up and declares peacefully, "Remember, my emperors, when two ideologies clash, it is the balance of the two that is often the solution. So is the way of Chaos, so is the way of life."

Yu-Gi-Oh nods. "Yes…you are right of course, Arbitrator Amatsu-Mikaboshi. We need to come to a point of balance."

Seto nods as well. "Forgive my misbalance, Arbitrator."

After a moment of thought, Yu-Gi-Oh suggests, "My brother is right, we must take action against these Soldiers of Versal, as we owe it to our other citizens to protect them. But we must not look at this as we would at war with the Tyrian Remnant. We must take action, while also respecting their rights as citizens of Yugoha."

Seto listens, and then suggests, "We should start with a meeting, as my brother suggested, and then assess from there what action is required."

Yu-Gi-Oh continues, "Then we would need an official representative of the Ruling Council to appear before the Soldiers of Versal."

Celestia instantly stands up. "As High Advisor to the Emperors, such a duty would be mine."

Seto automatically objects, "No Celestia, it would be much too dangerous for you!"

Celestia looks him in the eyes and asks, "Do you say that as my emperor, or as my husband?"

Seto hesitates and does not give a response.

Celestia nods. "I thought so. Are there any other objections?" Nobody says a word. "Then it is settled. The IIA will use their contacts to arrange a meeting with the Soldiers of Versal, and I will negotiate with them and assess what further action, if any, will be needed to take."

Yu-Gi-Oh then declares, "If that is all, then I call this meeting of the Ruling Council adjourned." Everyone stands up at once, and file out of the room.

Last in the room is Matt and Yu-Gi-Oh. Before Matt leaves, Yu-Gi-Oh says to him, "Amatsu, thank you for speaking up before."

Matt turns towards Yu-Gi-Oh and reminds him, "I told you, please just call me Matt. Amatsu-Mikaboshi is my Lord of Chaos name."

"Yes, and as you are a Lord of Chaos, you earned the right to that name."

Matt points out, "The Yuni part of you never expected anyone to call him Ragnarok. I have spent too much of my life living with a fake name, I wish to simply be called by my true name now."

Yu-Gi-Oh nods. "Yes, I suppose I can understand that desire. One of my lifetimes went through much of his existence not even knowing his own name." After a pause, he says, "Anyways, thank you, Matt. You would think that after all the time Yuni spent as Lord of Chaos that I would be wiser in the ways of Balance."

"Even those most experienced in the teachings of Chaos can find themselves straying from Balance. That is simply the nature of the universe. It is far easier to embrace either Light or Darkness than to strike the perfect Balance of the two."

Yu-Gi-Oh smiles and nods. "It may have been a controversial choice to select a non-Yugohan native as the Arbitrator of Chaos, but I knew you were the right man for the job. Especially seeing as the Lord of Chaos is essentially the Earth-equivalent of the Arbitrator of Chaos. It only made sense to consolidate the two positions."

Matt agrees. "Yes, and both positions have benefitted greatly from it. The Earth doctrines of Chaos had much to learn from the Yugohan, but the opposite is also true." Matt turns to leave. "May Chaos favor you, my emperor."

"As you, Matt."

Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto, Celestia, and the IIA Director have gathered in some sort of operations center. The others surround Celestia. Seto asks, "Celestia, are you sure you want to do this? It's not too late to back out. These people are dangerous."

Celestia shakes her head and asserts, "No Seto, I'm going. My father was willing to risk his life for this empire, and that's exactly what he did. For me to be willing to do any less would be an insult to his memory. This is my duty." She pauses and then reaches out for Seto to stroke the side of his face. "Besides, my love, I would do anything to protect you, and it is you that these rebels want."

Seto nods in understanding. "Alright, my love. Just promise me you'll be careful."

"Of course, Seto. Just because I'm willing to sacrifice my life does not mean I want it to happen today." She then turns to the IIA Director and declares, "I am ready to depart."

The director nods. "Okay. We'll be transporting you straight to Firebird Park. The entire park has been closed since the bombing, and my agents have gotten the Soldiers of Versal to agree to a meeting there." She hands Celestia some sort of pin. "Attach this to your clothes."

Celestia and takes it. She's a bit baffled. "A Peace Pin?"

The director explains, "That pin will record anything around you and transmit it back to us holographically. It will also emit neural impulses that will allow us to speak directly to your mind. Most importantly, it will keep a sensor lock on you at all times so we may transport you out at any time."

Celestia nods and attaches the pin to her gown. "I'm ready to go." She steps up onto a transporter pad. "Initiate transport." She is enveloped by a golden light and teleported away.

Celestia reappears right next to the crater left behind by the bombing. The voice of the director asks, Advisor Celestia, nod if you can hear me. Celestia nods.

Back in the ops center, Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto, and the director watch a holographic projection of Celestia and her surroundings. Once they see her nod, the director continues, "Good, now the representatives of the Soldiers of Versal should appear any second now."

Right on cue, three people are transported in. One is an intimidating, tall, and muscular man, another a slender, but forceful looking woman, and the third is a man who looks more like a politician than a terrorist. He seems to be the leader. That man says, "Well, well, well. If it isn't the bride of a god killer. I must say, I am both surprised and impressed that one as cowardly as Seto would allow his own wife into such a situation.

Seto clenches his fist in anger. Yu-Gi-Oh places a hand on his shoulder. "Stay calm, my brother."

Celestia says to them, "I am here as a show of strength."

The leader looks intrigued. "Tell me, what's it like to be married to someone you know is responsible for the destruction of our gods?"

Celestia is momentarily perturbed, but calms herself and asserts, "The gods sacrificed themselves so that Yugoha may live. So, unless you'd rather remain oppressed by Tyria, I suggest you hold your insults."

The woman in the group cackles. "At least Tyria had the divine approval of our gods to rule."

Celestia objects passionately, "Tyria subverted the will of the gods and forced them grant the divine right! They were guilty of a crime far worse than what you accuse our emperors of!"

The woman is about to shout back, but the leader steps in and says, "Now, now, calm yourselves. This is supposed to be a civilized meeting." He looks to Celestia. "Regardless of what you might think of us, we are civilized."

Celestia takes a deep breath to calm herself. "Yes, and we are not here to debate morals and politics, we are here to come to a peaceful resolution. Your attack didn't kill anyone, so that tells me that you don't want anyone to come to harm. We wish the same."

The leader nods. "Indeed. And allow me to apologize. We started off on the wrong foot. My name is Entine, the Primary Speaker of the Soldiers of Versal. You are correct that we seek a peaceful resolution."

Celestia nods. "Good. I have been authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Ruling Council. I do hope that we can come to a mutual understanding."

The man and woman flanking Entine both laugh. Entine smiles and says, "I'm sorry, but I think you may have misunderstood what I meant. We, of course, seek a peaceful solution, but our demands are absolute. We will accept nothing less than the stepping down of Emperors Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto."

Celestia objects, "But we came here to negotiate, you can't make demands like that."

Entine sighs. "I wasn't lying when I said we wanted to seek a peaceful solution, but that does not mean we aren't willing to take more drastic measures." He makes a motion of his hands and the goons flanking him begin to approach Celestia menacingly.

Seeing what's happening, Seto shouts, "Pull her out! Get her out of there now!"

Technicians immediately begin work on extracting her.

However, the man grabs Celestia and rips the pin from her gown.

The last thing the ops center hears from her is her cutoff scream shouting, "Seto, help!"

A technician declares, "We've lost her!"

Seto shouts, "Celestia!"

Back with Celestia, the man crushes her pin. Entine apologizes, "Sorry about the rough treatment, but we couldn't have your god-killing husband pulling you out before we're through with you, and we must keep our base a secret. You understand, right?"

Celestia looks at him with hatred. "You hypocrite. You claim to seek peace, but now you're kidnapping me?"

Entine shrugs. "Like I said, peace is preferable, but we also must use the cards we're dealt, and we were dealt quite the card with you." He looks to the man and orders, "Take her, we're leaving."

The man forcefully grabs her and slings her over his shoulder. She screams out for help as a transporter teleports them away.

Everyone at ops is speechless. Seto turns towards the director, grabs him by the shoulders, shakes him, and shouts with rage, "They just kidnapped my wife!"

She forces Seto's hands off of her and asserts, "I assure you Emperor, we had no idea that the Soldiers of Versal would make such a drastic move."

Seto shouts back, "They just blew up a public park for Versal's sake!"

"We will get her back, Emperor Seto. That is the job of the IIA, after all."

A man at a terminal speaks up, "Director, the Soldiers of Versal are broadcasting another message!"

She orders, "What are you waiting for? Put it on the viewer!"

The emblem of the Soldiers of Versal is displayed just as it was last time. The same voice as before, now recognizable as Entine's, declares, "Citizens of Yugoha, we have in our custody the wife of a god killer. She is guilty of his crimes by association. No harm will come to her, for now, but we cannot ensure her well-being until the god killers release us from their iron grasp. The god killers have 24 hours to make a choice." The message ends, leaving everyone speechless once more.

Yu-Gi-Oh then declares, "There is only one way out of this. I will make a statement to the public taking full blame for the destruction of the Chronos, Quantus, and Versal. Then, I will abdicate my half of the thrown to your sole leadership Seto."

Seto looks to his brother and asserts, "No, we agreed that we would share the blame for the demise of the gods. You may have performed the actual action, but I had just as much of a part in it as you did. I won't let you shoulder the burden alone. And there's no way that I'd let you step down from the throne. It took us 20,000 years and five lifetimes to realize that we were both meant to rule together. We can't ignore that."

"But Seto, it may be the only way to save Celestia. Don't you want to see her safe return?"

Seto angrily tenses. "She is my wife, Yu-Gi-Oh. Of course I want to see her return safely, but you are my brother, and I will not allow you to sacrifice yourself for a sin we share the burden of. We may have our differences in our methods of ruling, but that is why we must stick together. We strike a Balance."

Yu-Gi-Oh questions with uncertainty, "But what other option is there?"

The director then speaks up and says, "If you would allow me to speak, we have a way."

Seto and Yu-Gi-Oh both turn to her and asks in tandem, "You do?"

"Yes, we may have been unprepared last time the Soldiers of Versal attacked, but before sending Celestia in, we knew we had to prepare for the worst. In addition to her Peace Pin tracker, I gave her one other piece of technology. A signal decrypter. We aren't able to track the origin of the Soldiers of Versal, because they have taken many precautions to disguise the origin point of their transmission. And if we slipped a normal tracker onto Celestia, the Soldiers of Versal's scanners would reveal any signal it sends to us. However, the signal decrypter we gave to Celestia is able to decrypt the signal they send at its very source, and then piggyback off of it to send all the information we need to locate her."

Seto asks with hope, "So you know where my wife is?"

"Yes. We have discovered the exact location of where the Soldiers of Versal are holding her."

Seto declares, "Then ready a team of your best agents for a rescue mission. I will be leading them personally."

Yu-Gi-Oh steps up behind Seto and adds, "Make that both of us. If the Soldiers of Versal want proof that we are the rightful emperors, we'll show it to them."

Celestia wakes up after having been knocked out. She finds herself in some sort of jail cell protected by a security field. Outside the cell is what is obviously the base of operations for the Soldiers if Versal.

A voice says, "Welcome back to the world of the living. I'm sorry that we had to knock you out like that, it was so uncivilized of us, but we couldn't have you attempting to break free before we had you secured. Surely you understand it's nothing personal." Celestia looks up to see Entine on the other side of the security field.

Celestia attempts to spit at his feet, but the spit hits the security field and sizzles away.

Entine scolds, "That hardly a proper way to treat your hosts."

Celestia scoffs. "My hosts? You kidnapped me."

"Kidnap is such a loaded word. I prefer to think of it simply as a negotiation tactic. Speaking of, we just sent our counteroffer out to your dear god-killing husband and his brother. If he really does love you as much as you think he does, then you should be released in no time. Worst case scenario, you won't be here longer than 24 hours, so I wouldn't worry too much about it."

Celestia looks to Entine with venom in her eyes. With equal ire, she declares, "Seto is the bravest, most honorable man I know. There is no way he would ever give into the demands of terrorists like you. And you've miscalculated."

Entine is amused. "Tell me, how have I miscalculated?"

"You miscalculated when you decided to kidnap me. Maybe before you could have gotten further with whatever you're planning. Maybe you could have lasted just a little longer and gotten your message out there more. Maybe, just maybe, you might have actually succeeded. But now you won't, because you kidnapped me, and therefore provoked Seto. And he is the last person in this galaxy that you want provoked."

Entine chuckles in amusement. "You're of course welcome to think whatever you'd like, but you should know that it is absolutely impossible for your husband to locate us. We have state-of-the-art technology that protects from even the most advanced surveillance technology possessed by the IIA."

Celestia grins. It's now her turn to chuckle in amusement.

"What's so funny?"

All Celestia does to answer is pull a tiny piece of technology from a hidden fold in her gown.

Entine's eyes go wide with distress as he realizes that it's a signal decrypter. He instantly turns around and orders, "Everyone to battle stations! We have incoming!"

Before anything can set in, the doors to the facility our suddenly burst down. A team of IIA agents burst in wielding laser weaponry. One shouts, "IIA! Get down on the ground! On the ground!" The agents begin going from person to person, placing their arms in binders.

Entine looks to Celestia with absolute rage. But then he looks back to the door and sees Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto step in. He grins. "Maybe we can salvage this situation after all." He runs out of sight into some sort of hidden passageway.

As the IIA agents make their sweeps, Seto surveys the area and his eyes lock onto Celestia. He runs towards her. "Celestia, you're okay!" Yu-Gi-Oh runs behind him. Once up at the security field, he asks with concern, "Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

Celestia shakes her head. "Now that you're here, everything is right." She looks around with concern. "But Entine just ran off, I don't know where to. It seemed like he had some sort of plan."

Seto shakes his head. "Don't worry about him. These are experienced agents we're with, they'll catch him." He takes a step back and looks over the security field. "Now, how to break you out from here?"

Before anyone else can say anything, the entire building begins to shake, as if there were an earthquake. Yu-Gi-Oh asks with worry, "What was that?"

Celestia sees something and shouts, "Seto, behind you!" Seto and Yu-Gi-Oh both look back, but it's too late to react. Standing there in some sort of giant mechanical exo-suit is Entine.

He uses his mechanical arm to swat the two of them away. He laughs with pleasure. "It was silly of you two to come here! Now I will have the honor of removing you from power myself!"

An agent points his laser weapon at Entine and shouts, "Stand down or we'll open fire!"

Entine finds it amusing that they try to offer resistance. He charges at the agents and begins to swat them aside as well. The remaining agents instantly begin to open fire, but the laser bolts ricochet harmlessly off of the mech suit. Entine takes out all of the agents.

Celestia shouts with worry, "Seto! Yu-Gi-Oh! Are you alright!?"

Seto and Yu-Gi-Oh manage to get up, but look injured. Seto says, "Do not worry about us, Celestia."

Yu-Gi-Oh realizes that all the agents have fallen and that Entine has refocused his attention on them. He states, "Looks like this is going to be up to us."

Seto nods in agreement. "Let's take care of this creep." Both Seto and Yu-Gi-Oh pull some sort of golden cylinder from their belts and snap them onto their wrists.

Both declare at once, "Spirit Summoner activate!"

Yu-Gi-Oh shouts, "I summon the Divine Magician!"

Simultaneously, Seto declares, "I summon the Rainbow-Eyes Omnipotent Dragon!"

Two spirit monsters appear in front of the emperors. One is a magician wearing a brilliant golden armor that overall matches that of the Dark Magician's, and has a golden aura surrounding it. The other is dragon made out of a pure golden light, with eyes that flash every color of the rainbow. It resembles the form of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Yu-Gi-Oh shouts, "Divine Magic Attack!"

And Seto orders, "Omnipotent Stream of Creation!"

Entine raises his mechanical arm and projects a shield from it that neutralizes both attacks. He laughs. "This is state-of-the-art Tyrian Power Armor! It was designed specifically to combat the monster spirits of Yugoha! With this I will destroy you just as you destroyed our gods!" Then a raises his other arm, from which a large barrel raises. "I take no pleasure in such brutish behavior, but it is what must be done, for the good of my homeland." From the barrel, he fires an intense laser blast aimed directly at Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto. He smiles. "Okay, maybe I lied. I'm enjoying this just a bit."

Just in time, the Divine Magician floats in and knocks the laser blast off-course with its staff. Yu-Gi-Oh nods at it. "Thank you, my friend." The magician nods back. Yu-Gi-Oh then says to Seto, "Let's try again, but flank him this time."

Seto understands completely what he means. "Rainbow-Eyes, frontal assault!" The dragon flies up into the air, then dives down and attacks.

Entine raises his shield to block the attack once more. Behind him the Divine Magician suddenly appears and prepares to cast its spell. Yu-Gi-Oh shouts, "Now!"

But Entine catches on and quickly raises his other arm behind him and generates another shield, blocking both attacks at once. He shouts, "You cannot stop me! You may have destroyed the gods, but I am still their servant! And my fidelity to them is what gives me strength that god killers like you could never understand!"

Seto looks to his brother and says, "Looks like this won't be that easy after all."

A lightbulb goes off in Yu-Gi-Oh's head. "I think I have an idea, but I need to get close enough to the armor to touch it. You think you can provide me with a distraction?"

Seto nods. "Leave it to me." He looks to his dragon and commands, "Rainbow-Eyes, let's do an aerial strafe!" The golden monster flies up as high as it can and flies over Entine, firing a rapid blitz of attacks. Entine switches hands for each attack, blocking them all.

Yu-Gi-Oh looks to his spirit partner and whispers to it, "Alright Divine Magician, get me in close behind him." The magician nods and casts a spell that teleports them both. They reappear behind Entine.

Entine, having detectors warning him of the presence behind him, raises an arm and a barrier behind him. "That trick didn't work before, what makes you think it will work now?"

Yu-Gi-Oh smiles confidently. "Because this time it's me behind you."

Entine's eyes go wide as he notices that Yu-Gi-Oh isn't where he last saw him. "What!?"

Yu-Gi-Oh then places his palm to Entine's barrier and his eyes glow a silvery-blue. Then outward from his hand, across the surface of the shield, a circuit board-like pattern of the same silvery-blue color spreads out across it. Within moments the entire shield shatters away like glass.

Entine cannot believe his eyes. "What is this!?" Not taking any chances, Entine moves to swat at Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yu-Gi-Oh dodges to the side and then places his hand on the arm of the mech suit. His eyes glow once more, and the circuit board pattern spreads out across the entire surface of the mech suit.

Entine begins to panic, as he looks across a holographic display of his systems. One after another of his systems shut down completely. "What are you doing!?" The entire suit goes completely immobile, leaving Entine trapped inside.

Yu-Gi-Oh lifts his hand and states, "That's a little trick I picked up during my life as Yuni Oha. It's always handy to have Technokinesis when you're fighting a mechanical foe." He looks to the magician floating beside him and says, "Thank you for your help, my friend. You are free to leave."

The magician nods and then fades away. Seto's dragon also leaves.

Entine struggles to get out of his suit, but even the systems that would normally allow him to eject are shut down.

Seto steps forward and says, "It's worthless, my brother did a complete system shut-down. You're not going anywhere. At least until the IIA reinforcements get here to take you to a maximum-security prison, that is." He then turns towards Celestia. "Are you alright, my love?"

Celestia nods. "I never lost faith in you. I knew you would save me."

Seto looks to the control panel on the side of the security field and asks, "Yu-Gi-Oh, would you mind?"

Knowing what he's asking, Yu-Gi-Oh steps up to the panel, places his hand on it, and activates his technokinesis once more. The security field dissipates.

Celestia leaps out and into Seto's arms. They embrace each other. Seto says to her, "I shouldn't have worried so much about you. It is because of your bravery that we were able to stop the Soldiers of Versal." They separate.

Yu-Gi-Oh then says to Seto, "And I should have listened to you at the council meeting. With this caliber of technology, the Soldiers of Versal were far too dangerous to be left free."

Seto disagrees, "But if it weren't for your idea of negotiating, we never would have located their base."

Yu-Gi-Oh nods. "As the ancient teachings of Chaos hold, it was the Balance of our philosophies that lead to today's victory."

The back-up IIA team have arrived. Entine, still immobilized in his mech suit, has been placed atop a hover-cart and is being carted out. He is pushed past Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto, and Celestia. As the agent pushing him stops for a moment, Entine looks to them and declares, "You may have stopped me, but justice will win out in the end. Yugoha only functioned in the past as long as it did because it had faith in its gods. You represent everything that goes against our great society, and because of that, you will not last. You may silence me on this day, but this is not the last you have seen of the Soldiers of Versal! This is just the beginning!" He is pushed out of sight as he shouts, "Yugoha will once more be ruled by those who are worthy of the gods' grace!"

Once he's gone, Celestia asks, "Do you think he's telling the truth? Is this just the beginning?"

Seto answers with uncertainty, "I wish I knew, Celestia."

Yu-Gi-Oh then answers, "I know. Entine is right. When I fused the gods back together with Ottiuk to neutralize his powers, he warned me that the people of Yugoha would revolt against me. He said that the very people I sought to protect would come to hate me. I knew he was right, but I also knew it wouldn't always be that way. We simply must keep on fighting, and never give up. The destruction of the gods is a change that had to occur for Yugoha to move forward, or else we would just repeat the mistakes of our past. And people don't like change. But change will eventually be accepted, when that change is a change for the better."

Celestia asks, "But was it a change for the better? Do you have any regret at all?"

Yu-Gi-Oh asserts, "It was. I made my choice, and I would make it again. I will stand by the choice I made until the end."

Seto asserts, "Not just you. I will stand by it as well."

Celestia corrects, "We will. We're all in this together."