Episode 4: Return of Chaos

Uncharted Space, Circa 1,015,000 BYGO

On the small scale, history is full competing philosophies and ideologies. A philosophy that holds true to one generation may be rejected the next. One would expect this clash of ideologies to only grow more severe when comparing the histories of various civilizations across the known galaxy, but it turns out the opposite is true. On the grandest scale of histories, a striking symmetry is apparent. The philosophy of Chaos rises above others. This is in no small part thanks to Yugoha's influence, but even Yugoha was influenced in its discovery of Chaos.

The scene is in space, in a solar system. A single planet and its two moons can be seen orbiting a red giant star. The planet appears barren and scorched, but there's also a certain symmetry apparent between the brightness of the day and darkness of the night halves. A single small starship materializes from hyper-warp velocity. It bears some similarities to later Yugohan ships, but it looks nowhere near as elegant or sleek in design. Its segmented body makes it appear rather hastily thrown together compared to normal Yugohan ships.

A brazen and hearty voice states in a voiceover, "Star-Log, Day Ten. In just over ten days, the Frontier has already returned to normal velocities at our destination, over three light-years from Yugoha. We have just done the impossible and traveled over 100 times the speed of light. This truly is a historic day for the planet Yugoha. Our objective now is to explore the planet Thorja-3, a planet undoubtedly rendered dead by its red-giant sun, but with chemical indicators that life could have once existed there. It is time to answer one of history's greatest questions once and for all. Are we alone?"

The bridge of the ship is now shown. It is extremely cramped and manned by three people. One man sits on an elevated chair and looks down to the display in front of him. A woman sits to his immediate right and another man on his left. They all look hard at work on various objectives. All three wear uniforms with light armor plating, reminiscent of modern Yugohan uniforms.

The man on the left looks up towards the central view-screen. He whistles to relate how impressed he is. "Wow…imagine that. We're orbiting a star that isn't our Sun, above an alien world. We've gone many thousand times farther from our planet than any other Yugohan in history ever has. Just…wow."

The girl jabs, "Tone it down, Rojak. We're not here as sight-seers."

The captain asserts, "How about you both just do your jobs?" He turns to the girl and asks, "Arna, have you gotten your readings from the planet yet?"

She nods. "They're coming in right now."

Rojak asks, "So what's the verdict, then? What's the answer to that burning question?"

Arna looks down to her display and freezes up. She says with shock, "There…must be some kind of mistake…"

The captain asks, "What is it?"

"These readings…it's impossible for them to happen naturally."

Rojak asks, "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Arna nods. "Not only did this planet once have life, it once had intelligent life." She looks up to the captain. "Captain Callon, we've done it. We've answered the question."

Callon nods. "We are not alone."

"Star-Log, Day Thirteen. The past three days have been of the utmost excitement for my crew and me Almost immediately after learning that the planet Thorja-3 had evidence of past civilization, we learned that it was not only advanced, but it was star-faring. The inhabitants of Thorja-3, whoever they were, were far more advanced than Yugoha. We have discovered graphs which seem to indicate a galaxy-wide spanning of their civilization. We do not know the cause of this planet's abandonment, but it is worth noting that quantum dating indicates that it was abandoned before the system's star transitioned into its red giant phase. In fact, quantum dating places the newest buildings at over 200 million years old. This planet was abandoned back when the vosine still roamed Yugoha. We have no idea if Thorja-3 was an opulent capital world or some backwater outpost. To my eyes, even in their ruined state, the structures on this planet are grander than even those of Yugoha City. But how can I possibly comprehend a civilization so vast and grand? We are nothing compared to these…to these Precursors. The study and survey of the largest city on the planet continues."

Callon, Rojak, and Arna search across the surface of Thorja-3 using handheld scanners. They are dressed in environment suits. They are in the ruins of what seems to have been an extremely high-tech city. Despite the 200 million years that have passed, mostly everything remains at least somewhat intact.

Rojak asks, "A civilization as advanced as this one…what could possibly cause it to end?"

Arna reminds, "We don't know that it ended in the first place. We're not dealing with a single planet-bound civilization here. These people had planets across the galaxy, they easily could have left for any one of them by their own choice."

Rojak shrugs. "Yeah, but why abandon a perfectly good planet? They still had several million years left until the planet was rendered uninhabitable. It just doesn't make any sense. I highly doubt that a society could have so many planets that it just upright decides to abandon a perfectly good one. All evidence suggests that habitable planets are rare. We were extremely lucky to find a candidate for a previously habitable one so close to our own. There still has to be value attached to such a world, even to an intergalactic society. Something had to have happened." He looks over to Callon. "What do you think, captain?"

Callon is deeply immersed in his work, so he doesn't notice the question at first. After a moment, he looks up from his scanner and asks, "Hmm?"

"What do you think happened to the people here, captain?"

"I don't know. All I know is that I feel like a simple beast looking upon a hyper-warp equipped starship for the first time. How can my simple animal mind possibly decipher anything about the pinnacle of Yugohan technology?"

Arna comments, "You are as elegant with your words as always, captain."

Callon looks back down to his scanner. "I'm picking up a strange energy reading from a nearby building. I want to investigate it."

Rojak asks, "What kind of energy?"

"The answer of the day is: I don't know. It is extremely unusual, though. It seems to be fluctuating rapidly between two different frequencies, those two frequencies being the exact inverse of each other." He looks up to Arna. "You're the engineer and science officer of this crew, does that mean anything to you?"

Arna contemplates this and shakes her head. "No, fluctuating between two opposite frequencies of energy would just cause the two to completely dampen each other. No useful applications could be derived."

Rojak points out, "The fact that we're finding such a fluctuation suggests otherwise."

Callon decides, "Let's go and investigate."

They head off and follow Callon's scanner. It leads them into a still mostly intact dome structure. Once inside, Rojak gives his whistle of impressment. The whistle echoes through the massive chamber they've entered.

Across the chamber from them is some sort of half-ring shape structure coming up and out from the floor. Arna says, "I believe we've found our energy source. That device, whatever it is, is emitting the waves."

Callon asks, "Any theories as to what it may be?"

Arna shakes her head. "No, none whatsoever."

They approach the ring. Callon walks up to it and brushes a hand across it. He stares at it with a sense of wonder.

Arna steps up to some sort control panel at the ring's side. She looks it over with curiosity and realizes that there's a digital display that seems to be flashing something. She gasps. "Whatever this machine is, it's still working, even after 200 million years with no upkeep. It must have been important." She holds her arm out right above the panel. The entire panel suddenly lights up, reacting to her hand. "What's this?" The entire machine groans to life.

Rojak shouts, "Captain! Get out of there!"

Callon looks towards him with surprise. Then looks around him and realizes that the inside of the ring has begun to glow. Just as he's about to make a break for it, the machine completely flares to life, and as a result, a swirling vortex of black and white energy appears in the ring, right where the captain was standing. He is pulled into the vortex and disappears.

Arna and Rojak shout, "Captain!"

Callon lies passed out upon barren, gray ground. He slowly comes to and gets up. He looks around. The land around him looks desolate and empty. The sky above him is colored the deep orange of twilight, but instead of a setting sun, there is what looks to be an eclipsed sun. Even stranger is that unusual vortexes open and close sporadically with no discernable pattern. Streams of purple and gold energy flow out of these vortexes, and then back into others. Upon seeing these vortexes, Callon does a doubletake. He rubs his forehead. "I must have hit my head pretty hard." He looks back up, but the view has remained unchanged. He shakes his head in disbelief. He looks around and then walks off in a random direction to survey his surroundings.

After quite some time of walking, he pulls out a recorder and says to it, "Star-Log, Day Thirteen, Addendum. After activating some sort of unknown mechanism by accident, I seem to have been transported to some strange new place. I am unable to discern for certain whether I was brought somewhere else on the planet, or to a whole new planet entirely. This place seems to be locked in a perpetual twilight, and I am therefore unable compare the constellations. However, this bizarre eternal twilight, as well as this landscape unlike any I have seen before, suggests to me that I must be on a different planet. Perhaps most bizarre of all, however, is that according to my scans, this world has a breathable atmosphere with a temperature within Yugohan norms. Despite this, I have yet to remove my environment suit, as a precaution. I will continue to search for a way back, and I can only assume that Commander Rojak and Lieutenant Arna are working on the same on the other side."

He puts away the recorder and sighs. He looks back up to the sky and shakes his head in disbelief once more. He says to himself, "Alright, this twilight has lasted for two hours straight. Perhaps even more bizarre is that the solar eclipse has lasted just as long. The twilight and the unmoving eclipse must mean that the system I am in has been completely tidally locked. The same side of the planet always faces the sun, and the moon, through some strange alignment of gravity, is stuck between the two at all times. The vortexes though…nothing I have seen in all of my journeys could explain that."

Suddenly, movement catches his eyes. He looks to the left just in time to see some pebbles falling from a nearby outcropping. He suddenly turns around 180 degrees when he hears something behind him. Callon begins to look nervous. He calls out, "Hello? Is somebody there?"

A voice suddenly says, "Greetings, stranger."

Callon turns back to look where he was looking only moments ago, except somebody now stands there. It is a tall man with radiant skin, long golden hair, and pointed ears. Everything about him practically seems to be glowing. Upon seeing this being, Callon jumps back with surprise, only to find that now there are more of these people behind him. After a speechless moment, he says, "I'm Captain Callon, of the Yugohan Starship Frontier. We were on a mission to the planet Thorja-3, but I was somehow stranded here. Are you the inhabitants of this world?"

The being tilts his head. "How curious. Are you telling me that you're an outsider?"

"I suppose you could call it that. I come from the planet Yugoha."

"I know not what this term 'planet' means. But it would appear that you have arrived to our dimension from another."

This shocks Callon. "Dimension? You're telling me that I have entered a different dimension entirely? How is that possible?"

"It would seem that, just as your talk of planets confuses me, mine of dimensions confuses you. This is the Realm of Chaos, a world where the forces of Light and Darkness intersect. I am Aelon, Chief of the Light Tribe."

Callon shakes his head in disbelief. "No, this isn't happening. This isn't happening." He laughs at the sheer absurdity of the situation.

"Deny it all you wish; the fact of the matter is that you are as far from your home as one can possibly travel. It has been millions of years since outsiders last traveled to our realm. What has brought you here?"

"I wish I knew. I was investigating a strange machine, and it transported me here. Now I need a way back."

Aelon grins opportunistically. "You're in luck, outsider. We know a way for you to return to your realm."

"You do? Tell me how, I must know."

Aelon grins even wider. "Come with us back to our village. I'll gladly fill you in there. Just be warned, if we are to help you, we need your help first."

Callon nods. "Anything, just tell me what I need to do."

"Come, come." He beckons for Callon to follow him.

Aelon and his other light elves bring Callon to their village, a small and rural settlement tucked away in a nearby mountain range. Callon looks around and observes the antiquated way of life these people follow. There are farmers, craftsmen, merchants, and the like, and no technology to be seen at all. Callon says under his breath, "It's like I'm back in the Feudalistic Age. What could these primitives possibly know about dimension travel when Yugoha is only just beginning its space-faring age?"

Aelon says without looking back to Callon, "You don't give my people enough credit, Captain Callon."

Callon curses under his breath, and then asks, "You could hear that?"

"My people are known for their excellent hearing." He beckons to the hut ahead, the largest in the village. "That is my home. We will talk business in there."

They enter the hut, and Aelon invites Callon to take a seat at a table. Callon shakes his head, preferring to remain standing. Aelon shrugs indifferently and takes a seat himself. Callon gets right down to business. "Alright, what is it I have to do to get back to my own dimension?"

"You are a man who likes to get right to the point. I respect that, so allow me to get right to the point. There is an ancient artifact known as the Veil of Chaos. It is a magical object that allows its wielder to freely travel between this realm and your own."

Callon groans. "Great, now we're talking about magic. I really am in the Feudalistic Age."

"Do you doubt that there are powers in the universe beyond your comprehension?"

Callon tilts his head. "Well, no, but that doesn't mean there's magic. It's just undiscovered science."

"But if it is a force you don't understand, then how is that any different from magic?"

Callon throws up his hands defeat. "Fine. Just tell me what needs to be done to get this Veil of Chaos."

"The Veil is possessed by a tribe known as the Chaotic Ones. They distort the purity that is Light by combining it with Darkness. We cannot allow such heretics to remain in possession of such a powerful artifact."

Callon nods. "Alright, so where do I come into this? You said you needed my help."

"Yes, for you see, the Chaotic Ones have placed a protective barrier around the Veil, one that blocks out any being of pure Light. None of my tribe can penetrate this barrier, but you, as an outsider, have not aligned with any one side. You have aspects of both Light and Darkness within you, and you can pass right through the barrier unimpeded. Will you help put this artifact back in the hands of Light?"

"This Veil can bring me back to where I came from?"


"Then what choice do I have? Just tell me what I need to do, and I'll do it."

"Star-Log, Day 14. I have entered into an alliance with the Tribe of Light in order to get back to my own dimension. These people, elves in all sense of the word, dedicate themselves entirely to following a path of light. As noble a concept as this sounds, I cannot help but question the philosophy. It seems to leave them unopen to outside ideas. Everything they do must be completely devoid of anything that could be perceived as an element of darkness. Regardless, they are my only hope of returning home, so I must trust them. Besides, how could ones devoted to all that is light and good be untrustworthy?"

Callon strolls across the Light Tribe's village towards Aelon's hut. He has finally shed his environment suit, leaving him in his uniform. He notices a large gathering of the light elves geared up in armor. Some of them are performing target practice with arrows made of pure light. He tilts his head, wondering what they're doing. He then walks into Aelon's hut and demands, "What's going on out there? Your people look like they're…about to go to war?"

Aelon turns to Callon. "Is something wrong with that?"

"I didn't sign up to join any war. If there's anything you're not telling me about these Chaotic Ones, you'd better tell me now."

Aelon shakes his head disapprovingly. "Might I remind you that you are the outsider, and my tribe is extending hospitality to you. You'd be best not to question us. But since you must know, my soldiers are preparing to provide you back up, should you need it."

Callon isn't convinced. "But this is supposed to be a stealth mission. You said that there'd be no fighting."

"The goal is to get you in and out without being noticed, but the possibility exists that all will not go according to plan, and that you and the Veil of Chaos will need an extraction."

Callon begrudgingly nods.

"Now, are you ready for your task?"

Callon affirms, "The sooner I'm out of this crazy place, the better."

Aelon places something in Callon's hand. "Good. You'll be needing this."

Callon looks it over. It's some sort of smooth, round stone. "What is it?"

"It's a Link Stone. It allows two individuals, each one of the paired Link Stones, to communicate with each other telepathically. It will allow me to guide you from a distance."

Callon nods. "Alright, it's a communicator. Is there anything else I need? I'd like to begin."

Aelon shakes his head. "No, you may depart as soon as you feel ready. Aya will be your guard." He beckons to a female elf sitting at his side.

"In that case, let's leave immeadiatly."

Aya leads Callon to a hiding spot behind a boulder. She takes a peek up and over it and says, "There it is, the fortress of the Chaotic Ones."

Callon looks up and over as well. Ahead of them is a large metal structure that appears nearly seamless in its construction, and has no jagged edges. Callon looks contemplative. "There's something familiar about that building, but I can't put my finger on it." He turns to Aya and inquires, "So how do I get in?"

She responds, "I can use my powers of Light to teleport you directly into the reliquary, but it's a big room, you'll have to find the Veil of Chaos yourself. Once you retrieve it, tell Lord Aelon with your Link Stone that you're ready to leave, and I'll extract you."

Callon seems a little bewildered. "Teleportation, of course. More magic." He takes a deep breath. "Alright, send me in."

Aya raises her arms and her hands begin to glow. Moments later, Callon is transported away. When he reappears, he's standing in the middle of an expansive chamber. Filling that chamber is an innumerable amount of artifacts of different shapes and sizes. Some look like archaic, yet ornate weaponry, others seem to be bits and pieces of machinery, then there's articles of clothing and armor, and there's even more that can't be described.

Callon grasps his Link Stone and whispers, "Alright, I'm in."

The voice of Aelon responds, "Very good. Do you see the Veil of Chaos?"

"Not yet." He steps up to a display case with an artifact. Floating in this one is a small round disc with a black and white yin-yang pattern emblazoned on it. He asks, "What are these?"

Aelon explains, "This room is where the Chaotic Ones hoard their Chaos Relics, ancient items of great power created by an ancient race that came to this world from another realm. The one you are looking at is called the Yin-Yang Crest of Temko. It has the power to absorb all of the abilities of another being so that wielder may use them as their own." With a sudden sound of annoyance, he snaps, "But that does not matter. Pay no heed to anything else. The Veil of Chaos is the only thing you need."

Callon nods. "Right." He walks away, keeping his eyes on the Yin-Yang Crest for as long as he can.

After a while of searching, Callon notices a display case larger than all the others. Floating in it is a dazzling cloak that shimmers between extremes of light and darkness. Callon is startled by its stunning nature. After getting over the initial shock, he says, "I think I've found it. It's a cloak, right? In a big central display case?"

Aelon says eagerly. "Yes, you've found it! Grab it! Grab it now!"

Callon nods. "Right." He approaches the case.

Before he can reach for it, a voice shouts, "Stop right where you are!" Callon instinctively reaches for his sidearm, but the voice shouts, "I said don't move!" Callon freezes. "Good, now turn around slowly."

Callon does as he's told. Standing behind him is a tall and intimidating man. Not a normal looking man, however. His skin seems to be divided right down his body, with the right side being a shadowy black, and the left being a pure white. He wears clothes that are also half black and white, but with the colors reversed from that of his skin. He holds a glowing gold sword up towards Callon. He demands, "Who are you? You're an outsider, aren't you? What are you doing here?"

Deciding to be blunt, Callon answers, "I've come for the Veil of Chaos for the Light Tribe."

The man's eyes widen. "The Light Tribe! I don't know what they've promised you, outsider, but-"
Callon takes advantage of the man's distraction, and suddenly delivers a roundhouse kick to his arm, forcing him to drop the sword of light. In a continuing fluid motion, Callon draws his sidearm and aims it at the man.

Realizing he's beaten, the man slowly raises his arms into the air. He urges, "You can't trust the Light Tribe. They're a scourge to this realm."

Callon laughs. "Funny, that's exactly what they said about your people." He notices the man has binder cuffs on his belt. Callon reaches forward, grabs them, and binds the man. The man has no choice but to let him.

"I don't know what they've promised you, but whatever it is, they're lying. They're using you as a tool to get what they want, a disposable tool."

"Do you deny that you allow darkness to permeate your philosophies?"

The man is confused. "No, why would I deny that? That is the way of Chaos."

"Well, the Light Tribe follow the light exclusively. Guess who I find it easier to trust."

Realization crosses the man's face. "Ah, you are not only an outsider, you are ignorant. You are simply making the same mistake that all Ignorant Ones would."

Callon shakes his head in confusion. "What nonsense are you spouting?"

Via the Link Stone, Aelon urges, "What is taking so long? Get that Veil!"

Callon ignores him, his curiosity piqued. The man answers, "Chaos is the one true philosophy of the universe. It is the governing principle that dictates the innerworkings of all. Chaos is the combination of Light and Darkness, for what more chaotic could exist than a mixture of two polar opposites? Only one of the most extreme discipline can control this chaos by maintaining a perfect balance between the two. To your ignorant mind, Darkness is inherently evil, and Light inherently good, but either one in the extreme can beget evil. Only a Balance is truly good. That is why you can't trust the Light Tribe. They seek to destroy all Darkness, thus ruining any chance of Balance being maintained."

Callon rolls his eyes. "Wow, that might just prove to be one the most deluded things I have ever heard." Over it, he turns towards the Veil and reaches for it, his hand passing right through the barrier encasing it.

The Chaotic One shouts, "No!"

Callon grabs the veil and removes it from the protective barrier. "Okay Aelon, I have it." The moment he says this, the veil disappears from his hand. Callon is shocked. "Hey, what gives!?"

The Chaotic One shouts, "You fool! You've doomed us all!"

Callon pulls out the Link Stone and demands, "Aelon, what's going on? Why'd you leave me in here?"

Aelon, suddenly sounding much more menacing, responds, "I'm sorry, outsider, but I haven't been completely honest with you. Now that we have the Veil of Chaos, all that is not pure Light will be destroyed. That includes yourself and, thanks to the powers of the Veil, your realm as well."

Callon shouts with rage, "Aelon!"

Suddenly the entire building shakes. Callon runs to a window and looks out. He sees an army of Aelon's soldiers marching towards the fortress. They have already begun an onslaught of magical attacks.

The still bounded Chaotic One asks, "Do you realize the severity of your mistake now, outsider?"

Callon doesn't respond, but the look on his face suggests he has. He looks towards the center of the attacking army and sees Aelon himself donning the Veil of Chaos. As soon as it's on his shoulders, he floats up into the air, surrounded in a purple and gold aura. From his hands, he unleashes two massive beams of light energy, obviously fueled by the power of the Veil.

He looks down and sees an army of Chaotic Ones emerging from the fortress. The armies clash and a battle ensues, but Aelon with the Veil seems much too powerful for them to handle.

Callon asks, "What is this? Aelon told me that the Veil of Chaos was used for traveling between dimensions, not this."

The Chaotic One responds, "And have you not figured out that he is willing to lie to achieve his goals? That is but one of the abilities that the Veil grants its wearer. It also grants them the ability to manipulate the proportions of Light and Dark energies around them. It's amplifying his Light abilities a hundredfold. I fear that not even the great Envoys of Chaos would be a match for him now."

"The Envoys of Chaos?"

As if to answer his question, a great roar is heard. Callon looks up into the sky and sees a grand dragon fly down from the sky. On its back is a warrior. It's the Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End and the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. The dragon breathes a magnificent breath of black flames across the battlefield, falling countless light elves. However, Aelon has created a barrier of light around him to protect himself. The Black Luster Soldier leaps off of the Chaos Emperor Dragon's back and directly engages in battle with Aelon, both using swords made of light.

Callon asks, "Who are they?"

"They are the great Envoys of Chaos, they represent Light and Darkness itself and serve the Chaos Deity directly. Next to him, they are the most powerful beings in existence."

As he explains this, Callon watches as the Black Luster Soldier is overwhelmed by Aelon and falls to the floor before him. The Chaos Emperor Dragon roars and attacks with black flames once more, but Aelon blocks them again, and attacks back with a massive beam of light. The dragon attempts to dodge, but its wing is grazed, causing enough damage to cause it to plummet to the ground and crash.

The Chaotic One shakes his head in disbelief. "If even the Envoys of Chaos could not defeat him, then we are all doomed. Aelon will destroy everything."

Callon says to himself, "And then my dimension is next…" With this statement, he decides that he can no longer sit back and watch. He quickly glances around the room, and his eyes settle on something. A plan begins to form. "You told me that those envoys are entities of pure Light and Darkness, right?"

"Yes, what of it?"

"And you also said that a balance of the two can be more powerful than when apart?"

"Only when the balance is absolute, but yes. What are you thinking?"

"I'm asking myself that right now." He walks towards a display case and reaches in, pulling out the Yin-Yang Crest of Temko. He looks to it, takes a deep breath in, and then charges forward, flinging himself right through the window. As he's falling to the ground, he attaches the crest to his uniform. The moment he does, it begins to glow and pulsate.

On the battlefield, both the fallen Black Luster Soldier and Chaos Emperor Dragon begin to glow. Then Light energy from the former and Darkness from the latter begin to flow from them and into the crest. From the crest, the energy enters into Callon's body. He closes his eyes momentarily, and then reopens them. Now one of his eyes is purple, and the other is gold. A great gold and purple aura begins to pulsate around him, and a yin-yang symbol appears on the back of his right hand. Right before he hits the ground, he begins to float in the air. With an amplified voice, he declares, "I'm putting a stop to this now, Aelon!"

Aelon looks to him. "You're a fool, outsider! I will destroy you!"

With incredible speeds, the two dash at each other and unleash tremendous energies upon impact, flinging them both back. Aelon creates two large beams of light, but Callon manages to block both with a yin-yang shield he manifests. Callon then attacks back by hurling two orbs of energy, one light, the other dark. Aelon dodges to the left, and then to the right to avoid the attacks. Both combatants then unleash the largest beams of energy yet. They collide midway between the two of them. The two appear equally matched.

Callon seems to have a plan, though. He suddenly stops his attack and disappears from sight before Aelon's beam can touch him. He then reappears behind Aelon, reaches forward, and yanks the Veil of Chaos from his shoulders. Once this happens, all of Aelon's powers seep out from him. He opens his eyes with shock, only just registering what happened before he falls to the ground.

He gets up and looks upwards at Callon. "No! Give me that veil! You are not worthy of holding it!"

Callon announces to the entire Light Tribe army, "Light Tribe, leave this place now! You have lost this battle!" To emphasize his point, Callon unleashes a beam of energy that hits the ground just in front of the front line. In fright, the soldiers begin to teleport themselves away.

Aelon looks up to Callon and sneers with hatred, "You will regret this day, outsider! You and your entire realm of Darkness will burn for this transgression! I swear it!" He teleports himself away.

Callon lowers to the ground and removes the Crest of Temko from his uniform. The moment he does, all the energy he absorbed returns to the Envoys. They both stir, and begin to come to.

A Chaotic One, the one from the reliquary, who seems to have been freed from his binders, approaches Callon. "You are no normal outsider, there is much potential in you. Only one with a great inner Balance could control that much Chaos energy."

Callon hands him the Veil and Crest. "These belong to you. I don't know how to apologize for all the trouble I caused for you and your people."

The Chaotic One shakes his head. "You cannot be blamed for your ignorance. Not since the Precursors left your realm for this one over 200 million years ago has your realm understood the ways of Chaos."

Something clicks into place with Callon. "Wait, 200 million years ago? You're talking about the inhabitants of Thorja-3! That's what happened to them, they left their planet to migrate to the realm of Chaos!" He looks to the Chaotic Ones' fortress. "That's why that building looked so familiar, I saw ones just like it on Thorja-3."

"Yes, the Precursors were the first from your realm to truly understand Chaos. Once they learned the way to this realm, they decided they could no longer live in one of misbalance. They were the creators of the Chaos Relics, such as the Crest of Temko. It is the duty of the Chaotic Ones to safeguard their legacy."

At this point, both the Chaos Emperor Dragon and Black Luster Solider have reawakened. The Black Luster Soldier says with a majestic voice, "Callon of Yugoha, today we are in your debt."

Callon shakes his head. "I cannot take credit for this victory, for it was I who caused the trouble in the first place."

The Chaos Emperor Dragon asserts with a commanding voice, "Nevertheless, you also solved the trouble. For that we must thank you."

"All I want is to get back to my own dimension."

Black Luster Soldier states, "It would be of no effort for us to send you back to where you came, if that is what you wish."

Callon nods. "It is."

Chaos Emperor Dragon declares, "Then it shall be so! But we have one request of you."

"Anything to repay for the mistake I've made today."

Black Luster soldier requests, "When you return, spread the word of Chaos. Let your people know of the philosophy of the Balance. The time has come for Balance to return to your realm. It will set the stage for all we have foreseen in your realm's future to occur."

Callon nods. "As crazy as the whole Chaos thing sounded to me, once I felt its power surging through me, I suddenly understood what this whole Balance thing is about. I will spread the word. With Chaos on its side, Yugoha will rise to greatness."

Both Envoys agree, "That, it will."

Black Luster Soldier then slashes his sword, slicing through the air itself, opening a rift. He explains, "Step through here, and you will be transported back to the exact point you left."

Callon nods, and steps up to the portal. He looks around, taking in his surroundings one last time. The sights that once caused him confusion and distress now seem to resonate with him. He taps the emblem on his chest twice, causing his environment suit to materialize around him. He takes a deep breath, and then leaps into the portal.

Just as Black Luster soldier said, he reappears exactly where he was when he first left Thorja-3. He looks over to see Arna busily looking over the control panel, in an attempt to figure out how to work it.

Callon declares, "Status report, Lieutenant Arna!"

With utter shock, Arna turns around and gasps. "Captain! But how!?"

Rojak asks over the communicator, "Captain, is that you!?"

"Yes Commander Rojak, I'm back. And boy, do I have a story to tell."