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One Punch Wizard

November 1st, 1981. 4:00 A.M

Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

"Let us be off." The white-bearded man said, walking away from the suburban house as he did. Behind him followed an elderly woman and a man who somehow managed to dwarf them both in sheer size. The large man climbed back onto the motorcycle he had arrived on and drove off into the night. Meanwhile, the other two strode off onto the sidewalk, and with a turn on his heel, the other man disappeared with a light 'pop'. The woman turned to give the front door of No.4 last look, namely at the small bundle on the front step, before doing the same, leaving the street empty once again.

Now, a rational person would think something fishy was afoot at this scene. And they'd be right, because on closer inspection, they'd discover the bundle was, in fact, a sleeping baby boy; not much more than a year old.

And so, it's here where we find one Harry James Potter, son to the recently late James and Lily Potter. Dropped off like a package by one Albus Dumbledore.

Thankfully, he was sound asleep during all this.

Emphasis on 'was'. The sound of one Petunia Dursley screaming upon opening her front door later that morning would wake anyone.

"No! No! Absolutely not! I refuse to allow this thing to stay under our roof!" Vernon Dursley growled, pointing to the still-wrapped infant sitting on their coffee table.

"And you think I don't want to get rid of the freak either!?" Petunia responded. "I don't want him anywhere NEAR my Dudley, but look!" she held up a letter that had been pinned to the blanket, "The other freaks are practically ordering us to take him in!"

Without a second thought, Vernon ripped out of her hand and began shredding it, "Sod them! We're good, honest, normal people, Pet! Those freaks have no right to make demands of us!"

"But what can we do? For all we know they might already be watching us to make sure we do what they say!"

Vernon looked around furiously, his bushy moustache twitching. After a moment, and in a surprising eureka moment, his beady eyes lit up. "Quick, get dressed. They might try and watch the house, but they can't follow us all day!"

"You mean…?"

He nodded. "By the time we get home, this freak'll be out of our hair and our lives. And there won't be a damn thing the rest of them will be able to do about it!"

The next several minutes proved to be a bustle of activity inside the house as the pair franticly made themselves and their son presentable before heading out to the car. After getting Dudley into his carseat...and more or less stuffing Harry into the rear passenger floor, the car could be seen pulling out.

"This is not how I'd hoped to start my morning." the police officer muttered to herself as she redirected traffic around the wreckage.

"What the hell happened!?" another asked when he arrived to help keep the area clear

"From what witnesses say, the people inside either weren't paying attention or didn't care and ran a red light. Right into the path of that truck." She nodded to the large flatbed in the middle of the intersection. "The truck driver's in a right state. Can't say I blame him. EMT and paramedics just finished pulling out what's left of the two adults, and the two year old in the back; Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley."

"Oh, oh hell..." her co-worker sighed.

"Hey! Hey! We got a survivor here!" One of the EMTs yelled, pulling a crying bundle out of the wreckage to cheers and shouts of relief.

"Where was he!?"

"Lucky 'lil sprog was in the back floorboard. The passenger seat had managed to fold back over him on impact and took most of the hit. Lookit him! Aside from the scar on his head, he doesn't have a scratch!"

"Scar?" the officer felt the blood drain from her face when she saw the tuft of black hair and bolt-shaped scar on the baby's head. "Oh. Bloody. Hell." she quickly looked over to her coworker. "Uh, I gotta hit the loo. Keep watch on things for me till I get back"

"Wait, I...could've at least waited till I finished!" he muttered as she ran off into a nearby store, not knowing or hearing as she vanished with a 'pop' the moment no one was around. A few moments later, she reappeared inside a ramshackle-looking old tavern, kicking up a small cloud of dust in the process.

"Morning, Officer Matilda." the bartender called out. "Didn't expect to see you here so early."

"'Fraid I can't stop to chat, Tom." she replied, "Need to use your floo. Kind of an emergency. Can you throw up a privacy ward real quick?"

"Oh, sure." the aged man pulled out a foot-long stick and waved it towards the nearby fireplace. "There ya go. Is something wrong?"

"You have no idea." she half-whispered. Grabbing a handful of powder from a pot on the mantle, she threw it into the fire and called out "Hogwarts!"

In a secluded castle within the Scottish highlands, Albus Dumbledore was in his office, contentedly snacking on a bowl of candy and congratulating himself for a job well done that morning when a concerned voice spoke up from the fireplace.

"Headmaster Dumbledore! Headmaster?"

"Who'd be calling THIS early in the morning?" the old man wondered as he made his way over to the crackling fire. "Miss Crenhammer?" His eyebrows raised slightly in surprise when he recognized the woman's face sticking out from the flame, "Not that I'm unhappy to see you again, but it's rather surprising."

"Sorry, sir, but...I'm afraid we have a situation. We...we just pulled Harry Potter out of a auto wreck."

"Pardon?" Dumbledore blanched a tad, he might have been a little unfamiliar with cars, but 'wreck' was never a good thing to hear.

"There's been an accident in london. The car he was in was hit by a truck. The truck driver's fine, but the Dursleys..."

The blanch grew, "The..the Dursleys?"

She sighed, "Both adults and child...damn shame. Potter's the only survivor from the car. Thankfully he's unhurt, at least. Just figured it best you know."

"Hm? Oh, yes, yes...that's most fortunate. Thank you for informing me. Truly a shame about the others, though." He murmured before bidding her goodbye. the moment her face vanished, he almost fell back onto his ass. "Merlin's gall stones…!" he groaned. This was an unmitigated disaster!

The blood protections the child's mother had invoked would work anywhere, preventing ones like the Dark Lord and his followers from touching him, but without a living relative the protection charms he had added to keep them from actually finding him were useless!

"Gah! Pull yourself together, man!" he chided himself. "You are Albus Percival Brian Wulfric Dumbledore, defeater of Grindelwald, the leader of the Light! You can still recover the situation! There has to be a solution to this." he returned to his chair.

It was safe to say there was no one on James' side that was available due to young Harry being the last Potter remaining. So that left trying to find someone related to Lily. The question was who. Petunia was the only one he knew of.

Suddenly, something clicked. Wait...he recalled that during her time in school, Lily had written to a cousin a couple of times. "A young man living in...where was it…Japan! Of course!" he almost jumped out of his seat with a whoop. "I even remember his name!"

Meanwhile in City Z:

"AH-ACHOO!" a certain bald-headed hero sneezed, "Well, that was weird." He noted in a monotone voice. "Someone talking about me?"

AN: Shout out to Tatsurou-san for helping flesh this story out. If this turns out well, I might be able to get back into the swing of things with some of my other fics (though they may require a rewrite)