The esper duo gave their target a less-than-unimpressed look. Snape was currently stuck to the wall, courtesy of Fubuki while Tempest put a mildly catatonic Filch off to the side. "Eww..." Tempest sniffed, scrunching her nose up. "This guy smells like a porta-potty!"

"Let me down this instant, or else!" He demanded, giving them a murderous glare. "That brat of yours will be serving detentions all seven years when I get hold of her-!" *CLUNK!* "OW!" He cried out when Tempest bounced a nearby bucket off his face.

"That's my older sister, pal." Fubuki muttered. "And she's...sensitive about her height. Also, it's kinda rich that you seem to think you're in any shape to give orders."

"When Albus finds out-"

"Who do you think told us where to find you?" Tempest cut him off, smirking at the doubletake he almost did.

"Aww, Sis, look at him." Fubuki said, gesturing to the silent glare he was focusing on them. The kind that, in normal conditions, meant 'do as I say or suffer the consequences'. Unfortunately for Snape, trying it on two women who regularly faced city-wrecking monsters only made him look like he needed a laxative. "He's trying to look intimidating. That'd be almost adorable, if he wasn't such a prick to Harry."

"Potter!?" Snape hissed. "I should've known that bastard's spawn was behind this! AUGH!" He cried out when the bucket whacked him in the face again.

Tempest floated it over beside her. "Huh. Those kids weren't kidding when they said you were an asshole."

" dare you!" He snapped, staring her right in the eyes. He'd decided it was time to show these trollops who the boss was. Staring the smaller of the two in the eye, he forced his way into her mind with his Occlumency…"GTHKKT!" He suddenly sputtered, going crosseyed as he felt his probe invert back on himself and deliver an epic bitchslap to his mind.

Tempest narrowed her eyes. She'd felt an odd tingle behind her eyes when he looked at her. A tingle she recognized, and did not appreciate. "Fubuki, you remember that tiger class kaiju you found that time; called itself Empire Eyeball?"

"Yeah, tried to hypnotize people by eye contact…" Fubuki looked at Snape. "You prick!"

Tempest, however, just smirked. "But this guy screwed up. He tried to enter my head, and it rebounded. I can still feel the trail it left. Gimmie a second." Her eyes flashed green as she followed it back.

Snape was still dazed mentally, so he barely had a chance to react before she was in and started picking apart whatever she could find. Despite his training, as good as it was, it was no match to what some considered the strongest esper in the world. Tempest nudged his defenses aside like she was making her way through a grocery store, rifling through what looked interesting.

Fubuki watched, snickering at the interesting facial acrobatics Snape made while her sister looked around in his head. She just didn't expect to hear him scream out "THE TRIBBLES ARE EATING MY NOSEHAIR!" before Tempest's eyes went back to normal, signifying she'd finished.

"Oww…." He whined, shaking his head to clear it. "…! GATHP!" The bucket impacted him again...except, it was much lower this time.

"You piece of shit." Tempest muttered. "You unmitigated bastard."

"Tempest?" Fubuki asked. Whatever she found couldn't have been good if she was this mad.

"This...I don't even know if he qualifies as a trying to hold Harry responsible for James supposedly 'stealing'..." She used as big a set of air quotes as she could for that word, "...Lily from him."

"OF COURSE HE DID, YOU STUPID BINT!" Snape roared. "Lily trusted ME! She hated Potter as much as I did, then she started liking him in our seventh year! He did something! I KNOW it!"

"Oh reeaaallly?" Tempest rolled her eyes. "I sifted through some of those memories, dumbass. Granted, James Potter was a bit of a dick then, but unlike you, he seemed to have grown up. Not to mention that, unless I'm mistaken, YOU finished screwing up the friendship by insulting her."

"I could have FIXED it!" He snarled. "But that bastard took her; that spawn of his proof!" The look in his eyes was almost pure hate when he said that. "If I can't make James Potter suffer for what he did to me, then his brat will pay for it instead! I'll make him regret his damn birth-HURK!" He gurgled when his throat was abruptly clamped down.

The hate quickly melted into fear at the sight before him. Both Tempest and Fubuki were glaring at him, their telekinetic auras visibly whipping around them and throwing about everything that wasn't bolted down. He felt something warm run down his leg when the floor cracked under them, loose pieces of stone floating up to join the swirling debris. He barely managed to shriek in protest before they advanced on him.

"Merlin's braided…!" Dumbledore fumbled frantically to recover his quill after he heard it; the unmistakable scream, and blows landing, of a poor sod who on the receiving end of what most experts would call 'ye olde pummeling'.

And it didn't take a seer to guess who that poor sod was, either. Sighing and rubbing the bridge of his nose, the old man called for a house elf. "Kipper, would you please let Madam Pomfrey know that she may want to have a bed prepared for Professor Snape? And a bottle of Skele-grow on hand."

"Kipper be doings that, sir!" The little elf squeaked.

"Oh, and possibly let Professor McGonagall know we might need to find a substitute Potions teacher for the foreseeable future."

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