"Silver Fang!" Mumen Rider called out, skidding to a stop on his bicycle. "I take it you're hunting for that monster as well?"

The aged martial artist nodded. "Indeed. It's already eaten a dozen people from what I've gathered. I just hope we find it before it finds any more civilians."

"I had a bead on it a short while ago, but it's smarter than it looks." Mumen muttered. "Bastard managed to slip off a few blocks away."

"Can't be too far then. The question is where."

Silver Fang got his answer in the form of a large boom. "Huh? That sounded like it was just a couple streets away."

"That's where the district's shelter is at!" Mumen turned his bike towards it. "We need to hurry!" with that, both heros took off to see what happened. "The shelter door!" he yelled, seeing the large hole torn in the metal.

"It doesn't look like it's alone either!" Fang pointed to the second hole, though his arm slumped a little when he saw what was trying to claw its way out.

"That's…" Mumen started, head tilting a little when the monster saw them.

"HELP! DON'T LET HIM GET MEEEEE…!" It shrieked as it was yanked back in, followed by another boom and a large crack appearing in the nearby section of wall.

The two looked at each other briefly, before running over to the hole.

The sight that greeted them was...well, 'unexpected' would be like calling fire warm.

"S-Silver Fang?"


"A little boy is beating it up."

"I see it."

"Shouldn't we go help?"

Fang promptly caught what appeared to be a large tooth. "Which one?"

"I'm not even sure how to act if I got around anyone my age!" Harry ranted, smashing the monster back into the wall by its tail. "I mean, what am I supposed to say?" A heave sent it bouncing off one the ceiling reinforcement girders. "'Hi, I'm Harry and you're the first kid I've ever talked to'?" He snapped a kick out, knocking it into a nearby pillar.

The duo stared at Harry's rampage for a while, taking it all in. "How could such power...be in someone so small…?" Silver Fang murmured softly as the monster hit another wall and got snatched back by the glow. "And so young?"

"I've never even been on a school bus, for crying out loud!" Harry yelled, landing a supplex

"I can't feel my head anymore!"

"D-did you know Saitama had a kid?" Mumen Rider asked curiously.

"Wa-what? Saitama?" Silver Fang demanded, flinching back comically in shock.

"You know anybody else who can punch that hard, or rant like that?" Mumen asked, gesturing to the boy. "According to him, he had black hair as well before losing it."

Silver Fang blinked a couple of times, turning back to the pummeling. "But Saitama doesn't have esper abilities-wait!" His eyes promptly bugged out shock. "Is...is that why they're always fighting?" He looked up like he'd just had a realization."But if that's the case… then why are her breasts still so tiny?"

"Huh?" Mumen asked in confusion, although part of him was throwing up warnings.

"I mean, if anything would make that girl resemble her hot sister a bit more, it would be-"

"Truely a fascinating conversation." A familiar voice observed coldly from behind the pair, sending a chill down the martial artist's spine. "And pray tell, whose 'hot sister' might you be talking about?"

With a badly hidden 'gulp', he turned around to see an irate-looking Tempest and annoyed Fubuki.

Behind her Genos was looking intently at Mumen Rider, and trying to motion discreetly as he could that the hero should quickly get out of the imminent danger area.

"No, do continue." Tempest hissed, already floating a few bricks around her.

Luckily for him, Harry's voice rang out, getting the attention of all the heros. "Is it that unreasonable!?" He brought a fist up into the monster's jaw, visibly breaking it loose."Just one day!" Another punch lifted it into the air one more time. "To just relax!" He drew back as it began its descent. "And actually be a KID!?"

There was an audible squish as the final punch proved to be the finishing blow when the head and a quarter of the monster's upper body was reduced to a meaty slurry.

"Yuck!" Harry grimaced, trying to shake the viscera off his hand. "Now I know why Uncle Saitama wears gloves when he's doing this!"

"HARRY!" Fubuki yelled, almost bowling the others over as she ran to him, almost using her own powers to pull him into an engulfing hug. "Are you alright, Honey!? That mean thing didn't hurt you, did it!?"

"I'm fine…." Harry started saying, though the rest was muffled from his face being wedged in her chest.

Saitama sighed, looking at the damage "Wish my fights lasted that long…" He turned his attention to the civilians currently pressed up against the back wall. "Everyone still alive?"

Mumen Rider, on the other hand, was watching Fubuki fawning over the boy. "That's odd" He thought to himself. "I've never seen her act like this be...fore…" He rapidly looked between her and Saitama. "Wait...what if...? Silver Fang!"

"Lucky squirt...Huh?" The old man looked up, distracted from his bout of envying the boy's predicament.

"See how Fubuki's acting?" he replied. "I think you might have been looking at the wrong sister."

"The wrong...oh...oh!" Silver's eyes widened and a somewhat lecherous smile appeared on his face. "Oh-HO! That makes MUCH more sense! Saitama, you sly dog!" he laughed heartedly. "I didn't know you had it in you!

"Um, had what?" Saitama asked, wondering what the old man was going on about.

"Come on now, you can tell me." He chuckled. "Did she get to lead things or were you in charge the whole time? Ooh, did you take turns!?" the chuckling turned a bit more perverted. "I'm betting you both learned some interesting thing, eh?"

"What are you…?" Saitama asked, before a look of realization crossed his face. "Oh, that. Well, it was kinda boring, mostly. Nothing I hadn't really done before, and I had to get pretty strict with Tempest and Fubuki…"

"F-Fubuki….AND Tempest!?" Mumen's jaw dropped.

'"Yeah, they kept wanting to use their psychic stuff to make it easy. It was a long time before they got accustomed to the roughness I was used to."

"Rough?" Fang's eyes gradually widened.

"Had to teach the both of them at the same time just to get any progress. At least Genos was able to lend a hand there."


"Yeah, he'd handle one while I dealt with the other."

Fang's eyes widen to almost comical proportions. "He-he'd..?"

Saitama shrugged. "Why not? Doubt they have been able to handle Harry otherwise."


"I must admit, it was something of a challenge at first." the cybernetic blonde commented, "Tempest and her sister can be quite stubborn at times."

"Oi! We weren't that bad!" The woman puffed her cheeks out indignantly, her ire at Fang forgotten for the moment.

"Actually it was several weeks before either you or Fubuki were able to last thirty minutes with Harry.

"Hoooooo..." Fang hyperventilated slightly.

"I remember that." Harry called out after overhearing them. "You both were walking funny for a while after the first time you tried to keep up with me. And the second."

"I was sore!" Tempest protested. "Had muscles I didn't even know existed aching…"

By now Mumen's face was bright red from hearing all this...then he head Tempest's response. "Sore muscles...h-hang on; you mean...?" Unfortunately, he was interrupted by an impressive gout of blood courtesy of the elderly man's nostrils. "Gah! Silver Fang!"

"Uncle Saitama?" Harry called out, watching the old man fall over. "Is he all right? That can't be good for a guy his age.

"U-Uncle?" Mumen looked over at him.

"Actually, Harry is Sensei's first cousin once removed. He just sees it easier to call him that." Genos answered.

"Uncle? But..but...what you were talking about a moment ago..."

"Yes, the training. They had to break the habit of using their esper powers while exercising, mostly by trying to fly when they were supposed to be jogging. What did you...think…?" He quickly looked at Fubuki (still hugging Harry), then Tempest, and finally Silver Fang and his silly grin. "You..you thought…?" he snickered. "You thought Sensei...and them…?"

"Well, all the evidence was pointing that way." Mumen replied. He was seriously starting to think they'd been WAY off. "He..he hits and rants like…" He glowered when Genos burst out laughing.

"Aunt Fubuki, can I get up? Need to wash my hand; it's starting to dry.."

"Wash your...EEEEWWWW!" Fubuki shrieked when she saw.