History Repeats Itself

"I hope you have a child just like you someday," many parents tell their children. Edward and Bella are raising their family; how will they react when that statement comes true? A/H Canon couples with some twists.


There had to be at least fifteen different kinds of tests on the pharmacy shelf. First Response, AccuClear, Clearblue, e.p.t., generic, multipack, plus sign, two lines, smiley face, digital, five minute results, two minute results. The young girl stood in the middle of the aisle and looked at all of the choices.

She looked between the ten dollar bill that her friend had shoved into her hand and the tiny prices below each test. She picked up two boxes and compared them. She shrugged her shoulders and put one box back. Outside the store she handed her friend the box and her change.

She drove her friend to his house where he was waiting on the front porch for her.

"Maybe it'll be negative," she said optimistically as her friend climbed out of the running car.

Her friend shook her head in response, a dejected look on her face.

"It will be okay no matter what. Call me later if you want to talk," she told her friend.

Her friend just nodded and shut the car door. She walked to him, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and together they went into the house.

A/N: This story is completely written and chapters will be posted after editing. It is rated M for language, subject matter, and some lemons. Thank you for reading this teaser. Chapter 1 will be posted shortly and I hope you enjoy History Repeats Itself.