There is a place I go to that calms the voices in my head. Not metaphorically mind you. I am not a crazy person. A small patch of land surrounded by tall oak trees led by a trail connecting to my backyard. Sitting right on the edge of a nearby freeway.

In times of overwhelming stress, you will find me out there either critically thinking or screaming my larynx out. My hideout has seen me through some of toughest times.

It's funny really. How I escape the personal crisis of the outside world by containing myself within nature.

I have learned a lot about society including myself, but one point stayed with me my life. Everything has an end. My father, competitive seasons on overwatch and even stars. They seem to illuminate the night skies, but the one you have your eye on might already be dead.

I worry that Lapis is my dying star. A beautiful twinkle in my eye that's already long gone.

"You know, you really don't seem like the ideal partying type Peridot. You come off as some Dorito-binging gamer girl who doesn't adjust well in the sunlight."

"Okay, I get it! Geez." I retorted.

"C'mon it's cute tho, you're cute, I mean."

I gazed off into the middle distance hoping she doesn't catch the sudden colorization in my cheeks, then I decided to come clean.

"Well, my mom made me go. She already made the reservation hoping that would make me weasel out of it and said I needed to make friends; the type of friends you don't scream at for messing up on a video game."

"Hmm...Smart woman" she reluctantly said gripping my midsection tighter, " that neighborhood mingles party, did you snag any numbers?"

"At the party? Nope. After the party? Yeah." I said speaking in riddles.

"Interesting. Pretell."

"I was walking home and this girl is out jogging. She stopped right in front of me because she noticed we were wearing the same Camp Pining Hearts bracelet. For what seemed like awhile we talked about the show, it was nice. She gave me her number and said she was running late for work."

"Wow did you call her?"

"Hell no, a few hours later my house got invaded!" I said jokingly.

"Oh har har nice one Peridot. Woah looks like we are nearing the end of Season One."

I look up to her, "I just think it's funny how we watched the whole season and you have already seen it but not the others."

"Oh stop. There's nothing wrong with a little refresher." Lapis whispered slyly, "Plus I'm having so much fun"

"Oh yeah, I can tell" After I said that she giggled knowing exactly what I meant. Referring to how bold she became once again by climbing behind me to spoon on the couch. It became a little nerve-racking at first but after awhile she began lightly petting my stomach sending me into a euphoric state.

" I saw an opening and seized it, just in my nature." Lapis smiled as she fondled my torso ever so lovingly. " You seem to be having fun too."

"I am," I admitted. Something inside of me really wanted more from Lapis as if desire and lust overclouded my judgment.

Feelings I haven't quite felt before. Not just the cuddling, but her roaming hand that grazed my hip, left thigh and the occasional butt grab. Giving Lapis much easy access due to the both of us in our panties.

Then the credits started rolling.

Suddenly I got up, breaking our spoon in hopes to put on Season two. However, Lapis reached out and grabbed my arm which stopped me right in my tracks.

I look back at her and the smile she gave could've illuminated a large cave. "Did I do something?" I asked.

"Not at all, it's you want to take this further?"

After hearing her plea my body went stiff in her grip. I slowly returned to complete our spoon once more as light petting became a strategic assault on my crotch. Through my undies, her fingers began to tease and prod right in between my shielded genitals.

The way she fondled me became very intoxicating, so much it was hard to stay quiet. My neck arched so much to the point of complete eye contact.

"Please just tell me if it becomes uncomfortable for you, Peri," her seductive tone made me quiver as I began to stir my hips to her touch. I nodded my head in agreement and became even wetter in anticipation of what's coming next. Lapis began pulling my panties upward in wedgie like fashion, so much that I had to look down and witness my pussy swallow the white fabric.

"Lapisss..." I hissed in the lewdest tone I could muster. Something is building, I'm reaching that tipping point, a certain point where no foreign hand has pushed me before. Lapis could tell by my erratic gasps and sudden jerks of my hips that I wanted her to pull harder. Then my underwear tore off my pelvis as my back arched and arched almost pulling away from her touch.

Then everything numb except my dripping yet burning core as I excreted three bursts of my fluids reaching further than the coffee table in front of us. I screamed in pleasure burying my face into the couch.

As I rode out my orgasm, her fingers are holding onto my ruined pair of underwear. I look at her, really looked at her, she had the look of accomplishment and who could really blame her, she made cum so hard she deserves a trophy. I can be that trophy. I buried my face into her chest signifying that I'm tapping out.

Lapis rose her hand to the light to inspect the 'damage' sort of speak. "Wow Peridot, I hope these weren't your lucky underwear" I spoke up, "Well they are now" I smiled against her now heaving chest as she laughed at my dumb one-liner.

"Damn. Peridot you are just too fun, I mean look how far you squirted!" Lapis teased as I try to compose myself back together.

"I felt like I just exploded, but in the best way possible!" I admitted then realized I just got off from a wedgie. Damn, she's good I thought. My vision returned to me. I look down at my midsection, completely drenched and the table is looking wet too. We began to cuddle once more as the CPH DVD music drowned out my heavy panting.

"Yeah from the looks of it." Lapis joked, " I guess I got a tad frisky there, but you seemed to get a real kick from it. Am I that talented? Be honest."

"I've never done that before. You know, with someone else." I whisper in our embrace.

I see her eyes growing wide with her realization.

"I could really get used to this," I said.

Lapis tensed up around me and began to push herself up.

"What are we doing?" Lapis said somewhat defeated. I became a little worried because I forgot her situation knowing damn well our time together is limited.

I sat up with her. "Is everything...?" I said attempting to reach out to her back making her way back to my comfort.

Lapis turned her face towards mine and I noticed her light grin as she faded back into her deep thoughts, "Yeah I'm cool," she explained, "We just need to talk about what happened."
I gave Lapis her space as we broke eye contact. It feels like she's about to unload every burden off her chest.

"I'm gonna put in Season 2, your legs might feel a little 'noodle-y' right now" Lapis offered. She's right though if I were to get up too fast my legs would collapse onto the living room floor.

After Lapis played the movie and we felt it was appropriate to cuddle once again.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, I began to start another conversation.

My breathing became less erratic as I'm lying in front of my captor. Butterflies filled my stomach, allowing the crisp AC to wash over the remains of perspiration drenched body. Clarity sets in, as I'm relieved of the spectacle of lust washing out of my mind.

Feeling like I need to confess.


"Hmm?" She hummed.

My hips buckled throwing a palm to shoo stray blonde hairs to get a better look at her.

"That was..." I paused to clear my throat, "... the single greatest moment of-of life. It was like beating Halo 3 in the legendary mode with every skull activated!"

Lapis smiled back, "Must have been some experience, huh" Lapis pats my blonde locks, "If I would have known you were a virg..." she paused.

She hesitated, because of the mere utterance of the first syllable earned a nasty look on my face. I sat up to protest.

"I get it. I mean you said it best, I'm just a two dimensional Dorito binging gamer girl..."

"Peri." she interrupted.

"Who's an introverted virgin who has to have her own mother pushing her to make friends just to get me to see the light of day."


" I mean yeah I got lucky once, running to that jogger chick. No twice! You invaded my home making the past few days some weird and beautiful thing worthwhile..."

"Peridot!" She yelled. Lapis sat up, she took my hands in her own and gave off a channel of air.

"Every woman on this earth deserves a special 'first-time' Peridot."

" Then show me. If that's how you feel then make it special for me." My tight grip tightens. My remorse for my course of action lands non-existent. I'm throwing my self at her and giving her what makes this world go round.

Lapis' face: priceless. Wide-eyed at my curt request at first. Although, she shot a grin with those vibrant lips of hers. The smile I wore strained my jaw, probably from all the wide mouth moaning I did earlier.

"So Miss Impulsive, what exactly are you into? Besides, fingering obviously." Lapis said with the intent of making me spill some beans.

I answered, "Whatever you're into hun."

"You know there's a word for that, it's called being submissive"

I've come across this practice lots of times. Some of the fanfiction I've read contained some main character being subbed by some shitty OC. They end up poisoning their relationship somehow through the pursuit of lust and desire. Always ending with a singular message telling us, sometimes it's better to submit to other's piece of mind just to survive.

"The last relationship, I've had was somewhat sub/dom. Making myself on the submissive."

I felt surprised, "Really? I never pegged you as one."

"Same here, I don't usually do that but I just wanted to try it."

"Could we?" I asked.

Lapis choked making her cough into her fist thus ending are handholding. There I go making things awkward and complicated again just like at the party. I felt like I did something wrong.

"Listen, I'm sorry for coming on too strong there, It's just I might never have this chance again." I pleaded

Feeling hurt I avoided eye-contact and gazed back at the television.

"Peridot... do you like me?"

I froze up while skin radiated immense heat. I felt scared, emotional and aroused.

Lapis spoke up once more, "I just need to know before I even considered going through with this. I don't want to take advantage of you any further."

"What if I wanted you too?"

I felt her blush from the opposite side of the couch as my innocent yet freaky toned smile formed.

"Ha! Well, that's different", Lapis says, " I already know you like me Peridot and you probably already figured out that I like you too. I just don't want to push you over the edge."

" You have no idea how happy you made me, Lapis" I lunged at her with a sweaty hug.

"You're very sweet Peridot, maybe there is hope for us yet."

I broke the hug, we are face to face. Her eyes were wide in amazement, her sweet blueberry eyes closed when I connected our lips, as did my own.

Kissing Lapis made a huge milestone for me. I mean my first kiss I ever had was back in the seventh grade after my 'date' walked me home. Remember how dry and chapped his lips were? Like kissing a sandstone rock, but nevertheless a kiss I held onto.

Now, just like all my other youthful mistakes, I could bury that thought into the recesses of my mind. Lapis held me in her arms as our lips became more acquainted, she seemed to enjoy it leaving mini moans here and there.

I began to straddle her in the heat of this glorious moment while making out. She accepted my position by lovingly cupping my butt earning a spontaneous yelp from such a great feeling. We graduated with prominent tongue moves making my mind relying solely on bare instincts.

Only pictures of her beauty danced inside my head. Lapis smashed our hips together making our privates touch through the fabric, then pushed my hips apart making a hungry lustful grind.

My head shot upwards releasing a moan I tried to stifle. Catching my breath, Lapis sent kisses toward my neck causing my head to go the opposite way. Holding on for dear life as Lapis continues to dry hump me.

"I want...more!" I screamed. In one smooth motion, I took my tank top off letting it drop on the couch.

But, the doorbell rang.

"Ughhh...I'm so horny. Of course, it had to be the pizza." I whined.

Lapis giggled, "You'll be fine Peri after you take care of dinner let's pick up where we left off."

"Sounds like a plan!" I said swiping my tank top.

"Or does it?" Lapis interjected.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Do you want to submit to me?"

"More than anything" I clutched my shirt tight.

"Eagerness, I like that, it means you have to do whatever I say." I nodded my head in agreement.

"Are you ready for my first request?" Lapis said. Right now? But we have food at the door? But I say yes anyway. "Anything for you Lapis."

Lapis grin looked evil but a sexy evil.

"Peridot, I want you to give our hardworking delivery driver a peek at the goods."

I fell silent and knew exactly what her metaphor entailed, but asked for clarification just in case.

"You mean?" I asked.

Lapis nodded her head, "Stripped all the way to the socks and I'm going to hide in that closet and watch like some giddy schoolgirl."

I look down at my attire, I'm wearing a white sports bra with blue panties, I look back her and simply said, "As you wish, Master."

"This is going to be a fun night." She added.

My fingers slipped under the fabric freeing my chest to the brisk air. Throwing the bra towards the couch.

"I don't know if I ever told you, but ever since I saw your boobs in the shower that first night I fell head over heels."

"Really? You sure their not too small?"

"Hell no! They are very perky, perkier than mine even. You're beautiful and at last all mine baby." Lapis assured.

That definitely brought a smile to my face so, in a pledge of impulse, I made my panties hit the floor. Lapis scurries to the closet for a suppressed view.

"Showtime I guess."

"Knock 'em dead girl!"

Walking to the door was the easy part. No turning back now and why should I? Why do I feel like this is some weird initiation Lapis constructed on the spot to make sure I'm really sure about the nature of our newfound relationship.

I pulled in a rather deep breath and exhaled all over the wood.

What could possibly go wrong? I twisted the knob and opened it shuddering as the chilled foreign air met my bare body giving a draft on my vagina.

My stomach dropped. I couldn't believe my eyes.