A newscaster on a local news station with a tragic combover reads a teleprompter.

...In other news today, a candlelight vigil held for the late Jamie Wentz, a college student in Springfield who was viciously slain by 19 stab wounds to the sternum.

The broadcast quickly cuts to a mature yet vapid reporter with a blanket of makeup plastered all over her face.

"Family, students and friends alike gather in the hundreds tonight in front of Coastal College Tech Student center with candles in hands and Jamie resting in their minds."

A young adult woman with rosy cheeks stained with tears shimmering from candlelight is shown,

Student: "He was the model student around here also the class president with very consistent attendance. Even, on track with making the dean's list this year, it's just so heartbreaking to see such a good person's life end up so harrowingly short."

Reporter: "Meanwhile, the search for the prime suspect is still ongoing. Lapis Lazuli, girlfriend of Jamie was seen leaving the scene of the crime and is wanted for questioning.

An unflattering senior class photo of Lapis is shown.

Newscaster: Leave an anonymous tip on our crime stopping hotline if you seen or have witnessed the whereabouts of Lapis Lazuli, call the number on the screen below to bring justice for Jamie.


The night themed walk back to Peridot's house is noticeably more draftier than the descent. Wearing my soaked bikini, interlocked moisture trapped in my inseams intermingling with the brisk summer air.

I followed her on a winding sidewalk, she's skipping and galloped without a single care in the world. On the other hand, I'm trapped with a million conscious crickets chirping reminding me of the lump of guilt I haven't yet swallowed.

She's going to get me boned one day, I know it and not in the good way. I've always been so smart on my own these few weeks, staying hidden and getting out of that town without anyone looking twice in my direction. Letting my guard down has never felt so right, and everyday I spend with Peridot the harder it becomes packing everything up and leave.

I drag my feet in this chilling realization, then they became heavier with each step. Until my body gave up walking altogether and stopped under an orange lit street lamp.

Took a moment for Peridot to notice my stall. She walks closer all cautious like as if she's searching for signs of life in the eyes of fresh roadkill.

"Need a pick-me-up?" She held her house cat by the under legs up to my face. At first confusion sets in, but the excessive purring pulled me out of my stunned state.

I reached out to embrace Miss Charcoal, "Where did she even come from, we are like three blocks away from your house?"

"She's my wild child," Peridot came closer to nuzzle the kitty in my arms, "I bet she travels to ends of the earth and always knows her way back home."

"I envy you miss Charcoal," I said stuffing my face in her fur.

"Is everything okay, Lapis? You can tell me, I'm not quick to judge someone looking so down in the dumps."

I hesitate speaking my peace, for a number of reasons. Peridot opened her whole home to me as well as her whole heart, practically dumped her love onto my lap with zero regard for the future awaiting us, both.

"I need you to be honest with me."

"A-always..." Peridot stutters.

"How long do you think this will last?"

"The walk home?"

"No. Peridot I'm talking about us." We both fell silent when I invited some reality to our situation.

"Oh, you've given some thought about it too."

"Kinda hard not to. Once your mom returns I'll be on the street before you know it. And that feeling really frightens me, you know?"

"I know how you feel, I feel like I was given the best present in the world and I'm being forced to return it to the sender. Not the easiest feeling to sleep with."

"I'm up for ideas if you have any, some of which where we end up together forever without completely ruining your life."

"Why don't we go home, get ready for our important date tomorrow, and when that fateful time comes, you'll have no choice but to accept my answer right then and there."

"So relieve all of my worries and let it stack until the last possible moment? Hmm...if you say so love," I agreed.

" I do say so indeed, let's enjoy our freedoms together shall we?" Peridot proposed.

"Let's," I said. Peridot crept a bit closer to me.

"I think you already know my answer," Peridot whispered and covered her cats eyes to give me a quick kiss.

"I don't have the stomach to even dare ask you to take that big leap by abandoning your livelihood and family." I pleaded.

"Then don't. I'll do it myself if it means spending the rest of my lifetime with you," Peridot whispered sternly and while lifting her heels she gave me an open mouth kiss.

I could feel her burning passion through her enticing tongue moves. I can feel her frustrations for a meaningful longing relationship, she puts on a brave front, but I can tell shes scared by the way her body shakes and her lips quivered coming in contact. We stayed like this for awhile, her pillowy soft lips sent me towards Nirvana and almost made me forget we were out in the open just making out.

"Come on, let's head home." Peridot advised.


As we got back to the house, I fished around the bushes to retrieve the gun I dug into the dirt. Peridot unlocked the door, dropping her kitty on her feet and walked inside.

"I'm going up to check on Pearl," Peridot says halfway up the stairs which caused me to think twice.

"Allow me to assist you, she could overpower you and make a break for it."

Peridot contorted her face placing her hands on her hips, "Oh what you think I can't handle my own up there?"

Hate to admit it, but her confidence is adorable. It turns me on too, she was a whole different animal at the hot tub tonight by the way she took charge pleasuring me. I met her halfway up the stairs, "I'll be right behind you Peridot, I don't want that skank upstairs damaging my vital merchandise," I extenuated with a grip on her asscheek.

"L-lapisss...stop it," Peridot refused playfully, "This is serious!"

"I can't help myself, small booties matter." I quipped making her giggle.

We climbed each step to head towards the guest room where we locked Pearl in. I dusted the excess dirt from the pistol in an attempt to get ready for the unknown. After shackling Pearl to the house, possibly getting her fired and some yelling here and there, no telling what her subconscious is putting her through. She could be armed in the other side of this door So it isn't exactly dumb to fear the worst possible contingency.

Peridot unlocked and opened the door slowly, I cocked my gun. Unneeded, she's a regular couch potato the way she plopped down in front of the economy sized flatscreen, taking in the local news.

"Oh hey, you girls made it back," Pearl said dryly, "You're quite the squired celebrity Lapis, your dead ex boyfriend's has a concert in college town tonight."

And that's the last feather that broke the camels back, I'm so angry I could hardly think, that meaning has no meaning so forth. Spilling and making fun of my criminal past in front of Peridot, drove me to the point of holding my own tears of rage. I had to let pure instinct take my wheel.

I presented my gun, cocking it , forgetting it was already cocked but made a sound to get my point across. I still perched my head to hide any sign of eye leakage, any signs of weakness.

"Whoa! Whoa! I didn't mean it! Please don't kill me in my underwear!"

Her pleas equated to dog shit, I'm ready to end this, to end HER. She's embarrassed me for the last time and proven to me she earned a ticket to the morgue stamped by yours truly.

Then my mind drifted back to complete sanity, as if the mother of a mad man singing a lullaby to her son to ease his painful nerves. I opened my eyes to see my hand trembling clutching the trigger. Peridot's hand is present restricting my desire to fire rounds at the snarky brat infringes of me.

I look to her starring right at me and no words were exchanged. Only a deep sense of understanding those beautiful and reassuring eyes could deliver peacefully.

This is the home I've been searching for, not four walls and a decent roof. But her, the feeling of warmth that envelopes my entire ora.

I nodded and she released her hand away.

"Okay, truth time ladies." Pearl spoke out making me cringe but we both gave her our attention anyway. "Amongst my generous stay here, I've seem to over complicate things further to the point of getting in between you two. I'm sorry, only because of the situation you put in the first place. So I hope you dig deep enough in your hearts to forgive me."

"I can't listen to this shit," I said walking out into the hallway, leaving them both. I could've sworn I heard Peridot mention us "talking over it" to put Pearl's apology in perspective. But I heard all I needed to hear from her tonight.


With my bareback resting on a marble countertop, loose hair spilling into the sink, I began to shudder in my birthday suit. Peridot notices this and folded a towel slipping one under my lower lumbar. Peridot manhandled my hips jerking upwards and quickly stashing a towel under my ass.

"All better?" Peridot asked perching over me.

"For the most part, this counter is cold as balls." I complain, "Why do I have to be naked for this?"

"You don't, that's just something for me to look if I get bored." Peridot giggles, " Plus, the stuff I'm going to use stains clothes."

"Hilarious." I said dryly.

"Now, my mom didn't have any hair dye in here, but I found some stray packets of Kool-aid in the kitchen. Hope you'll enjoy blue raspberry!"

"Let's begin your dye process, get it? It's like a play on words, you know like due process because you're...in trouble...with the...law." Peridot abandoned explaining the joke further when she caught wind of my straight face.

"Ugggh...why did that bitch felt the need to expose me like that? Then apologizes afterwards, like I mean who in their right mind does that?"

Peridot puts on some rubber gloves, and wraps another towel around me by tucking it in the neck area.

"She didn't fully expose you know, I mean the whole murdering your boyfriend was the tiniest bit of shocking, but that's all I know."

"That was more than enough information needed though."

"What exactly are you protecting me from."

"I'm not protecting you from anything, I just want to forget it ever happened that's why I ran and why I'm still in the race."

Peridot brought out a glass bowl and emptied two packets of blue drink mix and topped it off with some hair conditioner from the shower caddy.

She began swirling the mixture around with a dye brush until the a deep pastel blue formed in the dish.

"I understand, but what you need to understand how you can talk to me about these things, because nothing you haven't done already won't make me start loving you less, Lapis."

"I don't know about that, I've done some very shocking things in my life that could keep you up at night questing my moral inadequacies."

"Well when your ready, you know I'll always have my ears open. Now close your eyes or they'll get irritated."

After exposing my roots, I felt the bristles of the brush work the new color in.

About forty more brushstrokes I hair reeked of childhood fuel, my now blue hair looked gritty from the powder. Peridot places a film of sand which wrap completely covering all strands. Then came an ugly head scarf which I knew belonged to her mother, she ties on top of the plastic and removes her gloves.

"Alright, tomorrow night the only people who will look twice will only be doing it to bask in your beauty."

"Terrific. So what now?"

"Well the dye has to set in 'til tomorrow morning so you want to watch me play on my new video game?"


Slowly marching to death is America's favorite pass time. How peridot marches is quite the spectacle itself, she controls pixels and polygons on a flatscreen. I spent the the better part of the late evening watching her set up the damn thing. It didn't take long before she screams in bitter frustration during the online play portion.

"When did you get this by the way?" I ask.

Then I notice her jump at my question by hesitating, "Oh you know. I picked it up while I got sent out for breakfast."

"Using Pearl's money?"


"What?" Pearl muffled behind the wall in the neighboring room making us snap our heads behind us.

"Sorry. Thin walls," Peridot apologizes.

I hopped out of bed wearing my girlfriend's shorts.

"I'm going to step out for a bit, don't wait up."

On the back porch is much more serene, tall oak trees brightened by moonlight rustled in the summer winds. The quiet roar of the highway behind the trees didn't give me headache like the loud obscene comments Peridot screamed playing Fortnite.

I dug into my overstuffed backpack to retrieve my freezer bag full of contraband. Inside lies a marijuana joint that's been calling my name for the longest. I perched my lips accepting the tiny paper rod and lit the other end on fire.

I only started smoking weed since the farm, it was my only outlet from the horrid nature SHE put me through. Ever since, medicinal herbs have been my only friend. Unfortunately, this the last one. I took in a big drag, releasing the dank smoke filling the screened porch.

"LAPIS?!" Peridot alarms swinging the backdoor open. It made me choke on the plume of smoke already resting in my throat.

"Oh sorry, I only freaked out because I just noticed you saying you were stepping out. I just wanted to make sure..."

"That I didn't pull a 'heave-ho on you?"

Peridot grips her other arm, "That...it doesn't matter what I thought. What are you doing?"

I look down at the still burning joint and back up to her, "I just needed to smoke, do you want to to join me?" I rose the spliff out for her to reach.

"Oh uhh...of course!" Peridot takes the offering out of my hand and sat next to me. "Well bottoms up!" Peridot sipped into the mouthpiece taking in smoke and immediately gagged in to her fist, and I couldn't help but laugh at how cute she's trying to be.

"Yumm, real primo stuff!" Peridot commented, her voice strained.

"It's okay Peridot. You don't have to try so hard, I already figured this being your first time."

"Oh thank god, because I don't know what 'primo' means," Peridot admits.

"Come sit on my lap I want to try something with you that I've always wanted to do," I took the jay from her hand and pulled her into my chair where she immediately gets comfortable by reclining her back on me.


"Yes my undying love," Peridot replies soft.

"I kinda need you to sit up for this one,"

"Okay, it's just,I never sat in your lap before, sorry I'm getting greedy." Peridot sits up and looks dead in my face and I felt the need to kiss her right now and here, so I did.

"What was that for?" She asked.

"For everything, I suppose," I whispered making her blush, "and for trying new things with me."
Saying that prompted Peridot to kiss me back.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy this. It will help the smoke reach your lungs at ease." I said and right afterwords I filled my cheek with weed smoke.

"Pucker up." I said with my mouthful and Peridot followed through. Connecting our lips, I began to push the cloud with my tongue to match her sucking. A wet smack ensued, and I watched the same cloud leave her system.

"Sheesh. That was hot." Peridot acclaimed, she rested her head on my chest and threw her feet to hang off the chair.

"'Twas" we smiled together. I began to raise the joint up to my mouth when suddenly I got interrupted by the door again.

"Pearl?" Peridot said when Pearl pokes her head through the door.

"I thought I smelled weed, do you mind Lapis. I won't try to escape...well the house I mean, but I am trying to escape in the other way if you catch my drift.

Peridot and I had another internal conversation, whether or not inviting Pearl would be the best idea.

I rose the joint up in her direction, "If it will shut you up."

Half a joint later we were all laughing and listening to each other speak as if I wasn't holding them against their will. That's the magic of drugs; it brings us closer as people.

Somehow our weird conversation turned to the topic of board games where Peridot is the subject know it all.

"I have over 100 board games in this house alone, I even dedicated a whole storage closet for it."

"Oh so you like to entertain?" Pearl asked spewing smoke.

"No..." Peridot answered. "I know a fun game we should play."


"I just wanted to express how cool you were letting me partake with you," Pearl shared while gripping the other end of the coffee table.

"Don't mention it," I responded. Was that actual pleasantness coming from Pearl? I could think of a million apologies I owe her, but I decided to stay cool and not relinquish wiggle room with her.

"On the count of three," I instructed. We carried the coffee table out of the living room and stowed it behind the couch.

"Remind me again, why Peridot needed us to move a table if we're about to play a board game?" Pearl asked.

"You were there with me, Pearl. She told us to move it and waddled up stairs." Why question anything at all at this point, logic and reason is no longer present in this household.

We both heard Peridot's rampant footsteps shuffling from up above, "Hope you were doing you're stretches ladies," Peridot stumbles down the steps with a obvious board game hiding behind her back.

"Because the name of the game is Twister!"

"That's why you had us move the table," Pearl said with great enthusiasm.

"Correct, and I thought I could make things even more interesting by adding in a fun element."

"We can't play for money, you made Pearl flat broke this morning."

"Loser doesn't loose money per say, but an article of clothing."

"You want us to play strip Twister?" I ask to Peridot's smiling face, "can I talk to you for a moment. Over here," I grabbed her forearm and whisked her away towards the front door.

While doing so , Pearl took it upon herself to get the game set up in a quite eagerly fashion.

"I don't think I'm comfortable with us playing that type of game with...her." I pointed right at Pearl, she was too busy smoothing the corners of the twister tarp.

Peridot twists her face, "I thought this would be easy for you. I mean you two already explored each other's bodies this should be a walk in the park."

"It's not that it's just I don't your naked body hovering or even touching her."

"Who said I was going to loose, I clean house in this game. Of course I play it alone in my off time, but I feel confident in my abilities."

It's easy to figure out that I am not going for this game. I put my hand behind my head at her peak boldness, probably brought out by all those endorphins affected by THC for the first time.

"I don't know, Peridot." I expressed doubts.

Peridot reaches a hand up to my face and turns it in Pearl's direction. In that moment, Pearl is performing risqué stretches. I got to give it to her, that girl can bend in places I could only dream of. Performing a downwards dog position, her VPL is outlined through the tight shorts Peridot gave her.
She would be the hottest girl in the house if she choose not to run her mouth, but out of love I wouldn't dare expose myself like that again.

"Two against one, Lapis," Peridot said turning my face back towards her with a stern tone in fact, "We are up first."

High off our asses, my relatively small girlfriend and I approached the twister tarp like a pair of anorexic sumo wrestlers. All four corners have been weighed down with bottom heavily nicknacks, to ensure the tarp will not be displaced.

I began to notice the clothing situation in this game of sin. Pearl is wearing shorts she borrowed from Peridot, well technically we all wearing Peridot's shorts so pretty much a tank and shorts applicable for us to remove. Only I bare comfortable bobby socks, this game is going to be cake.

Peridot became quite the smug queen herself, tonight. From having control over me at the clubhouse to holding her own premature victory grin. Although, I already have gotten used to Peridot carrying herself in this manner. It made her become more sure of herself, she's not that sex depraved geekazoid I found a few days ago.

There was a gaggle of loose whispers between them. Darting looks towards my chest in a obvious way. It gave me a sick sense of value between them as if I was the prize they're competing for. It definitely felt more chilly without a shirt or bra, percolated nubs seized like pebbles on my aching breasts.

"Why don't we look at my tits later girls, I mean I know I'm marveling to look at but it's time for some one else to loose now,"

Pearl rolls her eyes and says, "Alright Peridot. Just a reminder I'm not Lapis, so don't go easy on me."

What the hell does that mean? '...so don't go easy on me?' I lost? Sometimes I wonder if Pearl just says things to get a reaction out of me. That wouldn't surprise me knowing I contemplated on ending her life earlier upstairs.

"Whatever you say, Pearl," Peridot replied giving me a wink afterwards. I gave a light smile back, taking solace in the fact that she has my back.

I flicked the spinner on top a couch pillow on top of my lap, "Right foot, yellow."

Ten moves later.

Legs and limbs were intertwined, struggling to keep their respective places on the board. Pearl's downward dog like position looks like she's going to collapse any second while Peridot hunched below her. Skin contact in a different place every time they had to move. I swore Pearl's misguided hand landed between Peridot's chest in an attempt to make it look like an accident.

Pearl brushes it off into a joke saying how she 'miscalculated her trajectory' or whatever. Her groping is not what's getting to me, it's that flirtatious look she shared with Peridot. Then a niche look my way. I'm putting an end to this.

"Left foot, green," I cheated knowing that she would have to stretch herself to the point of falling over.

"Easy," Pearl exclaims and performs a full eagle with her butt suspended a few hairs from touching the floor. I was in awe and I bet she could see it on my face.

"Damn, Pearl." Peridot commented, then ogled her way to a loss as she fell onto the tarp ending the match, "Dammit, Pearl."

"I am the champion," Pearl says recovering from that split and takes a bow.

"My girl Lapis can take you! Show her!" Peridot said fighting her head out of her shirt. Now Peridot's chest was bare and with her hands on her hips she takes in stride with absolutely no shame.

"Don't worry baby, I got this." I said with gumption and stared daggers into Pearl's face.

"Oh is that right?" Pearl questions and takes a long look at me. "If you're 'soooo' confident in your 'twisting' abilities, then why don't we raise the steaks on this match?"

As irritating as she is, I decided to play along.

"How so?"

"Loser has to do the winner's bidding for lets say an hour," Pearl shares.

"So if I win, I could tell you to jump out of the upstairs window, you won't hesitate?" Lapis asks.

Pearl nods her head in agreement, "Just point, and I'll ask how high." That's all the information I needed to shake her hand making the bet complete.

Peridot smiles, "As the official topless referee, I can see that the stakes are valid and the game has now begun!"

We both made contact with the game tarp. The way Pearl smiles in a deadpan fashion almost got to me, in my head, I look to Peridot who was busy plucking leftover shirt lint from her nipple.

"Hmm...OH, Lapis goes first this round," she flicks the spinner landing on a color, "Left hand, blue."

I sought out to the line of blue and placed my hand in the middle as a strategy.

"Pearl, right hand, green," As gracefully as Peri told, Pearl saunters down for her placement.

Eleven moves later.

"You got this babe!" Peridot encourages me.

"You know it, babe. She's going down!" I said and looked back at Pearl who's in a backwards crab-walk, I hovered above her on all fours.

"These low hanging fruit is all the entertainment I need," Pearl mentioned gazing at my hanging breasts in her face.

"Enjoy it now, it'll be your last time seeing them," I say defiantly.

"Only if you don't mind," Pearls hands and legs are restricted to her colors. Her tongue laps my nipple twice making my body respond in a way I couldn't control.

I look to Peridot, "Ref? This should be illegal!"

Peridot smirks watching my breasts being sucked by Pearl and responded, "I don't remember reading that rule in the rule book, I'll have to allow it."

Of course she does. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this is the form of punishment I've been given for cheating on her. Pearl advances her wet assault by using her teeth.

"Hnnnng...ohhhh," embarrassed by the sounds I made, my legs gave out and I collapsed on top of Pearl ending the game, "Wait who wins?"

"Obviously me," Pearl interjects, "You're unstable.

"You dirty bitch! At least I'm not sucking every boob I see in my face!"

"That's not how you felt earlier, now is it? " Pearl spills more tea and out of anger I slapped the sugar out of her, "Real mature, Lazuli."

"Okay stop!" yelled Peridot, I began to wind my hand for another hit until Peridot speaks up, "You both lost, which means your both losers. With that being said, you two have to do my bidding!"

Pearl and I look at each other, "That was never agreed upon," Pearl complains.

"Yeah but we never set a bet in the event of a draw. And as your ref, please comply with the rules as I make them up."

We both nodded our heads, I'm curious to see where this is going to go.

"Lapis, who smacked Pearl in the face, give her a nice kiss on the cheek," Peridot commands.

"Do I have too?" I complain back.

"It hasn't been an hour yet, has it?" Peridot reminds me. I reluctantly sat up on my knees and found Pearl smiling wickedly. With my lowest passion, I gave her light peck on the affected area and looked back at Peridot.

"Nope. I said a nice kiss, Lapis."

I knew that wasn't going to be enough, and I really don't like Pearl to begin with. I muster enough energy to get me through this and dove my lips back on her cheek. It started with light pecks, but to really sell it I implemented my tongue to brush her face with spit.

"Now that's more like it. Now, follow me to the guest bed. The things were going to do with each other isn't exactly bedroom appropriate," Peridot says.

What fresh hell is this?


We followed Peridot to the guest room real close like as if we were dependent baby ducklings. "This is going to be interesting," Pearl smiled not hiding her excitement. Pearl's immersion is freaking me out a bit, somewhere in my mind I still think this is some sorta punishment. Maybe, Peridot is just showing off how easy it is to share me with someone else if she pleased. Maybe, she's shaking to her very core and might chicken out at any moment. Or maybe, she got horny and is about to live out a fantasy she has. Whatever her reasoning is, I just hope I'm up for the task.

"Right this way ladies," Peridot directs us into the guest room.

Peridot also instructed us to sit on the bed, I sat on the furthest end away from Pearl, so she wouldn't get any ideas. Peridot notices my seclusion tactics, "Lapis get closer to Pearl." I scooted my butt closer but not as ideal as Peridot requested, "A little more Lapis," shoulder to shoulder we sat as I pout at Peridot.

I swallowed the thick lump in my throats when Peridot stood in front of us, "That's better," she says parting between our legs, "Much, much better." Peridot rolls her thumbs over each of her own nipples and shifted sensually as she stood, "You know I'm getting hot just thinking about it, I've never done this before," Peridot admitted.

It's amazing how sexy she is even when she's certain of herself or not. I'll play along, but not for Pearl's benefit.

"Just tell us what to do, Peri," I sensually spoke hooking an arm around Pearl, "and we will carry out that request as best as we can."

"Could you girls tease me for a bit, I mean if you two don't mind," Peridot asks. Pearl and I looked at each other for split second and a quick nod to be on the same page. Turns out the both of us love Peridot more than we hate each other.

I managed to get most of her boob in my mouth, delighted to feel the rush of her heartbeat as kicked things off. Tending to both breasts made her whine and blush, that is when Pearl slowly crept her hand down to Peri's bottoms circling a stiff finger around the crotch. Peridot rolls her tongue out and began to call out the names of her current lovers. That audibly cute incentive made us hook her shorts down.

Pearl peppers kisses along her Peri's thigh. I began to leave bright red hickeys along her chest making my mark clear and her voice strained. Her underwear is soaked from pleasure, even on her backside as my hand crashes on her butt cheek making her shout profound remarks in middle distance. I graze the irritated skin making her confuse pleasure with pain and it shows on her face as she begs for more.

Pearl moves upward to work on the teats with her own breasts. Matching each nipple with her own really shook her up in a good way and for once I actually applauded Pearl. After like eight more smacks on the rear, I cup her ass by slipping my hands under the cloth and massage them only gently edging close to her dripping womanhood.

Peridot's moans are filtered through a sloppy kiss Pearl provided her with. I'm thinking about making out with her other set of lips but not without a good tease. I got on my knees in front of her to lap and lick her thighs in courageous motions inching closer and closer to my prize.

It started as kisses along the sharp stubble of her outer lips each one more passionate than the last. Then on first contact I drag my tongue from the clit to her vaginal entrance and continued this motion for about a minute.

Pearl sees me going to town on Peri and decides to get involved herself in the oral arts. With one final kiss, Pearl slips behind Peri's ass and drags her tongue to part her crack.

"OH FUCK!," Peridot screamed getting the real deal service now. Pearl made contact with the button and gives a taste, seeming pleased she eases her tongue further in the rabbit hole. I gotta give it to Pearl, she's very bold and Peridot is loosing her mind as if it was the very first time.

"I'm gonna cum...so hard," Peridot whined and sweating violently. She's becoming short of breath, and her knees wobbled. Her hips buckled, and her hands played with our heads on both ends of her body. With that final buck, her small waves crashed on our faces as I got it the most. She roars, pants and collapses onto the bed, and it hasn't even been twenty minutes.

"You two, come cuddle me to sleep!" Peridot orders and we follow her as we lay down with her in the middle.

It didn't take long for Peridot to fall asleep even Pearl was snoring. I saw them both I began to hear a voice, a voice no one could hear but me. I don't know how to explain it, but the voice told me to leave the house altogether.

So I did.

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