It was in the middle of the night in New York city...and I couldn't sleep. All i could hear was Arnim Zola's voice ring through my head as he called out my name whilst I lay dying on the icy peeks of the German mountains.

"Ah! Sargent Barnes!" Zola said in a way that expressed his joy for finding his lost 'experiment'. My name is as you guessed it, James bucanen 'Bucky' Barnes. Just in case you didn't know, i'm also known as the Winter soldier, but i'm also a broken man who seeks a way out of this hell hole of a life.

I was tortured, kept in cyro-stasis and all sort of crazy things but the worse part was when they decided to use me as an assassin, and to do that...they'd wipe my mind so i was a blank slate.

I twisted and turned on my bed as the moonlight shone on my face, as if to remind me of the countless times i killed someone under it's presence. Oh how i so desperately needed a way out of this life, i wanted to run away and never come back to this place...i wanted to start new.

I sat upwards and thought deeply of how i would do this...i couldn't just ask Tony, not after I killed his folks, so technological means were off the table. I was a wanted man in every sing damned country on this earth, so i couldn't do much and S.H.I.E.L.D was most definitely off the options were very much limited.

But there was still hope, lately I've been hearing tales about this D.R Strange...apparently they say he's some sort of 'Sorcerer Supreme'. I sigh deeply and get onto my feet and walk to the bathroom, i then turn on the lights and look at myself in the mirror. My hair was long as i didn't have time to cut it, the bottom of my eyelids were black and my metal arm...well...what's to say? It's a constant reminder of my dark deeds of the past.

"I have to...I need to go to the D.R" I mumbled, smirking at my very comment about D.R strange. So i set out to find him, I go to my wardrobe and fetch my winter soldier gear along with a red long sleeved shirt along with some gloves and i head out on to the streets with my hat on.

Now obviously i didn't know where the D.r was living so i had to do my own research on it...and the one place i KNOW it would be was Avengers tower. I had to get the information...i wanted to start fresh...i had too, with my luck and skill and knowing Cap, I'd probably bump into him on the way there...and for once, i didn't mind.

I made my way to Avengers tower and concluded that the place with that giant landing pad was where the living quarters were at...knowing a Stark. I rolled my eyes at that and broke into the tower, careful not to set off any alarms.

When I finally made my way to the data vaults i hacked the mainframe and retrieved the information on D.R Steven Strange so I started to back up a little...when i bumped into someone.

'Oh no!' my mind was screaming, i thought that it was Stark but it turned out to be Steve who looked at me questioningly. "Hey there Bucky! Not that i don't lke surprises but...what are you doing her so late in the night?"

"I just came to get some info on somebody..."

"And who might that be?"

"Nobody in particular..."

Steve sighed and said "Is this about you starting over?"

" it the world would you know?" I asked, completely dumbfounded that Steve could read my mind like a preschool book. He shrugged and said that it was obvious and that anyone in my place would've done the same thing.

I nodded at him and bid him a farewell before sneaking out of the tower and out into the pitch black streets of NYC.

After looking around for it for a few hours , and by 'it' I mean strange's sanctum, I finally found it. Although it looked run down to be honest, but hey, it could just be Strange's way of warding of intruders by disguising his majestic mansion of mystery as a run down house that's been attacked by graffiti and trash.

I opened the door, which was surprisingly unlocked, and snuck inside.

3RD person P.O.V

Bucky made his was into the Sanctum quietly, looking for any signs of Strange...other than the weird decor. A voice then erupted from the living room of the house "I know you're there as you may be, I've detected you". Bucky sighed and stepped casually into the living room to greet his host "You must be Steven Strange"

"Indeed i am" He replied as he got up from his chair and motioned for the Winter Soldier to take a seat. He did so and Strange sat on the opposite side, facing the troubled soldier.

"What is it you wish to ask of me?"

Bucky exhaled and told Strange to whole thing about starting over and wanting to exit this hell of a reality and maybe to reside in another, by the time he was done there was silence in the room. "I see..." Strange mumbled as he looked into the eyes of the tortured man in front of him.

"Can you help me doc?" Bucky pleaded

"Yes...i can" he responded, receiving a shocked look from Bucky. " can?!" He exclaimed, getting exited.

"However I should warn you!" Strange said sternly. "I am...a mere novice in this...but if it's what you want then we could begin as of now and the only dimension i know how to access and is STABLE is full of beings that are anthropomorphic"

"Is that your way of saying i'll be a dog or something like that?" Bucky questioned. "Do you even know what the term means?" Strange counters, earning a no gesture from the Winter soldier

"Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human other words...a dog that can walk, talk and act as well as feel like a human" Strange explained

"Let's get going then" Bucky said. Strange made Barnes stand in a circle and conjured up some magic spell, all Bucky could see was a flash of white light.


All I could see was this flash of light and then...nothing. What seems to be like hours pass by and then suddenly...i feel something at the back of my feels soft.

My eyes snap open and i found myself staring at a ceiling that wasn't the one in D.R Strange's house. I find that i'm lying down so i sat up and observe my surroundings, I then conclude that i'm in a bedroom of sorts...ment for a 6 year old by the looks of it.

'Did it work' I think to myself, and to my surprise, D.R Strange's voice rang in my head "Yes it did"

"Strange?" I say out loud, I notice that my voice has become rather child-like but i don't mind. "Yes Barnes it's me...i just wanted to tell you that it worked! Although...i'm not sure what kind of person you are".

"I'll go take a look...but one things for sure doc, i ain't a full grown's clear that i'm around the age of at least 6-7. But i have the intelligence of my 34 year old self...not that i mind" Bucky said as he got off his bed and went to the bathroom in his room and opened it. He grabbed a small chair nearby and stood on it.

He still had his winter soldier gear on, his weapons and metal arm were still there but...he wasn't a human anymore like Strange said. He was a fox kit to be precise, he was mostly covered in red fur with white being the lesser dominant color. "Hey Strange?"


"Could you...cover up my metal arm to make it look know". There was no reply but Bucky saw his metal arm getting coated with some sort of synthetic flesh and then fur, now both his arms looked alike for the first time in a LONG time.

"Well Barnes? Anything else?"

"The memories of my new persona if you don't mind" Bucky replied.

"Done" Strange said. A wave of memories washed over the Winter soldier's mind, experiencing everything that his new persona had.

"Nick Wilde eh? That's not a bad name..." Barnes mumbled as he smiled at his somewhat adorable reflection. "NOw what are you going to do?" Strange asked

"Now...I quit" Bucky said as he ripped the mask off of his face and threw it on the ground, doing the same thing with his black flak jacket and other gear. Strange sensed what he was doing and made a special box that only Barnes could see appear.

He opened it and dumped everything in it, his mask, the jacket, the black long pants, the knives and guns...everything. He then shut it and threw it in his wardrobe outside of the bathroom but not before taking out a a blue shirt and beige shorts to wear.

"Ok then...if you need anything...all you have to do is think of me and i'll answer your call for help Bucky"

"I'm not Bucky anymore Strange...James Bucanen "Bucky" Barnes is no more" He countered. Strange then replied "Oh? Then who are you?"

"I'm Nick Wilde..a crafty 6 year old fox. Ah feels great to start over" says Bucky, or rather Nick, as he jumps into bed and falls asleep.

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