"Dude! Epic suit!" Nick exclaimed as he stared at the suit Jack was wearing. Jack's helmet 'melted' away to reveal his full head as he smirked with his arms crossed "Thanks" Jack replied as his ears shot up and he powered up his repulsers and turned around, blasting a Hydra goon unconscious.

"Excellent shot" Eclipse praised and Jack responded "Thanks mate". "That suit got an A.I?" Nick asked as he punched another goon out cold as he tried to sneak up on him, Jack and Nick stood back to back, roughly the same height now.

"Yeah, name's Eclipse...nice fellow, has an accent" Jack responded as he blasted another Hydra soldier, the roof was becoming quite full with all the Hydra goons just crawling up to kill them.

"HAIL HYDRA!" yelled a Hydra agent as he jumped from above with 2 grenades in his hands "NO!" Nick exclaimed and Jack followed up with "BLIMEY!". But then the soldier fell dead on the ground before he could unpin the grenades.

"Huh?" Nick exclaimed as he scratched the back of his head in confusion. "Don't worry Jack, i gotcha covered" came a voice through his comms "WADE! You son of a gun, you saved us mate!".

"Ah, just part of the job am i right Jack" Wade chuckled from his side of the line and Jack nodded. Jack and Nick smiled at each other for a while before nodding, Jack's helmet materialised as he and Nick burst in through the roof, commando style right in the middle of Cap and Judy.

"STARK?!" Steve exclaimed in shock but Nick shook his head "nope, not Stark...just a friend" Nick responded as he he withdrew two pistols and killed two Hydra agents as the bullets hit them square on the chest.

Jack noticed Zemo bringing down his sword on his sisters head and he rushed into action, unknowingly powering up his uni-beam. "SIS! JUDY! WATCH OUT!" Jack shouted as he stepped in front of his and let loose the blast which broke Zemo's sword and sent him flying back "Ok...whoa, didn't mean for THAT to happen".

"Jack?" he heard a voice call out to him, it was Judy's alright and boy was she shell shocked to see him in that armour and being as tall as Nick and her. "Yeah, it's me sis..." Jack smiled from under the mask

"Jack look out! Behind you!" she exclaimed, Jack quickly turned around and combined his hand to hand skills with his repulser blasts creating a killer combo. A swarm of Hydra bots approached from all sides and Jack had an idea, "Judy! point that shield at me! I'm going to shoot it with a laser and your sheld's gonna reflect it..get it?"

"Oh! I see!" Judy smiled as she pointed her shield at her young brother. "Alright Eclipse, let's make it happen!" Jack smirked and Eclipse replied "You the boss mate". Jack fired the laser and the beam deflected from the shield like sunlight on a mirror. Judy rotated her shield and the laser moved as well, destroying all of the bots leaving only a now reawakened Zemo and...the Red skull who had now appeared from behind closed doors.

"Ah, Captain, i see you've assembled a new team...this...new batch of Avengers" Skull smirked as he withdrew his pistol. "Damn right they're Avengers Skull, and like all the other times you've faced the Avengers...you'll go down!" Cap exclaimed as he threw his shield along with Judy, their shields were intercepted by Zemo as he caught Judy's shields and used it to knock Cap's away.

"I don't think so Captain!" Zemo smirked as he charged towards them but was intercepted by Nick "You and I have a score to settle Baron Zemo!". As the two combatants stumbled onto another area of the train.

The Skull smirked as he took out a keypad and entered a bunch of commands on it but frowned, he then entered one last command and smirked. "Alright, i'm taking you in!" Jack said as he tried to advance but he couldn't...the suit was jammed.

"What the?! I'm STUCK!" Jack exclaimed and Judy looked towards her brother in fear of what might happen. "Oh don't worry, I've merely just messed with the suit a bit...but i congratulate the kinder for removing almost ALL of the contingencies i had hid within it".

"I'm afraid he's right sir...my programming is now limited" Eclipse said as his voice rang out in his head. "Can you take the suit off then?" Jack asked and Eclipse replied "Yes sir, but...it's too risky! You may die! And...and even though i'm an A.I, even though i'm just 0's and 1's, i've grown too attached to you as an owner to risk loosing you sir.

You're not like the other Hydra agents who wore me...you are brave and have REAL HONOUR. Please sir...promise me...promise me that you'll stay safe."

Jack was stunned as he closed his eyes to ponder over the A.I's words...but then ultimately decided that he was still going for it and to also show that the suit wasn't everything, that it didn't make everything special about him...he was smart, he had Z.P.D Training and Covert Z.P.D training...along with some knowledge of Hydra tech...so he answered back "Do it Eclipse, my friend, i'll find a way to undo these effects...remember what you told me when i got too excited?"

"Yes sir...i remember...i said that you shouldn't let this suit define you...rather...your individual qualities and skills as a PERSON to define you. And if you still think that if you're nothing without this suit, then you don't deserve it...ah! I see where you're going with this, bravo sir, bravo! But that doesn't mean i can't give you some form of protection".

"What're you..." Jack was cut short as the armour melted away from his being and he felt it wrap around him again but this time...in a rather dashing yet striking Black tuxedo suit complete with everything that made him look like a Spy...the ear comms, the wrist laser and the gauntlets morphed into a M9A3 Beretta pistol.

He was still as tall as Judy though and she was as shocked as he was as soon as the transformation was complete. "Well i'll be damned Eclipse" Jack breathed as he stared at himself before rolling out of the way to avoid The Skull's blaster fire.


The two were exchanging a variety of blows and Zemo ,being the arrogant fool her was, decided to broadcast the entire fight on the train Via hidden cameras to all of Zootopia to show them that Heroes will fall...it was just a matter of time.

Meanwhile with the Hopps who were still at the Wilde's place due to them wanting to hear some news of the mission that even had Nick's old partner Steve rushing off to help.

Once again they got to see Nick in combat, as the news they were watching got interrupted by a live broadcast of the fight between Zemo and Nick. "This guy again?!" John exclaimed in frustration.

"End of ze line Barnes! ZOLA NOW!" Zemo ordered and Nick's ears shot up and he grabbed from behind by Zola whom he though that he had destroyed earlier on. "Oh no!" The parents exclaim and Zola laughed " Foolish Kinder! I told you i vould be back!"

Zemo withdrew his sword and was prepared to skewer Nick but he dodged to blow and used all his strength to LIFT ZOLA Nick shouted in a ferocious battle cry as he slung the mechanical monster past his shoulder and towards Zemo.

"Again...i know that's a robotic arm...but jeez! That guy's made of metal...he's gotta weigh like a ton and Nick's just judo flipping him like nothing!" John commented and the other nodded as Francine thought to herself 'That's my boy'.

"CURSE YOU! BARNES!" Zola exclaimed as he blasted the train door wide open with a blast from his energy cannon. Zola charged but Nick step sided and shoved his knife through his monitor and withdrew it before kicking him off the train.

"You'll be back Zola...you'll always come back" Nick muttered as he turned around and faced Zemo to which he intercepted the blow from the sword with he metal arm.

"Looks like you need some backup there mate!" Called out a voice that made Bonny and Stu jump "No way..." They exclaim as their jaws drop when a familiar looking rabbit, tall as Nick and had a handsome face emerged him the shadows with a handgun.

"Jack, nice to see you" Nick winked as Zemo grunted in annoyance "That's Jack?! Like...Jack Hopps? OUR Jack?! What the hell did Police academy do to him?! He's all built and tall and handsome and...what's with the damn Tux!" Stu exclaimed as he rapid fired questions that no one present had the answers to.

"Great...who're you supposed be? James bond or something?!" Zemo shouted as he lunged at him but Jack dodged and countered by twisting Zemo's arm towards his back and disarming him "No mate...the name's Jack...Jack Savage. And you are under arrest". Jack slapped handcuffs around Zemo and tossed him towards Nick who knocked him out cold.

"Whoa..." Stu breathed in disbelief as he managed to take Zemo down in less than a minute. "What happened to the Armour?" Nick asked and Jack replied "The Skull messed with it, but the A.I, Eclipse managed to transform into this stylish tux for well...style and protection"

"He had an armoured suit?!" Stu exclaimed along with John "Not to mention that he said A.I...the suit was alive...in a way" John breathed in shock. Meanwhile on bored the train, Nick and Jack went off to assist Judy and Cap who had cornered the Skull when suddenly, the train got thrown off of it's railings and down towards the ground near to the Z.P.D.

Cap and the gang were down for a bit and so was the Skull but when they woke up the Skull ran out and was followed by Cap and the others where they found a massive Hydra battle mech along with a legion of Hydra troops just pointing their guns down onto them.

"IT'S OVER CAPTAIN! I'VE WON! FIRE!" Skull exclaimed as the canons prepared to fire when a voice that Cap know all to well rang out "MIGHTY THUNDER!".

The citizens of Zootopia along with Cap and the gang saw something gly right through the mech and something else land on the ground with a silver helmet with wing designs. The figure held out his hand and the object that they first saw landed on the palm of his hand.

Chief Bogo ran out along with the rest of the officers to see what caused the commotion, he'd wanted to ask who the hell he was but the figure had answered him "Now then Red skull, you now face THE GOD OF THUNDER HIMSELF! THOR SON OF ODIN!"

'Great...a god' Bogo thought as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. A portal opened behind the god of thunder and Strange along with Black panther arrived on the scene.

"Thought you may need back up" Strange smirked as he stood alongside Cap, Thor and the rest of the Avengers...or in this case...The Z-Avengers, named after the world they protect.

To Strange, Judy was this world's Cap, Nick was Bucky, Wade was a sort of Hawkeye and Jack was Ironman/Black widow type of character. "Damn you...STRANGE!" Skull yelled as he charged forward with his Hydra army as Cap held his shield in the air shouting "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!".

Judy and Jack didn't know why, but they instantly got ready as soon as Cap said that. "Sir..." Eclipse called out and Jack answered his pager "Yeah?" and Eclipse responded by saying "I've regained control of all my functions...the suit is ready".

"Do it!" Jack exclaimed as the suit wrapped around him and the systems came online as the face-plate closed and covered his face "HA! I'M BACK!" Jack exclaimed as the repulser boots activated and he hovered in mid-air.

'Nope...definitely iron-man' Strange thought. "Ok, let's do this" Jack smirked as he powered up his repulser ray and flew in the air delivering air strikes with Thor. Nick, Judy, Cap and Panther along with the assist of some of the Z.P.D took the fight on the ground as bullets flew and magic blasts errupted along with lasers flying.

Nick looked to his left and saw Judy punching a Hydra agent, he looked to his top right and saw Jack engage some jet-pack troopers. Nick smiled as knocked out a Hydra agent and pinned him to the ground as he shot the three in front of him.

Meanwhile, John and the others were in awe as the saw Jack take to the skies with a GOD and an epic metal suit. "Are those really our kids?" John and Stu muttered together as they watch them pummel the Hydra troopers to the ground.

Once they were all gone, the Skull was cornered by Nick, Judy and Jack who had taken his helmet off. "It's over Skull..you've lost" Judy smirked and Skull was silent for a while before responding "How...how did this happen?"

Nick responded to that "Because good always wins in the end...". Skull sighed and surrendered as Jack and Judy escorted him towards the HQ and everyone cheered including John and the rest.

"So what now Buck?" Cap asked as he looked at his friend "Now...i stay here, i want and have to...someone's gotta look out for these people and it's us, the Z-Avengers...it has a nice ring to it"

"Cap nodded as he responded with a smile "Well then Buck...i wish you good luck, and if you ever need us...we're just a call away" Cap said as Strange opened a potral and Panther, Thor, Cap and Strange himself left to his own world.

A few hours later at the Wilde's residence...

A party was held to celebrate Nick and Judy's along with Jack and Wade's success for apprehending the Hydra agents along with Skull and Zemo. "Hey Nick, could you open this jar for me...it's sealed tight!" Bonny asked as she tried to twist the lid open and Nick nodded as he opened the jar with relative ease.

"Metal arm...gotta love it" Nick smirked as he winked and handed over the jar back to Bonny who laughed along with Francine. They sat down at the table and shared a few drinks and Jack introduced everyone to Eclipse...apparently the suit could act independently and shifted its' form to that of a Blue fox/Raccoon hybrid thing.

"so...what now?" John asked as he looked at Nick with interest to see what his son had planned for the future. "Well...no doubt that Skull and the others will get out of jail, no doubt bout it...and when they do, they'll have us to face off against"

"Won't he be prepared?" Bonny asked and Eclipse responded this time round "Actually...Nick, along with the rest of us have discussed this with Bogo and we came up with a solution...no...rather, an initiative"

"And what would that be?" Stu asked and Nick responded "That...Stu, would be the Z-Avengers Initiative Including members like myself, Captain Zootopia (Judy), Jack Savage and Sharpshooter (Wade 'Ford' Harrison) along with Eclipse...with maybe a few more members on the way"

"You guys go a catchphrase or something? You are superheroes..." John asked and Nick the others nodded as the responded at the same time "Avengers assemble!".

The end...

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