falling into step

A Haikyuu! fanfic

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Haikyuu! characters belong to Furudate Haruichi-sensei, not to me. mew here, to supply you with a rarepair you didn't know you needed. -w- Read, review, and enjoy!

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Chapter 1: A Manager's Responsibilities

"So the new jerseys should arrive at the start of next week. The first years are excited, though I heard talk from some of them about their numbers…" Watari shook his head and closed his notebook, withholding an exasperated sigh. "That might be something we'll have to deal with. It's ridiculous, though, fighting over jersey numbers. We didn't do that, Kindaichi and Kunimi and the others didn't do that—I'm not sure I could even picture Oikawa-san and them doing that when they were first years."

Yahaba shrugged and tried to give him a sympathetic smile while he took his friend's notebook and reviewed his comments during their lunchbreak in Watari's homeroom. "Yeah, you're right… Kindaichi's so well-behaved and Kunimi doesn't care about numbers so long as he gets to play. But Oikawa-san?" The new captain of Aoba Johsai's volleyball club raised his eyebrows when he glanced at Watari. "I get the feeling the others knew he was captain material from the beginning. And there was no doubt in his mind that Iwaizumi-san was his ace."

Watari didn't add anything to Yahaba's statement, though he agreed. Their senpai were still fresh on their minds, even though the next school year—Watari's and Yahaba's third and last—was already a month old and the former seniors were graduated and, for the most part, nowhere to be seen. Watari figured that was for the best. Most of them had gone away to university or were pursuing work opportunities. It didn't make sense for them to stick around their high school sports club. Not to mention the new third years had enough on their plates…

"Oh, is this what you were thinking of for flyers?" Yahaba asked, drawing Watari from his thoughts. He passed Watari's notebook back to him with the book opened up to a page covered in multi-colored ink and possibly too much information.

"Ah…yeah… It's crowded, isn't it?" The libero laughed halfheartedly at himself and took out his pencil pouch, turning to a fresh page.

"Kind of. But it's important the person know what they're getting into, if they want to be our manager."

"That's what I thought, too."

Yahaba put his elbow on Watari's desk and cupped his cheek in his palm while he debated Watari's rough draft. "Or maybe we should give up on the idea…"

"No." Watari shook his head and locked eyes with his friend. "Our plates are full enough as they are, Yahaba. The club hasn't had a manager in years, but that has to change."

"…it would be nice, having a pretty girl around, like one of Karasuno's managers," Yahaba remarked after an odd beat. There was a grin playing with the edges of his lips.

"A female or male manager—it doesn't matter, so long as none of us ends up with three jobs, between club and studies and managing."

"But you're doing great so far, Mr. Manager," Yahaba lightly teased him, and he couldn't keep the laughter entirely from his voice.

Watari rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms in front of his chest defensively. "I'm only supposed to be vice-captain, not the manager, as well."

Yahaba sat up and opened his mouth to say something in reply, but something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye, and he turned to the classroom door. "Oi! Kyoutani! Wear your uniform properly or I'll get scolded on your behalf again!" He even snarled and stood up, leaving to chase after their ace.

"…and vice-captain does not equal babysitter, either," Watari added under his breath to himself as his eyes followed the commotion out of the classroom. He returned his attention to the flyer draft afterwards.

Frankly, for all he corrected Yahaba about exactly what his duties were to the volleyball club, and he knew just how busy he was and how much busier he was going to get as the school year flew by, Watari actually didn't mind things right now. Whether coordinating with Irihata-sensei and Mizoguchi-san about practice games and collecting everyone's stats, or continuing to train up Okino as their other libero, or advising the team alongside Yahaba, or keeping Yahaba and Kyoutani from breaking into fisticuffs every other day…Watari actually felt that he could handle this much. Sure, it meant sometimes that getting homework done felt like a last-minute cramming session, but Watari had good study habits and kept flashcards on him all the time, so those academics of which he'd reminded Yahaba weren't quite as big a burden on his shoulders as he might've implied them to be.

He paused and frowned at the second draft he'd made and crossed out three lines of info. Then again, maybe that did the trick. It seemed a lot more readable now and, if he pulled off a little magic with that photo-editing program on his computer, it might be what they needed.

"Ah, Watari."

The libero picked his head up and saw his teammate and fellow third year, Hoshimura, leaning against the doorjamb. Hoshimura was pointing his index fingers to the left.

"Yahaba just enlisted Ueno's help to catch Kyoutani…you might want to take care of that…"

Watari sighed and hopped up from his desk, knowing precisely how the remaining minutes of lunch would end, as they'd been ending the same way for the past month.

He had his plate full, all right. So he could handle it.


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And so it begins. I've had this idea for a little while now, and I love slow builds a lot, and I love Matsuwata a LOT, so why not start this now? :D Time to give Watari some other things to think about… -w- And, yes, names you don't recognize are OCs of mine, which I've used before in some of my other fics; I'm also hoping to have the chance to flesh them out a bit, so yay. :] Ahh, Watacchi, you deserve some love…! Cover art by me, btw, and I'm ECSTATIC that this begins publication on 2/7—Matsuwata Day~!

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