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Blaise moved quickly to stand in front of Harry, a fact the boy in question was most grateful for, as it gave him a moment to call for Dobby.

Well, squeak for, was perhaps more accurate and to tug most urgently on his shirt, ensuring it covered any, dangling bits. Blaise also began his change back to his human self and he stepped forward to embrace his mother in a hug, turning her away from Harry as he did so.

Harry could have sworn he saw a smile on her lips before her back was fully turned to him.

Harry was grateful for Blaise's quick thinking, and Dobby hurried to rectify Harry's situation. Dobby had also grabbed Harry's jumper from where he had discarded it and he swiftly pulled that on as well. Feeling much better, now that he was entirely covered up, but still beet-red with embarrassment, Harry met Blaise's eyes with a nod and Blaise let go of his mother to introduce her to Harry.

"Mother, I'd like to introduce you to my mate. Harry, this is my mother, Ellenora Zabini."

"Hello," Harry said softly holding his hand out for her to shake, embarrassment still colouring his voice and his cheeks.

"None of that now," she replied warmly, "I've seen your father in far less," and with that, she pulled him into a hug.

Harry was a bit surprised at the action, and he was stiff in her arms for a moment before lifting his own to place lightly upon her back. She smelt of rosemary and something floral that Harry didn't recognize. Whatever it was, it relaxed something in him and he felt his residual embarrassment fade. Her arms tighten briefly before she stepped back, although she didn't release him entirely. Instead, keeping her hands on his shoulders as she seemed to drink in the sight of him.

"Oh, you so look like Jamie, but you've got your grandfather's nose." She said fondly with a soft tap to said appendage as she drew away completely.

Harry felt the absence of her hold acutely before he blinked at her words, the difference to what was usually said startling him.

"You knew my grandfather?" He asked. "Hang on, you saw my Dad naked?"

She nodded, "Yes, your grandfather was my godfather, he and my own father were the best of friends. As to your father and his friends," Harry's face took on a stricken look, "Who do you think helped them become animagi?"

"I- I didn't know that," Harry said, at a loss for words.

Silence threatened to engulf then when Blaise cleared his throat.

"How was your travel, Mama? What method did you take?"

She turned her mesmerizing gaze from Harry and smiled at her son. "I flooed of course, you know I don't like to apparate so far, especially with luggage. I must say, the French Administration has much nicer International Floo Travel. I barely twirled at all."

"That is good to hear," Blaise replied, coming to stand next to Harry once more and slipping his arm around his waist.

Harry was brought from his chaotic thoughts and he reminded himself of his manners, at least the ones that Daphne insisted into drumming into him whenever the opportunity presented itself.

"Erm- Would you like to sit? There's a lovely spot just this way and I can have some refreshments brought out to us?"

"That sounds lovely, Harry," Ellenora said with a smile just for him.

He ducked his head and led them underneath a nearby arbour, trailing grapevines covered the legs and the trellis on top, giving them a perfectly shaded area to sit.

Dobby had already anticipated his needs and there was a tea service set up alongside a plate of finger foods.

Harry was thankful for Dobby's attentiveness, however, in this situation, it gave Harry one less thing to do, meaning he was now wracking his brain for something to say to Blaise's mother.

The two of them sat down, and Harry busied himself with pouring the tea, making Ellenora's first, per her instructions of how much milk and sugar she wanted.

"Blaise didn't tell me you were studying to become an animagus, Harry. Has it been difficult?"

Harry had been about to take a sip of tea and he immediately set it down again.

"Oh, er, yes and no. It has mostly been difficult to find the time to practise. I wanted it to be a surprise for Blaise, so between my studies, the Dragon Pox outbreak and well, everything else…" Harry trailed off.

Ellenora's eyebrows rose, "How long have you been studying this?"

"Erm…" Harry looked at Blaise, "Perhaps late October? That's when we took the potion."

"And you've already successfully accomplished your transformation? Simply astounding."

Harry looked to Blaise for clarification but was simply met with a smug look on his boyfriend's face.

"You said we, are there others who are also trying? Friends of yours?"

Harry's attention returned to the woman sitting across from him, "Yes, my friends, Ron, Fred, George, Luna, and Neville. Also, Blaise's friend Tracey and Daphne, my cousin."

"Oh, that is wonderful. Have they managed the transformation yet?"

He shook his head, "Not that I know of at least."

"It took Jamie a solid four months of meditation before he could even grow in his antlers."

That explained why she had been so impressed, thought Harry. Mentally filing away the piece of information about his dad.

"Erm, Blaise said that all Rukar were also animagus, can yo- I mean, what are you?"

Ellenora smiled slowly and then suddenly Harry was left blinking at a smallish leopard-looking cat. Well, small for an African cat, but quite a lot larger than a common house cat. Her size was similar to that of a Golden Retriever, though the bulk was far less. Her ears were twice the height Harry thought they would be, and her cat form was quite long-limbed, much like her human self.

Allowing Harry another moment of perusal, she then changed back. Reaching for her cup of tea as if she hadn't just changed into a cat and back without thought.

"Mother's form is a Serval cat, they are native to Africa, like my lion. My family has a long history of transforming into African felines." Blaise told Harry softly.

Harry nodded, and their conversation soon lapsed into their time at school. How their studies had been progressing and Blaise bragging about a red-faced Harry's accomplishments so far this year. Harry had more than once tried to dissuade Blaise from talking, but his protests had fallen off deaf ears and the only thing they had accomplished was Blaise's arm firmly draped around his shoulders.

Dobby had soon interrupted them to let them know of the Weasley twins arrival and their urgent need to speak with him. Harry had him show Ellenora to her room, with the promise to talk again that afternoon.

Once she had disappeared from sight, Harry dropped his head into his hands and groaned.

"Tesoro? What's wrong?" Blaise questioned.

Harry stared at him wide-eyed, "You can't be serious? I just met your mum without any trousers on!"

"Harry, I can assure you that she didn't care in the slightest."

"Well, I care!" Harry said, "It was embarrassing! And then we had to sit and have bloody tea? I mean, thank Merlin I at least had my shirt, and for Dobby, but… shit."

He buried his face in his hands again and Blaise could see his neck pinking with the force of his embarrassment.

Blaise became concerned at Harry's uncharacteristic swearing. He shuffled closer on the seat and pressed himself against Harry's side.

"Harry," Blaise tried to say placatingly, "She didn't even see anything," Harry snorted, "Well, except for an exceptionally fetching set of legs."

Harry looked up at him once again, disbelief written all over his face.

"Fetching? Really, Blaise?"

Blaise saw his opportunity to bring Harry out of his embarrassed state and pressed closer, one hand moving over Harry's legs to bring them up, maneuvering Harry so that he lay flat upon the bench with his legs either side of Blaise.

Blaise hummed in approval, his hands sliding over Harry's thighs as he leant over his body.

"Very fetching, bloody gorgeous in fact."

He leant down to nip at Harry's lips. Pulling lightly with his teeth before pressing in for a kiss.

Harry moaned, hitching his hips to settle comfortably underneath Blaise and reaching up one hand to twine in Blaise's hair. He responded greedily to Blaise's kiss and felt himself start to grow hard as Blaise hitched one of Harry's legs around his waist.

Blaise pulled away to cast a long look over Harry's body. His hands tightening possessively on Harry's waist and thighs.

"Shapely, long, they feel brilliant when you wrap them around me."

Harry started to blush for an entirely different reason and Blaise was pleased to have achieved his goal, and with such perks too!

"I'm beginning to think you have a thing for legs," Harry said, trying to falsify some bravado.

"Mmm, just yours," Blaise replied with a smirk.

He was about to lean in for another kiss when they were interrupted by a low wolf whistle and the sound of slow applause.

Harry sat up abruptly, smacking his forehead into Blaise's chin. He whipped his head around to see the twins leaning against a post each, both wearing a shit-eating grin.

"What are you guys doing out here?" Harry squawked.

"We got bored waiting for you inside," said Fred.

"Though if we'd known what we would have been interrupting," continued George.

"We would have brought popcorn!" They finished with a grin.

Harry tried to straighten himself up and crossed one leg over the other to try and hide his predicament. Blaise, on the other hand, felt no such need and simply straightened his clothes before settling himself once more next to Harry.

"What are you guys doing here? And we were coming. You know, eventually." Harry said.

"Oh, we saw that," Fred said with a lusty wink as he threw himself into a nearby chair.

"We have news," George said, "Better summon the war council."

Harry rolled his eyes and called for Dobby. The elf appeared immediately by his side.

"Dobby, would you please gather up Ron, Theo and Greg?"

Dobby nodded, "Would you be liking me too fetch Master Harry's Padfoot and Wolfie too?"

Harry frowned, "I would have thought they would still be sleeping."

"They is still in bed," Dobby agreed.

"Right, well, just let them be for now," Harry replied, "They are probably very tired."

Fred sniggered and Harry looked at him to see what was so amusing.

George also looked as though he was trying not to laugh.

"Tesoro," Blaise said patiently, "I don't think he meant they were sleeping."

"But what-," Harry's eyes went round behind his glasses. "Oh! Oh!"

He shook his head violently as the images of the activity his pseudo parents were currently engaged were conjured into his brain.

"They're bumping uglies!" crowed Fred.

"Having a bit of how's your father," chortled George.

"Some good ol' rumpy-pumpy!" Fred rejoined.

"Making the beast with two backs!"

"Oh, speaking of, do you ever wonder if…"

"STOP!" Harry cried out, throwing up both his hands in a plea to make them silent. "I did not need to know that, I so did not need to know that. Dobby would you please just-"

Harry waved his hands at the house, gesticulating his earlier orders. Dobby nodded once before popping away.

Harry put his head down into his hands again trying to banish the images that Fred and George conjured. He didn't see the warning glare that Blaise sent them when George opened his mouth to begin teasing him again.

Thankfully, it didn't take long for everyone to be assembled as Ron came out, munching on a sandwich, with Greg and Theo trailing behind him.

"What's up?" Ron asked after greeting his brothers.

"Dumbledore," said George.

"He's been around the Burrow looking for Harry," added Fred.

"He's searched Grimmauld as well, and Bill said that he was even calling for Kreacher. But he didn't come."

"As well he shouldn't."

Harry sighed, "We knew he'd try to find me. He's worried I'm slipping away from his influence, he wasn't happy about me leaving for the holidays. I really should apologise to your mum."

"Why?" asked Theo.

He hadn't been able to get away from the Slytherin dorms often during the last few days at school, and so, wasn't aware that Mrs Weasley had given Dumbledore an earful about not letting Harry out to spend Christmas with his family.

"Mum yelled at Dumbledore," said Ron, swallowing heavily around his sandwich, "Said it wasn't right for him to spend the holidays alone at school."

"And then I disappeared on her," Harry said.

"Yeah, she's not right, pleased with you, mate," said Fred.

"Probably best if you came home from 'Neville's' soon too," added George.

Ron nodded solemnly before he shoved the last of his sandwich in his mouth and ruining the effect.

"Right, well, nothing to be done for it now," Harry said as he stood, he he gave Blaise's hand a squeeze before he let go. "I'll see you in a bit. Greg, can we talk for a minute? Ron?"

He said goodbye to Fred and George and nodded to Theo, leading the other two into the house. He called for Dobby and had him lead them into the kitchen. After being introduced to the elves he found there, and assuring them that he did not need their help, he set about the kitchen, pulling ingredients from memory as he gestured to Ron and Greg to sit on the opposite side of the counter while he worked.

"What do you need, milord?" asked Greg.

Harry pulled a face at the title but otherwise ignored it.

"When you swore as my vassal, we talked about pureblood traditions and how they were being wiped out in favour of muggle ones."

Greg nodded.

"Well, what about Christmas? How do purebloods celebrate the holidays?"

"You mean, how does Blaise celebrate the holidays?" Ron asked.

Harry shrugged as he began to mix ingredients.

"I don't know if he and his mother have any specific traditions, but I do know they celebrate Yule, as myself and Theo do," Greg replied.

"What's Yule? I don't know all that much about it," Harry asked as he began to fold in the eggs.

"Before the solstice people exchange logs-"

"Logs?" Harry asked dubiously.

Greg nodded, "They are decorated and usually with an engraving or two, to symbolise things or outcomes that the giver wishes for the giftee. On the solstice itself, the logs are burned to welcome back the sun and the wishes into your life. It is common to keep vigil over the fire until the hour of the solstice. People tell stories and also carve wishing sticks to throw into the fire."

"Wishing sticks?" Harry said as he found a pan.

Ron was the one who answered this time. "Yeah, we used to do them as kids, but we haven't for a long time. But you carve things you want into one side, and things you want to get rid of in the other."

Harry looked between the two of them, confused.

Greg took over to explain.

"Things you want to let go of, like grief, or sadness, anger, go on one side. The other side is for things you want to bring into your life in the new year. Peace, prosperity, a clear mind, security etc."

"Right," said Ron, "And then the next day is kind of like Christmas, you exchange presents with loved ones to bring joy and er…"

"Generosity into the new year."

"Okay," Harry replied as he put the cake into the oven. "And is that it? Any decorations or…"

"There's a cleansing ritual you can do leading up to it. My family never did one so I'm not entirely knowledgeable on the technicalities, but I know it involves hanging herbs in doorways and windows and using a smudging stick."

Harry nodded as he thought about the upcoming holiday.

"What's the cake for?" Ron asked.

"Oh, it's for your mum. It's an apology cake."

Ron bobbed his head and then asked, "Can I lick the bowl?"

Laughing, Harry pushed it towards him.

"Was that all you needed from me, milord?" Greg asked as he moved to stand up.

"Yeah, except, you can call me Harry."

"I know," Greg said, a smirk just tugging on his lips, "Milord."

Ron snorted and Harry shot him a look as Greg left.

"I like him," Ron said.

"Sound more surprised, Ron. Otherwise, I won't believe you." Harry replied as he began to clean up after himself.

"You know what I mean, mate. It's Goyle. Never expected to be friends with him."

Harry snorted, "Yes, true enough." He sent a sly look at Ron, "Speaking of being friends with Slytherin's, how is Tracey?"

The tips of Ron's ears grew very red as he suddenly became very interested in the bottom of the mixing bowl.

"Well?" Harry asked, resting his elbows on the counter, "Come on, mate."

"I took your advice, on the last Hogsmeade day. Got the house-elves to make a picnic basket and met her in the Forest. There's this nice little clearing, by the stream-"

"There's a stream in the forest?" Harry interrupted.

Ron nodded, his eyes still glued to a lingering piece of batter.


"And?" Harry prompted.

"Wemightbesortofgoingout," Ron mumbled, his cheeks starting to redden along with his ears.

"Come again?" Harry said with a grin, after all, he understood Ron-mumble perfectly well.

Ron sighed heavily before meeting Harry's gaze and smiling himself, "We might be sort of seeing each other."

Harry's grin grew wider, "Yeah?"


"Congrats, mate."


"So," Harry said, changing the subject, "How are you going with your animagus form?"

Ron shrugged, "Pretty well, I can get my limbs down, but I'm having trouble with the body and my head. You?"

"I've got one, I showed Blaise this morning-" Harry broke off suddenly with a groan as he remembered the embarrassment from earlier.

"What happened?"

"I met Blaise's mum today. She's here."

"Oh, er, is she?" Ron asked nervously.

Harry looked up at him in confusion, before recognition took hold, "The rumours are wrong Ron, I dunno what I'm allowed to tell you. But she never murdered anyone."

Ron let out a sigh of relief, "Well, that's good then. So what happened?"

Harry buried his face in his hands, "I changed back without my trousers."

There was dead silence in the kitchen until Ron started to snigger. Harry peeked out from between his fingers just in time to see Ron slip from the stool he was sitting on, and onto the floor with a solid thump. Howling with laughter.

"I can hex you, you know," Harry grumbled as he came around the bench to make sure Ron hadn't hurt himself.

Ron struggled to pull himself up, arms folded on the counter as his body continued to shake with laughter.

"Sorry, sorry," Ron continued to snigger for a moment, "but that's bloody funny."

Ron wiped a tear from his eye and sat back on the stool and Harry allowed a small smile.

"I know you're supposed to make an impression on the in-laws, Harry. But I don't think that's the one they mean." Ron chuckled.

Harry smirked and then shoved Ron hard enough that he fell off the stool again.

Ron's laughter was the only answer he received as he went to check on the cake.

Harry briefly marvelled over how quickly the cake had baked. He had read, of course, about magical kitchens and the spells used in creating them. He just hadn't the opportunity to put one to the test yet.

One of the elves popped in with a wicker basket and Harry thanked them before sliding the cake out of the tray. Using a cooling charm on the cake, he placed it in the basket and turned back for the bowl of icing. He smacked Ron's inching hand away and quickly iced the cake.

"Here, you probably should get going, give this to your mum, BEFORE you eat it." Harry narrowed his eyes and quickly palmed his wand, "You know what? Langlock."

Ron scowled at Harry and sent a rude gesture his way.

Harry just grinned cheerfully. "It's not nice to laugh at people."

Harry threw an arm around Ron's shoulders and marched him to the nearest floo. Grabbing a handful of powder he tossed it in the fireplace and called out 'The Burrow!' He pushed Ron into the flames with a cheery,

"Off you go! See you for Christmas!"

Ron had just enough time to give Harry another two-fingered salute before the flames whisked him away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RFN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The remainder of the day passed rather uneventfully. Harry had spent an hour by Sirius's bedside talking with him and Remus. The old dog, despite having been healed by the Department of Mysteries, was still quite exhausted. Harry refused to speculate on reasons that could have exacerbated this condition. He preferred to keep his sanity, thank you.

That had been followed by dinner with Blaise and his mother, Theo, Greg and Remus. The dinner discussion had primarily focused on the upcoming holiday celebration and the shopping trip Harry wanted to take into muggle London soon. There was a particular book store he needed to go to. Remus agreed to show Harry how to make Portkeys and it was decided that Ellenora would accompany them if Sirius was still too weak.

But now, he and Blaise were safely ensconced in their room and Blaise's tongue was doing wicked things to Harry's.

Harry groaned as Blaise ran his hands over his back to grasp tightly at his arse, and he pressed himself against the warm body in front of him.

Blaise pulled away from to nip at his neck and panting huskily into his ear, "Take a shower with me?"

Harry pulled back and bit his lips as he looked into Blaise's eyes. Despite wanting very much what Blaise offered, he still had some doubts about being entirely uncovered around Blaise. Even with all the, intimacy, they had been having lately, Harry had still kept his shirt.

Blaise seemed to sense his hesitation however, and he leaned into press soft reassuring kisses against the corner of his mouth and along his jaw, murmuring between them.

"Harry. Tesoro. you are. absolutely. stunning. and I. want you. There isn't. any. thing. whatso. ever. that could. change. my mind. about that."

"Blaise-" Harry started to say.

Blaise pulled back and rested his forehead on Harry's, "Trust me?"

Harry inhaled shakily and set his reservations aside. Blaise had not ever, not once shown him any hint of revulsion. Hadn't given him even an inkling that the treatment of Harry's relatives had changed his opinion of Harry in any negative way.

He started to nod but was interrupted by Blaise's lips upon his again and he soon capitulated completely. Blaise's tongue in his mouth, his hands on his waist, and not to mention the hot firm length Harry could feel pressed against him. Well, they went a long way in dispelling any lingering doubts.

Harry raised his hands to tangle them in Blaise's jumper and he pulled him towards the bathroom. A sudden thrill of exultation running through him.

One of Blaise's hands let go of its grip on Harry's arse to fumble for his wand and Harry heard the shower start behind him. There was a clatter of wood on ceramic as Blaise tossed his wand in the direction of the sink before his hands started to busy themselves with removing Harry's clothes.

In all honesty, however, Harry's were just as busy and he was soon tugging Blaise's upper garments over his head, even as Blaise tried to unbutton Harry's jeans. The opposing actions causing them to halt their frantic activity.

Blaise chuckled as he paused in undressing Harry to remove his hands from the trap Harry had unintentionally made. Leaving Blaise to that task, Harry took over from the fumbling attempts Blaise had started with his button fly and pushed them down, kicking his jeans to the side and out of their way.

He watched as Blaise stepped forward, his eyes alight with lust as his fingers reached for the hem of Harry's shirt. Blaise paused briefly, his fingers grazing Harry's bare skin for a moment as he arched an eyebrow at him.

Harry nodded and lifted his arms, sucking in a breath as he felt the fabric lift over his head.

Almost immediately as the shirt was discarded over Blaise's shoulder, Harry felt his back pressed against the cool tiled wall behind him. Blaise crowding him in front and covering his mouth in another kiss. Harry let himself get lost in the passionate kiss and his hands wander over Blaise's chest for a moment before the sound of rushing water reminded him of their goal.

He trailed his hands down to free Blaise's own erection. Allowing it to press silkily against his own. Blaise pulled his hips back just enough so that Harry could push his trousers off all the way, and Blaise stepped out of them and maneuvered them both into the shower.

Harry's glasses immediately fogged up and Harry grinned when Blaise plucked them from his face, grumbling as he had to let go of Harry to lean out enough to throw them on top of the makeshift clothes pile. Harry swallowed heavily when he sent him a mischievous look.

He yelped when Blaise picked him up and quickly ducked under the spray with him. Laughing along with him until he was slowly and sensually slid down Blaise's muscled frame. A set of shivers running up his spine as their lips met.

Harry heard Blaise groan as his hands slid over Harry's body and Harry buried his own in Blaise's hair. The warm water running sensually over their bodies before Blaise pressed Harry against another wall.

Harry let out a muffled yelp into Blaise's mouth at the shock from the cold tiles. Blaise slowly let Harry down onto his feet and brought one hand between them to grip their cocks and stroke them in time. His tongue pressed into Harry's mouth and he licked at the back of Harry's teeth playfully before engaging his tongue in a slow dance.

Harry let his hands drift exploratorily over Blaise and he thrust his hips up in a bid to add pressure to Blaise's ministrations. Blaise growled as Harry gripped his hips and he crowded Harry further against the wall. Harry tore their lips apart and smirked up at Blaise. The water providing him with the perfect lack of friction to slip easily down to the floor and to set about returning the favour Blaise had bestowed upon him that morning.

He absently heard Blaise's sharp inhalation and he watched as Blaise backed up to give him some room to work. Which he was immediately thankful for, as now that he was eye to eye with Blaise's impressive anatomy, the task seemed a lot more daunting.

Blaise said his name, likely to tell him that he needn't do anything he didn't want to. But Harry did, so he strengthened his resolve and leaning forward, took Blaise into his mouth.

He promptly sputtered and gagged a little, a little too eager in his first attempt, but he backed off slightly and began to set a slow pace. Allowing himself some time to get used to the motion and to figure out a way to protect Blaise from his teeth. He soon found that wrapping his lips around them was the easiest and Blaise's breathy sighs changed to deep groans as Harry's suction increased.

Harry found he couldn't quite take all of Blaise into his mouth without threatening his gag reflex, so he compensated by wrapping one hand around the base and pumping in time to the rhythm he had set. His other hand gripped Blaise's hip in a bid to steady himself and he felt one of Blaise's hands fall into his hair, to card gently through his wet locks.

Harry lifted his eyes to meet Blaise's violet stare and Harry was shocked at the wealth of emotion he saw there as well as the open adoration and lust upon his face.

Unable to break eye contact, it wasn't much longer until Harry saw Blaise's jaw drop open and he felt his balls tightening. Blaise gasped his name in warning, and Harry ignored him. Wanting to do this for Blaise and to know what it was like.

Even knowing what was coming, he was surprised at the force and speed at which it came. Unprepared, he was unable to swallow all of it, and the heavy, salty fluid leaked from the corners of his mouth.

Harry released Blaise's softening cock and wiped at the mess upon his face. Blaise extended an arm down to him and hauled him upright. Harry let out an exclamation of shock when Blaise kissed him full on the mouth and forced his tongue past Harry's lips. Harry groaned as Blaise's hands found his erection again.

Blaise broke the kiss, panting just a little.

"Merlin, Harry. Your mouth."

Harry flushed a little at the compliment but was robbed of a chance to reply as Blaise spun him to face the wall. Harry groaned as Blaise began to suck large kisses into the column of his neck and as his hips were tugged back into the cradle of Blaise's own.

"Blaise-" Harry gasped as he rolled his head to the side.

"Tell me to stop if you want, Harry. But trust me just a little too." Blaise murmured into his ear.

Harry let out another groan and nodded as Blaise's hand rolled over the head of his penis. Harry heard the rattling of jars but paid them no heed as Blaise continued using his tongue to lave kisses into his neck. His hand stroking surely over Harry's cock.

Harry felt the knuckles of Blaise's other hand trail softly over his arse and down between his legs. One of Blaise's knees pushing against his legs to spread them a little further.

Harry sucked in a breath as he realised what Blaise was going to do. Harry pushed back against his hand and tried to prepare himself for what was about to come.

"Relax, Tesoro," whispered Blaise, his teeth tugging lightly on Harry's earlobe. "Just relax, and feel."

Harry nodded and pressed back against Blaise, let his warmth seep into his body and the water rush over him. Clearing his mind and focusing only on the sensations Blaise was bringing to him.

He felt the pad over Blaise's finger, slick with something -probably the body oil he liked to use- press into the crease of his arse and rub against the rim of his hole. He had expected it to feel weird. He had expected it to feel intrusive. He hadn't expected it to feel good.

Especially not right away. But the gentle caressing pressure was causing a whole new source of pleasure within Harry and he could not help but press back against it.

Blaise hummed in his ear, "Feel good, Tesoro?"

"Fuck yes," Harry groaned.

He felt Blaise grin against his neck and the hand around his cock tightened briefly.

The pressure behind him increased and Harry felt Blaise's finger slip easily through the ring of muscle. Harry gasped at the intrusion but the slow movement and continuous stimulation on his dick allowed him to stay relaxed.

"Merlin, Harry," Blaise groaned as his finger probed deeper.

Harry felt Blaise's own cock twitch against his arse cheek and he was filled with a sense of satisfaction about having such a strong effect on Blaise so soon.

That sense was soon driven from his mind when Blaise's finger brushed over a place within him that caused him to exclaim loudly. His surprised cry echoing in the bathroom.

Blaise's hold on him tightened and Harry felt him probe again with more force, Blaise's hand gripping his cock tightly as pleasure coiled deep within his belly. The new sensation coupled with Blaise's expert stroking soon had Harry reaching his limit. He orgasmed. His head thrown back and a harsh sound of passion was torn from his chest.

Blaise continued to slowly pump Harry's now spent cock as he gently removed his finger from Harry's backside.

Harry slumped against the wall, managing to turn himself to grin dazedly at Blaise.

"Bloody hell, that was..." Harry trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

Blaise's eyes sparkled as he grinned back.


"Yeah," Harry replied, reeling Blaise in for a kiss.

Something much softer and sweeter than the passion fuelled snogging from before. Gently, softly, slowly, they took turns washing each other before they fell into bed. Too tired to even bother with clothes.

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