Love Scorned SSHG

A SS/HG fanfic by Severus Sortiarius

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WARNING: Contains Mature Content...M FOR MATURE...

{Following the second wizarding war's conclusion lives were changed for better or worse, in Hermione Granger's case she had been enduring the worse when her husband, Ron Weasley is hardly home going off to play Quidditch, leaving her to care for two children and foot the bills with her low level position at the Ministry of Magic offices...Enter Severus Snape former Potions Professor...}

Prologue: When Rain Meets Fits Of Temper

{"My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why...I got out of bed alone...The morning rain clouds up my window...And I can't see at all...And even if I could it'd all be grey"} Thank You, Dido

My Thanks To All My Readers And Reviewers...Enjoy-S.S.

Unknown Location, Muggle World...

Rain had been coming down heavily causing the streets to glisten in the reflection of the lights that lit the highway. Tears of sorrow streamed down the cheeks of the brilliant Hermione Jean Granger as she travel down a seemingly empty country road in a bid to get as far away from her unappreciative, unfaithful git husband Ronald Weasley as possible. In the backseat of the car had been her five year old daughter Rose and her three year old son Hugo Weasley. As far as she had been concerned they had been the only real thing to come out of her marriage to Ron. The red head bastard spent so much time trying to bed every Quidditch groupie that smiled at him.

Hermione made an uncertain right turn as the rain continued to batter the windows and made it increasingly difficult to see. Despite this she kept driving not at all interested in turning back now, although she had not been sure where she was going. Rose had been especially inquisitive this afternoon and occasionally diverted her attention from the road now and again. Hugo had been blowing spit bubbles. The embittered witch tried her best not to pay attention to the fact that he had looked a good deal like his brainless ape of a father.

The sound of rolling thunder had begun to terrify the children as the distraught witch continued to drive. She had been so furious that she wanted to blast that bastard Ronald Weasley with a series of unforgivable curses.

Five years.

Five years they had been married since the end of the second wizarding war and he had promised to be a better man than the boy she knew at Hogwarts. She agreed to give him another chance after he had broken her heart during his dalliances with Lavender Brown and various other witches and she had come to regret it. Her believing the near death of his father, Arthur had contributed to his new sense of wanting a family was just hogwash. Ron had no intention of actually being a family man. He simply got married to get his overbearing mother off his case and marriage to Hermione had given her the second daughter she had always wanted.

"Mummy." said Rose growing concerned as the storm seemed to grow worse.

"Shhh." said Hermione in a bid to ease her daughter's discomfort. "It'll be alright."

"Mummy I'm scared." said Rose looking a fright as her amber eyes widened.

"It'll be alright Rose." said Hermione despite getting a bit worried herself. "It's just a bit of rain water."

Another crack of thunder and Hugo began pouting. He had not been too fond of the sounds of the storm either it seemed.

Hermione continued to drive much more considerate of her children being in the backseat. Her anger at Ron had driven her to take off without giving much thought to where she had been going. Her first thought had been to drive to her parents house in the muggle world but she figured it would be the first place the contemptible bastard would look for her and the children.

She turned down one street and then another and before she knew it she had managed to drive out to the countryside. She had not known a soul in this place nor how to make her way back home or otherwise. During her row with Ron, she had left her wand in the bedroom not trusting her self not to hex him to death in the wake of her argument. It had been good on behalf of not killing her husband but a poor judgement call when it came to being stranded in a strange place with her two young children in the middle of a rain storm.

As the now concerned witch continued to move forward, a slick bit of road caused the wheel to jerk and she found herself spinning out of control. The white muggle sedan slid along the winding country road and tumbled through a bit of rugged woods flipping over until it had been upside down.

Hermione and Rose's screams combined with Hugo's crying had been drowned out by the rolling thunder in the distance. Bits of broken glass had given the witch a few wounds that would be a reminder of her foolish temper getting the better of her. Her head hit against the steering wheel leaving quite a nasty gash on her forehead and her arms and hands were cut pretty good.

She had been drained as she searched the car finding Rose and Hugo largely unaffected by the accident thanks in part to her subconsciously casting a wand-less spell to ensure their safety. She had not even been aware that she knew how to do such things but she guessed a mother would be capable of quite a bit when trying to protect her children.

The last thing she recalled had been Hugo crying and Rose screaming for her to wake up as rain began to seep into the upside down vehicle. When Hermione came to once more, she caught a fleeting glimpse of a man wearing an impressive muggle coat pulling her children from the wreckage. Rose had screamed for her as the strange man pulled them each to safety and proceeded to turn his attention to Hermione.

She lost consciousness once again but not before she noted the man's strangely familiar obsidian eyes and impressively unkempt raven hair.

"P-Professor S-Snape?" she managed before everything went dark once more.