Chapter 107: The Portal To Hell

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Central Chamber,Unknown Location, Unknown World...

A violent hissing filled the ears of both Snape and Hermione as they proceeded to follow the blood tracked path into the central chamber of Mephala's citadel. The hairs on the back of Hermione's neck began to stand on end as she trusted her husband to guide her through the darkness. The rotted stench of death and decay filled her nostrils as they passed half eaten corpses of what looked like men and women from a plethora of worlds. Slick black crimson oozed from the seemingly pulsating walls of shadows that surrounded them.

"I hate this place." said Hermione trying to keep from succumbing to the urge to vomit.

"I can assure you love that this is no paradise for me either." replied Snape as they stepped cautiously around a mutilated corpse.

"Severus.." said Hermione trying to be strong for him and the children.

There was something completely awful about this place. A darkness seemed to thrive here that made even the likes of Voldemort look normal by comparison. Snape pulled her closer to him taking in the scent of her and blocking out the stench of rancid air and rotted flesh. He moved almost as if he were attempting to compute her scent to memory.

"I need you to focus on us." said Snape once more. "I need you to focus on our family."

"I will." said Hermione.

"You will see things that will push you to the very limits." said the raven haired wizard. "You will feel as if you can't even breathe...the darkness will make you think things that are not true but understand it is not nor will it ever be real."

"I-I'm not sure I can do this..." she said.

Snape grabbed her and pulled her into his kiss.

"You have to...for me..for the children." he urged her. "Think of our life together before all of this...and our plans for our family."

Hermione nodded steeling herself for the journey into the inner chamber.

Snape took one last look at her and they stepped forward. He knew what was coming as the whispers filled his ears and the darkness seemed to seep into his very being. He had hoped she was strong enough for this trial. It wasn't going to be pleasant in any sense.


The Grounds, The Snape Estate, Muggle World...

Irma Pince had been tightening the magical chains that held her father with absolute aggression. Mathias Prince sneered at her knowing full well what was to be expected within the realm of Mephala. She had been worried out of her mind about the status of her son and daughter in law's health. She had been so afraid of losing him from the moment she accepted her fate of being a mother.

He had survived his impoverish muggle upbringing.

He had survived the harsh treatment he received at Hogwarts.

He had even survived the first wizarding war.

During the second wizarding war it was reported that he had been killed by that despot Voldemort.

Then she found that he had not only been alive but had been happily married to Hermione Granger of all people and they were expecting twins.

"If something has harmed my boy." said Irma narrowing her obsidian eyes at him.

"Now he's your boy..." muttered Mathias in disgust. "Where were you when he was being bullied in Hogwarts?"

"That is none of your business." hissed Irma enraged.

"Not my business?" said Mathias seemingly amused. "How many nights did he cry himself to sleep awaiting the rescue that never came from an abusive muggle bastard whom had been hell bent on destroying him?"

"Fuck you old man." said Tobias angrily. "He would have been fine if you hadn't tried to destroy our family."

"Am I to take it that you've grown a backbone in the late moments of your life?" asked The Elder Prince with an arched brow much like his grandson.

"Open the portal." said Lucius growing tired of the exchanges. "Now."

Noting the Senior Malfoy had meant to hex him once again, Mathias sighed and turned his attention toward summoning the portal to Mephala's shadow realm. He had not known the condition of Severus or his muggle born wife but he figured they had reached the inner sanctum by now and Mephala would do with them what she saw fit. It would be nothing to deliver the meddling Lucius Malfoy and his wayward daughter as well in exchange for his freedom from his eternal tormentor.

The black shadows swirled as a portal opened and the tar like creatures reached out to take hold of the unsuspecting witch and wizards. Mathias chuckled rather darkly as everyone found themselves hurled into the make shift realm where Severus and Hermione had gone before.


Inner Sanctum, Mephala's Realm...

Snape couldn't see a thing as he moved as slowly as possible holding tight to Hermione's hand as she too held on to him for dear life. He could feel the heat from the encompassing darkness. The whispers grew louder as did the cries of torment that echoed from the thick tar filled walls that surrounded them. The rancid air had become more foul and thinner as they progressed. The Potions Professor could still hear the faint hiss of something off in the distance.

Hermione could hardly see as well but she got the feeling she was surrounded by something pulsing and hungry as she gripped Snape's hand. It had been nothing compared to the strange whispers first soft and distant then close and increasingly louder as they walked.

He's going to leave you.

You're too weak to stand here.

There is no way you are going to see your children.

No one leaves here alive.

The amber eyed witch concentrated on her husband and their family. They entered a strange round room and the shadows seemed to lift causing her to see what was in front of her and it only served to fill her with more dread. Numerous lumps of thick white webbing had been scattered along the ground covered with maggots.

Hermione fought the urge to scream as she felt Severus squeeze her hand. The small gesture seemed to bring her back to herself as she repressed the urge to vomit. The rancid stench had gotten worse and the air was heated as if they had ventured into the bowels of something foul's stomach. The walls were like thick flesh stretched in the most brutal of fashion with large pulsing maggot larva infesting them.

"Be strong witch." said Snape attempting to keep from vomiting himself. "The worst is yet to come."

Unable to imagine how anything could have gotten any worse, Hermione attempted to steel herself for what Mephala had in store for them.