*Cackles of diabolical laughter*

Mad Grinch Productions Presents:

The Conspiracy

Created from the mad, mad mind of: Zanrok

Egged on by: Fox in the Hen House

Disclaimer: I plead Insanity

Chapter 1: Hell's Cupid

Bogo threw down the report he'd just finished reading, accidentally hitting the large stack of other reports on his desk; the tower of paper trembled once, before falling, sending documents scattering all over his desk.

With a groan, he took off his reading glasses and leaned back in his chair massaging his temples. His job was always a little tougher during winter due to it being a common mating season, but this was ridiculous. Two mammals should not be able to make this much trouble for him, mating season or not. Hell, twenty blind love sick mammals shouldn't have been able to make this much trouble for him. It was like those two compensated for their small sizes by doing everything else in a big way. That was fine when taking big chunks of crime off the streets, but that was Not okay when it was making big amounts of trouble for him to deal with.

Bogo didn't like to get involved in such frivolous things. He wasn't a gods damned match maker. But he had a well-deserved reputation for taking care of problems. And this had just become a problem he could no longer ignore. Something had to be done. And if cupid was asleep on the job, then as much as he hated it, he'd just have to take care of it.

When an issue refused to be dealt with by normal means, Bogo had a fairly simple methodology to problem solving. The first approach was simply to hit it head on with a big hammer. But in this situation, he couldn't just give an order and enforce it. That only left the second approach, which was to get devious and hit it from behind with the biggest hammer he could bring to bear on it.

Bogo eyed the sea of reports on his desk.

Yes, it was past time to deal with this problem. He looked up at the calendar on the wall where he'd made a note to remind himself to pick up flowers and chocolates for his wife on a certain fast approaching date. A date that would serve perfectly for his needs.

It was past time that he got devious.


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The Conspiracy Count Down: 168 hours