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Humans were such fascinating beings. They loved so boldly and grieved to the point that they will their hearts to stop beating.

Yuuri gazed down upon the world of mortals from the mirror his long heavy silver and white wings laying still on his back while he waited for his next assignment. His white suite gleamed in the light a beautiful contrast against his midnight black hair. A tousled disarray that seemed to have a mind of its own…an oddity for an angel. Only few of them were gifted with the shade. His pale cream skin was smooth, his features young and innocent and his warm brown eyes where like topaz gems.

He was a guardian and he loved the human race. It would sometimes pain him to see them fight among each other, to see the fingers of evil seep into their hearts swaying them from the light. He did what he could to guild their hearts back to the heavens but it wasn't his job to do that. Those are left to the angels of light.

The avenging angels fought off demons of hell when they got too close to a human and fought in the Lords army.

He was guardian, a watcher if you will. He took survey of the going on and reported back if more light or avenging angles were needed in a location.

He would like to be a keeper angel…one who was assigned to one human while they lived on the mortal realm and watch over them but because he was still too young and his heart broke easily he wasn't allowed.

Not every human got a keeper angel, there were only so many of them left. The Lord didn't make angels on a whim.

It was his unconditional love for humanity that prevented him from being assigned a human to watch over. It would be too easy to grow attached to one of Gods creations. They were so easy to love….each human different from one another it was magnificent to Yuuri. If he grew too close and the human fell into darkness the grief would slowly kill him.


Glancing up from the viewing glass he saw his friend Pitchit make his way over.

"Hello Pitchit" smiled Yuuri "I didn't know you were released from the infirmary"

Pitchit was a guardian like himself but after almost losing his heart to a human it was decided that he would be moved to being a messenger in the meantime. The human was a sweet and shy woman who eventually fell in love with another. Pitchit had almost faded when it happened.

Pitchit gave him a small smile "I am slowly healing….when I was told you were to go back down to the mortal realm I volunteered to give you your assignment and to wish you good luck"

Yuuri walked up and hugged his brother wishing he could take the pain away. He let his light shine through his embrace to give Pitchit warmth and support pouring his love for his fellow friend.

Pitchit held him tightly "Your light never fails to make me feel better Yuuri….I always wondered why you are not made a light angel. There are so many mortals who would benefit for it"

Yuuri shrugged "It's not my decision to make Pitchit…you know that"

"Yeah….of course" said his friend pulling back then handed him the scroll "here"

Yuuri sighed "Well…let's see where I'm heading" he was a tad nervous. There were some places that had more demons than others. He has never run into the larger ones and he was thankful for that but things have been getting more and more dangerous for them.

Some places on the mortal realm where hot spots as they would call them. It was always in a location that had a direct portal to the underworld either via a high ranking demon or a human turned into a dark priest.

Yuuri looked at it and frowned "Russia…Moscow" he said then sighed "I dislike the cold"

Pitchit laughed "Why? We can't feel it"

Yuuri shrugged "It seems to suck the soul out of the humans living in it. The perpetual grey of the clouds reflect their hearts over time"

His friend clasped on the back "You'll do fine. Just…..keep your eye out" Pitchit sighed "I heard Gabriel saying that Viktor was on the prowl in Russia"

Yuuri nodded "The twins have been hunting him for a long time. Elusive demon"

Viktor was a demon prince who have been in battle with both Gabriel and Michael the avenging twins for decades. Viktor's specialty was taking the angels of heaven. The few who have ever escaped his grasp were never the same.

Defiled and broken they resided under the direct light of the Lord. They would never be able to leave the heavenly realm to go into the mortal one. They preferred to stay and watch over the souls of the children who have departed earth. The children helped their souls but they could never again be whole.

Yuuri sighed…it pained him to see those poor angels. All angles glowed with an inner light of a golden hue. The angels who have escaped the underworld no longer shined golden but a pale silver color. It was a mark that they were no longer pure and have tasted sin.

With that in mind he had to prepare himself.

"Walk with me to the armory. I need to speak with the twins"

He knew his chances of being taken by the demon were high. There were few angels left to combat the ever growing darkness. If he was going to Moscow, he had to be prepared.

Entering the large pavilion he always stood in awe of the twins whenever in their presence. They were tall, their bodies adorned with golden armor forged from precious minerals and metal of the earth where the Garden of Eden use to lie. Strapped to their sides there glowing swords made from pure starlight able to vanquish demons quickly. Their wings were huge, a silver color to reflect the razor sharp edges that they used in battle.

They were legendary.

Walking up to their table where they had a small viewing mirror Yuuri knelt before them.

"Yuuri rise" said Michael his face somber "I heard you are were assigned to Russia"

Yuuri nodded "Yes, I was going to go and prepare but thought I might stop here first. What do I need to know? How do I fight off Viktor? Do I have a chance?"

Michael sighed, he did not like Yuuri going to Russia while that demon was on the prowl. The young angel was too gentle, his light too bright, it would lure Viktor to him he was sure of it.

"He is a master of illusion. Every fight we had with him he has taken up a different form. He is cunning and swift. Most angels never see him coming until they are in his domain" said Gabriel in a solemn tone. It was clear he was frustrated by their inability to catch the demon.

Gabriel and Michael looked at each other. Gabriel stood and went to the open a small box.

"We do not have many of these. They are very rare and very old" said Michael hesitantly "We normally wouldn't give these out since it would look upon as favoritism but…."

Gabriel stepped in "Three more angels in Russia have gone missing. We were shocked to learn you have been assigned to it. You are too young Yuuri. Your light is too bright and that is a beacon to a demon like Viktor"

Yuuri nodded solemnly. He knew what this assignment would mean.

"It may be seen as twisting the hand of fate but it was not forbidden to give you this at least"

Gabriel held out a silver necklace, the pendent looked like a tear drop it was clear and caught the light.

"A single tear from the Lord"

Yuuri's eyes widen and he shook his head "I can't take it… have something so precious…."

Gabriel placed a hand on his shoulder "Peace brother" he said softly taking the pendant and placed it around Yuuri's neck "It will protect you Yuuri. While you have this on Viktor would be powerless to try and drag you to the underworld"

Yuuri's eyes welled with golden tears. At once it felt like his father was next to him, incasing him in his divine light. It was beautiful beyond words.

Gabriel cupped one of Yuuri's cheeks "We have lost so many Yuuri. Your light is needed in the war against evil. It is the brightest we have seen and we will not stand by for Viktor to take it from the humans"

Yuuri nodded "Than I thank you for your protection brothers"

"Keep vigilant Yuuri…..avoid the dark places of Russia, stay among the young and guild them. Do let your eyes fool you, demons are getting cunning and will take the form of children. Use your light to see. At nightfall find shelter of scared ground, remember the house of the Lord is not always a safe place"

Yuuri took their guidance to heart and tried to remember all they taught him. Once he was done with his briefing he tucked the precious necklace down his white shirt and made his way out of the angel realm.