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Yuuri watched the world of mortals with a sadden expression. The inevitable always had a way of creeping up.

For close to three millenniums he has tried so hard to shine the light of their realm to give beauty into the small parts of the earth that were not cement and block but the flow of nature dwindled down to almost none existent.

He felt so very frail and he knew the time of man has reached its end. It was a sad end as well but he could do no more for them. The timer on humanity reached its end.

Strong arms pulled him into a warm chest and Yuuri relaxed against his mate pulling at his aura needing the comfort it gave him.

"Do not be sad Yuuri…..There will be new life when the dust settles and the world begins anew. The pollution and waste of humanity will be washed away and disappear" Viktor kissed his temple "You have been taxing yourself so long angel moy….I will admit I am glad this is happening"

Yuuri understood. Viktor never did hold love for mortals but he did his duty regardless which he admired him for it. In Viktor's opinion it was the mortal's fault why he has been so weak for the past two thousand years.

It had started gradually…his body would feel a bit achy then he found himself drifting more and more into his natural form of pure light. Soon he noticed a change in is appearance. His raven hair suddenly had a streak of pure white. His eyes developed an outer white ring to them as well.

He couldn't die but because he felt so linked to the earth below and the earth was dying Yuuri was feeling the effects. Viktor on the other hand grew stronger due the increased darkness.

There were becoming unbalanced.

Viktor had no choice but to pull more of his light into himself and push his darkness deep inside. Viktor hated doing that. Hated pushing him so far since he was already stretched too thin.

They could now see why their realm was needed. There was no way that Heaven could have taken the burden that Yuuri did and keep the light shining. The price however was beginning to take its toll.

Yuuri fell into a sort of static sleep for nearly 100 years. That had been hard for Viktor who watched over him and wouldn't leave his side. While in stasis sleep his light filtered stronger onto their realm. It took too much effort to do both. He could not leave the world without light but he could not put in the effort to maintain his physical form functioning so he fell into a god sleep. Alert yet not.

When he had awakened he felt a bit stronger but he was still very tired.

As the years passed he drifted often into that frozen sleep not for as long as he did the first time but it still lasted longer than 10 mortal years.

He smiled feeling his mate's lips on his neck kissing and nibbling while that soothing purr like rumble sounded in his chest.

The long years still did not quench the need to be with Viktor. His love for the dark lord was still just as potent as it was when he first fell in love.

"Are you strong enough angel moy?" breathed out Viktor sending goosebumps over Yuuri's skin. Immediate the ache for this mate consumed him. Yuuri nodded shuddering in anticipation when he felt Viktor's harden length rub against his backside. In a blink he could feel the feel of soft grass under his bare back. The canopy of the lush trees filtered the bright sun like orb in the sky in his part of the domain. He could hear the river nearby sending its calming sounds to the area around them.

He would never tire of feeling Viktor's skin as he covered his body with is stronger one. His hands caressed and mapped the muscles of his dark mate letting himself get lost in the rapture of that only Viktor could give him. His mate was always so gentle with him lately, afraid of over taxing him and it made shimmering tears form in his eyes. Loving this man was why he was created.

Time slipped away from them as they loved each other under the thick foliage of the trees. It never grew dark in his domain...time was at a standstill unless you craved the moonlight and crossed over to Viktor's half of their world. Days would often fold into each other when they disappeared and ventured deep into their domain. Their companions and guards didn't bother to look for them knowing they would eventually resurface.

Yuuri laid his head on Viktor's shoulder feeling content and sleepy. He was happy and yet…..

"What is wrong Yuuri?" Viktor carefully laid him down on the soft grass bed and looked down at red brown worried eyes. He has been noticing his mind wandering lately and it troubled him. Yuuri was so very unpredictable lately. One moment he would be awake then next that damnable sleep would claim him. His powers while strong were too affected by the humans.

"I was thinking of heaven" he said softly giving him an apologetic look.

Viktor clenched his jaw. Oh he knew he was worried and wanted to go visit but his waning powers prevented it.

"I'm sure the angel is fine Yuuri" bit out more harsh than he usually did when addressing his long time mate but Viktor hated to share Yuuri's light and attentions with anyone else. It was a trait that did not leave him no matter the years.

While he was no longer demonic that didn't mean he wasn't dark. He was still the same being he had been when he first met his angel so many eons ago only he had better control over his temper. That did not mean that he tolerated Michael's presence within his mate. Yuuri would never leave a friend to suffer but if he had his way he would have pushed the fuckin angel out of Yuuri by now.

"I'm not only worried about Michael. I'm worried about the heavenly realm. The final piece on the chessboard is about to be placed. I want to go to them and see them before that happens" explained Yuuri in a low tone his voice ever hypnotic no matter what he was saying.

He could listen to Yuuri speak for hours. His melodic voice never failed to capture his attention. He drank in his angel's perfect face and leaned down to kiss him softly. No other realm would never hold another being quiet like Yuuri. He held such a mysterious innocence to him despite the years of them making love to each other. It was etched into the very core of who he was and Viktor would sometimes just stare and marvel at his beauty when he was in god sleep or even walking slowly on his side of the realm.

It was more than his outer was the inner one that captured him the most. His heart was so large, his light able to touch even the darkest part of the world and give it beauty.

Which was why seeing him so weak tore at him.

"I do not see how that would be possible Yuuri" said Viktor his lips against his mate's temple "You would fall under your god sleep as soon you arrive"

Yuuri sighed lacing his fingers with Viktor's on his bare stomach "You could take me my true form"

Viktor looked down and glowered at Yuuri but denying him anything was a hard thing to do. Again, another thing that has not changed. He would do anything to make his angel happy….even if it drove him crazy at the best of times.

"I'll think on it" he said not liking him leaving and putting himself at risk. Could he do it? Deny Yuuri a chance to visit with the Heavenly realm and possibly lose the chance to say goodbye? It physically hurt him to imagine Yuuri being sadden if this happened but it wasn't easy to give into him due to his own fear of him falling into another sleep for many many years. It wasn't something he was willing to risk. Yes they were immortal but that didn't mean that he liked going years without hearing Yuuri's laughter.

Yuuri would always be his personal sun. From the moment he saw him walking the streets of Moscow the bond that brought them together was forged. Heaven did not stop him from being with his angel, nor did Hell…...not even death could not separate them completely.

Yuuri caressed his cheek pulling him out of his thoughts "You were so far away….where in time did you get lost?"

The dark lord smiled, leaned down and kissed his angel's lips lovingly "Moscow" he said pushing some onyx hair away from his beautiful face "watching a rebellious angel try and rid the city from little demons"

Yuuri laughed "That is a long trip to make" his eyes glassed over as he filtered through memories until he remembered meeting the 'shade' then how they spent the nights talking, walking and sharing conversations "We were so young then" he said in whispered voice.

"You were so young my angel"

"Yes that too" Yuuri looked at Viktor, his eyes pulling away from the memory and back to the present "If you knew then….?"

Viktor laughed "If I knew then what I know now I would have demanded the Powers to get a move on it" he took his hand and laced their fingers together "Everything we have gone through has been worth it in the end as long as I have you"

Yuuri sighed hating to ask him but truly his friends worried him "So if I were to ask…?"

He trailed off when his mate growled low at him. He should have known Viktor would respond like that but he still had to try.

"They could be like Chris, Beka, JJ and Yurio….you won't even notice them" he said but stopped when Viktor's face darkened.

"No" his voice deeper dark wisps of his power coming off his body "I will not have that angel here. While I can understand why you did what you did, I won't share you Yuuri"

"You're won't be sharing my love" he said gently, coaxingly pulling his dark mate's lips to his trying to get his temper under control again "You won't be sharing my body and you're not sharing my heart Viktor. I belong to you like you belong to me" he pulled at his aura and wrapped it around him at the same time he wrapped his own around Viktor's tall frame "You are my other half. Why is it so difficult for you to see that?"

Viktor leaned down to lay his head on Yuuri's shoulder "It is my nature angel moy" he wrapped his arms around Yuuri caging him to his body "You have been so unpredictable….your sleep frightens me. I don't like being alone without you"

Yes while he had Chris and his guards to distract him from the loneliness he felt when his mate fell into that sleep it was not the same. When Yuuri was in his sleeping state it gave him the feeling of being lost alone in the dark. He felt colder without him. The colors dimmed from his world and a hollow ache would appear where his heart should be. It was very much like he was missing a large piece of his soul…..his Yuuri.

"Is it really that hard on you?" he asked gently borrowing closer to the warm chest.

Viktor sighed his arms tightening around him "Yes Yuuri… takes me back when you first died. I remember all light fading from my world….all color and joy"

And like that all arguments went out the window for Yuuri "Alright love" he whispered "We will do things you way"

Yuuri knew how much his death as an angel still affected Viktor. The years have not erased the memory like he had hoped. Yes it was pushed it to the back of his mind but it was never truly gone. He had thought that Viktor would lessen his hold on him once they were made immortal but that was not the case.

Yuuri should have expected it. It wasn't like he didn't know his mate was a covetous creature by his very own nature. Not that he minded. He loved him no matter how much of a brute he became at times.

"I am sorry Yuuri but I cannot risk you...even if it means never saying goodbye to heaven"

Yuuri could hear the pain in his voice. Viktor for the most part did not deny him anything he wanted. Viktor knew that by not going to Heaven to say a goodbye or a visit in the eve of the final play would hurt him but the prospect of him falling into his weakened state scared his mate more than him being angry it seems.

"It is alright Viktor" he said basking in the powers of his dark aura "I know this is not an easy decision you made. I could go if I truly wished to but I am not going to do it knowing why you are against it"

Pulling away he looked into his sapphire blue eyes and gave him a soft smile. Viktor's face looked very torn like he was battling an internal monster. Yuuri was not having any of that. Pushing him back until he was laying on the grass he kissed him soundly until he felt all tension leave him. Pulling back he was pleased when Viktor's face seemed to soften a bit.

"No matter what happens we will face things together" he said with a firm nod of his head.

'How did I get so lucky?' thought Viktor admiring Yuuri's eyes and the sparkle of determination in them. A million years will pass and he will still be in awe of the love he held for this one small angel.

"Together" he said bringing down his mate's lips to his.

'Definitely lucky'


When then end of the human race stuck every entity that was attached to earth froze and grieved. It was so utterly sad and yet humanity was not what it once had been.

There had not been any children alive that had died. So many chemicals and pollution made the race of man infertile. The last child born had been over 50 years before the demise of earth. Scientist have tried to recreate the human womb but the children born in such an unnatural way ended dying very young so the experiments were put to a stop.

The humans had seen this coming when the women were no longer able to carry young. Suddenly it was no longer oil, weapons and money that the humans coveted but children. Many tried to reverse the effects they had inflicted on the earth but the damage was too great and they realized too late that there was some things that money could never buy.

There had been too much war. The chemical warfare that raged damaged the water. Pollution killed marine life slowly. UV rays permeated the soil where crops grew. Nothing was natural by the time the asteroid stuck the planet.

Yuuri looked down at the planet that was once called the 'little blue planet' and grieved. The ocean was no blue anymore but a murky green…nothing green on land remained it was all covered in dust. The asteroid left a heavy cloud of dust. The explosion of multiple volcanoes spread ashes everywhere mixing with the dust into a toxic gray thick blanket.

"It's so sad" he whispered looking at the mirror.

He felt Viktor next to him brushing his waist length hair away from his face and tucked it behind an ear. Every time he thought of making it shorter Viktor gave him the puppy eyes so he kept it long for him. Viktor on the other hand preferred shorter hair for the past few centuries.

"We knew this day would come eventually" he murmured "Look at the bright side Yuuri. Heaven won. I never gave humanity enough credit but it seems there was more good than bad in the world and for that I am glad to say I was wrong"

Heaven was free from the war and the souls of the humans who were good lived in another realm free from evil. There they could continue to live out their lives in eternal sunshine. The new realm was lush and beautiful. The human souls were not what they once were either. Choosing to follow the path of the light the ones who earned their pass into the paradise all were wiser and knew from the mistakes that sometimes taking nature for granted came a price.

They didn't have human bodies any more so in a way they were like the angels. Their bodies did not have human functions. They did not need food to sustain their forms but some still ate fruit just for the taste. Families were reunited. Soul mates found each other once more and love was the main key of happiness.

The angels were also free to enjoy the new realm and help out when they were needed.

"I need to see Michael" he said looking up at his mate.

Viktor leaned in and kissed his temple "He will be alright Yuuri"

Yuuri nodded. It was time to give back the part of Michael that he had been protecting and hope that the angel has had enough time that parting won't be so painful.

With the mortal realm in destruction and life at a zero there wasn't much Viktor or he could do. They let out pieces of their auras to float around earth as beacons to recall them back when life started to surface anew.

Until then they were free to wander throughout the cosmos. Yuuri dreamed of this moment. He wanted to revisit those realms with jeweled creatures, clear waters and heavy magic again. He wanted to bask in the presence of his mate with nothing but their love to focus on.

How could thousands of years pass and yet he still felt the coil of heat at every touch and kiss. A single glance from those piercing blue eyes had his heart and soul humming. It never dimmed. Never wavered. Their attraction and love was as strong today as it was when they first mated.

Every day it was surprise. Every joining Viktor found another way make him fall apart and shatter into starlight.

"If you do not start thinking of something else we will not make it to the heavenly realm any time this day or the next" came the deep accented sultry voice of his mate as he bit gently on his ear.

Now there was a threat he wanted him to carry out. Yuuri gave him a shaky laugh "You say it like that would be a punishment" his voice came out a bit breathless leaning back into Viktor's tall frame.

"Mmmmm….you are a minx" his voice was heavy with want as he lavish his neck with bites and nibbles "We should leave now or we won't be leaving for many days"

As tempting as that was Yuuri smiled and nodded. They had time.

They had forever.


"It's so different" said Yuuri forming his body on the field that once held the portal to the mortal world. The portal was gone and the field was larger, flowers dotted the hillside in a kaleidoscope of colors.

"This is heaven?" said Viktor looking around "It is nice….though your side of the realm puts this to shame but I can see the draw"

"You can't say that because you bias" said Yuuri with a laugh walking towards the beginning of the angel city. It seemed a bit emptier then what he remembered and wondered why that was.

They walked taking in the scene while Yuuri pointed out the pavilion that became his second home. The twins pavilion came into view and he made a beeline for it. He looked back at Viktor to see an amused grin on his face.

"Why the face?" he asked curious to know what the man was thinking to make him grin and chuckle every once in awhile.

Viktor looked at Yuuri and grinned wider "I was just thinking 'man if I had been here 4 thousand years ago you angels would have lost your shit'" he finished then pouted a bit "I'm not Mr. Big Bad and Dark anymore. Kinda sucks"

Yuuri honestly had to do it. Viktor left himself wide open for it.

Leaning in he whispered seductively "You are big" his fingers skimmed the front of his trousers "….you do get bad...and I love it when you go dark in bed"

He nearly died laughing at Viktor's pained and heated expression "You are extremely lucky we are in Heaven or I would take you here and now" he said with a groan adjusting himself "You can be such a tease Yuuri"

"Entirely you're doing" said Yuuri patting his cheek "Come on".

Leading Viktor to the pavilion he laughed once more when he asked if they could come back another day or find an empty bedroom. His mate was so easily turned on he loved it.

When he walked in he was thrown back to a time long forgotten yet he could remember it like it was yesterday. Nothing in the pavilion has changed. Everything down to the objects on the ornate golden table appeared the same.

"It's been so long" he whispered his hand caressing the box that once held the pendant he wore "this is the box that housed the pendant with the tear from God" he opened it expecting to see it but it was empty…..just like it used to be "I wonder what happened to it"

"Perhaps another angel wears it" suggested Viktor going to some old books and opened one up "A ledger" he said thoughtfully reading then smiled hugely "It's about me. Would you look at that" he said to himself reading at a fast pace "Information about what was known about me" he closed it with a sigh "Ah those were fun days"

Yuuri snorted 'You can take the demon out of the underworld but you can't take the underworld out of the demon' he thought shaking his head at his mate walking back to see if Michael was in his room leaving Viktor to read more of the ledgers.

He wasn't there but he stopped and stared at the room remembering things from a life long ago. Walking over to the desk that held the metal weapons Michael liked to work on Yuuri smiled fondly at them. Michael was a good being and Yuuri felt he deserved to live a full life full of love and laughter. He was a warrior yes but deep inside there was always an ache for more. Michael longed to love and be loved.

It was the reason why Yuuri felt obligated to help him in any way he could. He could have used their bond to overwrite the one he had with Viktor. He could have asked the elders to prevent him from leaving Heaven. He could have bound him to the avenging angel and yet he didn't despite his love because he was a noble soul. In return Yuuri would make sure Michael had a happy eternity.

"Yuuri I don't think they are here" said Viktor's voice from the living quarters. Breaking from his thoughts he turned and went to where the mirror was.

"Then how about we find them" he said swiping his hand thinking of Michael.

His face appeared but he was somewhere that he's never seen before.

"He must be in the paradise" he looked over at Viktor "I think we need to go to the pavilion of the Seraphim. I really don't think rummaging about in the cosmos is ever a good idea"

Viktor chuckled "We could end up covered in purple mud"

Yuuri grimaced "I told you I was still new at shifting. I didn't mean to land in the mud and yet you still can't drop it"

Viktor laughed "Only because your face was an interesting mixture of embarrassed, disgust and annoyed. I matched the color of the mud you were so mortified"

Yuuri sighed walking along with his mate "It was three thousand years ago Vitya" he whined "Please for the love of light drop it"

Viktor pulled him closer and kissed his temple whispering "Never"

'Go figure' thought Yuuri leaning into his tall frame regardless.

When they were just created he had taken Viktor on a quick jump around the cosmos to get him acquainted on how to open and shift through the different portals. Well he had wanted to show him one of his favorite planets and he over skipped. They ended up in a large mud pond, only the mud on his planet was purple to match the canyons which were a dazzling purple, violet, blue and indigo.

To say he was embarrassed was an understatement. As an angel he has always been graceful. He never faltered or tripped or anything of the sort. Landing face first in a pile of mud was something he wished he could erase from his memory but Viktor found it charming for some odd reason and constantly reminded him of it.

When they reached the pavilion with the golden light Yuuri paused and smiled. He gave the beam a bow of the head.

"I am glad Heaven won father. I never did lose faith in humanity" he said softly walking closer. When the figure in the golden robe appeared Yuuri at once felt that familiar warmth so soft and comforting. A deep sense of home filled him and he closed his eyes basking in the feel of it.

"You have always held on to the light no matter the obstacles" he then turned to Viktor and gave a low chuckle "It has been many years old friend"

Viktor gave the figure a lopsided grin "Hey there, it has been a long time. I am glad that your domain preserved"

"I had my doubts towards the end but the blow you gave Lucifer never allowed him to fully recover"

At the mention of Lucifer's name Viktor growled "I take it the little parasite died?"

God laughed "Oh no. His domain yes but he is awaiting his judgement" the hooded figure walked to Viktor and held out a golden sword "I cannot bring myself to destroy him despite everything…..he was one of mine own after all. Would you do me the favor?"

Viktor looked at the sword wearily "As much as I would like to run the little worm through with that sword are you certain this is the way to do it?"

God sighed deeply "He, unfortunately, is too dangerous to leave alive. I would toss him into the cosmos but the thought of him doing the same to another realm is unacceptable and his prison cannot hold him forever. He will escape eventually"

Viktor looked at the golden sword then at God "You do realize that I wanted to hack off his head for a very long time. Not only for what he did to Yuuri but for starting Hell in the first place"

God nodded his head "Yes I am aware and even if it is not in my nature to seek out vengeance or condone it, I will not judge or pass judgement if you wish it"

Viktor looked over at Yuuri "I wouldn't say I am seeking out vengeance but reassurance that he can never again harm another living being. Perhaps I do seek a tiny bit of retribution but then again….I am darkness. It is in my nature"

The golden figure inclined its head "So shall it be done" he hold out a black pearl "He is in here" he placed it in Viktor's hand "End it once and for all. Let him seek rest"

Viktor looked at the black pearl then looked over at Yuuri. His mate nodded to him giving him the reassurance that he needed to change into his natural form and seep into the portal.


The cell of the fallen angel was in a tower that overlooked mountains that looked blue and silver in the full moon. The wind made a soft melody that waved through the trees and echoed in the mountains creating an atmosphere of calmness.

Viktor snorted. Leave it up to God to create a beautiful peaceful environment for the evil angel. He would not have been so merciful but then again….that was why he was here instead of the Devil's original creator.

He shifted and drifted to the small room high in the tower. Lucifer sat on the ledge of the window his eyes closed as if sleeping. He was no longer in his demon form but back in his angelic one expect his wings were burned off.

"Now that had to hurt" he said materializing startling the fallen angel.

Lucifer turned and paled when Viktor stood in his tower. So…it seemed that he would not live out his reminder of days in isolation like he hoped.

He scoffed then turned to look out at the silver mountains "So…it seems that dear father has a bit of a mean streak in him if he sent you here to torment me" he turned to the underworld lord.

From that angle he could see that half of his face was covered in deep burns that ran down his neck disappearing into his white tunic. The effects of his poison. Viktor walked over to him tilting his head looking at the scarred skin.

"Interesting effects of my poison" he commented "Not enough for what you did to my angel but still satisfying to see nonetheless"

Lucifer hissed angrily at the dark lord "I see you got your old form back. Did you reclaim your domain as well?"

Viktor scoffed "Don't be stupid. I am Darkness. I am Yang. I am the guardian to the Light. I do not need the underworld. Besides, the underworld is no longer needed. Earth has ended and the human race erased. Paradise is in a realm parallel to this one and when life starts anew Earth will be a lush green planet of natural creatures who call it home. There will be no more humans"

Lucifer nodded. He had no place in this new realm. Without the humans to torment or souls to take he had no role. Earth was a wasteland and when life did begin anew the beings will be creatures created from the atoms evolving over a great span of time. He lost the wager and as part of the contract he lost both his wings and his powers. His demons evaporated into dust and Hell crumpled like wet sand being put through a sifter.

"What happens now?" he asked wondering if eternal torture would be his punishment for going against his maker and threatening his most precious creations.

Viktor pulled out the golden sword "Now you kneel and we get his over with so I can return to my mate"

Lucifer's eyes widen. He looked at the sword then at the dark lord "Tha….that is the sword of God" he looked at Viktor frowning "To be slain with this would mean that my soul would be put to rest. I would find peace. Why would I be given peace?"

Viktor sighed walking closer "Because your father is a sentimental fool who still loves you despite you acting like a spoiled child. If it were up to me you would be tossed into a black mirror to suffer in the dark with only the voices in your head as company" then he shrugged "But alas I am only here as a favor to a very old friend"

The fallen angel looked at the sword and he felt something that he had not felt in eons. Shame. After feeling that shame came regret and finally came pain.

He knew he deserved every single punishment imaginable but in the end his father choose to forgive him. Viktor was right, his father was a fool. He scoffed lightly with a lopsided soft smile. He supposed he should thank him.

He knelt in front of the dark lord and for the first time since he was casted out of Heaven he called to his maker and thanked him for his mercy. The answer back was short but shook him to his very core.

Be at peace son…..

Son. Even after everything…..

"You don't deserve it"

Lucifer looked up at Viktor's stoic cold expression "I know" he then thought back to the raven haired angel he had taken "I would have kept him you know"

He could see a tick in Viktor's jaw "Oh I am very much aware of that. You would have done everything you could to erase my claim and place one of your own had we allowed you"

Lucifer recalled those rebellious deep russet eyes "So fearless, brave and sharp" he said out loud his eyes glazed over remembering the angel called Yuuri. The only person who had stood up to him so brazenly and captured his interest.

Viktor growled low "Yes and you killed his angelic form" he was so tempted to torture the being in front of him but he will not stoop so low.

Lucifer frowned "Only his angelic form?" he said curiously. He wondered what happened to the angel. Wondered if he had died leaving Viktor to mourn his loss for centuries to come or had Viktor saved him from the poison. Part of him had wanted that beautiful angel to survive while the other basked gleefully at the thought of the dark lord mourning the loss of his angelic lover.

Viktor paced walking around his kneeling form "Yes only his form. He came back as the Light" he walked in front and pointed the golden sword to his neck "A thank you is in order"

Lucifer crooked an eyebrow "I do not follow. Earth had the Light. Heaven was the Light" he said but Viktor was already shaking his head.

"No. Yuuri took that position from God upon his death as an angel. The Light you have been feeling has been Yuuri's. Heaven could not hold the Light and fight you"

Lucifer growled "I've been cheated!"

Viktor scoffed "You want to argue that to the Powers? I can take you…..although I am not sure how forgiving they will be"

"The Powers….of course" he said fisting his hands "They never did want me to win"

"Nope" said Viktor with a smile "You never really had a chance Lucifer. The Powers would never allow your evil to spread because had you won we all know you would not be satisfied with Hell on Earth. No…you would set your eyes on other realms. Life is all about balance. You were always a wild card that never belonged"

Lucifer sulked angry that all his plans. All his visions of owning the Heavenly realm, the Underworld and Earth were all a dream. If the Powers never meant for him to win then there wasn't anything he could do other than accept the consequences for his decisions. He choose evil and so like every villain he would get the ending that was expected.


"I suppose we should get this over with so you can go back to your realm and sing Kumbaya with the rest of them" he drawled out "I give you….oh…" he put a hand to his chin looking up at Viktor "100 years tops before you start missing me"

Viktor blinked. Shit that sounded dreadful. With no evil or darkness….all that will left is Paradise, Heaven and his realm. No challenges. No duties. No tasks.

"Aw fuck" he muttered turning away to look out the tower window.

Lucifer laughed "Didn't think about that did you? Can you just imagine it? Nothing but joy, happiness, peace and equality…..for eternity" he smirked then gave him a soft big eye look "Will you gaze at the sunsets forever? Look at the pretty butterflies flutter about? Or my personal favorite dance under a harvest moon. Prancing about happily without a care in the world"

Viktor shuddered.

Lucifer laughed "Like I said….I gave you 100 years tops before you go mad and senile"

Viktor growled pointing a sword at him "As much as I hate the sound of that I gave my word to slay you. Your evil can be permitted to live"

Lucifer shrugged "No I suppose not but I shudder at how boring your life is going to be after this" he sat cross legged elbows on his knees and hands under his chin "Think about it Viktor. I am going to be the last thing you will slay in many many many years"

Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck.

He was mulling that over when Yuuri appeared by his side. Viktor frowned at his mate.

"What are you doing here?"

Yuuri rolled his eyes "Viktor I can hear your cursing through the cosmos" he said then looked over at Lucifer then back at him "And he is so playing you by the way"

Lucifer growled getting up to rush at the angel when the raven man hold up his hand locking his body into place.

"Don't" said Yuuri exasperated "Just do yourself a favor and just don't. You were doing so well up until your fear of death got to you and you started to manipulate Viktor"

Lucifer huffed crossing his arms "It was working too"

Yuuri snorted "Of course it did" he said then turned to his mate "And you" he scolded pointing at Viktor "What? Just because the humans are gone you really think you are going to have nothing to do? We have no idea what is going to emerge from the dust. Besides that I thought we were going to travel the realms. I am pretty sure not all realms will be peaceful" he pointed out.

Viktor looked down at his longtime partner and laughed. Of course. Leave it up to Yuuri to knock sense back into his head.

Pulling him close he leaned down and kissed him briefly "You are right Yuuri. I'm sorry"

Yuuri smiled at him "It's alright. I'm used to being right" he said giving him a wink.

Lucifer rolled his eyes "Please someone kill me. You two belong in a Disney movie" he made a gagging sound.

Yuuri turned and glared at him "Oh and before I forget" he said narrowing his eyes sending a jolt at the fallen angel. Lucifer yelped rubbing his shoulder then turned to growl at the angel "That was for kidnapping me" said Yuuri then looked up at Viktor "I'll be waiting, don't take too long"

Once Yuuri was gone Viktor turned his attention back to the devil "Playing me huh?"

"Had to try" replied the fallen one "Would have worked but unfortunately for me your angel spoiled it"

Viktor smiled internally "My Yuuri is always full of surprises"

He didn't linger this time around. Delivering the final blow he looked down at the place where the creature formally known as the Devil stood. It was all over.

Back at the Seraphim pavilion God instructed how to get to the new created Paradise so they could find Michael.

God then placed a hand on Yuuri's shoulder "When you died as an angel your essence came back to heaven. With it I created another angel who feels like your old self yet is not"

Yuuri frowned "I don't understand"

The golden figure turned to someone standing at an opening.

Viktor looked at the figure and his jaw dropped "You didn't…." he breathed out but it seems he did.

The dark hair angel walked towards them shyly her face blushing.

Yuuri blinked at the young angel "You…..recreated me" he said then tilted his head "Only….not. She looks similar but not the same"

The angel bowed at him "I am your twin"

"Twin…." said Yuuri the looked over at God "I take it she is to meet Michael?"

God sighed "It is the only way I could see for him to live out a happy life. He has done so much. He will be drawn to Jun for her aura"

"Uh huh" said Viktor "Then why does she have so much of Yuuri's features?"

The angel had dark hair though it was not a pure black like Yuuri's. Her skin had more of a golden tone to it and her eyes were a warm chocolate than the russet orbs that Yuuri possessed. Jun's features were softer, more feminine than Yuuri's sharper defined cheekbones but they both held a unique ethereal beauty.

"She has Yuuri's angelic essence so she took on some of his characteristics but her personality is all her own"

Yuuri looked at what could be his twin sister and rubbed the back of his head "This is bizarre" he said but then gave the angel a smile "How long ago were you created?"

Jun counted the days "14 days ago" she said "I am the last to be created"

God nodded "I will make no more angels. Jun is the last"

Viktor shook his head placing a hand on Yuuri's back "I will wait for you. Being this close to your old angelic energy is stirring those old memories of when you died"

Turning to black smoke Viktor filtered through the cosmos, away from the angelic energy that took him back to the underground chamber. Of seeing Yuuri's body weak and dying on the stone slab. Of holding his angel in his arms only to have him turn to dust in his arms.

The memory was still fresh. Viktor could still smell the rich soil. The desperation of healing Yuuri. Fighting the poison and holding his cold body.

Reaching the Paradise he stood on a hill side and breathed in letting the sun seep into his skin. He pushed the memories to the back of his mind forcefully. Yuuri was alive. He was mated and bond with this angel and he will never suffer his loss again. He repeated those facts over and over until he felt and smelled his precious mate touch his face.

Opening his eyes he took a moment to gaze down and just appreciate the creature he was bonded to and felt his heart melt.

Yuuri reached out and wrapped his aura around Viktor pulling him close "I will never leave you my Vitya" he said softly pushing some of his silver bangs away from his eye. He let Viktor pull him close until they were tasting each other in a slow burning kiss that tingled the senses. The fire swirled between them casting both light and dark energy around them. Flowers turned towards them blooming, fruit ripened and the water flowed clearer and sweeter than before. It was the effect of when both their energies came together in perfect sync. The land around them became alive.

Yuuri pulled away smiling "I love you" causing the dark lord to give him that sweet heart shaped smile that was reserved only for him.

They made their way towards where Yuuri could feel Michael's energy.

The forest was bright with birds singing above and lush canopy allowing little rays to filter through. The grass was cool and the warm breeze called for one to lay against a tree and take a nap. It was peaceful and serene. Yuuri walked admiring the forest and thinking of making a small section in his realm to reflect this.

When he came on to Michael the angel was lounging against a tree his eyes closed with this face tilted up soaking up a sun rays.

Yuuri looked back to see that Viktor was gone. His mate was giving him privacy.

Walking over to his friend he sat next to him and turned his face to the sun and sighed contently "This feels a lot like home" he said softly.

Michael smiled. Without opening his eyes he moved his hand on the grass and covered Yuuri's. A sense of peace filled him and he basked in it. It's been too long since he has seen Yuuri. Yes he has always felt his presence within him but it felt nice to physically see and touch his friend.

"Have you been happy?"

Michael pondered that question. Has he been happy? "I suppose I have to some extent. It was hard at first but over time it got easier" he opened his eyes and turned to Yuuri who had been watching him "It's good to see you"

Yuuri squeezed his hand "You as well Michael. You know why I'm here right?"

Michael nodded "I am ready Yuuri. You are a dear friend and I see you as such. Over time the love I had for you turned into a deep kindred love. Much like the one I hold for Gabriel. In many ways you were the only other being who I felt close to like I did my twin"

"I am happy to be called your brother Michael" said Yuuri standing up bring Michael with him "I have a feeling things will turn out just fine for you. Have faith" he said giving him a small wink.

Michael crooked an eyebrow "If you say so Yuuri"

Yuuri placed a hand over Michael's chest and undid the bond that allowed Michael to constantly feel his light around him.

Michael blinked feeling a bit off. The warmth from Yuuri's light was gone along with his soft presence. Funny he never noticed it until it was gone. He's carried it for such a long time that he felt like part of him was missing.

"How do you feel?" asked Yuuri trying to decipher his expression but it was changing so much he couldn't pinpoint on just one emotion.

"Strange" muttered Michael then gave a visible shudder "Naked if I'm honest" he chuckled "It feels weird not having your light" he rubbed at his chest.

Yuuri laughed "You had it for over three thousand years. I'm not surprised"

Michael inhaled then exhaled testing his own light and found that it was not as difficult as he thought it was going to be. He had been prepared for the feelings of intense love and loss to hit him but it didn't. He truly only loved Yuuri as a brother now. Turning to the Light guardian he gave him a grin.

Relieved they walked along the tree groves catching up since it has been centuries since they have seen each other. Yuuri told Michael about his realm and why he could not visit. He told of his static sleep periods and how the decay of Earth affected him. Michael in turn told Yuuri about some of the battles and missions he went on during the long years. How it was him and Gabriel who took Lucifer to the white tower and how they prepared Paradise during the last 100 years of the Human race.

When they reached a green hill side they stood side by side and watched one of the small villages that dotted the almost never ending Paradise realm.

"The human souls who made it are not perfect but they are better than their past selves. They are wiser and don't take things for granted. It is nice to be among them" said Michael waving at a group of children as they ran through tall flowers their innocent laughter ringing in the wind.

A small girl with black ringlets beamed up at Michael "I picked these for you Mister Angel" holding up a bundle of blue flowers.

Yuuri smiled down fondly at the sweet child. She was utterly adorable with her chubby cheeks and soft golden aura that it was hard to resist the temptation of scooping her up and cuddle her.

Michael smiled kneeling down to take the flowers "Thank you Evie" he said softly took the flowers waved his other hand over the flowers and made it into a flower crown "But I think these flowers look best on a very pretty little girl" he placed the preserved blue flowers on her shiny curls then pinched her cheek affectionately.

Evie giggled hugged Michael and ran off to show her momma her new flower crown.

Yuuri looked down at Michael who followed the little girl make her way to her mother "The children alone make every single battle I fought worth it"

Yuuri nodded "They do have that effect"

Michael stood up and looked over a Yuuri then back at the valley "You're leaving again" he didn't say it in accusation but he knew Yuuri would not stay here.

Yuuri nodded "Yes….I am leaving again. Viktor and I have sent a small piece of our energy into Earth to call us back when life resurfaces from the ashes. We are going to explore the different realms and train with the Powers. I will be back eventually Michael"

Michael turned to the shorter male and placed his hand on his shoulder "Take care of yourself Yuuri"

Yuuri nodded "I will see you in a few hundred years" he said then turned into light.

Yuuri visited briefly with Phitchit and Gabriel to say his goodbyes but not before pulling the other twin to the side.

"The time for Michael to find his other half is approaching. Don't lose faith" said Yuuri to the older guardian angel.

Gabriel nodded but didn't ask much more. Seems he had a feeling what was to come. Taking Viktor's hand the two guardians left Paradise to travel the cosmos.


Michael lay on the soft grass his eyes closed listening to the children play, the creek churning and the sound of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. If he were mortal he would have fallen asleep.

The sound of laughter reached his ears. Some were the children the one other sound came from an angel. He was going to ignore it when it felt it.

His eyes flew open and he sat up looking around franticly for the source of that aura.

'No…'s not possible….that aura died thousands of years go' he thought when he spotted her.

It was impossible and yet there she sat in a circle of children laughing while the little ones sang and played games. Did he fall asleep? Was this what it was like to dream?

He didn't know but he dared not move instead he observed the dark hair angel who bore a striking resemblance to Yuuri. It was as if he had a twin much like him and Gabriel. Gabriel was not his exact twin. They had differences that set them apart yet they still bore some similar features.

"Her name is Jun"

Michael looked back at his brother then at the angel named Jun.

"She has Yuuri's angelic light and energy" he whispered taking another step towards the other angel "How?"

Gabriel smiled "Our father re-created Yuuri's energy into Jun. She was the last angel created. Our father wanted you to be happy"

Michael looked at his twin in surprise "Truly?" he did not want this to be a dream. This was more than he could ever ask for.

His twin nodded to him "Truly" he then looked over at Jun "We are no longer avenging angels. Go little brother….live your days in happiness"

Michael turned back to the dark hair angel who was now walking alone her small figure disappearing into the forest. Taking a deep breath he followed.

He found the other angel humming to herself leaning against a tree by a small pool of crystal blue water. Gathering his courage he stepped out and smiled at the petite angel front of him.

The angel gave him a shy smile that immediately captured his heart "Hello" she whispered going red in the face.

"I'm sorry" said Michael walking up to the shy angel so that he could sit with her "I didn't meant to startle you. I am Michael"

"Jun…..nice to meet you"

While Jun may have Yuuri's angelic energy, Michael could tell that they were total opposites. Jun had a very gentle nature to her, she was cautious and seemed more comfortable being alone. Yuuri had been head strong, social and fearless. Jun was clearly nervous and utterly endearing to him.

"Do you mind if I join you?" he asked his eyes never leaving her deep warm brown ones. When she nodded he gave her a bright smile.

Hope….it took root and blossomed.

Over the courses of the days that followed their meeting they often wondered into the quiet of the forest enjoying each other's company and forming a friendship that came to them naturally…..much like Yuuri's friendship did. It was odd but Michael could almost say that Yuuri's old energy recognized him and reached out to him unknowingly to Jun.

It had been night time in the valley Michael and Jun were gazing up at the millions of stars trying to make pictures of the black sky when he felt Jun's aura pull at his own. He had been used to this and didn't give it much thought until he figured he might as well tug back to see if Jun would pull away.

When he reached out with his light Jun gasped and sat up looking down at him "You…." she whispered.

Michael thought he had done something wrong and was about to apologize when Jun threw herself into his arms and kept saying 'it's you'.

"I'm sorry Jun….I don't understand" he said but held the angel close until Jun pulled back to look up at him her face lit up in pure joy.

"I feel you Michael…..I recognize you. You were my mate. We were bonded when I died the first time"

Michael felt the air leave his lungs. She….remembered? "You….remember being Yuuri?"

Jun made a face "Yes and no. I don't have his memories per say but our energies have a form of memory of their own. I felt your light and recognized it but I couldn't place you. I thought you were just a friend from my past life but now….." Jun reached up to caress his cheek "Now I know who you are…mate"

Michael sighed and looked away "No Jun…..your mate was Viktor….a dark lord"

Jun was already shaking her head "Yuuri choose to love Viktor. Our light has always belonged to you Michael. From the moment Yuuri unknowingly bonded with you, you were always our mate. Yuuri just choose not to acknowledge it"

If he had pursued Yuuri he would have had to give up his wings though…..and he would not be with Jun. His sweet Jun was everything he could have asked for in a mate. Taking Jun's hands he kissed them.

"The past is the past. I am glad things happened the way they did. They have brought me you" said Michael leaning forward to capture the lips he has longed to kiss.

Their kiss wasn't rushed and Michael felt like all the years he spent alone has all been worth it if Jun was the outcome of it all. Lips still locked they merged their light together and bonded promising to never to be apart again. He buried his hands in her long silky hair drawing her closer. This was his paradise.

Still holding his new mate he sent a prayer of thanks to his father for the greatest gift he could ever have received.


Yuuri admired the large blue ringed moon in the distance against the dusky pink sunset. This so far has been his favorite realm. The twin suns were not too hot and at night the sky came alive with falling stars and showers that littered the dark blue sky. The forest thrummed alive, luminescent and brilliant in colors. They glowed in blues, yellows, pinks and greens. It was breathtaking.

Viktor slipped his arms around his slim waist and pulled him close "Nothing could come close to your beauty Yuuri"

Yuuri smiled "You say that so I won't toss you in the mud" he said laughing when Viktor gave him a playful growl.

Turning around his eyes locked into deep sapphire blue ones that were bright and happy.

Viktor leaned in and captured Yuuri's lips in a soft kiss. This was his life from here on to eternity. A lifetime of adventure and wonder. Of laughter and playfulness. Yuuri brought him back to life with his courage and his open heart. Taught him to love selflessly and what it took to give one's heart.

No matter what came at them, no matter what obstacles came their way he knew that as long as they had each other they would cope.

"You will always be my light angel moy" he whispered against Yuuri's soft lips "Stay close to me….forever"

Yuuri smiled and nodded "Always"

Yuuri would forever be all that he would ever need.

Yuuri looked up at his dark mate "Come on Vitya" he said turning to light then circled Viktor's tall frame. Viktor laughed and shifted embraced his happy mate ever a protective dark guardian while he watched the light of his life laugh and make his way into the strange new realm.

Together they ventured to new realms. Meeting new beings and discovering a new surprise each day but none was sweeter than the surprise of gazing into their eyes over the years and still seeing the deep endless love they held for one another.