Astartes Obscurus

Booting up…

The following Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are sworn to defend the Segmentum Obscurus…

1. Raging Sons

2. Black Skulls

3. Purifiers

4. Void Dragons

5. Abyss Watchers

6. Lotus Shields

7. Flaming Swords

8. Iron Glaives

Legio Elements deployed to Segmentum Obscurus include


2. Legio Fidelis

3. Legio Canis

Approximatrely 863 Imperial Guard regiments are deployed in the segmentum.

History of the Astartes Obscurus: These 8 chapters were founded to deal with the Abaddon's forces spilling out of the Eye of Terror. The Astartes Praeses have fallen on hard times, and these Chapters are bolstering the ranks of the defence in the Segmentum.

Astartes Ultima

The following Chapters were created to defend against the orks of Segmentum Ultima…

1. Alpha Knights

2. Blood Paladins

3. Crimson Guard

4. Arctic Raptors

5. Ruby Destroyers

6. Flying Vindicators

7. Void Guard

8. Brawling Lamenters

Imperial Guard and Legio elements unaccounted for at this time.

History of the Astartes Ultima: With Segmentum Ultima facing ravages by swarms of ork Waaaghs! the Astartes Ultima are deployed to assist the Ultramarines and their successors tidally locked in battle against the orks.

Other Segmentum Astartes still in deployment…