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"You've got to be joking."

Blue Diamond turned over her shoulder, not so surprised to see Yellow Diamond was the one entering the chamber. The bubbles containing Rose Quartz gems glimmered gently in the light of the stars; Yellow Diamond glared at them as she approached. Her Yellow Pearl trailed behind her daintily, hands clasped behind her back. The small gem jumped right over to Blue Diamond's Pearl's side with a smug look on her face.

"Yellow. What are you-"

"You only just left, and now you're back here again," Yellow Diamond interrupted, face set in a stern glower. Visibly disappointed. "It's time you let this go, Blue. Let her go."

Shaking her head, Blue Diamond wiped away her overflowing tears. "You say that like it's easy," she whispered.

"It can be," Yellow Diamond snapped. Her features suddenly softened and she stepped closer, giant heels clicking on the floor. She clasped her hands behind her back. Blue remained crouched, her back hunched over in grief. Though she had wiped them away it was clear to Yellow that her tears had all but multiplied - her despair was nothing to be made little of. Swallowing a sigh, Yellow Diamond sent a quick glare to the Pearls standing at attention so far below her. "Leave us, Pearls," she ordered dismissively.

"Yes, my Diamond," they said in unison, bending their arms into a diamond shape and bowing. Spinning lithely on their little ballerina feet they turned to exit the room through the giant, pink-colored doorway.

Quiet. Yellow Diamond could hear faint sniffles. Wistful sighs.

She closed the distance between herself and Blue, placing a hand on the other gem's shoulder. Blue Diamond looked up at her with drooping, sad, woeful eyes... then looked down again, as if in shame. Maybe regret. A sigh of her own tumbled past her lips. Her shoulders slumped even further and she leaned forward to wrap her arms around a pillar on the second floor of the chamber, which came up to her chest when she was crouched this low. Behind her she felt Yellow shuffle close again.

"It feels..." Blue Diamond began, but her voice faltered.

"I know you miss her. So do I."

"Yellow," she glanced back over her shoulder, catching the other gem's eye, though Yellow Diamond only gave her a sideways glance, "why won't you just let me grieve?"

Arching a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, Yellow Diamond paused. "You've had plenty of time to grieve," she huffed. "Besides, this isn't the way to do it! You're surrounded by these gems, the kind who shattered her. They all deserve the same fate. And this place, Blue, why do we need to keep it? Her legacy is so much more than just humans."

Blue Diamond shook her head ever so slightly, returning her gaze to the little alcove of space in front of her face. "They are such curious creatures, though," she said softly.

Narrowing her eyes, Yellow snapped, "Blue. Look at me."

"What is it, Yellow?" The blue-skinned gem didn't do as her golden counterpart asked her, and her tone of voice remained as wispy and saddened as it tended to.

"I said look at me."

Blue Diamond turned then, slowly standing to her full height. They looked each other in the eye - one cried, the other seemed uncharacteristically nervous. Yellow Diamond's eyes flicked away briefly and Blue felt a hand rest on her hip. It slid around to her lower back and Yellow's arms enveloped her slim body, holding her close. Blue rested her chin on the shoulder before her. A short breath escaped her lips and she shut her wet eyes.

"Yes," Yellow Diamond spoke, voice a bit sharp, "of course we still love her, and we're always thinking of her... but there's nothing else that we can do. Tell me, what's the use of feeling... of feeling..."

"You can say it," Blue whispered.

"What's the use of feeling, Blue?" Yellow snapped. She flinched away a tiny bit, as if she regretted her tone. "There's nothing that will bring her back," she added more softly.

"I know. But, please, Yellow... just give me a few more moments."

"Is there anything I can do?"

They were still standing in their embrace. Blue could feel Yellow's lips close to her ear, even past her white hair. She pulled back just enough to gaze at her features, so much more angular than her own, and brought her hand up to brush the backs of her fingers against the soft skin of Yellow's cheek.

"Kiss me?"

Yellow pecked her on the lips. Blatantly chaste.

The corners of Blue's lips twitched up then in a barely-there smile. "Like you mean it."

Nervously swallowing, Yellow Diamond leaned forward, placing her lips firmly against those smiling ones. Neither moved. Blue let her eyes flutter closed again but Yellow kept hers open, taking in what she could see, so close to her face. While both of them possessed otherworldly power, and every lesser gem could see it, Yellow could hardly get over the sheer beauty that was Blue Diamond. She had an elegance to her that Yellow honestly felt she herself lacked; she was sharp, military-like - even her hair was styled into points and reached no farther than her jaw line. Blue was a mystery shrouded away in her dark blue cloak, but she was also a gentle entity. Her drooping eyes fit the shape of each tear she shed, and thick eyelashes held a drop or two. That was on her better days. Today, though, and even as they stood there - Yellow with her arms around Blue's waist, Blue with her hands resting now on Yellow's shoulders - her tears leaked down her face like rivers. Yellow could feel them against her own cheeks.

She pulled back, disconnecting from Blue's lips, and immediately missed the sensation. Feeling cold. Blue opened her eyes in a dazed manner, settling them confusedly on Yellow's. "Please stop crying," she whispered.

"I'm sorry."

"I just hate to see you this way. It's been so long, after all."

Blue cocked her head to the side; her fingers began playing with Yellow's shoulder pads. "You've got to feel eventually," she stated very matter-of-factly. Disengaging from the other Diamond's hold, she kneeled back into her position on the floor and bowed her head in respect for the one they lost. "If you really hate to see me this way... do something about it."

Yellow narrowed her eyes, eyebrows drawing together into a scowl. She didn't appreciate the hint of challenge to the other's voice. An idea rapidly formed in her mind and she smirked. Once Blue was standing again, seemingly done - for the time being - with her sitting silence in honor of their fallen Diamond, Yellow turned her around and pushed her back against the wall. Their lips reconnected, reinvigorated this time. Yellow Diamond was never one to back down from a challenge - as far as she told herself. There was no other reason she was taking this so far. There couldn't be.

She felt Blue Diamond smile against her and a spark of frustration surged through her. Biting down on her lower lip she prompted a small gasp; with Blue's mouth opened a fraction Yellow slipped her tongue inside. Elegant hands gripped at her angular face. The passion in the kiss grew until those hands slid down past her neck to her shoulders and gently pushed her away. Still, they remained within the same breathing space.

Neither spoke. Blue's eyes met Yellow's, and for the first time since the golden-skinned Diamond arrived, they were dry. Any hints of teasing had left Blue even as she smiled again. Once more she brought her hand up to brush her fingers against Yellow's face.

"I know keeping this zoo won't bring her back," Blue whispered, and Yellow felt a chill crawl up her spine at the warm feeling of her breath hitting her lips. "I know these gems do not deserve this seemingly special treatment I'm giving them. They betrayed her. And yet... I do not believe it fair to shatter all of them. Only one was so directly responsible. What would you have me do, Yellow? I'm not like you. I'm not so terribly interested in war."

"Be that as it may, we must do something," Yellow murmured, casting her gaze downwards. She felt as if she couldn't meet those wide eyes. "I don't-"

Blue's lips against hers once more interrupted her. "Shh," the other gem breathed. "Please, just... no more talking." She leaned back so they were no longer breathing the same air, so close to each other, and the sadness returned strong to her entire being. Yellow felt cold again in the absence of her more intimate touch. "Will you stay with me?"

Yellow Diamond nodded.

"And will you hold me?"

She nodded again.

Blue Diamond leaned forward, and Yellow enveloped her in an embrace. She closed her eyes, feeling a prickle of tears irritate them. To cry around someone like Blue just didn't seem appropriate. Swallowing thickly, she turned to press her nose into Blue's hair.

Don't you know I miss her, too...

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