(Hello! I FINALLY have Disney XD so I can watch the new season of Star vs which so far has been AWSOME! I'm sure I'm pretty quick on the draw but I just HAD to do a Hekapoo Fanfic since she is such a CUTIE! Anyway I kinda wrote this a tad quick so it may have some errors but whatever ENJOY, LIKE, and REVIEW! PS will update my True Love next as well!)

Marco rode through the dark as his destination slowly began to fade into view, for Sixteen years he has been hunting. What started as an attempt to get his friend Stars scissors back soon became a quest to prove he was worthy of his own. Years studying and training with all sorts of monks and masters had toned his mind and body into that of a mighty adventurer.

Now at last he was with in reach of his goal, two of Hekapoo's clones stood watch at the door as Marco stopped stepping off his flying companion Nachos. Her clones took their stance ready to fight as Marco chuckled gripping his sword giving one might swing blowing out the flame of one of them, the other was quick jumping into the air before bringing down her pike to strike Marco.

It was an easy task to dodge it as she smirked thinking her hunter was easily beat before Marco quickly landed behind her grabbing her with a smirk as he gently blew out her flame as well making her vanish. Marco turned to the door stopping for a moment before opening it to see the REAL Hekapoo standing humming softly as she worked on a new pair of scissors.

"So I've finally found you." She turned around with a soft smile across her face. "Yup, you found me, no more clones so.." Marco took off his hood with a smirk "Who's the little boy now?" She smiled "Mmmmm not anymore your not.." She said as she gently pushed Marco back onto a bench

"And now I believe this is the part were you blow out my flame huh?" She whispered softly climbing into his lap as Marco gave her a smirk. "Its been many years coming huh..It be a shame to end it so sudden though wouldn't you say.." Marco whispered back letting a hand slowly slide up her rear forcing a small growl from her lips.

"Mmmm I suppose...we could play ONE more little game before we end your little quest." She whispered into his ear seductively running her hands across his steel like abs as he gave her ass a had squeeze in return. She climbed off him walking to away into a nearby room, as she walked she made sure to strut her hips as her dress slowly brunt away leaving Marco with the sight of her bare ass as she closed the door behind her.

Marco got up unwrapping his old hood and taking his vest of setting them down next to him on the bench before making his way to the room as well. He opened the door being greeted by the soft light of candles all over the room and be beautiful sparkle of their light off the bare form of Hekapoo's body as she laid on her large satin bed.

The door shut behind him as he walked to the bed were his "Rival" was waiting for him as the last of his clothing were tossed aside. "Mmmmm you certainly have "Grown" Marco" She laughed at her joke noticing his now stiff cock. "Now why don't you let me take a look at your "Mighty Sword" hero."

She reached for his hand pulling him to the bed as she laid at the edge bringing his cock to her face as she took in his strong musk before planting small kisses up the length of his shaft before her tongue began to work on his tip forcing a deep moan from Marco.

After getting a good taste she slowly took his length into her mouth before swallowing his whole cock deep into her throat as she felt Marco's hands reach down to grip her head softly before pulling his cock back then giving it a thrust back into her mouth as she moaned. Soon Marco had a steady pace as he fucked her mouth. She could feel Marco's cock throb in her throat as he neared his limit before she pulled back off his cock with a pop leaving him on the edge of his climax.

"I can't have you finishing just yet...that Wouldn't be much fun would it?" Marco chuckled "Heh you always liked to do things the hard way." She smiled sitting up and laying back down on her pillows spreading her legs for Marco to see her beautiful flower, a small flame sat cutely above her clit as Marco laughed

"You want me to blow out that flame too?" She blushed deeply as Marco crawled up to her "Shut up and get to work already, and don't even TRY to blow that out." He smirked as he rested his head between her legs taking in the sweet scent of her rose as his hands traveled up her soft skin to her breasts giving them a squeeze as he licked slowly up and down her folds giving her clit a flick making her squeak as jolts of pleasure shot through her.

"Uhhh just get to work!" He happily obliged as his lips pressed to her and his tongue traveled deep into her honey pot exploring every inch it could as she moaned running her hands through his rough brown hair "Ohhh yeah...you Are GOOD" she moaned as Marco's tongue worked her folds over.

She couldn't stop her body from as she squirmed feeling his tongue reach all the right spots pushing her closer and closer to her eagerly awaiting climax. Just before she reached the edge It was stopped by Marco as his tongue left her leaving her groaning "I think I deserve a bit of begging from you after all you put me through so why don't you tell me how badly you want me to finish you."

Hekapoo moaned as Marco flicked his tongue across her super sensitive folds "UHH GIVE IT TO ME EARTH MAN! IM BEGGING YOU TO GIVE ME RELEASE!" Marco loved seeing her beg and plead as he happily obliged running his tongue up her folds one last time before blowing softly on the small flame above her clit.

This ignited her long building orgasm as she arched her back moaning loudly as her nectar gushed from her folds and into Marco's waiting mouth as she twisted and turned "O..M...G!" She cried out before panting exhausted from her orgasm. Marco sat up staring down at Hekapoo as she panted heavily. He spread her legs letting his now stiff again cock rub against her soaked folds.

"What say I show you some of my "Sword" skills I learned tracking your fine body down?" She grinned up at him as he smiled back slowly prodding his tip against her before slamming the entire length of his cock into her making her gasp at the feeling of his long, and thick blade. Marco lifted her into his embrace letting her body adjust to his cock as he pressed his lips to hers letting their tongues fight for dominance as his hands caressed her soft form taking in the feeling of her bare skin and breasts against his chest.

After plenty of time taking in each others forms Marco gripped her hips bouncing her on his cock as she moaned "Mmmmm give it to me good Earth man." She moaned as Marco began to move her up and down faster. Her arms draped around his neck as she arched her back letting Marco fuck away at her as she burned with pleasure and desire.

"OH YES FUCK ME GOOD!" She moaned as he pumped into her faster and harder, his cock slamming against her womb. She pulled herself back up planting kisses all along Marco's neck as he laid her onto her back continuing his assault with his cock as she tightly gripped his hair. "OH YES GIVE ME MORE!" she moaned as he kissed down her chest gently suckling one of her breasts before giving love to the other as she bucked her hips in sync with Marco's thrusts.

It wasn't long before they both felt a fire building in their groins as Marco's pace quickened, pounding harder until giving one deep thrust into her womb as they both moaned out, Marco's seed erupting deep inside her coating the walls of her womb with thick ropes up seed as her walls tightened and milked his cock for all the cum it could.

After filling her to capacity they both laid enjoying the warm afterglow of their sex as she snuggled against his chest letting her long red hair blanket them as Marco let out a relieved sigh. "I'd say those scissors are as good as mine now."

She smirked "I would say you DEFINANTLY earned them now." Marco leaned down for a kiss as she closed her eyes to kiss back. After a moment she opened her eyes as Marco softly blew out the flame on her head leaving her somewhat disappointed before he came back with a peck on her lips. She giggled leaning up sinking her fang into his neck leaving him a love bite.

After fixing her hair and them both dressing they walked out of the room "Mmmm not bad for a human, you truly earned these." She smiled placing Marco's scissors into his hands. "I gotta say I underestimated you.." Marco was shocked as the door was kicked open by Star

"HEKAPOO! Where is Marco!" Marco grinned "Star!" He ran over giving her a tight hug before she broke from his grip "Unhand me beautiful stranger!" "Star? It's me! Marco!" her jaw slowly dropped as she looked over him " ..." Marco reached into his pocket pulling out his scissors

"Look! It took me 16 years but I finally earned my scissors!" Star snapped out of her trance "16 years? It's only been like 8 minuets that you have been gone." Marco's heart seemed to stop for a second before he gritted his teeth "Only eight minuets!?"

Hekapoo laughed "Yeah..I forgot to mention that time goes by differently in this dimension...not sorry." Marco sighed as Star smiled "No this is great! That just means you haven't missed a thing! Lets go back! You can use your scissors!" Marco stopped unsure whether he really wanted to leave as he looked over to Hekapoo.

"Don't look at me you earned those scissors, besides you can come back and see me "ANYtime" she gave him a wink as Marco smiled taking his scissors and opening a portal as Star jumped through. Marco looked back giving Hekapoo a smile before stepping through "See you later Hpoo." "DON'T CALL ME THAT!"