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In The Darkwoods

The hooded woman walked through the forest, on guard for any looming dangers as she made her way down the road. Her ears picked up the soft sounds of crying as she reached down to her holster.

As she stepped through a small thicket, she came across a young child whimpering under a tree. She was no stranger to ambushes as she approached cautiously, stepping softly and quietly before approaching the boy. She examined the surrounding area for any tells of a trap before pulling back her hood and letting her long blond hair tumble out.

"What are you doing out here little one?" She asked softly bending down. As the boy looked up at her, his eyes widened with wonder as he reached up with teary eyes. Her face went red as the young kids face shared a striking resemblance to someone she was looking for. She bent down as the small boy grabbed hold before happily snuggling up into her golden hair.

"Where is your home at?" She asked softly as the boy pointed his hand into the forest. The woman sighed before adjusting the small child to carry then heading into the trees. At first it seemed fruitless to keep wandering in the direction pointed but after a half hour of walking her eyes spotted an unusually beautiful house sitting in a clearing.

Outside was small playsets and a clothesline with various clothes hanging out to dry. One, in particular, caught her eye as she quickened her pace towards the house. She stopped right at the door, her heart pounding as she braced herself for what was to come, tightly holding the small boy as she lifted her leg to kick down the door.

"THUD!" The woman fell forward into the floor as the door was swiftly opened before her foot could make contact. "Oh, sup Star." Star's gaze shot up before her eyes narrowed and her fist clenched. She quickly swiped for her wand at her waist but like before was quickly fumbled as Hekapoo bend down taking the child.

"And just where have you been?!" She gave the boy a stern look as he tried to hide his face in embarrassment. "Pwayin." He muttered softly as Star climbed to her feet. "Well you certainly are lucky auntie Star found you! I told you not to wander far from the house when you're playing outside!"

The young boy's eyes teared up as Hekapoo sighed. "Well I can't be too mad, there is a lot of him in you so its only natural I guess." Hekapoo started to walk off as Star stood baffled. "Star be a dear and wait in the den while I put this adventurer down for a nap."

In The Den

Star sat with her arms crossed, giving a stare that could burn through paper at Hekapoo sitting across from her with a toothy smile as she sipped on her cup of tea. A LONG awkward silence filled between them before Star finally opened her mouth to speak, thinking carefully of what to say.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" She yelled jumping to her feet with her wand in hand. Hekapoo burst out laughing before wiping a small tear from the corner of her eye. "Oh Star, I'm sorry but its just too funny."

Star was not one bit amused as she walked toward her powering a narwal blast in her wand. "Don't test me." She coldly stated as Hekapoo regained herself. "Please put that away; I don't want you waking any of the kids."

Star clenched her wand tighter "Whos kids? Where is Marco! I won't ask you again before I narwal blast you into the void!" Hekapoo knew she was pulling her strings a bit too hard as she raised her hands.

"Ok Ok, easy now. Just lower the wand ok? Marco is here, or will be; you caught me." Star's guard dropped a bit as her wands glow faded. "Please, sit down so I can talk." She said motioning to Star's chair as she walked over and sat back down.

"Sooo...I guess..well..." Hekapoo sighed. "Look Star; I will be blunt with you. Marco and I have started a family together." Star was quick to rebutle gripping the arms of the chair. "I have been Chasing you for 16 years to find him! So you just screwed me this whole time?! Like some fucking game?!"

Hekapoo furrowed her brow giving Star a stare as she jumped to her feet. "LET ME FINISH!" She commanded as Star swallowed her words and allowed her to continue. "You have caught me Star, and I have every intention to honor our agreement." Hekapoo got up walking over to the fireplace and picking up a small photo frame.

"Star, I'm sure you know you will be queen someday, and you will lead Mewni as well as the magic high commission as your mother does." She walked back over sitting down as Star looked at the frame she was holding.

"Well...yeah..but I mean what does any of that have to do with this?" Hekapoo chuckled "You forget time moves differently here, your 16 years have been but a moment on Mewni and earth. You have chased after me, or...should I say, Marco, just like Marco had been chasing after you." Star's face turned red hearing her words "Is that what this is about!? I was already thankful he did all that to get the scissors back!" Hekapoo set the photo down before standing up.

"Are you that dense Star!? Marco spent 16 years chasing me down for you! Because he loved you! Not for some stupid scissors!" For the moment Star was at a loss for words as Hekapoo walked over to a window. "I love Marco Star...I guess it's no shock after toying with him for so long, and I know in his way Marco loves me as well. But I cant replace you in his life; I can never compare to you."

Hekapoo walked over to Star sitting down on her knees. "Star, one day you are going to be queen, and Marco will be your loving king. But just once...I wanted to feel like a queen too...and have my king. I have been making scissors for people for centuries all alone, and now for the first time in my existence, I have a family to share my life with. I knew right and well that it wouldn't last forever, but I had to make sure that your love for him was real. Marco deserves to have someone who truly loves him as much as I love him and he loves you." A long silence came as Star sat with no words to say to what she was hearing. "Even now Star, Marco is out looking for you...hasn't stopped in 16 years. Every "Lead" I feed to him he hunts wholeheartedly."

Star's face turned red as she looked away embarrassed. "Hekapoo..why didn't you just tell me..? Why didn't you just say.?" She chuckled wiping the forming tear in her eye. "Because I am stubborn, and I couldnt tell Marco how I feel because I knew I would have to let him go." They both sat in the silence for a moment before hearing the soft patter of feet, in the doorway was the young boy holding his blanket.

"Momma.." He muttered softly as Hekapoo smiled getting up and walked over to him. "What's wrong sweetie? Bad dream?" The boy nodded before reaching up and clinging around Hekapoo's neck. Hekapoo walked back over to Star as they boy stared in awe at her lovely hair. He motioned to Star reaching out before Hekapoo lowered him to her lap as he snuggled up against Star's chest with his blanket. "Auntie." He hummed happily as Star softly wrapped an arm around him.

"What's his name..?" Star asked softly as Hekapoo smiled. "Marco Jr." She whispered as Star chuckled to herself. "I guess I am not shocked...he looks just like him."

The small moment of peace was soon broken as heavy footsteps echoed through the house. "Hekapoo I'm home; I couldn't find...Star...in...castle..." Marco stood in the doorway petrified at the sight of him before he could manage a word Hekapoo had taken him by the hand.

"Sweetie come with me for a moment I have to talk to you, Star would you watch little Marco for me?" Star nodded as Hekapoo dragged a still speechless Marco down the hall and into the kitchen. Star sat gently stroking Marco Jr hair as he nuzzled and mumbled in his sleep. After almost an hour Marco stepped into the den where Star was, sitting down in the chair across from her.

Star's eyes looked over the man before her. His once dark brown hair had small streaks of grey forming, his body though still tone and fit had a hint of age to them as well. Marco's voice was just as rough as she remembered before yet with a little more..edge to it.

"So..." Marco broke the silence between them. "I guess...it been a while huh." He said awkwardly scratching the back of his head. To him Star had changed as well, she was taller, her hair had grown out a bit longer to make up for her increased height. She had matured over the years searching for him, and it showed on her figure. Marco let out a sigh realizing how much more awkward he was making things

"I'm sorry..." He said softly hanging his head low. "Hekapoo told me all about...well everything for the most part...had...had I known.." Star cut him off raising her hand. "Marco..." She said softly running her hand through Marco Jr hair. "You spent sixteen years of your life earning a pair of scissors so that I wouldn't get in trouble. If anyone is to blame for all of this...it's me." Marco looked at her with confusion as Star blushed. "I should have told you sooner how I felt. And its only fair that after so much you have gone through that...well I was glad to do the same for you."

They both sat for another minute before two more figures popped into the doorway. "Pappa.." They both heard spoken softly as Marco smiled. "It's all right you two; you can come in." Star looked over to see two small girls in pajamas walking in, they both had pale skin and long hair though one had Hekapoo's dark red while the other had brown like Marco, though both shared small horns and little fangs. They walked over to Marco before he scooped them up into his arms letting them rest their heads on his shoulders.

"Star this is Maria and Annapoo. They are my little angels." He said softly kissing their cheeks as they snuggled against him. "Marco...you have a family here...and loving kids...I mean...I couldn't.." Star was interrupted as Hekapoo appeared in the door.

"And that's why he is going back to earth with you." She walked up to Marco who looked at her with shock and confusion. "Hekapoo..? I mean...what about...don't you!" He was cut off by her lips against his. "Of course I love you Marco, but that's why you have to go." Both Marco and Star were shocked and confused as she smirked. "I mean look at you Marco, you are getting old, you don't live forever as I do, but back on earth you still have so much time to live. You have already given me a happy sixteen years with beautiful children to keep me company. Besides, when you leave, I can always visit with the kids. You get to enjoy them and me for twice as long." She winked at Marco reaching down to pinch his rear.

A While Later.

Marco stood by the door with his small bag, looking around the house he had spent the last 16 years in. "You know..if you wanted to stay.." He heard spoken softly behind him as he turned to see Star. "N..No...It's ok.." He said softly smiling as she smiled back. "You all packed?" He looked up the stairs to see Hekapoo in a t-shirt and sweatpants. "Yeah.." Marco said under his breath before she walked up to him and tugged his chin up.

"Now now fleashwad, no sad goodbye's beside it's not like you won't see the kids or me again." Marco smiled softly as she reached up and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, Marco, show Star the same love you have shown me." She glanced over at Star, "And you take care of my man you hear?" Stars face turned red before she reached into Marco's sack and pulled out his dimensional scissors, tearing a portal open.

"Ready Marco?" Star said softly as he smiled walking up to her and taking her hand. "Yeah Star." They both stepped through the portal, coming out right at the stadium where Star had left. Around them, people were still leaving the concert. "Wow...dosent looks like we have missed a beat huh..? Star said softly to Marco before a familiar figure came skating up.

"Star! Marco! Where have you been?" Jackie yelled as she skated up to them. "No...Nowhere just..here talking." Marco stuttered trying not to seem too suspicious. "Hey, Jackie...I have a favor to ask." Marco leaned in whispering in her ear making her turn red as she grinned. "All right all right, I'll catch you two later." She said giving Star a wink before skating off. "What did you say to her?" Star asked as he laughed.

"Oh just that we were going to go make out and not to wait for us." Star turned dark red "Marco!" He laughed taking her hand. "Relax I was just joking. Why don't we just walk home together." Star nodded as they started to make their way back to the Diaz house.

"Wow...now I know how you feel coming back..it's all so..alien." Marco gave her hand a soft squeeze. "It gets better..especially if what's important to you is with you as well." Star looked up at him with a smile before looking down. "I'm gonna miss my grown body.." Marco turned red and scratched his chin. "Well...I think your body is perfect just the way it is Star."

Star smiled leaning against his arm as they walked. "Hey, Marco...can I ask you a favor?" Star whispered as he looked down at her confused. "Yeah Star..? What is it?" She looked away embarrassed before grabbing his arm and pulling him down to whisper in his ear. Marco's face turned dark as he cleared his throat. "Well.I mean..I um...su..sure." She smiled and nuzzled against him enjoying the pace and quite as they walked home.

The Diaz House.

Star let out a loud sigh of relief feeling the hot water pour over her. "Oh my god I have missed showers.." She said letting the hot water blast her in the face before reaching over for some shampoo. It was still so...unreal being back home as she stood in the shower. Mr. and Mrs. Diaz had no clue what they had been through and after spending so much time away...Star told Marco she was done adventuring for a while. She sighed and turned the shower water off before reaching for her towel. "Mmmm so soft." She said softly before wrapping it around herself and heading back to her room.

Inside Marco was sitting down on the edge of her bed kicking his feet. As Star walked in his face turned red as he covered it with his hands. Star giggled before walking over to her laid out nightgown. "You know it's strange having my nightgown again.." She said softly as Marco gulped. "Well..you know..you get back in the flow of things eventually. At least you didn't have to try and remember your computer password." After finishing dressing, she walked over to the bed sitting down next to Marco. "So...I..um..." Marco stuttered awkwardly as Star leaned against him making him blush.

"Marco..." Star whispered sending shivers up Marco's spine as she looked up at him. "Y..Yeah, Star?" She blushed softly taking his collar and pulling him down into a soft kiss. At first, Marco was caught by surprise but soon returned the feelings as he softly gripped her shoulders. After a few moments, they both soon broke for air before looking into each other's eyes. Both of their hearts raced as their hands unconsciously had roamed to each other's more private areas. Star softly gripped him before leaning back onto her bed with him.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that," Star whispered as Marco blushed. "S...Same here, though...I well...was hoping for..you know, less awkward of a circumstance." Star giggled before pulling him into another deep kiss, this time more passionately as she rolled on top of Marco letting his hands rest softly on her hips.

Soon both their hands started to wander as Marco's palms traces the contours of her sides, finding their way up under her nightgown as Star's hands gently slid under his shirt. " " Marco mumbled through her lips as she pulled away looking at him with concern. "Is everything ok..?" Marco blushed looking away as his hands softly gripped her rear. "I..its just..I..are you sure you want to.."

Star tightly gripped Marco my the collar giving him a stern look. "Oh NO! you are NOT gonna chicken out on me now. I have been waiting 17 years for this! Now you are going to fuck me all night, and I am going to make you mine!" Marco was at a loss for words as she her cold stare sent a chill through him.

Her cold glare almost in the blink of an eye returned to her happy grin as she leaned back up kissing him deeply again. Star giggled to herself as she reached down to feel Marco's hard member through his shorts. After satisfying her lips, she sat up with a grin as she lifted and tossed aside her nightgown.

"Don't be shy now Marco; I want you to give me the full experience." She cooed seductively as Marco's eyes widened at her beautiful pale skin. "Star's eyes averted from Marco's as she blushed embarrassed. "I...Know it's not as great as it was in Hekapoo's dimension.." Marco was quick to cut her off. "Your perfect Star," Marco said softly as she turned red before reaching around and unhooking her bra, tossing it across the room as she covered herself with her arm. Marco smiled, slowly letting his hands slide under her arm revealing her soft, delicate breasts.

Marco's hands softly squeezed them forcing a moan from Star as her hips bucked instinctively. "Th...That feels nice.." Star moaned as Marco lifted himself up, resting her in his lap as his lips traveled across and down her neck. "M..Marco!" She moaned wrapping her arms around his head and neck.

"Relax Star...I'll take care of you." He whispered into her ear as his hands moved down from her breasts and into her panties, tracing her wet folds with his fingers. "She wasn't kidding; she wants this real bad." Marco thought to himself as he continued to trail his kisses along her collar.

"Let's get more comfortable." He said softly before lifting Star up and laying her down. Marco sat between her legs reaching to her panties before slowly pulling them down her silky legs. After tossing them aside Marco slowly spread her legs, giving him a breathtaking view of her in all of her beauty. Star whole body seemed to turn red with embarrassment as she covered her face.

"Marco you're embarrassing me.." Marco smirked before softly kissing her leg, trailing them down as he worked his way to her inner thy as she moaned and squirmed beneath him. "M..Marco!" She moaned as he finally reached his prize. Marco wanted to savor this moment as his tongue traced along her folds, gently giving her jewel a soft flick of his tongue making her back arch as she gasped. " ..maaarrrco!" She moaned as he chuckled before pressing his lips to her womanhood, letting his tongue slither its way into along her inner walls.

Marco relished the taste of her nectar as he lifted himself to his knees, bringing Star's waist up with him as he reached down to massage her breasts softly. "Fu..Fuck! Oh, Marco yes!" Star moaned reaching down and tightly gripping Marco's hair as he continued to work over her womanhood with his tongue. Soon it was too much for Star as her legs squeezed around Marco's head and her body tensed. "FU...FUCK!" Star moaned out as Marco's tongue licked up and savored her taste as her hips bucked against his head.

As Star came down from her climax, she laid panting reaching down to tug Marco's hair. "Marco.." She moaned as he looked upwards towards her. "Yes..?" Star pulled his head up as Marco followed her pull meeting her eyes with his. "Kiss me." She said softly before Marco pressed his lips to Star's as her tongue invaded his mouth, playing and teasing with his. As they kissed Marco positioned himself against her folds as he rocked back and forth.

"Please..take me, Marco...I've waited for so long.." She moaned as Marco nodded slowly pressing his tip into her as her body tensed, feeling him press through her hymen making her gasp as Marco stopped. "Star? Are you ok? We can stop for a moment if you want.." She shook her head chuckling softly. " its fine..just..be gentle." Marco nodded as he pulled himself back before bucking into her again making her grip on him tighten.

w"Yo..your so big.." Star moaned as Marco softly kissed along her neck "Your so tight Star, you feel so amazing." Marco moaned into her neck as he steadied his pace. Soon Star's pain turned to pleasure as she wrapped her arms around Marco. "Oh, Marco..it feels so good..deeper." She moaned as Marco obeyed her command thrusting harder into her as she gasped. "Yes, Marco.. make me yours!" She moaned out before pressing her lips hard against his.

It didn't take long for them both to near there limits as Marco's pace became more erratic and fast. "Star..I'm gonna.." Star quickly and tightly wrapped her legs around Marco's waist pulling him into her deep. "Inside Marco! I want you to coat my insides!" Star moaned as Marco gave another few hard thrusts before slamming himself into her, both of them moaning out as his cum flooded her womb.

"Ma..Marco!" Star moaned burring her face into his shoulder as she bit down, her whole body and mind going numb from her powerful orgasm. Even after coming down from there orgasms Marco rolled over letting Star rest on top of him as they kept their bodies together as one.

"That...was worth the wait.." Star huffed as Marco nuzzled his face into her hair. "I love you Star," Marco whispered as she gently kissed his chest. "I love you too Marco." She smiled listening to the soft beating of his heart. "So..I guess we have a lot of catching up to do after so many years." Marco chuckled as Star looked up to him.

"Yeah...but..I think tonight..I'm happy just like this." She smiled as Marco blushed smiling back. "You know...Hekapoo was right about one thing." Star giggled as she went back to listening to his heart. "Y..Yeah..? Whats that?" She grinned

"Your perfect king material."