This is my first completed fic. The idea was inspired by the song skater boy, ya know, the whole popular girl dumping the average boy, he goes and starts a band, finds someone else.....yeah, that's the whole idea. Well hope you enjoy. This is my first completed work, so be gentle. ^_^

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~Chapter 1- Punk vs. Prep~

Teachers yelled as a trio of young hellons on skaterboards went flying through the halls. All of the student were cracking up at the site. This wasn't an unusual occurance at Shikon High, as a matter of fact it was almost a daily thing. The school itself was pretty large, many students attended. As with most other schools there was a wide variaty of social classes. First you had your preps, the stuck up rich people who wore the most expensive clothes and were the teachers favorites. Then you had the punks/skater kids, like the ones riding through the hall reaking havoc on the poor old teachers. Of course there were many others, but this stories gonna primarily focus on the above two. So we won't take the time to go into the rest. The preps and punks never hung out, it was like an unwritten law or something. Preppies saw punks as descracefull things who had no respect for themselves or others, like with the way they would dress all slouchy and run around doing crazy things. Punks saw preps as, well...stuck up. They were to worried about their appearances and just plain dull. So for the most part the two just avoided each other. Of course there were those who loved to pick fights and taunt the other side. Like one dark haired, voilet eyed young man and his small group of comrades. They just couldn't help themselves. It was sooo much fun tormenting the preppies. Those dimwitted jocks could get riled up so easily. And this is why the trio were flying down the halls at unusual speeds with four rather large jocks hot on their trails. The three reached the end of the hall and one by one grinded down the front step railing. All four jocks stumble out of the front and ended up tumbling down the steps. The leader of the skater group stopped and started laughing hystarically as the other two followed suit.

" guys'll never be catch us. You should just go back to measuring each other dicks or something." he grabbed at his stomach, the pain from laughing so hard becoming unbearable causing him to go to the ground on all fours.

"You stupid punks, you just wait, when I do catch you, you three are gonna be in for it." With that said the four jocks managed to get to their feet just in time for the skaters to take off on them again.

"See you blockheads later!" called one of the three as they dissappeared from the jocks veiw.

~The three skater kids are now all sitting on a playground somewhere.~

"Damn, that was absolutely beautiful. Did you see their faces when they went flying down the steps. Absolutely priceless."

"Yeah Inu Yasha, what would we do for fun if those idiots weren't around." Miroku said from the swing he was sitting on. "Really, if we didn't have those loosers to torment, this place would be so boring."

"It's their own faults," Kouga said while hanging upside down on the monkey bars. "They make it so easy. If they had as much brains as they did muscle, they would have caught us a long time ago."

All three of them had been friends for as long as they could remember, even though there were times when Kouga and Inu Yasha didn't get along to well. The trio usually spent their time (when not tormenting the preps/jocks that is) at the local skate park or in Miroku's garage blasting away on their instruments. They were pretty famous throughout the whole school. Not popular, just famous. Preps knew of them well and looked down on them grately, while punk rocker chicks worshipped the ground that they walked on. They were quite a good-looking group. Inu Yasha wore a black t-shirt with the phrase "bite me" in white on the front, a pair a overly baggy red plaid shorts, and a pair of red cons. Miroku didn't look too much different, except his t-shirt was purple t-shirt that had stick figures in different sexual positions. It happened to be his favorite. (He was known to be the biggest pervert the school had ever seen.) Instead of plaid shorts he wore baggy blue jean shorts and he had on a black pair of vans. Kouga wore a camaflouge t-shirt, a fuzzy racoon hat with the tail to the side, a pair of wide legged khakis, and vans with flames down the sides. Yep, that's how the three usually looked. The small trio got along really well with all the other groups of students they attended school with, excluding the preps of course, and were well liked. Others claimed that they brought exitement to the other wise boring school with their pranks and childish antics.

"Hey you guys, what did you do to get the jocks riled up this time?" A teenage girl with long black hair, baggy hip huggers, and a tight little superman shirt walked up to the group.

"Sango my love!!!!" Miroku took off towards the girl but as he approached her she banged him on the head, knowing full well what he intended to do. """Owieowieooow, what was that for? I didn't do anything!"

"Come on, you know you were thinking about it. You always try to grab my ass. I just figured I'ld beat you to it this time." she shrugged. "So what was it this time guys?"

"Ah, you know, just the usual stuff. Attacked em with water balloons while they were out on the practice field." answered Inu Yasha with a smug grin.

"Yeah, they looked all hot and sweaty. We were just trying to cool em off a bit," added Kouga. Sango could only laugh. Those guys and their pranks were gonna be the death of them if those jocks ever caught up to them.

"Well I gotta head home guys, I'll catch up with ya'll later on."

"Later" the other three said in unison.

Inu Yasha got up from his spot and skated towards his home. His mom wanted him to go ahead and get his stuff ready for the trip they were going on after school let out for spring break, and well since tomorrow was the last day he needed to get it done tonight. It didn't take him long to get home, he only lived a couple of blocks away from the park. Opening the door, he called out for his mom. No one answered so he figured she must still be at work. He put his bookbag down by the door and took off towards his room. Every year he and his family took some sort of trip, this year it was gonna be a cruise to some tropical islands. His parents had been saving up for quite awhile for it, and were really excited. Inu Yasha could of cared less, he would have rather just spent the time hanging out with his friends working on their band. Oh well, it was only for a few weeks. He'ld have the rest of the summer for that stuff. The band consisted of Miroku, Sango, Kouga, and himself. All of them planned on moving off to the big city when they finished school so that they could make a name for themselves. They hadn't decided were they would go yet, they just knew they were gonna go. He couldn't wait, only one more year to go. Ever since they had put together their little band he had dreamed of them becoming something. They weren't that bad either, actually they were pretty darn good. Maybe one day they would be able to show the world just what they could do. Show the world that they were more than just a couple of punk kids who were only good for a few laughs. No, Inu Yasha wanted to show the world that they were so much more. It was his dream to show those preppy basterds as well as those stuck up teachers that he could go way beyond their low expectations for him. All of them said that he would never amount to anything unless he cleaned up his act and dressed decent. Of course he never let any of them know it bothered him, but secretly it did upset him. One day he"ld show them up, and it would be with his baggy pants. Not some stupid suit in some stupid office. He would make it to the top being himself. That was what he wanted, for his friends as well as himself. He would share all of his success with them. On the outside Inu Yasha was just some punk kid who loved to harass anyone and everyone, but deep down he was so much more. Not many people knew about his dreams and goals. Only his three close friends.

"Inu Yasha!" called his mom from downstairs.

"I'm up here packing!"

His mother slowly opened the door to look in on her youngest son. He was almost finished with his task and had one large duffel bag and his backpack full of clothes and junk.

"Hey honey, how was school today?"

"It was ok, just the same old stuff. What about work?"

"Same old, same old," the woman answered with a smile. "We're leaving as soon as you get home tomorrow, so come straight home. Ok dear?"

"Yeah mom, I will."

"Well I'm going to go start dinner now."

"Ok mom, just call me when it's ready." The woman nodded as she walked off.

~Next Day~

Inu Yasha sat in his last class of the day and stared out the window. Thirty minutes to go and freedom would be his. He smiled at the thought. A week away from everything and everyone he knew. It'ld be a nice break from things and would give him time to work on his music and lyrics by himself. It didn't take long for thirty minutes to go by and before he knew it the bell rang and the entire class lepped out of their seats and made a bee line for the door. He just waited for all of the commotion to settle down before he got up from his own seat and made an exit. Outside he met up with Miroku, Kouga, and Sango. The three were waiting by the steps for him.

"Hey guys, sorry can't hang out today. The warden said I had to come straight home."

"Well that bites, guess we won't see ya again for two whole weeks." Miroku frowned.

"I think you guys can live without me for that long."

"It's gonna be tuff, I'm gonna have to keep these two boys in line on my own," sighed Sango. Inu Yasha laughed at her comment. If not for him and her, Miroku would grope every girl he saw.

"Hey, what's that suppose to mean?!" the two other yelled.

"Geez, just kidding. Don't forget to called us when you get back and have fun." Sango smiled brightly.

"Yeah, see you guys when I get back. Don't forget to practice while I'm gone." He waved as he walked off.

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