The Heart of Speed

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"Mommy!" yelled a young 11-year-old boy as a tornado of white and gold lightning circled around the adult red head in the middle of it.

"Naruto, run!" she yelled.

Naruto blinked and he was now suddenly outside in the middle of a darkened street that was illuminated by only street lamps and porch lights. Recognizing the area, Naruto turned in the direction of his home and began running as fast as he could.

That night, everything changed.

I lost both my parents. Killed right in front of me.

Nobody believed my story about the lightning storm inside my house.

I was placed in foster care and was adopted two months later.

August Heart.

That was the name I was given by my foster parents.

But I never forgot who I was.

I will find out who killed my parents.

This is my story.


Naruto, now 23, flashed a detective badge at a crime scene right outside Gold City Bank and walked over to a group of other police officers.

"What happened?" he asked, causing the one of the detectives, Joe West to turn to him for a brief second.

"Mardon brothers," he said as he looked down at the tire tracks.

"Again?" questioned Naruto in annoyance as he scratched the back of his head, "That's like, what, five times in the last two months?"

"I know," said Joe's partner, "We really need to get these guys this time."

"Well, we can't do anything until Allen gets here," said Captain Singh before turning to Joe, "You can't keep covering for him."

"Coming through," came a familiar voice from behind them.

"Speak of the devil," said Naruto as Barry Allen, their CSI guy, came up from behind.

"Sorry, I'm late, Captain Singh," apologized Barry.

"What was it this time, Mr. Allen?" questioned the Captain in annoyance, "Forget to set your alarm clock."

"Better not say you had car trouble this time," quipped Naruto with a chuckle, "Easiest 50 bucks I ever made. You didn't even have a car."

"It was the first thing that came into my head," explained the embarrassed Barry.

"Barry was actually running some evidence in another case I was working on," lied Naruto, "It was about that home invasion last week."

"Yeah," said Barry quickly, "I was literally right in the middle of the tests when I got the call."

Joe gestured at Barry to examine the tire tracks and Barry took a moment before realizing what Joe wanted. He went over to the tire tracks and got down on the ground to try and examine them at eye level. Naruto glanced around at the crowd and ran his hand through his hair.

"You okay, August?" questioned Joe.

"Yeah," replied Naruto, "I just really need to get this over with by 5 today."

"Getaway car was a Mustang Shelby GT500," said Barry as he got up on one knee while the three detectives took notes, "Shelby's have a rear-super wide tire specific to that model. Twelve inches with an asymmetrical tread."

"And what about the small pile of crap in the tire tracks?" questioned Naruto.

Barry took a pen from Joe's partner just as another officer came over.

"We just got a call about a 513 three blocks from here," they reported.

What sounded like a gun went off and the crowd started screaming and running.

"Who fired?!" demanded Captain Singh.

"That wasn't around here," said Naruto as he looked at the officer who came over, "Which way was that 513?!"

The police officer pointed to the east and the three detectives started running.

"Barry, quickly finish then come find us!" called out Naruto before he turned a corner.

He pulled away from the other detectives and after running three blocks looked around to see a crowd of people gathered around something.

"Move!" he ordered as he pushed his way through, "CCPD!"

He got to the front of the crowd and his heart sank.

"Grandpa!" he exclaimed in disbelief and sadness as he hurried to the downed old man.

"A-August?" questioned the old man, "August?"

"I'm here, grandpa," said Naruto as he cried and held his grandpa's hand.

"August?" questioned the old man weakly again before he stopped moving.

"What's going…" began Joe as he, his partner, and Captain Singh arrived but stopped when he saw who the victim was, "Oh no."

"Who did it?!" yelled Naruto in a rage as he stood up and glared at the crowd, "Who saw what happened?!"

"August, listen," said Captain Singh as he grabbed ahold of Naruto, "Go back to the station and take a breather. We'll get the statements from the witnesses and you'll be the first to know of anything."

Naruto took several deep breaths before he stormed through the crowd.

"Naruto, what's going on?" questioned Barry as he approached.

Naruto ignored him and ducked into an ally. He yelled angrily and kicked a dumpster before sliding back against the wall. He broke down into tears and looked at the gang sign painted on the side of the building.

(A Couple Minutes Later)

Naruto sat at a spare desk in Barry's office while said man was running evidence from both the robbery and what was deemed a mugging gone south by the rest of CCPD.

"I'm ready to see this atom-smasher… smashing thing," said Iris West, Joe's daughter/Barry's sort of sister, as she entered before she noticed Naruto was sitting at a desk, "Hey, Naruto."

Naruto remained silent and Barry decided to fill Iris in.

"His… grandpa was mugged and got killed," he explained.

"Oh," said Iris in embarrassment, "Naruto, I'm so sorry."

"It's fine," said Naruto as he fumbled with the crystal of his necklace, "I'm just overwhelmed with everything that's been happening lately. My stepfather commits suicide. My stepmother has Alzheimer's and is now in a home. And now this."

He got up and went over to a window as he gazed out at STAR Labs in the distance.

"Has Meena heard about this?" asked Iris.

"Naruto!" exclaimed a girl about their age and slightly taller than Iris with fair skin and black hair as she hurried over to Naruto and pulled him into a hug, "I just heard on the news."

"I'm fine, Meena," said Naruto as he pushed her gently away before looking at Barry, "How long before those tests come back?"

"Uh…" said Barry before he quickly checked his computer, "By tomorrow morning at the earliest. I'm being as accurate as I can so it's going to take a while. Why don't you two come and see the particle accelerator with Iris and I?"

"Can we?" asked Meena of Naruto.

"No offense, Barry, but I don't need anything that comes close to my mother's work," said Naruto as he went back over to the desk he had been sitting at.

"I thought your mother was a psychologist," said Iris.

"He means his birth mother," explained Meena, "She was a scientist that was doing work like Dr. Wells before she died."

"My mother…" said Naruto before he paused for a moment, "…believed that all things in this universe had their shape and density due to them vibrating at different speeds."

He went over to a whiteboard Barry wasn't using and flipped it over to reveal various equations of extreme complexity on the other side.

"She called the matter that controlled this phenomenon the Speed Force," he explained before erasing the equations, "She was heavily criticized by her peers but managed to get the interest of the Department of Defense."

"Hey," said Joe as he walked in, "I thought the Captain said no more social visits."

"Relax, dad," said Iris before a ding went off.

Barry went to the computer and Joe looked at Naruto.

"By the way, August, the captain wants you to take some time off," informed Joe, "He said that if you come in any time after today in the next two weeks, you're going down to holding."

Naruto grabbed his jacket and stormed out.

"Naruto, wait up!" called out Meena as she went after him.

She caught up with him at the elevator and they went inside it together with nobody else inside.

"Are you all right?" she asked when the doors were closed.

"No," confessed Naruto as he slouched in the corner, "I lost my family all those years ago, and now I'm losing this one."

"Well, let's go home for now," suggested Meena, "We can watch all your favorite movies and I'll make you some ramen."

"I just…" said Naruto in distress as the doors opened, "I just need some time to myself."

He walked off and Meena stood inside for a moment before the doors closed again.

"Did Naruto ever tell you what his life was like before his birth parents died?" asked Iris of Barry as they headed toward S.T.A.R. Labs.

"Not really," said Barry as they walked, "He was mostly quiet about that but from what I could find out, his mother didn't really pay attention to him when she was alive. She was so caught up in her work that she didn't even seem to acknowledge he was alive. But on the plus side, those government contracts his mother made them quite a pretty penny."

"So, Naruto's rich?" asked Iris, "Then, why's he a police officer?"

"Technically, he isn't rich," said Barry, "All the money is in a trust fund that's heavily monitored by lawyers that only allow him to make small withdrawals. Either way, he hardly ever takes money from that fund and prefers earning his own money. As for being a police officer, I think he did it to try and take over his parents' case."

"How did they die?" questioned Iris.

"They were murdered," said Barry, "His father had his neck snapped and his mother was impaled by a large object."

"Oh my god," said Iris in disbelief.

"The reason we became such good friends was that he saw almost the exact same thing as I did when my folks died," explained Barry, "Where I saw red and yellow lightning in my house, he saw gold and white lightning."

Naruto looked out at the barren track field just outside of town and took a deep breath. He got into position then took off. As he ran, memories of that night came flood back to him, driving his rage up even more. He slipped and slammed his face into the ground. Grunting in pain, Naruto pulled himself up off the ground and felt blood pouring down his face. He pulled off his shirt and held it to his head as he started crying. He stayed like that for a few minutes before he checked his watch and went to his car to drive back to the city.


Naruto was back in Barry's lab and stared at a complicated equation he had written on a clear whiteboard as it rained outside.

"What was it that made you stop so suddenly?" he thought as he messed with the crystal in his necklance.

"What are you doing back here?" asked Barry as he entered the lab, "I thought that Captain Singh told you to take two weeks off."

"I have until midnight," said Naruto as he stared at the equation.

"What's that?" asked Barry as he turned on a broadcast of the particle accelerator on the TV.

"My mother's life's work," said Naruto, "3X2(9YZ)4A. It's the math problem that started her obsession with speed. I thought you were at the particle accelerator launch with Iris."

"We were," said Barry as he nursed his nose a little, "But someone stole Iris's computer and I went after him."

"Perp get away?" asked Naruto as Barry raised a map of Central City over a board to show all the evidence he'd gather from his own mother's case.

"That new transfer, Eddie Thawne, showed up and booked him," said Barry as Naruto went up next to him and looked at the board as well.

"We'll find out who did this to your mother, Barry," assured Naruto.

"Thanks," said Barry, "Then we'll find out what happened to your parents."

Naruto smiled and went back over to the whiteboard with his mother's equation on it.

"Wait a minute," thought Naruto in realization after a minute.

He erased the equation and grabbed a marker. He worked as fast as he could before the thought left brain. Once the entire whiteboard was filled, Naruto dropped the marker in shock.

"No way," muttered Naruto as he held up the crystal of his necklace, "She actually did it."

"Wait," said the reporter on the TV as alarms went off behind her, causing both Barry and Naruto to look toward it, "We are now being told to evacuate the facility. The storm may have caused a malfunction in the primary cooling system."

Barry leaned closer as Naruto tucked his necklace into his shirt when the TV suddenly shut off. The sound of something exploding far away reached their ears as both men looked up from the TV to see a bright light coming from the direction of star labs. Seemed like a veil of energy flew out from the light and shut off lights in the area.

"We probably should close the skylight," suggested Naruto before both went over to the chain that connected to the skylight.

They each grabbed the chain and started to close it when they paused.

"You feel that?" asked Barry and getting a nod from Naruto.

They looked at the chemicals on the shelf behind Barry to see them rising up from the containers. They then looked up just as a bolt of lightning stuck, shattering the skylight and hitting them both. An explosion went off under Naruto's shirt and he vanished in shower of particles while Barry flew into the rack of chemicals and knocked it over. He laid there, unconscious, as a strange red glow moved down his body.

(Eight Months Later)

"Hey!" said Iris to Eddie as she approached from behind.

"Hey," said Eddie with a smile as he turned around and they hugged, "What are you doing here?"

"I just came by to see my Dad then I was going to see Barry," she explained.

"You Dad is actually down at the coroner's office," explained Eddie before a loud crash went off behind Iris.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of the sound to see a man wearing only burnt jeans on the ground with shards of glass all around him from the skylight he'd crashed through. They all hurried over just as Eddie pushed his way through.

"Move!" he shouted just as Iris got to the front and Eddie checked the man for a pulse, "He's breathing! Call a bus!"

Everyone quickly got to work and several officers lifted the man off the glass and onto some fire blankets that someone grabbed from the storage closet just as Joe ran over.

"What happened?!" he questioned urgently.

"He fell through the skylight," said Eddie as he rolled the man over and they all froze, "No way."

Iris covered her mouth in surprise while Joe looked on in disbelief.

"Oh… my… god," he said as he stared at Naruto's face.

Naruto's eyes shot open and they all jumped back when he suddenly shot up gasping for air. He started coughing violently and some blood came up before he reached out his hand.

"Water," he said dryly.

Iris grabbed a cup on a cop's desk and quickly handed it to Naruto, who took a big gulp before spitting it out. After a moment, Naruto looked up at the shocked faces of everyone before he got up but collapsed almost instantly with Eddie catching him.

"Easy," said Eddie as he sat Naruto in a chair, "You just crashed through the skylight. You need to wait until the paramedics get here."

"Barry," said Naruto urgently as he tried to get up but was restrained by several officers, "He needs help. Struck by lightning."

"Calm down," said Joe as he joined in trying to keep Naruto down, "Barry's fine. He's been in a coma for the last eight months, August."

"Eight months?" questioned Naruto in shock, "That's not possible. The particle accelerator was just turned on."

"Naruto," said Iris, getting Naruto's attention, "You've been missing… for eight months."

Naruto took a moment to process the information just as the paramedics arrived.

"August, you need to go with the paramedics," said Joe, "I'll take you to Barry once you're out of the hospital."

Naruto nodded and got on the stretcher and let the paramedics take him away.

(Several Hours Later)

Naruto sat alone in a private recovery room at Central City General when the door opened to a familiar face.

"Tsunade?" questioned Naruto in surprise at the older woman with faded blonde hair in twintails, "Since when do you work here?"

"You really gave everyone in the hospital quite the surprise when they brought you in," said Tsunade as she looked over his charts, "Your tests all came back normal and oddly enough, you have no broken bones. You're quite lucky."

She got up and gestured for Naruto to follow her. Naruto did so and she led him through the busy hospital.

"When I heard you were alive, I hurried over and presided over the tests," she explained as they walked.

"Where's Shizune?" asked Naruto.

"She's back at my office," said Tsunade before she suddenly began to slow down.

In fact, to Naruto, everything started to slow down. He looked around and saw everything in the hospital was moving in slow motion. He then turned back to Tsunade and everything resumed its normal speed and he quickly followed.

"I'd recommend that you take it easy for a while," said Tsunade as she entered a supply closet and grabbed some scrubs then handed them to Naruto, who put them on, "We actually had to have the press banned from entering to interview you."

"Just wonderful," muttered Naruto.

"By the way, I heard from Shikamaru that your girlfriend had been looking for you until about a month ago," quipped Tsunade, "Also, we've decided to allow you to have full access to your inheritance as well as a few other things."

Naruto paused and hurried to the door. Tsunade pulled out her phone and speed dialed a number.

"Unfreeze his account," she said when the person on the other end answered, "And make sure he has access."

Naruto made his way down the street, toward S.T.A.R. Labs but stopped when he passed by a high-end jewelry store. He entered and came out a few minutes later with a box in his pocket. He went into a medical lab a few blocks away then went to the front desk.

"Uh, I'm here to see Dr. Dhawan," said Naruto.

"She's busy," said the receptionist without looking up from her desk.

"I'm with CCPD," said Naruto as he pulled out his badge that had been with the clothes he had been given, "It's regarding a missing person/s case we're working on."

The receptionist sighed and picked up the phone. She dialed an extension and Naruto looked around. He looked at one of the hanging lights and noticed something off. He looked directly below the light and saw lab techs talking when the light suddenly broke. In an instant, Naruto had tackled the two to the ground and out of the wall of the now smashed light. Everyone looked at him as he got up then helped the lab techs to their feet.

"You're welcome," he said before he went back over to the reception desk.

"Tell her that I'll be back tomorrow," said Naruto and the receptionist nodded silently.

Naruto hurried to a side exit and went out into the alley. He held up his hand and saw it vibrating extremely fast.

"What's happening to me?" he asked himself aloud.

He went toward a wall but skidded to a halt to stop an inch from it. He then went back the other way and shattered the back window of a car. He rolled off the hood and backed away slowly before looking around then speeding off down the alley.

"YAAAAAHOOOOOOO!" he exclaimed as he went out into the streets and dodged cars before skidding to a halt in the park.

However, he stopped too suddenly and went flying into a pond. He swam to the surface then took a deep breath as he smiled and laughed.

(The Next Day)

Meena Dhawan was in her lab when there was a knock on the door. She turned around and nearly dropped what she was holding when she saw Naruto on the other side with a smile on his face. She sat down the beakers and pulled off her gloves as she ran out and threw her arms around Naruto.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again," she said through tears.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to see you yesterday," apologized Naruto, "I had some things come up and I just came from giving a statement to CCPD regarding my whereabouts the past eight months."

"Where were you?" asked Meena as she tried to stop crying.

"I don't know," said Naruto as he closed his eyes, "I don't remember anything during that time."

He opened his eyes and reached into his pocket.

"But I do know what I'm doing now," said Naruto as he got down on one knee.

Meena broke into tears as Naruto opened the box to reveal the diamond ring inside. Before Naruto could even get the words out, Meena threw her arms around Naruto again and kissed him.

(A Month Later)

Naruto walked into CCPD, ready for his first day back on the job, when he saw a familiar face.

"Barry!" he exclaimed happily.

Barry and Iris turned around and Barry smiled.

"Naruto," said Barry as they hugged and Naruto stepped back.

"When did you wake up?" asked Naruto.

"This morning," said Barry before he noticed the ring on Naruto's finger, "Well, looks like I'm not the only one who's been busy."

Naruto chuckled and looked at the ring.

"Yeah," said Naruto with a smile, "Getting hitched, finding out you're a father, and finally being able to use your inheritance after vanishing for eight months really takes it out of you."

"Iris told me about that," said Barry, "Today your first day back?"

"Yeah," said Naruto as he headed up to the CSI lab, "I'll catch you later!"

He went inside the room and found none of the boards had been touched and still had everything on them. Naruto went up to the one with the equation he'd done months ago before he looked under his shirt at the burn mark over his sternum.

"What was the point of making that crystal?" he wondered to himself before heading out.

His phone went off as he headed downstairs before he suddenly got light headed. He tumbled down just as Iris was leaving and landed on top of her. Everyone hurried over and helped both to their feet.

"Sorry, Iris," apologized Naruto as he went over to his desk and answered his phone, "Hello? Just make sure that it gets done. Also, purchase 50,000 shares in Queen Consolidated."

"What was that before?" asked Captain Singh as he came over to Naruto.

"Just got a little light headed," said Naruto as he held his head, "Been happening ever since I got back."

"I can't have you passing out on the job, August," said Captain Singh as he folded his arms, "You only got back a month ago. Take another week off and we'll see where it goes. That's an order."

Naruto sighed and went to the elevator, going down and exiting the building. As he headed to a nearby burger place, he caught sight of a blur running down the street. He raised an eyebrow when he saw who it was due to actually being able to see who it was and pulled out his phone. He called back whoever had called him before and waited.

"How much is S.T.A.R. Labs valued at?" he asked when he heard someone on the other end answer, "I believe I found a new investment."

He hung up then went to grab a couple dozen burgers. A few minutes later, Naruto sat outside the coffee shop Iris worked at and began eating when he saw Eddie arrive. He took a seat a little further away and Naruto quickly ate when a man in a suit came and sat across from him.

"Tsunade told you it was too early to go back," said the man.

"I kinda guessed that since I passed out back at the station," said Naruto, "What do you want, Itachi? I assume it's not to examine my eating habits since this is how I eat now."

"It's about your "unique" abilities," said Itachi, "Mind telling us why you were running at the old abandoned airfield ealier?"

"That wasn't me," said Naruto as he finished his last burger, "It was a… new anomaly"

"A new one?" questioned Itachi as he raised his eyebrow.

"Just stay out of my way," said Naruto as he got up, "You're my lawyer. Not my mother."

He started walking and closed his eyes.


Naruto arrived at his house to find about ten police cruisers parked outside and snuck inside. He entered the study and found two bodies covered over. Naruto walked past the detectives and uncovered one of the bodies, seeing his mother's lifeless face with her eyes closed.

"Mom…" said Naruto as he tried not to cry.

"Hey," said one of the detectives as he crouched down next to Naruto, "It's going to be okay."

(End Flashback)

Naruto opened his eyes as he leaned against a chainlink fence and looked at his hand. It vibrated so fast that he couldn't see it as solid.

"Why did you do all this, mom?" he thought as he looked up at the sky, "What was the point of all this? Why did you die?"

The sound of a car crash reached his ears and he sped off toward it, stopping on the side of the road to see a very familiar man calmly walking away from the crash while Barry crawled out of the car.

"Hey, Mardon!" yelled Barry as he got up.

Clyde Mardon turned around, glaring at Barry, and raised his hands. A dense fog came from his body, covering the entire street and allowing Mardon to vanish into it. A horn went off behind Barry, who looked back with Naruto just in time to see a car crash into the one Barry had come out of and explode into flames. Naruto quickly looked at Barry and, with his speed, tackled Barry away from the car and onto the grass just off the curb on the other side of the street. They both stared at the burning car, in shock at what had happened.

(Several Minutes Later)

Naruto stood away from Barry and Iris while keeping a close eye on Barry when Itachi came up next to him.

"You need to be more cautious," advised the lawyer, "You can't have anyone else knowing about your powers. With what you've been doing the past month, you can't risk straining yourself any more than you already have."

"I've had just about enough of all this," said Naruto as he turned to Itachi, "These are my powers and I decide what to use them for."

"You mother made it perfectly clear…" began Itachi.

"My mother is dead!" yelled Naruto, causing everyone to look at the two of them, "I'm sick and tired of you bringing that up every single time something like this happens! I've had enough of you, your firm, and Tsunade! You all are fired!"

He went over to Joe just after Barry and Iris had left and sighed.

"What was that about?" questioned Joe.

"Personal matters," said Naruto as he rubbed his forehead, "What do we got?"

"Well, Barry says it was Clyde Mardon that caused the accident," said Joe.

"It was," said Naruto before Joe could finish, "I saw him as well. He had these… weird abilities that he used to make that fog."

"Look, I just went through this with Barry and I don't need it from you," said Joe in annoyance, "Mardon is dead. He died nine months ago. He had no strange abilities just like there was no gold and white lightning in your house the night your parents died."

Naruto clocked Joe right in the jaw and sent him to the ground.

"Don't ever bring up my parents like that again," warned Naruto before he headed home.

Joe got up and rubbed his jaw just as Eddie came up.

"You're never going to believe this," said Eddie as he pulled out a paper from his pocket, "We got the eyewitness sketch of the robber from the bank job."

He unfolded it and Joe couldn't believe his eyes as he took the paper.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say that's Clyde Mardon," said Eddie as he held up a photo of Mardon next to the sketch, revealing the similarities, "But that's impossible. He's dead, right?"

Naruto arrived at his childhood home that he bought a month ago when an old friend of his came out from the kitchen.

"Hey, Naruto," said the pink haired girl.

"Hey, Sakura," said Naruto as he removed his jacket and put it on the stand by the door.

"I thought you were at work," said Sakura.

"Not now," said Naruto as he went towards the back, "Make sure the twins get fed in about an hour. I'm gonna be down in my lab."

"Shall I bring you anything?" asked Sakura, getting no response in return.

Naruto went through the sliding metal doors that led to his lab and sat in front of an old projector. He turned on the film and watch as his mother prepped for the presentation that she was supposed to give before she died. He kept stopping it and going back to the beginning as he couldn't bare to watch it all the way through, fearing it might bring up memories of that night.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" asked Meena as she came down.

"I thought you were at work," said Naruto as he turned the projector off.

"It's 7:30," said Meena, "Besides, I just stopped by here to grab a few things before heading back to the lab."

"What was my mother trying to accomplish?" asked Naruto, "Why was she so focused on the Speed Force? Why was it so important for her?"

"Naruto, look," said Meena as she took a seat next to Naruto, "You changed in those eight months. I know. I went through the same process during that time as well."

Naruto took a deep breath and looked at her.

"We're at the end of the years where we change into the person we become for the rest of our lives," said Meena caringly, "Just be careful of who you change into. Now, the people who killed your grandfather, they may deserve to die. But just because you can kill them, doesn't mean you should. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility."

She gave him a kiss and went upstairs with some things before Naruto turned on the projector again, this time, with sound. As it was playing, he went through his mother's notes to try and make sense of her work.

"Naruto, what are you doing there?" asked Kushina in the film, "Get away from that."

Naruto skipped to the end of the notebook, finding the last couple dozen pages were blank. He tossed it aside then closed his eyes as he tried to think.

"Naruto," said the Kushina in the film, "I'm sorry."

Naruto looked up at the film and saw his mother sigh.

"I'm sorry I wasn't the best parent," she apologized, "You see, the reason I put myself so far into my work was because you're sick," Naruto raised an eyebrow at this, "When you were born, you barely survived the delivery. For the first year of your life, you never left the NICU. I was so scared that I'd lose you. I tell everyone that…"

Kushina teared up and struggled to keep her composure.

"I tell everyone that I do this for my own fulfillment but, on your first birthday, a bolt of lightning struck the hospital and destroyed half of it," she looked away at this, "The NICU was in the section that was destroyed and you were one of the few that survived. After that, you were suddenly better. I finally got to take you home, hold you in my arms, play with you," Naruto started to tear up himself and finally began crying, "Minato and I dedicated our lives to try and help people like you. You are our inspiration. You are the most important thing in our lives. You, Naruto, are our greatest creation."

Naruto began sobbing as Kushina finally managed to regain her composure.

"You are the only one who can do what I'm about to ask," said Kushina, "There is only one thing I ask of you, Naruto." Naruto managed to stifle his tears for the moment but was on the verge of breaking, "Run. Run, Naruto. Run and help people. Run, my little speedster."

She smiled and the film was finished. Naruto took some deep breaths at those words while he stopped crying when he heard a lock clicking. He looked at the bookcase and saw that it had move a little. He went over to it to find it was a hidden door. On the other side was a room with a single pedestal that had a white and gold ring on it.

Barry, in his new scarlet outfit, began running around the tornado that Mardon had created when Mardon sent a bolt of lightning at him. Barry flew out of the tornado and rolled on the ground before coming to a stop.

"It's too strong!" shouted Barry over his communicator.

A white and gold streak ran past Barry and began running around the tornado.

"Uh, what's that?!" asked Cisco.

"A little help please!" called out the white and gold streak.

Barry took a deep breath then continued where he left off. As he ran, he caught sight of the person that was helping him. He wore a pure white suit that was similar to Barry's with gold highlights and a mask that covered his entire head with golden reflective lenses over his eyes.

"Keep going!" yelled the man, "If we run at the same speed, we can cut the amount of strain by half!"

Barry nodded and he pushed himself a little more to keep up with the man. As they ran, Mardon began to get angry when the entire tornado collapsed in on itself. Barry, having been knocked away with his mask off, got up and took several deep breaths.

"Hey!" exclaimed Mardon as he came up behind Barry with a gun drawn.

Barry turned around to see the gun pointed at him when the man in the white and gold suit got behind Mardon and snapped his neck. The man took several breaths as Mardon's body crumpled to the ground before looking at Barry directly in the eyes.

"You hesitated, Flash," said the man before he sped off.

The man ran down countless streets until he came to the cemetery. He stopped in front of two graves and his suit vanished in a shower of particles, revealing Naruto underneath. He knelt in front of the graves and took a deep breath.

"I… I found your gift, Mom, Dad," said Naruto with determination, "I promise you both. I will help people. I'll do what I can to make sure that everyone and everything is safe. I carry out your wish. I will become…"


I'm finally back! I've looked at the results of the poll and I will focus on Digimon Adventure Emperors. The results were extremely close with Tartaros behind by one vote. While I work on that, I've posted this as something to hold everyone over and I hope you all enjoy it. Just to clear one thing up, Naruto is taking the place of August Heart from the comics. However, this version of Godspeed is a lot different than that one.

Also, this story won't take place exclusively in the Arrowverse. It will mainly take place on Earth-16.

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