Inheritance of Shadows

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A boy of about 24 with dirt covered pants and a cloth hood over his head trudged along under the hot sun. He wore no shirt as he had discarded it to make a hood out of the fabric for himself. He staggered through the Hindu Kush before he fell to his knees then flat on the ground. Picking himself back up, he was greeted by the sound of bows notching and saw black boots around him.

"I am the heir to Al-Shaytan," said the boy dryly, "I demand to speak to Ra's al Ghul."

Several of the men hooked their arms under the boy's and dragged him through the Kush before he finally passed out.

(Several Hours Later)

The boy awoke on a bed in a room that was lit by torches. Next to him was a pitcher of water, which he guzzled down before he tossed the pitcher aside. The door to the room opened and a man came in with some clothes and a shaving kit.

"The Master will meet with you," said the man before he left.

The boy moved the shaving kit aside and gazed at the white clothes, noting that they were a bit odd for members of the League of Assassins. Quickly shaving off his beard and mustache, the boy got dressed in the clothes before flipping the hood up and exiting the room, allowing two guards guide him through the halls of Nanda Parbat. They led him to the Lazarus Pit where a man who appeared to be in his late forties stood.

"Greetings, Al-Shaytan," said Ra's al Ghul.

"I'm guessing you're the new Ra's?" questioned Al-Shaytan.

"You would be correct," said Ra's as he paced around Al-Shaytan, "I heard you died almost a year ago."

"Don't believe everything you hear," said Al-Shaytan, "I need the League's assistance with a rather… personal matter."

"Oh?" asked Ra's curiously, "And what would that be?"

"Shinju Corp," said Al-Shaytan, "I want information on the locations of the board of directors."

"And why would I allow the League to do that?" asked Ra's.

"Because I want revenge on them for the same reason you wanted revenge for your wife, Malcolm Merlyn," said Al-Shaytan, "They killed my father."

Ra's seemed to think about this before gesturing to his gathered assassins. They all drew their swords and those nearest to Al-Shaytan stabbed him. Al-Shaytan grunted in pain as his eyes lit on fire.

"I'd remove these swords unless you all want to die," advised Al-Shaytan as his eyes turned to flames.

"Enough," said Ra's as the assassins withdrew their swords and sheathed them as Al-Shaytan grunted in pain.

"I will have the League give you the location of one board member at a time," said Ra's as he walked up to Al-Shaytan, "But don't forget our teachings."

"I also need some other information," said Al-Shaytan, "What has happened since my apparent death?"

(Three Days Later)

Barry Allen sighed as after Iris West left Jitters after their little talk and handed him a poster for tomorrow's Flash Day celebration. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a broken pocket watch from over a year ago and looked at the inscription on the back. It was a memento of a friend who had been fighting for what he believed in but died as a hero. Quickly finishing up repairing Jitters, Barry sped off toward S.T.A.R. Labs and stopped in the cortex.

"Things have been hard since you died," said Barry as he looked at a white and gold suit that was on display, "I defeated Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. I went back to save my mom but decided to let things be. Ronnie and Eddie sacrificed themselves to save us all from a singularity. I also fought a super intelligent gorilla."

He sighed before he went up to one of the computers and brought up Iris's old blog about the Flash.

"You're now a hero," said Barry with a smirk, "All those people you had killed, the crimes you told me they committed were true. You were hailed as a hero for stopping Dr. Carver. I may have done things different than you would but I just hope that I could live up to being just as good a hero as you are."

He ran off and Al-Shaytan stepped out of the shadows. Placing a hand on the white and gold suit, it was absorbed into the ring on his right middle finger.

(The Next Day)

Sakura Haruno pushed two babies in a double stroller to attend the Flash Day event. A crowd was already gathered and were cheering for the Flash. She saw Cisco and Joe, two of the people that helped sort out Naruto's will, leaning against a police cruiser. A man in an orange hoodie bumped into her and continued on his way.

"Sorry," apologized the man.

Sakura froze at the voice and looked back to try and find the man but he had vanished.

"Yo, Sakura!" called out Cisco as he waved her over.

"Hey," said Sakura as she came over to the pair.

"And how are these two doing?" asked Joe as he crouched down to look at the pair of confused babies that were wondering what was going on.

"They've been good," said Sakura as Joe shook the tiny hands of the babies, "It's a bit of a pain being a mother but at least I've got shishou and Shizune helping when they can."

The mayor came up to the podium and everyone cheered and clapped.

"Good morning, Central City!" exclaimed the mayor as the applause and cheers subsided, "A year ago, our world changed. Our city became ground zero for… some pretty weird stuff. We got a new breed of criminal: men and women who defied not only our laws, buy physics and reason. But we also got something else, too. We got the Flash!"

Everyone cheered as the boy in the orange hoodie scanned the crowd and noticed a tall man in a black hoodie with the hood up moving through the crowd.

"Our wounds run deep and I know many of you are afraid," stated the mayor seriously, "But the Flash doesn't just protect us. He restores hope where it was lost. That's why I'm honored to present the key to the man who saved Central City: The Flash!"

Everyone cheered as the Flash sped on stage and took it all it, albeit, somewhat unsure of how to act. The man in the orange hood slowly made his way toward the man approaching the stage while the crowd chanted for the Flash. The Flash slowly walked up toward the mayor and faced him.

"The doors to Central City will forever be open to you, Flash," said the mayor, holding out the key.

People began screaming and everyone looked around.

"Look out!" shouted Joe as a hotdog cart came flying toward the stage.

The man in the orange hoodie ran onto the stage and shoved the Flash and the mayor out of the way just in time for the cart to land on him. The Flash sped the mayor toward the cops and took a deep breath.

"You alright?" asked Flash.

Getting a nod from the mayor, who was quickly escorted away, Flash turned toward the man in the black hoodie.

"I got this, alright?" said Flash as he stopped Joe from raising his gun while Sakura put the babies out of harm's way.

The man in the hoodie removed his hood and revealed he was wearing a pitch black mask.

"The man who saved Central City…" said the man as he strode over to the Flash, "Hate to rain on your parade."

Flash ran forward but was back handed by the man with ease, sending him flying into the windshield of a police cruiser. All the cops began firing on the man in question with the bullets just flying off of him. He went over to another police cruiser and pushed it toward some officers. Sakura, who had put the babies a couple yards back, had gotten there just in time and stopped the cruiser from ramming into the officers with a single hand, surprising them all. Just as the man was about to make another move, the sky suddenly grew cloudy as a strange smell radiated throughout the area.

"Is that… ozone?" asked Cisco before a bolt of lightning struck the stage, causing it to explode and go up in flames.

Everyone turned toward the stage as a figure in a white blur shot out of the flames, getting between the man and the officers and sending him staggering back with a single punch. Not one person moved when they saw Godspeed, alive and well, stand calmly with his hands clenched. Cisco quickly got his specialized gun and handed it off to Joe, who took aim at the man in the mask. He fired it but Godspeed caught the device as he spun around while throwing lightning at a propane tank that his Speed Scout had thrown between them, exploding it. Sending the man staggering back. Flash tackled Joe to the ground while getting hit by a piece of shrapnel. The man staggered back further as his mask retracted to show his face.

"That's Al Rothstein," said Joe as he pointed at the man, "The body we found at the nuclear plant, he's alive."

Rothstein glared at Godspeed before his mask went up again and he left.

"This device would've empowered him more," said Godspeed as he held up Cisco's device and crushed it with his bare hand.

He then turned to Flash and their eyes met as all the officers and bystanders that remained to watch took pictures and video. Godspeed turned his head to Sakura, who had tears streaming down her face, then looked beyond her toward the babies that were being watched by an officer.

"Daddy," said one of the babies when they saw Godspeed.

"You hesitated, Flash," said Godspeed as he met Flash's eyes once more, his Speed Scout returning to him, before speeding off with a loud crack.

(An Hour Later)

"According to the coroner's office, Al Rothstein's body was in the morgue all night, so we can scratch off "zombie attack."" Said Cisco.

"Rothstein have a twin brother?" asked Joe as they looked up Rothstein's file on the computer.

"Only child," said Cisco before looking up at the detective in question, "And get this. The night the particle accelerator exploded, Rothstein was in Hawaii, on his honeymoon."

"So, we're looking for a guy that looks exactly like the guy we have in our morgue," said Joe with a sigh, "Not to mention we have Godspeed back with us. That opens up a whole new can of worms. Could he have survived that explosion when he stopped Carver?"

"Not likely," said Cisco, "He absorbed the equivalent to 50 hydrogen bombs."

"I actually see the person I can talk to about it, right now," said Iris as she walked in, "I'll talk to you later."

She hung up and approached Joe and Cisco.

"What's the deal with Godspeed?" asked Iris of her father and Cisco, "I thought he died."

"He did," said Joe as he sat down and tried to process everything, "It's likely someone with powers similar to his and wearing the same suit."

"Uh, I don't think so," said Cisco as he looked at the newsfeed on the TV in the corner, "Could you turn that up?"

The officer with the remote turned up the volume and everyone watched.

"If you're just joining us, in addition to Godspeed, the man who died saving Central City from a tornado last year being alive, another person who was thought to have died in that same tornado has resurfaced. August Heart, aka Naruto Uzumaki, a former Central City Police detective and president of the multinational corporation, Shinju Corp, is in fact alive. Mister Heart and his wife, Meena Dhawan, had died less than 24 hours apart with Ms. Dhawan being the victim of a bombing in the home she shared with her husband and two children while they were home. Right now, Mr. Heart is refusing to answer questions about his whereabouts for the last year and will only reveal them to the Flash."

Iris noticed the look on Joe and Cisco's faces then looked back at the TV, realizing what they were thinking about.

(Half an Hour Later)

Team Flash, plus Sakura and the two babies she was looking after and minus Caitlin, entered the cortex of S.T.A.R. Labs and found Naruto setting up what appeared to be lunch.

"Hey, guys," said Naruto casually as cooked several T-bones with a fire coming from his hands, "I had some time to kill while you all got here and I got hungry. How does everybody want their steaks?"

(Two Minutes Later)

"Come on, guys!" said Naruto through the coms in the cell inside the particle accelerator he was in, "Are we really going to do this?! I can break out of here at any time, you know!"

"Good luck with…" began Cisco before Naruto appeared in front of the desk everyone was behind, "…that."

"Told you I could break out of it," said Naruto as he tossed Cisco a box of pizza, "I stopped in Sicily on my way here and thought you could use some."

"How do we know you are who you say you are?" questioned Berry suspiciously.

"Ask me something only I would know," suggested Naruto as he got back to cooking steaks.

Everyone looked at each other before Barry pulled out the pocket watch from his pocket.

"What does the inscription on the back of this say?" he asked Naruto, who was now almost done with the food.

"It's in Arabic but covered over by Sanskrit, that translates to nonsense, but if you remove it, the Arabic translation says "Don't trust Wells," stated Naruto as everyone looked at Barry.

"Where have you been the past year?" he questioned the blond.

Naruto finished the steaks and sighed.

"Like the news report said, I'm only talking to the Flash," said Naruto as he walked out of the cortex, "I'll be in the time vault."

Everyone looked at each other as Barry went after Naruto, who had taken his kids with him. Cisco then went over to the steaks and started serving himself, which made everybody give him looks.

"What?" he asked, "No sense in letting all this go to waste."

Barry arrived in the time vault to find Naruto playing with Don and Dawn.

"So, what happened to you?" asked Barry as Naruto muttered something under his breath, making the children fall asleep.

He then went and sat against a wall with Barry joining him.

"After I stopped Dr. Carver, the momentum I was going flung me into a parallel world with more superheroes and villains," explained Naruto, "The instability of my travel there swapped my gender and I was soon losing my powers."

Taking a deep sigh, Naruto held up his hands with one glowing silver and the other catching on fire.

"I made a deal with an Egyptian moon god as well as a demon after I joined a team of superheroes to prolong my life," he confessed, "I managed to defeat the man that killed my mother several times but I was still dying from Speed Sickness."

"Dr. Carver mentioned that when we faced him," recalled Barry, "What exactly is it?"

"It's a disease where you have two opposing genes that conflict with each other," said Naruto as he recalled reading his mother's notes, "Basically, you can use the Speed Force but it also brings closer to death you each time you use it. It required me nearly dying from a curse in order for me to get that one gene changed in my body so I could use the Speed Force again."

"Anything else?" asked Barry.

"I got engaged shortly before I was forcibly pulled back here to this world," said Naruto.

"How were you forced back here?" asked Barry as the twins started to snore.

"Shinju Corp," stated Naruto seriously, "More specifically, their board of directors, the Akatsuki," he looked at Barry with a face that was ashamed, "They were the ones who killed my father the day before my first birthday. When they pulled me through, they… did things to me that made Oliver's injuries after those five years on Lian Yu look like a paper cut. These people commit every crime you can think of. And the worst part of all is that they're all metas."

"Great," said Barry depressingly, "More to deal with."

"Hey," said Naruto as Barry looked at him, "I heard about what happened to Eddie and Ronnie. They died doing exactly what I did. They died saving those they cared about. That's all that matters."

Naruto's phone went off and he pulled it out, answering the call.

"Hello?" he asked casually.

"Itachi Uchiha," said the voice on the other end of the line, "He's in Central City as we speak."

The line suddenly went dead and Naruto sighed as he put his phone away.

"What was that?" asked Barry.

"Wrong number," lied Naruto as he grabbed the stroller, "Now, I've got some business to deal with. And I need Sakura to watch these two while I go do it. Call me if Rothstein shows up again."

Taking the stroller with him, Naruto smirked as he pocketed a flash drive.


"W… ed… ix…"

Naruto slowly opened his eyes the water around his entire body constantly shifted. Several bright lights glared down at him while several people moved around the glass box he was in before he closed his eyes again.

"Erase his memory. Will try with the twins."

Naruto's eyes shot wide open as he had heard that clearly and clenched his fists. Alarms started going off as the water evaporated inside the tank. Sitting up, Ghost Rider roared in anger as all the scientists backed away in fear as Ghost Rider stepped out of the box and grabbed a katana leaning against the wall while shrugging off bullets. Cutting down everyone who got in his way, Ghost Rider punched a metal door off its hinges and walked out into the hot desert sun and onto a helipad. He looked down before jumping off.

(End Flashback)

Itachi Uchiha entered his penthouse apartment and headed toward the window with Al-Shaytan walking behind him silently. Al-Shaytan drew the sword across his back and plunged it through Itachi's back. He burst into a flock of crows and reformed behind the assassin. Al-Shaytan spun around and parried Itatchi's sword while keeping his eyes closed.

"I saw what you did earlier," said Itachi as he sheathed his sword, "You were being reckless."

"I know you're in Akatsuki," said Al-Shaytan, "You killed my father."

"I was only about 8 or so when that happened," said Itachi as he went over to his fridge to find something to eat, "But I did see the tapes. You caused quite a stir when you appeared back then in the footage."

Al-Shaytan grabbed Itachi by the shoulder and pinned him against the wall with his forearm across his throat.

"Give me one reason I should trust a man that killed his entire family?" demanded Al-Shaytan as he glared into Itachi's eyes.

Itachi's eyes turned three pronged stars on a red silica before Al-Shaytan staggered back. Holding his head, Al-Shaytan panted as Itachi closed his fridge and continued to watch him.

"Those were my memories," said Itachi as Al-Shaytan sheathed his weapons, "Now do you trust me?"

Al-Shaytan growled and headed for the door.

"Messorum evoco qui me tetigit," he said as he walked through the door.

As he turned the corner just on the other side of the door, Al-Shaytan heard the sound of one of Reaper's guns go off.

Sakura hurriedly ran back and forth between the two crying babies and looked as though she was going to have a break down. As she was turning around from Dawn, she knocked her bottle off her high chair but it was caught by Naruto, who appeared at just that moment.

"Go take a break," said Naruto as he got to tending to his kids, "I'll handle things from here."

Sakura didn't need to be told twice as she hurried from the room to go relax. Naruto moved the high chairs together and hummed a soft tune, both babies stopped crying after about a minute and just watched Naruto as he feed them and burped them before he took one in each hand and rocked them back and forth and put them to sleep. A Speed Scout appeared next to Naruto and walked with Naruto to their room. Placing them together in a single crib, Naruto covered them both with a blanket as his Speed Scout returned to him.

Naruto caressed their cheeks gently before heading down stairs. He found Sakura drinking sake and joined her. After sharing several drinks, they stopped and just sat in silence.

"So… you're back," said Sakura as she tried to sound happy.

"Seems so," said Naruto as he just looked up at the ceiling.

Sakura looked at Naruto before checking the baby monitor next to her.

"I missed you," said Naruto calmly as he closed his eyes.

"We had a funeral for you," said Sakura slightly angrily, "Everyone that I could still get in contact with came. Even Hinata came."

Opening his eyes tiredly at the mention of his ex-girlfriend, Naruto sat up straight then hung his head.

"How was she doing?" he asked curiously.

"She was planning on giving this to you in hopes of smoothing things over," said Sakura as she went over to a chest.

Pulling out a long red scarf, Sakura took it over to Naruto then handed it to him. Feeling the fabric in his fingers, Naruto clutched it tightly in his hands.

"I know about my father," confessed Naruto, "I know about the promise that you and the others made."

"Naruto, we didn't want to hurt you by telling you that your father wasn't there," stated Sakura.

"It's alright," assured Naruto as he raised his head, "Besides, I'm currently going after the people that killed him."

Setting the scarf aside, Naruto leaned forward in his chair, looking at Sakura intently with a fire burning in his eyes.

"I saw your powers," said Naruto seriously, "And we both know that everyone else that survived that lightning strike on my birthday has powers as well. I want to gather them and put together a team."

He snapped his fingers and a list of names burned into the wooden table in front of the couch they were on.

"I've already got Sasuke on board," said Naruto as Sasuke's name faded from the table, "I just need everyone else and a few more people to join us."

"Wait," said Sakura hopefully, "Sasuke's alive?"

"I encountered him on that alternate Earth," replied Naruto calmly as he examined the names on the table, "Apparently, Meena was the physical embodiment of Death and she made him into a sort of Grim Reaper."

Taking a deep breath, Naruto looked at Hinata's name on the table.

"I'm just concerned about how Hinata is going to take it," commented Naruto as he leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees, "What happened to her after I… died?"

"From what Hanabi told me, she went to work in South Africa in an animal sanctuary," recalled Sakura, "And just so we don't have to come across it in the future, Kiba vanished the night of the particle accelerator exploded."

"That means I have at least 9 potential allies," commented Naruto before the baby monitor went off with the twins crying, "I've got it."

Naruto got up and went upstairs while Sakura looked down at the table. Seeing her name on it, she looked at her hands before letting off a sigh.

(An Hour Later)

Naruto sat in his living room, looking up info about the animal sanctuary that Sakura had mentioned earlier on the computer, and read through the information about it. He then clicked on a link that opened up photos of the staff with the animals and scrolled through. Once he got to the most recent picture on the page, Naruto paused when he saw the woman standing next to an elephant with a smile on her face. Her lavender eyes stared up at him from the screen as her long bluish hair went down past her breasts. His phone went off and he picked it up without taking his eyes off the screen.

"Hello?" he asked when he took the call.

"Naruto, Barry is at a hazardous waste reclamation plant taking on Rothstein by himself," said Iris urgently over the phone, "He also left his coms here so we can't talk to him."

A second later, the phone was off and the computer closed as Naruto ran out of the room with a trail of gold lightning behind him. As he ran, his suit materialized on him and he put on an extra burst of speed. When he arrived at the plant, he saw Atom Smasher had Flash pinned against a steel beam. In the blink of an eye, Godspeed grabbed Flash and ran out.

Tsunade Senju sat in her clinic while sipping tea when Godspeed appeared with the Flash in tow that instant. Flash then collapsed and fell on unconscious as Tsunade hurried over.

"What happened here?" asked Tsunade as she knelt down to check on the Flash.

"Basically, he went toe to toe with someone with super strength and got beat badly," said Godspeed as his suit exploded in a shower of particles, "Can you and Shizune get him to a room without anyone seeing him?"

Tsunade nodded and picked up the Flash and hurried out of the room.


A middle aged farmer entered his barn with a shotgun in tow as he had heard something coming from inside. He slowly moved around the barn before pointing the barrel in the stall that a naked, tired, and bearded Naruto was sitting in.

"Son," said the man, getting Naruto's attention, "What are you doing?"

"It's cold," said Naruto and he tried to catch his breath.

"Cold?" asked the man as he pushed the stall door open to see Naruto wasn't wearing anything, "You got no clothes on."

"I know," said Naruto as he swallowed the lump in his throat.

"You're not on drugs, are ya?" asked the man cautiously.

"My girlfriend and ex-wife would kill me if I was," explained Naruto.

"Just had a rough night then?" asked the man as he lowered the shotgun.

Nodding, Naruto ran a hand through his damp hair.

"Come on inside," said the man as Naruto looked at him, "Some of my son's old clothes may fit ya."

He then tossed Naruto a blanket used for the horses and the blond got the cue.

"Don't want you giving the old lady a heart attack," joked the man with a chuckle as he headed inside.

(That Night)

A freshly shaved Naruto looked at himself in the mirror after showering for a while and examined his appearance. Having been used to seeing a feminine face looking back at him, Naruto took a moment to familiarize himself with his old appearance before looking at his hand. It caught on fire for a moment before he extinguished it and made it vibrate. Taking a deep breath, Naruto moved his hand through the pipes under the sink and pulled out some nasty crap that he threw out of the window into the night sky.

"You doing alright in there?" asked the old man as he knocked.

"Yeah," said Naruto as he washed his hands again then got dressed.

Wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, Naruto walked downstairs into the kitchen to find the old man eating dinner with his wife. He took a seat at the end of the table and started helping himself.

"I can't thank you two for letting me stay here for the night," thanked Naruto with a smile on his face.

"Wouldn't have been decent to leave you out there to freeze," said the old man.

"Decent," muttered Naruto smugly, "Been a long time since I was called that."

He ate some potatoes and just melted into the heavenly flavor before continuing.

"How did you manage to get your hands on 1952 Big Four?" asked Naruto when he remembered the old bike in the barn.

"He bought that thing ten years ago," said the old lady as she chuckled, "Never was able to get that thing to start."

"If you want, I could go out and give it a look after dinner," offered Naruto.

"You some kind of mechanic?" asked the old man.

"My old man was really into motorcycles," recalled Naruto, "Before he died, he taught me a thing or two about repairing. I've been fixing bikes since middle school."

"Well, when you're full, you should get a good night's sleep," advised the woman with a warming smile.

"Out in the barn," added the man as Naruto looked at him, "You're probably going to be working on that thing all night and there are a few extra blankets in there for ya."

Naruto smiled at the man and continued eating.

(End Flashback)

Barry opened his eyes and found himself lying in what looked like an exam room with Naruto sitting in a chair against the wall.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," said Naruto seriously.

"Where are we?" asked Barry as he looked around.

"The Twinleaf Emergency Clinic," stated Naruto calmly, "The people that run this are ones that I trust. They won't tell anyone you're the Flash. Everyone else also knows you're here."

Barry sighed and looked away from Naruto.

"Barry, I know you're still grieving over Eddie and Ronnie," said Naruto calmly as he got up and looked out the window, "And trust me when I say that I've been further than rock bottom. For weeks, I pushed away everyone in that other world. I was tortured by the all the deaths I caused. Remember when you told me Billy Parks was innocent? I was angry that I had killed him and he wasn't the man who killed my grandfather."

He sighed and closed the blinds.

"I tried killing myself over 200 times when I was in that dark place," recalled Naruto, "Don't ask how I'm still alive. I'd rather not talk about that," he turned to Barry and folded his arms, "I saw the pain I was causing my friends and it took an 8 year old to convince me to get help."

Barry scoffed and Naruto frowned.

"You want the hard truth then?" relented Naruto, "Fine. It's all your fault that Eddie and Ronnie died. You weren't the only person making decisions that day. Eddie and Ronnie, they chose to help you to stop Thawne and stop… whatever it was that made the city throw you a party. It's on all on you, Barry. Stop hogging all the blame and regret. You're not the only one that's hurting from this."

"What do I do then?" asked Barry solemnly.

"From what I've observed, you've been rebuilding the city," said Naruto, "Maybe, you should start by actually rebuilding your friendships that you've let fray over these past couple of months."

With that, Naruto departed with a burst of speed and left Barry to his thoughts.

(Some Time Later)

Naruto ended a call on his cell phone and took a deep breath, hanging his head in regret.

"You alright?" asked Sakura as she entered with dinner, "Who did you call?"

"No one of importance," assured Naruto as Sakura set out three plates around the sitting fireplace.

"Why did you have me make three servings?" she asked.

Reaper materialized in the room before removing his mask and hood.

"Hey, Sakura," said Sasuke, to Sakura's surprise, as he sat down and began eating, "So, where are we on the help?"

"Being as discreet as possible, I contacted everyone about possibly helping out," said Naruto as he began eating, "The only one I was actually able to get a straight answer from was Shikamaru. He's coming into town for a conference in a few days. He said we could discuss the matters then. Nobody has seen Kiba since the day before the particle accelerator debacle. Nothing on your end?"

"He's not dead so there's still a chance we could possibly find him," replied Sasuke as he looked over at the still stunned Sakura, "Food is getting cold."

Still in shock, Sakura sat down and began to eat.

"By the way, I stopped on Earth-16," said Sasuke as he gathered some potatoes on his spoon, "I let them know you were alive and okay."

"Did you tell them about the situation I'm in?" asked Naruto as he kept eating.

"Zatanna was relieved," remarked Sasuke, "She even…"

He suddenly looked off to side and seemed confused.

"What is it?" asked Naruto with slight interest.

"Rothstein's going to die tonight," said Sasuke as he seemed unsure of this.

"How can you tell?" asked Sakura cautiously.

"Grim Reaper, remember?" asked Sasuke before he looked at Naruto, "Didn't you tell her?"

"Briefly," said Naruto as he finished his food and seemed concerned about this, "How is he going to die?"

"Absorbing too much radiation when Barry lures him to the power plant tonight," said Sasuke as he went back to eating.

"But isn't that good?" asked Sakura as she looked between the two, "I mean, he won't be able to hurt anyone anymore, right?"

"While all doppelgangers aren't the same as us, the majority of them are," said Naruto as he sat back in his chair, "Someone is forcing Rothstein to do these things. And it's a speedster no less."

"How can you tell?" asked Sasuke.

"When I encountered him in the crowd at the rally, I felt traces of the Speed Force on him and it's been bugging me ever since," recalled Naruto as he got up, "I'm going out for a run."

Speeding off, Sasuke sat down his plate with a sigh and looked at Sakura.

"What do you want to ask?" he asked her.

(That Night)

Rothstein sat in an empty room, save for a bed and a lamp, and waited.

"So, this is where you were," said Godspeed as he appeared at the door.

Rothstein got up and spun around before Godspeed sighed.

"I'm not here to stop you," said Godspeed as his suit turned into a shower of particles, "I just want to ask you a question."

"What could you possibly want to ask me?" question Rothstein as Naruto folded his arms and leaned against the door.

"You have traces of the Speed Force on you," stated Naruto, "And it's not mine or the Flash's," standing up, Naruto and Rothstein glared at each other, "Who sent you here?"

"Why do you even care?" questioned Rothstein as Naruto held up his hand.

"Because…" said Naruto as his hand caught on fire, "I'm going to kill him."

Rothstein scoffed at this then sat back down and stared out the window.

"Zoom can't be killed," he said seriously.

"Zoom?" questioned Naruto in disbelief, "Black suit? Give off blue lightning?"

"Yeah…" said Rothstein suspiciously as he looked back at Naruto, "What's it to you?"

"No," said Naruto as he paced back and forth, "No. No. No. No. No."

As he paced, Naruto thought back to when he was in the past before something came to mind.

"Did a singularity open up on your Earth a couple months ago?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Yeah," said Rothstein.

"Fuck!" yelled Naruto as he kicked through the wall, "That idiot! I'm going to kill him!"

Storming out of the room, Naruto went up to the roof and two of his fingers caught on fire. Drawing a circle with the flames, he began drawing symbols inside the circle then pushed it away from him. An old man with a long beard appeared and turned to Naruto.

"Why did you summon me?" questioned Destiny.

"You wrote Zoom back into this world's history?" questioned Naruto as he stormed up to Destiny and grabbed him by the collar, "He killed my father!"

"And you need to realize that Death's spells don't work on me nor does the Rider," said Destiny as he appeared behind Naruto.

"I swear that I will find a way to kill you," said Naruto as signal light shot into the air and projected a lightning bolt on the clouds, "Really? Stealing from Batman?"

Hearing glass shattering beneath him, Naruto ran to the edge of the building and looked down to see Rothstein head off to meet the Flash.


Naruto looked back at the rising smoke that was the barn that had been blown up along with the house of the old couple that had taken him in last night. Looking at the leather jacket he had been given, Naruto said a silent prayer before turning and walking over to the helicopter he'd downed. Grabbing the working radio, Naruto panted and held it up to his mouth.

"I know you all are listening," said Naruto angrily, "You all have gone way too far. And I'm putting an end to it. You killed my father. You're going after my kids. You killed two people that had nothing to do with this. Let this be a warning to you all. I'm going to find you… and I'm going to kill you."

Crushing the phone in his grip, he began walking away when he heard one of the pilots stir. He sent a spark at the leaking gasoline, setting it ablaze and making the chopper explode.

(End Flashback)

Atom Smasher wailed in agony from inside the reactor while the Flash watched. A white streak ran by the Flash and vibrated Atom Smasher and themselves through the other end. Shocked by this, Flash went around the back just as Godspeed ripped off Atom Smasher's mask and placed a hand over his heart.

"Stay down," ordered Godspeed, "I'm absorbing the excess radiation. Just relax. Peels."

Rothstein passed out and Godspeed let out a sigh of relief.

"What are you doing?" questioned Flash accusingly, "We had him!"

"And I'm stopping you all from killing an innocent man," said Godspeed as he looked back at the Flash.

Quickly looking off to the side, he shoved the Flash out of the way of an arrow, with it shattering the lens over one of his eyes and leaving him screaming in pain. Flash looked in the direction the arrow had come from just in time to see someone wearing a black cloak leave.

"Goddamn it!" yelled Naruto as his mask burst in a shower of particles, "Don't they know how long it takes to regenerate these things?!"

"We need to get you to a hospital," said Flash as he hurried over to him.

"I'm fine," said Naruto with a grunt of pain as he pulled the arrow out of his skull and handed it to him, "It'll regenerate. Take Atom Smasher to the Twinleaf Clinic. He's needs protection and they can give it to him."

Flash looked at Rothstein hesitantly then sped off with him and the arrow. Removing his hand from his eye, inside it was a dancing flame.

(The Next Day)

Everybody celebrated Barry's father getting released from prison when there was a knock at the door. Sakura went and opened it and Naruto, who had two eyes, stormed inside. Going up to Barry, Naruto spun him around and socked him right in the face.

"Barry!" exclaimed Iris as they all gathered around the crimson speedster.

"Do you have any idea what you've done?!" yelled Naruto at the downed Barry.

"What did I do?" asked Barry as Cisco helped him up.

"The singularity!" yelled Naruto, "You just opened this world to the man who killed my father!"

"Huh?" asked Sakura as she got between them, "What are you talking about?"

Taking a deep breath, Naruto unclenched his fists and glared at Barry.

"Before I was pulled back here by Akatsuki, I was sent back a couple days before my first birthday," explained Naruto angrily, "They tried to extract my dormant Speed Force energy and there was another speedster there that killed my father."

"What does this have to do with Barry and the singularity?" questioned Caitlin.

"I used magic to seal the parallel world that speedster came from and the singularity ripped another hole in the fabric of space that allowed Atom Smasher to get through from that world," said Naruto, "He was sent by the man that killed my father and you let him through!"

He made to go after Barry again but Sakura held him back. As Naruto struggled to get free of Sakura, Barry ran upstairs and brought down the arrow from last night.

"You've also got some explaining to do," said Barry as he tossed the arrow to the floor, "That arrow was coated in a deadly neurotoxin that would take down even someone with super speed. And it's used specifically by the League of Assassins."

Running his hands through his hair, Naruto sighed and walked right up to Barry.

"You want the truth?" asked Naruto, still angry, "Fine. My mother was in the League of Assassins and I'm her legacy. I contacted Ra's last night and found out that there were some members of the League that felt you were causing more problems than you were solving. And I'm using the League to locate the Akatsuki. As for surviving the neurotoxin, you don't need to know that part. But I must say Barry, you may play the hero for Central City. But deep down, you're nothing but a scared little child that didn't have the stomach to get rid of Thawne before you let Eddie and Ronnie kill themselves. Just like you let Thawne kill your bitch of a mother."

Barry and Naruto ran out of the house as blurs and everyone looked at each other in disbelief.

Flash and Godspeed sped through the streets with Godspeed in the lead before he turned around suddenly and clotheslined his fellow speedster. Flash spun in the air before stopping in the middle of an intersection and cars swerved to avoid him while people ran or started recording as Godspeed kicked him in the ribs and knocked the wind out of the scarlet speedster.

"You need to realize that sometimes you have to accept defeat, Flash," said Godspeed as he crouched down in front of the downed former friend, "You did good work by closing that singularity. But sometimes, you need to make the tough decisions."

Flash started to get up and Godspeed shook his head.

"Yats nwod," said Godspeed and Flash was suddenly flattened against the street, "I'm not going to change what you did. I know better than to do that. But understand this. If you get in the way of me taking down Akatsuki, I won't hesitate to make you an orphan like me. Teg pu."

Flash got to his feet slowly and panted as he looked Godspeed in the eyes. Staring each other down, Godspeed walked by Flash and placed a hand on his shoulder. Muttering something only the Flash could hear, Godspeed sped away and Flash looked at the ground. From a couple yards away, a man with brown hair and wearing a black leather jacket frowned before walking away with a woman with blue hair that reached her chin.