[Authors Note: thank you everyone who reads this! I am by far not used to sharing my writings, and I hope you all can be patient because soon I will be adding the second chapter. This one is shorter, but CH 2 will be longer. All comments are welcomed and appreciated, anything from suggestions or anything you would like to see in this story. In CH 2 our lovely Holmes will be dragged in as well (;

Song I jammed to while writing this: Skyfall by Adele]

It was a crisp spring day in London as I slipped out of my warm flat, attempting to prepare myself for another long day of rehearsals ahead. A gust of wind crashed against my small frame causing my grey dress coat to flutter, along with my long dark brown hair, which decided to attack my face in defiance. With a sputter I tugged at the long strands before striding off to my favored café for my routine caffeine fix before I went to work. As I trudged along the sidewalk I listened to the small talk going on around me from the passers by, and with a quirk of my lips, enjoyed the brief tidbits I would hear.

'He ought to propose already!' I heard a woman groan out dramatically. Another couple walked by arm in arm talking about going to a local market. Soon enough I was tuning them all out as I stopped at the door of my destination and opened it up. The jangle of bells welcomed me as I stepped in and the pleasant aroma of coffee, tea and breakfast invaded my nose as I smiled sweetly at the barista who was in charge of the counter today.

"Lucy," I greeted the young girl of about seventeen. She beamed up at me, already preparing my usual caramel latte with two espresso shots as I looked at my mobile. Within a matter of minutes we were giving the exchange of money for drink and preparing our usual small talk.

"Alyce," Lucy sighed out while glancing at one specific table filled with what I assumed were her class piers. I was watching her reactions closely, she was definitely a beautiful girl; honey coloured hair and jade eyes. She was one of the most favored employees here and apparently quite popular among the students as well. A small sigh escaped my lips before I shook my head at her.

"If you're going to ask that boy you like out, quit being a whimp and just do it." I sternly stated before striding away from the sweet youth who continued to gaze at one person in particular with a small exhale of longing.

I blew at my coffee before attempting to take a sip of the scolding hot beverage that kept my hands toasty. I grimaced at my bad choice as I made my way through an alley, taking my usual short cut to the theatre I was to practice in today. I took a left in the narrow pathways, only to stop suddenly. A tall man, who looked as if he hadn't bathed in eons was sneering at me devishly. Why does this always happen to me? I groaned out in my head as I casually placed my right hand into my coat pocket. I then attempted to continue forward, but he struck his arm out to block my path, preventing me from passing.

"Oi, wats a pretty lady like yer roaming 'bout dangerous places like this?" He spoke gruffly while eyeing me up and down. Instantly I knew what he was thinking; easy prey. I was only 5'3" on my best days and very slender, someone most would consider weak. I kept silent as I watched the sleaze grin wolfishly.

"'S not safe 'ere lil lady..Pretty lady." He drawled out while attempting to nudge me toward the wall I was closest to. I let out an exaggerated sigh before glaring up at him. This little escapade was going to make me late for practice and I did not like that.

"If you'd kindly let me pass," I paused and squared my shoulders, showing no sign of fear. "I won't hurt you and you can go on your merry little way back to whatever hole you crawled out of." I spoke innocently enough, though the threat laced in there was obvious. This caused Mr. Slum to gurgle out a chuckle. He thought the same way everyone else did: that I was full of it. He placed a grummy paw on my shoulder nearest him, a look of sheer joy on his odious face. He thought there would be a fun scuffle where in the end, he would win.

"If ya come now, I'll be gentle to yer," he spoke as if it was obvious how dangerous this situation truly was for me. I pressed my lips together firmly as if in thought before I shook my head, a smirk now playing on the edge of my mouth. I could feel my body begin tingling from the adrenaline that started coarsing throughout me.

"I think I'm good," I said in a snarky tone. "Now, I have somewhere to be." By now slumlord was grinning maliciously just as he was about to shove me hard against the nearest wall with the hand that was still placed on my shoulder. Instinct kicked in immediately as I slid away from his grasp, now out of his reach. He let out a curse as he stumbled, just before whipping around to shoot daggers my way. If looks could kill.

"Lucky escape thur, but, I won't let ya leave now pet." He spat out before lunging toward me. Without hesitation I dodged him again, losing my energy boost of the day as I did. I let out a small growl showing how displeased I was while standing as tall as I could muster, glaring venomously at my ignorant perpitraitor. My right hand remained in my coat pocket as I gauged his every move. The next move he made was to swing a punch at me. I dodged easily again, causing him to miss and stumble right into the brick wall that was behind me. Bingo. In an instant I had the upper hand and shoved him hard against the wall while he was in a raged daze. As quick as I had him pinned I finally yanked my right hand out and with a flick of my wrist had a blade pressed against his Adams apple. I could feel him gulp as he looked down on me in shock and awe.

"Never underestimate your opponent." I hissed out as I nudged the blade harder against his flesh causing him to gasp.

"Right right!" He cried out in a hoarse voice while raising his hands up in submission. Blood started to trickle down his meaty neck, yet I didn't let up.

"If you attempt to come after me I will not be as nice as I have been this time. Now," I pulled back and cleaned my blade against his ratty shirt, then turned away. "If you ever try this with another person again, you WILL wish that what will happen to you would be kinder than what you do to them." My voice was viscous as I vowed my final threat before I made my way to my original destination, all while grumbling about my lost coffee. It didn't take me long to get to the performance hall, only instead of being nearly vacant it was crowded outside with many of the people I worked with as well as officers from Scotland Yard who were hauling out the white and blue crime tape.