Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki
[email protected]

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.


Chapter 1 Fallen Angel

Ranma and the rest of the students sat quietly in class waiting for their
English teacher Ms. Hinako to show up. It was not like her to be late for class,
even if this was the first day of a new school year. Most of the students,
including Ranma did not seem to be too upset though. Most were still half asleep,
having spent their summer getting up later than they did during the school year.

Outside of the classroom and down the hallway, near the stairwell, a rather
small 8 year old girl in a poor fitting yellow dress leaned against the wall. She
was breathing heavily and seemed to stop walking every few steps in order to keep
her balance.

"Of all the days to get sick, It would have to be the first day of school.
Those little delinquents are probably making a mess of my nice clean classroom.",
the little girl thought to herself.

"I wish I could stay home and have someone to take care of me, but that
hasn't been an option for many years.", the little girl thought sadly to herself.

Back inside the classroom, Ranma and the rest of the students saw the door
to the class open and their teacher Ms. Hinako enter. It was obvious to even the
most dense student in class that something was wrong. They saw their teacher almost
drag herself to her desk and sit down quickly in her chair. She was sweating
quite profusely and was even shaking a little.

As Ranma saw his teacher move quite slowly to her desk he decided to examine
her ki. He did not like what he saw. He ki was fluctuating wildly, almost
disappearing completely at times. The last time he saw such an erratic ki
signature was when he almost failed to save Akane from Saffron.

Akane saw Ranma staring at their teacher and frowned.

"What is that pervert looking at her for. He should be looking at me. That
is if I even wanted him to look at me.", Akane thought to herself.

"Are you alright teach. You don't look so good and your ki is unstable.",
Ranma said to Ms. Hinako, surprising everyone in class.

"I'm fine. It's just a little cold. It will go away in a day or two.
Besides you are to cough cough learn about proper sentence structure
today. My health is cough my own business.", Ms Hinako said.

"Are you sure? It looks a little worse than a cold to me.", Ranma said.

"She said she was alright, now stop harassing the teacher you pervert.",
Akane said.

"I wasn't talking to you, tomboy.", Ranma said back.

"RANMA NO BAKA!!", Akane yelled while stomping toward Ranma with her
mallet held high.

"STOP IT!! Cough Cough I am not feeling that well today, and the
last thing that I want to deal with is one of your petty arguments.", Ms
Hinako said to Ranma and Akane.

"But the pervert called me a....."

"I don't care what he said. Sit down and be quiet unless you want
me to punish both of you.", Ms Hinako said while holding up a 50 yen piece.

Ranma and Akane wisely chose to keep quiet at that moment and settled for
glaring at each other from their seats.

"Now that, that is settle we can.....we can start that is.....", Ms Hinako
tried to say but she felt her dizziness from earlier getting worse and a few
moments later collapsed on the floor convulsing violently.

"Ah hell, I knew it wasn't a cold.", Ranma said out loud as he quickly went
over to the now unconscious Ms. Hinako.

"Damn, she is not breathing.", he said causing the class to react in shock.

As Ranma was performing CPR on his teacher, he noticed Akane glaring at him.

"Great, she probably blames me for making the teacher sick.", Ranma thought
to himself.

As he continued to try and revive Ms. Hinako, Ranma noticed her heartbeat
begin to slow down and eventually stop.

"Oh no... Well I hope this works.", Ranma said as his hands began to glow
blue. Eventually both he and Ms. Hinako were enveloped in a blue aura, causing
the students in the class to move away from them.

Since his return from Jusendo Ranma had been thinking a lot on how he
had managed to save Akane. At first he thought that her spirit or soul has
heard him cry out and returned to him, but the more he thought about it he
came to realize that he had managed to save her because he forced some of his
own ki into her, as he held her in his arms, thereby saving her life. At least
he hoped that is what happened, for he was trying to accomplish the same thing
right at this moment with Ms. Hinako.

Somewhere or possibly sometime else, an adult Ms. Hinako found herself
walking through a thick white and gray mist. The mist went on in all directions
as far as she could see. She could not even tell what she was walking on.

"Hello, Hina-chan, It's been a while.", a voice said from behind her.

Ms. Hinako spun around as an elderly women in her 80's approaching her.
As the woman walked closer Ms. Hinako suddenly realized who it was.

"Grandma!!!", she said in shock. "But your.....dead."

"So are you dear. Well at least for the moment.", the elderly woman
said while smiling kindly at Ms. Hinako.

"I don't understand. What happened to me. I was in my classroom, try to
teach those delinquents to behave when I became dizzy and....", Ms. Hinako's
voice trailed off.

"Come over here dear and sit next to me.", the elderly woman said.

"Sit on what?", Hinako said in confusion.

There was a bright flash and she suddenly found herself in a large
arboretum. She found herself surrounded by all sorts of tropical plants and

"This is one of my favorite places to visit.", the elderly woman said
to a very confused Ms. Hinako.

Ms. Hinako sat down on a stone bench, next to a large pond, next to her

"Look in the pool Hina-chan and tell me what you see.", the woman said
to Ms. Hinako.

As Ms. Hinako looked into the water she saw herself laying down on her
back in the classroom. Ranma Saotome hovered over her with his hands on her
chest. Both of them were surrounded by a bright blue glow.

"I don't understand grandma. What is that delinquent doing to me?", Ms.
Hinako asked in a quiet and scared voice.

"That boy is something else. He has actually found a way to call your
spirit back to its body by using his own life force as a catalyst. The things
that boy could do only if he didn't spend so much time obsessing over nothing
but martial arts.", the women said while slowing shaking her head from side
to side.

"Why would he want to save me? We are always fighting. He even tries to
prevent me from punishing the students by touching my.....", Ms. Hinako tries
to say while blushing.

"The elderly women snickers and says, "He cares about you, and all of
his friends. Think about it. He even cares about those who attack him daily,
such as that foolish amazon boy and that boy with the pig curse. I don't
think that Ranma is even capable of hating someone."

"He cares about me?", Ms. Hinako says quietly.

"Yes he does, which is why he is now in the process of saving your life.",
the elderly woman said.

Ms. Hinako notices her body begin to shudder again and starts to feel

"Grandmother, what is happening?", Ms. Hinako says in a panic.

"There is no need to worry Hina-chan. You are simply going back to your
own body now.", the elderly woman says are Ms. Hinako's spirit fades from sight.

"Good luck grandchild. I am sorry I was not there to help you more
often.", the elderly women says as a tears begin to fall from her eyes.

Alone once again, the elderly woman's form begins to shimmer and change.
Where once their was a very old woman their now stands a young voluptuous
woman with long silvery hair and deeply tanned skin. She has a blue triangular
tattoo on her forehead and a blue diamond tattoo on her cheeks just under and
to the side of her eyes.

As the now young woman begins to leave a new voice calls out, "Just what
are you up to now you old meddler.

The young woman sighs and turns around to face the very familiar voice.
Just as she suspected the source of the voice is a young girl about 12
wearing a black and red jumpsuit and wearing a large mallet across her back.

"What I am doing is none of your business!!", the young woman says to the
girl a lot more forcibly than she intended to, causing the girl to jump back.

"I am sorry, but please do not try and interfere this time. What I am
trying to do is personal, and I do not need or want any help alright.",
the young woman said.

"Why were you pretending to be that woman's grandmother.", the little
girl asks.

"Who says that I was pretending.", the woman says as she fades from

"What are you up to now Urd?", the young girl says out loud to herself
before she also fades from sight.


Back in the classroom the glow slowly fades away from Ranma and Ms.
Hinako. A few moments later Ms. Hinako begins to stir.

"Grandma, is that you?", she speaks softly as she feels herself being
supported by someone.

"Now that is something that I have never been called before.", a familiar
voice says.

Opening her eyes Ms. Hinako sees that she is being held rather close
to Ranma in the manner that a parent would hold a small child. Ranma helps
her up off the floor and into her chair at her desk.

"Do you know happened?", Ranma asked Ms. Hinako

The young teacher slowly moved her head from side to side, still unsure
of what had just happened to her.

"You collapsed on the floor. When I went over to check up on you I noticed
that your breathing and heart had stopped.", Ranma said quietly.

"I think I remember. I was in some sort of cloud of fog. I couldn't see or
hear anything until a voice called out to me. I saw my grandma, but she has been
dead for many years. She lead me to some sort of garden. I saw myself in a pool
there. You placed your hands on my chest and we both began to glow. Grandma said
that you gave me some of your ki. If it wasn't for you I would be dead now.",
Ms. Hinako said as she began to shake.

"He brought her back to life?", one girl in the class said softly.

Akane sat at her desk stunned. She remembered hearing from Kasumi that
Ranma had brought her back to life at Jusendo, but she remembered very little
of it. She was glad that Ranma had saved their teacher's life, but she was a
little frightened at how strong Ranma was growing as a martial artist. Would
she ever be as strong as he. If she couldn't, would he even want her around
any more.

Ms. Hinako tried to stand up, in order to begin to start teaching the
class again, but she found herself prevented from doing so a light touch
on her should from Ranma.

"You are fine for the moment, but your ki is still slowly draining away
from you. If it keeps up you will collapse again in a couple of days.", Ranma
said to a very frightened looking Ms. Hinako.

"I don't know how to stop the ki drain permanently, but maybe Dr. Tofu
does. Let me take you to his office to see if he can help.", Ranma said to
Ms. Hinako.

Ms. Hinako nodded yes and Ranma picked her up in his arms and began to
leave the classroom with her, by way of the windows.

Before he left he turned to Akane and asked her to tell the office what
had happened. She agreed and blushed when he had actually thanked her for
helping and smiled at her, before he leapt out the window and off into the

From her classroom on the floor below, Nabiki sat staring out the window.
She was trying to stay awake in her senior business management class. Its a shame
she already knew more about the business world than the instructor did.

A soft thump sounded outside. She looked back outside to see Ranma
leap down from the floor above, apparently carrying Ms. Hinako. He then leapt
across the yard and out over the wall.

"Well now isn't this interesting.", Nabiki thought to herself as
she smiled.


Ranma arrived at Doctor Tofu's office minutes after leaving the school.
He was glad that for once he didn't run into any of his fiancee's or jealous
rivals. He entered the clinic just as the Doctor was escorting an elderly woman
out of the door.

After the woman left Doctor Tofu had Ranma bring Ms. Hinako to one of the exam
rooms. As he examined her, Ranma explained what had happened during class, and how
the diminutive teacher had almost died.

"So do you think you can do anything to help her doc?", Ranma asked.

"I am not sure. By all rights she should be dead right now. It is only
your own ki inside of her that is keeping her alive. From what little I
have heard about her, she has the ability to drain ki from others is that
correct?", Tofu asked Ranma.

"Yah, that's doc. She drained us whenever we were "delinquents" in
class.", Ranma said with a snort.

"I wonder if her ability has lead to her present condition. I will need
to consult several texts, but even then I feel that I am somewhat out of my
league. Her ability almost seems like magic, and the only person I know that has
some experience in that department is Elder Cologne.", the Doctor said.

Doctor Tofu left the room to call Cologne as Ranma waited in the exam
with Ms. Hinako.

"Why did you save me?", Ranma heard Ms. Hinako say.

"What do you mean?", Ranma said somewhat confused by the teacher's

"I mean why did you save me? We have never gotten along. I hear what you
and the other students say about me each day. Even the other teachers do not
really want me there. If I was gone everyone would be happier.", Ms. Hinako said
is a despondent voice.

"Why are you talking like that. We may not get along, but that doesn't mean
I would want to see you die. I already saw one person die before and I don't want
to have that happen again.", Ranma said sadly much to Ms. Hinako's shock.

"Who died?", Ms Hinako asked, before apologizing for asking such a personal

"I'll tell you that story if you tell me why you thought that no one cares
about you.", Ranma asked.

"Except for the few times I saw Grandma, no one has ever wanted to be
around me, even my parents. Daddy left soon after mom became pregnant with me. Mom
always told me has this ruined her life and how much fun she and daddy had
before I came along.", Ms. Hinako said as tears began to fall.

"Your own mother told you that?", Ranma said in shock.

"Yes, she said that and other things, especially when she was drunk.", Ms.
Hinako said to Ranma.

She was about to ask Ranma to tell his story now, when the doors to the exam
room opened and Doctor Tofu entered with Cologne. Ranma was asked to wait
outside while they examined Ms. Hinako.


In her room at the temple, Urd watched the scene unfold between
Ranma and Hinako in the exam room. To say that she was angry was an
understatement. How could her daughter threat her granddaughter so poorly.

"One of these days daughter, you and I will "talk" about how poorly
you have treated Hina-chan.", Urd said quietly to herself.

She had an idea on how her grand daughter might be cured of her condition,
but she would need to "borrow" a certain text from the vaults in Asgard. The
question is, could she sneak in and retrieve the book without being noticed.

As Urd disappeared through the television set in her room there was a knock
at the door. Since nobody was there to respond the door was opened a few moments
later and the little girl with mallet seen earlier walked into the room and shut
the door behind her. She started to rummage around to see if she could find
out what her older sister was up to when she heard a loud click. Looking down
she saw that she had stepped on some sort of switch.

A voice rang out saying, "It's not nice to search other people's rooms

This was followed by a loud bang and an equally outraged scream a few
seconds later. Stepping out of the room Skuld was now covered from head to toe
in a bright green and pink neon dye.

As she staggered out of the room, eyes swirling and mumbling something
about ice cream, she walked straight into her other sister Belldandy. The older
girl was at first shocked to see her little sister in such a mess, before
she began to giggle then laugh.

"It's not funny.", Skuld pouted.

"You were looking around Urd's room again weren't you?", Belldandy

"Maybe...", Skuld said evasively.

"Skuld, you know that you are not supposed to spy on your sister. Now
why were you invading her privacy.", Belldandy asked.

Skuld explained how she had "somehow" stumbled onto Urd speaking to the
astral, (spirit), form of a young girl and who the girl turned out to be.

Belldandy sighed and shook her head as if she knew who the little girl was
and why Urd seemed to upset.

"Do you know who that little girl was, Belldandy?", Skuld asked.

"Yes, I do.", Belldandy said quietly.

"Who was she?", Skuld asked, while wondering why Belldandy now seemed
a little sad as well.

"I can not say. If you want to know you will have to ask Urd.", Belldandy

"It's probably something perverted again. She is always into things like
that.", Skuld said.


Meanwhile up in Asgard, Urd was presently fleeing as fast as she could from
a rather large groups of angry Valkries. In her arms she held a rather large
and glowing book.

She skidded to a halt in front of Freya's Sports Bar and Grill and was
about to leap into the large screen TV when the Valkries burst in through
the door.

"Stop her, she has stolen the Book of Osiris.", one of the Valkries said.

Urd soon found her path bared by a large blond man holding an
equally large hammer.

"Urd, you know you are not allowed to "borrow" books such as that anymore
after the last incident.", the man said.

"Sorry Thor, no time to talk.", Urd said as she leapt toward the man and
kissed him straight on the mouth.

Thor's eyes went wide, and so did his arms causing his hammer to
fly into the Valkries knocking them down. A few moments later he fainted with
a rather large smile on his face.

"Heh, heh, still got it.", Urd said, as she posed briefly before leaping
though the TV and back to Earth.

She had momentarily block the view of the game being shown, but since it
was only a Viking's game and they were doing as poorly as usual, nobody really
seemed to care.

In his office Kami-sama received word at what had just happened concerning
on of his more troublesome offspring and a certain book.

"Well she wants to save her granddaughter on her own. Well I won't interfere
yet. But I hope she realizes what may happen if she is not careful with that tome.",
Kami-sama thought to himself.


Back on Earth in Dr. Tofu's office, he and Cologne had just finished
examining Ms. Hinako and were not pleased by what they had found.

"Ranma, will you please come back to the examination room.", Dr. Tofu
asked as he entered the waiting room.

As Ranma entered the exam room, he saw Cologne trying to comfort a now
crying Ms. Hinako.

"I take it you do not know how to cure her.", Ranma asked the doctor.

"No, not yet. Cologne and I have discovered that Hinako's ability to
drain others is somehow responsible for her present condition though.", Dr.
Tofu said.

"So it might be the old pervert's fault that she's so sick now.", Ranma
said to Dr. Tofu.

"Cologne-san and I are not quite sure of that yet, but it is a strong
possibility, so until you can determine exactly why Hinako's condition is
deteriorating and then come up with a why to halt and reverse its progress,
we require your help.", Dr. Tofu said.

"What can I do?", Ranma said.

"I am glad you asked son-in-law. For the next week you are going to
provide our patient with a little bit of your ki as you did earlier today.
This should allow her to live without growing weak for the time being.
Hopefully by the end of the week Dr. Tofu and I will have made some progress
of solving her condition.", Cologne said.

"I suppose that's not too bad. It didn't take long to help her the first
time.", Ranma said.

"That is not quite all that you will have to do.", Cologne said with a grin.

"What else do I have to do?", Ranma asked.

"Since her body is now under some strain, to say the least, Hinako-san will
not be able to drain anyone for the time being. The shock of changing forms could
kill her in fact. Because of this, she will be defenseless for the time being. She
has told both Dr. Tofu and I how she is usually treated at the high school and it
would not surprise us if someone chose to take advantage of her weakness. Because
of this you are going to lookout for her and walk her back and forth from the clinic
to the school each day.", Cologne said.

"So I have to be a bodyguard and a babysitter as well for the next week. Oh
joy what fun that will be.", Ranma said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry I am sniff, such a bother. sniff I don't mean to be in the
way, but it always seems to turn out that way.", Ms. Hinako said sadly.

"Great, now I am making children cry.", Ranma thought to himself.

Ranma walked over and sat down next to Ms. Hinako berating himself for
forgetting so quickly about what Ms. Hinako had told him about her life
growing up.

"I guess it must be hard being a 30 year old in an 8 year olds body.",
Ranma thought to himself.

"Ms. Hinako, I am sorry I made you cry. I didn't mean to.", Ranma said,
surprising everyone present with his sincerity.

"You don't have to feel sorry for me.", Ms. Hinako said.

"It's not that. Its just.........well, you know what you told me earlier
about your life.", Ranma said.

"It's ok, I can forgive you this time if you do something for me.", Ms.

"What is it?", Ranma asked.

"I want some candy or maybe ice cream.", said a giggling Ms. Hinako, as
Ranma picked himself up off the floor.

"That sounds like a good idea. Go for a walk in the park after too. Its
important to retain a positive frame of mind if you wish to be healthy all
long as possible.", Dr. Tofu said.

Ranma left the clinic walking hand in hand with Ms. Hinako. They looked
liked they could be brother and sister to all who saw them pass by on the way to
the ice cream shop.

"Sigh, what a weird day this has been. At least nothing else can happen.",
Ranma thought to himself.

"RANMA, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!", an irritating and very familiar voice rang out.

"Why am I not surprised...", Ranma thought to himself, as he moved Ms.
Hinako out of the way of the incoming idiot.

"So Ryoga, to what do I own the displeasure of your company today.", Ranma

"Curse you Ranma, you make my life hell!", Ryoga exclaimed.

"Yeah, what else is new. So what is it this time. Did Akane throw you out of
bed? Were you served bacon for breakfast? Oh, wait a minute I know. You have
an itch in an embarrassing place.", Ranma said.

"How did you know...", Ryoga started to say before stopping.

Ranma snorted once and Ms. Hinako fell over laughing.

"Oh.....He is a naughty delinquent.", Ms. Hinako snickered.

"Jeez Ryoga, you're even more of a pig than I thought.", Ranma said.

"Ranma, how dare you embarrass me.", Ryoga said as he finally charged
Ranma with his umbrella.

"You don't need me to do that P-chan, you do a good enough job of that
on your own.", Ranma said as he casually ducked to the side.

"As least I don't go out with little girls. Shame on you cheating on Akane
with her.", Ryoga said as he pointed at Ms. Hinako.

"Even you can't be stupid P-chan. Oh that's right you followed me all the
to Jusenkyo for a bread fight. Never mind you are that dumb.", Ranma said to
a now enraged Ryoga.

"That's is piggy get nice and mad. I have a present for you.", Ranma
thought as he started to lead Ryoga into a spiral.

Ms. Hinako was growing very impatient as the fight went on. Although
she had the intelligence of a 30 year old, she more often than not had the
patience of your average 8 year old, when she was in her child form. This
meant that she was tired of waiting for her ice cream. She wanted it NOW.
The best to get it she thought is to stop the fight, but since she can not
drain anyone at the moment, without hurting herself she had to find another
way of stopping the fight. Laying against a nearby building she saw the answer
to her problem.

She grabbed a hose and turned on the faucet. She then ran over toward the
two immature, in her opinion, martial artists and squeeze the trigger on the
nozzle. Water shot out into both fighters producing a now wet red headed girl
and a small black pig who was trying to bite the redhead.

"What did you do that for?", A soggy Ranma-chan said to Ms. Hinako.

"Your fight was taking to long and I'm hungry." Ms. Hinako said as she
picked up the little pig and glared at it.

"You're a very bad delinquent piggy picking on Ranma. He saved me and was
taking out for ice cream. You should be nicer like him.", Ms. Hinako said to a
shocked Ryoga.

"Curse you Ranma. How dare you brainwash this little girl.", Ryoga tried to
say. Unfortunately all that came out was a few loud "Bweee's".

"Better put the piggy down and wash your hands before we eat. After all you
don't want to catch whatever gave him that little itch of his.", Ranma-chan said
with an evil grin on her face.

Ms. Hinako "eeped" once and threw P-chan into a nearby alley with the rest
of the garbage and went over to rejoin Ranma who was complaining about being
a girl again.

"You shouldn't complain about being a girl. You look cute that way, sister.",
Ms. Hinako said.

"Sister?!?", Ranma said in confusion.

"Yes, you are going to pretend to be my sister. That way we can get lots
of free ice cream from the nice man behind the counter when he sees us walk in.",
Ms. Hinako said with a gleam in her eye.

"You've done this before, haven't you?", Ranma asked.

Ms. Hinako only smiled in reply to that question.


Back at her room in the temple Urd was presently looking through the book
that she had just "borrowed" with a wide-eyed expression on her face.

"So many spells, so little time.", she said softly with a grin on her face.

"Now lets see what we have here. Lightning storm. No that's not it. Transmute
to diamond. Hmmm.... No Belldandy would only complain about not working for it.
Raise dead. No, not quite what I am looking for. Ah, now what this... Soul Transfer
and Restoration. Now that sounds like an interesting spell.", Urd said while
licking her lips.

"The purpose of this spell is to regenerate the soul or spirit of an
individual who through spell or natural causes is losing their life force. A donor
gives a little bit of him or herself to the injured each day until the injured is
restored to normal.", Urd read the passage in the book to herself.

"I wonder how this would affect Hina-chan, especially given her unique
condition.", Urd thought to herself.

After several hours a bleary-eyed Urd put the book down and sat back
on her bed. The Restoration spell seemed to be the best bet to save her
granddaughter's life. The only question was how to cast the spell without
drawing attention to who she really was. If necessary she would reveal herself
to the mortals, but Kami-sama might be a little upset if she just walked in,
proclaimed herself a goddess and cast a spell on the shocked mortals.

"I could write it down on a scroll and disguise it as a chi technique.
After all some of these mortals seem to believe that anything can be done if
one was an experienced enough martial artist. I think I know just how to
deliver the scroll as well.", Urd thought to herself, as she began to copy
the spell from the book to the scroll.


At the ice cream shop Ranma-chan watched his teacher inhale a sundae
that was almost as large as she was.

"I know I eat a lot because of my training, but how do you manage to eat
so much and stay thin?", Ranma asked in his usual subtle fashion.

My chi drain ability give me a rather strange metabolism. I can eat as
much as I want and never gain weight. All the excess energy I can just
fire off or use for other things as if I drained someone.", Ms. Hinako said.

"What sort of things?", Ranma said suddenly interested in the chance
of learning new techniques.

"I can show you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. People
think I am already weird. I don't want to make it worse.", Ms. Hinako said

"You don't need to be so sad. I've been called a lot worse than that,
mostly by my own father. It only matters what you think of yourself.", Ranma
said to Ms. Hinako.

"Not off of us have your level of self confidence, but if you promise
I will show you a small example of what I can do.", Ms. Hinako said as she
stood up from her chair.

"Were going now?", Ranma asked.

"Of course, I am not going to put on a show for everyone in this shop.
Come to the park, I know a secluded section where we won't be disturbed.",
Ms. Hinako said.


It had been a couple of hours since Ranma had first carried Ms. Hinako
away from the school and rumors were starting to circulate about what had just
happened to the little chi vampire. Nabiki had sent out of her underlings to
scout out Nerima, but so far no one had seen either Ranma or Ms. Hinako until
one of Nabiki's new freshmen recruits happened upon them as they were walking
to the park.

Ms. Hinako led Ranma to a deserted area of the park that bordered a new
industrial area. This part of the park seemed to be suffering by being so close
to the new area as several trees and flower beds were obviously dieing.

"Why are we here?", Ranma asked Ms. Hinako.

"You will see.", Ms Hinako said as she started to glow.

The trees and plants seemed to gain their color back and in many
instances started to grow as waves of warm yellow energy spread out from Ms.
Hinako. Ranma could only stand their and gape as the area seemed to
regenerate itself. Eventually the glow faded and Ms. Hinako almost collapsed
on the ground breathing heavily. Ranma was so busy watching the grass grow,
literally, that he failed to realize that as Ms. Hinako began to glow, so did

Ranma wasn't the only one who was stunned. Nabiki's newest recruit sat
stunned behind a row of hedges, the video camera in her hand still running.
What she saw bordered on magic that she had seen in some anime or manga

"See I told you I could do some strange things with my chi.", Ms.
Hinako said to Ranma.

"I don't think it was chi or ki. I can usually detect its use, especially
since you were obviously using a large amount of something when you healed those
plants.", Ranma said.

"If it wasn't my ki or chi, then what was it.", Ms Hinako said.

"I don't know, maybe magic.", Ranma said.

"In any case, whatever it was it obviously has drained you a little, so
we should return to the clinic to have Dr. Tofu look over you.", Ranma said.

"No, its not necessary, I am always a little tired when I do things
like this. I don't think it will hurt me. Can't you just take me home for now,
we can see the doctor tomorrow before school when you give me my next chi
treatment.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Are you sure, I don't want to see you collapse like you did before.",
Ranma said to a now smiling Ms. Hinako

"Its nice to know that someone cares. Maybe grandma was right when she
said that you were not a delinquent.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I don't know if I would go that far, after all I have a reputation to
live down to.", Ranma said as Ms. Hinako giggled.

Ms. Hinako's smiled seemed to fade and she turned toward Ranma with a serious
expression on her face.

"Ranma, remember what I asked you before. Please don't tell anyone about
what I showed you today, people already think that I am strange enough as it
is.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I'll have to make up something then. If I don't tell everyone, especially
Akane, I'll just get pounded again.", Ranma said sadly.

"I thought you were getting along better now. I even heard rumors that you
had saved her life.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Well we aren't fighting as much as we used to but she still gets jealous
over the slightest things. Its hard at times wondering if what you are going
to say, even by accident, is going to get you pounded or punted over Nerima.",
Ranma said.

"It can't be all bad?", Ms. Hinako said in a concerned voice.

"No, not all the time. When she smiles I can't help but just stand there
stunned and smile as well. But if I try to hold her hand or even talk to her,
something always goes wrong. Either someone interrupts, or Akane gets mad for
some reason, or even worse, our two idiot fathers ruin the moment by talking
about planning a wedding, since we now "getting along" together.", Ranma said.

"It will probably work out, but if it doesn't, well you are only 17,
you can still meet someone else. Either at Furinkan or in whatever college
you choose to. We can talk about this later. Now you have to take me home. A
little girl like me shouldn't be out after dark.", Ms. Hinako tease as Ranma
snorts in response to her joke.


After dropping Ms. Hinako off at her home, Ranma ran back to the Tendo
Dojo and decided a short nap on the couch was in order. For some reason he
felt very tired.

"Must be that healing technique I tried out.", Ranma thought to himself
as a large bald martial artist was in the process of trying to sneak up on his
snoozing son.

As Genma's foot lashed out he was surprised to find it caught with little
effort by his still sleeping son. He was soon thrown through the back door, into
stone wall surrounding the property and bounced off into the pond. Ranma,
through all this still appeared to be asleep.

Genma could only Growf in frustration as waited outside for his panda
form to dry off somewhat. If he came inside wet, Kasumi would refuse to feed him
until he cleaned up the floors.

A couple of hours later Akane and Nabiki came home from school to find
still asleep on the couch and a now only somewhat damp panda walking toward
furo to change back to its human form. In her left hand Nabiki was holding a
small videotape and smiling much to Akane's confusion.

Moments later Ranma woke up to see Nabiki hovering over him and
smirking about something. Not his first choice of people to wake up to, he
admitted to himself. Now on the other hand if it had been......

"How is Ms. Hinako doing?", Akane asked Ranma, thereby interrupting his

"Its kind of a long story. How about I tell you and everyone else at
dinner, ok?", Ranma said to Akane.

"Alright Ranma.", Akane said as she walked off.

"Did you want something Nabiki?", Ranma said as he stood up from the
couch and stretched.

"We will talk later Saotome.", Nabiki said as she walked away wondering
exactly what it was that she had seen on the tape, and how she could use it
to her best advantage.

"Now what was that about?", Ranma thought to himself as he watched
Nabiki walk away, while admiring the view.

"She is almost as cute as Akane, but with a sexier edge to her.", Ranma
thought as his eyes went wide with what he had just thought about the too

"Why would I think 'that' about 'them'?", Ranma mumbled to himself.


Looking on from her room in the temple, Urd caught a brief of Ranma's
thoughts and smiled.

"Now I wonder what could have caused him to think that?", she thought
to herself with a smile on her face, while already knowing the answer to that

Outside Urd's room, her sister Belldandy stood, with a slight frown
on her face. She had just received a message from one of the Valkries, that
she knew, that Urd has borrowed something that she shouldn't have. Belldandy
didn't like to interfere in her sister's life, but Urd sometimes had a
tendency to act at times without thinking. She meant well, most of the time,
but she tended to be reckless as well.

Belldandy sighed, knocked on her sisters door as she slid it open and
said, "Urd can we speak for little while?"

Urd smiled and tried to look sincere.

"What do you want to talk about Belldandy?", Urd said.

"I have heard that you have just returned from Asgard with something that
you borrowed from the archives.", Belldandy said.

"Oh.....Who did you here that from?", Urd said.

"A friends of mine, whose job it is to guard the archives.", Belldandy

"One of the Valkries then.", Urd said with a snort.

"She said that you borrowed the item in question without permission and
then ran away from the guards and even molested poor Thor before escaping.",
Belldandy said with a blush.

"I molested no one. All I did was kiss the poor fool. It's not my fault
he has such a low tolerance for affection. As if I would actually need to do that
to someone to get them to faint.", Urd said in no small modesty.

But why did you go to Asgard in the first place. It's not like you to do
something do reckless....well most of the time.", Belldandy said quietly.

"I need to help someone.", Urd said.

"Who is it?", Belldandy said, already knowing the answer.

"It's personal, I'd rather not talk about it.", Urd said.

"Urd, please I am your sister. If you need help with someone all you have
to do is ask.", Belldandy said as she put her hand on Urd's shoulder.

"It's very difficult to talk about. I need to correct some mistakes that
were made several years ago. Maybe then, 'she' will have a better life.", Urd
said to Belldandy.

"Who are you talking about Urd?", Belldandy asked.

"I am talking about my granddaughter, Hinako.", Urd said to Belldandy.

"Maybe this time she will finally tell me the whole story of what happened
sixty years ago.", Belldandy thought to herself.

"What!!! A granddaughter!!!", a high pitched voice yelled just outside
the door to Urd's room.

"So much for privacy.", Urd said as she watched her younger sister
Skuld enter her room without permission yet again.

Urd was still somewhat amused by the sight of her sister. The dye the
girl was covered with was resistant to magic and would take another 3 days to
wear off.

"What do you mean 'granddaughter' you old woman?", Skuld rudely said
to Urd.

"Mind you manners squirt, or next you turn plaid if you come in again
without permission.", Urd said with an almost evil grin on her face.

Skuld 'eeped' and jumped behind Belldandy, who could only shake her head
in frustration at the antics of her two sisters.


In a place far removed from Earth or Asgard for that matter, a young
woman with blond hair and wearing a curious leather outfit, was busy typing
away on a computer while lamenting her lot in life.

"Stupid, Lilith, stupid H-sama, everyone else gets to leave for the
day, but do I....Nooooo, I get stuck get doing paper work. Its bad enough I
haven't had a date in 300 years, but to stuck in the office for probably the
entire weekend. My life sucks.", the young woman thought to herself.

"Mara, come to my office.", A voice shouted out from behind the young
women, causing her to sigh audibly and rub a strange v-shaped scar on her

"What is it now Lilith?", Mara says with no small annoyance in her voice.

"Now that is no way to talk to your superior. You had best improve your
attitude little girl. After all your performance as of late regarding a certain
three goddesses has been rather pathetic.", Lilith chastised Mara.

"So what is it you want me to do?", Mara asked a suddenly smirking Lilith.

Lilith's formal light attitude seems to disappear suddenly and she looks
harshly at the younger demoness, causing Mara to flinch back.

"Something very important has recently come to my attention. Father, err..
I mean H-sama has requested that you and another be put in charge of retrieving
a run-away from Tartarus. To make things more interesting, you will be working
with an operative from Asgard.", Lilith said to Mara, who could only look on in
shock at that announcement.

"Who will I be working with?", Mara asked, hoping that it wasn't who she
thought it would be.

Lilith smiled evilly and said, "You will be working with your dear cousin
Urd of course."

A loud torturous screamed echoed throughout the hells for several minutes,
warming the hearts of the demons within. They weren't sure who was being
tortured, but they were impressed by the results.

"Are you done now?", an annoyed Lilith asked Mara.

"Why her?", Mara asked.

"Because Hild has a special hatred for the run-away in question and while
she trusts her daughter enough to capture the demon in question, she doesn't
trust you.", Lilith said with a smirk on her face.

"So who, or what is the run-away and why does ol' Hild hate the little
creature so much.", Mara asked.

"The creature's name is Xverfm. He is a demon fourth class of perversion.
As to why Hild wants him caught, well he.....", Hild whispers the rest to Mara.

"You must be joking. Everyone is in an uproar over that. There must be
more to it.", Mara said while not believing that she had to waste her time
retrieving such a useless creature.

"There is, but it would take far to long to explain, but I can tell you
this. If this creature is caught and the damage he has caused not cured, the
doublet system might be revoked and the heavens and hells will be at war with
each other for the first time in over 5000 years.", Lilith said to a now very
white and shaking Mara.

"You can't be serious?", Mara managed to squeak out.

"Very serious.", Lilith said ominously.

"So where is the demon presently hiding at.", Mara asked meekly.

"He is in a small, but very chaotic district of Tokyo, Japan,
know as Nerima. You are to meet with Urd at the temple she is living at and
proceed to Nerima. From what I have been told Kami-sama himself is contacting the
goddesses to let them know of your arrival, so you shouldn't need to worry
about being attacked.", Lilith said to Mara as the later prepared to leave
for midgard and her appointment with her "dear" cousin.

Mara appeared outside the temple where her, choke cousin lived and
was about to enter when a metallic clanking was hurt nearby and a strange
small, snowman, shaped robot stepped in front of her and began to point some
sort of tube-like weapon at her.

"Get lost you little junk pile, I have permission from Kami-sama himself
to be here.", Mara said to the little robot, who did not appear to believe her.

"Fine, you want to do things the hard way, be my guest.", Mara said as
a fireball began to form in her hand.

Inside the temple a loud series of "booms" were heard and three goddesses
and a mortal rushed out to see what was happening. They were further shocked to
see a large lightning bolt streak down from the heavens and forcibly separate
Mara from Skuld's 'pet' robot Banpei.

"A little late with the message aren't you?", Mara yelled to the sky.


Meanwhile back at the Tendo Dojo, dinner was ending and Ranma was
explaining to everyone present what had happened at school earlier and what
condition Ms. Hinako was in.

"So Ranma I heard that the little chi vampire got sick in your class
today and you had to take her to see Dr. Tofu.", Nabiki said.

"Nabiki, you should show more respect toward your teachers.", Nodoka

"Actually, it was worse than that. During class she stopped breathing
and her heart also stopped. She was actually dead for a short time, before I
used my ki to revive her.", Ranma said as the family now starred at him.

"You brought her back from the dead?", Nabiki almost screeched.

"My dear son, is so manly.", Nodoka gushed.

"So is she alright now Ranma?", Soun Tendo asked, somewhat surprising
everyone at the table.

"She will be for a week, after that I don't know.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean, Ranma.", Kasumi asked.

"Dr. Tofu wants me to come in each day for the next week with Ms. Hinako
and use my ki to help her survive, but he and the 'old ghoul' said that it
would only be effective for one week only.", Ranma said.

"What happens after that?", Kasumi asked.

"She will probably get weaker, and after a month Dr Tofu believes that she
will die.", Ranma said sadly, surprising himself and others.

"Of course she can not use her chi draining technique anymore. The strain
might kill her, so Dr. Tofu wants me to walk her back and forth from her home
to school, to make she that nothing happens to her.

"That's very noble of you son, I expect you will protect her to the best
of your abilities.", Nodoka said.

"Does Ono, err... I mean Dr. Tofu know why she has suddenly become so
ill?", Kasumi asked why blushing lightly.

"It's the old pervert's fault. When he taught her that technique it messed
up her ki some how. Whenever she drained a person, a little bit of her ki was
permanently lost. She has very little of her own ki left and it is draining
away. Stupid old man. Because of him she will probably die. If this is what
"Anything Goes" stands for I'm sure I want to be part of it any longer.", Ranma
said as everyone, except for Nodoka face faults hard.

"You can't be serious boy, think of the future of the school.", Genma
said in a panic.

"I can always create my own school.", Ranma said.

"No the schools must be joined.", Soun's girlish voice yells out.

"Ranma, you are at the age now, where you must begin to make some
important decisions about your life for yourself. Think carefully before
you give up the family's school though. Even if that disgusting old man has
shamed the school, you can still bring honor to it. Perhaps starting your own
branch of it, free from "his" teachings.", Nodoka said.

"I don't know, mom, but I'll think about it.", Ranma says much to the
delight of the two fathers who dance around the room singing about the schools'
being joined.

"Idiots...", Ranma sighs quietly to himself.

As the two foolish fathers are celebrating and Ranma is mumbling to
himself, Nabiki thinks about the videotape in her room that her underling
gave her today. She is not quite sure exactly what was happening in the park,
but from what Ranma has just said about Ms. Hinako's condition and what Ms.
Hinako said on how she is treated on the tape, Nabiki decides that maybe she
will just hold on to the tape for a while.

If Ms. Hinako does die, when then there will be no harm in selling the tape,
after all after all she does need to make money to support her family. At least
that is what she is trying to tell herself as she begins to feel somewhat sick to
her stomach for some reason.

Ranma looks over at Nabiki he asks her what she wanted to talk about earlier.
She tells him to forget about it for now. She will talk to him later if she needs
him. Ranma, used to Nabiki's rather callous attitude toward him, just ignores it
while wondering if there is anything he can do to hel save his teacher's life.

Authors Note:

Well here ends the first part of a new Ranma fic, which I hope will be a
little different from the crossover fics that people have read before. As you
might have guessed Ranma, Ms. Hinako, Urd and Mara will play larger roles in this
story that the rest of the Ranma and OMG characters probably will, but I can not
guarantee anything yet.

Next chapter will focus mainly on Urd and how she first met her husband
during the closing days of World War 2. It should be interesting. Hope you have
enjoyed what you have read so far.

Ryo Oki

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