STARGATE SG-1 / Battlestar Galactica CROSSOVER

"The Thirteenth Colony" series



Daniel exclaimed, "Jack, this changes everything we've ever thought, everything we ever knew about humanity!"

Jack smirked, "Ya think?"...

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Major General George Hammond, commander of the Star Gate Command (SGC) stared out from the Stargate control room. The see through glass window provided a certain was bulletproof and added a measure of protection while viewing the embarkation room and the Stargate.

General Hammond looked down at his premiere team, SG-1 consisting of Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and the Shol'va (traitor to the Goa'uld) Teal'c. Teal'c had been First Prime to a Goa'uld named Apophis until he betrayed him and abandoned his home world in order to join the SGC and one day find a way of delivering his people from slavery to the Goa'uld.

The team waited for the dial in sequence from the control room to complete. At the completion of the dial in sequence, a wormhole was formed that would take them literally to an another world.

Samantha or "Sam" as her teammates called her, spoke to Jack "Sir, MALP telemetry reports conditions are favorable on P2S89G."
"More trees, Carter?" Jack asked.

"Chevron Six encoded." Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman, the diminutive, but exceptionally competent gate room attendant's voice filled the air. A round circle made of a unique metal called naquadah made scraping noises as it circled center turned clockwise every few seconds

"Ugh, Yes sir." Sam answered.

"Chevron Six locked." Walter announced. Following his voice a sharp clang of metal on metal as the sixth chevron locked into place.

"Well, this trip might be useful, besides the abandoned pyramid there is also a temple about a mile away." Daniel interjected.

"Chevron Seven encoded," Walter continued, oblivious to the conversation below him.

Teal'c interjected "Things are not always as they seem, Daniel Jackson."

"You expecting trouble, Teal'c?" Jack asked.

Teal'c turned to his commanding officer and friend with his patented slight cock of his head, a raised eyebrow and said "One can not be too prepared. The Goa'uld do not abandon a planet without good reason."

"Chevron Seven locked." Walter finished his diatribe with emphasis.

Dramatically, a swirling vortex that resembled an explosion of water shot forth from the ring of the Stargate in a massive wall, giving the illusion of an explosion of water. The massive fountain was the same size of the inner portion of the ring and extended several feet from the Stargate. Unlike water that would continue to expand outward, after only a few moments it fell back in on itself and came back to rest smoothly against the inner portion of the ring. The event horizon formed a doorway to other destinations.

The "gate" as it was sometimes referred too, broke all matter down for transport to another planet anywhere the proper sequence was dialed in. At the other side, another gate instantaneously received the transmission and reintegrated the matter in milliseconds. The result is an instantaneous trip to another planet. Upon reintegration of matter, a cold layer of frost formed on all outer surfaces of an object or person.

Stargate travel had become commonplace for them. After so many missions to planets all over the galaxy the impressive sight became routine.

"SG-1, good luck" General Hammond said into the microphone.

SG-1 turned a bit to see the general and the active duty air force officers saluted smartly, Daniel waved, and Teal'c merely dipped his head in a slight nod of acknowledgement.

"O.K. campers, lets go look at some trees." Jack said.

With that, the four explorers entered the event horizon of the Stargate and immediately disappeared.


There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across

the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of

the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. That they may have been the

architects of the great pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or


Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens.

Deep within uncharted interstellar space, a girlish voice broadcasted to her intended audience. Rigel, a cute woman in her late forties poured over the information flowing across the monitor of her Flight Control station, a station located on the bridge of the gigantic ship. She had manned since her original tour aboard the Battlestar Galactica. "Section twelve, Launch Bay Alpha standby to launch fighter probe, acknowledge?"

Inside the launch bay of the Galactica, two pilots seated themselves in their respective viper fighters. Each pilot was dressed in a dark brown coat and tan long sleeve shirt and pants. Their ensemble was completed with dark brown belt, black holster with a standard issue Colonial "laser" pistol, and knee-high dark brown boots. Each pilot wore a helmet that closely resembled an Egyptian headdress. Mounted atop the helmets and position just forward was an eagle that represented the designation of the viper pilots base ship.

Both pilots began their pre-flight checks. When each pilot was satisfied all was in order their respective canopy closed with an audible whirring sound. The sound echoed throughout the immense flight bay of Alpha Landing bay.

Both pilots responded to the unseen Rigel's request. "Acknowledged."

Rigel continued, "Section twelve, Launch Bay Alpha, transferring vector coordinates, coded and transferred, acknowledge?"

Starbuck looked downward at his instruments, saw the amber light acknowledging that the codes were confirmed loaded, "Acknowledged input, recorded and functioning."

Viper's engines could were heard throughout the launch bay as both fighters primed for take off. Steam from the launch tube could be seen near the bottom of the fighters rising lazily into the air.

Rigel continued "Core systems transferring controls to probe craft, launch when ready."

The pilot's only acknowledgement to the launch command was the colonial viper engines white-hot flames that exploded from the three rear engines like a supernova. First one viper, then another took off at impossible speeds, and rocketed down the triangular launch tube.

Two bridge officers sat riveted to their seats as the ship's internal monitors captured the images of the launch for them. The launching of a Colonial Viper was living work of art, a technological beauty.

Transition from the launch bay to space was a nearly seamless one and both vipers quickly gained speed as they traveled through the launch tube. By the time the viper exited into the vacuum of space it had already attained very high supersonic speeds. The inertia dampners strained as the craft went from zero speed to speeds well past MACH eight, as measured in an atmosphere. Both vipers quickly exited the launch tube as evidenced by the sound sonic boom that followed behind them. As suddenly as the trip through the launch tube had begun, it was over. Soon afterward the only thing that could be heard throughout the launch bay was the quiet humming of machinery throughout the immense bay and technicians working on their various assignments and spacecraft.

From the bridge of the Galactica, Rigel reported the pair of viper's progress. "Short range beacon, on and functioning. Recon vipers one and two report light speed and accelerating."

Commander Apollo turned to face his executive officer and wife Colonel Sheba. Apollo had married Sheba not long after that mission when he and Starbuck had infiltrated the lone Cylon base ship. She was still as lovely as ever. After their daughter had been born Sheba became part of the command staff on the bridge, but she still maintained her prowess in a viper as a reserve viper pilot. Although command was not her first love, she realized that her children, Boxey and Hera needed a mother and her more than a viper. Dietra, the beautiful ebony viper pilot that could out fly a good many men would shake her head at Sheba. Dietra was a career woman that was so focused on her duties and love of flying that she more than once commented negatively on what she called "Sheba's old fashioned ideals". This had caused a rift between the two warriors that had lasted for over twenty yahren.

Regardless of what other women thought, Sheba felt honor bound to raise her children instead of someone else. It was her responsibility and she took it seriously.

Apollo said, "Hopefully Starbuck and Hera will be able to track down where those strange signals are coming from."

Sheba asked, "You still think those signals we discovered awhile back might have come from Earth?"

Apollo shrugged his shoulders "We'll see. I have been reading a lot lately on the Book of the Word my father cherished so much. The language is the same. Perhaps the Thirteenth tribe still uses the ancient language?"

Sheba said, "I hope so, it took Athena and the computer techs two sectans to load the ancient language into our systems."

Apollo nodded his head and said, "We should be able to decipher any new signals we receive."

Sheba frowned, "I hope so, what we deciphered from the other recordings doesn't make any sense. Maybe Athena and her group got the translations wrong?"

Apollo smirked, albeit grimly, "Perhaps, but we need to be prepared."

"But seriously, "Those transmissions kept going on and on about System Lords and their empire. It's hard to believe that Earth might have developed differently, without a democracy."

"I know, but since the thirteenth colony has had no contact with our civilization it would have evolved independently from our twelve colonies. It's not totally unexpected that they would have developed their own language and point of reference. As for an empire, who knows, we will just have to take this one step at a time."

For the past two sectans the colonial fleet had picked up strange communications on their primary communications circuits. These signals were strangely worded in the old Kobollian language and resembled greatly ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, in addition to voice transmissions in the ancient tongue. Even the handy languatrons used by pilots to help translate unknown languages were not very helpful with this complex language.

These signals have given the fleet great hope as word spread amongst the two hundred and twenty odd ships. Certain anticipation had swept through the fleet that they were nearing what seemed to be the end of their journey to locate the planet Earth. It was their hope that Earth had retained her heritage and would be strong enough to help them fight the Cylon Empire. What could they really do but wait and hope for the best?

As Commander of the fleet, Apollo had been sending out more frequent patrols in hopes of discovering more information that might shed some light on this new development.

Sheba smiled thinly and said, "Hope she'll be all right?" Sheba referred to her daughter, Starbucks wing-man on patrols. Starbuck had helped to raise Hera and was an extension of his own family.

Apollo smiled and put an encouraging arm around his wife. "Don't worry, Starbuck will take care of our daughter."

Not totally convinced she says "I know she's a warrior now, it's just she's our baby!"

Apollo soothed "Hey, she's not just any warrior, she graduated at the top of the class, remember? She'll be fine."

Sheba playfully elbowed her husband in the stomach. He smiled in return and put his arm around her shoulder, not caring whom noticed.


Upon arriving on the planet that was computer designated P2S89G, SG-1 had first checked out the inside of the stone pyramid, then they would focus on the temple. The Stargate was at the rear-most end of the pyramid in a large antechamber. SG-1 turned their flashlights on as soon as the wormhole on the Stargate disengaged casting the room immediately into total darkness.

Daniel waved his flashlight around the room and huffed. "Just as I thought, no markings of any kind. Definitely a Goa'uld landing platform." The team walked around to the front of the DHD (Dial Home Device) and saw the ramp that led to the outside of the pyramid. If conditions were similar as on their first mission to the planet Abydos, the only thing inside would be the typical transport rings imbedded into the ceiling of the stone pyramid.

Daniel explored the ceiling as he waved his flashlight upward. Soon he found what he had been looking for. Above his head a closed aperture that housed transport rings in the ceiling.

"Daniel?" Jack called.

"Yeah?" Daniel answered.

"What do you see?" Jack questioned.

"Just what we thought. Except the pyramid walls here are a lot wider than the pyramid on Abydos."

Jack said, "Yeah, I know, I wonder if ole "Ra" drove his car through the Stargate?"

Ra was the self-proclaimed ruler of Earth at one time. Actually he was an alien that took a human as a host. With Ra's technology and human body he was able to live an indefinite life span. Ra enslaved the humans of Earth and also shipped thousands off world. Some became hosts for Ra's race, the Goa'uld, some became the warrior caste known as Jaffa, who served the Goa'uld, and the rest were seeded amongst the stars as slaves. After the people of Earth rebelled and buried their Stargate Ra abandoned the Earth.

Smiling, Jack continued. "O.k. let's head over to the temple and collect your rocks."

Daniel muttered to himself "If he calls artifacts rocks just one more time…"

Jack decided to push Daniels emotional "buttons" one more time, "You say something Danny?"

Daniel not taking the bait walked on in silence. Teal'c and Sam match pace with Jack. Sam passed her commanding officer and frowned at him showing her disapproval. Shrugging Jack asked "What?" Sam knowing better just shook her head and moved on. Where as Teal'c ignored his commanding officer's sarcasm all together except for his patented raising of his eyebrow.


Onboard the Battlestar Galactica, Omega adjusted his scanner with a detached resignation. It was not like him to feel this way. He was just so tired of running from the Cylons. In his older age he mused, "I just want to find Earth or some other rock and settle down. To see a sunrise, maybe grow mushies".

The Colonial fleet had entered a new quadrant of space that should not have had any Cylon outpost, however, one never knew when the Cylons would find them again and attack. He sighed again. "Oh! Well! At least it's pretty much quiet." He thought to himself.

That was when his scanner beeped at him. "Huh?" He thought to himself "No." Omega got Apollo's attention "Commander?"

Apollo had been talking with Colonel Sheba and turned to Omega and asked, "Yes. What is it?" Omega checked his readouts. "Sir, scanners picking up a massive distortion wave in gamma sector." Apollo said, "Good Lord, not more Cylons!"

Sheba interjected "That's all we need."

Apollo continued "Is that distortion wave similar to the electronic camoflauge the Cylons used twenty yahrens ago to hide their attack fleet during the destruction of the colonies?"

Omega checked his readout, then replied "No, sir. This is entirely different. Some kind of gravimetric disturbance, I'm unable to get any clearer readings at this distance. Whatever it is, its power output is enormous."

Apollo furrowed his brows and said, "Could that be an ion storm?"

Shaking his head, "No, sir, composition is all wrong for that, and the distortions signature would be spread out to at across part of a star system, not localized to this one region of space."

"Omega, could the scanners be picking up power output from a ship?" Sheba posed.

Omega hands flashed across his instruments. "Can't tell at this range, but the probability of it is high. With a power output like that, I hate to think what it could do to the Galactica."

Apollo paused "Hmmn." He said absently. "Let's find out more about this. Starbucks long-range patrol will have been in their sleep mode for the past sixty centons now. Guess we should wake him up."

Sheba grimaced. "Glad I'm not on patrol with him, you know how cranky he gets when he doesn't get enough sleep."

Apollo let a small smile creep onto his face. After many yahren of flying with Starbuck, Apollo had gotten used to his…ways. It seemed the older that Starbuck got, the more cantankerous he could be.

Apollo turned to his younger sister Athena and asked "Have Starbuck and Hera check this distortion out. Tell them to keep a safe distance away till they know what they are dealing with.". At hearing her name she glanced up at her older brother and commander. Athena nodded and keyed her instrument panel to contact the vipers.

Starbuck and Hera were in sleep mode, a form of hibernation that was intended to reduce the amount of air and fuel their fighters needed during prolonged patrols. Typically long range patrols consumed much of the small star ships resources. Hibernation allowed the viper fighters to travel beyond their normal range of flying.

An electronic beeping noise sounded twice, then twice more.

Starbuck was jolted awake. "Huh?"

The continuous signal would continue to announce until Starbuck manually flipped a switch.

Starbuck shook his head and tried to clear the remnants of sleep from his hibernation. Looking at his communications panel he saw that it was alerting him to an incoming coded transmission from the Galactica.

"Hera! You got this?" Starbuck asked.

"Huh? What?" Hera groggily began to stir from her own hibernation. Starbuck was like an uncle to his best friend's daughter and military protocol never stopped their friendship.

Starbuck was well into middle age now and had not bothered concealing some of the signs of that process. His blonde hair was still full but had turned a dark brown in color. That, and a perpetual week of stubble of beard lent Starbuck the grizzled, weather-beaten air of a veteran pilot who had seen everything, and now that twenty-five yahrens had passed, was regarded as one of the best there'd ever been.

Starbuck's keyed his computer in order to obtain a secure narrow band transmission with the Galactica. When Starbuck called over to Hera's viper, his computer automatically began raising the life-support levels.

Hera was the total image of what her mother and her maternal grandmother Bethany had looked like at the same age, except for her hair being lighter and more blonde than brown in color. She had a trace of her maternal grandfather Commander Cain in her as well, a quick-edged, decisive temperament that had earned her the highest marks of all the cadets in her graduating class from the Warrior Training School. After only four sectars on active duty as Second Lieutenant, she already had shown signs of determination to become the best warrior of her generation.

Athena's voice could be heard coming in over both vipers' communication channels. "Recon probe one and two, this is Galactica Core Command. Come in."

Starbuck keyed his microphone "Frack, Athena I was just in my sleep mode!"

Athena cut in "Can it fly boy, the Galactica's scanners are picking up a massive distortion wave in your sector. Core Command wants you to check it out. Sending you the vector coordinates now. Apollo wants you to exercise caution."

Smiling Starbuck said, "Apollo is just jealous that I'm going to make first contact with Earth instead of him."

Hera cut in. "uhhh, hmmm. "WE" are making first contact."

"Excuse me, Lieutenant, "WE" will make first contact." Hera silently nodded 'yes' to herself.

Athena laughed, "All right, show off, but be careful, we still don't know what we're dealing with."

"Will do." Starbuck said.

'Beep.' Both vipers registered the coordinates that were received by the Galactica.

Hera interrupted. "Got it." Then to Starbuck "Come on Starbuck, let's go."

Starbuck mockingly said "That's Captain Starbuck to you lieutenant."

Laughing she said "Yes, sir, Captain, sir." Then she threw a mocking salute in the air.

Smiling, both pilots pushed the button on the center of their joystick and white-hot flames shot forth from the rear of their ships engines as they accelerated exponentially into the night.



A Goa'uld pyramid ship suddenly emerged from of hyperspace. The pyramid space ship slowed as it arrived at the outer edges of the star system.

"My Lord Heru'Ur, we have arrived." A Jaffa announced. These genetically altered humans, were at least twice as strong as a normal human, resistant to all disease, and a doubled lifespan ensured a perfectly healthy warrior race, serving the Goa'ould. So complete in their belief that the Goa'ould were gods, only one Jaffa in the thousands of years that the Goa'ould System Lords reigned ever rebelled, Teal'c.

Heru'Ur was a rather nasty Goa'uld. Genetically speaking he was the Goa'ould symbiote, child of Ra and Hathor. Jack O'Neill would say "Nice pedigree". However, there was nothing nice about this particular Goa'uld.

"Excellent, enter orbit and prepare to land the ship." Inwardly he thought. "I shall use this planet my father abandoned long ago. It will be my secret base with which I will build my forces in order to challenge Apophis."

Apophis was the rival 'god' among the Goa'uld. For millennium he was Ra's rival who ruled the night. Well, according to the Egyptian book of the dead. However, thanks to SG-1 Apophis had lost everything and in one fell swoop of luck regained more than he previously had. After killing Sokar, another Goa'uld, this one called himself the devil; Apophis had gained an enormous army and weaponry.

As the pyramid ship traveled toward the only habitable planet in the system, its sensors detected two spaceships.

"My lord?" Another Jaffa warrior responds.

Heru'Ur easily agitated demanded, "What is it?"

"My lord, two space ships are approaching our position at very fast speeds."

"Are they gliders?"

"No, my lord, I have never seen fighters of this class. Their power source is totally unknown to us."

Without thinking Heru'Ur lips curled in devious glee, "Destroy them."

The Jaffa noded and then targeted the two ships.


Starbuck and Hera approached the coordinates the Galactica gave them. Starbuck noticed something different though. Instead of seeing a distortion there as he had expected, there was an object that was on a course to enter orbit of the planet just ahead of them. He checked his instruments against what his eyes told him and said "Target."

Hera checked her scanner and said, "I see it. What is it?"

"It looks like a pyramid." Starbuck said.

"Could that be an Earth ship?" Hera ventured.

"Don't know, but I am registering an immense power source but not the distortion wave the Galactica detected."

"Maybe their friendly?" Hera offered, thinking these newcomers could be from Earth.

Starbuck started to respond. "Well, I…uh…"

Just then a bright flash erupted from the pyramid. A tremendous beam of energy shot toward them.

"Look out!" Starbuck shouted. His reflexes were so honed to decades of star flight and a familiarity with his viper, he was able to bank sharply left and forcibly push Hera's viper out of the path of the destructive beam. With a sickening crunch Hera's ship escaped certain doom, however, Starbuck was not so lucky. Starbucks viper had received terrible damage to the entire left side of his ship. In addition, the beam of energy passed by his viper so close the entire right side of his viper was scorched black, fusing parts of his hull in the process. What Starbuck did not know was that the worst of it were still to come.

Starbuck's viper rocketed forward, spiraling dramatically end over end in circles, and with his y axis circling sharply round and round. By instinct and with great effort he slowed the pitch and yaw of his viper. "Ugghh." Starbuck groaned to himself. Good thing he had not eaten his primaries prior to leaving. His ships inertia dampners strained under the severe speeds and constantly changing directions of the ship. The G-forces nearly sent him into unconsciousness.

Hera's ship was damaged and her right low engine was completely destroyed. Hera quickly shut the power to her engines down. She visually scanned her instruments for damage. "Everything seemed all right…wait!" the fuel gauges for the Tylieum tanks were falling fast. Although she could not see the fuel venting into space, the viper's fuel gages registered it all. Hera frantically shut down her precious fuel supply of tylieum. She checked her gauges. "Felgercarb!" she spat out. Her viper had lost half its fuel load and the controls were sluggish. Fortunately the volatile Tylieum did not catch fire or the result would have destroyed her more completely than the alien's weapons.

"Starbuck?" Hera called into the microphone built into her helmet. When she didn't hear anything she checked her scanner and found him several thousand hectars ahead of her.

There was a tiny moan. Again she called out "Starbuck? You okay?"

Starbuck managed to right his viper but it seemed to stagger sideways, to and fro, like a drunken warrior walking down a street. Electrical circuits had burned and the acrid stench of burnt electronics wafted up on tiny columns of smoke. This time he answered "Hera! Get out of here!"

Hera shook her head and said "Uh, uh. No way I'm leaving you!"

Through his pain, Starbuck could only think about his best friends daughters safety, "Hera!" Starbuck yelled, "Get outta here! That's an order."

"No, way captain."

"Hera, listen to me! My vipers had it. I can only fly in a straight line and barely that."

"No!" she said.

"Hera! You have got to get back and warn the Galactica! The fleet would be a sitting duck!"

The no non-sense warrior in her realized he was right, Hera resigned herself to her duty and simply asked, "What about you?"

Starbuck calmly told her "Simple, I'm going to head for that planet ahead of us and try to land. With any luck you can return with blue squadron and a shuttle."

"Starbuck? I, uh" she stammered, unable to say what was on her heart.

Interpreting correctly, Starbuck smile crreeped through his countenance, "Yeah, me too, kid. Good luck."

Hera exhaled and finally said, "See ya soon." With that she rerouted her fuel supply to the two good engines, said a silent prayer that both engines would start. Pressing the two square yellow buttons she primed her engines, then she activated the Tylieum conversion process. Both engines expelled a momentary blast of thrust. Just as quickly both engines exhaust faded out. Hera's ship rocked with convulsions so bad that it threatened to jar her apart from the inside out. Hera tried again with the desired results. White-hot exhaust from the viper's engines thrust her forward at extreme velocity.

She swung her ship in a 180 degree turn and sped back home as fast her damaged viper would let her.


Heru'Ur asked the Jaffa warrior manning the scanner console. "Did we destroy both ships?"

"No, my lord. Both ships evaded the beam, however, both ships appear to be severely damaged. One ship is headed toward the planet and the other has turned and fled."

Heru'Ur thought about that. "Send out two pair of Udajeet gliders. I want that pilot headed toward us brought before me and destroy that other ship!"

"Yes, my lord."


As soon as Hera had departed the solar system, she depressed her distress signal and tried to reach the Galactica.


Onboard the bridge of the Galactica, Athena was monitoring long-range communications and received the distress signal. Turning to face her brother she said, "Apollo, were receiving a distress call from recon viper two."

Both Apollo and Sheba's started at Athena's announcement. Apollo ordered "Patch it up here to my monitor." Inwardly, Apollo felt a feeling of doom come over him. It was the same feeling on that fateful day that his younger brother, Zac had accompanied him on a "routine" patrol. On the eve of the so-called "Armistice" with the Cylons. Apollo was forced to leave his brother behind while he raced ahead to warn the fleet. Zac's viper was destroyed just short of the fleet. That disaster haunted some of Apollo's dreams, even now.

All of his thoughts happened in a micron. Apollo focused on his daughter's voice coming over the receiver.

Athena nodded and relayed the signal to Apollo's monitor. Apollo and Sheba heard their daughter's voice, "Recon viper two calling the Galactica, emergency, come in, over."

Apollo depressed the communications button and said "Recon probe two, we read you."

Hera was shaken but managed to continue "Recon probe is under attack by unknown alien ship. Starbuck's viper was crippled and he is trying to land on a nearby planet."

Apollo and Sheba exchanged serious looks with each other. Apollo asked, "Hera, what's your status?"

"My right low engine is completely destroyed and I have lost half my fuel. The controls are sluggish."

"Hera, is the alien ship following you?"

Hera looked down at her instruments. After checking her scanner she replied "Negative."

"All right lieutenant, get back here as fast as you can. Blue Squadron will rendezvous with you."

"Understood." She said.

Apollo ordered in a loud voice "Battle stations! Prepare to launch Blue Squadron and a rescue shuttle." The soft white lights on the bridge menacingly turned red and a blaring klaxon sound the general quarters.

As SG-1 hiked through the woods toward the temple, Teal'c heard a faint noise in the distance, similar to thunder and had enough time to warn Jack, "O'Neill" ! The team turned their heads looked about in all directions.

"Strange", Teal'c thought. "The birds are silent yet the sound gets louder." Now everyone heard the high-pitched noise behind the team, followed by a sonic boom.

Jack turned to Teal'c and had been about to respond, when Sam yelled "Over there!" she pointed. In the sky, behind them, they saw an object in flames as it descends. A trail of smoke followed behind the space ship for many miles. SG-1 followed the path of the alien space ship as it passed low overhead and crashed into the woods not too far from the temple.

A final cacophony of noise punctuated the forest and then silence settled back in.

Jack shook his head exasperated at the near miss of a falling unidentified flying object and exclaimed, "What the hell was that?"

Sam tryied being helpful responded, "It looks like a space ship crashed into the woods, sir."

Blinking at her blatantly obvious statement, Jack turned to stare at Sam for moment. "Ya think?"

"All right." Jack mentally switched mental ball caps from fun loving hiker/space explorer to no nonsense Colonel, U.S. Air Force "Two teams. Carter and Daniel head back to the gate. Tell Hammond what we just saw and request a medical team and backup SG teams with anti-air launchers, Teal'c and I will try to see who is in that ship. No telling who shot that ship down." Jack then pointed back towards the pyramid and shouted, "Go!"



"Uggghh" Starbuck groaned. Starbuck felt cold and shivered uncontrollably "Frack!" he said in frustration. "Your one fine pilot Captain. Got shot down again." Looking out toward the nose of the craft he noticed that the dirt was level and partially buried the top of his viper's nose.

He shivered again. Starbuck turned his head and viewed what he could of the landscape beyond. Trees for the most part lined every direction. Starbuck looked first to the left then to the right and thought "That's odd why am I so cold, it doesn't look that cold outside." The forest was silent now, the trees waved gently by the unseen wind. Knowing that appearances can be deceiving he decided to check his instruments. Looking downward at his instruments he noticed that all power for his ship was out. "That's just wonderful!" as he smacked the instrument console.

Something wet trickled down his face and ran the length of his nose. "Great, is it raining too?" Starbuck looked upward and past the canopy of his viper. He saw white puffy clouds and clear skies. Looking down he noticed the trickle of wetness had ran down his nose and landed on his warrior's tunic. Blood. 'Uh oh, I must be going into shock.' Starbuck removed his helmet and took note of the severe blood stained gash on his helmet. Then he set the helmet down in front of him. With the back of his coat sleeve he wiped his forehead and instantly regretted it. He cried out "Frack! That hurts!" He tried to pop the canopy on his fighter. Nothing! "Uh! Frack!" That was the precise moment he felt dizzy. He tried the manual release again. Nothing. "The canopy mechanism must be jammed." He thought.

His vision swam in and out of focus. Trying harder to focus his vision he only succeeded in clouding it further. The last thing he had sense to do before losing consciousness was push the button for his distress beacon. He hoped if nothing else that worked and then he fully succumbed to unconsciousness and slumped forward onto his ships instruments.


Hera raced at nearly half the speed of light, but it still was not nearly fast enough to out fly anyone whom might be pursuing her. She had a feeling her life depended on getting as far away from that alien ship as possible. "Felgercarb!" she said. "Come on, move you bucket of bolts!" she thought.

The computer bleeped an alarm, twice for her attention.

Hera looked down and saw two small spacecraft on her scanners, approaching fast. "Uh oh". Flipping several switches she activated her war book and adjusted the scanner's search parameters, hoping to identify the space ships. A few centons later and she had her answer. This was a totally new class of fighter. "Frack! The aliens must have changed their mind and decided they want to play." She grimly said.

Trying to coax her ship a little faster she smacked the dash of the instrument panel and said "Come on, baby. Let's go!" The alien ships closed on position fast.


Onboard the Galactica Apollo paced the length of his bridge, and checked his chronometer. "Omega, how soon till blue squadron reaches recon probe two?"

Omega checked his readouts "In about ten centons, sir."



Darkness filled the pyramid with the exception for the flashlights that illuminated eerily off stonewall. All was quiet except for a metal scraping noise every few seconds. This sound was followed by a sharp clang of metal on metal.

A brilliant light filled the ante-chamber as the Stargate activated again. As the event horizon glistened, light danced along its surface. It resembled what lake water looked like if one sat at the bottom of a lake and watched the sunlight filter down below.

A squat remote drone, the Field Remote Expeditionary Device rolled on six wheels into the pyramid antechamber. F.R.E.D. as it was known by, which carried their anti-air missiles and other supplies. Then four forms began to coalesce into human like appearance. Then four more, and finally another four stepped through. SG units three and eleven, along with the medical staff had arrived.

Colonel Makepeace said. "All right SG 3, secure F.R.E.D. Doctor, you and the corpsman form up in our rear. SG11?"

"Sir" Captain O'Connor replied.

"Captain, secure the Stargate, no one in or out. And Captain?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Anything comes through that ring other than an SG team, shoot first and ask questions later, got it?" Makepeace said.

"YES, SIR!" then Captain O'Connor saluted the colonel.

Makepeace returned the salute and faced the other SG teams "ALL RIGHT! MOVE OUT!" He yelled.


Jack and Teal'c ran at a faster than usual clip. As they rounded the path that led to the temple they could see about two hundred yards to the east smoke slowly rising.

They adjusted their course and covered the remaining distance quickly. Both Jack and Teal'c slowed down as they closed the remaining distance. Weapons held ready but downward as they walked circumspect around the crashed ship. The tubular designs of the engines were strangely placed equilaterally in triangle delta shape. Off of each engine, a wing was placed in a tri-wing fashion. The top engine wing went upward in a perpendicular motion. The left and right engine had wings that slanted off the sides at forty five-degree angles. Just ahead of the engines lay a triangular cockpit holding one seat. The rest of the space ship was a long tube shape that extended fifteen feet. The ship was severely damaged and it was obvious that it would never fly again. The right side of the craft was scorched completely black and some portions of the hull seemed to be fused. If it's possible the left side looked worse. The lower left engine was crushed inward and most of the wing was sheared off. O'Neill whistled and said, "That must be one hell of a pilot to get down in one piece." Teal'c nodded his head and said, "Indeed."

As they reached the front of the ship, looking beyond the ship they saw the path of destruction the ship took on it's decent. The path was a mile long scrape of raw dirt and overturned trees, and bushes that indicated where the ship first touched down.

Unknown to both of them, underneath the crashed ship was a small pocket of earth that had been collecting a slow leak from the damaged fuel cells of the alien ship.

"Wow." Jack said.

Teal'c nodded his agreement.

"You think whoever that is could have survived?"

"We will not know unless we recover the pilot."

Warily, they approached the cockpit of the alien fighter. Peering inside they could see through canopy a human figure slumped over inside. They could not see the aliens face, but the helmet that was resting on the instrument panel resembled an ancient Egyptian headdress. The helmet had an ugly gash in it and was blood stained. Jack looked up at Teal'c and asked.

"Friend of yours?"

"The ship and uniform are of an unfamiliar design. Perhaps this is a new design the Goa'uld are developing. If so, it is radically different from any design I am familiar with."

Jack cocked his head to one side and said "Well, he ain't getting any younger, let's see if we can't figure out how to open this cockpit."

After several unsuccessful attempts Jack swore and sat down beside the craft. Finally Teal'c said "O'Neill, you may want to move a considerable distance away while I attempt to destroy the locking mechanism on this ship."

With no other warning Teal'c activated the blast lance and the tip of the weapon that was shaped in the form of a pod. Two parts of the lance spilt apart and separated in the middle to reveal a thick gun barrel. Jack knowing what to expect said "Whoa, just a second, O.K.?"

Teal'c dipped his head in acknowledgement and also moved to a safe distance. Taking careful aim he activated the lance and a blast of energy destroyed the lock. With a whirring sound the cockpit opened quickly, then made several clicking noises and stopped about halfway up.

Both ran over to the cockpit and with their combined strength forced the cockpit upright all the way.

"Careful." O'Neill said. Gently lifted the pilot's hair matted to his bloodied forehead which revealed a middle aged human with a nasty cut and blood matting down his hair. "Teal'c?"

Teal'c answered, "I do not sense a symbiote within him, O'Neill."

"Good, I hate those guys." Referring to the Goa'ould.

"Should we not try and remove him."

"Nah" O'Neill said. "If we do and he has a fracture in his neck or spine we could paralyze him."

Jack depressed the send button on his radio held firm in his vest pocket. "Carter, where you at, over."

The radio crackled. "Sir, the other SG teams have arrived and are enroute. ETA five minutes."
"Roger that. Tell Doc Fraiser that the pilot appears human and he looks bad. He's unconscious and slumped over on his instruments. The pilot must have removed his helmet before he passed out. There's blood all over his helmet and his face."

"Colonel?" Dr. Fraiser said. "Don't move him, you could aggravate his injuries further."

"Understood." Jack said.

Silently two Goa'uld death gliders descended into the planets atmosphere. The gliders dispatched from Heru'ur's pyramid space ship had picked up the distress signal that Starbucks emergency beacon was broadcasting.

In moments they would home in on that signal and capture the human fighter.

Very quickly the other SG team arrived along with the doctor and corpsman. The medical team immediately went to work while SG3 formed a protective flank around the crash site warily guarding against the unknown. After a few minutes the corpsman had placed neck and back braces on the injured pilot and safely moved the pilot to a combat stretcher.

Sam took out her portable scanning equipment from her pack. After turning the unit on she walked the perimeter around the crashed ship waving her scanner up and down in the air.

Jack asked her. "Carter, any radiation?"

"Uh, lets not stay long, sir." She said.

Then Sam noticed something else and tentatively sniffed the air "Does anyone else smell that?"

Daniel paused and smelled the air also. "Hey, that smells like some kind of chemical."

"Uh-oh!" Sam thought. "Yeah! Like Fuel!"

Snapping his head around Jack asked. "What?"

Turning to Jack she said "Colonel, I suggest we get out of here as soon as possible. There might be a fuel leak that could catch fire any second."

O'Neill took charge "All right people, move out, quick."

Dr. Fraiser asked, "Just one more minute colonel his injuries are severe."

Turning to the doctor he said. "Doctor, if that thing blows there's not gonna be anyone left to help that pilot. We're leaving. Now!" Jack stopped mid-stride, turned and ran back to the crashed ship. Jack reached into the cockpit and grabbed the helmet and ran to catch up with the group.

Leaving when they did was the only thing that saved their lives. As the group had only walked about seventy-five yards from the crash site, they all heard the familiar sound of two Goa'uld gliders.

The pair of death gliders sped toward their target and could see several human forms running from the crashed ship. Meta the leader of the pair, knew this was very bad. If the primitive humans on this planet manage to get away with their "prize" it would surely mean their death sentence. Without a single word to his wing-mate he activated his ships weapons. His wing-mate came to the same conclusion a moment later and did likewise.

"O'Neill." Teal'c said pointing into the air behind them.

"Run!" Jack screamed.

And they did. No one even stopped running to return fire at the gliders.

"Run for the tree line!" Yelled Makepeace. "Over here! Follow ME!"

The gliders opened the blasters on their ships and dropped low for their first strafing run. Goa'uld blasters resembled the staff weapon that Teal'c carried, however, its firepower was far greater.

Hellacious Blasters fire rained down in successive rounds, all around the crash site, pounding the earth, as well as their ears with multiple sonic reverberations of their energy release. A blast reached the spilt fuel and the ground shuddered terribly in response. Dirt and the alien ships debris rose high into the air. Area around the temple shook violently as everyone was thrown to the ground except Teal'c who managed to steady the stretcher as the corpsman tried to regain there footing. Smell of ozone lingering around the pinned down SG teams.


Another dual bleep alarm from Hera's fighter announced the pursurer's were gaining on her and more importantly, still pursuing her.

Hera's fighter raced toward her base ship in the hope of outrunning her pursuers, whoever, they were. "Come on!" She banged her fist against the side of her cockpit. Her instruments showed that the alien fighters were almost on top of her.

Light exploded outside her ship, followed by a silent shockwave of the blast that threw her forward in her seat. If her safety harness had not been in place she would have hurt herself when she slammed into her console. "Uggh." She moaned. Hera tried every evasive maneuver she was ever taught, but to no avail.

Another explosion, followed by a loud crackling noise inside her cockpit, then another explosion and her ships lighting dimmed and then flickered before she was able to stabilize the energy surge. "That was close." She said.

Inwardly she wondered where blue squadron was. "Recon probe two calling the Galactica, I'm in trouble, where's Blue Squadron?"

Another crackling shockwave hit her ship, followed by half her electronic equipment exploding in a shower of sparks. Her ships primary energizer had been blown in that last attack. Quickly she brought the auxiliary power online. Her viper's instruments on her came back on, although not as bright as before. Her vipers engine output was reduced drastically. The viper had enough power for short-range communications, limited fire control for her lasers, partial power to engines, and thrust control, which controlled the pitch and yaw of the craft.

She had used every evasive maneuver she could think of and others that would have impressed her instructors back at the Academy. She checked her speed and saw that her ship was only traveling at one-quarter of light speed!

Hera realized she could not reach the fleet by giving these aliens target practice at a slow moving object. She turned her ship to starboard and rolled two times, then downward. 'Crack!' 'Crack!'

"That's it." She said with final resignation. "If I am going out, it's not without a fight." Hera prepared to activate her electronic braking flaps and reverse engines when the miraculous happened; the explosions stopped. Not having the benefit of functioning scanners she turned in her seat as much as possible looking backward to the left and right. "Why did they stop, not that I am complaining?" She thought.

Then behind her it seemed if the entire night sky blossomed in orange fiery balls of light. Over and over. She had just enough time to wonder "What the frack?"

To her amazement the most wonderful voice she could hear spoke into her helmet. "Yeeha! Go get'em Blue squadron!"

Several colonial vipers soared past her at incredible velocity. Boomer addressed her "Attention viper craft were looking for a lost warrior, have you seen her?"

Hera recognizied her Strike Wing Commander, and roared "Boomer! Nice timing!"

"Hera, you o.k.?" Major Boomer asked.

"Fine now, but I had to leave Starbuck behind."

"Hey, no problem. The rescue shuttle is right behind us."

"I'm coming with you.' Hera said.

"Uh uh. No way, your probably low on fuel already."

"Actually, since my equipment died I am flying blind."

That got Boomer's attention. "What are you using for a navigational fix?"

Hera laughed "The end of my nose."

"Very funny. Now you sound like Starbuck."

"Boomer, listen. I really want to go back with you."

"Nope, lieutenant you are to proceed directly back to the Galactica." Then calling two other vipers in Blue Squadron. "Jolly?"

"Yo, skipper." Said Jolly.

Boomer continued. "Status on enemy?"

"Both enemy fighters have been neutralized."

Jolly, you and Greenbean escort the feisty lieutenant back home, will you?"

Jolly said "No problem, major."

Boomer addressed the rest of the squadron. "All right blue squadron let's go find Captain Starbuck."


Gliders dived continuously at the SG teams. Even though the SG teams were pinned down they returned fire The SG units continuously fired at the gliders with the machine guns, but to no avail the gliders armor was just too thick.

Jack clearly pissed off pointed towards a large cylinder shaped object and asked Makepeace, "Is that what I think it is?"

"Yeah." Makepeace said.

"Wanna do the honors?" Jack said.

"Sergeant, blast those…" An explosion of dirt and trees rained down dirt on their heads, causing Makepeace to scream in pain. More of a loud growl than scream he clutched his near uselsess leg.

Smoke seemed to linger around their group like thick fog. Several feet away from Janet Fraiser saw Makepeace injured and ran stooped over in order to present as low of a target as possible.

Janet ran to him and checked his wounds. "Lay still Colonel." She said as she opened her medical field kit. One of the corpsman crouched and he ran to assist Janet.

Makepeace waved her off. "Save it, doctor. I'm fine."

"Colonel, you have at the very least multiple contusions and burns." she chided him.

"I'll live."

"Colonel." She warned as she pushed him back down to a seated position.

Makepeace gently but firmly moved the good doctor out of his way and said, "I said leave it. You can patch me up if we get back." Picking up his weapon he pulled the lever back on his weapon, charging it. Thumbing the full auto to on, he then took aim and emptied his magazine at the enemy.

The gliders closed in for the kill. That was when a small but powerful projectile raced toward a glider. Meta tried to evade the missile by swinging his ship right. However, it was too late; the sudden change of position caused the glider to receive the missile in its underbelly. The missile rammed itself at full speed into the undercarriage of the second glider. Upon contact it exploded and veered into the second glider. Shrapnel from the first glider blew several holes into the second glider.

Somehow the second glider managed to hold it's craft in a straight line, but it was going down. The Jaffa warrior frantically tried to regain control of his craft, but it was a hopeless cause. Alarms blared in ancient Egyptian as acrid smoke filled the pilots vision. "Cree Ta Jaffa…" were his last words as the glider crashed into the background. Upon impact a loud noise and the tell tale sign of a fireball could be seen extending a couple hundred feet into the air. The ground shook ominously, then silence.

Jack was the first to stand up and walk over to Makepeace. Helping help him up he turned to the sergeant that fired the missile and said almost casually, "Nice shot!"

The marine exhaled sharply at his good fortune. Thinking to himself, "The guys back at the base will never believe me." He smiled thinly and watched great plumes of smoke rise into the air. "Whew."

"All right people. Let's move out." Jack said.



A siren went off inside the embarkation room of the SGC. Red flashing lights went round and round in their housing units. Master Sergeant Weaver looked up and announced into his microphone "Wormhole activation." The wormhole shot outward in spectacular flash of light before falling back in on itself.

General Hammond came running up the stairs almost instantaneously "Who's coming through, Walter?"

"No signal yet General."

"Close the iris."

"Wait, I got it. It's SG1 and the other SG teams, sir." Walter said.

"Belay that order." Said Hammond.

Out of the Stargate came the three SG teams followed by the medical personnel. They were carrying a battered and bloodied human on a stretcher.

Janet Fraiser told her corpsman carrying the pilot "Let's get him to the infirmary, stat!" Then turning to Colonel Makepeace she gently but firmly led to the infirmary as well. "Colonel, you too."

Makepeace limped behind the medical staff without complaint.


"My lord, many ships are approaching."

Heru'Ur frowned and with a disgusted look on his face he said, "Can you identify them?"
"They are similar in design to the ones we encountered earlier."

"What word have we on the gliders?"

"We have not been able to contact either pair of them. They might have been destroyed."

Reaching out with incredible speed, the would be 'god' back fisted his vassal "Fool!" Heru'Ur eyes glowed a brilliant yellow for a second. "Retreat from this system. We will return with a larger force."

Getting up off the floor the Jaffa warrior wiped the blood off of his bleeding lip and nodded sharply "Yes, my lord."


"Sir! I still can't locate Captain Starbuck's emergency beacon!" One viper pilot said.

"Three things have happened, either Starbuck never turned on his beacon, his ship was destroyed, or it's being jammed." Boomer said.

Another pilot asked. "What do we do now, skipper?"

Boomer weighed the consequences. "All right we'll enter the atmosphere and try to locate Starbucks viper, or fuel residue."

"Sir, that's like looking for a stylus in a harvest field!"

"We don't have a choice. Blue Squadron we'll all go down and form up in two man teams, we'll cover more area that way."

"Understood, Sir."

"Hey?" Boomer called out. "You see what I see?"

Lieutenant Cree said, "Yeah, my war book doesn't recognize it, but it looks like some kind of pyramid shaped ship, but it's leaving so fast I can't get a clear scan on it."

Boomer nodded in agreement. "Yeah, me too. Cree and Mindon, your orders are to follow that ship and make sure it doesn't change course and head back here or find the fleet."

"Got it, sir." Cree said.

"And Cree?" Boomer continued.


"Stay out of scanner range, try not let them know your following them."

"Will do." With that the pair of colonial vipers raced off toward follow the alien pyramid ship.

Boomer addressed blue squadron and the shuttle. "All right, the rest of us we'll establish a search pattern below."


Starbuck lay prone on a hospital bed in the SGC infirmary slipping in and out of consciousness. He tried to open his eyes and groaned.

At first he thought he was blind because he could not see anything until he realized his eyelids were closed. They felt so heavy. With a concentrated effort he blinked twice and instantly regretted it. Blinding light filled his vision. He quickly closed his eyes again. Remembering his head wound, he reached up gingerly and felt bandages that were rapped neatly around his head. Not caring who heard him, he managed to spit out "Where the frack am I?"

He did not expect an answer to come and was quite surprised when heard a low whisper of something unintelligible. "Oh! Lord I promise after this to stop cheating at pyramids, but please don't let that be the bad guys." Silence filled the room, but only for a moment. He then heard a voice in the background. It sounded female but did not recognize it. Starbuck tried to open his eyes again and this time his eyelids fluttered open for a whole second. He could not make out his surroundings; the light in the room was still too harsh for his eyes. He began to panic and tried to raise his head until a stabbing pain filled his head. "Uggh." Starbuck moaned.

Now he heard several voices speaking in hushed tones somewhere beyond his vision.

That frustrated him even more and blinked his eyes in rapid succession trying desperately to get his bearings. This time his eyes cooperated for a few seconds and as he glanced upward he saw long rectangular lights and gray concrete ceiling. As he turned his head he groaned even more and as he tried to rise up from whatever he was laying on. In the background he saw the forms of several women and a couple of men. He focused on them, having to repeatedly blink his eyes to get a better focus on these people. He was rewarded with clear eyesight this time and shocked because all the "people" standing in front of him were all human! Where was he? Aliens? "Where am I" Starbuck asked. The aliens stared at him.

Taking in the sight of these people he noticed that each of them had the same number of appendages as he did, two eyes, two ears, one nose and mouth. They aliens all appeared human. Some people were lighter in skin tone than the others and only one was really darker with a strange gold tattoo. He kind of reminded him of Boomer's race of humans from the former planet of Leo.

One of the aliens moved a couple of feet toward him and was about to speak when the door behind the small entourage opened. Instead of the gray door opening automatically from the side as modern doors did, the user had to open the door by using an old fashioned handle. How strange? That means these people are not on the same technological level as his civilization are. Before Starbuck could continue on that line of thought an older bald man dressed in blue entered the room, along with a young man. What was on that younger ones face? Optical enhancers? How primitive are these people? He was around five foot seven and appeared to be around hundred and seventy pounds. An older man that was bald clearly wore the unmistakable veneer of a man in charge. 'Bet he's the commander here' Starbuck thought.

One of the women present had some type of mechanical cord with a flat circular tip at the end. 'She was kind of pretty…for an alien', he thought. She had short brown hair, large brown eyes, and wore what looked like a white lab coat. With a clipboard in her hand she wrote notes and darted her eyes his way every now and then. Then of course there was the pretty lady short blond hair with blue eyes. 'I think I could get used to this place' he thought.

Starbuck thought 'I must be in some kind of hospital.'

A young man who just entered immediately started a conversation with him. "Ugh, hi, I um, am Daniel Jackson, we mean you, um, no harm." Daniel waved his arms in a circle to encompass the whole group.

"Hi. Names Starbuck, Captain Starbuck and the feelings mutual."

Starbucks quip earned him a smile with everyone in the room.

Up to now, Jack had been silent and couldn't resist. "Starbuck? You mean your parents named you after coffee?" Sam concealled her chuckle.

Starbuck stared uncomprehendingly at the man who just spoke to him.

"Colonel." General Hammond warned.

Jack shrugged disarmingly.

Daniel continued. "We saw your ship crash while on P2S89G. We tended your wounds and brought you back to the SGC."

'P2S what? What is this a game?' He thought. "SGC? Is that the name of your ship?"

Daniel momentarily confused looked back towards the other SGC members and replied, "Ugh, no. Your not on that planet anymore."

Starbuck rolled his eyes and said "Yeah, I can see that, but for Sagan's sake, where am I and who are you?"

Daniel said, "Some people in the galaxy call us the 'Tau'ri'.

Starbuck considered that. "Why did you fire on my patrol?"

Daniel continued. "We, ugh, took you back to our planet and we did not fire on your space ship."

"Huh? You wanna run that by me again?"

"Your were hurt and we thought it best to take you back to our base where our doctor could help stabilize you. So we used the Stargate to transport you back here."

"Well, thanks for that…I, uh…what? What's a Stargate?"

That peaked everyone in the room's curiosity. The pretty blonde stepped forward. "Uh, we don't have space ships capable of reaching other planets, instead we use what we call a Stargate to open an artificial wormhole. One second your on a planet and the next moment your on another planet."

Starbuck laughed "Look lady, I may have bumped myself on the head, but I am not a fool and if you didn't attack me then who did? "

"Aw right, major. I'll take it from here. Son, I am General George Hammond, I am in charge of the SGC. As Dr. Jackson said we mean you no harm and my people rescued you from those ships that attacked you. Your safe here. We brought you back to our planet and treated your injuries at some risk I might add."

"Risk?" Starbuck asked with a frown on his face.

"Yes. As my people were retrieving you, two Goa'uld gliders attacked."


"You mean you don't know who the Goa'uld are?" Daniel asked.

"Never heard of them. Wait! I get it. Those ships that attacked my patrol. Did anyone get hurt?"

"There was one injury, Colonel Makepeace will recover, however, the two gliders were destroyed."

"Uh, thanks." Starbuck said.

Hammond switched tactics. "All right, how about you tell us some more about yourself."

Starbuck thought that was fair, especially since they saved his astrum. "Well, I'm Captain Starbuck from the Battlestar Galactica and a Colonial Warrior…"

Hammond interrupted. "Battlestar? What's that a ship?"

"That's right." Starbuck said. "It's a very large ship that carries all our fighters, shuttles, and warriors."

Daniel interrupted "Warrior? That's the second time you mentioned that. Is that some kind of soldier designation?"

Starbuck shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. We call our military: Colonial Warriors. We protect our people from any military threats, is that what you call a warrior, a, uh, sold-your?"

Daniel smiled, however Jack beat him to the next line. "Yeah, soldier, as in defend the weak, you know, kick butt."

Hammond frowned at Jack. Innocently Jack shrugged and mouthed "What?" to his commanding officer.

Starbucks stomach growled. "Hey, uh, listen, ah" pointing at Hammond. "General."

Hammond nodded "That's right, Hammond."

Starbuck smiled appreciatively "General Hammond, can we talk a little later, I'm starving and I didn't eat my primaries before the patrol."

"Of course. Doctor?"

Dr. Janet Fraiser, the one with brown hair and large brown eyes who Starbuck admired first smiled and nodded to one of her nurses. The nurse turned and called the base cafeteria to send some food down.

Hammond nodded to Starbuck and said looking down at his watch "Son, after you have gotten something to eat we'll continue our debriefing in the conference room." Hammond and the other non-medical personnel left after the general. Passing by the doctor, Hammond said "Once he's eaten and rested have him brought to my conference room in an hour."

"Yes, sir." Janet said.

Further down the hall and out of earshot Hammond asked SG-1 their assessment. "What do you think?"

Jack responded first. "Well, sir, he seems honest enough, however, I'd like to know more about why he was attacked by the Goa'uld."

Teal'c interjected, "There may be no other reason for the Goa'uld attack, other than the fact that were in a system Lord's vicinity."

Hammond asked, "Any idea which one? Apophis?

Teal'c answered, "There is no way to be certain, but as I told Colonel O'Neill prior to this mission, the Goa'uld do not abandon planets easily."

"All right, have SG three and eleven report to the conference room in ten minutes. We have a mystery people and I want answers. Dismissed."

Janet walked up to her patient's bed. "Well, captain, I need to check your vitals again. Your one lucky person, your injuries were severe enough that you would have died if we had not found you." She raised the cord with the smooth circular disk and put the two ends that split into each ear. Taking the smooth portion of the stethoscope she placed her stethoscope on Starbucks white hospital gown and checked his heartbeat and gently held his wrist.

"Ah, look, uh doc. Just call me Starbuck will ya? And thanks for helping me."

Smiling Janet nodded in agreement. Realizing she was still holding his wrist she consciously let go and said "No problem, Captain…Starbuck. The cafeteria should have a light lunch brought up to you soon."

"Great, anyone have a spare fumerello?"

Frowning Janet asked "A what?"

"You know, a fumerello?" Looking around he had a thought. Snapping his fingers he said, "In my jacket there were a few left."

Janet frowned more playfully this time. "If you're referring to those cigars in your uniform, they were crushed and we threw them out."

"Ah," Disappointed. "I was saving those."

Janet smiled coyly. "Well, it wouldn't matter anyway Cap…Starbuck. The SGC is a non-smoking facility."

Starbuck playfully grimaced and said to her. "Just when I was starting to like this place."



Starbuck rolled into the conference room in a wheel chair closely followed by a pair of guards behind him. The conference room was the main briefing room that had a perfect view of the Stargate.

Janet pushed Starbuck and the two were laughing about something. General Hammond and the other SG teams, along with the Colonel Makepeace with his newly bandaged leg and crutches sat waiting for their guest, along with Captain O'Connor of SG11.

Interested in getting started Hammond cleared his throat. Janet looked up and sheepishly smiled, then sat down next to Starbuck. She reasoned 'It is the only seat left at the table and I can help the Captain if he needs it.' She wasn't even falling for that excuse herself.

Hammond began "Welcome son. This is an informal meeting; try to relax. SG units one, three, and eleven have briefed me on what occurred on P2S89G, however, we are all still very curious about you."

Starbuck told them about belonging too a refugee group of humans that were fleeing from the Cylon tyranny after their twelve home worlds were destroyed, and how they had been following the course given too them by the mysterious ship of lights to find the lost thirteenth tribe for the last twenty five yahren.

"My God." Sam said shocked.

"Yeah, tell me about. Even after all these yahrens I still can't believe it sometimes. All those people that died, and all the remaining survivors are in our fleet." Starbuck lamented.

Daniel asked. "Captain, you said you were looking for the lost thirteenth tribe."

Starbuck nodded. "That's right."

"Well, what do you hope to find when you reach this planet?"

Starbuck considered that a moment. "Well for starters we are hoping our brothers are strong enough to defeat the Cylons and allow us to settle with them. It's been our peoples last hope for survival."

Daniel reached under the table and placed Starbuck's flight helmet on top of the table. The blood had been cleaned up, however the ugly gash on the top left side still looked fresh. "Starbuck, when you were recovered I could not help but notice that your flight helmet was shaped like an Egyptian head dress. I would like to find out more about your twelve tribes you mentioned." Daniel asked.

Starbuck tried the unfamiliar word "Egip-shun? What's that?"

"Egyptian. Have you ever heard that name before?"

"No, but their were similarities on that planet and our culture. That pyramid structure and that alien pyramid ship."

Daniel continued. "It seems that your people were probably brought to your planet from ours then."

"Huh, Come again?"

"Well, we have learned that the humans we have encountered in the galaxy were all taken to these other planets by Ra and then he enslaved them to do his bidding."

Puzzled Starbuck asked "Ra? Who's he?"

Daniel then told him how Ra was an alien that was dying and took a human boy as a host, then proclaimed himself as king and 'god' of this world he enslaved the whole population. Then he relayed how their planet rebelled and buried the Stargate.

Starbuck frowned. "I don't see how that could have happened with my people, our history clearly shows that humans originated on Parnasus and then later seeded another civilization called Kobol. After Kobol's planet was dying millenniums later, mankind set out to start new colonies, and that's how our twelve colony worlds began. As for my flight helmet, that is a remnant of my cultures past."

Daniel stared and Starbuck. "That's amazing. We have never come across another people with such a radically different view of where mankind originated."

Jack interrupted. "Captain, what brought your patrol to that planet where you crashed?"

Starbuck considered that. "Well, the Galactica has been intercepting radio traffic in one of our ancient languages, Kobol to be exact. Most of us have thought we might be close to the thirteenth tribe's planet."

Sam interrupted. "Can you describe the language?"

"Well." Starbuck considered. "It one of our most ancient tongues, I haven't studied the old writings like our commander has, history wasn't my favorite subject." He smiled.

Daniel had an epiphany. Snapping his fingers he asked. "Captain, were the symbols similar to the Egyptian language?"

Frowning Starbuck answered. "I don't know anything about these Egyptians you mentioned, but, uh, I…"

Daniel jumped up and went to a dry erase board mounted on the far wall. "Right, sorry, did your ancient language look like this?" Grabbing a black marker Daniel quickly drew several rudimentary Egyptian Hieroglyphs. When he was done, Starbuck was already shaking his head.

"Yeah! How did you know?" Starbuck asked.

Hammond took back control of the briefing. "Captain, please continue with what brought you to P2S89G."

"Uh, my patrol was ordered to change course and scan the area where we were picking up very strange distortions."

Sam asked "Distortions?"

"Yeah, some kind of powerful gravimetric distortions. At first we thought it was that pyramid ship."

Turning to the general Sam commented. "Sir, it could be the energy readings the Stargate gives off when it activates."

Hammond regarded Starbuck for a moment. "Captain, you mentioned a fleet before?"

"Yeah?" Starbuck said.

Hammond asked. "How many people in this fleet are we talking about?"

Starbuck did not even have to think about it. "There are about seventy thousand humans crammed aboard two hundred and twenty odd ships."

Sam made a disgusted sound and Jack commented. "Kind of crowded isn't it?"

Starbuck smiled thinly. "We didn't exactly have time to build luxury liners."

Hammond regained Starbucks attention. "Son, I have been authorized by the President of the United States to grant your people asylum, and if we can negotiate successfully with your people we might be able relocate your people here on our planet or on one of the many other planets that we have come across that are not populated.

Shocked Starbuck asked, "Uh, that's really nice of you general but I can't speak for our people. That is a decision for my people to decide."

"Fair enough." Hammond paused and said. "In exchange for granting your people asylum we only ask that your people share your technology with us, so we can protect ourselves against the Goa'uld."

"Well, let me talk it over with my commander. If we can go back to that planet PS whatever, then maybe I can get a message to my people."

"Son, there's probably a Goa'uld pyramid ship either in orbit of that planet or on the planet itself. You'd be killed immediately."

Sam spoke up. "General, why don't we activate the gate on the other side, we can use the MALP that's still there and see if the Goa'uld are there or not?"

"All right, major." Then pointing too Jack. "Colonel O'Neill, SG1 and SG11 have a go, providing the probe sends back favorable intelligence."

Starbuck interrupted. "Ah, general, what about me?"

Hammond turned to look at Janet's face. She shook her head but otherwise said nothing. Turning to face Starbuck. "Captain Starbuck due to the severity of your injuries you will remain in the infirmary. I promise I will let you know something as soon as I know."

Starbuck frowned and said "But, general…I feel fine, I.."

Hammond interrupted him. "Captain, my decisions final."

Starbuck opened his mouth and then abruptly closed it.

Makepeace interrupted. "Sir, what about SG-3, we can be ready to go in 5 mikes (minutes)!"

Hammond turned to Makepeace "Colonel Makepeace, your SIQ (Sick in Quarters) and will remain in the infirmary along with Captain Starbuck, SG-3 is on stand down until further notice."

Disappointed. Makepeace said, "Yes, Sir."

"If there is nothing else then…" Hammond said as he started to rise from his chair.

Daniel interrupted. "Just minute general, if you don't mind I have a few more questions for Captain Starbuck." With an approving nod from Hammond he turned to Starbuck and asked. "Captain Starbuck, you said you where traveling to find your lost thirteenth tribe, where is it, what do you call it?"

Starbuck said. "Well we don't know precisely, but we have been following the course those mysterious lights have provided. Don't know if you ever heard of the planet though? It's probably a long shot."

Sam interceded. "Tell us Captain. We have traveled to hundreds of worlds since the inception of the Stargate program, either we or our allies might know where this planet is."

Starbuck gave a shrug and said. "Well, o.k. guess it couldn't hurt. We've been looking for a planet that translates in our language as: Earth.

At first the stillness in the room was deafening. Everyone in the room just stared at the colonial warrior, including the security guards standing by the door. You could have heard a pin drop.

Sam looked disbelieving at Starbuck, turned to Daniel and asked, "Daniel?"

Starbuck shrugged "Yeah, I thought it was a long shot."

Daniel looked from Sam to Starbuck. "Uh, captain, just so we know were talking about the same planet, can you describe the planetary bodies in that star system?"

Starbuck stared at Daniel "You mean, you, you've heard of it?" At Daniels nod Starbuck continued. "The star system containing the planet Earth has one yellow sun and nine planets. Earth is said to be the third planet in the system and has one moon."

Sam interrupted. "My God!"

"Captain." Daniel took a moment to push his glasses further up on his nose. Then pointing downward to the floor he said. "Starbuck, you are on Earth."

Starbuck stared at Daniel emotionless. Finally he answered, half demanding and half hopeful. "You made that up?"

"No, I didn't?" Daniel said defensively.

"Oh! Yeah, first you tell me about a magic portal, what you call them, star doors? Second, you said your were the 'Tau'ri' now your saying I stumbled upon what my people are looking for, all by accident! Which is it?"

Jack clearly frustrated said. "Look! First off, it's called a Stargate, second, we're telling ya the truth!"

"Oh! Yeah, prove it. Why did you call yourself the 'Tau'ri'? If this is Earth show me." Defiantly Starbuck folded his arms and sat back in his wheelchair.

Sam said. "Actually, Daniel said people in the galaxy know us as a the Tau'ri. Since you have an Egyptian connection he probably thought you would recognize that. That's what Ra called us."

Starbuck paused not knowing what to say.

Jack interrupted, "All right" Then turning to Daniel said. "Daniel, you're on."

Everyone turned to see a shocked Daniel who stared open mouth. "Who? Me?"

Jack made a hopeless gesture and finally said patronizingly "You're the archaeologist, show him."

Teal'c who remained silent up to this point finally said. "Daniel Jackson, perhaps the history books and maps of the Earth you showed me?"

"Right. Thanks Teal'c"

"You are welcome Daniel Jackson. I am gratified to be of assistance."

Amused Starbuck chuckled and pointed toward Teal'c "He always talk like that?"

Teal'c raised his eyebrow but otherwise said nothing. However, Daniel stood up and simply said. "Yes, yes he does. I'll be right back." With that Daniel quickly exited the room.

Three minutes later Daniel returned with a stack of books and charts. Spilling the contents on the table, he tried to stop a chart from rolling off. "Well, o.k. I brought stellar charts, maps of the Earth, and history books." He passed the info to Starbuck who read over information and Daniel pointed info out.

As Starbuck finished looking over the material an airman knocked on the door and wheeled a tv/vcr cart into the conference room. The airman plugged the unit in to the electrical outlet and handed Daniel the remote control. "Its all ready, sir, just push play."

Daniel thanked the airman.

Starbuck looked up from the pile of books and charts. "This is just circumstantial, you know? Unless you got something else." Leaving the question hanging in the air.

Daniel pushed the play button and said "That's footage of the Apollo XI Moon landing. This is a documentary made long after the event. It's Earths first manned mission to our moon."

Starbuck watched as credits scrolled down the screen. Images of a blue planet were seen. Then a primitive spacecraft was landing on a moon, Starbuck intently studied it.

Daniel turned the volume of the television up with the remote control.

The speakers built into the TV. told the story.

On the screen, a slightly tinted picture showed a barren landscape and the shadow of the object the camera was attached to closing on the surface, kicking up dust as it did so. In the background,

Amid crackling and hissing sounds were the distinctive sounds


"Sixty seconds," said a voice on the screen. Between each sentence there was an electronic

beeping noise. "Lights on. Down-two-and-a-half. Forward, forward. Good, forty feet down two-

and-a-half, picking up some dust. Thirty feet, two-and-a-half down, faint shadow. Four forward, four

forward, drifting to the right a little, six... down a half."

At this point the first voice returned and said urgently, "Thirty seconds." "Contact light, okay engine arm off, four thirteen is in."

"We copy you down Eagle."

"Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has Landed," reported a third voice, presumably from the craft called Eagle.

"Roger Tranquility, we copy you on the ground. You've got a bunch guys about to turn blue.

We're breathing again. Thanks a lot," the first voice replied, flushed with obvious relief. The picture

on the screen had changed to a panoramic view of a barren plain with a spidery vehicle sitting in the

center like a giant insect in a desert.

Then the scene shifted to a plaque that read:

"We'll read the plaque now…"

JULY 1969 AD

Inscribed at the bottom of the plaque are the signatures of astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. as well as the signature of the President of the United States, Richard Nixon."

Starbuck turned to Daniel ghost white and said "Oh, my Lord. It is true."

Daniel froze the image of the plague on the screen.

"Yes." Daniel said lost in thought.

Daniels mind raced at light speed. 'How could this be? What could this mean for the Earth? Did Starbucks ancestors actually come here from another planet before the Goa'uld and create the Egyptian culture? What about….us….that means were from the same race. That means we are brothers!'

Jack broke his concentration. "Well, Danny, guess that could mean were going to have to rewrite our history books, huh?"

Daniel excitedly turned to Jack, licking his lips and exclaimed, "Jack, this changes everything we've ever thought, everything we ever knew about humanity!"

Jack smirked, "Ya think?"...



Heru'Ur pyramid ship had fled out of the star system. The system lord was seething in barely controlled anger.

"My lord, many ships are approaching."

With a disgusted frown on his face he said, "Again? Can you identify them?"

"No, they are entirely different in design to the ones we encountered earlier."

"They are coming from behind us?" Heru'Ur asked.

"No, my lord these approach us from outside the star system. My scans show no life aboard them."

"What? Destroy them now. Dispatch the death gliders."

"Yes, my lord."


Cree and Mindon discreetly followed the pyramid ship.

Cree was the first to see the launching of the gliders, "Uh oh!"

Mindon said, "Do you think they spotted us?"

"No their heading away from us, wait a centon, I am getting another set of readings."

Cree's war book flashed exact confirmation of the new arrivals. "Frack!"

Mindon asked, "What is it?"

Cree said, "Things have just gotten worse."

"What do you mean?"

"Cylons." Cree said.

Mindon's war book flashed the same result on his screen also. "Felgercarb!"

Cree and Mindon watched from a far the two groups of fighters.

"Wow, Lieutenant, are you seeing this?"

"Yeah." Cree said. "Record all data, we'll need the Galactica to see this."

Mindon did as he was told. "Maybe the Cylons will have met their match."

Cree quietly said, "I hope not."


"If they are that good, then we have more problems than just Cylons showing up after so many yahren."

Mindon's inexperience bled over his comm unit. "Oh."


Dozens of death gliders launched from the pyramid ship. Two dozen in all formed into pairs and pursued the alien craft.

Aboard the lead glider the Jaffa, Tel'neac read his scanner. 'No life forms. What magic is this?' Then addressing all gliders. "Jaffa, Cree! Destroy the alien fighters."

And that is precisely what they did. It was an uneven match to begin with. The jaffa outnumbered the Cylon craft two too one.

Aboard the Saucer like craft three metallic like robots sat at their stations. Two assumed pilot and helmsman positions in the front portion of the compartment and the third seat was for the commander just behind both seats and in the middle. A drawn out decidedly mechanized computer enhanced voice spoke slowly and deliberately from the front of the craft. "By your command."

The Cylon Commander of the craft returned the standard reply "Speak".

The helmsman replied in a similar mechanized voice, "We have detected two dozen unknown fighter craft headed our way in attack formation."

After a short pause the Cylon commander answered in their synthesized voice "Unknown?"


The helmsman replied, "The fighters do not match any known type of colonial space craft." The Cylon commander checked his scanner and asked, "What life form are they?"

After a few moments the helmsman replied, "There are two life forms in each ship. Human and an unknown alien life form."

The pilot responded immediately "Pursue alien craft. The Galactica must have designed a new type of fighter or have allied with aliens. We must capture a fighter. Order all fighters to break formation and capture one of those fighter craft."

"What about the other fighters?"

"Destroy them."


Aboard the Jaffa warriors space ships. Tel'neac noticed the aliens were accelerating to meet them head on. "Jaffa, Cree. Attack!"

The Jaffa gliders divided up and went a different direction and played a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Cylons.

As the Cylon ships zeroed in they opened fire trying to force their enemy into the open. Never before had they come across a more aggressive race of humans!

The lead Cylon Commander told one of the navigators "Inform his imperious leader Baltar of this attack, before it's too late!"

"By your command." The mechanized voice droned.


Onboard the Cylon ship the Commanding Centurion spoke quickly "Centurion, evasive maneuvers."

The centurion pilot responded "By your command". Explosions rocked the Cylon ship as it danced an erratic jig through space. The Commanding Centurion then spoke deliberately "Return fire"

Tel'neac was smiling to himself. It was nice to see the alien ship running for dear life! "Ha!" He said to himself.

He was cutoff in mid thought as his wingman's glider blew apart into a thousand pieces.

The Cylon patrol were now outgunned even more so. The Commanding Centurion contacted all ships "All ships retreat." However, only two ships out their patrol made it back to tell of their defeat.



Aboard the Cylon Basestar a lone figure entered the throne room.

"By your command."

The throne chair turned around and Baltar looked down at him with a thoroughly neutral and indifferent expression, "Speak."

The one-time Count from Piscera had become older and more crotchety than before. Baltar wanted to destroy the hated Battlestar Galactica and also to destroy the last remaining human colony with all his heart. Like most evil rulers, he had over the yahrens come to believe in his mind that the Galactica had robbed him of the life he felt he deserved. Of course the reverse were true.

When Baltar realized that his betrayal of humanity at the phony Peace Conference he had engineered had not resulted in the Imperious Leader sparing his own colony of Piscera, he had vowed to find some way of getting back in favor with his own race and launching a counterstrike against the Cylon Empire to make them pay for their double-cross. That opportunity had come for him in a darkened tomb of the Ninth Lord of Kobol where Adama had come to find information on where Earth's position lay. Baltar had presented his offer of taking advantage of the dispersal of the Cylon Fleet to strike back against the undefended home planet. He had even made a gesture of goodwill in having Lieutenant Starbuck released from captivity aboard his baseship.

To Baltar's shock and bewilderment, Adama had rejected the offer. Having served alongside Baltar in the Council of Twelve, and having seen firsthand the fruits of Baltar's betrayal, he refused to ever trust him again. Instead, Baltar saw a man obsessed with only one thing. Finding the lost thirteenth tribe of humanity that had settled on the distant blue planet Earth. Baltar had never anticipated such a cold rejection, especially for a reason that he saw as utterly frivolous and trivial. He had tried to argue with Adama, but the Galactica commander would not listen. All of Baltar's appeals to what he thought were sensible reason went unheeded. Adama's son Captain Apollo seemed willing to hear Baltar out at one point, but the intense passion of Adama's desire to seek out Earth overruled any other considerations. And then, all of Baltar's plans went awry forever when Lucifer had taken matters into his own hands by launching an attack on the Galactica base camp on Kobol that had trapped Baltar inside the wreckage of the tomb. During the long centars that he'd laid there in that dark, crumbling crypt, what was left of his own humanity vanished forever. The cold realization that he would never be able to make amends for the sin of aiding the Cylons in the destruction of the Colonies. Never able to make the Cylons pay for their double-cross in destroying his colony.

There was once a time when Baltar thought that Earth was but a mere fable invented long ago by drunken space travelers who had come back to die on the mother planet Kobol. Not so any longer. During the yahren when he had been Adama's prisoner aboard the Fleet's Prison Barge, he had heard all kinds of talk that made him realize there had to be a basis for its existence. Especially when he saw the Fleet encounter another outpost of humanity based in some planet called Terra.

Once Baltar had convinced himself that Earth indeed did exist, a raging desire to destroy that lost colony had filled what was left of his twisted mind and soul. For he saw Earth and Adama's obsession with finding it as the reason why he had been forced to become a permanent outcast from his own race.

Because he would not settle for anything short of destroying the Fleet and Earth, he had no intention of rushing too soon with the destruction of the former.

"I have news to report that is not good," Lucifer said, "Our scout patrol was all but destroyed by unknown fighters from an unknown race of humans and aliens."

Baltar sucked in air and said, "What humans? Who are they?"

"We do not have enough information to determine the humans or aliens where abouts…"

"Well, Lucifer, find them. Launch fighters from the other two commanders base stars. I want a fighter and it's pilot brought back to me!" Baltar exclaimed.

"Baltar, we do not know anything about this race, might it be prudent to send a small force?"

Baltar interrupted him. "I don't want excuses Lucifer, now do as I say."

Lucifer pressed on, "If indeed this is not a colonial alliance with aliens, then we may be starting a war with an unknown adversary."

Lucifer did not move even a limb. Baltar was furious. "Did you hear me, I said launch!"

Lucifer's red slanted eyes slid back and forth, "What about your plan to race ahead of the Galactica in hopes of cutting them off?"

"Our pursuit will continue until the Galactica finds the planet Earth, and not before," His tone was matter-of-fact.

"My plan will not be affected by these other humans, whoever they are."

The Imperious Leader' policy toward human race was one of extermination. That edict would also include the thirteenth colony.

He then smirked at the IL Cylon, "We can find their "fleet". Now do as I say? We must have more information about these ships."

Baltars plan for over two yahren was to race ahead of the colonial fleet by adjusting their course to match wide parallel course. They had exhausted nearly half the base ships fuel in order to pass the fleet. Since the colonial fleet had been following a narrow galactic heading toward the outlying arms of this galaxy, presumably toward the Lost Thrirteenth Tribe it was easy to adjust a course that cut them off. The three base ships had laid a careful net and was not going to let any human or alien civilizations interfere.

All bodies in the universe follow a circular and predictable course around their respective neighbors. Ordinarily a spacecraft would travel in a straight line from one point to another, excluding any stellar objects in their path. However, since the colonial fleet had a course and not an specific destination, they followed a circular reckoning course provided by the "Mysterious Ship of Lights" had given them.

Baltar continued, "Have our course adjusted accordingly and inform the other two base ships of my orders."

"By your command,"


A pair of long range Colonial Vipers flew in loose formation. Captain Hesphatus and Troy were arcing back around to rendevous with the fleet.

Apollo and Sheba's other child; Boxey or Troy as he liked to be called now was out on long-range patrol with Captain Hesphatus. Troy, the son Serina and Apollo who had married after the destruction of the colonies. A Cylon on the dead world of Kobol tragically killed Serina. Apollo had adopted Boxey as his son. Boxey, despite not being his biological son had somehow managed to turn into a young version of Apollo anyway. He had his father's black hair and the same bearing and temperament. And he had also idolized Apollo to the point where his career choice of viper pilot was all but preordained. Now, he was a five-yahren veteran of Blue Squadron and had already made 1st Lieutenant. His career had not been filled with any of the spectacular feats that had made both Apollo and Starbuck famous however, Troy's career had been an exemplary up to this point that had made his parents proud.

The viper pilots were on a long-range patrol, that when completed resembled a great circular ellipse of over ten parsecs. Thirty two point six light years was a very long patrol indeed. Both pilots had been awake for the last twelve centaurs (hours) and it was almost time for their sleep mode.

Troy's yawn was interrupted by a beeping noise from his scanner.

"Frack!" Troy grunted into his microphone.

Captain Hespatus, "What is it?"

Troy sounded incredulous "Check your scanner, Captain."

Following Troy's advice his body jerked back reflexively at what he saw, "Good Lord, it's a Cylon task force."

"What are they doing so far in front of the fleet? I thought they were way behind us?" Troy asked.

"I don't know, but we're leaving as fast as we can! Hit your turbos."

The pair of vipers abandoned their assigned patrol with great haste. Although neither man was a coward, both of them knew it was vitally important for the Galactica to get this information. If the Cylons detected their presence they could launch an attack now and with no advance warning the fleet would be a sitting waterfowl.


After Tel'neacs group finished destroying the Cylon fighters they made their way back toward their pyramid ship. Due to the rapid speed that fighters fly during combat, the Jaffa had flown a great distance in battling this strange new enemy. Their battle had been spread out over thirty-nine A.U. That is the equivalent distance of a one-way flight from the Sun to Pluto.

In space, ships rarely fly in a straight line due to the fact that the every natural body in the universe is constantly moving. Heru'urs ship had been no exception. Interested in only himself, he left his squadron of gliders the task of catching up.

Tel'neac and his group were not fools. Seeing first hand their "gods" anger, they wasted no time in destroying the enemy.

Along their circular route, their instruments detected sporadic energy readings. Not wanting to be left behind and likewise not risking displeasure from Heru'ur, Tel'neac contacted him quickly.

After explaining the problem Heru'ur spat out, "Again? Capture any ships you find and bring them here, I will know who these aliens are."

"Yes, my lord." Tel'neac responded.



As Blue squadron descended upon the planet. 'Kind of pretty' thought Boomer.

Then he ordered Blue Squadron, "Try and get a fix on anything that might be a viper or its fuel residue and lock on."

After Blue Squadron successfully entered the atmosphere they flew in a spearhead formation."

Boomer announced to the Squadron. "All, right. Here's where we establish a grid. Everyone mark this area as home base." Then Boomer gave directions too every team. "Let's go, and good luck."

Boomer was really worried now. If Starbucks viper couldn't transmit a distress signal it was because it was either powered down (which did not make any sense), or it was destroyed.

After several centons, a call came in that interrupted his thoughts. "Major Boomer?"

"A, yes, that Cyphus?"

"Yes, sir. I am detecting a massive gravimetric distortion east of my position."

"Can you see what it is?"

"No, sir. It's a high energy reading, but nothing my scanners can interpret. Wait a minute, I see something."

Boomer barely controlled himself. "What is it?"

"It looks like smoke, yes! Definitely three distinct heat signatures. Looks like the Captain took down a couple of those enemy fighters."

"Do you see Starbuck?"

"Negative. What the…"Cyphus said.

"What is it? Sergeant?"

"Uh, I don't know. Wait a moment, cloud cover clearing." A moments pause then "Holy Frack, it's a Pyramid!"

"A What?"

"A pyramid and some other structure, maybe an ancient temple."

"Can you see the Captain or anyone else?"

"No sir, there's no one around, but I am reading a faint Tylieum signature by the stone temple."

"All right maintain position and send everyone the coordinates."

"Aye, skipper."


Cree and Mindon tried valiantly to evade the Jaffa, but they wore no match for so many of these aggressive pilots.

Cree had managed to destroy one of the gliders, but that was all. Both Vipers were now being herded toward the large pyramid spacecraft.

Mindon worriedly asked, "What do we do know? They are forcing us to land on their ship."

Cree was reminded of the time the Cylons had forced him to crash land on the ice planet Arcta. It was on the planet where the Cylons had turned Dr. Ravishol's interstellar lense device into a weapon of massive destruction. One blast was powerful enough to destroy the Galactica with one shot. Typically, no easy task, but this was no typical weapon.

Starbuck, then a lieutenant rescued him single handedly from the prison, just prior to the pulse weapons destruction.

"I don't know." Was the only response Cree could give him.


Upon landing, Boomer and the search party checked out the Tylieum signature.

Flight Sergeant Cyphus checked his portable scanner. "Yep, definitely the Captains viper, or what's left of it.

Boomer looked at the large hole and a few fragments of smoking blue gray metal of where Starbucks viper used to be. Shaking his head and thought. 'Come on ole buddy, where are you?'

Cyphus interrupted his thoughts "Sir, we have assume that the…"

Boomer frowned at Cyphus and said. "Sergeant, until I find a body, I will assume Starbuck made it down in one piece and escaped." Turning to face the other warriors. "All right, fan out." Pointing to two warriors. "You two check around here. The medical team, Cyphus and myself will fan out and check out the temple and the pyramid."

A pretty blonde in her late forties said urgently. "Boomer, we have to hurry, no telling what shape Starbuck could be in."

"Dr. Cassiopeia, I know of all people here your worried about him, we all are, we'll find him." Resting a reassuring hand on her shoulder she relaxed a little and smiled.

"Sorry, Boomer, it's just that…"

Boomer interrupted her. "Hey, hey, it's all right, we'll find him." Giving one last reassuring squeeze on her shoulder he turned and said to everyone. "All right, people you heard the doctor, let's move out!"

The Colonial Warriors approached the pyramid. Cyphus was about to round the corner when his scanner suddenly beeped. Stopping, Boomer was about too ask what's wrong when his scanner beeped too. Cyphus said, "Picking up life forms." Boomer read his scanner and said, "I see it. Eight life forms…human." Boomer and Cyphus exchanged curious looks. Boomer drew his weapon and motioned the other warriors to do the same, "Lets go."

About seventy-five metrons away the unknown group of humans suddenly stopped at seeing the strangers. Boomer spoke in his most authoritative voice, "That's far enough."

At seeing the colonial warriors with weapons trained on them the strangers defensively raised theirs but did not fire. Their weapons made a clicking noise as the automatic weapons chambered a round.

Boomer was not sure but those weapons looked advanced, but whatever they were they were not lasers, probably neumos or similar fifth millennium technology. Boomer reasoned, "Well even if their weapons are two thousand yahren behind ours, they're still dangerous."

The eight humans all wore strange green clothes, with black vests. Boomer speculated,

"From their clothing and weapons there was little guess they were warriors, of some sort."

Boomer thought, "One of the young men seemed out of place. He was dressed in similar clothes, but looked more like a technician, no that's not right. More like a scientist or something. What was that on his face?" Boomer suddenly realized 'Optical Enhancers? I haven't seen anything like that except in history scans.'

The young man addressed them. "Uh, sorry, we don't mean you any harm." Pointing to the others to lower their weapons, although they did not listen too him. "Hmmn", Boomer was right that guy must be a scientist. "Actually we're looking for you."

Surprised Boomer pointed to himself and said "Me?"

Daniel corrected himself "No, actually your people."

Boomer still on guard asked. "Who are you?"

Daniel stepped a foot closer and slowly pointed to himself and said. "I am, uh, Daniel Jackson."

Boomer considered that. "Why are you looking for us and why did your people attack one of our patrols?"

Impatient Jack stepped up beside Daniel. "Oh! For crying out loud, Look, we did not attack your patrol, and we found Captain Starbuck and took him back to our base."

That got the colonial warriors attention. "Starbuck! Where is he? Is he all right?"

Jack continued. "Thought that might get your attention. Names Colonel Jack O'Neill, SG-1. And you are?"

Boomer answered. "I'm Major Boomer of the Battlestar Galactica, now where's Starbuck?"

Daniel stepped in "Well, he was injured in the crash, we found him and brought him back with us to the SGC."

"All right, can you take us to him?"

"Sure. Follow us." Jack said.

Boomer waved his hand in a downward motion, ordering the others to lower their weapons. Jack seeing the gesture of good will did the same. Both groups were obviously wary of each other, but kept a friendly manner between them.

Boomer reached for his communications unit attached to his belt. "All teams. This is Major Boomer. We found a group of humans that claim to have found Starbuck and are proceeding to follow them, lock onto my comm signal and cover us in the air."

Boomer then made a sweeping motion to Jack and said. "After you." Along the way Boomer asked some questions of his own. "Ah, Colonel, you said your people did not attack us, then who did?"

Jack answered, "It was the Goa'uld."

Boomer frowned, "Who?"

Jack smiled and said, "That's right, you never heard of them. The Goa'uld are nasty critters that are snake like aliens that bore their self into a human brain and take over their host completely. The rule most of this galaxy."

"Snakes, you mean serpents?"

"Yeah." Jack said.

"Before we entered orbit there was a pyramid ship leaving this system at high speed. Was that the Goa'uld?"

Daniel spoke up, "Yes, the Goa'uld have taken some of our ancestors ancient religions and used it to enslave most of the human race, except our planet and a few others."

Boomer asked. "If they have enslaved most of the galaxy, then why haven't they conquered your people too?"

Daniel smiled and said, "Because our ancestors rebelled and effectively kicked them off our planet."

Boomer studied the young man. "Uh Mr. Jackson."

Jack couldn't help himself, "Actually, it's Doctor Jackson, Daniels just modest."

Boomer nodded his head, "O.K. then, Dr. Jackson, if you kicked them off your planet then your obviously technologically advanced, but if you're so advanced, how come we haven't picked up any signs of cities or technology on the surface? Unless your culture is subsurface?"

Daniel smiled and said, "Actually our ancestors rebelled, and your right their are no signs of technology here because this isn't our planet."

"Where's your ship? Is it cloaked somewhere in orbit?" Boomer asked excitedly.

Daniel said, "No, you did not detect any space craft here because we did not arrive here by ship."

Boomer stopped in midstride and asked, "If you did not arrive here by ship and your not native to this planet, then how in Hades did you get here?"

Everyone paused on the path toward the pyramid, which is in plain view now. "We used a Stargate to travel here."

"A what?" Boomer asked.

"Uh, Major Carter?" Daniel indicating he needed help.

Sam stepped forward and smiled friendly at Boomer, "We use a device that instantaneously transports people or objects from one planet to another.

The colonial warriors openly laughed. Boomer seeing the pyramid in the background and guessing this was a trap. "That's pretty funny, let me guess, you want us to follow you into that pyramid where you can kill us like you did Starbuck?"

Sam surprised at the sudden change of character said, "Major, we're telling you the truth and we can prove it."

Boomer reflexively drew his weapon. "You take us for fools? Is that what you told Starbuck?"

Jack clearly frustrated said. "Major Boomer, Carter's right and we can take you to Starbuck, but your gonna have to trust us."

About that time six colonial vipers flew overhead. Pointing upward Boomer said, "You see that? You so much as flinch and those vipers up there will blow you into orbit."

Jack slowly crossed his arms and said. "Well Major looks like we have ourselves a standoff. We want to help, but your gonna have to trust us if you want to see Starbuck."

Boomer thinly smiled and said, "Yeah, we could do that, or you can send Starbuck through your magic portal."

Sam interrupted, "Uh, Major Boomer, Starbuck had received a head injury when his ship crashed. Our doctor said he needs more time to recover. That's why he isn't with us, but if one of you come with us we will show you."

Cassiopeia worried joined in, "Is he all right? How did you treat his head wound? I need to check him out immediately."

Jack frowned and said, "And you are?"

Boomer introduced them, "This is Cassiopeia, ships doctor and Starbuck's wife."

Jack tipped his green ball cap and said 'Ma'am."

Sam tried to console Cassiopeia, "Doctor, don't worry Captain Starbuck will be fine, our best doctor is looking after him."

Cassiopeia turned to Boomer, "Major, I'll go with them."

Boomer shook his head and said, "No, I'm in command." Turning to Jack he said. "No offense, but if this is a deception I am not willing to risk anyone till we know for sure."

Boomer shook his head and said. "I know I'll probably regret this. All right, here's what were going to do. I'll go with you Major, while the rest of your friends stay here where we can keep an eye on them. Cyphus, your in charge till I return.

Cyphus nodded. "Yes, sir."

Jack said, "All right, Carter, show him the Stargate, radio Hammond, bring him up too date and have Starbuck brought into the operations room. Starbuck will have to convince Major Boomer here we're telling the truth."

Sam nodded. "Yes, sir."

Then the unlikely pair left for the pyramid, while Cassiopeia nervously paced back and forth.


As Sam and Boomer reached the pyramid Boomer reached up and touched the sides of the pyramid as they entered. Sam smiled questioningly. Boomer stopped and gave her an apologetic look. "Uh, we haven't seen any other pyramid structures since we left the colonies. Well, there were some on Kobol, but I was too sick to fly down there. This is what I thought they would look like."

Sam nodded and said. "Well, Major when you see Starbuck again, you're gonna be surprised at what he has to tell you. Come on."

Sam turned her flashlight on to wide beam and waved to Boomer who was feeling uncomfortable in the darkness. He held his laser pistol a little tighter than usual. "How much further?"

At seeing the colonial warrior's unease she replied, "At the end of this next antechamber. That's where the gate is."

Boomer mockingly said. "Ah, yes, the gate that magically opens a doorway to another world."

Sam frowned a bit and said. "That's right."

Upon entering the Stargate chamber Boomer pointed his laser toward the Stargate and said, "This is what you use to travel to your planet?"

Sam nodded and started entering the seven-symbol code on the DHD (Dial Home Device).

Boomer peered at the DHD, "Hey, that inscription looks like ancient Kobol."

As Sam started entering symbols the metal circle started spinning. Every now and then a chevron would clang into place loudly.

Boomer asked nervously, "What's that doing."

Sam pointed toward the Stargate and said. "Each symbol I enter on the DHD corresponds to a position of stars in space. To chart a position in any space you need seven symbols. Six for the destination and the seventh for the point of origin."

Boomer considered that reasonable, but still. "Well, I buy that, but how does it open a doorway?"

Sam raised her voice as the Chevrons clanged into place. "The Stargate opens a wormhole to another Stargate on the planet dialed."

Boomer was about to ask what a "Worm-hole" was when a swirling vortex shot forth from the ring of the Stargate giving the illusion of an explosion of water. The "water" came back to rest smoothly against the inner portion of the ring. As the event horizon glistened, light danced along its surface.

Boomer jumped back aiming his laser pistol at the vortex. Sam smiled and gently placed her arm on Boomers and nudged it down. "It's all right, it's supposed to do that."

Boomer a looking a little disheveled placed his laser in his holster. "It's true?" he asked.

Sam nodded and raised her arm to the Stargate and pressed several buttons on her GDO.

Boomer asked her, "What's that?" Sam explained as she finished the code sequence. "It's a GDO." Seeing Boomers confusion said. "It stands for 'Garage Door Opener'. It's our insurance against anyone ever traveling to our planet without authorization. You can't get to our planet without entering a specific code. If someone tries to travel through our Stargate without authorization, then our iris closes and." Sam clapped her hands together. "Splat."

Boomer winced. "Ouch."

Carter smiled and then pushed the talk button on her field radio. "SGC this is Major Carter, over."

Sam's radio crackled with static momentarily. "Major Carter this Hammond, what's your status, over?"

"Sir, we located Starbucks friends, however, they want proof before anyone on their team comes through, sir."

There was a pause. "Major I just sent for Captain Starbuck, however, Dr. Fraiser says, he's in no condition for gate travel."

"Yes, Sir."

"Major. Have you told them yet?"

Looking at Boomer she shook her head and said. "No, sir, we thought we would save that for Captain Starbuck, they might believe him more than us."

"All right, standby Major."

Boomer turned. "Tell us what?"

Sam shrugged and said. "I'd better wait and let Captain Starbuck tell you."

A moment later a familiar voice came through Sam's radio.

"Ah, this is Captain Starbuck, Hera, is that you?"

Smiling openly Boomer took the small radio that Sam handed him. Not knowing to push the talk button he started jabbering away. Sam stopped him in mid sentence and pointed to the talk button.
"Sorry, Major, push that black button and wait a moment, then speak. When your done talking let go of the button too hear Starbuck."

Nodding Boomer started again. "Starbuck? Is that really you?"

"Boomer? How's Hera, did you find her?"

"Yeah, she ran into some trouble, but I had Jolly and Greenbean escort her back. She's probably chomping at the bit to get back here."

"Thank the Lord. Boomer you're not going to believe this but guess what I found here?"

Smiling Boomer said. "Aw, Starbuck if your going to tell me that you found another resort area with casino's and beautiful girls, I'm going on every deep space recon from now on!"

That got a smile from Sam.

"Boomer! You got to contact the Galactica, I found the Earth!"

Incredulous, "What? Come on, Starbuck how hard did you hit your head?"

"Boomer, I'm serious! If you don't believe me then step through that Stargate and see for your self."

Boomer regarded the Stargate. "Just a micron. You're serious aren't you?"

"Yes! I'm wouldn't kid about a thing like that. Come and see for yourself!"

Turning to Sam he asked. "Is it safe? No side effects?"

Sam smiled and said, "We've never had any problems before. These gates have worked perfectly for thousands of years."

Pushing the talk button he said. "Starbuck, I have to go back to the warriors I left outside of this pyramid. I'm going to send some vipers back to relay this to the Galactica, then I'll join you."

"Aw, right, Boom-Boom, I'm not going anywhere, but you might want to get over here soon or I might lock that iris shield of theirs and keep all the pretty ladies to myself."

Chuckling Boomer said. "You would and I'm telling Cassiopeia you said that."

"How did she take the news when she found out? Probably tried to steal a shuttle and get here herself."

Boomer smiled, "No, she didn't steal a shuttle, she took the same one as the medics."

"What? Boomer, how could you?"

"You wanna try and stop her?"

"Tell her I am fine."

"Tell her yourself, I thought she was going to strike me for making her wait outside of the pyramid."

Boomer could hear Starbuck chuckle.

"Oh! Boomer I almost forgot, can you have Apollo bring a clean uniform for me when he comes down? Mines a little dirty."

Exasperated Boomer shook his head. "Starbuck, only you would reduce the fleet commander to your very own personal laundry service. See you soon, buddy."

Boomer handed the radio back to Sam and she addressed General Hammond. "Sir, will reopen the gate in about fifteen minutes to send Major Boomer, over."

Hammonds voice responded from her radio. "Very well, major. SGC, out."


Sam and Boomer exited the pyramid together.

Boomer continued. "I noticed that everyone from and I can hardly say it, from Earth has two names, why is that?"

Sam shrugged and said, "That's because there are so many people on my planet with similar first names that it helps to identify with who each person is. Actually most people have three names, the first identifies an individual person, then a middle name, and our last names correspond with our families' name. That way our heritage continues on through generations."

"Sam? Is that your given name?" Boomer asked.

She smiled and said, "No major, my given name is Samantha Carter, but everyone has called me Sam, since I was a teenager."

Nodding Boomer smiled. "All right, but you can drop the Major, names Boomer." Extending his hand she shook it firmly, and said "Well, you can call me Sam, then."

Boomer and Sam reached the rest of the group. Boomer briefed his people while Sam briefed her commander.

Boomer continued. "So, I am going back to the planet."

Cyphus interrupted. "You mean the Earth?"

Boomer tilted his head questioningly.

Cyphus shrugged, "Colonel O'Neill told us while your were in the pyramid. Is it true?"

Boomer shrugged. "That's what they claim. So, Cyphus your orders are to take the rest of the squadron with you, and the medical team and return to the Galactica. Inform Commander Apollo and have him return with the shuttle. Oh, Cyphus?"

"Yes, sir?"

"No one is to breathe a word of this till the Commander informs the fleet." Turning to the medical staff. "That goes for all of you. Understood?"

Everyone nodded, except one Cassiopeia. "Boomer I want to go along and check Starbuck out for myself their doctors could have missed something."

Boomer nodded and said. "I thought you might. All right come on."

The SG teams led Boomer and Cassiopeia toward the gate inside the pyramid.



The Colonial shuttle and vipers returned without incident to the Galactica. Hera was waiting for the shuttle as it landed. Hera ran up the stairs that the flight crews placed near the door of the shuttle.

Searching frantically she asked several people. "Where's Starbuck and Boomer?"

All the medics would say "He's all right."

"Well, where is he then?" Hera said frustratingly.

When she did not get an answer she stepped into the path of Sergeant Cyphus, she paid particular attention not to touch anyone that had been planet-side before the could have any potentially harmful microbes or bacteria spread. "Answer ME!" Hera said.

Cyphus frowned and said, "I'm sorry Lieutenant, but I have orders to speak only to the Commander." With that he stepped around the shocked warrior and went to decontamination chamber.

True to form the warriors mouths were closed, at least till after they had returned to their work place.


Once again a siren went off inside the embarkation room of the SGC. Red flashing lights went round and round in their housing units. Master Sergeant Weaver looked up and announced into his microphone "Wormhole activation."

General Hammond and Captain Starbuck waited at the base of the ramp leading to the Stargate. Starbuck had traded use of a wheelchair for his pair of legs. Not even General Hammond could stop him. He had also traded his hospital gown for an unmarked pair of coveralls. He mused 'This looks like the standard warriors uniform around the SGC.' This was the first time that Starbuck had seen the Stargate in action and waited in anticipation.

The gate room attendant announced. "Inbound Traveler, Inbound Traveler."

Following his voice a sharp clang of metal on metal as the chevrons on the Stargate locked into place, one by one.

Starbuck watched in fascination as each Chevron locked into place and emitted a red glow. Hammond turned and smiled "The first time a person sees this is always the best."

Not returning the look Starbuck just nodded and stared at the Stargate.

As Chevron Seven locked into place the ramp vibrated. The wormhole activated spatial energies that raced outward and just as suddenly as it raced outward the vortex of energy fell back into the event horizon of the ring. Starbuck who usually was full of confidence had paled noticeably.

Starbuck did not have time to contemplate that before the seeming impossible happened. Two SG teams stepped through the "water" like Stargate, followed by Major Boomer and Dr. Cassiopeia. The Galactican's stumbled a bit their first time out, but Teal'c managed to keep both of them upright.

Boomer stood motionless, his brown eyes focused on nothing in particular. Ice crystals had formed on his ebony face. Immediately, the thin layer of ice started to melt from his face and clothes. "What a ride!" He exclaimed.

Turing to Cassiopeia he started to ask how she was when she promptly collapsed to her knees, stuck her head under the guardrail of the ramp and threw up.

Wincing in empathy, he helped her up after she finished and asked smiling "Still glad you insisted on coming?"

Frowning, Cassiopeia gave him a dark look and accepted his hand. Once upright she shrugged her shoulders and apologized to the SG teams, "Uh, sorry."

No one heard a junior airman who quietly cursed as he quickly exited to retrieve the cleaning supplies.

Carter patted her shoulder and gave her a spare handkerchief she always packed for the ever forgetting archaeologist Daniel and his allergies."

Accepting the handkerchief she thanked Sam. "Thanks."

"Cassie!" Cassiopeia recognized Starbuck's voice immediately but did not see him. Looking around she made her way through the other people coming off the ramp. Searching the crowd she heard her name being called again and this time her eyes fell on Starbuck. No wonder she did not see him initially, he was dressed like one of the Earth warriors.

She ran to him and hugged him tightly and asked, "Are you giving up a viper along with your uniform Captain?"

"Cassie, you shouldn't of come down to the planet, it wasn't safe."

Oblivious to the spectacle they were making the couple chatted like newlyweds.

Jack could only take so much mushiness and said, "Oh! For crying out loud, get a room."

Embarrassed the couple separated and turned three shades of red.

Jack smiled and introduced them. "General Hammond I'd like you to meet Major Boomer and Dr. Cassiopeia, Starbucks wife."

General Hammond smiled. "I can see that." Then shook their hands. "Major, Doctor, on behalf of the people of Earth, welcome to the SGC."

Boomer nodded respectfully, "Thank you sir, it's a pleasure." Then turning back to look at the Stargate he said, "That is an amazing technology! I have never seen anything like it! If our scientists knew about this they'd be fighting their way down planet side to see it."

General Hammond addressed Jack. "Colonel O'Neill, please escort our guests to the infirmary, then send them to the briefing room." Hammond saluted at Jack.

Jacks saluted back and said. "Yes, sir."

Hammond turned to Boomer and Cassie, "This is just a routine medical exam, nothing to be worried about."

"I understand." Both Boomer and Cassie said.



In the infirmary Doctors Fraiser and Cassiopeia talked about their respective medical technologies. A female nurse came by and asked Cassie to role her sleeves up and indicated a syringe. Making an ugly face Cassie asked, "A hypodermic needle?"

Janet Fraiser asked, "Uh, yes, is that a problem?"

Cassie tried to be polite, "Uh, sorry, it's just that our people haven't used anything like that in about two thousand yahren."

Janet frowned at the unknown term "Uh, yahren? Is that a long time?"

Cassie shrugged and said, "Yes, I don't know what you would call a yahren but two thousand yahren is equal two millennium."

Janet wondered at that, "Wow, that's about two thousand years of our time. Don't worry you will feel some pressure after I use an topical deadener."

"Uh, doctor, if you don't mind can I show you something?"

Janet nodded and Cassie retrieved her medical bag on the floor and pulled out an unknown tool.

Janet pointed at it, "What is that?"

Cassie handed it to her, "It's what we use to draw blood. It's called a 'Arterial Magnetronic Collector' or 'Mag-C' for short.

Janet turned the foreign device in her hand and asked how it worked. Cassie told her, then retrieved the device and showed her by collecting a blood sample of her own. Instantly blood filled a tube in the device.

"See." Cassie said. "It's a whole lot easier than sticking needles into people, and it's painless."

She handed the vial of blood to Janet and placed an empty vial into the end and let Janet retrieve a sample from Boomer. Janet got it right the first time and after removing the vial handed it back to Cassie. "Here you go."

Cassie shook her head no and said. "Keep it, I have plenty."

Janet smiled broadly, "Dr. Cassiopeia."

Cassie smiled and put her hand on Janet's arm and said, "Please call me Cassie."

Janet smiled back. "Cassie? That's my daughters nick name."

With that both doctors went over the procedures that Janet used for Starbuck. Then Cassie used

her medical equipment too check Starbuck out. Starbuck was the only one not very happy.


Boomer, Starbuck, and Cassie sat in the briefing room with General Hammond, and

SG-1. The group's attention was focused entirely on the television, which replayed the same

historical recording Starbuck had seen only a couple of days before. Boomer was watching the video

with undisguised interest, as a distant memory played at the back of his memory. 'Have I seen this

somewhere before?' "Holy Frack!" he mentally cursed, as he eventually identified the video as being

the very same transmission received over twenty three yahren ago by Apollo, then a Captain in the

Viper Blue Squadron. Apollo loved history and had chanced upon the last remaining "Celestial Dome"

on the Galactica. Five hundred yahren ago the Galactica's position was double checked by exact astral

positions. After the Colonies instruments were sophisticated enough, the "Celestial Domes" were

removed, except this last one above the engines had been missed. Apollo restored any equipment or

circuits that no longer functioned and by chance discovered on an outdated "Gamma" frequency, the

same transmission that Boomer saw now, except this was the original footage. Apollo had always

believed this transmission originated from Earth, but could never prove it. As the video finally reached

its end, Starbuck turned to Boomer whose face had paled considerably, "See, I told you."

Daniel froze the image of the plague on the screen.

JULY 1969 AD

Boomer turned to Starbuck "I give up, I just give up, how do you do it?"

"What?" Starbuck asked innocently.

"How is it that you meet all the beautiful girls, escape from the Cylons, find all the out of the way gambling casino's in the universe, and now this?" Boomer threw his hands up frustrated.

Trying to lighten the mood, Starbuck spoke flippantly to his long time friend. "Hey, Boom-Boom, you snooze and you lose."

Boomer just shook his head smiling.

Daniel interrupted. "Major, Captain Starbuck had the same reaction, I didn't notice it then, but in retrospect you look as if both of you have seen this before?"

Boomer told them how about twenty-three yahren/years ago the Galactica had intercepted this very signal.

Sam amazed said. "You mean you intercepted this transmission over twenty three years ago? But if you came from another galaxy as you said, how could this transmission travel that far?"

Boomer shrugged, "We had just entered this galaxy, but perhaps this signal traveled in the path of a spatial anomaly or a black hole? If so…"

Sam finished it for him, "These spatial anomalies could span the galaxy."

Hammond shrugged and asked, "What?"

Sam nodded and said. "Sir, if this transmission traveled through black holes or some other spatial anomaly, it's possible that this galaxy has numerous spatial anomaly, or "short cuts" are galaxy wide. If that's true then I don't think that even the Goa'uld know about them.

Jack eyes glazed over at all the "techno-babble". "So, this "spatial" whatever are important, because….?"

Sam replied. "Sir, if these "shortcuts" can be plotted and navigated with space ships, then it could save enormous time in traveling in space.

Boomer excited said. "That's right. It means even traveling at faster than light speeds take time, but with these "shortcuts" we can skip the bulk of space travel.

Hammond changed the subject. "All, right people, let's move back on topic. Major Boomer?"

"Yes, sir?"

"We've heard about your peoples origins and why you are seeking the Earth, however, as I am sure you probably have noticed, the Earth is not advanced as your people might have hoped. So, what can the Earth expect if we grant your people asylum?"

Boomer thought about that. "Well, I don't know what our council will agree too if your referring to technology. I can't speak for them, I am only a squadron commander, but if the council approves, then I shouldn't see any problem with integrating our two cultures completely."

Jack was incredulous, "You mean, you don't have any laws that prevent you from sharing your technology with a culture less advanced than your own?"

Boomer shrugged, "As I said Colonel, I can't speak for the Council, but if we are to seek asylum on the Earth, and integrate our cultures I find it hard to believe that our technologies could be segregated."

Jack was used too more advanced cultures denying the SGC and Earth of valuable technologies. Even though these technologies were desperately needed to defend against Goa'uld attack, thus far almost every race they have encountered have stubbornly and at times arrogantly refused to share the fruits of their knowledge. On rare occasions Jack were speechless, this was one of them.

Hammond cut in. "As I mentioned to Captain Starbuck, I have been authorized by the President of the United States, to grant your people asylum on the Earth, or on one of the many other planets that we have come across that are not populated. However, in exchange for granting your people asylum we only ask that your people share your technology with us, so we can protect ourselves against the Goa'uld."

Boomer nodded. "That's very kind of you, General."

Boomer just shook his head slowly and grinned.

"What?" Sam asked.

Boomer looked at Starbuck and Cassiopeia, then toward Sam. "I still can't believe it. After all these yahren, uh, years I think you call it. I just can't believe we found the Earth. We found clues every now and then on our journey, but Commander Adama, that's our current Commander's father, he never doubted it, not once. Tell me, how far away is Earth from that planet we were on?"

Hammond nodded to Sam, "Uh, Earth is approximately two thousand light years away from P2S89G."

Starbuck whistled. "That Stargate sure is handy. It would take the fleet another seven yahren, I mean years to travel that far on our present course." Then realizing the truth. "Unless…unless you could provide exact coordinates. That would reduce our trip to about five years."

Teal'c who had been silent up to this point said, "Or your people could use the Stargate to transport directly to Earth."

Boomer considered that, "That's true, but then we would have to abandon our ships. The Galactica is far too valuable to just abandon."

Starbuck said, "Even if we destroyed all our ships, Boomer's right, that would leave the Earth totally defenseless."

Sam started, "Unless you transported all civilians to Earth, then you could destroy all non-essential ships."

Starbuck snapped his fingers, "Boomer, she's right. The Galactica and a few other ships are capable of light speed. We could destroy all ships that are slower and transport the people directly to Earth. That way…"

Sam interrupted, "Light Speed? If that is the fastest your ships can travel, then it would take centuries to get here."

Boomer frowned then realized Sam's assumption. "Oh, no, light speed is the term we use for traveling faster than light. The only time anyone ever mentions actual velocity is on the bridge. The actual velocity is measured in points past actual light speed. The Galactica is the fastest."

Sam smiled and said. "Well, Major Boomer, it would take the Galactica probably a few months to reach the Earth."

Boomer frowned, "Except that only the Galactica can travel fast enough. Starbuck, how fast is the Rising Star?"

Starbuck thought about that, "Uh, I guess being a luxury ship, maybe, she can reach half of Galactica's speed".

Hammond asked Boomer, "Major, how receptive do you anticipate your governing body to be once they learn that Earth is not as technologically advanced as your own culture?"

Boomer shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, searching for the Earth and not being strong enough to fight the Cylons are the two major reasons we never settled on any of the uninhabited planets we passed along the way. I think the Council will go along with it."

Hammond turned to Sam, "Major Carter, please obtain any information that will allow you and the Colonials to plot an exact course to the Earth. Major Boomer, you'll need to have your people send this 'Commander' or another diplomatic liaison here to Earth.

"Yes, sir." Both Majors said.

Hammond turned to Jack, "Colonel O'Neill, SG-1 will accompany Major Boomer, Captain Starbuck, and Dr. Cassiopeia back to their fleet."

Hammond turned to Daniel. "Doctor Jackson?"


"Our diplomatic SG team is off planet, so I will need you to open diplomatic ties with these people."

Daniel swallowed. 'Yes, sir."

Hammond spoke matter of fact; "SG-1 has a go after I get the presidents authorization. Dismissed."



Everyone was expectant as Cyphus made his way around the various bridge stations and crew. Cyphus reached the base of the platform where Commander Apollo and Colonel Sheba were.

"Commander, I have important news from Major Boomer."

Apollo leaned forward expectantly. "How's Starbuck?"

Hera made her way over too the trio.

Cyphus saw Hera approach in his peripheral vision. "He was hurt, had a nasty cut on his head, but should be fine."

"Where is Captain Starbuck and Major Boomer?"

"A group of humans we met had found him and brought them back to their base. He's going to be fine."

Apollo and Sheba looked at each other then Sheba asked, "Who are they?"

Cyphus looked nervously at the other people on the bridge "Uh, I really think you want me to tell you the rest of this privately."

"Why?" Apollo asked.

That was when Hera blurted out the obvious, "That planet is Earth! The Thirteenth Tribe tried to kill us?"

Apollo interrupted, "We don't know that." Then he pointed to Cyphus, "You're right, we'll finish this in my chambers.

Once there, they entered Apollo's office where his father before him worked. Hera was close on their heels. Apollo frowned at Hera, "Not now Lieutenant."

"Father, I have to know what happened to Starbuck!"

Seeing the futility of ordering her, he said, "Come on."

Hera displayed many of the same qualities that her maternal grandfather had. The Legendary Commander Cain had been known to deliberately disobey orders from time to time if it conflicted with his views. If it were not for his ability to almost always be proven right and also save the day, he would have been court marshaled long before becoming a Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus.

Apollo crossed over to his desk and sat down. Following his gesture the others sat down on the couch and chair.

Cyphus began. "Well, Commander, You know about the two alien ships that almost destroyed Lieutenant Hera's viper?"

At Apollo's nod he continued. "As we approached the system where Captain Starbuck and Lieutenant Hera were attacked we saw a space ship that was pyramid in shape."

Hera nodded. "That's the one."

Cyphus ignored Hera and continued. "As soon as the alien ship detected us it fled the system before we could catch up with it. Major Boomer ordered Lieutenant Cree and Corporal Mindon to follow the pyramid ship just beyond their scanner range." Cyphus paused to catch his breath.

Apollo waited patiently for the sergeant to continue. "After Cree and Mindon covertly followed the aliens, Blue Squadron continued to the planet. After establishing an aerial search pattern, my scanner detected a massive gravimetric distortion beyond a mountain range."

Apollo asked, "The same type of distortion that the Galactica picked up on long range scan earlier?"

Cyphus nodded, "That's our guess."

"Go on." Apollo said.

Cyphus fidgeted in his seat, "We also detected three distinct heat signatures."

Sheba asked, "Starbuck's viper?"

Cyphus nodded, "Yes, or what was left of it."

Sheba and Hera gasped, however Apollo remained calm, but his eyes focused more intently on the Sergeant.

"I saw the remains of Captain Starbucks viper and two other crash sites. Near Starbuck's crashed viper was an ancient temple. About a hectar away there was another structure, a stone pyramid, just like the history scans back in the colonies."

Hera smiled, "I knew it. It is Earth."

Apollo frowned at his daughter's eagerness. Over the yahrens, he ran into several hopeful events that inevitably turned out not to be the "Lost Thirteenth Tribe."

Sheba rebuked her daughter. "Hera, we don't know that for sure."

Cyphus said, "It's not."

Apollo frowned. "How do you know?"

Cyphus smiled widely now. "Because we ran into a group of humans that were from Earth."

Everyone's mouth fell open. Hera beamed, "See I told you it was Earth."

Sheba frowned. "Sergeant, I thought you just said it was not the Earth."

"Yes, Colonel."

Apollo was getting confused. "Sergeant, which is it? Either it's Earth or it's not."

Cyphus continued. "It's not Earth, but the humans we ran into were from the Earth. Most were military although there were also some civilians."

"Warriors?" Apollo asked.

"Yes, sir. Although they couldn't have picked uglier uniforms. They wore coveralls similar to our flight crews in the landing bay, except they were a dark green with black vests."

Sheba asked, "What were the civilians there for?"

"I thought about that, must be some kind of first contact team."

Apollo questioned him further, "What were they doing there?"

"They said that they found Starbuck in his crashed viper. He was hurt and then they brought him to their planet to have their medical team stabilize him."

To Apollo it seemed as if Cyphus contradicted himself with every other sentence. "They took him back to their planet?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then it must have been the Earth's people in that pyramid ship. Why would they fire on him and then save him?"

"Sir, that pyramid ship did fire on the Captain and Lieutenant, but those people were a race known as the Goa'uld."

"Who's that?" Sheba asked.

"Some kind of parasitic alien that takes unwilling humans as hosts. Then they enslave entire worlds posing as would be "gods"."

Hera and Sheba both made a disgusted frown.

Apollo said, "Well, we need to find out more about these Goa'uld, but how did the Earth people get to that planet? Didn't you scanners register another ship in orbit or on that planet?"

Cyphus smiled thinly. "That's where it get's weird, Commander."

"What do you mean, Sergeant?" Apollo said.

"They claim to have a device they call a, uh, "Stargate"." Seeing everyone's lack of comprehension Cyphus continued. "This Stargate instantaneously sends them to another planet."

Sheba laughed, "No, really Sergeant, where was their ship?"

"I don't make up Colonel, I just report'em. We laughed too, at first, until Major Boomer went off to the pyramid and talked to Starbuck."

Hera couldn't restrain herself and openly laughed.

Apollo stared at the young, but seasoned warrior. Apollo scrutinized Cyphus for a moment then stated. "Your serious? Aren't You?"

"Yes, sir. I didn't see it, but the Major was convinced."

Sheba stopped laughing when she saw Cyphus was serious. "That's impossible and you know it."

Cyphus shook his head and said, "Impossible or not, that's where Major Boomer and Doctor Cassiopeia went."

Apollo straightened up, "What? Of all the foolish risks."

Sheba was angry now, "You mean to tell me, you just left Boomer and Cassiopeia with some aliens?"

Cyphus felt his ears starting to redden with anger. "I was following orders, Colonel! Major Boomer ordered my team and I to return to the Galactica and inform you of our situation."

Apollo quickly composed himself, "Enough." That was all Apollo had to say. The room became deathly quiet. Apollo thought back on a similar conversation that Starbuck had with his father, Commander Adama when Lieutenant Cree, then a novice cadet on a standard recon probe was forced down onto the ice planet of Arcta. He used his fathers same genteel voice. Somehow it soothed him also. "You did the right thing, bringing back information on the situation is top priority. What else did Major Boomer ask you to tell me?"

Cyphus relaxed a little at his commander's statement. "Thank you, sir. The major asked in addition to sending back word that he would assess the situation and that you should come down to the planet to open formal relations with the Earth people."

Sheba did not like that at all, "Oh! No! Your not going down there till we find out wants going on."

Apollo's raised his hand and cut Sheba off before she could continue. "Anything else, Sergeant?"

"Ugh, yes, sir."

Apollo braced himself for more bad news. "Come on, out with it."

Cyphus fidgeted in his seat and was truly nervous for the first time. "Uh, Captain Starbuck wants you to bring him a clean uniform down to the planet."

For the first time in this meeting Apollo laughed.

Hera beamed, "Yep, that's Starbuck, all right."


Apollo fastened a cape to his uniform. Sheba was pacing back and forth in their cabin. "Sheba, your pacing like a daggit on a sunspot, you're making me nervous."

As in typical fashion of any woman that was the excuse she was waiting for. "Nervous? Nervous! What about me? I am a wreck? You don't have to do this, you don't know what you're walking into?"

Apollo stopped what he was doing and smiled as he gently held his wife's hands in his. "Hey, it's going to be o.k. I got blue squadron going down to the surface with me."

"I don't care about blue squadron when your life is on the line! If anything happened to you the fleet would be lost." Then more quietly she finished. "I would be lost."

Gathering her up into his arms they kissed passionately for a few moments. Pulling apart from each other's embrace Sheba said. "Apollo, I should go with you. My certifications are still good in a viper."

"No, if anything did happen to me you are the next person in the chain of command, no your place is here, besides I need you to keep the council from doing something foolish till I return."

Sheba smiled devilishly. "I suppose if you don't return I would be the fleet commander by de facto, hmmn, Commander Sheba. I like the sound of that."

Apollo smiled back, "Don't get any delusions of grandeur while I am gone, colonel."

Sheba put her arms around her husband and said before kissing him again. "Yes, sir, Commander, sir."



The planet was dark now. The sun had set several hours ago and the single moon above cast an eerie glow on the countryside below. Alien insects quietly buzzed in the background. The air was cool, but not unbearable.

Five large tents capable of holding four people each had been setup around the base of the stone pyramid. A much larger tent was placed to the right side and approximately twenty yards away. The command tent was setup with standard field commander equipment. A large table with twelve field chairs, status boards, portable electronic equipment, 32-inch tv/vcr combo, generator, portable refrigerator on wheels, a smaller table with field rations and miscellaneous supplies. The standard field latrine could be seen just off of the path toward the temple.

An Airman stood guard around the front of the tent. Three others were at various strategic points around the camp. One Airman was positioned at the Stargate; another at the mouth of the pyramid's exit and the third was toward the east side of the camp.

This was a diplomatic meeting place, but since a Goa'uld pyramid ship had been in orbit once already the SG units were not taking any chances.

The Airman by the pyramids entrance glanced up toward the stars. 'Pretty' he thought. 'Kind of reminds me of Texas, bright and clear.' As he thought about that one of the stars moved ever so slightly. Noticing this, he stared more intently to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him. The star became brighter and seemed to move closer toward the planet. "Hey! You see that?"

The Airman by the tent asked in a bored tone, "See what?"

"That." He pointed up toward the star.

"Stars, so what?"

Frustrated the first Airman said, "If that's a star then why is it moving toward us?"

"What?" Looking up he said, "It's just probably a shooting star, relax."

As the third Airman on the east side of the camp followed their gaze he saw the tell tale corona of the object entering the planets atmosphere.

"See, I told ya, a falling star." That was when he noticed the 'falling star' was followed by at least twelve other 'falling stars'.

"A meteor shower?"

"Don't know."

That was when the 'falling stars' abruptly changed course and slowed down. The Airman could not make out any details but even from the objects sudden course change and speed, they were not alone.

All three stared speechless for a moment. The first Airman came to himself and yelled loudly. "We got incoming!"

In moments everyone in the camp fell out of their tents at a horrific pace. O'Neill came racing out his tent followed by Daniel, Teal'c, and Boomer. O'Neill hastily put his ball cap on his head. "Teal'c?"

Starbuck came up a little slower than expected, followed by Cassiopeia and Sam.

Teal'c studied the object as it moved toward them. The objects are obviously spacecraft but unlike anything he had ever seen. Not that he could really see much from this distance. "I do not believe they are death gliders."

The other SG units surrounded the campsite, weapons held ready, setting up as much of protective cover as possible. One of the airmen retrieved one of the anti-air rocket launchers.

"Anyone see anything like that?" Jack asked.

Boomer smiled, "I have, that's a viper squadron and one of our shuttles."

As the squadron of vipers and the lone shuttle flew toward there position Boomer radioed. "Attention viper squadron, this is Major Boomer on the planet below."

A lone voice responded, "Boomer, this is Commander Apollo, you all right?"

"Fine sir, we're with a delegation from the Earth, based beside the pyramid."

"We're locked onto your signal, see you soon."


The shuttle landed a few minutes later. The vipers took up arrowhead formation above. The squadron of vipers could be seen breaking formation and flying overhead every couple of minutes. The vipers jet-like noise blanketed the valley as they passed overhead. White-hot exhaust of the other vipers could clearly be seen streaking along the night sky in the distance.

The SG teams had relaxed their guard after hearing the Colonials were landing. The guards on duty remained at their post back at base camp, however the rest of the group went out to meet Apollo's shuttle.

The shuttle door opened and four colonial warriors descended with laser rifles sweeping the area for potential threats.

Jack commented quietly "Still don't trust us, huh?"

Daniel smiled and said, "Come on Jack, the Colonials are just taking the same precautions we would if the roles were reversed."

Teal'c stoic face turned to Daniel, "Indeed."

Jack finished the conversation, "Well, when in Rome, Teal'c let's keep an eye on those guys with the laser rifles, huh?"

Teal'c said nothing but dipped his head forward in acknowledgement.

Commander Apollo descended the shuttles portable steps and walked toward his long time friends. A moment later Hera emerged from the shuttle after shutting the engines and systems down.

Starbuck, Cassie, and Boomer quickly closed the distance to Apollo and greeted him. "Apollo!" Starbuck said.

The two longtime friends shook each other's hands. "I thought we almost lost you on that one ole buddy."

Starbuck shrugged non-chalantly. "All in a days work."

Boomer jerked his thumb at Starbuck. "Yeah, except he get's to go down in the history scans as the man who found Earth."

Before Starbuck could respond Hera launched herself into her favorite uncle's arms. "Starbuck!"

After she let go, Starbuck smiled, "Hi-ya, kid. You know, it's against regulations to hug a senior officer." Then he added. "Unless you mean it." Hera hugged him again. "Easy, lieutenant, you might wrinkle my new Earth uniform."

Hera punched him in the arm. "Hey." Starbuck said feigning an injury. The small group of friends and family laughed.

Apollo smiled and asked one of the warriors by the shuttle. "Sergeant can you?"

"Right, sir." The sergeant entered the shuttle momentarily and returned with a complete uniform for Starbuck.

"Ah, thanks, Apollo."

Apollo frowned playfully, "Don't mention it. Now where are these Earthlings."

Starbuck turned to face the SG teams. "Commander Apollo, I'd like to introduce Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Sam Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c."

Apollo took a moment to shake each of there hands. 'Odd he thought, these people do shake hands but not the traditional way' The Earth people grasped the actual hand and not the wrist as was the Colonial custom.

Jack smiled friendly. "Pleasure, Commander."

Apollo stopped momentarily at Teal'c and stared a moment longer than at the others, then abruptly said. "On behalf of the Colonial Fleet and our colonies, I want to thank you for rescuing Captain Starbuck. Allow me to introduce my daughter, Lieutenant Second class Hera."

Everyone exchanged pleasantries.

Apollo stared at the SG team for a few moments. "I just can't believe it, forgive me for asking, but are you really from Earth?"

Jack smiled and inwardly thought, 'Sure is nice to have aliens glad to meet them for a change. Sure beat being shot at any day.'

"Yes, sir."

Apollo just shook his head. You could see a heavy burden almost perceptively lift from his shoulders. Tears glistened in his eyes and he marveled at it all. "After all these yahrens of searching. It's been our people's goal for so long, and now to finally have met someone from the lost thirteenth colony face to face, it's just, amazing."

Daniel spoke up first. "Uh, Commander, we have a base camp setup around the pyramid, perhaps you would like to talk there?"

Apollo nodded and said, "Lead the way."


Daniel and Teal'c led the colonial group inside the tent, while Jack and Sam hastily went to their tents and changed into their formal Service Dress Blue uniforms of the U.S. Air Force.

Inside the command tent, SG1, Apollo, Boomer, Starbuck, Cassiopeia, and Hera sat at the large table in the middle of the tent. When the Earth and Colonial group first set out to meet the shuttle Jack gave Captain O'Connor of SG 11 orders to have his people set up the command tent to receive the alien Commander.

Although the tent and it's accessories would never be allowed at a consulate dining facility for visiting dignitaries, it was the best they could muster in their alien environment. An expensive white tablecloth had been set, along with carafes of ice-cold water and crystal glasses were set throughout the table. At each seating an official blue U.S. Air Force briefing folder with the official white seal embossed onto it. Inside were, pens, pencils, notepad paper, etc.

In the center of the table a three dimensional SGC plague stood. Toward the back of the tent a United States Flag stood in its holder on the right. On the left the SGC command flag stood in its holder as well. A tasteful pre-arranged platter of hourderve had been set out, along with coffee for the hastily awoken Earth team.

After seating themselves at the table, they watched the same video that convinced the other colonials that the SG's home world really was the Earth.

Apollo sat quietly as he stared at the TV screen tears welled up in his eyes but he ignored them completely as the realization of a twenty five yahren dream had at last been proven true. 'If only my father could have seen this day.' He thought.

Hera was a tough warrior in her own right, but even so she felt no twinge of guilt as tears of joy flowed freely down her cheeks.

For the very first time the Earth people caught a brief glimpse of the trials, struggles and hopes of an entirely separate race of people that had fought long and hard to save what was left of their people, all in the hopes of finding their little planet. It was really humbling. Even Jack had no smart one-liners to add.

Daniel was gently prodded in the ribs. Turning he saw Sam hand a handkerchief to him. Momentarily confused, Daniel raised his eyebrows to form an unspoken question. Sam frowned at him and nodded toward Hera. Daniel realized the implications Sam was trying to give him and took the white cloth and went to Hera. Gently he placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned to face him with a far off look and then quickly realized what he was doing. Gratefully she took the handkerchief and with a few sniffles dabbed at her eyes and said "Thank you, Doctor Jackson."

Daniel smiled and quickly changed the videotape out with a video documentary on images of the Earth.

"Uh, Commander, we have another video here, one I think your going to enjoy. It's several images of the Earth, our cities, historical sites and nature scenes."

Apollo who had been silent up till now seemed to compose himself and said, "Thank you, I would very much appreciate that."

Before Daniel started the video a roar swept over the camp as the viper squadron flew overhead again. Apollo realizing they were safe pulled his portable communications device out and called Blue Squadron and ordered them to land their craft.

For the next half an hour they enjoyed watching images of the Earth. Log entry by Commander Apollo…

"Fleeing from the Cylon Tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica has led a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest...we have at last found the shining planet known as EARTH!"

End of Part 1

STARGATE SG-1 / Battlestar Galactica "The Thirteenth Colony" series

will be continued in the sequel: Part II – Choices

Copyright 2001 – All rights reserved by right of ownership listed in the disclaimer.


Part II – Choices – Preview

Heru'ur sat upon his throne in his Hatak class pyramid ship. A hideous smile crossed his face. A human male sat prostrated before him, his once navy blue pants and tunic had been ripped in various places and was dripping wet from the water pit he had been living in. The water pit was a torture of it's own. While being completely uncomfortable, a person had to constantly guard against falling asleep or risk drowning.

The man's lip was cut and bleeding, his left eye was swollen shut. The prisoner had been beaten by the Horus guards repeatedly. Most people would have pitied this poor wretch, until they recognized him as the foul traitor of mankind, Baltar.

Baltar's head hung low and his breathing came in shallow gasps.

Heru'ur eyes momentarily glowed brightly. "We find your proposal acceptable."

Baltar jerked his head up sharply. A flicker of a devious smile crossed his face, vanished and then replaced with a more solid one. "Then I am to be spared?"


Baltar had a flash of déjà vu as he briefly recalled say something like this before, but to whom? Then without thinking he stood up and spoke rather quickly, "To Serve the Empire!"

Heru'ur eyes flashed an angry bright yellow as only a Goa'uld can, "To serve your god!" With that he raised his hand. A rather artistic glove made of copperish metal was on that hand. A large semi-round red crystal was embedded inside the palm of the device. It began to glow bright red. A flash of intense light and an unknown force picked Baltar up and threw him ten feet into the air. His body slammed against the far wall in a bone-jarring crunch and his body seemed to hang there for a moment, until gravity finally pulled him down. Moaning to himself he turned his head slightly. Off to his left was the decapitated head of his one time second in command IL Series Cylon, Lucifer. His body nowhere to be seen.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I just hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

SPECIAL THANKS: A very special thanks to Eric Paddon, a fan fiction author of an incredible crossover story: Battlestar Galactica/Planet of the Apes. This is one of the very best fan fiction stories I have ever read on the Internet! Eric was kind enough to let me borrow a couple of characters that were of his design in that story and some background info on some of the other established characters in the BSG universe. Everything else that is original is mine, not including the established characters of both series mentioned above in the disclaimer.

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BEGAN: May 25, 2001
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SUMMARY: The Colonial Fleet has been traveling in space for twenty-five yahrens, continuing their search for the lost Thirteenth Tribe. The fleet has intercepted strange radio communications that are curiously in the old Kobol language. Believing that the fleet is nearing their journey to find Earth, Colonial Vipers from the Battlestar Galactica are sent out to investigate a strange distortion wave.

SG-1 gate to another world where they discover a crashed alien space ship and rescue it's pilot.

The Cylons discover a new more powerful and deadly foe.

With the arrival of the pilot, Earth discovers a long forgotten truth that forever turns the tide of their war against the Goa'uld. Their startling discovery will forever change everything they ever believed in or hoped for.

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