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From orbit, multiple crater depressions pockmarked the major cities and military installations on the North American continent. Swirling smoke clouds covered the Northern portion of the American East Coast. From space the smoke blew North Easterly covering much of the cities and swirled over the coast line. Smoke covered the sea up to a hundred or so miles. Many white puffy clouds had large holes in them from the laser bombardment from the Cylon War machine. The winds were not prevalent and did little to close the gaps in the cloud cover.

From ground level millions of tons of debris, and ruins lined Manhattan's skyline. Buildings were broken in half, hanging on at a skewed level, or completely leveled. The dust and debris from such a collapse covered many miles. The only way to breathe would be to use a shirt over ones mouth, a towel, or medical masks. People everywhere walked around in a daze, helped others, or lay bleeding on the ground. Many pets lay beside their master whimpering.

The Naval Nuclear submarine base in Groton, Connecticut, and naval bases in Maine were completely leveled. Many Government contractors' buildings in various cities of the state of Maryland were nothing but ruined ash. Fortunately, being at DEFCON 1 meant all the nuclear subs were out to sea and at extreme depths awaiting orders.

The American capitol in Washington D.C. and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at Langley, Virginia was ablaze in a hellish fire that was out of control. Destruction had rained down onto the Charleston, South Carolina and did not escape ruin. Sumter AFB and Ft. Gordon likewise were nothing more than smoking ruins as well. All the military bases in Georgia, and Florida were nothing more than a ruinous heap. These American military bases were nothing but high powered bonfires raging out of control. Fortunately the death tolls were at a minimum due to the advanced nature of warning.

Those citizens of the affected areas that died in the initial hellfire were later considered to be the lucky ones. Although American defenses on the East Coast were crippled, the vast war machine and redundancy of America's ingenuity continued on. West Coast military bases took over command and control. As per military doctrine and established protocols, the Air Force Cyber Command in Colorado began intensive communication and coordination of all American military assets worldwide. Soon after, the other branches of the American military piggybacked on the coordination efforts.

Surrounding states that bordered on the East Coast had already been prepared with the national recall of all reserves and National Guard units. National Guard units began intensive relief efforts and in the affected areas. Not since the cowardly attacks on civilians of the 9/11 terrorist dogs and their bombings had America came together as a united people against a terrible enemy of freedom.

Around the world other countries suffered much the same fate. Most of the first world countries military bases and larger cities were devastated. Many of the larger cities were evacuated ahead of time but stragglers and looters abounded. In the end it did not help any of the looters as they were not able to live long enough to get away with their loot. Most of Europe's major cities lay in ruins to some degree. This was unfortunately due more in part to the "Widow Maker" fleets debris crashing into skyscraper buildings and asteroids that were missed by the fleet.

On the Moon.

The one remaining Mega-Pulsar Laser worked overtime. Each kill they landed critically overloaded shields on Goa'ould forces. Unimagined power shot fourth in a brilliant display of light in energy. Wherever the Mega-Pulsar Lasers hit, a Goa'ould ship either died in a spectacular fireball or went dark with loss of power to critical systems. If only the remaining weapons could survive long enough to make a difference.

Rogue Daedalus BC-304 starship.

Members of SG-1 lead by Colonel Jack O'Neill prowled through the sub-decks of their target Daedalus class ship. Jack checked his watch; they were taking too long to reach their target. "Carter, could be somehow take down all crew with a gas?"

Carter thought a moment, here blonde eyebrows knitting in deep thought. "We would have to go engineering, that is where the anesthesia gas is controlled, that or the bridge. Problem is that its three levels up, then we would have to accesses the support areas to remain unseen. Once there we would have to incapacitate the crew. If we could get one of the engineers to give us the code it would save us time."

Jack nodded, "Ok, that's the plan. Carter, take point."

With nothing further to say the team moved silently toward their goal.

Widow-Maker Fleet…

The widow-maker fleet was all but demolished. Out of several hundred inferior space craft only thirty-two ships survived. The Navy would honor the dead later, but for now there was work to be done.

Admiral Jones carrier survived, albeit barely. His ship hull looked more like Swiss cheese than actually a hybrid-space ship. Lights flickered on and off, or blinked for operator's attention. All over the Combat Information Center (CIC) the dead lay where they laid their lives down.

First Lieutenant Rahdi gasped and sat up from the floor where she had been hurled across the room. She started to move her right arm down only to feel something wrong. She looked down and gasped aloud. Her right arm had a compound fracture and two white bones in her forearm protruded out. She bit her lip to keep from crying. She managed to duck walk into a position where she could gain enough momentum to stand. Reaching out with her left arm she unceremoniously dragged Petty Officer Taylor out of her chair and dropped her onto the floor. Rahdi moved sluggishly but purposely. She checked and rechecked systems. Electrical fires caused a rancid, choking cough from the smoke inhalation of Rahdi's lungs.

Jones, had a fractured ankle he was sure. He hobbled over to Rahdi when he saw her movement. He paused to look around and saw they were the only two in the CIC still alive. "Lieutenant, damage report, have all decks check in."

Rahdi nodded, "Aye-Aye sir!" Swallowing the bile rising in her throat and intense pain, she called out to several sections of the ship. When she called engineering she got a snot-nosed sailor who had forgotten communications discipline, "What the hell do you want?"

Rahdi was taken aback, "Sailor! You are speaking to a superior officer; now get me CHENG (Chief Engineer)!"

After a pause, "CHENG is dead, and so is everybody else."

"What is the status of engines and the reactor?"

"What does it matter? We are dead anyway!"

Rahdi couldn't believe what she was hearing; could it be this sailor had a concussion? "Name and rank!" She called out sternly.

"Why you looking for a date honey?"

"Name and rank sailor or so help me God that I'll come down there and skin you alive and feed your balls to you!"

That got the sailors attention, he shook his head in confusion, "Ugh, Seaman Ludkewski, ma'am."

"Seaman, are you alright, are you hurt?"

There was an audible growl then Ludkewski replied, "Yes ma'am! I am sorry ma'am! I, I, hit my head. I do not know what I was thinking".

Rahdi took on a matronly and motherly tone, 'Ludkewski, what is your first name?"

"Brad, ma'am".

"Brad, that's good, now listen to me Brad, can you tell me what the reactor readings are saying? What errors are you reading?"

"Ah, just a minute ma'am."

After two minutes he came back, "Oh my God! I can't believe it! The reactor is fine."

That's good Brad, now listen to me, I need you to switch all functions to the CIC. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes ma'am, I, I think so."

After a few moments, Rahdi's alternate panel lit up with details, alarms, and critical information.


Jones leaned in, "I see it, and damn near the entire ship is holed."

Rahdi nodded, "Yes sir, but that is not all, and nearly ninety-seven percent of our oxygen has been vented to space. CO2 scrubbers are down. I estimate we have about forty-five minutes of air left. We will be on individual space suits after that."

Jones shoulders sagged, "Were you able to contact the Bridge?"

"No, sir, the comms appear to be working but no one is answering. I could go up there?"

Shaking his head Jones said, "No, for all we know the bridge could be open to space. Can we get a count of lifesigns?"

"No sir, that system is down as well."

"Can you tell what the status of the TRSTRGRU, SPACECOM Detachments, and Colonials are?"

Rahdi almost got out of her seat, but then remembered the redundancy built into the ship. She clumsily logged into the other systems with her one good hand. Reporting she said "From what little I can ascertain most of TRSTRGRU has been destroyed."

Jones frowned but nodded, "Go on."

"I have no information on my board about any SPACECOM Detachments whereabouts or status. We are still receiving telemetry on the asteroids. It appears all the asteroids that I can detect with what little are working have been stopped. I cannot ascertain if non-naquadah laced asteroids are out there, but we are still receiving a signal from the other ships regarding naquadah laced asteroids."

Jones smiled, "Finally some good news, what about the Cylon and Goa'ould forces?"

Rahdi rotated some software controls and checked her data, "Sir, it appears that several Goa'ould vessels are damaged, some destroyed, and some fully functional. I cannot be sure of estimates accuracy but it appears that our forces have eliminated up to seventy-nine percent of enemy forces on this side of the planet."

"Come again?" Jones asked confused.

Rahdi bit her lower lip as a spasm of red-hot pain shot up her extremities from the compound fracture in her arm.

When she could get her composure she said, "The Colonials are reporting another heavily armed force of Goa'ould ships, approximately fifty-three Ha'Tak class vessels, and one super Ha'Tak ship have entered orbit on the other side of Earth."

"Are all of our forces depleted?" Jones asked.

"No, sir, Commander Cain's forces broke off and arrived a few moments before and are heavily engaged, but…"

"But what?" Jones demanded.

"They are heavily outnumbered, at least two to one."

Sighing heavily, "Well, we cannot help them but maybe we can do something for the enemy ships here. Put me on ship-wide"

Nodding Rahdi announced a few moments later, "Your on Admiral".

"All hands, this is Admiral Jones. If anyone can hear me, the ship is gone, all of you fought bravely but in the end all we can do is pray that our other ships have better luck defeating the enemy. As of now, I am ordering all hands to abandon ship. This ship will be leaving Earth orbit in two minutes. If you have not made it to an escape pod by then, you're stuck onboard. Thank you and God Bless America and Earth".

Rahdi frowned, "Sir, where are we going? We do not have a space dock and the ship will not survive reentry".

"Can you patch me through to the rest of our fleet?"

Pausing he realized he was now proud to say the cursed term of the Widow Maker Fleet.

Rahdi frowned a moment but soon got communications up, "Yes, sir, but I cannot guarantee that we are transmitting".

Jones smiled a rather fatherly smile and patted her shoulder, "It will have to do."

"All ships of TRUSTRGRU our", pausing Jones smiled in recognition of their proud fleets new history, "Widow-Maker fleet, we have fought the good fight against more numerous foes. We gave a good accounting of ourselves, but our job is not done. There are threats to our families up here and by God we are going to destroy them."

"On my authority, I am ordering all ships of TRUSTRGRU that are able to accelerate to maximum speed and ram the closest enemy combatant ships." Pausing Jones shoulders sagged further, "Our ships will not last long against either the Cylon or Goa'ould forces, but I am ordering all ships under my command to arm every warhead possible and take those Sons-of-bitches out of my sky!" Then will a calm voice he said, "That is all, good hunting."

Rahdi shivered at what Jones was ordering the fleet to do. She knew it was the right thing to do but even though she knew she might die, the reality hit here more firmly. A new thought came to her though, after the 9/11 attacks by terrorists many American Muslims had been afraid of the backlash in their country. Some ignorant people had blamed all Muslims but it angered her that some people put her and her family in that shameful and cowardly lot of terrorists. Now, she would die a martyr but not for someone who would use their god as an excuse of extreme hatred and a great evil. No, her sacrifice would be far greater than her brethren in the Middle East. She would die inflicting great damage on a "REAL" enemy that would destroy or subjugate all mankind. Her sacrifice would be honorable. Those hate-filled terrorists were remembered as the very worst of human kind, the dogs of the Earth. There was no greater insult than to call someone a "dog" in Muslim culture. That is what she thought of the terrorists, Satan's dogs.

In fact, the very incident that Extremist in the Middle-East had been proud of had brought intense shame on all of her people that worshiped her god. She had been so profoundly moved to patriotism of her adopted country that instead of going to MIT as she had planned, she had entered the Navy as an officer. That is how ashamed she was of the dogs that caused so much suffering and pain. She vowed to be the best example of what a Muslim should be to the world by building a career of excellence. She would die showing her life and death meant something by protecting people. Something her brethren overseas struggled with in concept and in execution; Honor, Integrity, and Service Before Self.

The remnants of the "Widow-Maker" fleet propelled to such high speeds that the inertial dampeners struggled to keep up. In some cases the dampeners red-lined and failed.

Lt Rahdi shook herself out of her reverie. Checking her radar sensors, "Sir, six of the remaining ships are lagging behind." Jones nodded, "That will have to do then." He sighed, "Where are we on the arming status of our missiles?"

Rahdi checked another screen, "Sir, I managed to get Seaman Ludkowski from engineering to make contact with the Weapons department. I count two hundred of our four hundred missiles are armed. We will need to give them the final launch codes prior to launch, but we should be good to go."

Jones eyebrows tugged upwards in surprise, "That's impressive." Changing the subject he said, "How many made it to the life pods?"

Rahdi did not need to check her statistics, "Three, sir."

That had pained Jones, "So few? Shame."

Rahdi smiled despite the pain in her arm, "No, sir, I mean those still alive chose to stay and that is why the manual arming process of our enhanced nukes are moving so rapidly."

Jones started at the information. Chocking back a tearful sob he said, "Best damn crew in the Navy!"

Rahdi nodded back, "Yes, sir, they are." A console beeped, "Instruments shows we are coming up on our target."

Jones nodded acknowledgement, "Deploy ships logs and last visual recordings of the CIC for posterity Lieutenant."

As soon as she had said that the ship lurched sideways then righted itself. "I guess we got their attention." Patting the console, "Come on ole girl, just hang together a bit longer". The shaking of the ship became nonstop and nearly unbearable. The console in front of Rhadi beeped. She stood up and saluted her superior officer with her good hand, "We're here sir. It's been an honor serving with you."

Jones nodded then stood as best he could on his one good leg. He returned the salute smartly, "The honor was mine lieutenant."

From a distance of three astronomical units (A.U.)., multiple balls of high yield, naquadah enhanced nuclear weapons burned a short lived sun into the black of night.

In the end, all but six of the thirty-two "Widow-Maker" fleet rammed into Cylon and Goa'ould ships alike. The explosion from the downed Cylon and Goa'ould ships was so bright that everyone on that side of Earth had to shield their eyes from the explosions.

Trust ship SV-001 above Antarctica in high earth orbit.

Captain Charles E. Traven smugly sat in his chair. He surveyed his state of the art ship. Smiling within he could not help but rub a hand across the command chair's console embedded within. A red light turned on which made Traven remove his palm, believing that he had caused the problem. He frowned at the red button demanding attention but for some reason he could not remember what the button's light indicated. He turned his head very slowly to ask his communications officer when she slowly turned toward him and opened her mouth. Instead of speaking her mouth went lopsided and drool came out and slid down her chin. Her eyes rolled back into her head then she collapsed onto the floor.

Traven was shocked at the falling out of his communications officer. He tried to stand but his legs felt like two-hundred pound weights and rubbery. He turned his attention to the rest of his crew as one by one they either slumped into their seats or fell to the floor.

His last thought had been that he needed to do something, but could not remember what needed to be done. He slumped over to his right side and passed out.

From engineering, Sam Carter smiled, "Looks like the whole ship is out. We have about four hours before they awake."

O'Neill smiled, "Ok, open communications with Stargate Command."

Sam nodded as she placed the audio and video transmission onto the main screen and said, "You're on sir."

General Hammond smiled, "Colonel! We were worried about you! You were overdue for check-in."

"Yes sir, change of plans sir, we went to engineering and gassed the whole ship."

General Hammond suddenly realized what was wrong with what he was seeing, "Colonel? Did you change uniforms?"

Jack shuddered, "Not my idea sir, we had a visitor while we were waiting".

"A visitor?"

Daniel piped in, "Apparently from what we have read in the Colonials journeys they ran into some type of advanced beings that were watching from the sidelines of human history".

Jack jumped in, "Yeah, Daniel went all preachy about Angels or something but I am not buying it."

Daniel frowned, "Look he had said, "This was necessary in order for you to see me". We do not know why the ability to see him and our clothes turning white happens or was necessary but it did."

Sam theorized, "Based on what I think happened, I think the exotic particles associated with turning our uniforms white will gradually recede."

Daniel asked, "You think this is some sort of energy decay rate tied to whatever energy used for this John person to allow us to see him?"

Sam nodded, and began to say, "yes".

Sergeant Siler walked past the screen behind General Hammond and paused when he recognized SG-1 in eggshell white uniforms, "Whoa! Colonel! You're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day! That just screams gay all over it!"

Jack actually smiled, "See!" Pointing to the screen and at Siler's form behind General Hammond. "That's what I said!"

Hammond frowned behind him and Sergeant Siler made a hasty retreat with a profound sense of embarrassment.

Hammond changed the subject, "Are you able to lower the scrambling effect so that we can ring some people aboard?"

"Carter?" Asked Jack.

Sam nodded yes, "Way ahead of you sir. The distortion field is down. Feel free to ring up the teams."

"We will have SG teams 3,4,5,6,9,12, 13 aboard within 5 minutes."

Teal'c broke the silence, "O'Neill, if we can ring teams aboard this vessel, could we not incapacitate the other Trust vessels and place our troops onboard?"

Jack mouth dropped, "Wow, T, that was more words than you have spoken since I have known you."

Sam smiled, "He's right sir, and we could add another seven ships to this fight!"

"Colonel, you have a go, I'll send up everyone at the SGC that is not guarding the entry points in order to remove the Trust crewman. Then the other SG teams will take command of the other ships."

Jack grinned an award winning smile, "Now we're cooking with oil!"

In the background, the being known simply as John stood smiling with satisfaction. He had argued with his peers that SG-1 could be counted on to accomplish what was needed in the time remaining.

O'Neil's team would never know it, but it had been essential for the transformation of seeing John. By John allowing himself to be seen, now SG-1 had officially come under the "spiritual protection" of John. This protection was not the physical but meta-physical warfare. One might even call it spiritual warfare.

The wheels were in motion and it was only a matter of time till the enemy showed himself.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" A disembodied voice boomed.

John smiled crookedly, "Ah! Right on time."

Cains battle was one sided. It would seem one sided to anyone else. By all outward appearance Commander Cain was outgunned and outnumbered two to one. By Cain's estimation, the odds were not fair, not fair that is for the enemy.

"Tolan, reduce speed, alter angle of attack by 23 degrees, downward angle, bring all weapons to bear."

"We are in position sir."

"Shield and weapons status?" Cain demanded.

"Shields and weapons are fully functional sir".

"All right, have our fleet spread out to limit ourselves as targets, and line up for a forty-five degree arc of fire support on the enemy".

Tolan nodded, "Passing information on now" Afterwards he replied, "If you do not mind me saying sir, how can you know exactly where the enemy will exit hyperspace?"

Cain said, "You let me worry about that, but suffice to say it is where I would exit for maximum efficiency on planetary bombardment".

"Yes, sir."

A control board beeped, "Sir, scanners show the enemy fleet appearing right where you estimated."

"Excellent!" Cain grinned. Standby to fire."

Lord Yu in the secondary attack fleet stood as still as a statue. Yu was part of this combined Goa'ould Fleet. He had noticed that heavy resistance but unlike his more cowardly brothers in the System Lords did not mind battlefield losses, as long as results were achieved.

The former teacher of Sun-Tsu, awaited the final exit point from hyper-space. A Jaffa, his "Prime" stood at the helm of the massive Ha'Tak Command star ship.

"My Lord" his First Prime announced, "We are approaching coordinates on the other side of the planet."

"Have the all ships conduct an emergency stop, then an emergency jump to secondary exit point!"

"My Lord, there may not be enough time, may I suggest…"

"Do as you have been commanded."

"Yes my lord."

The fleet appeared in front of their enemy for a moment, and then performed an emergency hyperspace jump, continuing on to the secondary exit point. Their ships would appear to be in two places at once.

Cain saw the enemy Goa'ould ships begin to appear and had been prepared to issue the command to fire. "Tolan, fi…"

Enemy ships winked into and out of existence as they disappeared again.

"What just happened?" Cain demanded.

The enemy ships appeared and then suddenly had vanished.

Tolan stammered, "I, I am not sure".

Bright lights appeared directly amid ships and to their right. Large ships appeared amid the Colonial Fleet. Emergency calls went out as mountain sized starships scraped across the Colonial ships hulls.

Immensely dense Battlestar hull and Ha'Tak hulls scraped, ripping in some sections, and merely buckling in others. A small debris field of shrapnel arced out at high speeds in 360 degree arc patterns.

Cain exhaled loudly, "Sound Collison" as he held on to his arm rests of his chair.

Enemy fire peppered the Colonial Fleet from every side.

Tollan announced loudly but with great professionalism, "All decks reporting damage, we are venting atmosphere!"

The Battlestar Pegasus rocked harshly, "Set damage control teams to damaged sections!What is happening Tolan? How are they getting through our shields?"

Tolan's hands danced across his consoles. "The enemy ships appeared simultaneously inside and outside our shields. My theory is that the since the Goa'ould ships within our shields protective envelope it must have cancelled out the shield harmonics, which had caused a cascade failure of our shield generators."

"Launch all fighter squadrons including the ready reserve." Cain demanded.

Cain nodded with an appreciative grin, "Very clever. Appearing where we least expected them to appear."

Tolan nodded, "Clearly, we are facing an exceptional strategist".

Cain's grin turned feral, "Appearing where the enemy was not!

Tolan checked several alarms demanded his attention but managed to ask, "Sir?"

"Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected." Cain said.

"I am not sure that I follow sir."

"The Art of War by Sun-Tsu, do you know what that means Tolan?"

"I have no idea, sir".

According to Stargate Commands Archives, the Asian Goa'ould known as Lord Yu spent a great amount of time on Earth thousands of Yahren ago. He was the only Goa'ould that taught humanity anything of value. I believe Lord Yu is the enemy commander."

Tolan turned to face his commander with a questioningly look.

Cain smirked, "What? Did you think all I did was play their vid-games on a computer all this time?"

"Ah, yes sir, what are you orders? The fleet is taking heavy damage."

Cain smiled predatorily, "Why Tolan, we take a page out of Lord Yu's protégé's book. Prepare all warriors to board the enemy crafts. We are taking the fight to where they are strongest!"

Onboard the rogue NID Daedalus Class Starship.

A figure in white appeared before John. He was not the handsomely groomed individual that the Trust had seen. This was the face of Mephistopheles, or Count Iblis as he had been known in Paradise, before the fall of Kobol.

The demonic face of Count Iblis roared with fangs outstretched, "What have you done!"

John was not in the least bit intimidated, "What was necessary for the survival of the human race".

Iblis stopped short of John, "The leaders of these nations have come to me of their free will. You cannot interfere."

"Oh, I am not allowed to interfere, but merely guide, and guide I have."

Iblis frowned deeply, and then smiled arrogantly, "We shall see."

Without another word Iblis disappeared.

It was John's turn to exclaim in shock at what Iblis would do, "Oh! No!"

Colonel O'Neil felt strange; like that time he had eaten a left over burrito that had been sitting in the fridge for over three weeks.

"Whoa." Jack exclaimed.

Daniel was standing off to the side of Jack, "Jack, you ok?"

"I, ugh, augh." Then Jack reeled to the side of the commanding officers chair.

Carter was busily adjusting coordinates, "Sir!"

Reaching out to stabilize Jack, Sam and Daniel helped him back in his chair.

Teal'c stopped dead in his tracks looking around. Squinting his eyes as he scanned the room Teal'c frowned at something not quite right. Call it a deep sense of foreboding. Cocking his head to his side paused in mid-stride.

Daniel looked up, "Teal'c! We need help here! What are you doing?

Teal'c did not stop surveying the room but replied, "I believe we are not alone Daniel Jackson."

Sam and Daniel stopped at that, "What?" they said in unison.

Instead of answering, Teal'c pulled out his stun gun called affectionally a "Zat Gun". He pointed the gun toward the left side of the bridge view port and fired. A musical noise going up and down the scales sounded as a writhing line of energy leaped forward.

Sam shouted, "Teal'c, what the hell are you…."

She never finished because a man in flowing white robes appeared, "Greetings, I mean you no harm."

Daniel straightened himself, "Who are you?"

"Quite right, I am Count Iblis, Dr. Jackson."

Daniel turned his head back to Carter then to Iblis, "How do you know my name and what do you want?"

Iblis smiled a patronal smile, "To help you friend, you must trust me."

Daniel paused a moment then said, "No, I don't think so."

"Why whatever is the matter Dr. Jackson"? Iblis asked innocently.

"We were warned about you." Daniel stated matter of factly.

Iblis eyes twinkled, "Really, and by whom I wonder?"

Teal'c interrupted, "By a being calling himself John."

Iblis smiled ruefully, "And you believe this being?"

Jack took that moment to projectile vomit and began convulsing, as his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Quickly!" Iblis demanded, "I can save him, but only if you trust me."

Sam screamed Jacks name and then choked on her next words, "I, I, I."

Iblis peered into Sam's soul and his smile grew as he responded, "Yes, you have feelings for Colonel O'Neil. I can save him, let me save him and you two can be together. All you have to do is trust me."

Jack took that moment to sit up, "No!" was all he managed to say before he writhed in pain.

"Stop it! Please!" Sam pleaded.

Iblis smiled warmly, "My dear, I am not the one that is doing this; it is your friend, John who is hurting him."

Daniel shook his head, "I don't believe you! He warned us about you."

Sam wailed in fear, "Stop it!" "Please, stop it!"

"Doctor Jackson", Iblis began.

A second wave of the Zat Gun hit Iblis and his form changed from benign English gentlemen to a demonic beast in white robes, then back to the appearance of an English Gentleman. Isblis ruse defeated now that SG-1 had seen his true and grisly appearance he smiled evilly.

"You should not have done that my dear Jaffa." Iblis pointed his finger at Teal'c, "That was foolish and now you will die."

Before Iblis had finished pointing his finger, Jack lunged forward in front of Teal'c, nearly falling over. An invisible power enveloped Jack and then he collapsed.

Sam ran over to Jack, "He's not breathing! Come on Jack! Don't you dare die!" She began CPR as fast as she could.

Iblis frowned, "That was not supposed to happen." For the first time Iblis looked worried.

Jack's body became ice cold and turned a pale blue as his whole body froze in death, bypassing the normal stages of rigor mortis.

Sam wailed as she flung herself over Jack's body.

Teal'c raised his eyebrow and shot Iblis a third time with the Zat Gun. Iblis turned back to his true self once more only to retake his human like appearance again. Sighing he said, "You do realize your primitive weapons cannot hurt me? Fools! I am a god, I could have given you your hearts desires!"

Teal'c raised his Zat Gun and was about to shoot Iblis again when Iblis motioned with his finger impatiently and Teal'c flew backward and violently hit a bulkhead. Teal'c slid to the floor unconscious.

Daniel pulled his side arm and fired an entire magazine into Iblis. Iblis didn't even blink.

"I can raise him from the dead Dr. Jackson, only believe in me!"

Daniel frowned as he cried out his frustration over Jacks death, "Never!" Then in a moment of insight Daniel remembered something and called out, "John! John! Help us! John! I know your there, I know you can hear me! Stop this John!"

Iblis balked at that, "Well, I see you have more pressing matters to attend to. Before I leave let me leave you with a final gift." Iblis walked over to the console rather nervously looking around at something unseen. Then turning back to the console he sliced his hand through the console and it disappeared into the equipment without any visible damage to the outside of the equipment. The lights blinked on and off, finally dying, and then the ship began a downward spiral into the Earth's atmosphere.

After Iblis removed his hand, a streak of white light in the shape of a ball flew past the foreword viewport, and then a second light joined it, then a third. These round balls of light increased in numbers.

Iblis appeared worried but Daniel interpreted the look, "What's the matter count? Is it legal for you to kill one of your followers, or someone who attacks you, but not someone who gave their life willingly for another?"

Iblis did not respond but eyed the balls of white light steaking across space in front of the spacecraft.

Daniel further taunted, "You look worried Count, don't tell me you broke some rule you are bound to obey?"

Iblis looked momentarily to Daniel, "No one has dominion over me…No one!"

At that moment John appeared, "You have done it this time haven't you? Well you will pay for the evil you have caused this universe."

Iblis raised his hand defiantly to strike John down, but John merely waived his hand and Iblis hands fell to his sides. John waved his hand again and the ship righted itself from it's freefall to Earth.

Crying out in a loud voice, "No one has dominion over me!" With a fearful look on his face, a white light shone upon his entire body and he screamed, "No! No! Abaddon, save me! I did your will, did I not?" Turning to John he pleaded, "I will make amends, you do not have to do this."

John not dissuaded said in a booming voice, "You have not learned you previous lessons!" John waved his hand and the ship stopped spinning out of control, and entered a stable orbit.

Iblis fear turned to paralyzing fear on someone about to receive impending judgement.

Iblis cried out loudly, "No! I repent, I repent! Do not send me there! They do not reward failure! Noooo!"

John's demeanor and appearance shone brightly as the sun. Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel cringed, and used their hands as shields from the brightness of the light.

John pointed a finger at Iblis, his voice booming at nearly one hundred decibels shaking the entire room and stunning everyone's ear drums, "And you are reserved in everlasting chains!"

Ethereal chains appeared upon and around Iblis, he screamed again, "No! No! I repent!"

John finished with his hauntingly powerful shout of power and authority, "You will be cast out and placed in utter darkness unto the judgment of the great Day".

Iblis screamed one more time and then faded from existence.

Daniel moved his hands away from his face as he looked on in speechless astonishment. John's booming and thunderous voice returned to normal, as did his appearance. John smiled to his charges, "Well, then! I have been waiting to do that for more than two thousand years!"

Daniel's mouth twitched as he said, "You really are an Angel of God aren't you?"

Thousands of space suited Colonial Troops mounted with a small jet pack hurled across the abyss of space towards the fifty Goa'ould space ships at nearly one hundred miles per centaur (hour). Instead of using the boxy space shuttles to transport troops the hastily designed plan called for using surprise of thousands of troops that had trained for this very activity.

By using individuals, the large Ha'tak class weapons could not hit the individuals spread out across the horizon of the Goa'ould ships.

As Colonial troops jetted across the void to the enemy ships, one group, the Ultraviolet squad unknowingly passed through a debris field. Charlie was the joker of the Ultraviolet squad and his humor was legendary.

"Hey guys, you know we scraped a lot of hull fragments off our ships, what are the odds of someone hitting chunks of that debris, huh?"

Mace, the lead sergeant frowned, "Charlie! Radio silence! Shut your mouth! You don't want to jinx us!"

Charlie laughed and said, "Oh! Wait! I think I see some debris now!"

Mace frowned, "Shut it!" just as a fist sized chunk of debris came within a hair's breath of hitting him, "Felgercarb!"

Charlie started laughing, "Aw, Sarge, I was just joking!"

That was when a pebble size piece of shrapnel hit Charlie off center of his face visor and his oxygen and pressure shot out of his face plate so hard it send Charlie careening off into deep space.

"Charlie!" Mace exclaimed

"Where is he?" claimed one of his squad.

"He's gone. Head up, more debris ahead, alter course 5 degrees, down angle"

"Wait! Is that a joke? Charlie pulling a fast one again?"

"Shut your fracking hole! Charlie's gone, heads up and maintain radio silence."

The Battlestar Pegasus, at a length of nearly one Earth mile long sported nearly five thousand troops that were specifically trained for inter-ship fighting. The mix of Colonials and soldiers of the planet Terra made a lethal combination.

The same reason that disabled the shields of the Colonial ships also disabled the Goa'ould ships. The only reason that this hastily crafted plan had a chance of working is because of this unknown liability.

Captain Green of Kilo platoon maneuvered their jets to a stationary orbit located directly above what was the Ha'tak bridge. Thanks in no small part to SG-1 and some snot nosed computron nerd on that last mission, they had serious intel on the Ha'taks class vessels. The plan was to storm the ship in three locations then get the hell out of there. The first location was the bridge, then the secondary bridge, and finally engineering. Once all controls and redundancies were destroyed the mop up could take place.

It had been decided by Cain that instead of fighting every last crew member to the man, the plan would be to permanently disable all enemy ships, then leave. With all primary and backup controls, stations, and power systems down the enemy ships would be towed to Mars orbit for dismantling and rebuild into new Battlestars.

"Kilo platoon, on station at Point Alfa."

"Begin operations Captain, good hunting!" A communications specialist from the Pegasus ordered.

"Commencing operation now!" Captain Green reported. Turning to his platoon he ordered, "All right! Set these solenite breaching charges!"

All around the Goa'ould vessels surrounding and amid the Colonial ships similar breaching charges

Daniel looked at John, "You really are an Angel of God aren't you?"

John's eyes merely twinkled, "Yes, well, we haven't time for that do we?"

John disappeared from view, "Wait!" Daniel exclaimed. "Don't leave, we need help!"

Teal'c went to Sam, "Major Carter, we must join the battle."

Sam lifted her head off of Jack "I can't." She huffed.

Teal'c uncharacteristically used her first name, "Samantha Carter, would not Colonel O'Neil want you to continue fighting to protect Earth?"

Sam nodded as the last tear fell. He countenance fell and darkness smoldered behind her eyes, "Your right."

She got up and then sat down in the navigators seat, "Teal'c, man the weapons station."

"Prepare" was all she was able to say when Daniel interrupted.

"What is that?" Daniel exclaimed.

A monstrous white ship filled with lights appeared in front of them. The ship was so bright, and then their ship filled with a sharp light, then a flash of light disappeared."

"What just happened?" Sam asked.

Teal'c was the first one to notice, "O'Neil!"

As they all looked at Jacks last location lying on the bridge they noticed he was gone.

"What happened? Where's Jack?"

Daniel shook his head, "I have no idea, but I think it has something to do with the white ship."

Teal'c paused and cocked his head sideways a fraction, "Why would the ship of lights take O'Neil's body?"

Sam muttered, "I don't know but let's focus, arm all weapons, prepare for a counter attack. Let's go help Commander Cain."

That was when they heard an electronic whine so loud that all of three of them grasped their ears from the pain. Sam collapsed first into unconsciousness, the Daniel as he reached for navigation controls to get them out of the range of the noise. Then Teal'c seeing what Daniel was trying to do actually pushed the hyperdrive activation sequence, but the controls no longer responded. He screamed in frustration and collapsed beside Daniel.

Lord Yu sat upon his Dias. "Status on the enemy"

His First Prime stated, "The enemy vessels are outnumbered two to one. It appears that all ships have suffered varying levels of damage by our exit from hyperspace. All enemy ships are venting atmosphere."

"Excellent! Fire secondary plasma cannons, have enemy ships fire on sensitive areas."

Battlestar Pegasus

"Sir, all of our people are on the enemy ships awaiting your order."

Cain smiled, "All right then, let's begin, then we will have some fun!"

"Fun sir?" Tolan asked with brows furrowed.

"Ah, Tolan, fun is a matter of perspective is it not? This is what I was born for."

Tolan glanced at his console again, "If fun is what you want there is, ugh, fun is headed our way."

The Pegasus rocked as blasts of plasma fire.

"Tolan, give the word, blast those gall monging snake heads to hades!"

"With pleasure sir!"

Lord Yu enjoyed the battle so far, "These fools know nothing about warfare! Hmph!" Yu harrumphed triumphantly.

"My lord, the enemy has taken great damage, but there are reports of several humans in space suits headed our way"

Yu looked askance, "Bah! What insanity is this? Destroy them!"

"My Lord, our weapons are for ships, not something as small as a man."

"Have the fighters attack them then, run them down."

"Yes my Lord."

As soon as he had said this he got up and left the bridge, "I will see this sight for myself, ready my ship".

"My Lord! It will be done."

No sooner had Lord Yu left the bridge a great shaking happened and he fell unceremoniously to his side. "What trickery is this! Prime! Prime!"

Yu walked back to the bridge but the door would not open. He pushed the button again but nothing happened. He soon realized why the door would not open. It could only mean the bridge was exposed the hard vacuum of space. "Very clever." Then he turned and hurried to the auxiliary bridge.

Battlestar Pegasus

"Sir, all ships have been breached, our people are inside".

Cain nodded, "Good, now activate the ships tractor beams, and lock us onto the enemy ship, spread the word."

Tractor beams locked on to Goa'ould vessels and dragged them to the Colonial ships. Much like the old wooden ships of Earth's past, where pirates lashed their ships together for ease of transfer of troops.

Lord Yu made it to Auxiliary bridge with no time to spare. Report!

"My Lord, every ship in the fleet has been boarded by the Colonial humans. They are inflicting heavy casualties among our Jaffa.

"What?" Screamed Lord Yu. "Very clever, my enemy".

Order all ships to use stun grenades to take out the enemy troops.

"My Lord, it will be done!"

Ultraviolet squad met up with Kilo Platoon under Captain Green. Captain Green assigned Ultraviolet squad to his personal strike team.

Captain Seth Green was from Terra and although he did not know Ultraviolet squad as they were from a sister ship, they were brethren. They were all Colonials now. As the saying goes, "In for a penny, in for a pound". Apparently, that was not a unique Earth term.

"All right, Sergeant Mace!"


According to the schematics in our scanner there is an auxiliary bridge. Take two of my men and infiltrate my men. Then turn off all life support. Radio back when you mission objective is complete."

Mace straightened, "Yes, sir!"

Mace rounded up Private Kelly and Corporal Hues. They opened a ventilation shaft and dived into it.

Lord Yu reviewed the battle. "Why are the humans destroying my Jaffa!"

Alteri, a jaffa of lesser rank looked at his readouts, "My Lord!" He gulped for air, "These Colonials fight like the damnable Tau'ri!"

Lord Yu swished his head sideways and spat, "Bah! This is not happening fast enough. Order all Jaffa to overwhelm them with numbers! We have a three to one advantage".

Ultraviolet squad under Sergeant Mace's command wiggled through the ventilation chambers. He made it to the Auxiliary Bridge and peeked out from the grate. Looking downward, he say what appeared to be a comical little man with black ponytail, and long twisty and small beard in robes hurling insults at his underling.

Mace turned and pointed downward, then used two fingers pointed to his eyes to indicate that he saw two individuals, and then grabbed a gift from Stargate Command called "flash bangs". He looked at the ventilation grate and noticed the clasps holding the vent closed and loosed them. He motioned for one of his men to come near, "HVT" he whispered.

The other non-com repeated the order of high valued target which translated into "Don't frak this up and kill him!"

Lord Yu heard a scraping noise and thought he hears a voice, although faint. He looked around the room in confusion.

Then he saw the ventilation grating above open no larger than a man's hand width and something fall below.

He turned to escape as he realized what was about to happen when his world turned to bright white light and then fade to the dark of oblivion.

Captain Green was getting tired of seeing his platoon cut to ribbons when all of a sudden the enemy began to convulse and pass out from a lack of air.

He read his environmental gauge and the oxygen in the hallway was reduced to zero.

"All right!" Captain Green shouted into his helmet's microphone. "Let's go! The ship is ours!" "Forrester!"

A small pencil necked private with rat like eyes piped in, "Sir?"

"Contact Command, tell them the ship is ours." He was about to give another order when Ultraviolet radioed him breaking radio silence. He grinned and nodded unknowingly to himself, "All right, and Forrester, tell command we have an HVT!"

Sam awoke and heard a voice, "Balron infusion complete".

She struggled to get up even before her eyes opened but she was restrained. When she opened her eyes she could not see any restraints but she couldn't move.

"What is happening?" She cried out.

An ethereal person clothed in stunning white array that glowed of power and energy shone so bright she could not look directly at the person. The ghost or whatever it was appeared to have no gender that she could discern. It walked up to her and move it's hand over her face and body. Wherever the hand passed, she could move her body.

She sat up and tried grabbing her pistol, but it was not there.

"Where am I?"

The faceless individual turned away from her and walked away.


A hand touched her on the back of her shoulder and she spun around.

She grabbed the hand and had decided to flip the person but a familiar voice stopped her, "Sam! It's me!"

Daniel was behind her. "Daniel!" She grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

Daniel pulled back from Sam and said, "I think, I think we might be dead."

Sam started at that. "But how?"

Teal'c walked up to them from apparently nowhere, "Carter! Jackson!"

The hugged Teal'c and turned to see the faceless entity had waited for them.

Daniel stepped forward and asked, "You want us to follow you?"

The face said nothing but turned its back on them and walked through a door that suddenly appeared.

Looking at each other the group followed the entity.

When the entered another room, they saw Jack lying on a Dias of sorts.

Sam ran to him and cried over him, "Jack! Jack!"

He did not move. She began to silently weep over him.

From behind the group a familiar voice with a distinctly English accent spoke, "Well now, I am pleased to see you are all none the worse for wear."

Teal'c and Daniel turned in unison, "John!"

"Now that we are together, let's begin".

Sam cried out, "Leave us alone! Haven't you done enough?"

John nodded gravely, "Major Carter, what you do not understand is that because of you we have permanently disabled Count Iblis powers and sent him back to his…er, well, home, as it were."

Daniel walked up to John, "You mean hell don't you?"

John smiled but said nothing.

It was Teal'c that finished everyone's thought, "You had the power all along, why did you not intervene sooner, Iblis was one of your kind after all?"

John nodded, "Quite right, Iblis was once a part of our..." He searched for the right word, "Continuum". "Simply put, we are observers and guide humanity, but we are strictly forbidden to interfere except under certain conditions and through the use of humans."

"Why us?"

John deadpanned, "Why not you and your team Doctor Jackson? You must understand that although we did not orchestrate the circumstances, we allow certain things to happen in order to bring about a greater good."

Sam was filled with anger when she spoke, "greater good! Jack is dead! How is that a greater good! What gives you the right to determine what the greater good is".

John shook his head, "Until Iblis moved his hand and meant to strike down Colonel O'Neill we could do nothing. Thanks to Colonel O'Neill's sacrifice for his friend he enabled us to take a response against Iblis."

Daniel thought deeply a moment then said, "Greater love have no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends".

Teal'c cocked his head to the side, "Daniel Jackson, to what do you refer?"

Daniel thought a moment, "It's from the Christian Bible, John 15:13, I think."

John smiled, "Quite right, Doctor Jackson."

Same stood up over jack's corpse, "What does that have to do with Jack dying? How could that enable you to intervene?"

John nodded, "When Colonel O'Neill laid down his life for Teal'c he allowed our kind to stop Iblis once and for all."

Daniel nodded, "Your rules prevent you from interfering unless certain conditions are met?"

"Yes, it's a rotten job." John admitted.

Sam had fresh tears come down her face, "How is that fair? Jack is dead!"

John shrugged, "My dear, I know you understand that life is not fair, but it is just."

Sam walked around the Dias and stood in front of John and tried to punch John. Her hand went right through his face. "Jack is dead because of you and your rules!" She stepped back in horror and looked at her hand.

John understood but simply said, "He is only dead by primitive means." He exhaled slowly as if talking to a slow student in a school. He walked over to Jack's body and waved a hand over Jack's face and body.

SG-1 simply stared in wonder as Jacks' eyes fluttered and he sat up yawning.

Sam ran to him and hugged him. Jack surprised said, "Okay…what did I miss?"

Sam smiled forward and throwing military protocol and propriety to the four winds kissed Jack on the lips hard.

Jack stared at Sam like she was an apparition. Jack grinned and said, "Is this a dream? I know I shouldn't have eaten Silers burrito before we left."

"O'Neill" Teal'c exclaimed.

Teal'c buddy, if you kiss me I'll never go to sleep again!"

Teal'c smiled uncharacteristically, "It is good to see you my friend"

Jack pinched himself so hard that he actually said, "Ow! I am not dreaming".

Daniel walked up unbelieving that his friend and commanding officer was alive again.

Jack surprised him by saying, "Daniel"

"Jack" Daniel flat panned.

Jack looked around and asked, "Did you cut your hair?"

Daniel grinned, "Jack, you were dead."

Jack shrugged it off, "Again? Wow. That's what 3 times now?"

Teal'c interrupted, "Four."

Jack thought a moment, "Ok, so what did I miss?"

John interrupted, "Now it is time for you to leave. The battle has ended and you are needed."

They awoke on their Trust ship.

Jack was in the commander's seat, "Wow…I'll never steal Silers lunch again!"

He noticed his uniform was still white, "And could we get something blue to wear? Is that too much to ask?"

A message announced over the radio, "SG-1, come in over?"

Sam opened communications with Stargate Command."

General Hammond appeared on the screen, "SG-1, we feared the worst when your ship disappeared."

Jack nodded, "Yes, sir, apparently I died, again."

Hammond frowned and then smirked, this will make for one hell of a debrief. Colonel, the battle has been won! Lend whatever assistance you can to Search and Rescue, then we will need you to land the ship for debrief." Hammond was about to sign off but added, "Well done SG-1", Then turned the communications and video channel off.

He turned to Sam and said, "Major, let's not put that, you know into our debrief?"

Sam turned knowingly, "I have no idea what you're talking about sir."

Jack smiled, "Danny, lets help the fleet with Search and Rescue, then it's time to eat some cake."

The End…or is it?

Okay, I finally finished this story! Good grief, I am truly sorry it took so long to finish this story. It might have been better if I had actually finished this a lot sooner.

Originally, I had wanted to write long stories like one guy that I had originally read. That did not work out because I saw people writing smaller chapters and faster. In the end I just left what I wrote the way I had written it with shorter chapters afterward. Like all things in my life, it turned out the way it did. I hope it ended ok for you.

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