Pokémon Go! World

Chapter 1: Cerulean Cave Crisis! VS Mewtwo

Narration: Pocket Monsters, also known as Pokémon. These magnificent creatures have roamed the world since as far back as just about anyone could remember. For years the number of these creatures has expanded as the depth in their existences and relationships with humans have deepened. But these revolutionary developments were not made over night. The myth of Pokémon was truly defined with the creation of the Pokédex in a faraway region called Kanto, decades ago. The travels of a young boy in search of the, then, one hundred and fifty Pokémon in the world along with his battles against the trainers and rivals that flocked the region commenced an enticing shift that would impact the world for years to come. Since that day, it has been nearly thirty years and since then new generations of trainers have taken to the field of battle to experience the legendary tale of Pokémon for themselves.

A small, quadruped rodent-like Pokémon stood in a grassy battlefield. It was pinkish purple with darker spots, and had large, spiny ears with teal insides, oversized front teeth, and red eyes. Its back was covered with three lines of large spines that could release potent poison, the center line of spines being taller than the other two. It also had a long pointed horn on its forehead.

It faced off against a Haunter, who spookily floated around the battlefield. "Nidoran use Horn Attack!" a trainer commanded as the Poison Pin Pokémon attempted to ram itself into the Gas Pokémon. Predictably the small Poison-type fazed right through the Ghost-type, who mockingly laughed while pointing its fingers. The Haunter then proceeded to use Shadow Punch to knock out the Poison Pin Pokémon.

"How didn't Horn Attack work!?" a young boy asked in annoyance at his failure.

"Oh sweetie, didn't you read the rulebook?" a woman inquired. "This isn't fair, I thought Pokémon was supposed to be easy!" the boy pouted while slamming his console onto the bench that he was sitting on.

"Heat Wave!" a voice exclaimed.

On a large golden bridge stood a bipedal, reptilian creature. It had crimson scales and a cream underside. There was a horn-like protrusion on the back of its head, and it had narrow green eyes along with a long snout. It had relatively long arms with three sharp claws and its short legs had feet with three claws and cream-colored soles. The tip of its long, powerful tail had a flame burning on it. The creature then opened its mouth and created a ball of orange fire in its mouth. It then released a wind of flames at the opponent from the ball.

Its opponent in turn was a bipedal, indigo-blue Pokémon similar to a turtle. It had brown eyes, a dark blue streak on each cheek, and two sharp teeth protruding from its upper jaw. It had three clawed fingers and pointed toes, bluish white fur covered its long ears and tail. A brown shell with a pale yellow underside encased its body with a thick, white rim separating the upper and lower halves of the shell. In response the turtle-like Pokémon avoided the incoming wind of flames.

"You'll need more than that to win against me." a boy announced.

"This battle's only getting started!" the girl retorted. She had long dark brown hair and reddish brown eyes. The young girl wore a scarlet colored jacket with a black colored collar and white trimmings, the jacket also had white sleeves with black trimmings. The young girl wore a turquoise colored skirt and had long scarlet, black and white colored boots. She also had a pink bucket hat with a black trimmings and a red symbol on the top. Along with that she possessed a large cream colored bag with chocolate colored trimmings.

Her opponent was a boy of average build with spiky yellow orange hair and cyan eyes. He wore a cyan colored collared shirt with a purple jacket with black trimmings that he wore over his shirt. He also had ebony colored cargo pants along with purple boots. The young boy wore black wristbands and had a pendant, which was obscured from view by his shirt, he also possessed a gray backpack.

"It's been a while since our last battle, Scarlet." the boy announced while the girl remained silent.

"Oh right, you're in battle mode. *sigh* Whatever, Wartortle use Scald!" the yellow orange-haired boy commanded.

The Turtle Pokémon released a stream of scalding hot water surrounded by steam from its mouth at its opponent. "Charmeleon dodge that and use ThunderPunch!" Scarlet commanded in response. The Flame Pokémon avoided the stream of scalding water by leaping up into the air. It then clenched its fist, which was then surrounded by yellow sparks, which in turn grew into a ball of electrical energy. It then rushed towards Wartortle and punched it in the gut with great force sending it reeling. "Wartortle!" Cyan exclaimed in astonishment. "Not bad, I guess you learned a thing or two from our last battle." Cyan smiled as Scarlet remained silent, sporting a stern expression while looking on at the Pokémon.

"…Wartortle we're not gonna let them get one over on us! Now strike back with Aqua Tail!" the yellow orange-haired trainer commanded as Wartortle rose up from the ground. Its tail then glowed light blue and it began to spin it around. When it did, a spiral of sparkling water spiraling around it. It then flipped around and attempted to strike at its opponent. "Intercept them with ThunderPunch!" Scarlet exclaimed in response.

The Flame Pokémon this time surrounded both of its fists in electrical energy as it clashed with its opponent. While the two Pokémon clashed, in the background various fallen trainers bitterly looked on at their exchange. "What is she thinking? She's been especially sharp so far and she isn't responding to anything I say at all, it's getting kinda annoying." the young trainer thought to himself as their two Pokémon repeatedly clashed with one another before they both proceeded to fall back.

"Man, I'm impressed. Today you're especially on point, I'm curious at what kind of training you decided to do since our last meeting." the boy expressed as the dark brown-haired girl remained silent, much to his annoyance. "Charmeleon has been able to hold its own with ThunderPunch even with the type disadvantage, if those movements are anything to go by its well beyond the required level necessary to evolve. But they aren't the only ones!" the boy internally declared.

"Alright Wartortle, return!" he declared to the bewilderment of the dark brown-haired girl. "Wartortle's my best partner so it'd be a waste if it happened to lose before the climax. You can go ahead and change your Pokémon too. You probably would have done it even if I didn't say anything." the boy then grinned. "Charmeleon, take a rest for now." Scarlet announced as she recalled the Flame Pokémon.

"What are they doing? After they went ahead and crushed all of us they're not messing around now that they're facing each other are they?" a trainer wondered.

"Jerks." another trainer grumbled.

"Pikachu, I choose you!" Scarlet announced as she called out a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. It was covered in gold fur with two horizontal light brown stripes on its back. It had a small mouth, long, pointed ears with black tips, brown eyes, and two pinkish red circles on its cheeks. There were pouches inside its cheeks where it stored electricity. It had short forearms with five fingers on each paw, and its feet each had three toes. At the base of its lightning bolt-shaped tail is patch of light brown fur at the base. It had a V-shaped notch at the end of its tail, which looked like the top of a heart.

"Eh? A Shiny!?" "That's not fair, I spent months looking for Shinies and I didn't get any!" "Me too!" the trainers in the background murmured.

"Pikachu, it's small and fragile but troublesome if trained correctly. Magby, let's win this!" the yellow orange-haired trainer declared while calling out a bipedal Pokémon that had a red body with a yellow, flame-shaped marking on its stomach. Its head was covered with large lumps, and it had a rounded, yellow beak. There was a single spike on its back and it had a tapered tail. Its short arms had three clawed fingers, while its feet had only two clawed toes.

"A Magby?" "Hey, what's with all the pipsqueaks?" "Bring out the real Pokémon!" the bitter trainers exclaimed.

"They sure talk tough for a bunch of background props." the boy expressed in indifference while looking over at the stern Scarlet, who remained steadfast.

"I-is she even breathing?" the boy wondered. "Pikachu, Thunder!" the dark brown-haired girl commanded. The Mouse Pokémon fired a massive beam of electricity from its body at the Live Coal Pokémon. "Fire Blast!" the boy exclaimed.

Magby then took in a deep breath and red-yellow fire started to seep out of its mouth. It then released a powerful stream of red-yellow fire from its mouth at the blast of electricity. As the flame traveled at the Thunder, the front of the flame formed into a 大-shaped blast. The two attacks then clashed as they began to mix into one another before causing an explosion that engulfed the area.

Sometime had passed as Scarlet was shown using a blue, bipedal Pokémon with muscular arms. It had bulbous eyes that protruded from the top of its head. Its belly was covered by a white and black swirl. There appeared to be white gloves on its hands, and it had rounded, digit-less feet. It battled against a raptor-like avian Pokémon. It was covered with brown feathers, and had a cream-colored face, underside, and flight feathers. It had a crest of pinkish-red feathers on its head and black, along with angular markings behind its eyes. The plumage of its tail had alternating red and yellow feathers with ragged tips. Its beak and legs were pink, two of its toes pointed forward, while one pointed backward and additionally, it had powerful, sharp talons. The avian Pokémon's wings glowed white as it rammed itself right into the Tadpole Pokémon.

In retaliation the Tadpole Pokémon grabbed onto the Bird Pokémon and turned on its back before throwing it over its head, slamming it onto the floor.

Even more time passed as the two trainers were then shown using different Pokémon once more. One was a mammalian, quadruped creature with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar were cream-colored. It had short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. It had brown eyes, long pointed ears, and a small black nose. While it battled against a Golem, the small Pokémon opened its mouth and created a black and purple ball with black static in front of its mouth.

It then fired it at the Megaton Pokémon, who withstood the attack. It then retaliated and formed white circles of energy which quickly become sharp gray stones. It then fired them at small Pokémon, sending it flying.

Time flashed forward once more as Charmeleon and Wartortle were shown exchanging blows rapidly. The Flame Pokémon struck its opponent with ThunderPunch as contemptuously the Turtle Pokémon struck Charmeleon with Aqua Tail as everyone else looked on at the battle in awe.

"Man, that was one heck of a battle." the boy muttered sometime after their battle as he sat with Scarlet at the Pokémon Center. "You know what they say. A battle a day keeps the Gengar away." he then jocularly announced as Scarlet stoically thought to herself, ignoring his statement in the process. "Scarlet, Scaaarlet! Hey, Scarlet!" the boy called out to her while poking her with a stick.

"What is it!?" she then exclaimed in annoyance, breaking her silence.

"What's with you, you've barely said a word all day." the boy responded.

"Look Cyan, I've been thinking and trying to focus on my battles all day." Scarlet responded to the yellow orange-haired boy. "We weren't even in a battle just now." Cyan retorted. "I was looking back on the battle we just had, the Pokémon League isn't exactly going to just wait there for me until I get stronger. The annual tournament is coming up, you know." the dark brown-haired girl announced. "Yeah, I know but it isn't close enough to throw a fit over." the yellow orange-haired boy responded while sitting back and drinking a cup of coffee.

"I know, I'm just worried because I was getting ready to have my eighth Gym Battle." Scarlet sighed as Cyan spit the coffee back into his cup while she wasn't looking.

"I thought you already won the Cascade Badge." Cyan stated. "I did, I was relaxing here in Cerulean City before I traveled back to Viridian City to battle against my brother." Scarlet muttered. "Mr. Crimson? Man, he was tough I couldn't even touch him when I tried to challenge his Gym." Cyan responded. "Well you did rush there not long after we got our starters." Scarlet muttered. "Yeah, yeah, that's the one AND only time he beat me." Cyan nervously chuckled. "You lost again didn't you?" Scarlet inquired while the yellow orange-haired lad hung his head in shame.

"It doesn't really matter, so how have you come along on your Pokédex?" Cyan inquired. "Of well I've caught plenty of Pokémon from all regions but I've mostly been focusing on trying to capture the Pokémon here in Kanto. How about you?" Scarlet responded. "Heh, take a look for yourself." the yellow orange-haired boy smugly declared while showing her a progress report.

"Oh, that's more than I have." Scarlet indifferently responded.

"I figured as much." Cyan smugly smirked.

"So have you heard about that Grand Prix thing they're gonna be holding over in the Unova region?" he then inquired to the lass. "Grand Prix? Oh yeah, my mom told me about the tournaments they were holding a while back but I didn't really want to go, I was in the middle of a badge quest after all so I didn't want to divert my attention by traveling to a foreign region. At this time of year pretty much every region in the world is caught up with preparations for a whole bunch of events. Why do you ask?" the dark brown-haired girl wondered.

"Ah well you see, I hear that Devin from that Saffron City Dojo place was leading his own team to compete in the tournament." Cyan responded.

"I remember that place, I couldn't take two steps without someone challenging me to a battle." Scarlet reminisced. "Sorry." Cyan apologized, having been one of the perpetrators. "Speaking of parents, have you seen your dad recently?" the yellow orange-haired lad inquired. "You know him, he'll give it his all and travel to the depths of the most difficult and hazardous places in the world but he can barely be bothered to stay home for more than a few weeks at a time. What about you and your dad?" Scarlet expressed in annoyance.

"I've kept in touch with him, I guess, but it really doesn't feel like it most of the time. For someone who supposedly retired from battles he's still awfully competitive." Cyan sighed. "Oh…Well it's still cool how your dad has done so much. First he was a Champion, then a Gym Leader before he decided to settle for being a Pokémon Professor, I don't know anyone besides him who's been able to do it all like that." Scarlet noted to the yellow orange-haired lad while complementing his father.

"Ah well it's no big deal really, if he never lost that championship title to your dad than he probably never would have given up on being Champion." Cyan responded with a slight chuckle.

"But still, I know we complain about our dads at times but I can't help but be a little jealous of the adventures they must have had. My mom competed with them back in the day as well so it must have really been a blast." Scarlet happily expressed. "She may have not had as many big achievements in battling as they did but in the end she ended up being the most well rounded adult of the three, so I guess she won when all was said and done." the dark brown-haired lass facetiously suggested. "Our dads are legends in battle but completely hopeless in everything else, that sounds about right." Cyan declared as the duo began to laugh together.

"Wait hold on, what did you plan to do here in Cerulean?" the yellow orange-haired boy inquired.

"I was hoping to train a bit with Ms. Misty." Scarlet smiled. "The Elite Four member!?" Cyan exclaimed in astonishment as Scarlet proudly nodded her head.

"Why'd she agree to train you?" he then queried. "I'm good friends with her son and he managed to pull a few strings to help me get in a quick training session with her before I battled against my brother." the dark brown-haired girl responded. "So where is she?" Cyan wondered. "She's in the Sevii Islands right now, she won't be back for a few days so I came here early to get a few things out of the way." Scarlet declared. "A few things?" Cyan muttered in bewilderment as the dark brown-haired lass whispered something into his ear.

"What!?" Cyan exclaimed disbelief. "Scarlet, are you really planning to go to the Cerulean Cave!?" the yellow orange-haired boy inquired while whispering to the young girl.

"There's an especially powerful Pokémon in that place that I want to see with my own eyes." Scarlet responded.

"That's ridiculous, only trainers who have made it into the Hall of Fame are allowed to go into that place, it's dangerous for trainers like us who haven't even competed in the Indigo Plateau let alone won it." Cyan retorted in response to the dark brown-haired girl's absurd declaration. "Don't you get it, this is about gaining clarification about where I stand until I reach the top. I want to be a trainer who forges their own career without hesitation, if I let myself be restrained from ever truly challenging myself than how will I ever be able to create a legacy of my own?" Scarlet inquired to her rival.

"Jeez, I can't let you go there alone. If I do than there's no telling what kind of power-up you'd get from this while I stayed on the sidelines." Cyan begrudgingly announced. "Thank you, Cyan!" Scarlet happily exclaimed. "Oh, there's a guard protecting the entrance to the Cerulean Cave so we're going to have to find a way to get past him." Scarlet then whispered to the lad. "You mean you didn't think that far ahead yet?" Cyan asked in astonishment as she only giggled in response.

"Of course I have, we just need to cause a ruckus out there and sneak in when no one's looking." Scarlet suggested. "Oh, alright." Cyan responded with a nonchalant tone, easily accepting the obviously faulty plan. "Cool, I'll go stock up on some tools. We'll be heading out to the Unknown Dungeon in a while, if you have anything you need to do than you should probably go ahead." the dark brown-haired woman announced to her companion. "Hmm, there are some Pokémon that'd be ideal for the terrain of that cave so I guess I'll go and rotate my team." the yellow orange-haired boy announced in response as the two trainers separated to attend to their respective errands.

Approximately an hour had passed as Scarlet and Cyan wandered through the tall grass on their way to the cave. "This is the easiest route to take to avoid suspicion. Since there's a body of water up ahead make sure that you've got a Water-type on hand." Scarlet whispered as the two trainers called out their Poliwrath and Wartortle respectively. After discreetly swimming in the lake without interruption, due to their use of the Super Repel the duo had at last managed to land ashore.

"We finally made it." Cyan expressed in relief while recalling his Wartortle and looking up at the massive cave.

"I should've practiced surfing on Poliwrath more, I got water in my boots." Scarlet complained. "On the bright side, we're already halfway through this, now the only obstacle left is the guard." Cyan announced as the duo looked on in horror.

In front of the entrance stood a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes with a bluish tint. He wore a blue cap with a red Pokéball-like symbol and black trimmings. He wore a form fitting short sleeved crimson colored t-shirt with dark gray colored trimmings and a modified sixteen logo plastered on the upper left part of his shirt. He also wore denim colored jeans with scarlet colored high top sneakers with dark gray colored bottoms and black trimmings. Along with that he wore a denim jacket and had a red and green colored watch.

"W-what's my brother doing here!?" Scarlet panicked at the sight of her older brother. "Aw man, aw man, aw man, we're so screwed, we don't have a chance getting past him!" she nervously whispered while attempting to flee.

"Hold on, we can't just run after we wasted all this time getting here!" Cyan declared. "I've got a plan to deal with your brother, just follow my lead." the light orange-haired boy announced while calling out an Exeggutor. "Exeggutor use Sweet Scent." he commanded. The Coconut Pokémon released pink powder from the leaves on the top of its heads and aimed them into the water.

"Alright, step one is complete. I'll go and distract him and while I do that you sneak past us." Cyan declared to the dark brown-haired girl, who nodded in response.

"Hey, Mr. Crimson!" the yellow orange-haired boy called out to the Viridian Gym Leader. "Cyan, what are you doing here? Last I recall you still haven't gotten all your badges yet." Crimson declared. "Oh yeah, hehe well you see I heard that you were in town and so I came here to see you and get some pointers for my next Gym Battle. Speaking of which I was wondering why you were here?" the young trainer replied obviously attempting to distract the brown-haired man.

"Ah, well I'm glad that you asked. You see, it was a slow day at the Gym today for whatever reason so then afterwards I went to visit the Museum of Science over in Pewter City to go deliver an old fossil I got from an associate from another region. Afterwards I had some time to kill so I went to Mt. Moon, to look for some Moon Stones along with my senior. I got jumped by a bunch of Cleffa about halfway through though." the Viridian Gym Leader responded as he was shown holding up a black stone while running from a group of small, pink creatures that were vaguely star-shaped in appearance. Their ears were completely brown, they had two small black eyes, a small mouth, and they appeared to have a small, permanent blush on its cheeks. They each possessed stubby, digitless arms and legs, which came to a point. They had a curl on their respective foreheads and a curled up tail and relentlessly chased after the young Gym Leader.

As he ran a dark skinned man with spiky brown hair, squinty eyes and a noticeable beard obliviously continued to observe some of the rocks in the cave. His outfit was obscured to a degree but from what was shown he wore an orange, black and green jacket with a black high collared shirt and a brown vest over it along with olive green cargo pants. While the brown-haired man obliviously went on with his tale, Scarlet tip toed right past him with relative ease.

"I made it here a while ago and I heard that the guard was incapacitated from a stray incident with one of the cave Pokémon so I decided to take over for him for the day." Crimson prattled on with his tale as a Pokémon leaped up from the water.

It was a large, orange, fish-like Pokémon. It had billowing caudal and pectoral fins, all of which were white specked with black. However, its dorsal fin was pure white and rigid. It had round, dark eyes, prominent pink lips, small fangs, and a horn in the center of its forehead. "A Seaking? What's it doing here!?" the overacting Cyan wondered as a light blue ball of energy formed in front of the Goldfish Pokémon's head. It then fired a rainbow colored beam from the ball at the duo, who avoided the attack.

"That's strange, Pokémon usually don't pop up from the lake to attack trainers outside of fishing and surfing." Crimson noted in suspicion.

"But I won't let them cause trouble. Venusaur, I choose you!" the Viridian Gym Leader declared while calling out a squat, quadruped Pokémon with bumpy, blue-green skin. It had small, circular red eyes, a short, blunt snout, and a wide mouth with two pointed teeth in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw. On top of its head were small, pointed ears with reddish pink insides. It had three clawed toes on each foot, the bud on its back had bloomed in a large pink, white-spotted flower. The flower was supported by a thick, brown trunk surrounded by green fronds.

"Wow, Venusaur! Mr. Crimson's strongest partner!" Cyan expressed in excitement. "Psst! Hurry it up!" Scarlet whispered.

"Oh right, Mr. Crimson, don't worry! I'll go and get backup in case reinforcements show up!" Cyan called out while sneaking into the Cerulean Cave. "Don't worry, I won't need backup! Venusaur and I can settle this battle in an instant. Now go and use Seed Bomb!" Crimson declared, ignoring the yellow orange-haired trainer's disappearance. The center of the Seed Pokémon's flower began to glow white. It then fired multiple glowing green seeds at the wild Seaking, with the force of the attacking causing an explosion.

"That was easy." Cyan confidently announced.

"I guess." Scarlet muttered while spraying herself with a golden bottle with a silver Pokéball symbol in the center.

"That Sweet Scent should have attracted quite a few Pokémon so Mr. Crimson is going to be preoccupied for a bit." the light orange-haired boy declared as the duo walked through the dark, damp and eerie cave that was filled with various stalactites and stalagmites that were plastered throughout various parts of the complex maze-like tunnels.

"He's gullible but when he needs to be he's especially sharp, so we better hurry up and find that special Pokémon." Scarlet announced as the duo arrived in front of yet another lake. "These water paths sure get tedious, I already have a Water-type on hand on me most of the time but they're always annoying." the dark brown-haired girl muttered as she called out her Poliwrath once more.

Sometime had passed as they rode through the trail of water on their respective Pokémon, they eventually landed ashore and proceeded onward while looking around the cave.

"There aren't very many Pokémon around. I know that the reliability of repels increases the more powerful a trainer's Pokémon are but this is kind of creepy." Cyan noted while looking around the bleak surroundings in the tattered and rugged cave. "Magby use Rock Smash!" Cyan exclaimed as the Live Coal Pokémon's fist glowed red while it crushed a boulder in the duo's path.

"You know we could have just walked over it." Scarlet noted.

"Haven't you read the guidebooks, we have to take care of any hazards in our path regardless of how impractical." the yellow orange-haired boy responded.

"Fine, fine, let's get on with this." Scarlet muttered in annoyance while they continued walking. "Don't look up!" Cyan exclaimed while the duo climbed up a ladder as he lead them.

In an alternate portion of the Cerulean Cave a shadowed silhouette stood in a devastated area. "That guy isn't around here. From what I heard the target is especially violent and competitive. But other than the damage I just caused there doesn't seem to be any signs of such a Pokémon. I figured by knocking out a few of the Pokémon that I ran into, I could attract its attention but I should refrain from wasting energy through pointless battles. Especially if the target's strength is anything similar to Master's." the man declared, he was covered in a grayish cloak while continuing on his way.

Scarlet and Cyan carried on with their quest through the cave, avoiding the hazards while interchanging from walking and surfing as they continued to travel throughout the maze-like tunnels of the Cerulean Caves. "Hey, can I ask you something?" Scarlet suddenly asked while the duo continued walking.

"What is it?" Cyan wondered.

"You've been disturbingly nice compared to your usual, you never bothered accompanying me anywhere until now. So was there anything that happened to you since the last time we met that changed your mood?" the dark brown-haired girl inquired to her rival. "It's nothing really. I was so caught up with training and trying to match up to my dad that I ended up ignoring the fun aspects of traveling around with Pokémon. It never felt right but it wasn't particularly obvious to me until I returned home a while back and battled against your mom." Cyan announced.

"My mother?" Scarlet uttered in bewilderment.

"Yeah, my mom was starting to get worried for me so she recommended for me to come home and battle against your mom to try and clear my mind. I still have concerns of my own and I'm not entirely sure on what to do but that battle with your mom was a real eye opener." the yellow orange-haired boy smiled as Scarlet laughed.

"What are kids doing here?" the hooded man wondered to himself while observing the duo from a distance. "Do I approach them and battle? No, they have more purpose to serve than that." the man internally declared while scheming something.

"Venusaur, SolarBeam!" Crimson exclaimed. The inside of the flower on Venusaur's back glowed white as sunlight is gathered in it. A bright golden yellow orb of energy then appeared in the Seed Pokémon's flower. Venusaur then proceeded to fire a golden beam from the orb at a Tentacool, knocking it out in the process. "Man, they don't let up." the Viridian Gym Leader muttered to himself as more Pokémon emerged from the lake.

"What's that?" Scarlet muttered as she saw a single rock fall from above. She was then astonished to see the ceiling cave-in as a rock slide came crashing down on the duo. "Get out of the way!" Cyan called out as the two trainers ducked for cover and managed to avoid getting hit by the rock slide. "There wasn't any warnings of random rock slides." Cyan muttered while standing up.

"Jigglypuff blast through those rocks with Hyper Voice!" Scarlet declared as she called out a round, pink ball with pointed ears and large, blue eyes. It had rubbery, balloon-like skin and small, stubby arms and somewhat long feet. On top of its head was a curled tuft of fur. The Balloon Pokémon then shouted and released multiple transparent rings from its mouth at the boulders, pulverizing and clearing up a path for its trainer. "Alright, good job Jigglypuff. Take a rest for now." the dark brown-haired girl thanked her Pokémon while recalling it into its Pokéball.

"There any chance we'll run into this super powerful Pokémon any time soon? We've been wandering around for hours now." Cyan complained.

"You'll recognize it the moment you see it." Scarlet retorted.

"So have you seen this Pokémon before?" he then asked. "I actually haven't. You see the Pokémon I'm looking for is actually an old Pokémon of my dad's that he caught a long time ago." the dark brown-haired girl announced. "Your father's old Pokémon? Why'd he release it, you aren't planning to capture it, are you? That's it, you're planning to snag it and blindside me at the league!" Cyan preposterously suggested. "That's not it! Besides if I really wanted to do that than I wouldn't have told you about it." Scarlet retorted.

"My dad used to tell me about the tales of his old captures, all the Pokémon he caught and the adventures behind some of those captures. It was incredible to hear about those stories, but in spite of that there was always one Pokémon in particular that he never went into any details about no matter how many of the other Pokémon he talked about. He never even so much as gave me the name of the Pokémon. It never really bothered me very much since I always figured I'd bump into that same Pokémon myself one day but the anxiety of what Pokémon it could have been is something I couldn't ignore." she declared.

"Oh now I understand, come to think of it your dad was the first trainer to capture all Pokémon native to the Kanto region, so it really could have been any Pokémon, who knows he may have just mixed in some tales of his captures from other regions to throw you off-guard." Cyan responded.

"No, there was a certain emotion in his eyes that made me positive that the Pokémon he talked about was one he fought against during his early years as a trainer. With the tales of a mysterious Pokémon that suddenly sprung up again in this cave after years of silence, it's only fitting that the Pokémon was probably the same one that I heard about." the dark brown-haired girl announced. "That Pokémon is one of a kind, the strongest Pokémon." Scarlet smiled while staring at a Pokéball.

"Now, let's keep going." she then announced as the duo went on their way.

Sometime had passed as Scarlet and Cyan walked through the maze-like structure of the cave while also evading the Pokémon in the cave as they once again climbed down stairs before riding on their Pokémon in what appeared to be the deepest floor in the entire cave. "There doesn't seem to be any other places left to go to. So if there really is something down here than it must not be very far." Cyan noted while riding on his Wartortle as Scarlet looked around at the gritty and wet scenery in the background as drops of water fell from the rooftop, which was covered with stalactite.

"T-that's…" Scarlet uttered in astonishment as she looked forward and saw a bipedal humanoid Pokémon with some feline features.

"Is that…Mew?" Cyan mumbled in bewilderment as the icy gaze of the creature's blue eyes stared down the duo, who finally made it to the part of land that the Genetic Pokémon was sitting on. "That can't be Mew, mom told me that Mew is a Pokémon that wanders the world while hiding from others and from what I heard it's about the size of a Charmander. In comparison this thing's about as big as a Charizard or Blastoise." Scarlet responded as Mewtwo silently glared at the duo.

"You, are you familiar with a trainer called Red?" the dark brown-haired girl inquired as the Genetic Pokémon's eyes widened.

Mewtwo threw a ball of blue energy with one hand at the two trainers in retaliation. "Butterfree, Silver Wind!" Cyan exclaimed while calling out a vaguely anthropomorphic butterfly with a purple body, it only had two body segments and four light blue legs. The upper pair of legs resembled small, three-fingered hands, while the lower pair resembled long, digit-less feet. Butterfree had two black antennae, a light blue snout with two fangs underneath, and large, red compound eyes. Its two pairs of veined wings were white with black accents and the oval scales of its lower wings were black. It then flapped its wings, releasing a wind with silver crescents in them at the incoming attack. The two moves clashed with one another as the Aura Sphere easily overwhelmed the Silver Wind and struck the Butterfly Pokémon.

"What power!" Cyan exclaimed in astonishment.

"Nidorino, Pikachu, come on out!" Scarlet exclaimed while calling out the Mouse Pokémon along with a light purple, quadruped Pokémon. It had several darker purple spots across its body. It had large, spiny ears with teal insides, narrow black eyes, and a long snout with two pointed teeth protruding from the upper jaw. It had a ridge of toxic spines on its back, and a long, pointed horn on its forehead. The horn was harder than a diamond and capable of secreting poison on impact. Its short legs had three claws on each foot. "Pikachu use Dig and Nidorino use Shadow Claw!" the dark brown-haired girl exclaimed.

Pikachu leaped in the air and drilled a hole into the ground with its tail. One of the Poison Pin Pokémon's claws became surrounded by a black aura with a purple outline. The aura then took the form of a claw as it attempted to strike at the Genetic Pokémon, who blocked the attack with its arms. From the part of the ground behind of Mewtwo, emerged Pikachu who attempted to strike at the Psychic-type.

In response Mewtwo simply wrapped its tail around the Mouse Pokémon's body to prevent it from moving. "What reflexes. Pikachu, Thunder!" Scarlet then called out.

As Pikachu's body began to emit sparks of electricity, Mewtwo swiftly threw it into Cyan's Butterfree, causing the Butterfly Pokémon to be shocked by the super effective technique. "Butterfree. Tch, come on out Magneton!" Cyan exclaimed as he called out the Magnet Pokémon while Mewtwo simply looked on. "That thing's stupidly powerful, we've got to find a way to slow it down! Tri Attack!" the yellow orange-haired trainer commanded. The tips of the magnets on Magneton's body began to glow in differing red, blue and yellow colors with white sparks. It then fired the three distinctly colored orbs that circled around one another while approaching the Genetic Pokémon.

Mewtwo simply moved its fingers through the air, in a cutting motion. The direction in which it motioned its finger began to glow light blue as a light blue crescent blade was fired from the energy. The blade sliced through the incoming Tri Attack and expanded in size as it then approached Scarlet and the others, who ducked out of the way of the attack.

"To originate from Kanto and to not have heard of it. How preposterous, then again I'm certain that Oak and those other meddlesome trainers from the past would try to conceal such information. A Pokémon with unrivaled combat prowess, whose very existence defies the standard of all other Pokémon in the world. With a mere thought it could diminish a mountain into nothing more than dust and with the swipe of its tail could level a forest, it's utterly invincible in a one-on-one and all in all it's unbeatable. The strongest Pokémon, no, the strongest being in the world, Mewtwo." the hooded man thought to himself while observing the battle.

"That settles things." Crimson smirked as he and Venusaur finished defeating the Water-type Pokémon.

"Were you amazed by what you saw, Cyan?" Crimson boastfully inquired while preparing to look back, having ignored the absence of the yellow orange-haired trainer. But suddenly a hand emerged from the lake and grabbed onto the Viridian City Gym Leader. "Ah! Venusaur, Seed Bomb!" Crimson panicked. "Hold on!" a voice exclaimed as a man emerged from the lake. He was a muscular young man with spiky dark orange colored hair with light brown eyes. He wore a form fitting wetsuit with a blue, yellow and white color scheme. He also sported white sandals and noticeably had distinct wave-like patterns on his cheeks, with their nature being relatively unknown.

"Dax? What are you doing here?" Crimson wondered.

"I heard a bunch of noise coming from the direction of the Cerulean Cave and felt quite a few vibrations as well. I didn't think it'd be you." the young man responded.

"Shouldn't you be looking after the Gym?" the brown-haired man inquired. "*pant* It's fine, I just took a little break." the Gym Leader responded while attempting to catch his breathe. "Oh, hey Cyan you've met the Cerulean City Gym Leader already, righ-…He's not there!?" Crimson exclaimed in astonishment. "I just got here but it seemed pretty obvious." Dax muttered while Venusaur nodded its head. "So he wasn't in awe of my battling? Darn it then where did he go?" the Viridian City Gym Leader wondered.

"W-what power." Scarlet uttered in astonishment as she looked on to see the giant cut left behind by the Genetic Pokémon's attack.

"With the mere wave of its finger it was able to nearly cut this entire room in half. How can a Pokémon be this strong?" Cyan wondered to himself as Mewtwo appeared in front of Scarlet.

"Girl, you asked if I knew of that man, correct?" the Genetic Pokémon inquired to the astonishment of the dark brown-haired girl.

"You can talk?" Scarlet uttered in disbelief.

"Did he send you here?" the Genetic Pokémon queried, ignoring the young girl's question entirely. "N-no, I came here on my own to find you!" Scarlet responded. "Get away from her, Wartortle use Scald!" Cyan exclaimed while calling out the Turtle Pokémon. Wartortle then attacked the Genetic Pokémon in an attempt to save Scarlet, only for Mewtwo to flick a light purple orb of energy at the attack. The Scald was then stopped in place as Cyan and the Pokémon looked on in horror.

"What's your relation to that man?" Mewtwo inquired to the girl while rising up as she helplessly looked on.

"Hold on, those eyes. Now I understand, you're his child." the Genetic Pokémon accurately deduced while looking on at the young girl. It then flicked the attack right into the Pokémon, knocking all of them back. "*pant* What…do you have against my dad *pant*?" Scarlet nervously inquired as Mewtwo simply glared at the young girl.

"Now's not the time for talking! Let's do this guys! Wartortle use Blizzard, Magneton use Zap Cannon and Butterfree use Bug Buzz!" the yellow orange-haired boy commanded. Wartortle opened its mouth and the inside of it started to glow light blue. It then released a powerful blizzard from its mouth, the magnets on Magneton's three heads began to emit sparks as in the center of its body began to form a yellow-green ball of electricity with a red center before it then fired the ball, Butterfree called out loudly, which then released red sound waves from its body. All three of these attacks approached the motionless Genetic Pokémon, who in turn simply extended its arm outwards.

Mewtwo proceeded to block all three of the attacks with an Aura Sphere, which caused a massive explosion that forced back the others, in turn Mewtwo emerged unfazed continuing to hold the blue ball of energy in its arm. "It took on all of those attacks head-on without even being fazed, this thing's a monster." Cyan muttered to himself.

"Of course I know that man, that accursed man." Mewtwo declared while gritting its teeth and aiming its attack up into the air.

"What are you doing!?" Scarlet asked as the Genetic Pokémon shot out its Aura Sphere up into the sky, destroying the ceiling above them.

"Everyone, duck for cover!" Scarlet called out as they all did their best to avoid the debris from the attack while Mewtwo simply cleared the area of the detritus with ease using Psychic. "It's been decades since that fool had the audacity to capture me, I have never forgotten that humiliation of my defeat. To add even further insult he would proceed to release me as if I served no further purpose, as if my mere existence was nothing more than a stepping stone to be cast aside the moment he went on to fulfill his own ambition." the Genetic Pokémon uttered, the disdain in his eyes making it all the more apparent just how bitter it truly was.

"What are you talking about? He captured you and released you back into the wild. You lived in this cave before you met him right, so it's only fitting that he allowed you to return to your home rather than forcing you to live a life collaborating with someone that you despise!" Scarlet retorted. "Do you honestly believe I would consider such a place a home? This cave is nothing more than a blockade to isolate myself from that accursed outside world!" Mewtwo declared to the astonishment of the others.

"Those detestable elders and the scornful species that inhabit this world, I have no desire to live alongside any of them!" it then added along. "If you keep yourself locked up here than of course you'll never be satisfied! I came here to challenge my own limits to see how I compare against Legendary Pokémon like you because remaining how I am won't ever do any good for anyone!" Scarlet declared in response. "You came down here to fight me, just like the children from the past. But you aren't worthy of my adversity. Ignorant, naïve fools who carelessly throw their lives away all for the sake of self-assurance in regards to their own goals are nothing more than a waste of time." Mewtwo coldly replied.

The Genetic Pokémon then swung one of its arms at the group, releasing a stream of red-orange flames in the process. "Pikachu use Volt Switch, Nidorino use Sludge Bomb and Charmeleon use Dragon Pulse!" the dark brown-haired woman commanded while calling out the Flame Pokémon. Pikachu put its arms together in front of it and a yellow orb of electricity then appeared. It then opened its arms and fired the orb of electricity, Nidorino fired a brown ball of sludge from its mouth, Charmeleon opened its mouth and a turquoise energy ball appears in front of it. It then fired its attack alongside the others as they managed to successfully repel the Flamethrower with their combined efforts.

"Scarlet, we should run while we can. We've already fought this thing long enough to know how much more work we both need!" Cyan announced.

"It started attacking us in the first place, so even if it has no interest in fighting us I doubt it'll let up and let us leave so easily." Scarlet responded.

"Red's daughter, you should consider yourself fortunate. I was contemplating on killing you all where you stood but your connection to him has proven itself to be quite fortuitous for us both. Flee with your comrades and retail your encounter with me to your odious father, I still aspire to settle my score with him so at the very least this pointless encounter will be beneficial to me in the long run." Mewtwo announced as Scarlet gritted her teeth in response.

"My name is Scarlet, remember that!" she yelled to the Genetic Pokémon.

"I went through the trouble of traveling here to battle against you and yet you don't even see me as anything more than an extension to my father? I don't want to be remembered as being nothing more than Red's daughter! I'm a Pokémon trainer, I came all the way here to battle you for my own sake, to define myself through my own actions not by my ties to others!" she angrily shouted as Mewtwo silently looked on.

"Scarlet." Cyan anxiously mumbled. "Even if you exist in a realm of strength that I'm a long ways from reaching, if ever, I won't allow you to look down on me!" the prideful young trainer declared.

"Motivation through rage and your own shattered pride, use those very feelings to fight me, you stupid child." Mewtwo internally announced before shooting an Aura Sphere up into the air once more. This time the attack had enough force to blast all the way up through the very tip of the mountain itself.

"What is that?" Dax wondered while noticing an explosion from the top of the mountain.

"A battle? It can't be, is that Cyan?" Crimson wondered as his Arcanine called out to him.

"W-what!? You mean Scarlet was here!?" the brown-haired exclaimed in astonishment while two crustacean Pokémon resembling a crab emerged from the lake. Their strong shells covered the outside of their bodies, with one featuring a red upper-half, while the other featured a sea green upper-half, and a light tan lower-half, the second possessed an olive colored lower-half. Their upper halves were topped with six tall, thin spikes that resembled a crown. Their lower halves doubled as their jaws with each six fangs overlapping their upper bodies. Their two outer fangs were much larger than the inner two, and were roughly half as tall as the being's entire body. Their hips were visibly protruding from their lower bodies connecting its long, thin legs with claw-like feet. The Pokémon's main feature appeared to be its red claws, sea green for the second one, with both their left claws being roughly twice as large as the other and as hard as steel.

"Kingler, did you find anything?" Dax inquired to the shiny Pincer Pokémon, who pointed at parts of the water, which were slightly tinted pink.

"That looks a lot like the powder from Sweet Scent mixed into that water, which would explain the Water-types that kept coming to attack me. Hold on, Cyan owns an Exeggutor so…Darn it those kids really got one over on me!" Crimson exclaimed in annoyance after realizing the ruse as the ground began to violently shake while jagged gray stones were fiercely fired throughout various parts of the cave, having presumably emerged from the inside.

"We've gotta go and find those guys before they get into trouble, err, I mean even more trouble. Man, mom's gonna be annoyed to hear about this." Dax noted.

"Yeah, return Kingler. Let's go, Arcanine!" the Viridian Gym Leader declared while hopping up on the Legendary Pokémon.

"Hold on, if that explosion from before is any indication than we're better off entering from above instead of going through that maze." Dax noted. "Yeah, that's true. Then I'll be needing this guy!" the brown-haired trainer declared while calling out a reptilian, bipedal Pokémon with large, membranous wings. It had sharply pointed ears and a fierce expression with intense eyes. Its snout was ridged, with a gaping mouth and strong lower jaw full of serrated fangs. Its body was covered in light violet-gray skin with violet wings. Its wings consisted of a membrane running from the side of the body to the tip of an elongated finger. The clawed hands at the bend of each wing allowed it to grasp objects. A hump-like ridge grew from its back and it had a strong, arrow-tipped tail with talon-like feet.

"Aerodactyl, let's go. That troublesome sister of mine needs help!" Crimson announced while recalling his Arcanine and quickly getting on Aerodactyl. "Hop on." Crimson told Dax. "Is that really safe? I mean I'm not a coward but flying isn't really in my comfort zone so I'd probably be better off not coming along." the Cerulean Gym Leader timidly announced as the Fossil Pokémon grabbed him with its talon-like feet and flew off. "W-what are you doing, this is dangerous!" he cried. "Stay still, she'll drop you if you aren't careful." Crimson stated to the struggling dark orange-haired individual. "Thanks, that's SO reassuring!" Dax sarcastically yelled.

"Iron Tail!" Scarlet exclaimed. Charmeleon's tail instead glowed metallic gray before turning into steel, barring its flame, and striking at the Genetic Pokémon, who blocked it with its left arm with relative ease.

"Cause even more of a ruckus, we need to gather the attention of the citizens." the hooded man declared, having stopped watching the battle and moved on to a different floor.

"He's looking down on us, he's so far above us that he's gradually lowering his guard the more and more that we fail at doing any damage to him." Scarlet thought to herself.

"Bite!" Cyan exclaimed as Wartortle leaped towards Mewtwo, who retaliated by throwing the Flame Pokémon right into it, sending both of them crashing into the ground, which curiously seemed to shake violently even before it landed. "Butterfree and Magneton already got knocked out and I can't afford to pointlessly lose all of my Pokémon in this battle." Cyan thought to himself before calling out his Exeggutor. "Exeggutor, Egg Bomb!" the young trainer commanded as the Coconut Pokémon fired various golden egg-like orbs of energy at the Genetic Pokémon, who fired a Psychic at the attack and proceeded to redirect it back at the Grass/Psychic-type.

"Cyan, take this!" Scarlet called out while holding two golden twenty four-faced polyhedrons in her hand. "Max Revives?" Cyan muttered before holding out his hand. Before the dark brown-haired girl could even throw the items they were destroyed by Mewtwo's Psychic attack.

"This isn't a game." the Genetic Pokémon declared while deriding their efforts.

"What good are these items if we never get enough of an opening to use them?" Scarlet wondered to herself while looking on at her injured Charmeleon and Pikachu. "We'll need to distract him long enough so that the others can capitalize and strike that Pokémon down in one hit." Scarlet thought to herself while nodding at Cyan. "Weepinbell use Stun Spore!" she exclaimed while calling out a yellow, bell-shaped body with a single green leaf on either side. It had a wide, gaping mouth with pink lips. Above its circular eyes there were a pattern of three small green spots and a small hook-shaped stem. The Flycatcher Pokémon then released sparkling orange powder from its mouth towards Mewtwo.

"How foolish." Mewtwo muttered while utilizing Psychic to blow away the powder with ease before being ensnared by two dark green vines, which were revealed to have come from Weepinbell.

"Now's our chance! Charmeleon, Heat Wave! Pikachu, Thunder!" "Wartortle use Scald and Exeggutor use Leaf Storm!" the two trainers exclaimed as their Pokémon unleashed their respective attacks.

Exeggutor's body was encased in a green glow as various glowing green leaves appeared around it as it then fired its attacks alongside the other Pokémon. Mewtwo remained motionless while staring at the incoming attacks. "All these years and yet humans are as persistent and stubborn as always." Mewtwo internally thought to itself before breaking free from its constraints and firing an Aura Sphere at the incoming attacks. The attacks clashed with one another as Charmeleon and the others persistently attempted to hold their ground.

"To fight to validate your existence and form your own legacy, the strength in those eyes, you really are foolish." the Genetic Pokémon thought to itself while holding the other Pokémon at bay.

"Mom, Dad, Crimson and everyone, I can't look at any of them the same ever again if I let myself get pushed aside so easily!" Scarlet muttered to herself.

"You already introduced yourself to me, so now I reciprocate the gesture, my name is Mewtwo. Remember that, this declaration symbolizes the conclusion of this battle." Mewtwo declared while enhancing the Aura Sphere with Psychic, causing it to expand in size in the process. "T-this can't be." Scarlet looked on in dismay as the Aura Sphere overpowered the combined attacks, a bright light then ensued as everything then blacked out.

Sometime had eventually passed as Scarlet was shown unconscious. "Scarlet!" a voice exclaimed as the dark brown-haired girl began to open her eyes. "Scarlet!" Crimson exclaimed while looking over his younger sister. "B-brother!?" Scarlet mumbled in bewilderment as she was shown riding on his Arcanine.

"Thank goodness, you're alright. Now I can do this without feeling bad." Crimson smiled while bonking his sister on the head.

"What was that for!?" Scarlet complained. "For endangering yourself and Cyan while not only disobeying my authority but the authority of your other elders and superiors as well!" he retorted.

"I get it, I'm sorry, you don't have to act like mom." the dark brown-haired girl muttered while getting off of Arcanine. "Wait, where are we?" she then inquired. "In the Pokémon Center, we made it just now." he responded as some of the trainers looked on in awe at the presence of the Gym Leader. "Where's Cyan and our Pokémon?" Scarlet inquired. "The Pokémon were already sent away while Cyan's over there resting." Crimson declared while pointing at the unconscious light yellow-haired individual. "What happened to us?" Scarlet wondered. "I'm not sure, you guys were unconscious near the cave entrance when we found you." the Viridian Gym Leader responded.

"Near the entrance? Does that mean we lost to Mewtwo?" the young girl wondered. "What do you mean 'we'?" she then asked. "Oh, well Dax showed up to help me look for you guys. Right now he's dealing with reporters in regards to that explosion from before." Crimson responded. "Oh, can you excuse me? I need to go take a walk to clear my head." Scarlet muttered while walking towards the entrance. "I wouldn't…" Crimson called out to no avail as Scarlet walked out to see various reporters bombarding the Cerulean Gym Leader with questions.

"Sources say that a reckless idiot trainer snuck into the Cerulean Cave. What do you have to say about this?" a reporter inquired to the Gym Leader.

"Oh well, um maybe they just mistook a Hypno or something as a human?" Dax responded.

"Hey, I'm not an idiot!" Scarlet ignorantly exclaimed as the reporters than swarmed her. "So you're the reckless trainer who invaded the forsaken Unknown Dungeon?" "Are you proud of directly disobeying authority?" "Aren't you the same girl who gets in trouble all the time?" the reporters murmured while frantically asking the girl questions. "…Are you broadcasting this?" Scarlet asked while she was shown on television.

"Typical." a young boy muttered while lying down and watching what was happening at home. He had black hair with brown tints and red colored eyes. He wore a black t-shirt with yellow markings and white trimmings along with khaki pants.

He relaxed next to a small, quadruped Pokémon that had blue-green skin with darker green patches. It had red eyes with white pupils and scleras and pointed, ear-like structures on top of its head. Its snout was short and blunt, and it had a wide mouth. A pair of small, pointed teeth were visible in the upper jaw when its mouth was open. Each of its thick legs ended with three sharp claws and on its back was a green plant bulb. "Mom! Scarlet's on T.V for doing something stupid again!" the boy called out.

"Not now, Forrest. I'm in the middle of planning my next lesson!" a woman exclaimed while walking into the room.

She had long brown hair and brown eyes that had a bluish tint. She had a white turtleneck sweater with aqua green colored sleeves along with black trimmings, a red pencil skirt and white ankle strap shoes. Finally she wore a slightly elegant ring. "Local Trainer causes mess, Breaks into Cerulean Cave and causes trouble." the captions read. "Scarlet!?" the woman exclaimed in astonishment. "Rather than going on about that silly explosion, why not interview me about my prowess as a Gym Leader?" Crimson inquired while being ignored by the reporters.

"I guess getting into messes runs in the family, sweet." the boy smiled while high fiving his Bulbasaur.

"You know I happen to have an Electrode and Snorlax...I'm important too, darn it!" an annoyed Crimson declared while continuing to be ignored. "Don't look at it like that!" the woman complained to the young lad.

Sometime had passed as Scarlet, Crimson and Cyan sat around in a room filled with a plethora of portraits featuring Water-type Pokémon. "Man you have no idea how embarrassing it is to have to deal with these kinds of messes." Crimson muttered to his sister. "Could it really be that bad?" Cyan inquired. "Lectures aren't fun, at all. The Pewter Gym Leader Sela got an earful from her dad when those kids got lost a while back in Mt. Moon and he isn't anywhere near as feisty as Dax's mom is. I'm sure she already gave Scarlet an earful." Crimson responded. "So what did Misty tell you…Eh?" Cyan inquired before being confused by the dark brown-haired girl's extremely stern expression.

"Huh? Did you say something, I was thinking about something." Scarlet obliviously responded to his annoyance.

"Sorry mom, I should have expected for Scarlet to do something but I underestimate her boldness." Dax muttered while having a video chat with an orange-haired woman with green eyes.

Her outfit was mostly obscured but she appeared to be wearing a cerulean colored jacket with white trimmings along with a yellow shirt. "You still haven't gotten the hang of being a Gym Leader even though you've been at it for a few years now. *sigh* But still at the very least nothing went too wrong, I guess. Compared to what I'm used to it's pretty mundane honestly but I still want you to use this little incident as a reference for future experiences. Oh and stop underestimating the stupidity of others while you're at it!" Misty declared while scolding her son. "Yeah, yeah, I understand." Dax nervously responded.

"So, where are you exactly?" the Cerulean Gym Leader then inquired to the speechless Elite Four member. "You're not bugging Ms. Lorelei, again, are you?" he then inquired in a deadpan tone.

"Don't take that tone with me and I-I'm not bugging her! I'll talk to you later." Misty responded in embarrassment with a blush while ending the call.

Elsewhere a man with a large hooded red jacket with white trimmings walked through a grassy field. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes with a red tint. He also wore light blue colored jeans with red, black and white colored boots. Finally he had a red and white colored hat with a white symbol similar to a Pokéball. "They really are troublesome, to even try and challenge Mewtwo without beating the league first. You just had set a horrible example for them, Red." an orange-haired man stated while talking to a screen in what appeared to be a laboratory room. His attire was slightly obscured due to the fact that he was sitting at a desk but from what could be shown he had brown eyes and wore a light purple dress shirt and black pants.

"Come on Blue, your son was there too. So I doubt you're much better." the brown-haired man smirked.

"Tch, you're better when you don't talk." Blue grumbled in annoyance as Red simply smiled in response.

"So where are you?" Blue inquired. "I'm off to pay my respects at the Pokémon Cemetery. Pikachu gets teary eyed whenever we go there so I'm on my own for this." Red responded.

"So you're in Kanto? That's a shock." the orange-haired man sarcastically retorted. "By the way, make sure to keep this from Leaf and the others. I'll visit them soon but they'll kill me if they hear that I'm back in Kanto without having called them first." Red declared in a nervous tone. "You don't say." Blue mischievously grinned.

After some time Scarlet and the others stood outside the Cerulean Gym. "I'm sorry for the trouble, everyone." Scarlet apologized. "I couldn't care less for what happened, this was helpful for me to get to see my current limits so I don't mind the trouble." Cyan smirked. "Don't worry, mom's training session on the other hand is the only thing you should worry about." Dax jocularly declared. "Training session?" Crimson muttered in confusion. "Uh, well see ya later guys! I'm gonna go catch more Pokémon to fill up my Pokédex, so bye!" Scarlet nervously declared while fleeing.

"Come back here, Scarlet!" Crimson called out to no avail.

"See ya guys, by the time we meet again I'll make sure to have sixteen badges!" Cyan declared while leaving.

"Good thing no trainers wanted a Gym Battle today." Dax smiled while ignorantly leaving in spite of the trainer that had showed up. Elsewhere back in the basement floor of the Cerulean Cave, Mewtwo sat down in the isolated room while pulling out a strange Pokéball. The top part was purple with two fuscia colored orbs and a white M in the middle of the ball. The Genetic Pokémon let out a slight smirk while looking on at the Master Ball.

"This world really is huge. Even in just this Kanto region there are such powerful opponents. Someday I'll become a trainer strong enough to fight and win against Mewtwo, Mom, Dad and everyone!" Scarlet steadfastly declared to herself while continuing on her path.

Narration: Kanto, the region where the myth of Pokémon commenced. To this day the adventures of the ever evolving world continue to affect the lives of trainers from various generations.

"That overwhelming power, even if I had fought all out there would have been no way to win against an opponent of that caliber. To be so similar yet so different from Master I should have expected no less from the world's strongest Pokémon." C declared while removing his hood in a forest and continuing on his way. "Those children did well in allowing me to see that Mewtwo's strength, had I been the one to fight than it would have most likely discovered my connection to Master. At the very least their skirmish and my repeated attacks inside the cave managed to catch the eye of the rest of the Kanto region. Oh well, I suppose I ought to head back to the Unova region, the Grand Prix will be starting soon after all." the golden yellow-haired man muttered to himself.

Major Events (1/2/14): Various trainers and Gym Leaders from the Kanto region are introduced.

Scarlet reveals the reasoning for the lack of inclusion of Kanto region trainers, and indirectly implying a similar reasoning for the other region's trainers, in the Grand Prix being due to the upcoming Kanto League Conference.

A second Mewtwo, distinct from the one operating in Unova, is introduced and is revealed to have been captured and later released by Red in the past.

Scarlet and Cyan battle against Mewtwo and are defeated.

C is revealed to have been observing the Mewtwo native to the Cerulean Cave for unknown reasons.

Red is revealed to be traveling around the world while Leaf is revealed to be an Instructor and Misty is revealed to have become a member of the Elite Four at some point during the last few decades.


Scarlet (debut)

Crimson (debut)

Cyan (debut)

Dax (debut)


Mewtwo (Kanto, debut)

Forrest (debut)

Red (debut)

Blue (debut)

Leaf (debut)

Brock (flashback, debut)

Misty (debut)






Charmeleon (Scarlet's, debut)

Pikachu (Scarlet's, shiny)

Poliwrath (Scarlet's, debut)

Eevee (Scarlet's)

Jigglypuff (Scarlet's, debut)

Nidorino (Scarlet's, debut)

Weepinbell (Scarlet's, debut)

Wartortle (Cyan's, debut)

Magby (Cyan's, debut)

Pidgeotto (Cyan's, debut)

Golem (Cyan's)

Exeggutor (Cyan's)

Butterfree (Cyan's, debut)

Magneton (Cyan's)

Venusaur (Crimson's, debut)

Arcanine (Crimson's)

Kingler (Crimson's, debut)

Aerodactyl (Crimson's, debut)

Kingler (Dax's, shiny, debut)

Bulbasaur (Forrest's, debut)

Cleffa (wild, multiple, flashback, debut)

Seaking (wild, debut)

Tentacool (wild)

Nidoran (Trainer's, male, video game, debut)

Haunter (video game)