Pokémon Go! World

Chapter 4: Attack! Creation trio vs Weather trio

Narration: Sinnoh, according to the myths passed down, is considered to have been the first region in the Pokémon world to be created. The mysterious tales that lie shrouded and buried deep within the shadows of this region's lore have been longed after by a multitude of individuals. The landmarks, legends and conflicts that have occurred throughout the Sinnoh region's luxurious history have bared fruit and resulted in a prosperous evolution in the years that have passed since the titanic appearances of the mythical Pokémon, who rule over the boundaries of the entire universe, that put to risk the very existence of reality itself. The incomparable deities have since remained inactive as a new field of trainers take to the stage of battle.

"Blaike here, today's January 27th. The Sinnoh Circuit is a few months away but things in Sinnoh still seem pretty boisterous, although most of the attention seems to have gone to the Unova region's Grand Prix tournament, I heard those snobby Katana guys entered it too. Father held a lecture in regards to the possibility of further methods and levels of Pokémon evolution while Mother is preparing for a match with a professional from Kanto, she was going to make an announcement so that's sure to be interesting. Today I've got something in mind as well." a boy declared to a recorder.

He had dark blue-gray hair with slate gray colored eyes. He wore a white newsboy hat with a dark red and navy blue colored semi Pokéball symbol. He also sported a black scarf with white trimmings and a magenta colored collarless jacket with dark gray trimmings. Underneath his jacket he wore a long sleeved white shirt with a slightly curved dark red stripe around the chest along with dark red accents. The young boy wore indigo denim pants with dark gray, navy blue and white boots. He also sported an indigo colored Pokétch, which was noticeably sleek, and had a white backpack with an indigo tint and dark gray trimmings.

"That's right, today along with Lily and Keri, I'm heading to Mt. Coronet!" Blaike announced while looking up at the towering mountain.

Along with him was a bipedal Pokémon that resembled a chimpanzee. Its fur was primarily a shade of orange, though its face, outer ears, underbelly, hands, and feet were light yellow. Its rear had a small, round, red patch that was usually obscured by flames produced by burning gas in its stomach.

"….Though I haven't bumped into either of Lily or Keri just yet." he sighed.

"Even so, as a trainer aiming for the National's I won't allow this to dampen my mood!" the dark blue-gray haired boy exclaimed before turning off the recorder. "I guess I should have expected this. Traveling all the way back to Oreburgh City isn't exactly an easy task to do, especially in the middle of a quest to collect badges or ribbons. I was already on my way back home to train for the Sinnoh Circuit so it wasn't much of a problem for me but still, Keri was the one who asked to come here so I figured that at least she'd be around." Blaike noted while looking around at the rugged rock terrain.

"LOOK OUT!" a voice exclaimed from the distance as the dark blue gray-haired boy turned his bed and saw a blond girl with salmon colored eyes who was riding on a strawberry colored bicycle.

She wore a salmon, white and turquoise colored plaid jacket, with a beige scarf which obscured what seemed to be a black and orange shirt, which she sported under her jacket. She wore white colored track pants with light gray trimmings and had cream colored boots with dark orange bottoms. The young girl also possessed a salmon colored Pokétch along with black elbow and need pads. "Out of the way, Blaike!" she exclaimed while frantically approaching him, seemingly unable to stop as the young boy blankly looked at her while she approached him.

The dark blue-gray haired lad took a step back and threw a pillow forward, which the young girl caught with her face before inevitably crashing.

"Where's your helmet, Lily?" Blaike nonchalantly wondered. "*exhale* I left it back at Veilstone, I didn't notice until just recently. Thanks for the pillow by the way." the blonde girl expressed in gratitude while standing up, sporting no severe injuries from her crash. "No problem, though if you were really in enough of a rush to forget your helmet than why are you late?" Blaike asked in response. "I got caught up in my training for my last Gym Battle. My last opponent was Flint so Mama offered to help me train for my battle with him." Lily responded.

"Flint? If I recall correctly back then he used to be a member of Sinnoh's Elite Four." Blaike responded.

"Yeah, that's right. He and the former Sunyshore Gym Leader, Volkner had a grand battle with Flint's position in the Elite Four on the line and it was really close but Volkner managed to win out and join the Elite Four. It's kinda cool." Lily laughed. "A Gym Leader beat a member of the Elite Four? I guess that goes to show how narrow the line between full powered Gym Leaders and the Elite Four truly is." Blaike muttered in awe. "It's not really that big a deal but I heard that battle they had was legendary, it makes me jealous that I haven't had that kind of battle with anyone!" Lily exclaimed while her glee turned to annoyance.

"We're still relatively new to the world of Pokémon, calm down." Blaike noted. "Keri isn't here, right? Well then how about we have a battle until she shows up!?" the fired up blonde girl requested.

"E-eh!?" Blaike exclaimed in astonishment. "A trainer with seven badges shouldn't be losing to a guy who only ever did a handful of stuff to qualify for a tournament." Lily declared. "Hey, don't look down on the Pokémon Circuit!" Blaike retorted. "The Sinnoh League is a stepping stone for me to challenge the Battle Frontier, I especially can't lose with that in mind." the blonde girl added along. "Now bring it on, Blaike!" she fiercely declared.

"…Can I really beat her when she's like this?" the young trainer wondered to himself.

"Let's go and win this, Turtwig and Luxio!" she exclaimed while calling out the Tiny Leaf Pokémon along with a feline, quadruped Pokémon resembling a young lynx or lion. Blue and black fur covered most of its body with its ears, face, hind paws, and front half of its body being blue, while its hindquarters was black. Additionally, it had a tufty black mane surrounding its face with the fur on the hind paws extending to its ankles. The insides of its rounded ears were yellow, as were its eyes. There were also two yellow rings around each front leg and a yellow, four-point star on the tip of its tail.

"You're really gonna make me do this, huh? Chimchar and Pachirisu, Showtime!" Blaike exclaimed while calling out a Pachirisu to battle alongside the Chimp Pokémon.

"An all-out Full Battle would be awesome to have but we don't have enough time for that." Lily announced while removing her kneepads and elbow pads. As the four Pokémon stared one another down, Luxio in particular possessed an especially fierce expression as both Chimchar and Pachirisu glowed blue to indicate that their Attack strength had been reduced. "We don't have enough time for this." the dumbfounded Blaike muttered to himself.

"We've got no choice, Chimchar start things off with Nasty Plot!" the dark blue-gray haired trainer commanded as the Chimp Pokémon scratched its temple in confusion, attempting to discover a strategy to use in battle, before snapping its fingers while seemingly coming to a conclusion, glowing red in the process to indicate that it had powered up its Special Attack capabilities. "With that power up continue things with Flamethrower on Turtwig!" the young boy added along.

Chimchar deeply inhaled as the flame on its rear expanded in size and it then released a powerful stream of red-orange flames at the Tiny Leaf Pokémon.

"You've got some nerve if you think we'll be done in so quickly. Luxio use Thunder to intercept them!" the blonde girl exclaimed in retaliation. The Spark Pokémon's body became surrounded by electricity and it fired a massive yellow beam of electricity at the Flamethrower. The two attacks clashed momentarily as enhanced Flamethrower managed to overwhelm the Thunder but was unable to strike down either of its opponents, who had in turn used the opportunity to flee from the trajectory of the attack.

"Turtwig, Earth Power!" Lily commanded as the Tiny Leaf Pokémon's outline flashed golden yellow as it stomped its front two feet onto the ground. Glowing golden cracks then traveled towards Chimchar, who was struck by golden flame-like energy and sent flying. "What!?" Blaike exclaimed in astonishment. "How'd you like our new move?" Lily boastfully wondered.

"To teach her Turtwig a move like that, I would have expected countermeasures to fight off type disadvantages but I figured she'd have waited until it evolved to make better use of techniques like that." the dark blue-gray haired trainer thought to himself as Chimchar rose back up after having taken noticeable damage from that Earth Power. "Luxio's Ability, Intimidate, lowered our attack but a move like this doesn't depend on such technicalities. Pachirisu, time to begin the counterattack with Super Fang!" Blaike exclaimed as the EleSquirrel Pokémon's two front teeth began to glow white and grew longer as it dashed towards Lily's Turtwig.

"Don't let them get close, stop them in their tracks with Seed Bomb!" Lily exclaimed in response.

Turtwig opened up its mouth, which glowed a greenish white. A light green light then shined and it fired multiple glowing green seeds at the incoming Electric-type. "We won't let you, Flamethrower!" Blaike commanded in retaliation as Chimchar, who was revealed to have been running discreetly behind of Pachirisu, leaped up and instantly destroyed the approaching attack, foiling Lily's attack in the process as Pachirisu approached Turtwig.

"Luxio, hurry up and stop them with Ice Fang!" the blonde trainer commanded as the Spark Pokémon flew in the air while a white mist exuded from its mouth, which then began to glow light blue as it then bit down on the EleSquirrel Pokémon's tail. "Pachirisu! Tch, change your target to Luxio!" Blaike quickly commanded while Pachirisu proceeded to bite Luxio's leg before it could be released from the Ice Fang. The two Electric-types then leapt away from one another, as both took quite a bit of damage from the other's attack.

"That kind of reflexive thinking is the kind that'll be needed to win in the Sinnoh Circuit." Blaike announced.

"Those reflexes aren't all that helpful without the guts to try most of the stunts you'd need them for." Lily responded. "Charging headfirst without assessing the situation is as far away from rational as can be. At least, that's what I would have said if I actually wanted to argue with her about this…" Blaike timorously thought to himself. "Both your father and grandfather made a career out of being bold and excitable so I understand your sentiments." Blaike declared to the blonde girl.

"Huh? I guess? I wasn't really thinking about anything like that. But forget that, let's get back into this battle, Crunch!" Lily energetically commanded as the Tiny Leaf Pokémon rushed towards Chimchar and bit down on its arm, all the while white sparks emitted from its mouth while it did this. "Chimchar this is your chance, Flamethrower!" Blaike called out as an orb of red-orange flames manifested inside the Chimp Pokémon's mouth. "Slam it down!" Lily exclaimed in an instant as Turtwig proceeded to throw Chimchar up into the air before slamming it down with great force, cancelling out the Flamethrower in the process.

"She's good, no she's way more than that, she's incredible. Is this the kind of strength that's spurred by the repeated adversary brought forth by the Sinnoh League?" Blaike wondered to himself.

"Get it together, Blaike, if you lose to her and fail to show off your progress than you'll just make a mockery of the Sinnoh Circuit!" the dark blue-gray haired trainer internally announced. "I don't really remember the scoreboard between us but I'll be sure to turn it in my favor with this win, Luxio use Fire Fang!" Lily commanded. The Spark Pokémon's mouth began to glow red as it was then enveloped in flames while it rushed towards Pachirisu.

"Pachirisu use Thunder!" Blaike exclaimed in retaliation. The EleSquirrel Pokémon was covered in blue electricity as it then then fired a blast at blue electricity at Luxio.

"Jump into the sky!" Lily called out while the Electric-type leaped up into the air and avoided the attack in the process before proceeding to dive down in an attempt to continue its attack. "I see your weakness, Luxio! Pachirisu use Iron Tail!" the dark blue-gray haired trainer commanded as a white outline covered Pachirisu's tail before it began to shine and turn into steel and it jumped towards the descending Luxio.

As the two air borne Electric-types approached one another, Luxio proceeded to extend one of its paws and used it to stop Pachirisu, in the process disrupting the momentum from its leap.

"It extended its paw forward to stop us? But we weren't aiming for a decisive blow against you anyways." Blaike smiled to Lily's bewilderment. The EleSquirrel Pokémon then proceeded to swing its tail and it managed to strike one of the Spark Pokémon's hind leg, much to Lily's astonishment. Luxio in retaliation bit down on Pachirisu, as an explosion occurred, which sent it plummeting to the ground while the force of the explosion sent Pachirisu flying up further into the air.

"Now's our chance, Flamethrower!" Blaike quickly commanded as Luxio stumbled due to the damage it sustained from the Iron Tail and was pelted with a powerful stream of flames, being knocked out in the process.

"Luxio! If that's the case than Turtwig use Earth Power on Pachirisu!" Lily ordered as the Tiny Leaf Pokémon launched out its attack and the air borne EleSquirrel Pokémon, who was unable to avoid the attack due to its lack of mobility in the air and was struck by the super effective technique the moment it landed on the ground. "Pachirisu!" Blaike called out to the unconscious EleSquirrel Pokémon. "Looks like it's a one-on-one now." Lily declared as the two trainers recalled their fallen Pokémon while Chimchar and Turtwig stared one another down. "We have the type advantage and speed advantage but it'd be presumptuous to assume that we'd be able to make it by with just that." Blaike thought to himself while looking on.

"Earth Power!" Lily commanded as Turtwig quickly attacked its opponent. "Dodge it!" Blaike exclaimed as the Chimp Pokémon leaped up into the air to avoid the potential hazardous technique.

"Don't give them time to rest, Seed Bomb!" the blonde trainer commanded as the Tiny Leaf Pokémon relentlessly continued its assault. "Avoid it and use Flamethrower!" Blaike exclaimed in response as Chimchar spun itself while air borne to avoid the Seed Bomb before unleashing a Flamethrower down at its opponent. "You can dodge just as well as they can!" Lily called out as Turtwig rolled forward to avoid the Flamethrower. "Impressive, Shadow Claw!" Blaike commanded as one of the descending Chimp Pokémon's hands were enveloped in a black aura with a light purple outline. The aura then proceeded to take the shape of a claw as it attempted to strike at its grounded opponent.

"Dodge it!" Lily called out as the Tiny Leaf Pokémon successfully avoided the Shadow Claw as Chimchar left a small hole in the ground from its failed maneuver.

"Go, use Crunch!" the lass commanded as Turtwig rushed towards Chimchar. "Continue with Shadow Claw!" the dark blue-gray haired lad commanded as the two Starter Pokémon repeatedly clashed with one another, neither being able to land a clean hit on the other. Chimchar struck Turtwig in the gut with a devastating Shadow Claw with the Tiny Leaf Pokémon retaliating by biting onto the Chimp Pokémon's arm. Turtwig then began to slam Chimchar on the ground repeatedly before beginning to twirl it around before its efforts were then ceased due to the Fire-type going on to kick it and releasing itself from the turtle-like Pokémon's grip.

"Shadow Claw!" "Crunch!" the two trainers contemporaneously exclaimed as their Pokémon rushed towards one another once more.

The Tiny Leaf Pokémon managed to bit down on Chimchar's head, causing the Chimp Pokémon to recoil and let out a wail from the pain. "Now finish it with Seed Bomb!" Lily eagerly commanded as a Turtwig's mouth began to glow white. "Don't let them, execute your Shadow Claw!" the hat wearing trainer called out as Chimchar carried out its attack in a manner similar to an uppercut and struck Turtwig with a powerful Shadow Claw, causing the Tiny Leaf Pokémon to point in a different direction while firing its Seed Bomb, causing an explosion in the distance.

"You're not too shabby. If Keri isn't here any time soon than we'll probably have to change the stipulations and make this a Full Battle." Lily smiled in excitement.

"This is the power cultivated through our repeated efforts to conquer the Sinnoh Circuit. Now come on, Lily, let's settle things!" Blaike declared, having been fired up due to the intensity of their battle.

Before either trainer could command an attack they heard a loud scream. "What was that?" Blaike wondered while running off with Chimchar. "Hey, what about the battle!?" Lily asked in annoyance while being dragged along. "This better be worthwhile to have interrupted our battle." Lily grumbled as the duo eventually arrived in front of the Mt. Coronet entrance before traveling towards the winding hill and seeing a downed girl, much to their dismay.

"What are you guys doing?!" the girl exclaimed in annoyance while standing up with soot on her face.

She had shadow colored hair with purple highlights and wisteria colored eyes. The young girl wore an indigo colored duffle jacket, under which she possessed a white, seemingly balloon sleeved shirt. She wore a yellow sweatpants with black trimmings and she wore indigo colored boots with light blue and white trimmings. She also possessed black gloves, a black Pokétch and had a blue and yellow barrel bag and stood beside a Piplup.

"K-Keri?" Blaike muttered in astonishment. "Where the heck were you guys?" Keri inquired in annoyance. "Battling since you were so late." Lily responded.

"Late? You were the ones who were late, I was here for over an hour waiting for you guys!" Keri retorted. "Eh? Hold on a second I was here for a while already and you were nowhere in sight." Blaike stated. "We were supposed to meet at the Mt. Coronet entrance specifically not in the middle of the route. Since you guys weren't around we went to look for some hidden items over at the mountain side until you got here before we got blasted by a stray blast or something." Keri declared while dusting herself off.

"Ah, that was my awesome Turtwig's Seed Bomb. You've gotta admit that it's got some power to have reached you from all the way here." Lily blissfully laughed as Keri glared at her.

"My apologies, Keri. But at the very least we're all here now, right?" Blaike nervously laughed. "Yeah, you're right. So do you guys mind showing me your current lineup of Pokémon? Mt. Coronet is a tedious maze of obstacles and we'll need specific moves to navigate our way through and reach our destination." Keri informed the duo. "Cool, um, what was our destination exactly?" Lily obliviously inquired. "Sinnoh's birthplace, Spear Pillar." Keri smiled while Blaike and Lily speechlessly looked on.

Elsewhere on the snowy terrain of the upper portion of Mt. Coronet, a figure with a brown cloak scaled the walls, leaping from one level to the next.

"You three aren't needed in my world, I'll eradicate you once and for all, you accursed ancient Pokémon. All the preparations I made to ensure your appearance will not go to waste, nor will my secret weapons." the inhuman being muttered while continuing onward.

"Everyone, come on out!" Blaike declared as aside from his Chimchar and Pachirisu, he called out the rest of his on-hand roster.

The first was a Cherrim, the next was a Pokémon that appeared to be a cross between a Zuniceratops and a bulldozer. Its dark gray, square head bore resemblance to a castle wall, which possessed four cream yellow, window-like spots with a black outline, three dark gray spikes on the top, and two larger gray spikes in the upper corners. Its triangular nose extended from the middle of its shield-like head down over its lips and appeared to be pierced by a gray, horizontal spike. Four spikes jutted downward and four large, blunt tusks protruded upward from its dark gray lower jaw. Its cream yellow eyes were partially obscured by the nasal spike and spaced-out tusks. Its thick, cream yellow body was further protected by a gray ridge and dark gray plates on its back, jagged growths on its legs, along with a plated tail. The next Pokémon brought out was a Piloswine, along with a bipedal Pokémon that had a round body and a thick, powerful tail. It had soft, pink skin with curved yellow lines on its belly and yellow ring markings on its knees. It had a thumb-like claw on each hand, and a single large nail on each foot. There was a yellow spot on its palms and the soles of its feet. It had beady eyes and a long, prehensile tongue.

"Here are my fighters!" Lily declared while calling out an avian Pokémon similar to a parakeet.

Its head was black and resembled an eighth note, while its black tail resembled a metronome. It plumage was brightly colored with blue wings, a yellow chest and feet, a green stomach, and a pink, hooked beak and eyelids. Additionally, there was a ruff of white feathers around its neck. She also called out a Rapidash and a black, bagworm-like Pokémon with a coat building insulation that had fused with its body. It had oval eyes, a long pointed beak, and a long antenna with a coiled tip. It had a pink tipped beak and long, dark pink ribbons for arms. The coat formed a pair of arm-like structures near this Pokémon's head. Finally Lily called out a Pokémon that resembled a manta ray. It had a round body with wide, flat fins, its back was dark blue, while its underside was light blue. There were two red spots with white outlines and a light blue, curved line on its back. It had two long, curving antennae on top of its head and black eyes with eyelash-like markings underneath.

"I'll show you my members as well!" Keri declared while calling out a grayish-brown, avian Pokémon with black and white markings.

Its head and upper body were primarily black with an "M"-shaped pattern over its white chest. On its forehead was a grayish-brown spot and on its face was a white, mask-like marking with a pattern of spikes along the lower edge. It had small, black eyes with white pupils and a long, orange beak with a black tip. On the back of its head was a long tuft of feathers, which curved forward. The lower halves of its wings were black, and it had black tail feathers with a single white feather in the center, along with that its orange, anisodactyl feet had black talons. A Rotom, a Pokémon that appeared to be a triplet of identical heads sharing a body. Each head had brown skin, black eyes, and a large, round, pink nose. Finally she called out a bipedal, rabbit-like Pokémon with a dark brown fur and a short, round tail. It had pink eyes with black markings on the inner edge, long tufts of cream-colored fur above its eyes, and a small, pink nose. Its long ears, which bended shortly above its head, ended in fluffy, cream-colored fur. Its head, body, and hips were covered in dark brown fur, while its wrists and lower legs were covered in fluffy, cream-colored fur similar to its ears.

"Between us there are seventeen Pokémon and we cover thirteen of the seventeen types going by the typing of our current Pokémon alone." Blaike noted. "We'd steamroll through Mt. Coronet like this!" Lily declared.

"Do any of your Pokémon possess any of the moves Surf, Strength, Defog, Rock Smash, Rock Climb or Waterfall?" Keri quickly inquired. "Surf, Strength and what?" Lily inquired in bewilderment. "Are those moves essential to our quest?" Blaike wondered. "Honestly, no. We could navigate our way through the cave without needing Pokémon with those kinds of moves but the amount of time it would take to do so, at our current level no less, would be far too impractical with our current amount of equipment. Using those moves to navigate our way through would be the fastest way to get to Spear Pillar." Keri responded.

"I see, well then I suppose we should designate our respective roles in this quest now to avoid any complications." Blaike declared.

Sometime had passed as the trio entered the sacred mountain. They entered into an eerie and relatively plain looking area, with a few bodies of water littered across the entire floor.

"At the very least I remembered to bring along some Max Repels with me, the stray wild Pokémon would have been as much a bother as Mt. Coronet's maze-like structure." Blaike noted. "Hey, isn't that Shin?" Lily noted while pointing at a boy, who sat in front of one of the ponds with a line from his high-tech fishing rod submerged in the water.

He had flax colored hair and eyes. He wore an amber and jade colored blouson jacket with dark gray trimmings. He wore charcoal colored cargo pants along and goldenrod colored boots with jade and dark gray colored trimmings. He also wore a flax colored Pokétch, which was mostly obscured, and sat down alongside an Elekid. "What's he doing here?" Keri wondered. "Hey, Shin!" Lily shouted while approaching the stoic individual. "What are you doing here? You here to go to Spear Pillar too?" Lily inquired to the boy.

"Spear Pillar? Why would I bother, that place is nothing but trouble. It's the same battlefield where the world itself was almost destroyed by Team Galactic and those rampaging legends." the boy declared.

"Just because Team Galactic besmirched that sacred ground doesn't mean that it isn't worth visiting!" Keri retorted. "Whatever." Shin responded in indifference to the shadow-haired girl's annoyance. "So Shingo, you found any Feebas yet?" Blaike inquired. "Shut up, I'm fishing." Shingo replied.

"*sigh* So shall we go?" Blaike inquired. "We shouldn't have stopped in the first place." Keri grumbled.

"See ya later, Shin!" Lily called out as the trio departed from the area by going on to surf through the water using their respective Water-type Pokémon while the flax-haired boy ignored them and continued his single-minded attempt at capturing a Feebas. "I didn't know that Shin was into Feebas." Lily noted while riding on her Mantyke.

"He's not." Blaike chuckled while recalling a prior encounter.

"Feebas fishing?" Blaike uttered in bewilderment. "Yeah, a pampered brat like you wouldn't know a thing about it but people would be willing to trade just about anything to get their hands on an elusive Pokémon like Feebas, especially Coordinators. They're pretty pitiful on their own but when you evolve into one of the most sought after Pokémon in the world like Milotic, I suppose that's enough to motivate people to want one." Shingo declared while holding his Super Rod. "Ah, well good luck with that." Blaike smiled. "Shut up." Shingo responded while leaving with his Elekid.

"That was two days ago." Blaike muttered, he was shown to be riding a fish-like Pokémon with dark blue scales. Its eyes were deep pink, and its face and eyelids were light blue. It had two pairs of large pectoral fins that resembled butterfly wings, these fins had wavy, light blue markings around the edges. There was a band of light blue running vertically around its body. Its tail was long with a deep pink spot at the tip, and it had a pair of light blue pelvic fins.

"That's sad, but you reap what you sow." Keri responded as the group recalled their Pokémon and continued on their way.

Elsewhere back at the snow-filled summit of Mt. Coronet, the cloaked individual removed its hood, revealing itself to be Mewtwo. The Genetic Pokémon revealed one of its arms, as the part of its body not obscured by the cloak it was sporting was shown to be littered with scars. Using its right arm, Mewtwo was shown with the Red Orb, Blue Orb and Green Orb, which it levitated using its powers. The mutant-clone Pokémon coldly glared at the Colored orbs while white energy flowed into each of the three, which emitted sparks of energy identical to the respective colors of the orbs themselves.

"Come, my servants." Mewtwo declared while levitating towards and passing through a gateway.

The location that the Genetic Pokémon entered appeared to be nothing more than decayed ruins that were noticeably worn down over the years.

"The trio of ancient Pokémon that were said to be the very first Pokémon to come directly into existence by the hands of 'God'. The masters of time, space and antimatter and the most repulsive Pokémon of them all. The euphoric temptation to slaughter you all has encumbered me in the past without question." Mewtwo callously muttered while holding the orbs up above its head as Blaike and the others were shown moving through different levels of Mt. Coronet's maze-like structure. "To avoid the appearance of any unwanted pests." Mewtwo muttered while throwing a cube on the floor and proceeding to throw a disk.

"It begins." the Genetic Pokémon internally announced.

"Hey, are we almost there?" Lily asked as the trio were shown using climbing gloves to scale up a wall.

"We weren't there a minute ago and we definitely aren't there now!" Keri retorted. "Keri, I know you're interested in mythology but what is with your sudden interest in venturing out to the Spear Pillar? While we have had to deal with adversity in the rivals and criminals that appear throughout the region, what meaning would going to the Spear Pillar have now of all times?" Blaike inquired to the lass.

"…You two remember the anomalies that have occurred in the last few days, right?" the shadow-haired girl inquired to the duo.

"What about them?" Lily asked. "One day of drizzling rain, a day of intense sunlight and then a day of interchanging rain and sunlight before being cancelled out entirely. That's way too drastic from Sinnoh's standard, especially during the winter season. There has to be an answer to what's happening and the Spear Pillar sounded like the most ideal area to head towards to find that answer." Keri muttered as the trio managed to successfully scale the walls and make it to the second level of the floor that they were on.

"Honestly that kind of weather is something that sounds like you'd experience in the Hoenn region." Blaike noted.

"Though Dialga and Palkia manipulate time and space so maybe some sort of accident could duplicate the same effect that the Hoenn legends have?" Lily suggested. "I have a foreboding feeling about all of this. It could even possibly be that cult that is behind this as well." Keri anxiously muttered. "No one has aimed at manipulating Dialga or Palkia since Team Galactic decades ago, not even any of the criminals we've encountered on our journey. Not many people would be tempted to destroy reality and even then not very many would be able to garner the support and strength to carry out those actions either even if they did desire the destruction of this world." Blaike muttered.

"I'm not worried about the people but the Pokémon themselves, it's been over twenties years but their faith in us humans has to have faltered substantially from the incidents in our region and the regions throughout the rest of the world that have unfolded. There's a natural balance in the world of Pokémon but after all this time we may very well end up finally disturbing that balance, I need to see with my own eyes that such a thing doesn't happen!" Keri declared while Blaike and Lily looked on.

"Jeez, you're just a Coordinator but you're also such a myth obsessed geek as well. I understand what you mean, I'll be sure to help you as much as I can!" Lily laughed.

"I have my own doubts that such a drastic turn of events would unfold so abruptly but I'll support this expedition as well." Blaike smiled. "Thanks, you two." Keri thanked the duo as they continued on their way.

"Alright, time for the final preparations for their summoning." Mewtwo declared while activating the disc, with the cube it previously possessed seeming to have disappeared. A forcefield of various colors spread throughout the entirety of the Spear Pillar as the confined area appeared to have been isolated from the rest of the mountain. "This is an advanced model of the Hunter devices used during the hunting of Pokémon possessing the Accel Power. I constructed it myself using bits of not only your power but with the remnants of the Red Chain as well." the Genetic Pokémon sadistically smirked.

The ground that Mewtwo stood on began to violently shake before not only the ground but the air around it as well as the rubble littered across the Spear Pillar began to levitate while a few of the pillars in the background collapsed. In three distinct caverns located in the centers of three different lakes, red gems glowed in the darkness as silhouetted beings appeared to have awakened.

"That's right. Fight me, you cowards!" Mewtwo shouted as its cloak fluttered through the wind and most of its scarred body was shown.

A light blue light glowed in midair as an orb manifested and a powerful clear stream blasted through the area. From the hole that the blast emerged from seemed to be nothing more than an endless void and from it a glowing red eye was shown as the void expanded and from it emerged a dark blue sauropod-like Pokémon with some gray metallic portions, such as its chestplate, which had a diamond in the center, it also had various light blue stripes. It had a fin-like structure on its back and a crest on its head, resembling a dinosaur. It also possessed two horns on top of its head, two fang-like horns around its mouth, and three spines on the back of its neck. It had three claws on each foot of the same metallic looks as its chestplate.

On the opposite side of where the void had been formed, a pink slash manifested in midair and two clawed hands jammed their way through the cut and forcefully opened a gateway from what was presumably an alternate dimension. From inside it appeared a light purple theropod-like Pokémon with stripes and markings of a darker shade and gray underarms and waist. It had round purple-striped plates on its shoulder area, where two pink pearls lied encrusted with a gray rim encircling them and fins in their back. Its arms had extended formations resembling gauntlets and a purple band around each wrist. It had a long neck, a pointed white crest on the top of its head that extended to its wings, two strong horn-like tusks on the sides of its jaw, and a powerful tail. The two gargantuan Pokémon glared intensely at the lone Genetic Pokémon.

"One of you is missing." Mewtwo smirked as a black hole manifested on the ground between Dialga and Palkia.

A demonic red eyed shadow with a somewhat slimy ghost-like appearance began to emerge from the void while black cracks engulfed the ground where the dark void manifested. Its wings spread across the air and it let out a roar as it flew up into the air while its fellow Legendary Pokémon glared at it. The shadows formed into a pitch black orb as the orb expanded before exploding and from it appeared a large gray draconic Pokémon with gold half rings circling the back of its neck. Its head had a gold crown-like object surrounding it with two large horns pointing sideways. A thick black stripe ran vertically along the front with red horizontal stripes. It had two large black ghostly wings with red tips that could resemble claws and it had six legs which were thick and clawed.

"Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, at last we meet. My name is Mewtwo, the most powerful being in all of existence." the Genetic Pokémon boldly declared as the three Legendary Pokémon ceased their glaring at one another before hatefully gazing over towards Mewtwo.

"Your trivial rage means nothing in the face of my incomparable presence. Even on your less than amicable terms you three are rational enough to realize the true enemy." Mewtwo announced.

"Even I am no match for any of you in this frail and vulnerable state of mine. But I never intended to fight you all like this." the Genetic Pokémon then held up the Colored orbs as white energy flowed from its fingertips into the orbs while Mewtwo was enveloped in a light purple aura while its eyes glowed a similar color.

"Come!" it exclaimed as from the sea a glowing red silhouette appeared while the water around it began to violently tremble and tidal waves formed as a sea monster-like creature viciously roared while a current of water blasted up into the sky as it appeared. Elsewhere in a cave the ground shook vigorously as massive cracks appeared and a stream of lava erupted from the ground while a giant claw emerged as well and smashed itself into the ground as a glowing blue silhouette of what seemed to be a beast-like creature emerged from the crater and let out a roar while the lava filled the room and the walls collapsed on themselves from its sheer might. In the sky a silhouetted serpentine creature with a yellow glow descended from what appeared to be the heaven's themselves as its mighty roar echoed throughout the skies.

All three of these beasts were enveloped in distinct colors as they vanished from where they were while three glowing lights then traveled towards the Spear Pillar and violently crashed into the ground between Mewtwo and the enraged legendary trio.

A massive, bipedal, dinosaur-like creature covered in red, segmented plates of thick skin that acted as armor appeared. It had a gray underside and large white spikes that ran along the sides of its head, body, and tail. It had four claws on each hand, four dozer-like blades on the end of its large tail, and three claws on each foot with grey markings under its feet. It also has blue stripes inside the seams of its armor plating which could only been seen when it was exerting its power. As this Pokémon roared stalagmites protruded from the ground as the footing expanded greatly.

Then appeared a massive whale-like Pokémon with two big pectoral fins, each with four white square-shaped nails. It had a deep blue body and a white chin area with two small spikes protruding under it. Above each eye were two white, oval-shaped spots and it had red stripes around its chin, eyes, dorsal fins, and torso. These stripes glowed whenever it was brimming with power. The tail was tattered with four trailing parts, the inner ones being smaller than the outer and its eyes were small, yellow, and shadowed with black. While this Pokémon roared, a body of water emerged from where it lied, instantly enveloping the area.

The final was a large, green, serpentine creature. It had red-tipped, rudder-like wings on its shoulders and down its body, and similarly patterned fins on the tip of its tail. Yellow ring-like symbols ran across the length of its body and it had an additional yellow ring on top of its head. It had two limbs with three-clawed hands, and two long, flat, horn-like structures on its head, with two shorter horns along its jawline. It had small, yellow eyes with black pupils, prominent pink gums, and two discernible fangs in its upper jaw. The titanic trio of Pokémon stared down Dialga, Palkia and Girantina but not without first glaring at Mewtwo, who stood separately from the destructive trios.

"Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza, for this battle you three will be fighting in my stead." the Genetic Pokémon announced to the super ancient-Pokémon.

Dialga's diamond on its chest began to glow blue while its eyes glowed orange, then a small indigo, purple and black ball grew in front of its mouth, until it became nearly the size of its face. It then shot a black, purple, indigo and white beam from it, with white gusts of aura bursting from the beam as it is fired. In retaliation Groudon fired a geyser of lava, smoke, burning rocks from its mouth at the incoming technique. The two attacks clashed with one another while in the background shadows enveloped the entirety of the area.

A massive explosion engulfed the field as outside the barrier Mt. Coronet violently trembled. "W-what is that!?" Blaike wondered as a nearby wall crumbled while the water from the ponds littered throughout the mountain began to flow through the floor on the lower levels. "It's like an Earthquake!" Lily exclaimed. "It's like all of Mt. Coronet itself is trembling in fear." Keri muttered while looking on. "Come on, we have to hurry!" the shadow-haired girl exclaimed.

Rayquaza opened up its mouth and fired a turquoise colored orb of energy towards Giratina. The middle of the Renegade Pokémon's head crest glowed light blue and its body turned black and vanished, in the process avoiding the attack. The Dragon Pulse continued into the distance while then vaporizing in the shadows. Kyogre's body glowed blue and it fired a vicious torrent of water towards Palkia, striking it and sending it reeling. But while recoiling the Spacial Pokémon formed a pink ball of energy in one of its palms and fired it at the Sea Basin Pokémon, striking it and sending it reeling.

From behind of Rayquaza appeared Giratina, who was enveloped in a black and light purple aura of shadows and rushed towards the Sky High Pokémon.

Before the attack could connect, Rayquaza wrapped its serpentine body around the Ghost/Dragon-type and flew up into the air while continuing to hold it. Dialga fired a white beam of energy with light blue energy from its mouth while Kyogre contemptuously formed a light blue orb of energy in front of its mouth. It then fired multiple light blue beams from the orb and the two attacks clashed with one another as Palkia's claws glowed light blue and it rushed towards Groudon. In response the Continent Pokémon's arms glowed white with sparks and it clashed with the Spacial Pokémon with such force that the ground beneath them began to crumble apart as they proceeded to fall into the water.

Rayquaza then came diving down from the sky and slammed Giratina right into the ground, the water around the area where the Renegade Pokémon had crashed flying up into the air in the process.

As the waves settled and the dust cleared Rayquaza was then struck in the face by a light blue glowing tail as Giratina let out a fierce roar while emerging from the water. Dialga's body became surrounded in white energy for a moment and the energy came off its body in the form of two rings of jagged white energy orbs that floated around it. The white energy then faded, forming the orbs into gray jagged stones, which were fired at Groudon, who managed to endure the attack albeit not without being forced back a bit.

In response Groudon let out a roar as Kyogre leaped up into the air. White shockwaves were sent out from the parts of the ground under the Continent Pokémon, causing the entire battlefield to shake as it struck Dialga and Palkia with its powerful technique.

On the first floor Shingo continued to sit around and nonchalantly continued his attempts at fishing as he and Elekid were then washed away by a tidal wave.

The flax-haired boy lied on the floor with the Electric Pokémon and alongside them was a shabby, old-looking fish-like Pokémon with a light brown body covered in dark, irregular spots. It had large, deep-set eyes and big, pink lips. The tail and pectoral fins were dull blue and tattered in appearance. The dorsal fin was triangular with a hole in the middle and it helplessly floundered next to the duo.

"So you were there." Shingo gritted his teeth in irritation before looking over at the trembling Mt. Coronet.

A stream of spiraling water appeared around Kyogre's tail and it slammed its tail down on the water surface, creating a tidal wave in the process that washed away Dialga and Palkia. Giratina opened up its mouth and an orange orb of energy appeared in it while its body glowed orange as well. It then fired the orange orb up into the air before the orb proceeded to explode and released several spheres of energy that rained down on the battlefield, striking both Groudon and Kyogre. The Sky High Pokémon retaliated by avoiding some of the orbs and firing a Stone Edge to destroy the other orbs that approached it.

The Spacial Pokémon let out a roar while emerging from the water as its pearls began to rapidly flash pink before emitting a pink glow.

Its eyes glowed orange and one of its forearms and hands began to gather pink energy around them. It then slashed the air and released a pink crescent blade of energy from its arms at Kyogre, who was struck by the devastating technique. Dialga dashed through the water and leapt towards the dazed Groudon. Its claws glowed light blue as it slashed at the Continent Pokémon. "This realm is toxic to those three. Their own powers along with my device's lackluster attempt at mimicking and merging together fragments of their power has caused a great strain on them while the Accel Power I seeped into the Colored orbs seems to have strained Rayquaza and the others. But even without fighting with all of their strength they possess enough power to devastate the entirety of this region with ease and even more." Mewtwo thought to itself while observing their battle.

"Everyone stay calm!" Keri exclaimed while using her Pokémon to protect a group of bipedal, pink Pokémon with chubby, vaguely star-shaped bodies. A small, pointed tooth protruded from the upper left corner of its mouth. It had wrinkles beside its black, oval eyes, dark pink, oval markings on its cheeks, two small wings, and large, pointed ears with brown tips. A tuft of fur curled over its forehead, much like its large, upward-curling tail. Each stocky arm had two small claws and a thumb on each hand, and each of its feet had a single toenail. Along with that a group of Cleffa.

"Good job, everyone keep on protecting the Pokémon!" Lily shouted as her Pokémon helped protect various Pokémon.

Among them being Bronzor, Machoke, Golbat, Nosepass and a yellow, spherical Pokémon similar to a bell. It had stubby arms and legs, as well as beady, black eyes. On both side of its mouth there was a large, black spot and inside its mouth is a red orb. Atop its body was ring-like growth with a striped rope through the middle. The rope was red-and-white with short tassels on the ends.

"Whatever is happening is probably happening in the Spear Pillar." Blaike muttered while his Pokémon protected the others.

"Blaike, Lily, go on ahead, we'll protect everyone until then!" the shadow-haired girl exclaimed to her companions. "Yeah, make sure to catch up with us quickly!" Lily called out as the duo proceeded forward.

Palkia's tail was surrounded in a ring of water as it clashed with Kyogre, who also utilized Aqua Tail. The two Legendary Pokémon's clash ended in a stalemate as they were both sent to separate parts of the area. The Renegade Pokémon's front claws were covered in a black and light purple aura before taking the shape of a claw and it rushed towards Rayquaza. In retaliation the Sky High Pokémon's claws glowed light blue and the two dual typed Pokémon clashed with one another. The strength of their attacks sent out a shockwave, which was so powerful it could be felt outside the pocket dimension that the Legendary Pokémon were in.

In the three lakes across the Sinnoh region the water in the area began to swirl around and formed into tornadoes of water that blasted up into the sky.

A man with grayish navy blue hair and slate gray colored eyes with a blueish tint looked on at what transpired.

He wore a dark red vest with a gray stripe across the chest and gray trimmings, under which he wore a long sleeved black shirt. Along with that he wore dark gray cargo pants and wore dark red and black shoes. The man also possessed a white lab coat and a gray scarf. He stood next to a bulky quadruped Pokémon resembling a tortoise, with a large shell covering its back. There was a single, oak-like tree and three triangular, stony extensions resembling mountain peaks on the top of the shell. There was also a patch of brown, resembling soil, next to the tree. A white rim surrounded the shell, and formed into a diamond-shaped continuation on the front. Its body appeared sectioned, with the upper half being green and the lower half brown. Its mouth was jagged and at the end of its snout was a dark brown beak, giving it the appearance of a snapping turtle. Its lower jaw was green and there were two large spikes protruding from its cheeks. Its small, red eyes were encircled by a black ring, its legs were thick and they had four toes each, which appeared as if they are actually jagged stones. Finally there were three toes on the front and one on the heel.

"What in the world is going on, have the Legendary Pokémon been disturbed?" the man wondered to himself while standing in front of the Verity Lakefront. "The kids were heading there now, were they caught in the middle?" he then wondered to himself while rushing towards a town.

Elsewhere in a luxurious hotel room, a woman with navy blue-hair that possessed a slight indigo and slate tint, looked out the window and saw a pillar of water in the distance, she also had dark blue eyes with a platinum tint. She wore a white vest with a black undershirt, which were both obscured due to the unbuttoned pink jacket, which possessed dark red trimmings that she was wearing over them. Along with that she wore a dark red skirt. The woman sported long black boots with white trimmings along with dark gray leggings and she wore dark red hairclips and a dark gray scarf.

Next to her was a large, navy blue, penguin-like Pokémon.

It had a wide, yellow beak with three pointed horns that formed a trident-shaped crest and small, blue eyes. There was a blue marking resembling a crown over its eyes and a white, lacy marking running down its chest. A blue, fin-like projection formed a collar around its throat and ran down the length of its chest and belly. On its back were two raised, gold bumps and a second blue fin that formed its tail. It had wide, flipper-like wings rimmed with blue along the tips and three golden claws. "What in the world is that? Are Giratina and the others rampaging or is it something else?" she wondered.

"This sensation is different from before, what is going on?" a blonde man with orange eyes wondered.

He wore an orange high collared jacket that had black stripes, underneath which he wore a green shirt. Along with that he sported beige colored pants and black boots. He also wore black gloves and a black scarf. He stood next to a bipedal, primate-like Pokémon that was primarily reddish-brown with sections of white fur on its chest, head, and lower legs. Several gold markings adorn its body: swirled, circular ones on its knees and shoulders flame-shaped ones on the back of its hands, and a stripe around its back that formed two swirls on its chest. On top of its head was a large flame and it had an orange, rounded muzzle, long, round ears with blue inside, and a red ridge over its eyes. The eyes themselves were blue with yellow sclera, there were five blue digits on both its feet and hands, and it had a long tail. The duo stood together outside a large tower facility that had a futuristic design.

Kyogre let out a roar as multiple white rings appeared up in the air. Groudon's fist was then encased in an orb of yellow electricity as it proceeded to electrocute the Pokémon that were submerged in the water. From them emerged various gray boulders which came crashing down on the battlefield.

"We're almost there! Will we have to fight a legend if we continue?" Blaike wondered to himself while running upstairs alongside the Pokémon and Lily.

"They've exhausted a large amount of their limited power in this squabble. If they continue would the supposed ruler of all Pokémon show itself? Or would it presumptuously remain in its holy ground above of the Pokémon that reside in this inferior world?" Mewtwo wondered to itself. "As it stands their fighting is reigniting my own lust for battle. But the accursed children that continue to interfere have stifled my efforts and continue to prevent the revival of my true strength." the Genetic Pokémon thought to itself while looking on at its black arm and scarred body before looking towards the legends.

All six Legendary Pokémon prepared their respective attacks as Dialga gathered energy for its Roar of Time, Palkia prepared to slice through the air with Spacial Rend and Giratina formed an orange orb of energy once more.

In response Groudon began to emit steam, an orb of water began to appear in Kyogre's mouth and a turquoise of energy appeared in front of Rayquaza's mouth. "You six are the epitome of what's plagued this worthless world. If I possessed my true strength than I would eradicate you all where you stood." Mewtwo thought to itself while looking on at the battle as its palm cackled with yellow electricity. "This realm won't be able to stand it any further, this clash will settle it." the Genetic Pokémon then muttered while looking at its surroundings.

All six Legendary Pokémon unleashed their attacks in union as a six way clash ensured. Their attacks were then integrated into one another as a white orb expanded in the center of the battlefield.

"Damn it!" Mewtwo exclaimed while being covered in an orb of light purple energy.

"Spear Pillar is just beyond that gateway!" Blaike declared. A massive explosion ensued as the entirety of Mewtwo's pocket dimension was eviscerated by the sheer force of the attack. "Let's hurry!" Lily exclaimed as the duo finally made it to the ruins. "W-what in the…" Blaike uttered in awe while he and Lily looked on in disbelief at the sight of the battered Creation trio, who stood in the desolated wastelands that were once Spear Pillar. "Spear Pillar was…" Lily muttered in disbelief. "What in the world happened to them!?" Lily wondered as the trio glared at them with such force that the duo was frozen in fear.

The trio then glared at one another, seemingly still enraged. They stared one another down as they prepared to attack one another. "T…they're injured but still willing to fight?" Lily wondered.

"T-they've always been known to be especially violent with one another. B-but if they fight here whatever it is that happened before will look like nothing." Blaike muttered to himself.

"Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, stop it!" the boy suddenly exclaimed to the trio.

"You guys are deities who rule over this world, don't bare your fangs at one another for no reason! If you do something so stupid like kill one another than you'll just disrupt the balance in the world!" Blaike shouted at the trio, after momentarily burying his own fear. "What's so legendary about being a fool!? You three who rule among creation shouldn't succumb to such idiotic urges!" the lad added along while the trio proceeded to glare at him.

"T-they're going to attack! We have no choice, we'll have to fight!" Lily muttered while preparing to attack with her Pokémon.

Suddenly three Pokémon appeared and flew around the trio. The first was a small, gray, fairy-like Pokémon. It had two tails that each had a red jewel encrusted in them and it had a partially magenta face with four long, drooping appendages and another red gem encrusted in its forehead. The second was a small, gray-blue, fairy-like Pokémon. It had two tails that each had a red jewel on them and it had a partially cyan face with another red gem encrusted into its forehead. It had a cone-shaped head with elf ear-like protrusions on each side. The final was a small, gray, fairy-like Pokémon with two gray tails that were each encrusted with a red gem. It had a partially yellow face with another red gem encrusted into its forehead. Its head faintly resembled that of a helmet or a human brain and it perpetually seemed to have its eyes closed.

"What are they?" Lily wondered while Blaike looked on in awe. The trio of Pokémon began to circle themselves around the trio of enraged Dragon-types as they were enveloped in blue aura while doing so.

Eventually all three of them were soothed by the trio's efforts and began to take their leave. Prior to leaving Dialga and Palkia's eyes glowed blue and pink respectively and they appeared to restore Mt. Coronet and Spear Pillar to its state prior to the battle with the Weather trio. Eventually all three of the dragons returned to their respective realms as Keri arrived to see only two flashes of light along with Giratina's portal. "I-I missed it!?" Keri uttered in disbelief as all members of the Creation trio had vanished.

"That's not fair, I wanted to be here most! Hold on, those are…the lake guardians!?" she exclaimed in disbelief. "In the end we really did nothing." Blaike muttered in disappointment.

"Hold on, the way you talked to those legends was incredible. If you hadn't spared enough time, even if only a few seconds, than the lake trio might not have been able to stop the dragons quickly enough." Lily declared. "…Had that not happened than the Sinnoh region itself could have been destroyed by their battle." Keri added along while looking at the lake guardians in complete awe.

"Oh that's right, do you guys wanna join our…" before she could finish her request the eyes of the three Pokémon glowed blue as Blaike and the others were all knocked out in the process.

Sometime had then passed as Blaike and the others were shown to be resting in the Pokémon Center.

"What happened?" he wondered while regaining consciousness. "You're all awake, that's great." the nurse smiled. "How did we end up here?" Lily wondered. "Oh no, the trio must have knocked us out!" Keri exclaimed in dismay. "How did we end up here, ma'am?" Blaike inquired. "Oh, well he didn't want me telling you but some boy that had grayish blonde hair dragged all of you here using his Pokémon, it was really something." the nurse answered to the astonishment of the trio.

"I can't believe he would do that." Blaike muttered. "I knew it, Shin is a great guy!" Lily declared. "He's still a punk." Keri added along as Lily received a phone call.

"Hey, Lily what happened to you? Are you guys alright?" a pink-haired woman with pink eyes inquired as the blonde girl picked up her phone.

She wore a black bodysuit with blue accents along with black and pink gloves and white sweats that had gray trimmings. She also had various bandages and was barefoot. "Oh, yeah we're fine. Since we're finished here I'm heading back to the Gym to train more." Lily responded. "That's a relief, make it here quickly I need to train that body of yours more so you won't lose out to anyone!" she declared. "Yes, ma'am!" Lily exclaimed while the call ended. "Guys, I'm heading back to the Veilstone Gym. It's abrupt but see ya later!" Lily energetically exclaimed while rushing out the door before the duo could even bid her farewell.

"Why was she even here?" Keri wondered. "Come on, she was helpful." Blaike chuckled.

"I guess, but she did have a good point. I missed out on seeing the Legendary Pokémon today but just you wait! I'll show the world the true beauty of the myths of the Pokémon world and then I'll capture all the Legendary Pokémon in the world!" Keri preposterously proclaimed. "…Alright." Blaike muttered with a baffled expression as the shadow-haired girl rushed out of the Pokémon Center as well.

"*sigh* Things turned out well for how little we actually got to do. But I'm relieved, I honestly don't think we would have been ready to face off against Legendary Pokémon of that caliber, especially not if they were at full strength." Blaike thought to himself. "That's right, Mother must have already won her battle. They must have heard about what happened but I'm sure they'll understand after I explain it…I hope, but still I'm sure whatever her announcement is, will be great." Blaike smiled.

"YOU'RE RETIRING!?" the young boy uttered in astonishment as after some time he had made it home.

"I told you that he'd overreact, I understand well that at his age anything other than battling is almost impossible to grasp." Lucas declared. "That's not helping." Dawn retorted.

"Mom, I don't understand. Why are you retiring? You're one of the best trainers in the world and you've still got so much more to show!" the young lad exclaimed while standing up. He was no longer wearing his jacket and stood in a living room with both his parents. "Like I said, I'm not retiring I'm just putting things on hold for a year." Dawn responded. "But why? And so suddenly? You've got to have some reason!" Blaike retorted while Lucas whispered something into his ear.

"P-Professor, I mean, Dad are you serious? If that was the case than why didn't anyone say anything sooner? How long has that been the case?" the lad inquired in response.

"*nods* Of course, well you see it's a funny story. I could barrage you with boring tales of what happened but you're still too young and look at the time, I have another report to file and I promised Grandma to watch over her Glameow. It's been great seeing you son, I'm really glad that you're still safe and make sure to get a head start on that training of yours, don't talk to any reporters that ask you about what happened, later." Lucas nervously chuckled while putting on a dark blue jacket and hastily rushing out the door while Blaike looked on.

"Mom, are you sure you'll still have the eagerness to dive back into the world of the National's a year from now?" Blaike inquired to his mother.

"Of course. Blaike, listen. The world works in mysterious ways, but I can assure you this. No matter how much time passes, no matter how much the world evolves and no matter how much a person changes, as long as they have the courage and strength to stay true to themselves than there's no kind of limitation out there that can stop them from living their dreams. Pokémon is a timeless treasure, don't forget that." Dawn smiled while the awestruck lad nodded in response.

"That's right, Pokémon is a treasure. No matter how much time passes, or what kind of space separates and distances us from our goals, the strength and courage to fight is what determines the path you follow. Mother, Father, I'll never forget that!" Blaike thought to himself with a smile.

Narration: The world of Pokémon is timeless, regardless of the ordeals faced throughout the world, trainers and their Pokémon continue to redefine the strength and value in the bonds forged throughout the decades that have allowed for these partnerships to have prospered and evolved.

"Infernape use Flare Blitz!" Barry commanded on television. "Show them the power of a Frontier Brain, Mr. Barry!" Blaike exclaimed while watching a battle on the television alongside his parents while Lily was shown directly training with Maylene, rather than with their Pokémon, while being distracted by the battle being shown on the television and Keri looked through a journal while walking in the streets.

"That battle…It reinstated my belief, all Pokémon and this world must be eradicated." Mewtwo thought to itself while levitating itself and hovering over water.

Major Events (1/27/14): Various trainers, Gym Leaders and Frontier Brains from the Sinnoh region are introduced.

Mewtwo returns and uses the Colored orbs to make the Weather trio and Creation trio battle, which is then interrupted.

Mewtwo is revealed to have been further weakened due to his prior battle.

The lake guardians appear and easily quell the rage of the Creation trio with Blaike's assistance.

Dawn is revealed to have become a Professional who conquered the National's Circuit, Barry is revealed to have succeeded his father as a Frontier Brain and Flint and Volkner are respectively stated to have switched their respective standings in the Pokémon League.

Mewtwo reiterates its desire to accomplish its ambitions.


Blaike (debut)

Lily (debut)

Keri (debut)

Shingo (debut)


Lucas (debut)

Dawn (debut)

Barry (debut)

Maylene (debut)





Chimchar (Blaike's, debut)

Pachirisu (Blaike's)

Cherrim (Blaike's)

Bastiodon (Blaike's, debut)

Piloswine (Blaike's)

Lickitung (Blaike's, debut)

Lumineon (Blaike's, debut)

Turtwig (Lily's)

Luxio (Lily's, debut)

Chatot (Lily's, debut)

Rapidash (Lily's)

Wormadam (Lily's, debut)

Mantyke (Lily's, debut)

Piplup (Keri's)

Staravia (Keri's, debut)

Rotom (Keri's)

Dugtrio (Keri's)

Lopunny (Keri's)

Elekid (Shingo's)

Torterra (Lucas', debut)

Empoleon (Dawn's, debut)

Infernape (Barry's, debut)

Dialga (wild, debut)

Palkia (wild, debut)

Giratina (wild, debut)

Groudon (wild)

Kyogre (wild)

Rayquaza (wild)

Mesprit (wild, debut)

Azelf (wild, debut)

Uxie (wild, debut)

Feebas (wild, debut)

Clefairy (wild, multiple, debut)

Cleffa (wild, multiple)

Bronzor (wild, multiple)

Machoke (wild, multiple)

Golbat (wild, multiple)

Nosepass (wild, multiple)

Chingling (wild, multiple, debut)