It had been mere moments since the death of the Black Canary, AKA, Laurel Lance and all of Team Arrow as feeling the gloom.

Oliver and Quentin were both having a particularly hard time accepting it, both of them trying to figure out how to save her. And then the answer came to Oliver.

"Where are you going?" John asked and Oliver could tell that he was in a state of shock towards what Andy had done.

"To make a phone call. Might be a way to save Laurel." Oliver said as he exited the room.

"Do you really think that whatever Oliver is planning could work?" Felicity asked, looking between John, Thea and Quentin.

"I hope so. I've had to deal with the grief of losing a daughter twice already and I don't think I can put myself through that a third time without doing something I might regret." Quentin said darkly, his eyes still red with tears.

"I got here as fast as I could. I'm so sorry about Laurel." Barry said as he approached Oliver.

"Thanks, but that might not be necessary. That's why I called you." Oliver said.

"What, why? I can't bring people back from the dead." Barry said, confused.

"But you can go back in time and stop it from happening. I know that it's risky, but I figure that if you do it soon enough after an event happened, you can change the past without causing too many changes to history. Please. You know how important Laurel is to this team and I'm afraid of what her dad might do or what I might do if we don't at least try to save her." Oliver said.

Barry thought about it for a moment before saying, "Okay, I agree that with what's at stake, it's worth the risk. I just hope the time wraiths don't come after me."

"Thank you Barry, you are a godsend." Oliver said.

"Only if I succeed. But Oliver, if it does, I'm going to tell you what really happened, since you won't remember." Barry said.

Oliver nodded and said "Just go."

Barry nodded and like that, he was gone.

Earlier that night, Iron Heights Prison

Barry ran in just in time to see what he needed to fix.

"Not this time you son of a bitch." Barry said as he ran straight into Iron Heights and just before Darhk could stab Laurel, Barry used his speed to throw a bolt of lightning at him, knocking Darhk out cold.

"What the hell?" Oliver asked as Barry ran in.

"Heard you could use some backup." Barry said with a grin as he came to a stop.

"I don't know how you knew what was going on, but thank god you did." Oliver said, relieved, though for some reason, he was feeling the strangest sense of deja vu.

Even with the Flash's help, Darhk and his cronies had still managed to escape, but at least this time, all of Team Arrow had survived the attack.

"Oliver, can I have word with you before I head back to Central City?" Barry asked.

"Sure." Oliver said as he and Barry went to talk in private.

"You remember when I told you I can time travel?" Barry asked.

"You're from the future?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah, and in that future, I originally wasn't there to help and Darhk would've stabbed Laurel and killed her." Barry said.

"Wait, so you mean that the whole you're is to save Laurel's life?" Oliver asked.

"Yep, and you need to tell her, since I think we both know the reason why you asked me to do this in the first place." Barry said and Oliver nodded.

"I'll talk to her." Oliver agreed.

"Great, now I gotta get back to my time before a time wraith gets on me. See ya." Barry said as he sped off.

Later on that night, Laurel entered Oliver's apartment and smiled at him as she closed the door.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Laurel asked.

"The reason Barry showed up at Iron Heights, but you can't tell anyone else, not even your dad." Oliver said.

"Okay, but why do you want to tell me?" Laurel asked.

"Because that Barry was actually from the future, apparently he can time travel and the reason Barry traveled back in time was because I apparently asked him to save you." Oliver said.

"What do you mean?" Laurel asked, though she was starting to get scared.

"Apparently in the original timeline, Barry didn't show up at the riot and Darhk stabbed you with one of my arrows and you died in the hospital." Oliver said.

"Not that I'm complaining, but why would you ask him to do that?" Laurel said.

"Because Laurel, in spite of everything, you're still the only real love of my life. That's why I wasn't as devastated as I probably should've been when Felicity called off our engagement. Because I think that subconsciously, I thought it was a sign that maybe there was still a chance for us. I don't know if you feel the same way and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, but I felt that for once, I should be honest with you." Oliver said.

Laurel thought about it for a few dangerously long minutes and Oliver thought he ruined his friendship with Laurel forever, when suddenly, she kissed him.

"You were always the one true love of my life to." Laurel said with a smile as she kissed him again and this time Oliver kissed her back enthusiastically and things began to get heated between them.

Oliver and Laurel were laying Oliver's bed, their clothes scattered on the floor of the bedroom and on the steps from the main room.

"That was amazing. I'd forgotten how good it felt." Laurel said with a smile as she snuggled up into Oliver's chest.

"I know, but still, it felt as though we'd never broken up. We knew exactly how to please each other." Oliver said.

"Yeah, but Ollie, that just makes me wonder. Why did you have to cheat on me in the first place. I mean, we were so good together and yet you still threw it all away. I think that I deserve to know why before I let myself fall in with you again." Laurel said.

"I think I was panicked by how quickly things were moving along. I mean, it wasn't until you got serious about buying an apartment that I actually started cheating on you. Things were getting too serious too fast for me and I chickened out and started cheating on you." Oliver said.

"You know, you could've just told me that to begin with. We probably could've avoided a lot of complications in this life if you had." Laurel said.

"But where's the fun in that?" Oliver asked.

Laurel smiled and said "I guess that makes sense, but if we do this, you have to promise me that if things start moving too quickly for you, you'll tell me."

"I promise." Oliver agreed, kissing her.