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Cupid's Wrath

Chapter 1: Tempting fate

February was a very special month of the year, the winter snow was starting to melt, signaling the fast approach of the March equinox and the start of Spring.

It was February 10th, exactly four days before Valentine's day, but the town known as Amity Park was already preparing for the day of love. Shops were selling cards, chocolates, toys, flowers and other symbols of affection and many men were going frantic trying to obtain for their girlfriends, while many single people were either eager or secretly dreading the day of love, thinking this would be the year they would find their soul mate or not.

However many young girls were eager for a different reason, this would be the first Valentine's day since the Disasteroid and the reveal that Danny Phantom, the hero of the world and most desirable guy alive...or half-alive was also resident Danny Fenton, the son of local ghost hunters and student at Casper High. Ever since his big reveal, Danny Fenton had gone from school loser to the world's number one teen heartthrob and every single young girl around his age, younger or older were infatuated with him and wanted to have the great hero for their own.

The young hero in question was currently flying in the skies of his home town, looking down to the earth as he tried to relax himself. He was not having a very good day so far and he was dreading these upcoming days.

It's been almost three weeks since he broke up with his steady girlfriend and lifelong friend Sam Manson. They have been dating since the Disasteroid incident happened six months ago but whatever they had between them was gone now, which lead to their breakup. It was a mutual breakup that still had him in pain...it hurt but he knew it had to be done. He loved Sam but….it took him a while to see that he wasn't in love with her as he thought he was.

Sam was a great girl, smart, tough and beautiful and an amazing person who was dedicated to what she believed in and a loyal friend...but the spark they had faded a while back and they have been having a lot of stupid fights lately for even stupider reasons. Either because a ghost or one of his fans interrupted a date, because he didn't want to attend one of her gloomy poetry readings or because one of them were like five seconds late to whatever they wanted to do. He couldn't keep track of any of it...he tried to ignore it and make it work between them...but he had to stop lying to himself, what he had with her was gone now, and all that remained was the friendship they risked in order to take this big chance.

He was happy and considered himself lucky that Sam still wanted him in her life...and he wanted her in his. They have been best friends since kindergarten and he couldn't imagine his life without her. He cared about her and didn't want to lose their friendship because of their failed romance. They agreed to remain friends...but things were still awkward between them...and he had other things to worry about now.

He was single now and all his fans were after him more than ever now! Every single girl within a hundred mile radium of Amity Park was stalking him now, even a few guys as well!

It was pure madness!

And he knew the reason why was because he was Danny Phantom. He was the world hero, he was famous and adored worldwide, all the latest teen gossip magazines were calling him a "hunk" now and "#1 teen dreamboat" while using a picture of both his human and ghost forms.

He was also loaded now because he's been receiving a bunch of royalty checks from all of his merchandise and his folks were getting a lot of funding and grants from the government for their gadgets now...though his experience with the Guys in White made him reevaluate his priorities, his family still lived in Fenton works and they didn't show off their money like Vlad or the Manson's did. While he and his family didn't need to work a day in their lives anymore, he preferred donating most of his royalties to charities, which only upped his already enlarged image in the media.

That basically summed up his situation.

Danny Phantom was young, rich, famous, attractive, adored by the public, a super hero and a philanthropist. He was practically a modern day prince charming to the female demographic and he didn't like it. It was like a nightmare and the approaching Valentine's day only made it worse. Everywhere he went, it seemed like every girl wanted him to be their valentine, the worst one of all was his self proclaimed "soul mate" Paulina Sanchez. She's been after him since she learned the truth and she didn't even care that he was dating Sam. She even flat out told him to his face that they wouldn't work out and that soon he would be all hers.

He couldn't believe that at one point he was into her. That girl was nuts! She was also the reason he was flying right now, trying to clear his mind.

She ambushed him at his locker while he was trying to get his stuff to go home, and she then went on with asking him what she should wear for their date on Valentine's day and he flat out told her he didn't care since their would be no date, but she looked unfazed...in fact she even had a creepy smile on her face.

She even said and I quote: "Playing hard to get just makes me want you more ghost boy..." she said with a wink before he was finally fed up and turned invisible just to get away from her.

She was being even more annoying now since Valentine's day was just around the corner and Paulina was determined to have him as her valentine by any means necessary.

"These next few days are going to be pure torture..."Danny thought in dismay as he dreaded this upcoming holiday that always seemed to turn people into love sick maniacs.

What's worse was that a month ago, he was actually looking forward to this valentine's day since it would have been his first one with Sam as a couple...He was actually excited by the fact that for the first time in his sixteen years of life, he wasn't going to be alone of that day.

But now that hope was gone since they broke up and what's worse was that he knew he wasn't going to really be alone, he was going to be surrounded by a ton of star struck, swooning young girls who only loved the idea of him and that was worse in his opinion.

He wanted so much to spend Valentine's day with someone who loved him for who he was, not what he was. The entire world loved Danny Phantom, but almost no one paid attention to Danny Fenton.

His ghost half was the star of the show and it was like everyone was treating his human form like it was the alias. He wanted so much to find someone who loved both sides of him, he wanted someone who understood that he was still the same person when he either had snow white hair and glowing green eyes or jet black hair and sky blue eyes. He wanted so much to find someone who would love him if he was either one or the other and would still love him if there was only one form of him.

He was hoping Sam might have been the one but that hope was crushed with their recent breakup, he considered Valerie but things were still tense between them since she learned the truth, she at least forgave him and they even teamed up on a few occasions but he knew that they could never go back to what they once had, especially since she's been seeing other people now.

"This stinks..."Danny said solemnly as he flew high to avoid the drama of his every day life.

He suddenly stopped as he felt a familiar blue mist escape his mouth, putting his guard up, he looked around to see who his little visitor is. He was suddenly struck from behind, feeling a strong blast which knocked him a few feet away. Coming out of his daze, he saw who his little pest was.

It was Ember Mclain and she was clearly eager for a fight.

'What are you doing here?!..."Danny said angrily at the ghostly pop princess.

"Wow..didn't your mother tell you that's no way to talk to a lady...Ember said mockingly as she prepared her guitar for it's next attack.

"I'm not in the mood Ember! Now why are you here?..."Danny demanded from his female foe.

"What are you a cop? If I feel like rocking this town, I'll do it..."Ember said as she blasted him again with her guitar, though he dodged this time.

Ember wouldn't admit it but she came here exactly for this, she was having a very bad day and she needed to blow off some steam and this dipstick was her preferred target.

She and Skulker had a nasty fight which ended with her dumping him yet again, but not before giving him a good ass kicking which ended with his suit in shambles. Ember honestly didn't know why she bothered with him, this was the third time they broke up and she still didn't understand why she took him back the last two times, but she knew this was the last time. Skulker was a lousy hunter but he clearly loved hunting more than he loved her and she hated that. While they were dating he hardly paid any attention to her and whenever she dumps him, he wouldn't leave her alone until she gave him another chance.

That guy was really fickle.

Anyway, she was in a really bad mood right now and Phantom was the perfect remedy for her scorn right now. The two ghosts clashed, Danny shot several ecto-blasts at her which she dodged and tried to attack him with her guitar.

"Is that the best you can do?..."Danny said as he shot one of his ice-rays at her.

"I'm just getting started baby pop!...'Ember quipped as the flames from her hair melted the ice around her.

The two continued their little brawl, with Ember firing everything she had at Danny and Danny dodging them and trying to weaken her. Soon he and Ember were fist fighting, Danny gripped her wrists and tried to push her back but Ember stood her ground, at this point they were struggling against each other, similar to the first time they directly fought each other.

"Why can't you guys just stay in the ghost zone?!...'Danny yelled in frustration as the stress from the fight and these last few weeks wasn't helping him at all.

"What's the matter dipstick?! I'm too much for you?..."Ember sneered to her white haired enemy.

They continued for a few more minutes, both more or less the same in strength, as well in anger and the desire to use the other as their punching bag. Ember saw an open and punched Danny straight in the jaw and throwing him back a few feet.

"Ack!...Okay, that's it!..."The angry teenage boy yelled as he noticed she drew some blood.

Danny wasted no time and used his ghostly wail on her, he only used this power in emergencies but he was just so mad right now and he didn't want to deal with this right now, and he managed to control his ghostly wail so he doesn't have to revert back after each time.

"AHHHH!….Ember yelled as she was knocked out by the powerful scream. Danny wasted no time and pulled out his thermos, sucking the ghostly diva inside before she could recover.

"Finally..."Danny said as flew back home.

Later, Ember regained consciousness and found herself abruptly tossed back into the ghost zone like she was someone's garbage.

"Ugh! I can't believe that chump beat me again!...'AHH!..." Ember yelled in frustration, her mood being worse than ever right now. She soon found herself floating aimlessly in the zone, looking for a new target to take her anger out on.

Her mood was fouler than ever at this point, she dumped Skulker for being an insufferable jackass, had her butt kicked by that goody goody Phantom and she was now faced with the reality that she was going to spend another Valentine's day alone.

She didn't care...No one deserved the honor of being her Valentine, most especially not her stupid ex-boyfriend.

Unknown to her, another ghost was nearby, busy with his work. This ghost resembled a human baby, but his skin was green, his eyes were red, he had a pair of wings and the expression on his face was more befitting on an adult than an infant. He was also carrying a satchel filled with multiple pink arrows.

"Now let's see, it's the tenth right now, and each of my arrows are ready for the big day...'He said as he examined his tools of profession.

This ghost was known as Cupid, the spirit of love and he was busy preparing for the upcoming Valentine's day. During the month of February, he would venture into the human world and use his special powers to bring the gift of love to all of human and even ghost kind….whether they wanted it or not.

Cupid wasn't a very sociable ghost as he only left his realm when Valentine's day and Spring were approaching, where he would go to the human world to either cause human bliss or human heartbreak….all depending on who got struck by his arrows and how long the effects lasted.

Cupid was currently distracted with his thoughts that he didn't notice he bumped into someone.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU TWERP!..."An angry, female voice shouted to the spirit of love.

Cupid looked up to see it was Ember Mclain, one of the most recognized ghosts in the zone due to her music and her fighting prowess. Ember rudely shoved the little cherub out of her way, which earned a noticeable frown from him.

"That was rather rude of you..."Cupid said in a dangerously calm voice, but Ember didn't care enough to notice.

"So what if it was?!..."Ember barked angrily to the child-like ghost with her blue hair blazing.

Today has been a lousy day so far, between Skulker and Phantom both causing her a lot of grief, and the humiliation of being beaten once more was making the ghostly pop princess very on edge right now…. And now some brat in a diaper was giving her lip.

"I sense a very bitter aura in you...I can see it's been quite along time since you felt any love..."Cupid said with a critical eye which only made Ember angrier.

Cupid could see that it was obvious...The bitter attitude and the need to look for conflict and attention were signs of someone who didn't experience love and would make up for it with hate.

And he was sensing a lot of hate from this ghostly diva.

"Love's for chumps you brat! It causes nothing but trouble! Just like all the men I hate!..."Ember shouted before deciding she had enough of this little weirdo and left for her own realm, feeling exhausted.

Ember angrily flew away, her mind still filled with thoughts about her ex boyfriend and her enemy, both were men who always managed to succeed in infuriating her one way or another. She was unaware that Cupid was still staring at her retreating form, with a look of interest on his young looking face.

"My...my...This just won't do..."Cupid said as a mischievous smile formed on his face as he eyed the angry pop princess from a far.

"So you believe that love causes nothing but trouble do you? Why don't we test that little theory of yours..."Cupid said as he took a very special arrow from his satchel and recited some words in Greek as a pink aura surrounded it.

"Gyríste to mísos se agápi, móno agápi gia ton echthró sou.."The child like ghost chanted as the aura surrounded his arrow. Cupid aimed at the ghostly singer who was already a great distance away and her back was turned, she was completely unaware of the cherub's intentions.

"Ready...aim...fire!..."Cupid whispered as he shot his magic arrow which hit it's target and harmlessly entered her, leaving her unaware of what had happened as she continued to go to her realm.

"Enjoy your Valentine's day Ms. Mclain..."Cupid said with a laugh, as he went back to his personal business.

These next few days would be very interesting for both the unaware Ember and the person she deemed her worst enemy. His spell would make the bitter, loveless singer slowly fall in love with the unsuspecting person, whether they were male or female, human or ghost.

Whomever they were would now be the target of her new, amorous desires and the best thing was, Ember wouldn't even known why she's like that, though she will be aware of her actions even if she won't be able to control herself if she so much as sees her new love .

One thing that was for sure is that this would be a valentine's day that neither would ever forget.

-To be continued-

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A/N: Here's the translation for Cupid's spell.

"Gyríste to mísos se agápi, móno agápi gia ton echthró sou.." means to "Turn hate into love, have only affection for your enemy" in English, I got it from Google Translate.

Also I know it's not Valentines day yet but I plan to make this several chapters long and some will be updated after the day of love, so I hope that's alright.

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