Terri's POV I never wanted this "relationship" between us. I hate things that aren't planned, and nothing about this "relationship" is planned, nor does it follow any logic I can find. Stiles seems to complicate everything in my life. Sometimes I wish he wasn't in it. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to worry that he won't come back from some mission. I almost died on Thanksgiving thinking he wouldn't come home to me. Everyone thought I had lost my mind when I kept talking to him through the microphone, even though the chances that he was alive were slim. I experience all this pain for a man who can't tell me what he feels or express to me what he thinks. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Then there are the other times. Times when he buys me a rare book. Or kisses me lightly on the forehead. Or sweetly teases me. Or squeezes my hand in support. Or the many other ways he shows he does truly care. But I wish he could just once say how he feels, and not leave me second-guessing his every move. I wish I knew for a fact what ground we stand on. I wish he wouldn't complicate everything. This mission was supposed to be simple. We would have twenty-four hours to land, protect our informants in the region, take out the ones in immediate danger, and meet up with an agent we were returning to the US. Four simple tasks. Of course I knew there would be complications, as there always are. But the mission was going so well, I started to think everything would go according to plan. But of course, I forgot to factor in Stiles. He never does anything in a simple fashion. Less than an hour ago, he ran into a former love. and her son. A son that in all likely hood is his. He didn't even tell me what was going on, all of my information has come from other people. Haisley had been trying to explain to me what he knew, when we were interrupted. I had completely forgotten about the new agent, and I paid little attention to the introductions. That is until she said her last name. It immediately caught my ear. Jackson quickly left, and Terri and Lizabella were left alone. After a few moments of complete stillness Lizabella finished taking off her scarf. Once it was removed, a cascade of reddish brown hair fell in curls on her shoulders. This action caused Terri to snap out of her thoughts. " Umm.. You probably want to meet the rest of the crew." " Yes, that would probably be best, Agent. Lowell?" " Yes, Lowell," After a moment she hesitantly added " Terri." " Terri it is then. Call me Liz." With that the two women walked down the hall to the room that was acting as central control. Liz was introduced to Lex, who immediately started to converse with the pretty girl. " So where are you coming to us from?" " Where am I not coming from! I have been stationed all over Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Egypt, South Africa, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Congo, Yemen, Kuwait, Italy, France, Greece, it sometimes seems like everywhere, and yet really no where." " Why so many places?" inquired Terri, trying to keep herself from asking the one question on her mind. "I guess I was needed? I speak several languages including Arabic, Farsi, and French, so I guess I was a good choice for the region. I was in New York two Septembers ago, but then..." The sound of heavy footsteps echoed down the hall and all conversation ceased. Soon a visibly upset Stiles entered the room, throwing down some papers on the table. Terri was watching Liz when Stiles entered the room. At first the girl's eyes widen in surprise, then they narrowed. " AB," She cooed in a honey sweet voice, "what a surprise," Stiles turned his head around, and Terri was surprised to see the same wide-eyed look cross his face. " Liza, what are you doing here?" " I'm on a mission. I assume you are as well." " You to know each other?" Lex questioned " I say should say, though, it is purely a matter of chance. He's my brother. Neither of our faults. I dare say, I do have some work to do. Lovely meeting you all, " and with that Lizabella left.