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The car was silent for a few seconds. Terri sat there, staring at Stiles' hand, which was intertwined with her own. When she looked up, tears were filling her mahogany eyes. "Stiles, all I have ever wanted is to be with you. I have wanted it since Nice. But, I never know where we stand. It's not that I don't want to try, Stiles, I do. Believe me I want this to work. But it doesn't seem like it can. I.I don't know if I can let it. I don't doubt that what you said is the truth, but Stiles it's not easy for me to date again, to trust someone like that again. I can't afford to be hurt, not by someone I love. Jeff was one of the most charming men I have ever met. unfortunately several other woman shared that opinion, but I was always looking past that. He was the type of guy who always called, who always listened, and said just the right thing, the type of guy every girl wants. When I first found out about the affairs, I was prepared to leave him. But he knew what to do to make it all better. He told me how much he wanted to be with me. That he was so scared to lose me, and he'd felt me drifting away. And that's why he had the affair, because he didn't want me to leave him, but if it did happen, he wanted to be the one to leave. But he could now see the error of his ways, and how much he needed me. He said he wanted to be a family, to have a baby, with me, and me alone. He told me he wanted to start a business with me, so we would also be connected, in every part of our life. That was exactly what I needed to know, that I was special. So I bought it. I trusted him again and I took him at his word. And he hurt me again. The second time I was prepared. When I found out about the affair I left, before he could sweet-talk me. But I left with him my trust of men. I let myself be hurt over and over again by him, because I assumed that if I loved him he would change. I won't... I can't make that mistake again. I vowed I wouldn't make that mistake again, After the divorce I could never see myself loving anyone again. But then you came along. I can't blindly trust you, I need to know. Stiles I need to know that your whole heart is in this. I need to trust you. After this whole Dacia thing, I'm not sure we have what it takes to make this work." The words cut though Stiles, and Terri lowered her glance. He knew what she needed,
" Dacia was the first person I ever romantically cared for, I even thought I loved her. But I know now that I couldn't have, and she couldn't have loved me. If I had loved her I wouldn't have left her in that riot. I could never leave you, Terri, never. And if she had loved me, she wouldn't have lied about the child. It isn't mine, Terri. I took so long because Liz left me a package. She was able to hack into hospital records. I'll spare you the boring genetics lecture she gave me, but the child's blood type proves he can't be mine. And I was happy about this. I wanted you to be the first person I told. I had prayed the baby wasn't mine from the second I saw him, because I wanted no ties to Dacia. I want all my attention to be on you, on us. Terri I think I may be in love with you." The emotion choking Stiles' voice made Terri's heartbreak, but she wasn't ready to let go. "You can say all you want right now, but what about tomorrow? When will be the next time you run from me? I need you to show me, to prove your feelings, not just say the sweet nothings I want to hear." At this point she was looking up at him. There were no tears in her eyes, those had been shed long ago. Left now was only raw emotion. Stiles' hand cautiously lifted from his side. He delicately placed it on her cheek eliciting a soft moan to escape her lips at the care invested in the gesture. Her eyes slowly closed, as he shifted in his seat. He leaned closer to Terri, as her hand came up to cup his cheek. He closed the short distance between them, with pensive attention. His lips met hers in a soft promise. The kiss was brief, and afterwards they both sat there, foreheads touching, his hand tracing soft circle on hers.
" I can't be hurt again," She whispered her eyes still closed, " I can't commit to you until I know," But, her words had lost their edge. He broke away slowly, picking up her limp hand.
" I know, " he answered placing a soft kiss on her hand. " But I promise you, soon you will have no doubts." She shyly smiled at the promise he was making. Knowing no more could be said, she changed the subject.

" You need me to drive?"
" Now you're questioning my driving skills?" He said, spotting her game.
" No, just stating the fact that we are in a ditch, and are nearly an hour late for our departure..." He laughed then, and the tension was broken. Starting the car, he pulled back on the road, and sped towards home.