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Okay, there's definitely going to be more, my muse hasn't deserted me yet. But I am looking for reviews. This piece is my first slash fic (that I've published anyway) and it's supposed to be a play on the common clichés found within slash fanfiction.

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            Rashelle Waterburn Seabrooks

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howdy howdy, looving this story. a lot. UPDATE. The Muse High Council DEMANDS it.

I'm gonna try to keep on top of this one. Tommy and Merton absolutely refuse to shut up. And my muse, who sometimes abandons me at inopportune moments, seems to be taking the Muse High Council to heart.

            With another thank-you to Lee. Who said -

            I love this.. it's a great story. Although, I do hate seeing Merton sad and hurt... =( But it's all for the story and it wouldn't be the same without it so it's all cool. Again, the story's great. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

            I hate seeing Merton hurting too. But I think that the BWOC series often overlooks the biases and rejection that is found in the average high school. Even in Pleasantville high. Plus, it gives an excellent opportunity for comfort, which is the part I love to write. . .  Even though sometimes it takes me several chapters.

            And another thank you to Layce74 , who said –

            Cool. I love it when Tommy gets all protective of Merton. Please keep going.

          And  I very much like a protective Tommy, too. And I plan on keeping going. In fact, this piece has a crossover sequel that is currently living in my head, begging me to write it. Of course, I absolutely refuse to until I get this story finished. . . But it's a nice thought.

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It was good. Had no idea who the characters were. ( I unlike Page don't watch YTV shows anymore *snicker*) but it was intriguing. very cliche as the title suggested, but okay nonetheless. To many paragraph breaks, I think.

Thank you for taking the time to read a fanfic, even though you've never seen the show. You really do love me. Yes, I am well known for my obsessive need to separate all ideas into neat little packages, even though some of them shouldn't have been broken up. I'd try to fix it, but knowing me, I'd end up with twelve or so more paragraphs. I'm sorry.

And another big hearted thanks to Quabek,  who said –

Well, that was interesting. I assume there's more? This is really good for a first fic. You write very well, much better than about half the Big Wolf authors out there (not going to name names). I enjoy this fic. Except. I understand what you're trying to do as far as the playing off the cliche thing goes, but I'm afraid it doesn't really work that well. ^^;; Sorry to say so! The thing is, the story takes itself a bit to seriously to come off as ironic or mocking. Until I read the notes, I didn't know it was SUPPOSED to be incredibly cliche, I thought that was just how it was. I'm not trying to demean your work, and this is not a flame. Please don't be angry at me, I just had to be honest.

Yes, there's going to be more. Thank you very much. And I have to admit, you're absolutely right. The cliché thing was a ball I started rolling, and then I was having far too much fun with Tommy/Merton-Sweet-Love to lessen it with irony. And I'm more than a little disappointed that this turns out to be more of story featuring a thousand love clichés than a story playing on them. But I admit, I have a great deal of difficulty writing humour/irony/sardonic tones. I also have a problem writing strong female characters. These are reasons I like writing slash as well as reasons I share an account with my co-author Care (She is a very sarcastic/mocking person by nature, and her female characters are amazing). She just refuses to touch slash with a ten foot pole, and I am greatly lost without her. I appreciate your honesty greatly, and I assure you I know good intentions from bad. I was just trying to head off the homophobic responses slash seems to invoke in some people.  

And a delighted thank you to Gigglesnort who said -

*waves* I just read your ficcie. I LOVE IT! Now just a *simple'n'sweet* response, ya? GIVE ME MORE! NOW! *grins and glomps Merton*

I am not grinning ear to ear. Okay I am. Oh well. Here's another chapter. And I think it's very sweet.

And last, but certainly not least, a thank you to my own blood-kin, Nicki-Darling, who said,

I loved it Pagey! PLEASE KEEP WRITING.

Here you go, sweetheart, still writing. Should I feel bad for corrupting you? Now, where's the teen angel fanfic you promised me? I keep looking for it. . . Do I have to get out the pinking shears?

And it looks like it's updating time again. I would again like to thank those who took the time to review. And Messenger is back, which is comforting,

You have updated! The Muse High Council is pleased and awards you a pistachio nut. YAY!

Yes, I updated. A pistachio nut. Okay, I can use that. . . Ninety nine percent of my work is based on being completely nuts. I'd like to think the other one percent is based on pistachio ice cream.

And a new reviewer. Yay! Sammy-Mackie said,

 i am looking 4ward 2 the next chapter its good so far

Thank you, very much, here's the next chapter. And the one after is already started. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Yay! Finally got it together enough to update. And I have new reviewers. Thank you. Sammy-Mackie is back which makes is comforting. Gotta love it when people aren't scared to come back for more. Thank you.

i can't wait 4 it the last chapter was real good

Sorry the wait was so long. Somehow, even after I had written it, I just couldn't get it the way I wanted it. This chapter is mostly fluff, and not at all what I envisioned when I wrote that dark first chapter. I hope that it works anyway.

And another new reviewer. Yay! Thanks Xixie.

You know, I haven't read anything in this fandom for a while. I thought that the muse had fled and everything that was going to be written well, had been. But I was wrong. And damn you. Because I will now be checking obsessively to see if you have updated. Like I have the time. This is wonderful. Please hurry with the next bit.

You know, I think I'm just a slow starter. I have written fanfiction for a long time, but not knowing anything about the internet, it never occurred to me that people would actually read it. And tell me how to improve it. Kind of like a dream come true. Gotta love technology. So reading Big Wolf slash for the first time, (a little late in the game considering the show's was cancelled a while ago) I decided to try my hand at it. Why not? So here's the next bit for you.

Okay, Sorry about the enormous delay in the update. Sometimes life just gets the better of you, you know? And my muse has been strangely uncooperative. She hasn't abandoned me yet, but she has taken to long leisurely bubble baths, and when that fails to deter me, verbal abuse.

            So, more reviewers and return reviewers. Yay!

            Sammie–Mackie is back! I don't think I can give you thanks enough. I could subsist on a diet of repeat reviews alone.

            new chapter :-)! i can't wait 2 find out wot happens next

            Sorry that it was such a long wait!

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            no. what does he mean he cant?! whatever, he so can! *grumbles* . *sigh* oh well. i like it. keep it up. got to go. BYE-BYE!!

            I think he can too.

            And another new reviewer, (And yes, I am dancing with glee. But my dignity's intact, you can't see me), Lee, who said,

            Great, great chapter! And what a sweet kiss. aww. now we just need Merton to kiss back. Soon, yes?

            Well, unfortunately, Merton doesn't kiss back in this chapter yet. But we start to see that maybe he could. . .

            And Xixie's back. Yay! And she comes back twice, first to say,

            Wow. I just love it when Merton's all insecure and then Tommy's all "hey, you're hot" and Merton's all "no, really" and Tommy's like "yeah" then they make out and whatnot. And when Tommy's possessive and protective. It makes me all sorts of happy. So, you know. Your story has that going for it. Keep it up. And then to say; Okay. Seriously. Where's the update. You'd make a really bad drug dealer, you know that? Get people all addicted and then abscond with the candy. Bad girl! More fic!

            Well, yep, this story definitely has that going for it. And I'm gonna apologize profusely for the delay. I would make a lousy drug dealer, probably get stabbed at a very early point in my career. I don't think I can say more than that.

            And another new reviewer, CJ354, who said,

            OMG, Great story! More of the stuff with Tommy being all sweet and protective, and more smoochies!

            This isn't more Tommy, unfortunately at the moment, my muse has a soft spot for poor Merton, who can barely deal with himself, let alone his best friends feeling's for him. But I promise the next chapter will be Tommy, and there will most likely be smoochies.

            And last, but certainly not least, Solis, who said,

            You shall write more...otherwise the voices in my head will be forced to make me write a story of my own and that won't be productive at all. Seriously, nothing good will come of it. I didn't realize it was supposed to be cliche though, I just...you know, thought it was a kick ass story. Not so much ironic or mocking, just cool. It wasn't like...bad, like the unintentially cliche stories are. It was good.

            Okay, I did write more, and the cliché thing kinda died after the fourth chapter. Merton and Tommy were just so sweet I couldn't break up the sweet love with a little sarcasm, and then I found the story to be compelling, in spite of the clichés it featured. And if you write a Tommy/Merton fic of your own, tell me where to find it. The world needs a little more Tommy/Merton.

            Another incredibly long delay in the writing process. I'm terribly sorry. I wasn't entirely crazy about chapter ten, so I nit picked a little bit, and reposted it. And I finally finished chapter eleven, which was a horrible thing to write. My muse knows that I've only planned one more chapter and an epilogue, and she's determined to drag this out as long as she can. Thank you all for your patience.

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I was so excited when I saw that you had updated. I check every day, just to be sure. I think that you're doing a wonderful job with Merton's characterization. It's exactly the kind of justification you go through when you start to deal with your less than heterosexual feelings.
I did a little happy dance myself, when I saw the update. Luckily, I'm in my office and the door is closed, so I'm fairly sure I don't have to go into witness protection or anything.
Also, and this is a sidenote. Once I was watching The Price is Right. And Danny Smith (Merton) was on it. He won the showcase showdown and the chick that plays Lori came up to meet Bob. I was entirely too happy. And it's really hard to find people my own age who actually know who the guy is.
That was totally unrelated to your fic. But, really, how often can I say that it absolutely wonderful? Okay. At least once more. It's absolutely wonderful. Keep it up and update soon. I have finals coming up and I need the distraction.

            Thank you so very much, very very much. Unfortunately, I had finals too, and couldn't afford the distraction. I tried to put a lot of my own emotions into Merton, and I think it shows. Not being a guy, I'm pretty sure that I'm on shaky ground. Being less than heterosexual, I had to try. Too many slash fics avoid the entire issue of self-discovery altogether, and I thought it was fairly important in a fandom like BWOC because the characters are young. No one understands themselves completely at that age. Thank you very much for reading/reviewing. 

            Another thank you to Allen Newkirk;

            I must say I love this fic. I use to watch BWoC all of the time, but i had to stop for some time, now i can't find it any more. YOur fic, and fics like yours, make me want to find BW again and watch it more. THanks bunches for writing it. PLease write more, I'll give you a hug... or some chocolate, or anything you want...

            The only place to get BWOC anymore is YTV, unfortunately. And it's always on at extremely late hours. And reviews are usually pretty effective to keep me writing. Thank you so very much.

            And Solis is back! Thank you so very much.

            Wee. New chappie new chappie. *Happy dance* You updated! Wonderfulness. I liked this chapter and Merton's thoughts were lovely. Realistic and...well, real. Poor boy. But crawling into the shower and dying wouldn't really be overly productive now would it? I'm thinking that would be a bad idea.
And I like how you haven't forgotten about Lori, who is either evil or pushed aside in most slash fics. Here she's...Lori, super chick off on her own and battling evil teachers. *Snickers* Which is cool.
And if I write I'll let you know. Love this muchly,
Thank you so very much. I wouldn't let Merton drown, dress him up in bunny jammies and let him cry into his pillow . . . Yes, I'm guilty of that. I like Lori, a lot! I just have a difficulty writing strong female characters. So while, she only has little snippets here and there through the story, I'm planning an epilogue with a special Lori-twist.

            And thank you to Ash.

            I love this story!! Greatly written. I hope you update soon...please let Tommy and Merton get together? Pretty please, i love the angst as long as there happy in the end...happy together. ^^

            Yes, I am planning a happy ending. Sssshhhh! Don't tell anyone. . . I couldn't bear to keep Tommy and Merton apart.

            Okay, I finally got the next chapters posted. Two! I'm very proud of myself. And there are more reviewers, which always makes me very happy.

            First, a great big thank you to repeat reviewer Sammie-Mackie. new chap new chap! i'm so happy it was a good chap i'm glad u r planning a happy ending i can't wait 4 more

            Well, I had planned one more chapter and an epilogue, but somehow it got stretched into two more chapters, and the epilogue still coming. Thank you very much.

            Next, a thank you to GB, who said;

ack! *falls off chair* what?! nonononoo, Tommy and Merton are supposed to get together, why can't Merton just accept that he supposed to be with Tommy? *sighs* Well, it wouldn't be a good fic then so I should stop complaining. But wait! What about Lori, what's gonna happen to her? Are those two really that wrapped up in themselves that they can't see that something really wrong with Ms Howard? *sighs again* oh well. So, wanna find out what happens next. got to go. BYE-BYE!!

Yes, we get to see Merton just finally give up and go with the flow in the next chapters. And yes, they really are so wrapped in themselves they have no clue what is going on. But Lori's a big strong girl, she'll take care of everything.

And a thank you to Xixie. Enormous.

God you're good. Your Merton is absolutely perfect. And to put him in purple bunny pajamas, because he's the kinda guy that would actually wear them. Oh, my favorite part: when Merton thinks that he's freaked out by the "guy/guy" thing, but wants Tommy to hold him. It reminded me of high school and this girl who would brush my hair. I couldn't think about wanting to kiss her, I would have freaked, but I really liked the hair brushing. You've got the confusion down perfectly. And you've managed to seperate out the gay feelings and the low self-esteem feelings so well. They play off of each other. I just love this story. I shall be checking for updates much and often. Please be quick about it.

            I'm trying to be very quick. I'm getting last minute jitters, however, not entirely sure that I want to see Tommy and Merton go. Oh well, there's always sequels, right?

            And thank you to Layce74. Please write more. Cool story! Thank you very much.

            Okay, I'm back for the last time, and I'm trying not cry. Really.

            Thank you so much to Xixie. I know this project would have been abandoned long ago without you.

            Thanks to everyone who reviewed. I appreciate it muchly. Now, that's not saying I don't want new reviewers, because I do, and there is nothing for a story like a little polish.

            Thank you to Sammie-Mackie, who kept coming back for more.

            Thank you to Layce74.

            I think I've got something in my eye.