Spelling Out Love

A Smallville story by Merrie

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. If I did, Lana would have moved to Metropolis and out of the show long ago, and Lex and Chloe wouldn't be able to keep there hands off of one another.

Summary: Lex and Chloe muse over love.

Characters: Lex and Chloe mainly. Mention of others possible.

Author's Note: Hi, remember me? Sorry this took so very long to post. I've been working on some of my other fics, and this one unfortunately got neglected. Anyway, enough with the excuses and on with the story!

Rating: We're going to try for R, but since I've never attempted to write smut before, I may or may not get there. Wish me luck!

Chapter Four: E is even more than anyone that you adore

They say that time passes quickly for those in love. 'Yeah right,' Chloe thought. 'Whoever came up with that stupid expression anyway?' The days had dragged by since Chloe had had her first 'encounter' with Lex in the office of the Talon. Since the day he had agreed to be her boyfriend. They hadn't shared the fact with anyone yet, but neither one wanted to keep it a secret for long. Chloe didn't know how her dad or friends would react, especially Clark, but she didn't really care. She was in love, and nothing else much mattered. Well, nothing else except one thing. Ever since the encounter in Lex's office at the Talon, Chloe couldn't get him off of her mind. She knew that was how people reacted to new love, but this was different. She wanted him. Chloe couldn't help but blush as her own thoughts. She wanted to sleep with Lex Luthor. She wanted to share with him what she had shared no other man. Chloe frowned for a moment. Did that make her a slut? She had only been going out with him for a few days and already she wanted to sleep with him. Quickly shaking her head to dispel such thoughts, Chloe pondered over her situation. She had always believed in waiting for marriage to have sex with someone, but damn it, she didn't expect to get married any time soon. She knew that a lot of the girls at Smallville High had slept with their boyfriends, and Chloe had seen where that had got them. She didn't want to end up like them; giving their virginity to a man they thought loved them one moment, then being dumped by him the next. 'Lex's not like that,' the part of her mind that wanted nothing more than to give herself to Lex reassured her.

Similar thoughts had kept her mind occupied the entire day, leaving her unable to focus on anything but him. Her class notes were a testament to her state of mind; the margins were covered in doodles of little hearts with Lex's name in them, and a few other sketches that while interesting, were not suitable for everyone's eyes. Even her work at the Torch had suffered. She sat there at her computer, where she was supposed to be putting together an outline for next week's edition, and had written nothing. Chloe simply sat there and stared at the blank screen, not really seeing it at all. What she did see was Lex breathing heavily above her, caressing the sides of her face and running a hand through her hair as he made slow love to her. At that last thought, Chloe shook her head out of her daze. 'That's it! I've had enough of this! I should be able to control my own thoughts! It's just like him to do this to me!'

"Like who, Chloe?" A voice asked behind her.

Chloe gasped out in fright and leapt out of her chair, whirling around to face whoever had interrupted her thoughts. As her eyes came upon Lex's twinkling blue eyes and his ever present smirk, she softened. She hadn't wanted to, she had wanted to be mad at him for startling her, but with the object of her fantasies right in front of her, she wanted to remain civil. "For your information, I was talking about you Alexander. Although, I hadn't realized I had spoken aloud just then."

Lex smiled at the full use of his first name. 'Only Chloe,' he thought. "You really should work on that." Lex said, his smile broadening. "You were talking about me, huh? What about me?" After turning and locking the door, he moved closer to her.

"Oh nothing much," Chloe said, not giving up that easily. The fact that he was mere inches from her face and that she could smell an intoxicating mixture of soap, cologne and something purely him didn't serve to help her resolve any.

"Come on, Chloe. Tell me what you were thinking about me." Lex said, leaning over to pepper feather-light kisses on the side of her face and ear.

Chloe wanted to sigh and tell him everything, but she wasn't quite ready to give up yet. "What will you do for me if I tell you?" She asked him, putting on what she thought of as her most sultry tone of voice.

Lex's eyes widened, he had never really seen this side of Chloe before. He liked it. "That depends," he drawled out himself. "What do you want?"

"What an excellent question, Mr. Luthor. What do I want? Well, I will tell you what I want." She leaned over and whispered in his ear. "I want you."

Lex's eyes widened almost comically again as he tried to figure out exactly what she meant by that comment. He hoped.no, he couldn't allow himself to hope. She would never, they had only been going out officially for a week now, although Lex had to admit that he had, well...lusted after here for some time before that.

Chloe saw his confusion and hid a smile. She knew her comment had been rather ambiguous, so she decided to help him out. "I think you know what I mean by that comment, Lex. At least, given the stories I've heard about your past, I think you could do more than that." She raised an eyebrow at Lex and moved in closer to him.

"God Chloe, you don't know how I've wanted this," At Chloe's look, he amended, "Ok, maybe you do. But I have to ask. Are you sure about this? I mean, I know I'm not usually one to hold back, given the circumstances, but I don't want what we may or not do here to break us apart." He reached a hand out to caress the soft skin of her neck and made sure her eyes met his. "Do you understand?" Chloe nodded, a mixture of determination, growing arousal and pure love in her eyes. Lex barely had time to whisper "Good." Before his lips were caught in a near bruising kiss. Chloe whimpered slightly as he pulled away from her.

"What? Lex, why did you stop? Was it a bad kiss?" Chloe asked, worry and self-doubt flashing across her face. Lex shook his head quickly and put his hands on either side of her face.

"It's not that, Chloe. It's just that if you are indeed sure that you want this, I want to make it special. Well you come with me back to the mansion? There, I can get a chance to worship you properly."

Any hesitations Chloe might have had with sleeping with him melted away at the mention of worshiping her. "No, you're right. As much as I love the Torch office, I would much rather share this with you somewhere a bit more.private." A horrible vision of one of her best friends walking in on her and Lex while they were in the throws of passion filled her mind, and she paled. "Definitely more private."

Lex smiled at her, guessing her thoughts and kissed her deeply again. "Then come with me, my love. Let me whisk you away to my castle." Lex said, putting on a courtly bow.

Chloe laughed and shook her head at Lex's display, but was touched by it all the same. "Lead on, my dark knight."

"Your dark knight, huh?" Lex smirked at the title.

"Well you obviously aren't my knight in shining armour. You're too much of a bad boy for that." She continued on with a truly wicked smile on her face. "It's alright though, bad boys are definitely more sexy." She laughed as a thought came to her. "My Sexy Lexy. That's what you are."

"Your S-Lex?" Lex asked, a wicked smile of his own filling his face.

"Oh God, you heard me? I have never been more embarrassed. Did you see my face afterwards? I thought my head was going to explode from all the blood rushing to it."

"Yes, I saw your face. Don't worry, it was quite endearing believe me. Well, everything except for the horrible coughing fit you had afterwards."

Chloe just shook her head, her face still red. "Why didn't you call me on it? Why did you go on like you didn't notice anything? And you're really good at the whole poker face. I had no idea."

"It was more fun to watch you squirm." Lex smirked.

"Oh, I'll make you squirm, Luthor!" Chloe shouted, playfully enraged.

"Is that a promise?" Lex leered at her.

"Oh definitely." Chloe assured him as they made there way out of the Torch office.


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