Author's Announcement.

Hello, everyone!

It feels like forever since I last posted here. I may have been MIA, but I haven't forgotten the support and encouragement I received from those who read Counsel. I promised I'd return when all the Counsel-related books have been published. Well, I'm thrilled to announce that the series is now complete, finally, and the last books, Angel, Destiny, and Lost have joined Counsel and Justice on the market.

Unplugged presents a very different Edward to the prosecutor you met in Counsel. He may be different, but I hope, as the story progresses, you'll come to love him and empathize with him as much. Also there is quite a bit of angst.

Unplugged contains references to drug use—nothing graphic, nor do I go into great detail. I mention it only when necessary and as an indicator of the lifestyle enjoyed by some in the entertainment industry so that you, the reader, may better understand Edward's journey. I hate having to explain myself, and I hate giving spoilers. I think a story should unfold without extraneous comments from the author, but, given the forum, I thought it wise to issue a warning. If the subject matter offends you, do not read Unplugged. If you are not a fan of angst, do not read Unplugged, and please if any part of the story outrages or offends you, please stop reading. There are thousands upon thousands of other great stories on this site to entertain you.

To those who've chosen to take this journey with me, I hope you enjoy!

Prologue and Chapter One follows. At this stage, I plan on updating fortnightly.